First Impressions

First Impressions

 Your intuition will always guide you and the universe will help you. I do believe that. 

This post comes from our Studio City store manager, Niree.

My husband and I met for the first time 17 years ago at an Armenian dinner dance.

You’re probably wondering “What exactly is an Armenian Dinner Dance?” Well, let me tell you. It’s basically a big party at a huge banquet hall where Armenian-Americans from all over LA would get together, mingle and have fun. I had just graduated high school and my friends and I were out celebrating. Our mutual friend Ani said, “Niree, meet Varand, he is my cousin’s good friend.” I said “Hi,” shook his hand, and went on my way. My first impression of him was a quick one — “nice smile and friendly eyes.” I was 18 and looking forward to summer. We shook hands and went our separate ways.

I had a certain view on dating that, looking back,  was established by the mentality I grew up with. My parents, who marked their 41st wedding anniversary this July 4th, believe in the value of education. As I was growing up, my mom would say, “You have your whole life ahead of you to accomplish whatever it is you want to do.” As Armenian-Americans, their parents came to the United States hoping to give their children a better life. They wholeheartedly believed in the American Dream, and having achieved that Dream themselves through hard work and education, they passed that mentality and belief on to their own children. My mom would also say, “Why would you want to endure high school heartache when you don’t want to be married with children by the time you turn 20?” She’d say that to us all the time, especially when a boy I liked didn’t like me back, or when a crush liked someone else. In hindsight she was probably trying to make me feel better about rejection but, at the same, time stating a valid truth. I didn’t want to marry young. Logically speaking,  why would I get emotionally involved with a boy that would only lead to heartache? Needless to say, I viewed dating in a very matter of fact way.
Fast forward 6 years, and I came across my now husband again at a friend’s wedding. I was 24, and he just turned 27. Life had already taught me how hard getting over your first love could be. It also taught me that I should never have dated a guy I was first friends with… So by that age, I had fallen in love once and experienced the heartache that followed it. I think that’s why they say your first love is something you don’t forget. It’s not so much about the person you fall in love with, but more so the feeling that love creates when you first find it. It’s a euphoric feeling, especially the first time it hits you. I remember feeling constantly optimistic, daydreaming about my first kiss, hoping he’d hold my hand throughout the movie, waiting for him to call me…it’s the feeling love generates within us that we are often addicted to. Once that feeling subsides and your subconscious starts creeping in, time becomes the ultimate truth teller. It takes time to see if you fit in each other’s world, and you hope the relationship you’ve built stays intact and keeps working. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t; mine did not. I remember thinking how weird it was to be with someone for so many months, letting him into your heart day in and day out, and then “erasing” him because you didn’t see a shared future. We ended it, but that didn’t mean it was easy to get over, because it definitely was not.
To say I was a bit guarded and unsure of myself when I was reintroduced to my now husband is an understatement. He recognized me from many years ago, approaching me as I was watching the dance floor. After a few minutes of chit chat and me stating “oh yes, that’s how I know you”….real smooth on my part, he asked if I wanted to dance. I looked at him, looked at that shiny dance floor, and took a leap of faith. That first dance led him to a note via Facebook, asking if he could take me out to lunch. What I forgot to mention to you is that, after we danced, I pretty much ran away — not because of his dancing skills (he actually had really good dance moves and I wouldn’t have cared regardless), but because I just didn’t know what to do. I was unsure of myself. We danced, I said thank you, then went back to my table alone. I  left the wedding that night without saying goodbye. I wanted to. His smile struck a cord with me. On my way out, I saw him outside with his friends, laughing and having a good time, and I just didn’t have the confidence to go up to him and say, “See ya around”…hint hint please ask for my number. I also saw him talking to other girls throughout the night and figured it was a lost cause to even try. So I didn’t…but he did. He asked if sushi sounded nice. I didn’t have the heart to say no…I didn’t want to be rude. His effort was something I really appreciated, so I didn’t want to make it any harder for him. Rejection can be debilitating if you aren’t sure of yourself, so I said, “Sure, sushi sounds great,” not letting on that I had actually never eaten sushi before. Let’s just say I should have been honest from the get go. Which leads me to THE DATE. The date that led me to delete his number.
Varand (you all can call him “V” for short) picked me up from work and headed to dinner. V asked if I wanted sake, to which I said “no,” because I had no idea what sake was. Ordering led to small talk, first date-type questions…or so I think. He asked me about my family and my journey, and I asked him about his. Let’s say after hearing his story and journey, mine felt miniscule. My husband was born and raised in the Middle East. His journey to the States was not something I was used to hearing at my age. I was lucky enough to be born in the U.S., along with all my friends, cousins and family. With the exception of my parents, aunts and uncles, the people I was surrounded with all had a similar upbringing. He shared his experience while taking sake shots. In my head all I kept thinking we had nothing in common, and it was bothering me that he was drinking alcohol on our first date. To make a long story short, I found him “too wild for me, and he thought I was “reserved” and overly “giggly.” He brought me back to work and said we would talk soon– I thought, “yeah right.” I actually went home and deleted his number. I knew he wasn’t going to call me and I wasn’t going to call him. We both felt that the date did not go well; it was an unspoken truth that did not need to be voiced.
Two days later, I got a call during my lunch break — the number looked familiar but didn’t produce a name. I picked up, worrying it might be my sister or mom, but turns out it was V. The first thing I thought — “Really?” How in the world was I going to get off the phone, asap? I had a sandwich and BBQ chips that I was looking forward to. He asked to see a movie. Shocked, I said “sure,” thinking I would go home and cancel. I mean, I had a really good sandwich to eat. I got home that night, and felt too bad to cancel. And the rest, as they say, is history. I’m so happy I deleted his number. If I hadn’t, I would never have picked up his call. I would never have known his work ethic, that he wanted to make something of himself despite all the challenges he faced, that he had learned English when he was 20 and was able to graduate with a degree in Economics, that he loved his family and spoke so highly of them, especially his Grandma whom he adored. I learned all these things on our second date. That second chance brought me a lifetime of happiness.
Do I think first impressions are important? Yes, absolutely. Your intuition will always guide you and the universe will help you. I do believe that. We gave each other a second chance. With that second chance, we got to know each other’s soul and, as cheesy as it sounds, we found forever.

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YOU’RE Your Restriction that is Only

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Great feelings just, please.

This article comes from our website intern to us.

You’re love.
You’re pleasure.
You’re variety.
You’re enough.

Your most basic state-of being is happiness. Reel everything aside that draws along you and overlook the fitness developed in you. That which you are left with is the home that is many real, stunning.

We’re all created into this-world that desires the very best for all of US and completely facilitates us.

Your main restriction is ourselves. the function should be completed to be able to reside an unlimited existence also it requires a small function to push-down what we’ve constructed, although with time, we develop surfaces for ourselves.

Enjoys attract like; attraction’s law pertains to everything. Whenever we arrange ourselves, arrange our ideas with this organic condition (which can be pleasure, love and variety) it’s not fairly really soft for your globe to not give that to you.

Particularly when you’re going right through anything difficult I understand it s difficult sometimes where you wish to be and also you mightn’t be. But confidence, and understand you’re wherever you’re designed to be. If you’re able to quit concentrating on the absence that you experienced and change your emphasis towards the great, these limitations you established on your own will begin to melt.

Whenever we reflect what we wish, by experiencing, thinking and believing has already been mine, positioning starts and power changes. Issues fall under position. Motivation and pleasure explodes out-of you, and existence may come effortlessly.


Considering forever by what we need, we re not often flourishing while we’re trying. Should you capture oneself considering, “I wear’t have anything, I didn’t obtain the marketing, I’m failing, I’ve no actual buddies…” these home-questioning ideas are located in concern. Action back and change your emphasis towards the people that you experienced and the products you need to do have.

This really is anything I have a problem with constantly. Nothing occurs overnight by what I m indicating at this time t usually reside. It s difficult. BUT, I’m a large believer of concentrating on experience great since it functions and considering absolutely and that I’ve observed from doing this enchanting things occur in my own existence, and I’d like the miracle to be seen by one before your eyes.

Self doubt is ok. I don’t need one to feel just like you ought to have not have mental poison, or you need to usually experience fantastic about oneself, and exhibit all the assurance. I don’ if that’s possible t understand. Actually the absolute most rdquo & effective;, & ldquo;stunning, “ rdquo affluent&; people nevertheless have self doubt. The one thing I would recommend for you would be to recognize the ideas you remember that you’re having them, may have, after which allow them proceed. “Hello! You’re-in my mind, good of you to exhibit up, I observe you, but I wear’t require you, and you may depart now.”


Existence may experience tougher whenever the area is focused on by you in between what your location is now. Therefore alternatively, alter your thinking towards joy and the elegance you curently have. The area is likely to be more straightforward whenever you wear&rsquo to load;t set your attention all onto it. Let become below today and go. It s possibly to discover the best if issues don’t work-out the manner in which you might have meant or favored. Discover anything from this .

Action back, start your gaze. Believe feel-good ideas that are, follow your joy. Don rsquo & t restrict oneself since your alone who;s in a position to draw out oneself.

Remember, there’s no method that is correct.

Begin getting these actions to feel well. Pick the small bits of pleasure up and enjoy the-heck out-of them.


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Letting Go’s Art

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“the opportunity to reside my desire existence, full of journey in the place of issues…”

This article involves us from Lex Weinstein.


LA Girl Stripe Midi Gown

Our Grandma’s nickname for me personally is “Gitanita.” In Spanish, which means “small gypsy.” Like A reader, I’ve always liked to visit looking for dunes but, 3 years previously, I quit my work, offered all my possessions, and said farewell to my nearest family and friends to get an opportunity to reside my desire existence, full of journey in the place of issues. At 89, it was difficult for my Grandmother to consume. But with time the classes passed as she noticed how I flourished within the unforeseen, wanted out various civilizations and traditions, and craved engagement within the unfamiliar.  She’s never been someone to sugar coat, therefore my talks together with her following a lengthy stint aside are a few of my favorites. She likes to notice whether the journey was what I anticipated, what went not correct I set hellip it&;the material that is difficult. It s my Grandma since if anybody understood the challenges and sacrifices it requires to create a desire a real possibility. Or when I contact her, my Ita.


In 1961 my Grandparents executed what I recognize being a crazy work of bravery and religion; delivering their four oldest kids on the airplane towards the U.S. with only a benefit along with a hug. 3 years were used producing countless efforts to depart the nation by every way of transport feasible. Lastly, in 1964, they certainly were ready to securely and legitimately travel abroad where they rejoined using the kids who’d been divided across America. Once they ultimately came, my 7-year-old mom didn’t actually identify her siblings. of returning the notion, on her, continues to be unthinkable. For me personally, it’s been a lifelong passion.


Merely Large Waist Feet, Reduces Rash Guard, FP Surfboard

And thus I came solo having a five- youth tales and foot-board tote kept holy, equally starving and reluctant for that journey alongside six. Our cab drive-through Havana established the phase to get a city picture that was beautifully, with congregations on edges exotic vegetation, and audio flowing from austere house windows. Problems offered themselves quickly; nevertheless, from triumph-at sea search splitting over flame barrier and spectacular stone, to some 36 -hr, fatigue-stuffed road-trip on Cuban freeways that were tough, to sleepless days looking for dunes we’re able to not discover. It was of browsing in my own mom& rsquo home-country not even close to my romanticized perspective, but a chance to conquer difficulty is one I’ve discovered to simply accept using the elegance of my forebears. And thus we flourished of compromise within our occasions, bouncing late in to the evening during sleep within the mud, or coming atop the coach to trip underneath the superstars. Without mayhem there’s no passion. We were all skating inside it.

Mikayo Bikini Feet

Gordon_DSC9260 copy

Cuba, for me personally, significantly more than simply manifested an ongoing perspective. It intended recognizing myself as my very own “desire woman,” a lady who are able to suspend using the kids, search in difficult problems, accept a tradition whatever the splits or discomfort in its background, withstand, be courageous, chuckle, get furious, remain my floor, empathize, bounce-back, release, love, eliminate and transfer beyond my safe place. However it is by using an overwhelming feeling of appreciation that echoes that is for my Grandma, and that I think about the sacrifices of my journey. Since without her desires, challenges, and certainly will to dominate, I’d never be her “Gitanita.”

Pictures by Lex Weinstein and Dylan Gordon.

Take a look at Allowing move, Bahamas Design by Lex, also!

Book Club Miracle Confidence, by Gilbert

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Join us to get a dialogue of component five of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling guide Large Miracle, Confidence

The idea of the musician that is tortured is. I understood from the youthful era that I preferred artwork, desired in in some manner onto it. Like several children, which was what I needed to become,  “ rdquo & a; was my response that is continuous to the issue that is most obvious. Like a 6th grader, I decked out like Monet to get a task, nimbus-like mustache and all, and hobbled around having a stick for many of the morning (a shtick that may generate you an A, although not several buddies), in senior school I overlooked additional courses in support of concealing out within the artwork space (a shtick that’ll not win moving levels in algebra, I would like to let you know). Despite its continuous, and frequently therapeutic, existence in my own existence, I never thought like a friend of artwork. I believed it indifferent, anything to become used plus one to try for, but undoubtedly something which had no idea of me. Artwork was anything to become at least, or proficient at attempted. When others aren’t, and artwork can seemingly change against us just like effortlessly artwork may recover, artwork could be there. Possibly its as a result of this that their artwork is felt by lots of designers is anything to drive and break-through, against them, there become to anything fought with and tortured by. It really never happened in my experience to think about artwork as my buddy.

This idea endured through university, where I really questioned (nevertheless do, to tell the truth) whether I had been also content to create great artwork. “ HaveN’t had horrible encounters that are enough ?.

I understand.

And yet. The thought of the musician that is tortured stays. His hearing cuts off. Pollock consumed. Should you’re a fairly satisfied individual, may you be considered a good, or dare I-say, gifted performer?

Obviously. Yes. Duh.

It s just that difficult, we need to get after dark indisputable fact that artwork is discomfort. That nothing stunning comes not difficult. That people shouldn’t revel in and indulge our very own procedures that are innovative. In Reality, Elizabeth Gilbert presents the crazy idea the elegance of our artwork might not really lie-in the battle we withstand to produce it. It s not really a suffering competition.

One-artist might endure in her serious   her injuries assuaging. Another performer may not be completely unhappy in her existence. Neither one is less unworthy of the nature that is innovative.

After Permission and Persistence, two sections I undoubtedly had a hard period processing, Reality experienced just like a go back to the uplifting facets of the sooner sections of Large Miracle. As Gilbert states, she doesn’t refuse the truth of enduring — and neither do I — however it may likely do all of US good quality if we’re able to overcome the concept that to become worth our artwork we ought to maintain some kind of discomfort. Artwork is elegance, in the end.


What did you believe of the section?

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