What Models Snack On: Kalumi Beauty Food Bars

What Models Snack On: Kalumi Beauty Food Bars

Designed to give you a glow on the go….

“No girl wants clunky vitamins or busted powder packs gunking up their vintage Chanel bag.” This was the inspiration for models Chrissy Blair and Jayla Harnwell to launch Kalumi Beauty Food, a new line of protein bars with super tasty flavors, cool packaging and good-for-you ingredients that will keep you going on non-stop days.

Before dreaming up the brand, co-founders Blair and Harnwell dealt with their fair share of “inner and outer” ailments. They were tired of covering up beauty problems with makeup and hair extensions, and grabbing whatever sugar-y, low-nutrient snacks they could find in airports and random stores while rushing in between casting calls.

So the duo cooked up an alternative in their tiny New York City apartment: nutrient-rich bars packed with marine collagen peptides to build healthy hair, skin and nails — plus beauty superfoods like vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and coconut. In place of fake sugars, they rely on organic, fair-trade yacon syrup sourced from Peru. The result: a protein bar that actually tastes good (read: no weird aftertaste!) and balances your body so you can stay energized for hours, the natural way.

The three flavor options includes Sweetie Pie, with coconut, vanilla and cinnamon; Lemon Love with rosemary, zesty lemon and sea salt; and Cocoa Kiss with cocoa butter, cacao nibs and sweet potato. Everything is GMO-, gluten-, dairy- and soy-free. Consider these your much, much healthier version of a brownie — and one that you can eat every day for optimal beauty.

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The Cult French-Girl Beauty Brand You Need to Know About

The Cult French-Girl Beauty Brand You Need to Know About

French girl beauty is getting a little easier and greener: Meet Margaret Halfon, the founder of Studio 78, an under the radar brand that’s just started to reach our shores. All natural and oh-so-chic… 

A Parisian beauty secret is finally landing on our shores: Studio 78, a cool-girl French organic makeup brand that combines luxury pigments with 100 percent Ecocert certified ingredients. Its founder is Margareth Halfon, a super chic “working mama” who honed her beauty expertise at Guerlain, where she helped managed such mega-hits as Terracotta and Météorites. In 2008, Halfon moved to Los Angeles, and totally fell in love with the wellness lifestyle and organic food movement. So much so that when she had a baby a year later, she was realized “we are what we consume,” and no longer wanted chemicals in her body — or her makeup bag. Et violà: the inspiration for her eco-friendly brand was born.

Halfon moved back to Paris and got to work developing an all-natural range that wouldn’t “put aside the notion of pleasure women feel when they buy makeup, and the notion of glamour they also feel when they touch up.” Tapping into her cosmetic background, she wanted to create non-toxic formulas that would soothe the skin but also deliver high-performance pigments. No “compromises!”

Halfon definitely didn’t settle for anything less than amazing. The standouts include We Go Green Loose Powder Eyeshadow, next-level powders infused with organic oils to hydrate the sensitive eye area that come with an innovative sponge applicator so you can layer them on and blend to create a custom look. Très, très chic.

The Eye Pencil, meanwhile, is designed to glide on skin — not tug at it — with a moisturizing base of soft waxes and botanical oils. Also cool: you can trace around your eyes with the pencil or tap the tip along the lash line to create little dots that you then smudge together for a blurred look. So French!!!

The plant-based Mascara gives you beautifully dark lashes with a shot of nourishing jojoba oil and the Liquid Lipstick conditions lips with a creamy texture that lasts for days (and the sponge applicator is just fun).

Every item in the collection has a weightless feel—nothing feels too “done” or made-up. “Makeup should only help you to reveal your own beauty,” explains Halfon. “That’s why all the textures we develop at Studio 78 Paris, are always natural. They must magnify existing beauty and not transform you.” It all fits into Halfon’s beauty mantra: “To feel confident, you must start to love who you are and accept [yourself] as you are.” That, and one last thing, she adds: “Don’t forget to smile, because it is undoubtedly your finest beauty asset.”

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Why You Need: Seven Seven’s Natural Glow Finishing Mist

Lightweight makeup-setting mist, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating a glow-like finish…

We’ve all been there. Starting our day with our makeup on-point, ready to take on the world and ending it looking about one notch up from a sprayed cat. Between coffee runs, spring detoxes and checking our Instagram feeds, who has time to actually stop and reapply makeup? Add summer to the mix, featuring humidity in all its glory and we have ourselves one not-so-desired beauty look. So, how do prevent the liquid meltdown? Insert Seven Seven Cosmetics Natural Glow Finishing Mist.

We reached out to Emily Jimison, CEO and founder of Seven Seven Cosmetics, to give us a little more insight on the mist that keeps our makeup looking fresh and flawless from morning to night. Read on…

Mist to Achieve Two Things…

To seal in your foundation (which is activated by the fine mist of moisture, binding it together) and to allow every ingredient, from primer to powder, to blend seamlessly. Giving your skin a glowing, flawless finish that won’t budge until you wash up for bed! This binding effect ensures that, no matter how much of a sweat you work up on the dance floor, nor how many tears of joy you shed, your face will maintain glowing perfection from start to finish.

Adding Ingredients Like…

Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to your regular skincare or makeup routine can save your skin in the long run. (Not to mention, save yourself the hassle of any pore-clogging.) And Natural Glow Finishing Mist, formulated with titanium dioxide, provides a long-wearing, broad spectrum protection that will keep your beautiful skin… beautiful!

Drench Your Face In Nutrients…

Such as cucumber extract, green tea, and citrus essence–but you’ll get the help of breakout-fighting willow bark, keeping your skin plump and clear. Of course, as a “finisher,” it’s gonna seal all of those yummy skin foods into place with a gentle touch of peppermint to put some pep in your step! And don’t forget this insider tip: for the best staying power and most refreshed winter skin, apply a thin mist prior to makeup application to prep the skin….and another when you’re done to lock-the-look! Then you’re ready to walk out the door…..and into someone’s dreams.


There you have it, Natural Glow Finishing MistA high-performance, lightweight makeup-setting mist that veils your skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating a glow-like finish. Formulated with moisture-binding and age-defying ingredients to hydrate, smooth, soothe and promote an all over radiance. Yes, please. 

+ Looking for a little glow yourself? Check out the Finishing Mist and more here

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Why You Need: Joanna Vargas Skincare

At-home skincare beloved by celebs and normals alike…

According to everything I’ve ever read about skincare genius Joanna Vargas, she is responsible for the glowing complexions of just about every celebrity whose skin you secretly wish could be yours (but not in a creepy way): Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Sofia Coppola, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Karlie Kloss—to namedrop a few.

These women get paid to look camera-ready so their gorgeous skin probably comes with a hefty price tag, and a lot of time on Vargas’ table—not likely an option for us normals, no matter how madly we covet their red carpet radiance.

But! There is hope. For in addition to her spa facilities, Vargas also has a line of at-home skincare beloved by celebs and normals alike. It’s true, you could be washing your face with the same bar of soap Julianne Moore uses to remove makeup after an awards show, indulging in the same eye mask Sofia Coppola uses after a long day behind the camera, exfoliating with the same stuff Channing Tatum loving massages onto Jenna Dewan Tatum’s skin once a week (this definitely happens, right?).

Though it’s not new, right now is the perfect time to start playing around with the Joanna Vargas lineup. If we know anything about our skin, it’s that it doesn’t always play nice with seasonal changes. And as we step into spring and anticipate summer, it’s important now more than ever to make sure we pack our skincare arsenal with the right stuff. The kinds of products that will keep our skin sane and happy as temperatures rise and humidity creeps in.

To ensure your skin is summer-ready and up for the hot, sticky season’s skin side effects, reach for the aptly named Miracle Bar. I know that bar soap isn’t necessarily the sexiest thing to display in your bathroom, but this is 100% worth it. Not only is it surprisingly chic as far as cleanser is concerned (look at that block lettering!), but it also has the ability to seriously deep clean your skin without drying the heck out of it.

Thanks to the mineral-rich charcoal in each bar which holds 1,000 times its weight in toxins, impurities are drawn out from the deepest layers of your skin while any grime sitting on top of your skin and clogging your pores is also taken care of. It’s the deepest of deep cleanses, but it also leaves your skin impossibly soft: infused with olive oil, bamboo powder, shea butter and coconut fatty acid, the Miracle Bar works to balance your skin’s pH and hydrate the crap out of it.

Once you’re all cleansed, do a final skin sweep with the Exfoliating Mask to (gently!) scrub your way to an even more brilliant complexion. In just 15 minutes, this stuff seriously does everything: the galactoarabinan brightens dark spots, lactic acid sloughs off dead skin, kaolin clay decongests pores, hyaluronic hydrates skin and promotes collagen, and fruit enzymes boost cell turnover. For all of this and more, it’s the perfect summer product to keep pores free and clear of sweat, excess sebum and sunscreen without being too harsh or drying like a lot of other exfoliating products.

And, let’s be real, warmer temperatures mean more willingness to stay out in the world instead of calling it a night and crawling under your covers early. Though undoubtedly fun, those summer nights (that sometimes turn into summer mornings) are likely to result in some gnarly dark circles and general eye puffiness. Worth it, I’m sure, but still unpleasant to wake up to, which is what makes the Bright Eye Hydrating Mask such a lifesaver.

These little babies are bamboo cloth pillows for your delicate eyes, packed with a concentration of brightening, soothing and revitalizing serum meant to tone and detox tired eyes. The star ingredient here is hydrolyzed silk protein, which holds up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Coupled with hyaluronic acid (another amazing humectant), the hydrolyzed silk protein is deeply hydrating and de-puffing. Relax with these a couple time a week and no one will be any the wiser to your late-night proclivities.

+ Ready for this celebrity-approved skincare routine? Check out Joanna Vargas’ skincare products here!

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Why You Need: Soleil Toujours

Revolutionizing the way we think about sunscreen…

While it may not feel like it to some of us (looking at you, mid-March snowstorm along the eastern seaboard!), summer is mere months away, which means beach days, lazy lounging in freshly-cut grass, dining al fresco and more time spent outside soaking up all this gorgeous season has to offer.

And while I invite—nay, encourage—you all to spend as much time outdoors as possible as soon as the weather decides to cooperate, loading up on sun protection before you even think about heading out the door is a crucial first step. While you may rock an SPF all year round, the sun’s rays are especially strong during the summer since UV exposure is greatest from May to August in the U.S. Not only that, but the heat means you’re likely sweating more than usual which is an open invitation for anything you apply topically to slide right off. So when it comes to finding summer-friendly sun protection, there are three main things you’ll want to look for: a product that’s water-resistant, protects against both UVA and UVB rays (UVA rays prematurely age skin, UVB rays burn skin), and has a high enough SPF to actually do its job. And if you find a brand that does all of these things wonderfully, organically and in beautiful packaging, all the better.

Which brings us to Soleil Toujours, a collection of cutting-edge sun protection products that not only keep those nasty UV rays away from your skin, but do so while containing some of the world’s finest, safest, naturally-based and organic ingredients. Gone are the days when your only clean sunscreen option was either thick, white zinc oxide or something that didn’t work past the first five minutes and needed constant reapplication. According to Valerie McMurray, founder and CEO of Soleil Toujours—and mother of three with an acute awareness of harmful sunscreen ingredients—she “wanted to revolutionize the way we think about sunscreen [by] infusing modern glamour into exceptional, high-quality products that validate a healthy, discerning lifestyle.”

So yes, McCurray’s products block your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but their mineral-based formulas also rejuvenate and repair thanks to antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, like argan oil, green tea extract, vitamin E, turmeric extract and rosehip seed oil. A line of products that can protect my skin from the sun while simultaneously making it look better? Sign me up.

Before you head outside:

Start your day by killing two skin steps with one stone with a makeup that doubles as an SPF. The 100% Mineral Sunscreen Glow boasts an SPF of 30 and will happily replace the foundation you definitely don’t want to be wearing in the heat. The lotion is subtly tinted (think of it like a BB or CC cream) and leaves skin dewy with a hint of shimmer, all while protecting and nourishing the skin. What makes the Mineral Sunscreen Glow such a rockstar product is the level of protection it offers the delicate skin of your face while feeling virtually weightless. Unlike a lot of other mineral sunscreens—which are also known as physical sunscreens because they typically sit on top of the skin, physically blocking UV rays—you probably won’t even realize you’re wearing this since ingredients like aloe leaf juice (softening and soothing), mugwort extract (anti-inflammatory) and licorice root extract (ultra hydrating) make the zinc oxide basically undetectable on your skin.

Top it off with the Organic Set + Protect Micro Mist S.P.F. 30, a lightweight mist that will leave your skin hydrated, glowing and protected pretty much all day, and act as a setting spray for any makeup you don’t want melting off your face.

While you’re outside:

My preferred method of sunscreen application is to stand naked in a bathroom in front of a mirror and apply layers and layers of the stuff to make sure I’ve adequately coated every single millimeter of my very-prone-to-burning skin. And still, I end up with weird patches of red skin, probably because I am very bad at reapplying evenly throughout the day. But I have a feeling this summer will be different now that I’ve got a mist in the mix—even those impossible-to-reach places (and the ones that are easy to reach that I just have a mental block against) don’t stand a chance next to the Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist.

Normally formulated with oxybenzone and octinoxate—two common sunscreen chemicals that also happen to be known endocrine disruptors and allergens—this mist instead relies on Soleil Toujours’ EcoSun Complex, a formula composed of red algae, vitamin C ester, vitamin E and bisabolol, which together act as a natural SPF booster and reduce UV damage. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so assuming you’re not swimming laps all day, this should stand up to everyday sweat.

When the day is done:

You’re home from your super-fun day of outdoor activities and believe it or not, you’re completely sunburn-free. Feels good, right? Listen, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy glow, but you do have to be careful about how you get it. If this piece has taught you anything, it’s that sun protection is critically important to the health and wellness of your skin (not to mention how it ages quicker when there’s sun damage involved). So instead of worshipping the sun in the name of a little bronze, fake it.

The Apres Soleil Exotic Shimmer Body Oil takes everything your 12-year-old self loved about sparkly body lotions and classes it up, imparting your skin with a subtle shimmery bronze hue while also making sure it’s properly nourished. Yes, your (subtle) golden goddess fantasies will come true with the body oil, but let’s not forget the healing power of its ingredients, especially after a day in the sun. Rose hip seed oil works to regenerate skin cells, argan oil heals tissues, and pomegranate seed oil is a strong anti-inflammatory just in case you start noticing any creeping redness. Then green tea leaf extract swoops in to neutralize free radicals while rosemary leaf extract soothes, tones and tightens. Oh, and the sweet almond oil makes for a killer moisturizing base.

And for your beautiful, sunburn-free face, there’s the Organic Aloe Antioxidant Calming Mist. True to its name, this stuff is the ultimate in skin pampering thanks to the aloe leaf juice which will replenish your skin’s moisture levels and fight off any irritation or potential swelling. Then there’s the combination of red algae, vitamin C Ester and vitamin E which work in tandem to reduce free radical damage and brighten skin. And the pomegranate extract in the mist works overtime, enhancing the topical effectiveness of the sunscreen you’ll apply diligently the next day.

Because you will be applying SPF the next day. And the day after that…forever.

+ Ready to beat those rays? Check out all our SPF options here!

Why You Need: Shemana

Infused with unique, holistic crystalline remedies…

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a chore. If you feel like it is, it’s time to rethink your routine. Remember: you could be putting the best products in the world onto your body, but if you’re not enjoying the process, that mind-body connection will flare up and you’ll find those fancy products aren’t working as well as they should.

Simply put, this means that it’s time to start approaching your self-care routine as a therapeutic practice. A chunk of time every single day you can think of as a ritual, where for those few minutes, the only thing in the world you need to be concerned with is yourself. These moment you devote to taking care of yourself—and only yourself—should feel good and nourishing, and something you don’t resent or take for granted.

Luckily, Shemana is in just that business. Each of their products is designed with the ritual of self-care at the forefront. Not only are their gorgeous ingredients good for you inside and out, but their products invite and encourage you to make their application a priority. All of which culminates in a beautiful harmony of your physical body and mental health.

By both honoring the past and embracing modernity, Shemana has brought ancient alchemy into the present. A “modern apothecary,” if you will. Yes, it’s a skincare line where every ingredient is chosen with an eye toward anti-aging, skin restoration and nourishment. But what separates Shemana from all the other skincare brands out there is that in addition to these skin-loving ingredients, each of their products is also infused with unique, holistic crystalline remedies.

That’s right, we’re talking crystal-infused skincare. Or, more precisely, crystal vibrational energies designed to help balance emotions, clarify the mind and align the spirit. You may be wondering, “but what does this mean?! Crystals in my skincare??” But it does make sense when you think about the way crystals work. Used in healing work for hundreds of years, crystals are believed to help bring in and move positive, healing energy within the body, while pushing the negative, toxic energy out. And since everything on earth has a unique energy field, the high vibration of crystals can help balance out and protect from other vibrations that may be clogging up your energy field.

Just like the rest of your body, when your energy isn’t flowing the way it should or there’s something toxic in the mix, things can go awry. If your skin is sensitive to dairy and you eat a pint of ice cream, chances are you’re going to wake up with some new friends on your face the next day. Same goes for messed up energy, which is why crystal-infused skincare packs such a skin-loving punch.

Let’s take this idea for a test drive, shall we? Say you’ve had a particularly stressful day. You get home, take your nightly shower, and reach for your Shemana Body Oil to not only moisturize your skin, but also to follow through on that daily self-care ritual we talked about. But why the Body Oil? Because in addition to the combination of sweet almond oil and vitamin E, it’s infused with emerald, otherwise known as “the master healer” for its ability to calm and stabilize the mind, and pull out that toxic, tumultuous energy, replacing it with patience, peace, and optimism.

Then you follow it up with a few spritzes of the Crystal Clear Mist around the crown of your head. Infused with malachite (a mineral known for it’s ability to create a clear path to healing and growth) and kyanite (the crystal of alignment and higher communication), the Mist will help immensely in clearing your mind of the day’s stress.

Finally, you massage a few drops of the Face Serum onto your gorgeous mug because not only are the watermelon seed oil and kakadu plum extract miracle workers when it comes to nourished, glowing skin, but also because it’s infused with peach calcite. This potent crystal is believed to bring harmony by letting the body release any emotional stagnation it might be holding onto (like whatever it is that caused your stressful day).

Don’t you feel better already?

Taking the time to apply any of Shemana’s products means you’re also taking the time to care for yourself. To pay attention to and honor your body, mind and soul. This small ritual can make a world of difference in the quality of life you’re creating, so make sure you’re paying attention to what your mind and body are asking for, and give them both what they need.

It’s important to note here that the benefits of crystals aren’t backed by science. But they certainly can’t hurt. And if you feel better with crystals on your side (and in your skin care), more power to ya.


+Need a refresher on crystals? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals.

Why You Need: MadeCera Cream

A thirsty face’s best friend… tackling dry, damaged skin with a simple equation of protect + heal…

For better or worse, we’re deep in the throes of winter right now. Maybe you’re the type of snow fairy who loves to frolic in a blizzard, whose cheeks get adorably pink in the cold and has hair that holds onto snowflakes like glitter as they softly alight in your locks while you glide gracefully over a frozen pond near your perfect log cabin in the mountains. Or maybe you have a countdown to the first day you’ll be able to step outside into some glorious 60-degree weather in nothing more than a light jacket and a cute pair of sneakers (56 days until the official start of spring as of the day I write this, but who’s counting?).

Either way, there’s no denying that our current situation is more of a down-jacket-two-pairs-of-mittens-insulated-leggings-and-snow-boots one. And if we’re going to make it through this winter in one healthy piece, taking proper care of our skin is a big component. You see, skin is our largest organ. It’s a living, breathing thing that protects the rest of our body: it keeps the terrible stuff from getting in and the right stuff from getting out. Skin is our first line of defense, so it pays to keep it healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, whipping winds and freezing temperatures are no ideal for making that happen. Aside from the cold weather turning any exposed skin raw, heated buildings—as toasty as they make us feel—sap already-minimal moisture from our skin. Winter weather means your skin isn’t safe anywhere, so what’s a girl to do?

When your skin is flaking off in sheets, your hands feel like they’re going to crack into a million pieces, your face is as pasty as a vat of Elmer’s and your lips are on the verge of falling off your face, it’s time to turn to your skincare for help. Enter: SKINRx LAB’s MadeCera Cream. The stuff of South Korean skin dreams, this is the down parka of facial moisturizers: it deposits and locks in skin-friendly, hydrating ingredients while serving as a powerful shield against the elements.

While MadeCera Cream is just as lovely in the spring, summer and fall, it really shines during the winter. Why? Well, the general rule is that creams are heavier than lotions, and when your skin is craving care, cream is the way to go. What’s more, the MadeCera ingredients are a thirsty face’s best friend, tackling dry, damaged skin with a simple equation of protect + heal = satisfied skin.


There are two stars here: madecassoside and naturally fermented ceramide. The former is the protector, an ancient herbal remedy with real healing properties. Not only is madecassoside naturally antibacterial, it also promotes blood flow to enliven skin, encourages collagen production and leads to smoother skin. And similar to aloe vera, it’s soothing, anti-inflammatory and helps regenerate your skin’s internal structure to better maintain moisture.

As for the heal portion, there’s naturally fermented ceramide. On a basic level, ceramides are a type of fat molecule found in the top layer of your skin that help it retain moisture. Not only are the ceramides found in MadeCera going to help your skin hold onto even more moisture, but the fact that they’re naturally fermented means they’ve been broken down into even smaller pieces than normal for quicker, easier absorption.

Together, these bad boys penetrate and hydrate the skin while forming a protective barrier to make sure all that goodness doesn’t get sucked out again. Basically, this stuff is protecting your skin from the inside and the outside.

In terms of application, you cannot get the Cream on your cleansed face fast enough; apply like your skin’s life depends on it! After washing your face or getting out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry and then get to applying. Damp, warm skin is best as your pores are most open after cleansing, and so will be more receptive to drinking in all the goodness MadeCera has to offer.

And since it’s super-concentrated, a little goes a long way. Don’t let the size of the tube fool ya: it will feed your skin all through this hellish winter and then some, so you can run into the warm embrace of summer with gorgeous, hydrated skin.

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Quickie Wellness: Welleco’s Super Elixir

Getting your body to function at its highest levels…

This post comes from beauty contributor, Allie White.

We know we’re supposed to eat a balanced diet to help our bodies function at their best. That we should make sure to eat the rainbow every single day, along with healthy servings of protein, good fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. That sipping lots of water and green tea are also crucial.

But that’s asking a lot. We’re busy! There isn’t always time for a completely balanced meal that will deliver all our daily nutrients, vitamins and minerals every five hours. Sometimes a shortcut is necessary. I know, I know, nutritional shortcuts sometimes get a bum rap, and for good reason: not all are created equally. But if the shortcut you’re taking is with The Super Elixir from WelleCo, rest assured it’s above and beyond equal.

Created by Dr. Simone Laubscher, a trained nutritionist and PhD who specializes in disease prevention, and Elle Macpherson (yeah, that Elle Macpherson), The Super Elixir is a game-changing, synthetic-free, vegan, gluten-free, plant-based multivitamin powder you can add to just about anything. Designed to allow your body to absorb all its benefits on a cellular level, this green powder is what your body wants by its side on the quest for an optimal pH, healthy metabolism and energy galore.

If you don’t know who Elle Macpherson is, you’ve either been living under a rock for the last 30 years, or you were born after 2001. No ill will toward either group, but Macphearson is one of the quintessential supermodels of the 80s and 90s who, at 52, is rocking a bikini and glowing skin in pretty much the exact same way she did back in 1986.

As a firm believer in the old (and true!) maxims that “beauty is only skin deep” and “it’s what on the inside that counts,” suggesting that using The Super Elixir regularly will make you look like Elle Macpherson isn’t something I’m going to do. Yes, she’s conventionally gorgeous and has spent her professional career getting paid to look the way she does. But Macpherson herself has said the Elixir is more about getting your body (the inside) to function at its highest level so you feel your best than anything else. And since the way you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside, her insides must be doing great.

So let’s take a closer look at some of The Super Elixir’s 45 (!!!!) ingredients to get a better sense of how this stuff works, and why it has the potential to make you feel like a 52-year-old supermodel:

Mushrooms: Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms are a good source of minerals like manganese (crucial for bone health and controlling blood sugar), selenium (reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals), zinc (helps the immune and digestive systems function properly) and ergothioneine (an amino acid known to help with liver damage and powerful antioxidant).

Probiotics: No need to try to pronounce these names, but the combination of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Lactis and Bifidobacterium Longum create a powerful probiotic force that helps keep your gut healthy, your pH balanced and bloating virtually nonexistent.

Spirulina: Energy? Check. Flowing hair? Check. Clean liver? Check. Thanks, spirulina.

Barley grass: The leaf of the barley plant, this stuff has been used medicinally for centuries, probably because it contains beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fiber and whole host of other good-for-you stuff. It’s also the antioxidant PacMan to your body’s ghost free radicals, so there’s that.

Dandelion greens: Those cute yellow weeds you played with as a kid are actually a lot more powerful than you’re probably giving them credit for, especially when it comes to the liver. Not only do dandelion greens help the digestive system, they also help to cleanse the liver and keep it producing the bile our bodies need.

Turmeric: If anti-inflammatory help is what you’re after, turmeric is your best friend. High in the natural chemical curcumin, turmeric is a powerful inflammation fighter that’s also a potent antioxidant. Free radicals, be gone!

Kelp: The spinach of the sea (not to be confused with the actual spinach in The Super Elixir), kelp is incredibly nutrient-rich. Most notably, kelp contains massive amounts of iodine compared to other food sources, meaning it can play a big role in the functionality of your thyroid.

Now here’s the thing: There’s no “secret product” that will miraculously impart good health overnight. No one thing is going to get your insides running at 100, your skin glowing, your hair flowing, so be wary when anything promises all of this (especially if it comes with a hefty price tag). It’s a combination of quite a few factors, work and a commitment to your health. So no, The Super Elixir won’t cure your ills and soothe your woes. But it might give you a helpful boost on the path to figuring out a plan that works for you and sticking to it. Because let’s be real: I’m sure Elle drinks her Super Elixir every day, but she’s also probably doing a lot of crunches and eating a lot of spinach-salmon salads.

Please check with a doctor or healthcare professional before adding any supplements or vitamins to your diet. The information here is meant to be used as a guide and friendly advice, but is by no means prescriptive.

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Why You’ll Need Club From Origin Technology

An ideal relationship of skincare that’s equally mild and impressive…

Should you’ve been anyplace near Instagram during the last year or two, it’s obvious that Iceland is the spot to visit nowadays. Not just could it be hugely photogenic (helloooo, running hillsides, lovable livestock and Northernlights), however the nation also ranks as you of the happiest on the planet.

That’s right: Earlier this season, the Globe Joy Catalog (indeed, that’s-a genuine factor) rated Iceland whilst the next happiest country in the world.

Although I’m certain this really is as a result of mixture of genuine elements (standard of living, cash, culture, etc.), my elegance mind is willing to think that the main one may be the plethora of indigenous, organic assets they utilize for home-treatment. I know, I know. When you will find a lot of other activities in-play how might beauty items have an effect on complete joy? Even though rsquo & I;m of joking below sort, it doesn’t injured to consider the bond between rsquo & Iceland;s the nation and also resources ’ s wellbeing. I am talking about, perhaps you have observed images of these geothermal schools?!

In the end, the items that are best really are an essential section of home-treatment, which is really an essential section of overall health, that are equally essential areas of joy.

Should you’re something like me and frantically wish to visit the Nordic wonderland that’s Iceland, but have zero ideas to really visit, the following greatest point—for me—would be to get both hands on items that may carry you there. Therefore when you’ve filled on hákarl (fermented shark), skyr (yogurt) and rúgbrauð (rye bread), consider skincare. With no one does Icelandic home-treatment much better than Origin Technology.

Fast backstory: Gigja Hl the discovered of Origin Technology, d Wesneski, was created and invested her early decades in Iceland. At 8, she transferred towards the people and invested decades coping with a range of similarly-horrible skin conditions (pimples, rosacea, scarring). She chose to look-back towards the clear, real, minimal origins of her home-country and therefore Origin Technology was created while she was aged enough to manage her skin future.

Having a concentrate on Iceland’s background with medical and nearby crops to deal with conditions of sorts, Origin Technology remains true-to their origins (pun intended). The severe environment of Iceland indicates the crops that do endure are powerful, created to prosper under any situation. Therefore the proven fact that every one of rsquo Origin Technology&; preparations that are s includes a carefully constructed mixture of these elements that are potent creates some super-efficient, super- items that are clear.

One which truly sticks out as very Icelandic (you realize, minimum, clear, organic, photogenic) is their mild cleaning club aka CLEANSE. Don’t allow the proven fact that it’s-a club cleansing trick you—this material is legit.

Used-to awaken the skin up each morning, to get rid of everyday dust and make-up, and sometimes even like a physique club in a touch, the club is constructed from a mixture of avocado, olive and hand oils, shea butter, and calendula and peppermint extract. It lathers just like a desire, washes deeply into your pores and leaves that person moist calm so that as pleased just like you’ the famous Blue Lagoon was simply dropped in to by deb.

Essential fatty acids are delivered by the butter because it kicks manufacturing into excitement style, hydrates and fixes the skin. Peppermint and the avocado fat function as antimicrobial, players that are antiseptic, fending off germs that may trigger dermatitis eczema and acne. After which the calendula swoops directly into calm irritation and redness.

CLEAN is really an ideal relationship of skincare that’s concurrently mild and impressive, a mixture that’s frequently difficult to find. And in case yet another feature is needed by you’ll, simply no water, meaning a means longer shelf-life is contained by the club.

+ skin that is Wholesome?Examine. Excellent skin? Examine. Cleanskin? Examine. Solution to Iceland? We re-working about it.

Recent Obsession de Ash Attention Soots

“for all of us, Rituel de Fille evokes a feeling of miracle, instinct along with a reference to the natural need to decorate the body.”

De Fille (pronunced Ritu-elle rsquo & n;Charge) is just a title you need to know. The wonder organization focusing on “hypnotic organic colour” was started from the Ramos siblings — three of these, and all impressed by “the enchanting aspect of 100% natural ingredients, and also the ceremonial energy of pigment.” highly-experienced makeup designers within the style and amusement sectors, they utilize their own item knowledge for demanding requirements for color efficiency. (I am talking about, perhaps you have observed their makeup being featured by our newest Halloween article? Take a look below…)

Every de colour is frantically developed in house to meet up requirements that were exact. “We approach our formula like concoction-producing: we create each colour in the ground-up to retain the least possible elements, and cautiously choose each color, acrylic and polish to get an obvious objective. We prevent additives, and utilize nothing external. This focus on depth produces extreme colour while sustaining velvety textures.”

Find out more about the siblings, their organization, and also the stunning Ash and Ember Attention Soots Free People is happy to transport. Trust us, you’re likely to wish to swipe one (or two… or all six) before they’re eliminated!



How did de Fille arrived at fruition? When are you aware you desired to possess your organization that is personal?

We originate from a household of entrepreneurs and designers, and rsquo & we;ve all had ongoing fascinations with makeup within our own methods. Despite the fact that we had been obtained by our personal professions in distinctive instructions, making our very own makeup point was a desire because we were really small.

The three people were all fascinated with the natural elegance of 100% natural ingredients, and were impressed from the power of colour and ease of structure in historic cosmetics — for example Cleopatra’s trademark crimson lipstick, which she produced from simply beeswax, carmine and crushed bugs. In the same period, we desired to produce something which experienced stunning and unique while sustaining superior requirements of colour efficiency that was contemporary.

Searching in to the marketplace, we didn’t observe any outlines that are other nearing formula using the type of minimalism that is daring that people desired to accomplish. As well as for us, organic additionally introduced a feeling of miraculous along with a sense of importance — like making chromatic products more. As our items and scheme developed, we managed a watch to daring shades that will experience effective and gratifying to make use of, maintaining the focus on lotion items that would be utilized together with your fingertips.

Though de Fille like a manufacturer released just a couple of of years back, it developed out-of decades of testing and study. Whenever we first began developing our items, Katherine was residing in Ny while Michelle and Caroline were in La, and we were shipping uncooked elements and formulations backwards and forwards between coasts. Every organic color has its distinctive faculties and problems, and attaining thick organic pigmentation with no aid of synthetics offered challenges significantly beyond what we might have expected — but we’re delighted to possess surfaced about the additional aspect with genuinely distinctive formulations.

Did you develop the name de Fille?

We needed a title that placed service and routine, which was stunning while sustaining power, that experienced raised, which served determine the world — while permitting room to locate meaning that was individual . For us de Fille evokes a feeling of instinct, miracle along with a reference to the natural need to decorate your body.

We’d iterated through a wide variety of titles for weeks, and returned between numerous choices, but after discussion and conversation, the moment de Fille appeared we instantly all understood it had been correct.

I’ve two siblings myself. What’s about operating together the absolute most satisfying point? What are the problems?

We truly genuinely believe since we’re glued as siblings that our manufacturer grows. We psychologically and help one another artistically and when instances get challenging we’re there to greatly help one another. We look after one another, usually. We ve all needed to not be unwilling to give of ourselves, and also to accomplish that significantly to produce this, rsquo & it wouldn;t have not been impossible with no love we’ve for every additional.

It s been an encounter that is amazing although there is some function to be achieved and we’ve just gotten nearer through the procedure. We all have needed to query and repair a few of the connection character we’d solidified over an eternity. Whenever you fulfill with an ordinary co-worker, you simply become familiar with them for the reason that second, just whilst the individual they’ ve and alter that you simply didn&rsquo . But objectives that are particular grow-out of understanding somebody through several phases of the improvement, therefore getting co-founders and accurate collaborators together needed permitting go of the large amount of that for who all of US are actually and viewing one another completely.



Your soots are fantastic! Besides being stunning, why must visitors operate to buy one (or six) of the own?

Ash Attention Soots are certainly distinctive items, and they are able to become among the many stunning, flexible products inside your selection once you’ve perfected them.

Distinctive to Eye Soots and de Fille are , terribly pigmented that are thick, long wearing eye shades having a consistency between lotion and a dust. These stunning containers of colour may be used like a darkness, a lining but they aren’t developed like every of those making the applying distinctive aswell. Alternatively, they’re a cautiously healthy, excessively minimum formula centered on a contact of acrylic along with simply organic color. The key is in they’re combined and stuffed, utilizing method and art that produces their unique consistency. This all must be done manually because they wear’ any waxes are contained by t, so that they can’t merely put and be dissolved to their containers just like lining or a regular lotion darkness.

 polish within the formulas’ lack does mean that they can not soften using one’s skin’s heat, producing them extremely resilient to diminishing and creasing. The shades remain where requested an incredibly very long time and may preserve their excitement.

For that makeup are you able to reveal methods or any guidelines when implementing the soots?

You may observe that the jars’ starting appears little when compared with that which you might anticipate from serum lining or the regular eye-shadow. Although you might shock whenever your first container start, this really is by-design. As these are uncommon items unlike other things, plus they possess a completely different consistency than ships and shadows perhaps you are used-to, you’ll wish to pick the colour up differently, also. The presentation lightly instructions you toward the way that is easiest to make use of your Attention Smoke: Attention Soots ought to be acquired with straight stress rather although you may be used-to swiping horizontally. The colour applies and exchanges definitely better in this way.

With possibly brushes or fingertips, utilize stress that is straight; believe demanding, instead of simply swiping. And unlike conventional eye-shadows that are pushed, you wear’t need to not be rugged together with your Attention Soots whilst the item can break or t break.

We suggest utilizing thick, stronger bristled brushes in order to pick the absolute most item up, plus some of the simplest designs to begin with are angled brushes and smear brushes. Nevertheless, when you’re used-to the consistency and software of Ember and Ash Attention Soots rsquo;ll discover that they may be combined with a wide selection of wash designs.

Some followers have distributed to us they prefer to deal out a bit of item before implementing and warm it about the back of the palm. you may discover that you love to utilize them in this way, also, although this task isn’t needed.

This can be what shades would you suggest for those who have brown, orange, or greeneyes, although a thick concerns?

Ash Attention Smoke tones are usually complementary on several complexions and attention shades, therefore we motivate testing, but there are several incredibly secure and simple tones to0. Seven Siblings seems wonderful on orange eyes. Spell and nightshade are amazing for eyes. Eyes that are brown and inexperienced may beautifully compliment. Obsidian is common.

What’s following for de Fille?

We’re definitely delighted to become starting a brand new class this season: Uncommon Lighting Luminizers, arriving soon-to People! We attempted highlighters to get a while that was lengthy to produce anything amazing that experienced right for all of US, and we believe rsquo & we;ve arrived within the three tones on anything truly unique rsquo & we . In 2017, we’ve some incredible new projects rsquo reveal that is really thrilled to quickly.


Thanks girls! You will be caught up with by us quickly.

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