Quickie Wellness: TONIK

“Personal experience has made me the biggest fan of natural elixirs, and I wanted to make it practical to indulge in them.”

This post comes to you from beauty contributor, Kari Molvar.

In her previous life, Pip Hardwood likes to joke that she was Cleopatra: a beauty junkie obsessed with bathing in natural elixirs. In reality, she was born in New Zealand, in the small town of Pukekohe, and raised among glass beakers and metal scales, with her dad being a chemist. That’s what sparked her interest in the healing benefits of natural tinctures and tonics. “I was lucky enough to work in his pharmacies and get to know the wellness industry through hands-on experience,” the 28 year-old says. In particular, she fell in love with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar—which she noticed cleared up everything from her digestion to her skin—and soon became staples of her diet.

Years later, Hardwood was busy working in the creative industry—as a graphic and web designer as well as a social media consultant and photographer—and realized it’s kinda hard to lug around glass bottles of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and thought: Wouldn’t it be easier to pop them in pill form? And, boom, the idea for Tonik was born. Since launching last November, the Australia-based supplement brand is shaking up the wellness scene, providing a super convenient gel-capsule solution for getting your daily fix of CO. and ACV without actually have to drink them. (And the graphic packaging is beyond chic—not what you expect from a supplement company, right?). Here, we caught up with Hardwood for a glimpse into her stylish, #dreamlife and what’s next for Tonik.

Where did the idea come from for Tonik?

Tonik is a concept that has been brewing for a while. It is a conglomerate of every aspect of who I am as a person. I spend the majority of my time on shoots in the South Pacific, and feel a kinship with islands. I have been taking both coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for years and have always treasured the concept of nourishment from the inside out. Personal experience has made me the biggest fan of natural elixirs, and I wanted to make it practical to indulge in them. Not everyone likes the morning chug of apple cider vinegar, so one day while sailing through Sulawesi with my best friend I thought, what if we could pack this powerful elixir into a digestible capsule? Traveling so much was really the ‘aha’ moment! No one likes traveling with breakable glass bottles of oil and foul smelling vinegar. Enter elixirs in capsule form, in a practical bottle.

Why focus on apple cider vinegar and coconut oil? What made these two ingredients stand out to you?

These two Toniks are my go-to’s. I have been taking both daily for years and, the more I spoke to people about it, the more I realized there was a demand for an easier way to consume these two ingredients. Both ingredients actually compliment the other perfectly, in terms of their respective benefits!

What kind of results can we expect to see?

The easier question would be what kind of results won’t you see. If you are in the business of looking like a glowing, radiant, perfectly balanced queen, then Tonik is the gear for you. Essentially it will nourish and balance you from the inside out. Your skin will clear up and begin to glow, your complexion will blend, your spots will disappear, your hair will grow, and that’s just the aesthetic benefits. Taking both elixirs regularly will aid digestion; fight infection, inflammation and bacteria; boost your energy; and improve your memory. The list really goes on and on and on.

Where you do source your ingredients?

Mother Earth. More specifically, they are both sustainably sourced from Sri Lanka! We are in the process of sourcing from the South Pacific as the goal of Tonik’s philanthropic journey is to give back and support local farms in the island nations. The South Pacific is so close to our hearts and we really want to support the growth and development of sustainable farming in these areas.

How should we incorporate these supplements into our lives? When do you take them? With or without food?

Take your Toniks with the rise and fall of the day. Pop 2 capsules of each with sunrise (or when you generally have breakfast) and sunset (or at dinner time). Depending on your individual constitution, Tonik should be taken with food.

What inspired the packaging design?

We at Tonik are huge fans of minimalist design. The bottles aim to be highly functional, but super on-trend and stylish. We noticed a huge gap in the market for beautiful products with branding that matched the benefits. The bottles are designed for travelers; they fit perfectly into the side pocket of your bag!

Tell us about the other parts of your wellness and beauty routine. Any favorite products, tips or tricks?

To be honest, using apple cider vinegar topically was a game changer and something I do consistently. It’s the best toner on the market! A splash of ACV on my face followed by Vintners Daughter has my skin glowing. It’s the same with using coconut oil topically. Tonik elixirs aren’t just beneficial in ingestible form; they pack a powerful punch on your skin as well. You can use coconut oil as a hair mask and for a rub down while you’re still wet after a hot shower—you’ll get smooth, supple skin in an instant.

Do you have a favorite DIY recipe or homemade beauty ritual you can share?

I love making homemade rosewater toner as well, which actually includes apple cider vinegar. When the roses in my vase are starting to wilt, I just boil them up for 20 minutes until the petals lose their color, then strain and cool the water. All it takes from there is a quick combination of witch hazel, apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential lavender oil. Perfect for a mid-flight spritz or a freshening up during the day.

What’s next for Tonik? Do you plan to launch more products?

We have a few secret elixirs in the mix, but right now we are focused on getting our first heroes to the masses. The beauty of the products we have is in their simplicity. They are products you would find in your mum’s pantry that you might have overlooked for the past decade. So who knows what will be next. Stay tuned!

+ What are your thoughts on Tonik? Let us know in the comments below.

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Atoz Rx: Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Pills

If you place great, wholesome, organic issues in, they’ll reach function producing a happier you, each inside and out…

In rsquo & an ideal, sluggish woman;s globe, getting excellent treatment of one’s skin means just efforts’ many minimum. Some detergent, a lotion that is little and re out the doorway ’ also you.

Once we well-know, it requires a little more than the usual grab-and-proceed method of certainly maintain skin pleased and wholesome: not just exist variety relevant items to experiment with before you land on what works for the distinctive skin, but whilst the old adage goes, it’s what’s-on the interior that actually matters.

You are able to layer toners and serums and expect the very best. Your epidermis — which likewise is actually the body’s biggest wood — is fundamentally a representation of what’s happening inside, meaning skin problems like pimples, psoriasis and dermatitis (to mention several) are most likely outward indications of another thing. They& rsquo stress indicators your areas are as visible that anything wants consideration delivering, turning up about the skin.

So just how would you repair a skin issue that’s beginning somewhere t reach? There is to start an excellent place with diet. They ll reach function producing your interiors & mdash your outsides & mdash should you place great, wholesome, organic issues in. Clearly this really is easier than completed said.

The issue having a food-centered strategy is the fact that you will find merely way too many issues you must be consuming for pleased skin, and never the full time or belly property to eat every single one, every single day.

That will be wherever Natural Pharmacy comes in. Whilst The title recommend, the manufacturer’s primary emphasis is on obtaining you-all the vitamins and antioxidants you’ll need (and therefore are possibly absent in what you eat) within the simplest way feasible: a tablet. So when it involves skincare, nothing will pack very the strike that is same .

By having an element listing that will create Nature leak holes of pleasure, the Skin Radiance Pills are developed to provide your appearance an increase and also to assist help the skin. Designed centered on natural and holistic medicine rsquo; re-packed with high-quality nurture and, real elements carefully chosen to safeguard your skin .

Each tablet is stuffed with goodness towards the top, which makes it virtually difficult to choose only one star component. Therefore allow’s split all of them down:


Significantly more than simply the bottom component for Instagram- breakfast that is deserving containers, acai is just an extremely nutritious fruit full of nutrients and supplement. Its supplements D, W, An and ELIZABETH, omega essential fatty acids may restore and recover broken, swollen skin.


Not only bamboo, for pandas is just an organic, efficient method to up your degrees of the spring silica. Present in all of your body s main areas, silica can also be a large element of bones, hair skin because it performs a significant part inside your body s manufacturing of collagen. And where there’s collagen, there’s pleased,, lively that is wholesome skin.


To not be confused using the strawberry (although they are doing look-alike), the billberry is just a Western plant that AIDS in preventing the damage and destruction of collagen, meaning fat, wrinkle-free skin. It s likewise saturated in antioxidants even out complexion and that decrease inflammation.


Possibly among the less-well -recognized effective and essential, although elements below nevertheless. Chitosan is full of acid, and comes from the covers of shrimp along with other ocean crustaceans, indicating rsquo & it;s anti-oxidant anti-aging and. It s likewise at maintaining skin hydrated because it maintains water-like nobody s company excellent.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Another ocean beast-centered ingredient hydrochloride is area of the family, that will be present in skin’s center level. (That s correct! Skin is composed of three levels: skin, skin, hypodermis.) Anti inflammatory in character, glucosamine hydrochloride assists skin remain also helps with the lightening of black places and moist.


As you of rsquo & the planet;s many vitamin- fruits that are abundant, it will come that goji is definitely an element below. With 19 proteins (protein’s blocks), 21 nutrients (free-radical guards), insane supplements (restore that skin) and fatty acids (the characters of gentle, sleek skin), there’s virtually nothing goji may’t do for the skin.

Gotu Kola

Employed for generations in Indian medication and historic Oriental, this therapeutic place has endurance to get a cause. Full of beta-carotene, proteins and phytochemicals, gotu kola hasbeen discovered to refresh skin by increasing flow, building collagen, managing irritation and exciting cell development.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Don& rsquo MSM is simply another title to get a type of natural sulfur present in animal and place muscle. Whilst the next-many plentiful nutrient within you, sulfur is just a required foundation for meats like cartilage and collagen, which have been in change skin’s inspiration. This implies MSM kicks bottom as it pertains to removing lines and scarring, and softening skin.

Rosehip Gas

A rose-hip by every other title might not odor as nice. That s since rose-hip acrylic is normally saturated in D, supplements An and ELIZABETH, and omega-3, 6 and 9, which all stone as it pertains to enhancing consistency and the tone of skin. Rose-hip gas also offers substances which are little enough to enter tissues, so that they do their work for some time and hang in there.


Helloooo antioxidants! Vitamin-C is the physique’s closest friend as it pertains to avoiding free-radical injury (problem you, smog!), which ostensibly indicates aid intercept issues before they occur so far as skin can be involved. Enhance moisture as though that isn t Vitamin-C additionally assists actually complexion and maintain you as smooth-as an infant s tush.

 E Vitamin

The skin may& rsquo blossom without blood circulation that is continuous. Fortunately, E Vitamin helps reinforce capillary surfaces therefore the great material is definitely dealing with the skin and market flow. What when you yourself have issue or combo skin ’s more, while E Vitamin is very good for it, skin s frequently overweight to make use of topically. You enjoy the advantages and never have to cope with a panic by consuming it.


In case your skin freaks out each time your hormones vary (study: one per month), zine ought to be an important element of oneself-treatment program. Certain, rsquo & it;s-a potent antioxidant, but rsquo & it;s furthermore immediately involved with manufacturing that is hormonal t out-of setback.


Free The Mind: How Our Nervousness Ultimately Trained

Post image for Free Your Mind: How I Finally Tamed My Anxiety

Free your mind…

This Really Is part 3 of 4 in a May sequence entitled “Free Your Brain”, where Carlen Altman gives the guidelines and methods she’s discovered on her pursuit of inner-peace (and expectations they are able to assist you to also!)

Hello, expensive Free People rsquo & it;s your buddy Carlen. Being that my People mini-series series’ name of is Free The Mind, I ought to provide you with to I came into existence so enthusiastic about & ldquo home aid&rdquo some backstory;. (PS- are you aware May is Psychological Self Support Recognition Month?)

For so long as I will remember, I’ve been a , nervous that was delicate individual who never recognized our “ rdquo & contemporary; culture. I recall weeping on my first-grade classroom’s floor, privately since the stick traps the janitor put down with wooden doll blocks within an try to sacrifice the lifestyles of rodents that are harmless from the horrible destiny that is tacky. (Significantly, envision how horrible it’d be to expire on the heap of stick! Or don t really! They state ideas become issues)

In the guidelines and limitations of college (sit-in your seat; be peaceful; give consideration; don’t reveal your records with others) towards the likewise limiting recommendations of maturity (function 9-5; don’t query expert; no naps permitted) I’ve certainly never thought like I had been created about the correct planet. If it were as much as me, I’d invest my times dreaming, studying publications, composing and travelling character with friends. This really is my concept of being fully a “Free Individual” and regrettably, if you don’t possess the fortune of monetary freedom, this kind of  lifestyle appears to be just limited for breaks (following the washing, cleansing, food shopping,and bill-paying have completed obviously…)

When I turned an adolescent, I’d come home many times and reduce myself before the TV residing in my mind or viewing MTV, picturing I had been in a location that didn’t occur within the real life. How might there be conflicts? How might we allow individuals that are destitute go to sleep starving? How might we take the jungles cut down and adding to climatechange for that benefit of cash?

Within an try to experience a feeling of handle within the world, in 10th-grade I started my senior school’s Ecological Membership and closed a lot of “conserve the world” applications all-day-long I created what thought like juvenile carpal tunnel syndrome. But alas, despite all my initiatives, I nevertheless experienced unmanageable and nervous about everything. Since concerning the era of 15, I’ve been what you will contact a ‘supplement enthusiast’, usually searching for organic remedies for nervousness. First fish-oil attempted, subsequently B12, then Ashwaghanda. Regardless of just how many supplements I swallowed, a powerful sensation of nervousness usually held sneaking back-up on me, although I’m certain these products all have great advantages as study indicates.

It was that my mom recommended antidepressants are taken by me. I instantly stated no and had been originally insulted; scared that antidepressants might take the something away I’d – my creativity.

Therefore, towards the chance of antidepressants, I eventually stated yes after weeks of consideration. Our mother and that I created a scheduled appointment having a proposed doctor, who after hearing me for 50 units identified me as nervous, frustrated, and obsessive-compulsive (oh my) and instantly offered me a higher dosage of the antidepressant Paxil.


Despite my medicine that is all my unwillingness to consider, I’ve to express Paxil worked nearly instantly. Worries about our world, unhappiness, and our nervousness turned workable.   of getting it After only 14 days, existence ceased sensation like this type of battle; I started departing the home more; I actually had a sweetheart. T cripple my entire life within the same manner it did however it didn&rsquo although I nevertheless felt alienated from culture. I extended signing applications to “conserve the bees” (and anything else) and that I might actually experience occasions of joy from time to time.

However for the following 10 years, ‘ off. Mainly couldn& rsquo cry was experienced by issues. I actually couldn& rsquo cry. Not after I viewed a film that is depressing. Not when my grandpa died. Nothing. Not really just one split.

For that whole of rsquo;s & my 20, I believe I cried. It had been in 2012, when Individuals sold-out of the maxi that is flowered dress I had been going to purchase. (Only kidding.) Sure, I experienced some feeling throughout my times – I wasn’t totally an apathetic software, but I simply experienced disconnected from actuality (and of course, ostensibly asexual – but that subject is for another article…)

In January about the 10th wedding to be on antidepressants, of 2015, I chose to make a move really uncommon to commemorate – endeavor wear myself from them. In a lot of methods, antidepressants have now been buddies of quarry, a lifesaver for me personally, and undoubtedly an incredible number of others but I determined I needed to determine if it were feasible for me to see life.


Did I do want to wean you request? I needed to understand what it had been prefer to experience – and perhaps actually drop a rip – and of course a pile fill of study recommended the utilization of antidepressants long term might have some very disappointed unwanted effects.  (only a little dote: I just recommend weaning off antidepressants using the aid of the skilled; I likewise don’t imply to imply I believe antidepressants really are an indication of weakness or anything to obtain from; I simply understood for me personally it had been the best time for you to attempt anything else)

From Feb to Might of 2015, under medical guidance, I tapered along my dose into smaller and smaller amounts till I went out. I would be called by cVS Drugstore daily using ldquo & their software automatic speech;Your refill is prepared for rdquo & collection; and &hellip might simply hang up the phone; in the beginning, existence without antidepressants was excellent! I thought good exclusively supplementing having a multivitamin and being unmedicated. Nevertheless, a few months later, I started initially to experience what I suppose are distributions, when I experienced an amount of nervousness and stress I’d never experienced before. Remember yearning and my desire to weep? Properly, that desire came accurate! Big style! I’d weep instantly easily noticed anything unsettling concerning the atmosphere on Myspace. If an aged individual or anything great occurred smiled about the road, I’d weep holes of pleasure instantly aswell. I’d need to go for a walk round the stop simply to weep in personal easily noticed somebody shout at the youngster about the train or if somebody stated anything imply in my experience at the office.

I’ve to express, though I favored this vibrant and extremely psychological lifestyle within the apathetic asexual software existence I quit, I questioned if there is some kind of middle ground between your two… Certain I didn’t wish to experience numb but I also didn’t desire to be managed by my feelings! Following an evening that was specially tough, my mother generously inspired me to return on antidepressants. “Perhaps you will find various, ‘more enhanced’ types because you began getting them ten years previously,” she explained. But anything deeply in my own stomach told rsquo & me this wasn . Did I truly wish to proceed further along this bunny hole?


I recall reading an estimate It’s no way of measuring wellness to become well-adjusted to some greatly ill society.” also it truly resonated with me.  Though sobbing in the fall of the cap wasn’t wholesome (I am talking about actually, I cried when my cap dropped in a mess), perhaps it wasn’t “me” which was the issue, but our culture rather? Might it’s that experience unhappy and frightened about climatechange and homelessness was regular which our culture’s choice to take with businessasusual was that which was really insane? Might it really be that sitting silently within an office seat under fluorescent lamps 8 hours each day with lunchtime and social networking being like I do my comfort was really an insane method of lifestyle which I wasn’t the issue?

In Feb of 2016, with a lot of concerns in your mind, annually after I started weaning myself I chose to make a move even more crazy. I impulsively stop my work in a Television information stop, purchased a cheap solution to La, and quit Nyc (without nevertheless muchas publishing it to Facebook.) I didn’t have a lot of didn and a checking account t understand precisely what I do but I understood that anything had a need to modify.

Plus one did change. For that greater! After I got to La, I got a rest from social networking, in the information, from everything. I cried for the world, I cried about everything, I cried for the present crazy selection.  You wouldn’t understand it had been a famine in Florida with the water expelling from my eyes (Sorry, horrible laugh – however they state fun is the greatest medication, right? Easily am alone giggling does that count? Don’t solution that…).

I’ve great information. Within the span of the following 3 months in La, I believe I might have REALLY determined just how to handle my nervousness and encounter my feelings without allowing them to manage me… There’s no body-dimension-suits-all method to normally cope with nervousness and melancholy once we are therefore different but I’ll reveal to you how I ultimately experienced better with the expectation that it’ll assist you to also.

  •  I came across a lifestyle-altering (and questionable) new guide named A BRAIN OF YOUR: The Facts About Melancholy and Just How Females Can Recover Their Health To Recover Their Thoughts by Kelly Brogan, which promoters nutritional and changes in lifestyle as a way to cope with depression and nervousness – if you should be coping with nervousness or melancholy, THIS BOOK IS A WATCH STARTING SHOULD-STUDY! (Sorry for that hats, I’m not shouting.)
  •  I acquired a body check to identify whether I had been getting enough supplements. Through one bloodtest (that we did underneath the assistance of the naturopathic physician called Emily Glasser) I discovered I had been poor in supplement B6, supplement DEB, (and experienced Adrenal Exhaustion along with a parasite Who KNEW?) – and instantly began supplementing. Being an (nearly) ongoing vegan, I’d noticed about the significance of supplementing with vitamin B12 but  nobody had actually spoken in my experience concerning the need for vitamin B6! The moment I began supplementing, I instantly started feeling.
  •  About The recommendation of Dr. Glasser, I started getting several products including a probiotic and magnesium, a couple of things many people lack that are recognized for helping relieve nervousness. (if you should be in LA, I recommend producing a scheduled appointment with Dr. Glasser)
  • I integrated protein and fats into my diet (Consult A physician first to determine if this really is correct for the body. Most people are different.) and cut right out just about all refined glucose, gluten, soy, corn, cereals, low-natural produce and booze. It has been the absolute most difficult, price and self-control-smart, but I’ve attempted to create it-my main concern.)
  • I registered a gym and started to workout atleast 4 instances per week (along side meditating for 10 moments daily, which I described in my own prior article) – should you wear’t have time for you to visit the gymnasium, that’s ok. Any exercise which makes the body moves is useful. Take a look at some good workouts to complete athome about the FP website below
  • I started volunteering with triggers I thought in. Remember I attempted conserving the rodents in 1st quality? I’m today volunteering with non profit businesses who’re attempting to alter the planet! Actually an hour or so per week, place your energy it provide you a feeling of control within the scenario and will assist the planet. Discover offer options at Idealist.orgWE’VE MORE POWER!
  • I began a regular appreciation diary (learn to create one below) after studying another existence-changing guide named THE MIRACLE by Rhonda Byrne which describes the Regulation of Appeal and just how appreciation is (certainly) the mindset you’ve to look at if you like your life to obtain better. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!


From these 7 actions above, I will state that I actually feel healthy for that very first time in my own existence and pleased. There’s no body size-fits all means to fix melancholy and nervousness but when there’s one downside out of this entire duration of good and the bad, it’s that should you are experiencing frustrated, nervous or impossible, you shouldn’t quit! Certain, the planet isn’t completely ‘stored’ and that I still don’t wish to actually function a 9-5 work within an office (that will be anything I’m determining just how to do today and certainly will reveal to you briefly), but I ultimately experience a feeling of inner-peace for that very first time actually and wish that somehow, my phrases and encounter assist you to in your trip also.

Pictures by FP Emily.

3 Products That’ll Can Even Make Your Look Better

This was originally posted on http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/05/supplements-for-better-skin.html along with the image used.

There s no miraculous skin-mastering pill, but a number really are of products you are able to consider that’ll gain rsquo & your skin; s your appearance health and, consequently. As for the unique ingredients recommended in skin supplements’ rest? They don& rsquo. (Sorry, drinkable collagen.)

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