Who Do the Boodoo That She Do So Well?

Who Do the Boodoo That She Do So Well?

Dancer Nardia Boodoo has graced many a stage with her delicate art of ballet — read on as she graces Free People with her presence…

Your zodiac sign: Pisces
Spirit animal: Leopard
Can you remember the moment you realized you were, at heart, a dancer? For as long as I could remember I was in love with ballet. My first performance with a professional company was when I a trainee, I was performing the dryad scene in Don Quixote. And I was last off stage. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was high from excitement and I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.
Do you have any go-to stretches/exercises to warm up/cool down your day? For warm up I do Pilates. I do planks to warm up my core. Bridges for my flutes and hamstrings, and clam shells for my turn out. My fave stretches are the splits, lunges for my psoas, and down dog.
Go-to beauty tips: Always wash your face at night. All-natural products are healthier for your delicate skin. Always moisturize!
Favorite song you’ve ever danced to: The Serenade by George Balanchine contains the most beautiful score by Tchaikovsky.
5 words that describe how dancing makes you feel. Beautiful, happy, peaceful, brave, empowered.
Have you ever gone to the ballet just to watch? I always watch ballet. When it’s theater week and my cast isn’t dancing I watch from the audience.
5 favorite things about Washington DC:
I love Amsterdam Falafel shop on 18th street
18th Street Lounge is always a cool place to go — great variety of people and music.
Anything at the Kennedy Center. Arts is enriching and vital to be my existence. Its give you context.
I love Georgetown. So colonial and cute!! With lots of cool shops!
Kayaking down the Potomac — the views of the monuments are amazing
What does “free” mean to you? Free, to me, is living your best uninhibited life!!

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