3 Things To Do Today, 7/16/17

3 Things To Do Today, 7/16/17

Because Sundays are for rejuvenation… 

To break my Sunday cycle, I started off by telling myself this: You are a beautiful, hard-working, selfless being, and you deserve this time. Treat yourself.

So I did. Three things, every Sunday, for myself. I’m sharing them to give y’all some ideas, and hopefully inspire you to take a day off — completely — and cater to your needs. Follow along with this series if you feel like your “you” time is missing.

Dress Up.

It feels good to bop out and about in something that makes you feel good. I snagged a pair of these gingham bow slip-ons at the beginning of the summer, and they have been my weekend go-to, making me feel both a little flirty and sassy. Wear something today that bumps up your confidence levels a bit, whether it be some fun sandals, a bright colorful headband or some quirky shades.

Take A Dip.

Those childhood memories of summer pool days began to slip away from me once I moved to the city. Recapture them. Find a local pool, grab a day pass, and spend an hour (or five) by it. Sit under the umbrella with a good read, or just splash around a bit. A little exploration led me to find that many city pools will let you join for a day pass. A little sunshine can do wonders.


While the honey sun is hitting golden hour, pack up a picnic and go for a long drive, car windows down. Crank up the summer playlist you have perfected, and drive until you find the right spot. For me, it’s an open field where the sun sets over some rolling hills. Let the dog run around, spread a blanket out, and enjoy dinner wherever your cruise led you.

I’m challenging you to clear your schedule today and do 3 things for yourself. You work your butt off, and deserve some time for yourself. If you try this out, let me know how it went, and if you feel rested and rejuvenated, let’s keep this up.

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Beautiful Exercise, Hair Facts: Week 1

Post image for Exquisite Practice, Hair Revelations: Week 1

A coconut fat hair therapy that is deeply!

A week ago I’d the recognition of speaking Stefani Padilla, with healer and stylist. I’ve never compensated much focus on my hair (truthfully, I’m overrun by it’s pure bulk – my very own problem because I seldom reduce or design it), but after reading Stefani’s enthusiasm round the routine of hair-care and also the elegance of recovery through crops, I’m awakened. Welcome to rsquo & July;s Hair Facts, Beautiful Exercise concept. I ll be publishing my meeting plus a connect to her handmade -centered hair-care items in a few days with Stefani, but I’d like to speak fundamentals nowadays.

Crispy, additional occasions it;s-dry and I described my woefully under-served hair: occasionally it&rsquo & rsquo;s greasy actually on a single evening that I clean it. It complicated and s annoying & mdash! Fortunately, she’d a solution for me personally: a coconut-oil hair therapy. Stefani explained that actually without sodium, blow-drying, flat-ironing and all of the dyeing treating that people usually do, other ecological publicity along with sunlight may cause your own hair to become uneven, stripped and unprotected. Time for you to group back again to a fundamental, complete and seriously moisturizing -protection hair-oil therapy. She strolled me through it:

Image 2(6)

Because you re probably currently preparing with coconut-oil and slathering it in your skin you may as well utilize supplement benefit and its nutrient in your hair . Coconut-oil infiltrates the base because of its low-molecular weight is full of acid, includes a high-affinity for protein. It retains your own hair powerful and gentle because it maintains humidity therefore nicely. Lastly, it will help decrease protein loss so this therapy can help maintain your hair wholesome and powerful as you era. Be sure you purchase reliably developed and gathered coconut-oil – there are many of excellent choices available including Range and Nutiva (my own favorite).

Image 3(6)

Coconut Oil Hair Therapy


Natural virgin coconut fat (a sizable information is going to do)

Scarf or cover for the hair


Brush the avocado oil to suggestion during your hair from origin, ensuring rsquo & it . I utilized the Moist Wash Pro for this about the guidance of my close friend, bandmate, and many significantly – expert hairstylist – Leslie within Philadelphia. The comb is mild and works beautifully detangling without busting or extending it. I m a change!

Image 4(6)

Cover a towel when the acrylic is inside your hair or scarf it and allow it to stay for some hours. A seaside evening (or swimming evening in my own situation!) may be the ideal time for you to do that since, as Stefani described, heat in the sunlight helps you to trigger the indication of the humidity into your own hair. You may also abandon it in overnight be certain to put a towel over your cushion.

Lastly, struck the bath and clean your own hair twice subsequently situation it nicely. You (as well as your hair) will like the outcomes!

Image 5(6)

Let s article for my really thrilling meeting with Padilla me understand how it moves girls, and melody into in a few days&rsquo. Get facts that are ready for some actual hair!

Image 6(2)

To take the stunning pictures in this article an enormous thanks to my cousin Alyssa. All I’d to complete was bar from the swimming, moisturize while she got all of the pictures and take in sunlight! Take a look at her work on alyssarobb.com.

Seaside Needs

Post image for Beach Essentials

Must haves for the seaside evening that is next!

This article originates from our website intern, Emily.

Hooray! Seaside times are ultimately a choice that is practical. What your location is did summertime simply struck? Within Philadelphia, warm sunlight and the damp atmosphere found its way to what appears like an immediate. I ve been excitedly expecting greater conditions and the 80-degree climate, and today, below they’re. Which means I m headed towards below and the seaside ASAP & rsquo;s rsquo a couple of I &;m getting along.

That is your beach tote that is ideal. It’s large, bears it all and increases like a towel. Vacant your items, voila, and unzip it!

Convertible Towel Carrier

Always remember sunscreen, water, your sunnies, plus some lipbalm. Headphones for perhaps a podcast as you relax or many songs usually are available in useful!

, BROUGHT Illuminate Headphones, Hamsa Klean Kanteen


Sundown Bali Girl Sunnies, Two-Tone Abbey Street Shades, Unlimited Summer Pilots, Superior Clubmaster Sunnies

Madrid Sparkle Birkenstocks, Vegetarian Chance At Nighttime Sandad, Borabora Wear Shoe

Guide picture: Peyton Swimsuit Best, Olivia Strong Base, Sancho Packable Straw Cap

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May List Outtakes

Post image for May Catalog Outtakes

Here s your survey of our List!

This article involves us from Alistair Casillas and Graham Dunn.

Occasionally you receive your L A innovative representative palm-providing stunning pictures in one of one’s preferred photographers, to Philadelphia and create a guide in the initiatives of all of the skills concerned and also you reach place the stunning printouts of 35mm movie together. Chance by Dunn in Hawaii, this book brings you via an exotic greenery background with jumps of turquoise that supplied a lot of the motivation for that the book’s look. Though I wasn’ t need more and impressed. I requested some of his preferred outtakes and Graham about his encounter and he didn’t fail. Have a look at a number of Grahams ideas and the most popular behindthescenes list pictures below.

HawaiiOuttakes-6  MayCatalog_Collage5
Merely Pie Top
, Center-Stage Edge Choker

Operating north in the airport in Honolulu, we were all hit by vibrant structures simply located amongst what appeared just like a huge, historic rainforest and clifflike hills—character was absolutely permitting people to reside there and never vice versa like LA occasionally feels.  We were instantly submerged in a brand new planet.

Victoria Mini-Dress


Crochet Detail Halter, Aging Snake Arm-Band

We were on Florida period and also the first day I woke up early and rose within the stone wall-in top of our home to look at sunlight increase about the beach.  Sea created her way to avoid it, also and we simply endured there ostensibly alone whilst the sunlight peeked out in light shades straight within the skyline of water before us. We understood we’d to try and exchange several of those occasions that were peaceful as greatest as you are able to the following day for that list.

Large dunes were expected although we have there been that couple of days also it was said to be the first Quiksilver In-Memory of rdquo & Eddie Aikau contest in mdash & decades;a request-just influx opposition that was large. A hype is within the atmosphere, much more so since we were additionally capturing with professional viewers like Ginella.


Groups Within Groups Top

Ehukai Rash Guard, Chasing Shadows Hay Baseball Cap
I made a decision to take mainly movie for this catalog.  Your minds shop recollections in an individual and ostensibly unreliable method; we remember emotions and never details and that’s why an odor may take us back again to youth immediately. Like movie is nearest to recollections I’m, it scans lighting like our eyes do. rsquo & You;re solely for the reason that second without electronic displays or higher -thinking. There s a touch of heat and feed —a natural naturalness to everything that appears correct for promoting a desire journey having a number of buddies and ideally getting Free People visitors there around.


Behindthescenes: Westcoast Seaside Launches

Post image for Behind the Scenes: West Coast Beach Shoots

Obtain a look of what truly continues behindthescenes of our swimming and search photoshoots

With seaside period only nearby, we believed rsquo & we;deb reveal a year ago some no time before observed pictures from numerous swimming and search photo-shoots. Since truly, nothing gets nbsp us&;more within the feeling for nbsp & summertime time than bikinis girls and bitchin & nbsp;trips.

From surfy San Onofre towards the shores of Malibu — El Matador, Nicholas Canyon and Westward Beach (where Gary Busey hasbeen recognized to hold off our limbs) — we attempt to seize the awesome Cali feelings down and up the LA shoreline. Drinking on nearby drinks from our go to place, SunLife Organics, our times begin early and just summary after an ideal chance is taken, often around golden-hour during sundown. The hours might be long but we’ve the wonder of character around us ndash moving& nbsp leaping super seagulls, sharks and fun sealions. It’s a significant desire to truly have the coastline function as our office. Possess A look behindthescenes below to become annoyingly truthful!











Versions, top-to-bottom: Leila, Natalie, CarolineDelilah, and Loris.

+What have you been many getting excited about this seaside period?

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FP Transfer: Sydney/Where You Can Work-Out in Sydney

Post image for FP Let’s Move: Sydney/Where to Work Out in Sydney

Take a look at nbsp & the most popular;go to& rsquo!

This article involves us from Natalie Shukur.

Increasing up surrounded areas by shores, pools and also the sea, nbsp & Sydney ladies;possess a tendency toward the fantastic outdoors. Browsing, swimming gentle and life-saving mud operating are area of the P.E. Program below, & most Foreign ladies I understand might give a work for the profit the exercise levels to you. Normally, something running is area of the social zeitgeist, with all kinds of powerful instruction bookending luncheon times and being a nationwide activity, featured within the websites of Style, dance and yoga. It s no real surprise that activewear for daily has certainly and nicely been accepted in Bondi.


This yoga and Yoga centre today has four main places across Sydney, however it’s about as a long way away from being cookie cutter while you could possibly get, having a group of enthusiastic, top level academics along with a nearby, neighborhood-focused feel at all of its urban oases. The yoga listed here is warm (having a condition-of-the-artwork infrared heat) and also the Yoga courses are team reformer-design. Yin and yoga exercise can also be accessible, plus yoga in the Redfern business.


KX Yoga
we are able to’t get enough of the dynamic undertake Pilates that problems your body in addition to supplying a place of cardio. At the top of power and teacher determination (believe Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna about the playlist, and a lot of checking down from 10), no two periods would be the same.


Another type of pumped up Yoga, Physicore is just a fresh method to perspiration and obtain powerful in one single fell swoop. Performed on “Megaformers” this 50-moment high-intensity exercise utilizes the Lagree exercise technique, mixing weight training, cardio and Pilates to get a shape shifting program you’ll have the following day (for the reason that strangely enjoyable approach).


Xtend Barre
Xtend Barre is getting on like wildfire in Sydney, because of its outcomes-centered, dancing-influenced routines which are around and completed in 55 minutes smooth. This course includes pads bands, sticks and dumbbells to attain a powerful core and helps you to fight tension using a little bit of trusted old fashioned shimmy -trembling. We adore that many of the academics listed here are from the party history that is skilled, striking ourselves to be expressed by us through eacute pli&; tendus s and battements, while getting into an exercise that is difficult.


Bondi Icebergs Swimming
This legendary, Instagram-renowned Sydney boating location is just a public water swimming that spots around in to the ocean, and it is possibly among the many wonderful locations on the planet to complete several laps. More outside pools having a watch contain Tim Child Charlton, Macallum Swimming, Bronte bathrooms, plus one of the most popular locations to get a fast drop: the feminine-just McIver’s Bathrooms. A remote place proven in 1922, it nevertheless costs only 20 pennies to move within the 33-metre sea swimming, located in a defensive contour of Coogee’s shoreline. Tangible ocean bathrooms, a genuine Aussie trend defeat a chlorinated gymnasium swimming anyday of the week.


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Bondi Beach Guide Using The Vista

Post image for Bondi Beach Travel Guide With The Vista

An area’s journey information through the websites of the March ebook…

This article involves us from our FP Factor Miann… with unique because of our buddies at The Vista.

Occasionally we create a small laugh in regards to a subconscious (or maybe aware) nomadic pie in Sydney, which prevails of three typical factors — Byron Bay, Indonesia and Bondi Beach. You discover comparable people as well as for valid reason, also: nbsp a&;laid back beachside tradition, which nevertheless resonates a feeling of bohemian independence and self expression — from the city lights that are big.

On any given evening you are able to go by wetsuit-dressed users getting the very first lighting, cappuccino enthusiasts as well as their reputation dogs collapsing out-of beachside bars within an range of activewear along with a mixture of moist-haired individuals operating towards the coach, vegemite and grape sourdough toast clasped firmly within their jaws. It may not be soft to differentiate between the tremendous bad and also the tremendous rich. Most people are tan barefoot and much more than the usual salty that is tiny. At-one desk is just a struggling performer operating three careers to cover fine-arts provides; in the next is just a renowned actor or real estate mogul, but everybody mixes effortlessly and cheerfully in to the beach tradition (till one-steps up to their gleaming quick vehicle, exotic toes and all). That that and s Bondi ’ s you’ve to think it’s great!

A healthier regional competition covers across rsquo & Bondi;s three places: Bondi and North Bondi. But wherever you stay, everybody drops underneath the enchanting cause of the famous rdquo & Bondi Bubble ; you seldom depart an individual will be there. There’s great search excellent nightlife and lively power throughout the year. Occasionally rsquo & it;s simple to your investment relaxation of Sydney prevails whenever you looking out whilst the atmosphere becomes to some heavy mauve on the warm summertime night in the North Knoll from the light red. But besides a global-course seaside that’s it’s own reality-tv display for more than 10 years operating, and also the renowned Bondi-to-Bronte coastal stroll, the café tradition needs to be Bondi’s greatest draw-card. Amazing espresso natural shakes and avocados tip the roost in Bondi, and listed here are our recommendations of the favorites.



Consume/Beverage North Bondi

Patio & Parlour

110 Ramsgate Ave
Clean, hugely delicious food from breakfast to supper. A mix of the pleasant and meals, espresso support this place is the surface of the jumps! If rsquo & it;s a date, proceed from there and begin with a plate along with an aromatic drink at sundown, although we are able to never proceed past a date. Attempt the comfortable inexperienced brekkie dish and discover the formula below!

North Bondi Seafood

120 Ramsgate Ave
the very best sea views from North Bondi, awesome drinks along with a small kingfish sashimi get this to establishment a tough someone to avoid.

Bruce Leaves

2/93 Glenayr Ave
Excellent, refreshing soups would be the ideal Bondi food for lunchtime (or supper). ‘ with haloumi is our pick Crazy may be the feed&rsquo. Get a desk along with a clean avocado watching the planet pass…

Warners Ave & Wairoa Ave
Whilst The title indicates, clean, uncooked Western meals, combined back with benefit makes a lighting and delicious beach eat.

 bondivista-c (1)YUj8-nj_mOoPALZH6XwYPwBt_XN8C6l8Ia3QCGK0zJ4

Eat/Drink Town Center


79 Corridor Saint
Well-Known is definitely an exaggeration. Extremely effective and another excellent caf& eacute. We are able to never proceed with sausage and grape salsa after dark breakfast of corn fritters.


57-59 Beach Road
A vibrant club-net- dumpling home. Where the ale is chilly and also the lamps are an excellent place to meet up friends, gray.


6/61 Area E
you might mistake the point outside and also the defeats to get a Bondi club — don’t be dismayed, it’s simply icecream. We’re frightened to recommend attempting hellip only one flavor&;those individuals who have sampled it understand what we imply!

The Bucket-List

The Bondi Pavilion, Double Elizabeth Push
that which was one summertime a long time previously only a pop up club has become a directly on the esplanade, slap-boom in the centre of Bondi. A chaotic beachside club, where your wine is available in the hangover and also containers is free.

Consume/Beverage South Bondi

Bondi Icebergs restaurant & dining area

INCH Notts Ave
some of those locations you have to proceed one or more times, or even constantly. The support your wine checklist ideal is great and also the watch, among the most well-known in hellip & Australia;need more are said by us? Take with a few polenta chips before your primary dinner within the 5 star eating spot in the sundown within the drink club.

The Point

8 Campbell March
Ale-o-clock? The point is just a calm location located only over the street from iceberg swimming. Have a look at their selection — full of  area, clean -influenced foods. This really is large laughs relaxing within the weekend and wherever you ll discover residents with long-hair.

Spot House

281 Bondi Road
Tasty wood-fired pizzas along with a mixture of French meals. Outside sitting and interior, including a comfortable upstairs wine-bar. If you’re able to catch a chair about the porch overlooking Rd reward items.


Pictures because of @atdusk & @the_vista

to find out more of Bondi’s greatest eating, amusement, hotels, buying and day-trips, obtain the entire manual at The Vista.

Travel Guide Mexico

Post image for Travel Guide: Yelapa, Mexico

Searching for an ideal vacation? Yelapa might be simply the solution…

For the newest FP Escape we sailed towards the enchanting fishing town of Yelapa, Mexico. Located in a cove between the Pacific Sea and also the Madres, nbsp & this city;lies about 15 miles southwest of Puerto Vallarta. With restricted wireless and no vehicles, existence offers &nbsp, and in Yelapa appears to occur in a similar world; the things all a retreat should & mdash;  journey privacy and a chance to reconnect with oneself.

Yelapa& rsquo title originates from indicating a stating “where two streams meet with up with the sea.” Among The wealthiest bioregions on the planet, the region features amazing types of fauna and exotic crops. a land-grant that’s kept from the neighborhood in general protects the city. Yelapa was changed by renowned hipster stars like Jack Nicholson, Dylan who needed sanctuary within the small pueblo. Their existence impressed the cold- , up-beat that was out, wayfaring feel that remains today.

Your choices in achieving Yelapa are restricted, but really awesome & mdash vessel coach, mule. After going for a fast end for road tacos, we suggest getting the journey by panga (water-taxi) in one of the everyday planned departures that abandon from numerous places around Puerto Vallarta. The 45- you are taken by passage across glittering Bay on the stunningly stunning trip. Therefore kick-back, inhale the ocean atmosphere that is salty and allow the rainforest shores are settled upon by your look. Whales might just take your cruiser towards the retreat that is small.

Create the right path towards the end-of the dock for delicious drinks at Caf Bahia after landing in the pier. Is a high maze of vibrant casitas hemmed with bougainvillea flowers. You will find routes or no road brands, however the pleasant residents may usually place you within the correct path. Follow the rhythms while you understand the cobblestone roads and create the right path towards the the the surface of the town towards the fountain that is remarkable. Relax at b Bosque Cafe after achieving the top while you view the 150 foot drops stream in to the lagoon and revel in some light drinks.

For journey-hunters wanting to discover, Yelapa hosts an excellent number of outside hobbies including yoga, browsing, hiking and paragliding. Discover the encompassing region to remote shores of the numerous vessel activities with one or perhaps a horseback ride-through the neighborhood slopes. The optimum time for browsing is within the winter. Permanently pauses and exotic shores, brain north the small town of Quimixto (about 20 minute by water-taxi).

Mexican appeal that is genuine appears to be stitched into every part of the city. Residing using the atmosphere in equilibrium, the neighborhood tradition proceeds to attract a developing neighborhood of wanderlusters which are attracted to the ever present stability present in this beach heaven that is simple.

Where you can remain:
Xinalani: Green-stylish yoga heaven with available-aired palaps ignoring the sea

Casa de los Sueños :Officially Bob Dylan’s spend time, this available-aired palapa-design property is very good for teams, households and occasions.

Where you can eat:
Café Bahia: Lots Of appeal providing wholesome cost with clean regional elements (vegetarian and vegetarian possibilities!). Split yogi containers, good fresh fruit shakes jugo verde and homemade ice-cream — YUM!

Cake Woman: ensure that you test a piece of homemade orange meringue or avocado lotion in the Cake Girls, who are able to be discovered weaving through the beach sunbathers and cobblestoned back-roads.

Where you can store:
***There’s no ATM in Yelapa therefore make sure to provide lots of cash***

Estrella de Mar Shop: a little jewel with artist projects including palm-blown-glass, ceramics and fabrics.

Javier’s Rosewood Store: hand-carved salad containers, vases, moving hooks along with other stunning items produced from locally-grown rosewood.

How to proceed:
Marietas Islands: Wonderful excursion — totally uninhabited…snorkel through vibrant reefs, move with exotic fishes and discover Concealed Beach!

Temazcal: Ritual Shaman-brought sweatlodge to cleanse your brain, physique and spirit.

Quimixto: Half day backpack to stunning falls where you are able to have a relaxing swimming and play on organic waterslides!

Bahamas Design, Go

Post image for Letting Go, Bahamas Style

A trip towards the Bahamas full of browsing fishing, exploring go.

This article involves us from Lex Weinstein


Obtain the search: Dharma Link Container, Ani Flowered High-Rise Base, Collected Bralette, Outlaw Sweetheart Brief, Opportunity Covered Matador Cap

A couple weeks before my passport was dropped by me. Discuss hellip a crisis&;that solitary guide of varied documents was associated having a holy text, a connection dropping it had been mourning a demise, and as individual as that of the closest friend. 3 years of paperwork of journeys around the world — Tahiti, Indonesia, Sydney, Newzealand, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Asia, Hongkong and much more — a prize I prepared to truly save for my kids sometime, eliminated immediately. But of connection arrived a cleaning absent using the ton of holes, and also the motion forward towards enabling go along with a concentrate on the following major journey.



Obtain the search: Ani Flowered High-Rise Base, Laka Floral Cropped Jacket

Obtain the search: Fundamental Audition Legging, Moonshadow ContainerKyoto Legging, Moonshadow Bra

Enter a classic buddy welcoming a escape. The planet has visited through her skilled browsing profession because she was 12 yrs old and, this year, discovered nostalgia to her local Panama. She’s existed there since and, within the many idealistic of time, inspired me to capture right down a trip to go through the question of her playground.


Obtain the search: Moonshadow Legging, Fundamental Audition Bralette, Ballerina at Nighttime Brief


Washing winter thanks to the Bahamas off is much like moving into a desire. Your first-stop, Gregory Town ve actually sampled house of a few of the sweetest I&rsquo and shores which are nothing lacking perfect. We discovered stunning dunes at rsquo & each Surfer;s a distinctive crash of the spectacular distinction between your wealthy, dim blues of the rolling Atlantic Seaside and Vacation Beach via the Window Link and also the peaceful, aqua shades of the Caribbean. As the information documented blizzards and limitless snowfall we invested our times discovering key caves and orange pit lagoons and consuming hot, fresh salad. Your lodging was on regional Harbor Area, a Caribbean location with electrical turquoise sea sights amazing shaded seaside bungalows, red sand shores and comfortable, charming residents.


Obtain the search: Moonshadow Legging

Obtain the search: Bondi Plunge Match

When I look-back about the many magnificent of occasions from my period within the Bahamas, from discovering and browsing to walking to fishing, there s one component that bands typical over the panel & mdash continue. Once the stunning Bahamian Goddess at traditions pushed the very first press into my newly published passport, I shifted forward in ways that permitted me never to overlook that, no real matter what, we are able to never return, and also to forget about yesteryear would be to set ourselves free.

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Karina Petroni
Images by Carl Rosen