Natural Wonders: How to Turn Your Most Boring Skincare Step into A Spa Experience

Natural Wonders: How to Turn Your Most Boring Skincare Step into A Spa Experience

This Ayurvedic cleansing oil is gaining a cult following with industry insiders for its next-level skin benefits and no fuss, no muss organic ingredients…

This post comes to you from contributor Arden Andrews.

Let’s be real — in the scope of revolutionary products, a facial cleanser rarely steals the spotlight. How much attention does that step you typically wash down the drain really deserve? Apparently, when it’s packed with complexion-nourishing ingredients and zero of the risky chemicals found in drugstore soaps, it can garner the kind of following that turns an up-and-coming brand into an overnight cult hit. Enter Kumari Cleansing Oil, the hero product of indie Ayurvedic brand Wilde Gatherings which is quickly gaining buzz amongst industry insiders for its next-level results, not to mention the spa-like experience it delivers upon impact.

“I believe that skin care needs to have a little wakeup call,” says aesthetician Kelley Hughes, who founded the organic line last year. “People need to think about their skin, what they need, and not just follow what the masses are doing,” explains Hughes, chatting earnestly over the phone between client facials. “I have people who come in and literally still use Noxzema—I’m blown away by it. I mean, come on, Noxzema? It’s Crisco with menthol in it! It is bananas that they’re putting that on their face.”

Sparking the shift to natural and focusing on ancient Ayurvedic principles which she describes as “the most amazing, oldest documented medicine we have,” Hughes originally mixed up batches of the cleanser by hand in her Philly-based salon, the Parlour. Rudimentary packaging in amber bottles with masking tape labels reading “Kumari” (which means aloe) didn’t stop it from flying off the shelves for years before she ever created the brand. “I started selling at Free People’s market where they bring in local artists and makers, and I would set up a table next to these great companies like Vapour. That’s where buyers first were like,‘What is this? What is going on here? I hear people talking about this…’ and it just did so well.”

The preservative-free recipe contains a blend of stimulating, antioxidant-rich oils like lemon, neroli, sweet orange, olive and sea buckthorn, and aside from those that suffer from consistent breakouts with a very high oil production (who can still use it as an eye makeup remover), it works for all skin types. The tincture brightens and tightens the complexion, plus doubles as a moisturizer for both skin and lashes. “People tell me that their eyelashes have gotten healthier after using it consistently,” says Hughes. “The olive oil specifically nourishes and helps with lash fullness.”

But how exactly does one cleanse with an oil after years of lathering up with old school soaps? Below, Hughes offers her salon-approved step-by-step system:

  1. “Put a couple of pumps in your hand and massage it into your face, loosening your makeup.”
  2. “Add a bit of warm water and moosh it around a little on your skin.”
  3. “Take a warm washcloth, lay it over your face, and compress gently.”
  4. “Breathe in — it smells like heaven. I think neroli takes it to another level — it’s really a euphoric scent.”
  5. “Remove the washcloth to reveal the fresh, hydrated, soft transformation of your skin.”
  6. “You’re done. You could go to bed like that! It’s so moisturizing, you don’t have to buy another thing.”

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Lead image by Dom Episcopo.

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3 New Year’s Event Makeup & Hair Suggestions with Kelley from Parlour (+ Giveaway!)

Post image for 3 New Year’s Eve Makeup & Hairstyle Ideas with Kelley from Parlour (+ Giveaway!)

Follow-along to understand  make-up lessons and three hair in the women at amp & Hair; Skin!

The growing season of make-up and beautiful hair is upon mdash & us ? Individually, rsquo & I;m typically in a reduction for how to proceed designs I understand&nbsp, particularly when the event requires anything more concerned than the go-to with my search;and love. Using the vacations entirely move and New Year’s Event not remote, I considered our buddies Jess and Kelley at The Parlour Hair & Epidermis the following in Philly for many suggestions, and child did they provide. Understanding rsquo & I certainly wasn;t alone about the search for anything clean, I introduced along her lion and Jana & rsquo and our friend.

Whether you re searching for short-hair how tos, wishing to change your medium-length design up or attempting to tame stomach-duration hair-like rsquo & Jana;s, the women have you lined. Armed using the Hair Straightening Iron and Tourmaline Electronic Roller hair resources from Eva NY, they visited function, making the three appears you see below. Continue reading to understand just how to duplicate our looks and become certain to browse towards the base to enter to get a hair device from Eva NYC!

Parlour Beauty 3


Parlour Beauty 21

Parlour Beauty 5

Kelley started our makeup appears by spritzing people Using The Parlour’s own Wilde Events Aromamist to produce a dewy end and established the makeup perfect.

For epidermis, after spritzing Jana’s encounter, Kelley started her makeup search with Fitglow BB cream Number 1 Basis and Attention Vibrant eye lotion. Understanding Jana’s a of sunlight, she subsequently utilized Vapour Organics Feeling Bronzer in Simmer and Jane Iredale ‘In Contact’ Product Rose in Quality to provide her a healthier shine and enhance a tanned darkness.
On rsquo Jana&;s brows, Kelley utilized amp Jane Taupe & Suede with Redhead Brow Solution on brows.
And on her lips…Jane Iredale Spice Lipliner combined with Real Shine in Snowberry.
Parlour Beauty 22
The it had been onto hair with Jess…
Parlour Beauty 6

Jess started by beginning with the leading area teasing the leading part of Jana& rsquo hair and shifting along towards the back.

Parlour Beauty 8

Parlour Beauty 9

She covered Jana& rsquo hair along, smoothing flyaways after proposition for raise. Subsequently, she pinned with bobbypins and combed back each aspect.

Parlour Beauty 10

Hair guaranteed by having an elastic and is subsequently collected right into a reduced ponytail. A hair was covered round the ponytail foundation and saved to hide the elastic totally.


Parlour Beauty 14

Jess looped bobbypins through the clasps s ponytail to change Jana& rsquo bracelets into jewelry on her hair.

Parlour Beauty 16

Parlour Beauty 15

Parlour Beauty 17

The appearance was completed down with hairspray for store once all of the bracelets were included.

Parlour Beauty 20

Parlour Beauty 19

To obtain Jana’s search: Clear Skies Adorned Leading, Faux Fur Happiness Layer

Parlour Beauty 2


Parlour Beauty Three 16

Parlour Beauty Three 1

After treating my skin using the Wilde Events Aromamist, Kelley utilized Fitglow Perfect Liquid & Attention Vibrant eye lotion.
For eyes, she utilized Vapour Organics Mesmerize Eye-Color in Gilt before implementing Besame Cosmetics 1920 Dark Dessert mascara like a fluid lining, and concluding off with Fitglow Great Lash Mascara.
To power up my eyebrows, Kelley employed Jane Iredale Dim Suede Darkness and Redhead Eyebrow serum to include store.
For lips, Kelley utilized Besame Red Velvet & Noir Red.
Parlour Beauty Three 5
Parlour Beauty Three 13
Once my makeup was completed, it had been period for hair…
Parlour Beauty Three 7
Jess started by separating my hair into three areas, having a two- section in the middle that was very. While she done the remaining this area was turned from the method.
Parlour Beauty Three 6
Parlour Beauty Three 8
After cutting the center part from the method, Jess utilized the Tourmaline Electronic Roller to curl the remainder of my hair into gentle dunes.
Parlour Beauty Three 9
Parlour Beauty Three 10
When the relaxation of my hair was curled, Jess utilized the Eva NY Hair Straightener to align the center portion of hair, before firmly attaching it right into a french-braid, attaching it right into a ponytail in the foundation and covering the butt right into a topknot.
Parlour Beauty Three 11
I had been completed after completing with hairspray!
Parlour Beauty Three 12
Parlour Beauty Three 14
Store Jules’s search: Metallic Jumpsuit, Gold-Coast Pendant
Parlour Beauty 4
Parlour Beauty Two 11

Kelley included& nbsp Perfect Liquid & amp Bright Eye Lotion after implementing Wilde Events Aromamist to Diane s encounter. On her cheekbones, she included Jane Iredale 24-Karat golddust in Bronze & Rose-Gold.

On Diane’s eyes, she applied ILIA Silken Darkness Stay in Between Times and Vapour Mesmerize Eye-Shadow in Gilt. For eyebrows,   Jane darkness in Dim Suede Auburn Serum on brows Besame Black Mascara Water Lining was utilized by Kelley.

Jane Iredale So Bronze # 3 and Bisque Forced Powder completed the appearance, after Vapour Organics Alarm Lipstick in Delicious and Besame Black Licorice Top Glaze were utilized.

Subsequently it had been onto hair…

Parlour Beauty Two 1

For rsquo & Diane;s slicked-back search, Jess dispersed her hair along .

Parlour Beauty Two 2

Parlour Beauty Two 5

After implementing hair-gel, Jess utilized hairdryer and a brush to brush Diane s hair into position.

Parlour Beauty Two 6

Parlour Beauty Two 7

Parlour Beauty Two 9

It had been time for you to include silver browsing, utilizing hair-gel to motivate it to stay when Diane s hair was dried. Nbsp & Jess;utilized exactly the same silver browsing as you are able to quickly discover for the most part art shops. Make use of a fishtail brush to put the browsing rsquo wherever you&;deb enjoy it to rest.

Parlour Beauty Two 10

Utilize because it may stay glued to almost anything dried fingers to use the browsing! Jess finished off rsquo & Diane;s search having a hold hairspray that was strong.

Parlour Beauty Two 12

Parlour Beauty Two 13

Obtain Diane’s search: Decorated Skirt Collection

Parlour Beauty Two 8

Parlour Beauty 1

How have you been currently sporting your own hair this holidays?

Thank Jess and you Kelley! Follow The Parlour on Instagram

Pictures by FP Jules + FP Jana

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