Making the Case for Minimalism, Part 4

Making the Case for Minimalism, Part 4

Sharing seven days’ worth of minimalist practices with hopes that we can all find some clarity…

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment and freedom.”- The Minimalists

Stepping back and looking at where I am in life, and how things create a few more butterflies in my chest that I’d like, I’m going to be practicing a minimalist act each day of the week, and sharing them with you. If you are feeling like your life is a bit dizzying, take a look deeper and see how much stuff you are carrying on a day-to-day basis, and join me. At the beginning of each week, I will be posting 7 days’ worth of minimalist practices with hopes of finding and maintaining some clarity.

Week Four

Monday: Barely There. Mondays can be rough. Make it easier on yourself. Sport around your basic go-to’s. Dress for comfort and calmness. For me, that’s minimal colors. Lightweight sneakers, white tee, and my best friend, my 501 Levi’s.

Tuesday: Pit Stop. When you stop to pump gas today, clean out your car. Throw out any trash, and put the clutter in your trunk. When you get home tonight, take out the excess and put it where it belongs — inside. This will make your commute to work a bit more relaxing.

Wednesday: Paperless. Go through all of your online bills today and, if you haven’t already, opt out of direct mail. This will not only help your house from collecting clutter, but will also help the environment.

Thursday: Practice Gratitude. Be mindful and appreciate both the little and big things in your life. That’s what this is all about. Write a list of everything and everyone for which you are grateful. Think about editing out what wasn’t listed.

Friday: Tackle the Fridge. The amount of condiments in your refrigerator can sometimes get to be a little much. Clean out your fridge. Toss out any items that are expired, wipe down the shelves, and prepare the space to be filled with clean healthy food going into the next week.

Saturday: Plan a Yard Sale. Look into the summer yard sales happening around your community. Pick one, and start planning. Make a list of things that you haven’t used in the last 3 months, and make a point to let go of them. Yard sales can be a fun neighborhood routine to get into during the warm months. A little bit of work can rid you of a lot of stuff.

Sunday: Morning Ritual. Wake up at 6am this morning. Give yourself a couple hours before your busy day and develop a calming ritual, whether it’s a brisk walk, a bath, or a big breakfast. Throughout this series I’ve tried to mention how important time is to a minimal lifestyle. The goal is to reclaim our time so that we can have more of it for ourselves, for relationships, for gratitude, and to simply be free.

+ Good luck this week! If you are joining in on this challenge, let me know in the comments!

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Beautiful Methods: Hair Week 4

Post image for Exquisite Practices: Hair Revelations, Week 4

Rainy-day task: hand-painted mind cover…

Remember in Hair Facts, Week 1 when it had been sunlit and warm, and we were covering our coconut-oil-soaked hair in stunning connections? Which was good. It advised me just how much I really like producing fabrics, than to create anything to become utilized on these stunning seaside times and what method to invest a wet weekend evening? Nowadays I ll be showing my personal favorite method to obtain a palm- colored a scarf with search . This can be a silk-screen method, but when you re with silkscreening unfamiliar, to not fear. I’ll also display just how to paint straight on your scarf with colors.



2 yd duration cotton or cotton material (synthetics don’t take colors aswell and certainly will probably wash-out)

Colors inside your selection of shades (RIT performs excellent, I often make use of the MX powdered colors)

Powdered pop ash (often available at artwork shops that bring colors, but my personal favorite web store is Dharma Trading Business)

A sizable container

Several different-sized paintbrushes

Little meals or mugs to combine colors in

A display, squeegee, and obvious silk-screening method if silk-screening


Image 2(10)

Image 3(10)


Initial thing& rsquo bathe your material for 20-30 units in a sizable container of water with & frac14. The pop ash assists the coloring is accepted by the material therefore don’ this task skips! Permit your fabric.

Put your material on an area that was clear. I place whitepaper along through the material because the coloring wastes on my desk. Sporting gloves, put your colors into mugs and blend having a bit (about 1 tbsp) of water if they’re powdered. Don t weaken them if you don’t need a smoother colour if you are using fluid colors. It s essential for your colors to become strong and good like watercolor color!

On the area that is various, spot your screen-aspect- and utilize your colors to paint a picture . Permit the coloring to dried, after which switch around it where you would like it and put it. Printing the display utilizing the obvious silkscreen method (4 moves using the squeegee must do it) — this can move your picture in the display for your scarf, and voilà! You ve got a watercolor artwork that is beautiful .

Wash your display and squeegee nicely, and permit to dry. As your scarf will probably not be very small compared to your display, you certainly can do over this procedure again possibly using various types or the same picture, making an all over printing for the mind cover.

Image 4(9)

Image 5(10)

Image 6(5)

When I did within the picture below you may also paint straight onto the material with paintbrushes. This method is most effective on silk materials being that they are better and a little softer than cotton, producing a simpler artwork area. In your materials, you’ll accomplish a beautiful watercolor search with either method.

Image 7(2)

Once your material is dried, you are able to iron it or place it to warmth through the dryer -established the coloring, then wash out it within the drain. The silk-screen method must emerge of one’s material, departing simply the picture that is colored along with a hand that is gentle feel. I would like to understand how it gets into the remarks below and take a look at my prior hair facts articles for exemplary hair-care guidelines (and excellent methods to utilize your distinctive hand-painted head cover!) Maintain making! In a few days observe you!

Image 8