Sun Potion’s Guide to Santa Barbara

Sun Potion’s Guide to Santa Barbara

What to do, see and eat in Santa Barbara, according to Sun Potion founder Scott Linde…

This post comes from beauty writer, Katheryn Erickson.

With his sun-bleached hair, happy aura, and laid-back attitude, Scott Linde gives off major Southern California vibes. Which is why it might surprise you that he didn’t grow up in the Golden State, but next to a lake in Minnesota. Still, after living on the west coast for the past 15 years—first Ojai and now Santa Barbara, where he founded herbal tonic line Sun Potion—it’s clear he’s pretty smitten with his home. “Santa Barbara has a really optimistic, positive energy,” he says. “It has a South-facing coastline, mountains to the North, and there are protective islands about 20 miles off the coast that block the deep ocean waves from coming to the shore. The feng shui of the geography is empowering, and you’re exposed to this whole spectrum of esoteric things like herbalism. It’s the absolute hub of all progress around food and wellness.” In other words: It’s well worth making a weekend trip to the coastal town this summer. “Some days I’ll just drive around the hills in Montecito. There are these beautiful winding neighborhood streets with low hanging trees and you just kind of meander. It’s vacation paradise.” Here, Scott shares his Santa Barbara musts.

The Best Green Juice

There’s a juice bar called Ah Juice one block from our warehouse. I think it’s the only 100% organic café and juice bar in town. That means that everything—all the spices, all the oils—is organic, which is pretty cool. One of the owners, Alfred, is a Chinese medicine and acupuncture master, so the juice is formulated from that perspective. It’s powerful stuff. I get Super Greens or the turmeric lemonade. We often order staff lunch from there if we’re having a meeting.

The Best Beach

Mesa Lane, which is around the corner from another great, plant-based restaurant, Mesa Verde. You walk down these steep steps and it’s the most unregulated beach on the Southern California coastline. It’s full of dogs. You can have bonfires there. It’s a fun spot.

The Best Lazy Sunday Morning Activity

Lately I’m into the yoga of cars, and there’s a huge car culture in Santa Barbara—racecars, vintage cars. Cars and Coffee is a car show every Sunday morning in Montecito. 100 cars line up on this little street. You’re walking up and down and there’s hundreds of millions of dollars worth of vintage Ferraris and Jaguars—it’s museum-grade. And then you can go for a little jog afterwards in the Montecito hills.

The Best Place to Stock Up On Veggies

I go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. I think it’s the third-largest-grossing farmer’s market in California. A lot of the produce in LA comes from farms in Goleta and on the Central Coast. There’s a stand from Ojai that has an endless array of fresh-cut herbs, and I always stop by Roots Farm’s booth. Also, Santa Barbara has the best avocados in the US—they grow on the pass over to Ojai. It’s the gold coast for avocados.

The Best Live Music

On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a singer that looks and sings like Frank Sinatra at the El Encanto hotel. You sit on the patio surrounded by trees and there’s a beautiful view. It’s a classic.

The Best Views

The sunset from the Douglas Preserve is amazing. It’s 70 acres of open land that used to belong the Douglas family (Kirk Douglas and that tribe of actors) and they donated it to Santa Barbara city as a park. It has huge beautiful trees and you look down over Hendry’s beach. It’s really nice to walk around.

The Best Day Trip

Ojai is a must. Go to Farmer and the Cook and the Meditation Mount.


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Photos by Casi O’Dierno, visit her website

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Here Comes Sunlight (Stop)!

Why changing to organic sunscreen is essential for you personally (and our whole world)…

This article originates from contributor Altman and our beloved buddy .

For many of my entire life, when it found purchasing sunblock, there is just one three-page term that impacted my buying choice. Is it possible to speculate? No? That term my buddy, is SPF (okay good, I understand SPF is definitely an acronym, not officially a term — nobody walks around stating it loudly like “spppppffff” — however, you obtain the stage…)

Easily purchased a sunscreen by having an SPF of 9, I understood I had been meant for a powerful bronze and/or perhaps a burn similar to an indignant seafood; likewise, when seeing SPF-50 and a large straw-hat, I understood I possibly could maintain my organic pasty goth appearance.

While walking down the sunscreen area in the nearby pharmacy, my easy thinking brought me to buy regardless of the cheapest sunblock using the greatest SPF was, slather it on my encounter and throat, and start my evening…

Properly, the changing times they’re a-changin (!) and, once we are finding more and more, what we place in our anatomies (through meals and topically, through beauty items) might have an enormous effect on our wellness. Prejudice is bliss, nevertheless when it involves sun-protection, prejudice is bliss(ters)… (continue reading which means this horrible laugh makes a bit more feeling…)

Listed here are 8 sunlight-connected “FUN DETAILS” I’ve learned all about sun and skin safety that have brought me to alter my sunscreen buying choices and steer clear of pharmacy manufacturers in support of organic suncare options…

Sunshine Fun Fact Number 1: the skin we have is the body’s biggest wood and, because it’s comprised of small pores, nearly all what we placed on the outer skin gets consumed and adopts our anatomies as though we’d consumed it, including beauty items and sunscreen.

Sunshine Fun Reality #2the term, im, acronym “SPF” means Sunlight Guarding Element and describes the theoretical period of time an individual can remain in sunlight without getting sunburned. For instance, an SPF of 45 allows one to remain in sunlight ..

(Note: I’m not certain if this can be a “enjoyment reality” or just a discussion beginning, therefore moving forward I’ll allow you to choose for oneself if it’s enjoyable or not…)

Sunlight (Possibly Enjoyable) Reality #2: There’s no medical evidence that any SPF more than 50 really shields skin somewhat better. For instance, utilizing an SPF of 100 isn’t dual an SPF 50’s safety, no more than 1-percent greater. (Ok, perhaps that one is certainly not really a fun reality. For that rest of the post I’ll allow you to choose if these truth is enjoyable or not…)

Sunlight Reality #3It’s essential that people people acquire 20 units of sun-exposure each day (without sunscreen) so our anatomies may create the all too-essential Supplement D3, that will be accountable for a lot of good stuff like guarding our immune programs, raising our emotions, helping combat melanoma and psychological disability. More than 70% of the populace is Vitamin-D poor, meaning nearly all us have to save money time outdoors and possibly consider Vitamin-D products. (Note: Talk To your physician to ensure you are able to manage 20 units of sunlight each day, particularly as this 20-moment principle differs for individuals of various complexions and and it is favorable towards the season…)

Sunlight Reality #4Reasonable sunlight is fantastic but, if you should be likely to be exterior for over 20 units, it’s very important to hide with a few type of sun-protection in order to steer clear of the likelihood of burning and health issues for example skin melanoma down the road…

Sunlight Reality #5Sunscreens come mainly in 2 types — chemical sunscreen and spring sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens absorb straight into the skin , while vitamin sunscreens referred to as & rdquo,& ldquo blockers; have the ability to remain in the skin s area. Nutrient sunblocks are created utilizing dioxide and zinc-oxide.

Sunlight Reality #6Chemical sunblocks constitute nearly all the local pharmacy variety and, when I’ve discovered, include unnecessarily poisonous elements like oxybenzone, that has been associated with cancers, hormone interruption and more. (Yikes!)

Sunlight Reality #7: as though chemical sunscreens weren’t poor enough, when you use one and get into the sea, the oxybenzone and paraben elements often wash-off in to the water (even when the sunscreen promises to become waterproof) and, consequently, toxin marine-life and bleach our fragile barrier reef program. (Yikes again!)  

should you enjoy ANY facet of the sea (or our world in general), I plead of that you don’t use conventional chemical sunscreen while boating! The seafood plead of you also! (P.S. May seafood get creases? Sorry, tangent…)

So rsquo & what;s a sunlight-caring woman to complete?!

Fortunately, there’s an answer and there is naturally-derived our body Earth or sunblocks that may easily support safeguard the skin without hurting your body.

Presenting Free People’s Sunlight Team — Liquid BeautyCoolaSuntegrityAllow It To Stop and EiR

Whether you’re buying colored cosmetic lotion, activities sunscreen or lipbalm, we’ve you coated (without risking your wellbeing or even the world’s…). Among the most popular manufacturers, Allow It To Stop, was recently granted many eco-friendly sunscreen by Surfrider Business! (I’m presently utilizing GOTH STOP by Allow It To Stop when I sort this, btw.)


+ Which sublock that is organic will you use to savor our world?

Discover our total selection of sun-protection BELOW.

#MovementIsFree With Weinstein

Post image for #MovementIsFree With Lex Weinstein

Find influenced to maneuver by amp & surfer; Lex Weinstein, skater!

This article involves us from Lex Weinstein.

I arrived without any objectives at the seaside. It had been a Mon and that I had simply flown from Sydney into LA, investing 14 hours of browsing my personal favorite spot Malibu thinking. There s no greater remedy for jet-lag than the usual dash within the ocean, rippling and slipping across the dunes in a natural party of cuts and mix actions ebbs and moves.

Nusa Halter-Top


That I got our first actions within the mud and as soon as my buddy Adam, our eyes widened with pleasure. Without examining the statement, we came across ideal, waste- my personal favorite problems, peelers for my record. Sunlight was comfortable and also the water quick, we exchanged off dunes with laughs spread and paddled in a craze.


“I understand a monster place for sundown,” tempted my nearby journey friend following a bounty of dunes under our devices, “with sleek cement if you like to truly have a skate.” I’d simply obtained a brand new Move from nearby skate enthusiasts Arbor Venice and was wanting to provide it a chance. A fast dried off along with push that is 10-minute and we cruised the residential roads of Large Dume along. Making sidewalk immediately echoed my amounts increased once more and the feeling of browsing. Using the breeze in sunlight and my hair on my encounter, it had been a smooth move in the watery influx party that I’d simply left.

Ehukai Rash Guard


Where we subsequently rose the high, exotic hillsides looking for a warm-toned skyline we rode towards the dunes. Actually the atmosphere was a painting combined with earth-tones and watercolor shades, a complete spectral range of rsquo & your day;s indulgences. Once we viewed the vibrant basketball of fireplace place in underneath the sea we exhaled a breathing of supreme fulfillment of the evening invested completely, by ocean and by property.

Levi’s Hi-Rise Wedgie Cutoff Pants


Images by Adam Bartoshesky






Yard Summer Playlist

Post image for Backyard Summer Playlist

Songs for summer days invested within the sunlight!

This article originates from our Website Intern, Emily.

For the yard barbecues, outside events, golden-hour occasions, roof weighs and summertime celebrations; we’ve got a playlist saturated in songs that equivalent great great feelings. Push get your pals, play, and don&rsquo .

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Beautiful Exercise, Hair Facts: Week 1

Post image for Exquisite Practice, Hair Revelations: Week 1

A coconut fat hair therapy that is deeply!

A week ago I’d the recognition of speaking Stefani Padilla, with healer and stylist. I’ve never compensated much focus on my hair (truthfully, I’m overrun by it’s pure bulk – my very own problem because I seldom reduce or design it), but after reading Stefani’s enthusiasm round the routine of hair-care and also the elegance of recovery through crops, I’m awakened. Welcome to rsquo & July;s Hair Facts, Beautiful Exercise concept. I ll be publishing my meeting plus a connect to her handmade -centered hair-care items in a few days with Stefani, but I’d like to speak fundamentals nowadays.

Crispy, additional occasions it;s-dry and I described my woefully under-served hair: occasionally it&rsquo & rsquo;s greasy actually on a single evening that I clean it. It complicated and s annoying & mdash! Fortunately, she’d a solution for me personally: a coconut-oil hair therapy. Stefani explained that actually without sodium, blow-drying, flat-ironing and all of the dyeing treating that people usually do, other ecological publicity along with sunlight may cause your own hair to become uneven, stripped and unprotected. Time for you to group back again to a fundamental, complete and seriously moisturizing -protection hair-oil therapy. She strolled me through it:

Image 2(6)

Because you re probably currently preparing with coconut-oil and slathering it in your skin you may as well utilize supplement benefit and its nutrient in your hair . Coconut-oil infiltrates the base because of its low-molecular weight is full of acid, includes a high-affinity for protein. It retains your own hair powerful and gentle because it maintains humidity therefore nicely. Lastly, it will help decrease protein loss so this therapy can help maintain your hair wholesome and powerful as you era. Be sure you purchase reliably developed and gathered coconut-oil – there are many of excellent choices available including Range and Nutiva (my own favorite).

Image 3(6)

Coconut Oil Hair Therapy


Natural virgin coconut fat (a sizable information is going to do)

Scarf or cover for the hair


Brush the avocado oil to suggestion during your hair from origin, ensuring rsquo & it . I utilized the Moist Wash Pro for this about the guidance of my close friend, bandmate, and many significantly – expert hairstylist – Leslie within Philadelphia. The comb is mild and works beautifully detangling without busting or extending it. I m a change!

Image 4(6)

Cover a towel when the acrylic is inside your hair or scarf it and allow it to stay for some hours. A seaside evening (or swimming evening in my own situation!) may be the ideal time for you to do that since, as Stefani described, heat in the sunlight helps you to trigger the indication of the humidity into your own hair. You may also abandon it in overnight be certain to put a towel over your cushion.

Lastly, struck the bath and clean your own hair twice subsequently situation it nicely. You (as well as your hair) will like the outcomes!

Image 5(6)

Let s article for my really thrilling meeting with Padilla me understand how it moves girls, and melody into in a few days&rsquo. Get facts that are ready for some actual hair!

Image 6(2)

To take the stunning pictures in this article an enormous thanks to my cousin Alyssa. All I’d to complete was bar from the swimming, moisturize while she got all of the pictures and take in sunlight! Take a look at her work on

Seaside Needs

Post image for Beach Essentials

Must haves for the seaside evening that is next!

This article originates from our website intern, Emily.

Hooray! Seaside times are ultimately a choice that is practical. What your location is did summertime simply struck? Within Philadelphia, warm sunlight and the damp atmosphere found its way to what appears like an immediate. I ve been excitedly expecting greater conditions and the 80-degree climate, and today, below they’re. Which means I m headed towards below and the seaside ASAP & rsquo;s rsquo a couple of I &;m getting along.

That is your beach tote that is ideal. It’s large, bears it all and increases like a towel. Vacant your items, voila, and unzip it!

Convertible Towel Carrier

Always remember sunscreen, water, your sunnies, plus some lipbalm. Headphones for perhaps a podcast as you relax or many songs usually are available in useful!

, BROUGHT Illuminate Headphones, Hamsa Klean Kanteen


Sundown Bali Girl Sunnies, Two-Tone Abbey Street Shades, Unlimited Summer Pilots, Superior Clubmaster Sunnies

Madrid Sparkle Birkenstocks, Vegetarian Chance At Nighttime Sandad, Borabora Wear Shoe

Guide picture: Peyton Swimsuit Best, Olivia Strong Base, Sancho Packable Straw Cap

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Prepare For Sunlight!

Post image for Get Ready for the Sun!

A Natural Splendor DIY With Lee!

May you are feeling it? Summertime is gradually throwing its excellent heat within the world, and certainly will quickly dominate with times saturated in enjoyment and sunlight. Whenever we overlook to safeguard the outer skin but that sunlight may come at a price. We ve discovered that sunscreen may be the key component to lengthy worry-free times used outdoors however now rsquo;re-starting to discover that maybe isn t not all that bad for you. It seeps during your skin and certainly will flood the system articulate substances -to- with difficult. And thus we discover ourselves between a difficult location along with a stone. It appears there’s no simple way to avoid it.

sunshine (2)

To obtain some assistance, we asked elegance creator Indie Lee to show us about organic sun-care on our FP Escape to Yelapa Mexico. What’s her guidance for this scenario that is complex? Just how can we safeguard ourselves from the ultraviolet light of sunlight and also the substances in sunscreen in the same period? As somebody who has devoted her life’s previous few decades to marketing organic skincare and changing the wonder business, we understood she’d possess some guidance that was exceptional to talk about.

sunshine (1)
Vida Best, Nikki Bikini Feet

Beach at Xinalani green-resort, we paid attention to what Indie needed to state and collected around. Listed here are her prime strategies for guarding oneself within the sunlight:

Use the sunscreen: get it done, place it on. We wish to safeguard ourselves from using while we understand we re likely to be investing lots of period outside, first of all. You need to be sure you clean it down at the conclusion of your day from completely absorbing in to the skin to avoid it. Involve oneself in a bathtub together with her bathtub soak formula to completely take away the deposit, after which initial, use Indie s-oil cleansing under to get rid of the sunscreen.

Put in a cap: The more safety, the greater. Usually use that person to be protected by a cap, and a lighting coating to safeguard your legs and arms is definitely excellent aswell if you are able to keep it.

Look for a questionable place: Umbrellas, bushes, tiki huts – post oneself up under anything you will find. It s an effective way to savor and never have to be worried about the medial side ramifications of sunlight&rsquo being exterior .

Indie subsequently brought us -by- step for making our very own bathtub soak and acrylic cleansing to completely eliminate sunscreen following an evening within the sunlight from the skin we have. This is to produce the DIY after- on your own sun care dishes!

DIY (2)DIY (1)

ILxFP_BathSalt_Back_2xDIY (6)

DIY (5)

ILxFP_OilCleanser_Back_2xDIY (4)

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