These Famous Celebrity Women Credit Sisterhood And Friendship As A Necessary Part Of Their Success

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Sisterhood is undoubtedly one of the strongest vertebras in the spine of the Black community. Whether we are playfully catching up on the latest “Real Housewives” episode in our group chats or pitching in as “Auntie” to our best friend’s kid, generations of Black folks have survived off of the nurturing nature and emotional generosity of Black female friendships.

Some of entertainment’s most powerful stars admit they would be nothing without the love and support of their best friend. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are one of the most famous friend duos of our time. The two met as work colleagues forty years ago and went on to build phenomenal careers as journalists and media moguls.

“I believe God put the two of us in each other’s path to do exactly what we’ve been doing since that night in Baltimore when I was 22 and she was 21,” Oprah wrote of her friend last year.

“Listening. Listening. Talking. Listening. Laughing (a lot). Building dreams. Standing in the gap. Cheering. Being a shoulder to cry on. Supporting. Speaking the truth. Being the truth!”

And Destiny’s Child (and the global superstar that is Beyonce), wouldn’t even exist without the long-held friendship of Beyonce & Kelly.  The two pop stars grew up in Texas where they gravitated towards one another with their love of music and dancing. The two joined a group called Girl’s Tyme, and Kelly eventually moved in with the Knowles’ family due to familial conflict in her own home.

“We grew up in this industry together; we’ve shared ups and downs and we are closer than ever. I can tell her anything, and she’ll never judge me. She’s a real friend: genuine, loyal and trustworthy. She’s also one of the sweetest people you ever did meet,” Kelly told Marie Claire in 2019.

And while some connections are forged through experiences, there are some best friendships that are born through blood.

Venus and Serena Williams aren’t just super-talented world-renowned athletes; they are also sisters and friends. Coached by their dad Richard Williams, the pair started training to be tennis champions before they were teens.  They went on to dominate the sport and earned millions and multiple titles between the two. Even when the two square up as rivals, they always see each other as family first.

“As a sister, when they’re doing something it’s your own success too,” Venus told E! in 2018.  

While these are just some of the more famous examples of Black sisterhood that shaped Black history, game-changing friendships are happening every day between Black women all over the world. Share a story of your best friend and talk about how your connection influenced your life.

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