Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine with These Six Flowers

Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine with These Six Flowers

A quick guide to the flowers you’ll likely come across in self-care products and the good they can do for your whole body…

Few things in nature have the same hold over us mere mortals as flowers. (Well, except maybe baby animals, but that’s neither here nor there.) From their beautiful, alluring colors to the way they make an otherwise drab table pop to their beguiling scents, flowers are borderline magical. But despite their aesthetic and olfactory powers, flowers are more than just a pretty face and nice smell. In fact, flowers have been used in the healing arts for centuries as everything from infection fighters to stomach soothers to skin healers.

This ability should come as no surprise if you’ve ever used a beauty product…ever. True, some conventional brands will tout the inclusion of a flower when they’re really only offering a bastardized version of the scent, but there are products out there that truly harness the power of these beautiful little petals-full-of-skin-and-hair-and-body magic.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide to the flowers you’ll likely come across in self-care products and the good they can do for your whole bod.


What it does: Lightening, brightening, clarifying, inflammation- and puffiness-fighting, chamomile is a champion of skin rejuvenation. As a vasoconstrictor — something that constricts blood vessels, which increases blood flow (sadly not the name of a new dinosaur) — chamomile has the ability to strengthen capillaries and decrease redness in the skin. It’s also high in azulene, a naturally occurring chemical that fights inflammation and infection. Since inflammation is often the number one cause of many skin ailments and hair loss, chamomile is great for angry skin and a scalp in need of some help.

Where you can find it: Any product that claims to calm anything is likely to contain chamomile. From Pai’s Calming Day Cream — whose chamomile-and-rosehip combo are powerfully soothing for red and inflamed skin — to the scalp-friendly Nourish Conditioner from Josh Rosebrook to the perfect-for-sensitive-skin Organic Soothing Gel from Dr. Alkaitis, chamomile is easy to come by in green products, and for good reason.


What it does: As relaxing for your skin as it is your mind, lavender is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory powerhouse that will soothe irritated, inflamed skin (think dermatitis, eczema, etc.). It’s also fairly mild as far as essential oils go, so it’s great at helping to normalize skin (particularly the oily kind) by balancing sebum production. This little purple gem has also been shown to speed up the healing process when it comes to cuts and burns, so look for products that contain lavender if you’ve got abrasions — like if you just couldn’t help yourself and picked at your face.

Where you can find it: If you’re a nighttime shower-er, Lulu Organics’ Soap will help you unwind before bed and clarify skin with a lavender/oatmeal formula. For a more targeted approach to lavender, the Clear Skin Spot Treatment from Province Apothecary holistically heals blemishes and soothes scars by combining lavender with carrot seed oil.


What it does: With crazy-high levels of carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid  (powerful antioxidants, all), it’s no surprise calendula (aka marigold) can help with everything from chapped lips to aging skin. Those antioxidants? They work overtime to protect skin cells from free radicals, plump skin via hydration and improved circulation, help wounds heal faster and prevent unwanted inflammation aka it’s great as a spot treatment for zits.

Where you can find it: For the healthiest, most soothed skin of your life, opt for RMS’ Beauty Oil. The luxurious blend pairs calendula with a host of other gorgeous ingredients to promote healthy tissue growth. The Nutrient Moisturizer from Juice Beauty works similar magic in cream form, and the Bright Eye Serum from Root Science lets the extra-sensitive skin around your eyes in on the glory of calendula as well.


What it does: Used in Ayurvedic medicine in the quest for thicker, faster-growing hair, hibiscus is your scalp’s best friend. Thanks to its high concentration of mucilage polysaccharides — a thick, gooey substance naturally produced by plants to help with water and food storage and the thickening of cell membranes — hibiscus helps dry, damaged hair and stressed out skin retain much-needed moisture.

Where you can find it: Since hibiscus is also known to aid in preserving hair color, it’s no surprise that it features prominently in Rahua’s Color Full Shampoo, resulting in serious shine and strand health. You can also drink the flower via Anima Mundi’s Mangosteen Hibiscus Beauty Tonic or Nicole Granato’s Hibiscus Tea, both of which use the flower to boost hydrating for healthy skin and hair.


What it does: You may only be familiar with the excellent snack sunflower seeds make, but their oil is also a great topical treatment. With impressive amounts of vitamin E, sterols and squalene — all of which are vital for healthy skin and hair — sunflower oil is an inexpensive yet effective way to pack a seriously moisturizing punch. What’s more, the oil also acts as a barrier when applied topically, meaning it locks moisture in without keeping much-needed oxygen out.

Where you can find it: With sunflower oil as its base, the Detoxing Body Oil from Flora Remedia is a lightweight, super-hydrating formula that helps skin retain the water it needs to be healthy and happy. And RMS’ Lip & Skin Balm uses the same thinking to lock in moisture for parched, patched lips.


What it does: Sure, you probably only think about roses in mid-February, but don’t discount these prickly beauties when it comes to self-care. Scatter some petals into a soothing bath, spritz its water on your face or massage its oil into your skin — any way you use rose is a good way. Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, rose is uber-hydrating and conditioning. What’s more, rose is packed with vitamin C that’s often less harsh than the kind found in citrus, making it perfect for light exfoliation without residual redness.

Where you can find it: In its simplest form, rose water makes for a great mild astringent and toner, perfect for skin that’s on the dryer side. The Aloe & Rose Toner from Captain Blankenship combines rose water with another powerful hydrator to leave skin soothed and refreshed. If soaking is more your style, adding rose to a bath — like with Moon River Naturals’ Rose and Geranium Soak — offers whole-body hydration and exfoliation. And for a serious glow, rose oil like that found in the RoseGlow Serum from Living Libations plays nice with all skin types and leaves smooth, hydrated, luminous skin in its wake.

+ What is your flower of choice? 

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Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

As hemlines rise with the temperatures, it’s time to focus on your two best summer accessories…

This post comes to you from contributor Arden Andrews.

As spring finally gives way to summer this month, it’s officially time to consider your two most important warm weather accessories — that set of stems you’ve been wrapping in denim and lycra for the majority of 2017. Swapping ankle-grazing hemlines for leg-baring looks is all about preparation, which is why we’ve put together your DIY guide to buffing, hydrating, and protecting your gams for a season in the sun. Below, the necessary steps to letting your legs live their best life this summer:

Step 1: Polish to Perfection

Dryer times leave your legs dull and ravaged of moisture, making circulation-boosting exfoliation the key to bringing the life back to your lower half. Buff away dead skin cells with a nourishing salt scrub, or pair your favorite body wash with a sisal bath brush to slough off dull spots while encouraging blood flow—a must for maintaining youthful skin long term.

Step 2: Elevate Your Routine

Toss your plastic pool toy of a razor for this glam upgrade that’s designed specifically to minimize irritation and ingrown hairs. The nourishing neroli oil acts as an equally modern alternative to notoriously drying shave foam, replenishing skin with vitamins and fatty acids as it allows the blades to safely glide across the surface.

Step 3: Build Up to It

There’s a reason chic French visionaries like Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker popularized the suntan—a bronze glow has the uncanny ability to hide imperfections and sculpt limbs, especially when it doesn’t come at the cost of aging UV rays. With a paraben-free gradual tanning lotion or organic tan extender, you can build that flattering shade of color at a believable rate — no pretend trip to Bali required.

Step 4: Protect Your Assets

It may feel as though you don’t need to block up your legs because they seem to burn at a slower rate than your face and neck, but get serious — the most common place for melanoma on women is their legs. And if that doesn’t scare you straight, the photodamage from extended bouts of unprotected sun should — no one’s trying to rush into crepe-y knees and sunspots faster than they’re fated. This organic, water-resistant SPF formula sprays on consistently sheer, so you won’t have to waste a minute rubbing it in.

Step 5: Let It Gleam

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a turn on the dancefloor, a little luster never hurts. Shimmer products not only dazzle our senses, they also camouflage (or shall we say, enhance?) problem areas with the help of light-reflecting particles. And as if a superfine dusting of rose gold wasn’t tempting enough, this formula adds the healing powers of bentonite clay into the equation, plus leaves behind the soft scent of lavender as you march confidently toward the next heat wave.

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Why Exfoliating Is Key

Follow the five W’s of scrubbing your way to better skin…

When it comes to skincare, I don’t think there’s anything more controversial than exfoliating. There are those who argue that it’s too harsh on skin, that it doesn’t really do anything, that people abuse exfoliators. Others scream its praises, saying that daily exfoliation has cleared and cured their skin woes, that they’ve never felt smoother in their lives. And still more who, when walking down the skincare aisle, pause in front of the shelves containing exfoliators and simply shrug. “Huh…I could take it or leave it,” they say before moving on to something else.

The professionals—aestheticians and dermatologists—fall into similar camps, with some warning against the dangers of over-scrubbing while others say it’s a necessary part of any skin routine, regardless of your skin type. Even skincare brands, those who focus solely on achieving perfect skin, are split. Some brands refuse to formulate any type of physical exfoliator, while others produce six different formulas.

Needless to say, it’s a polarizing topic in the skincare community. But as someone who sees a noticeable difference in her skin’s tone, texture and overall appearance after I exfoliate, I am firmly in the pro camp when it comes to exfoliation. That said, it’s only after a decade of trial and error that I’ve come to not only appreciate the act of sloughing off dead skin cells, but to also do it properly.

In the hopes of luring each of you to my side on this whole “to exfoliate or not to exfoliate” question, here’s a very simple primer on five w’s of exfoliation. Listen, I can’t force you to gently scrub your way to better skin, but I sure can try.


At the most basic level, exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and there are two types of common exfoliators: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliators are what you’re probably already familiar with and are often referred to as scrubs. To use them, you have to mechanically massage the product onto your skin (gently!) in a circulation motion so that the exfoliating agents (sugar, flour, grains, etc.) slough off dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants contain special types of acids that dissolve and remove dead skin cells without all the scrubbing.

Who + Where: 

You! All over. Face, knees, arms, tummy, bikini line…you name it, you can exfoliate it (within reason). Just make sure you’re using an appropriate formula for each body part. For example, the skin on your face is much thinner than say, the skin on your legs, so you’ll want to use a much gentler product above your shoulders (a super-fine scrub, a gentle brush, a clean washcloth, etc.) so as not to create micro-tears in the skin. While thicker, more durable body skin can usually handle something a bit tougher than what you’d use on your face, you still want to stay away from anything with large, jagged particles (sorry, apricot scrub fanatics) as they’ll ultimately do more harm than good.


Let me count the ways!

Skin prep: Think of exfoliating like sanding wood before staining or painting it. You have to prep the surface (your skin) to receive the stuff that’s supposed to sink into it (skincare products). Removing that dead skin buildup helps your skin’s ability to absorb everything else.

Smooth skin: See above, see below.

Glowing skin: Fresh, young, healthy skin cells = fresh, young, healthy skin. Your skin will also be able to breathe when it’s not covered in dead skin cells, which will in turn promote cell turnover.

Smaller pores: Dead skin cells have a nasty habit of sticking around and gunking up your pores. If you let them in, they’ll eventually make your pores larger to make room for the accumulation. Exfoliating them away makes for a much easier solution to the pore problem.

A better, longer-lasting shave: The closer you can get the razor to your skin, the better your shave will be. Exfoliating your legs pre-shave cuts out the dead skin cell obstacle. (But you already know that, right?)

More hydrated skin: If you think you have dry skin, there’s a possibility that it’s just dead skin that’s inhibiting the absorption of your moisturizer.

Clearer skin: Remove dry, dead cells from the surface of your skin, reduce the risk or oil getting trapped under those dead cells and congesting your face and body.

Brighter skin: It can also help in lightening dark marks left behind by the ghost of acne past since it’ll encourage the formation of new healthy (non-dark or scarred) skin cells.


This part is totally up to you. Some people prefer to exfoliate in the morning because they think it helps their makeup set more smoothly. Others like to do it at night since that’s typically when the bulk of restorative skincare takes place, and a freshly-smoothed surface will help any serums, oils or moisturizers better penetrate your skin. For a full body scrub, your daily shower will make for the easiest application and clean up, but if you’re on the dry brushing train you’ll want to do it in a…well, dry environment. Figure out what you prefer and what works for your skin and your skincare regimen, and go with that. Just remember that when it comes to your face, always remove your makeup first.

In terms of frequency, that’s another personal preference. If you’re new to exfoliating, try it once a week and see how your skin reacts. If you’re turning bright red after you exfoliate, you’re either doing it too often, too aggressively, or are using a product that’s too intense for your skin.


And now some personal favorites for you to try out on your exfoliating journey:

For your bod:

Apoterra Skincare Exfoliating Soap: Kill two birds with one stone by exfoliating and washing your body at the same time. The coffee grounds are tough enough to combat stubborn dry skin patches, but gentle enough to use on your thinner body skin. And it smells amazing.

Living Libations Ginger Body Scrub: Exfoliating and nourishing at the same time, the ground pumice in this scrub has serious power while the seaweed and jojaba oil keep skin moisturized and soft. Also, I accidentally ate this once and was not upset about it, so there’s that.

Baudelaire Sisal Bath Brush: Do you want the best exfoliation of your life? Are you ready to forget everything you thought you knew about full body skincare? Get on the dry brushing train!

Osmia Organics Himalayan Body Buff: You know that feeling when you shower after spending the day at the beach and every single inch of your skin feels so soft and smooth you kind of can’t believe that sand and ocean water are to thank? This achieves basically the same thing, just without the extra sand caught in your bathing suit.

For your face:

Konjac Sponge Co. Premium Facial Puff Sponge: Super gentle, super effective, this konjac sponge can be used on its own as a light exfoliant or with a cleanser—your call. What’s more, no matter how hard you press (accidentally of course), it’s impossible to do damage with a konjac sponge since it’s so gentle.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, Sensitive: The only chemical exfoliant I trust on my skin, this stuff is potent enough to remove every last dead skin cell (thanks to the alpha hydroxy and vitamin-rich fruit acids) without turning my face bright red for a whole day.

One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque: An incredibly gentle facial exfoliant, this scrub/mask combo has zero harsh, jagged or sharp particles. Instead, it gets its skin-sloughing powers from corn starch, pea flour, kaolin clay and pineapple fruit extract. And unlike a lot of natural scrubs that have a short shelf life due to moisture, this one comes dry so it pretty much lasts forever and you can control the thickness of the scrub.

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Beauty Switch Up: Kopari Cleansing Oil

Ensure that your skin remains hydrated, even after those first layers of dirt are cleared away…

I’ve seen a lot of beauty products in my tender years — countless textures, scents, brands. I’ve gone from fluffy foam to slimy gels. Soft cream cleansers to soap bars. Oh, and dare I forget to mention the honey-all-over-my-face phase. (That was a bit messy.) For the past few months, I’ve been deep in constant trial and error mode, attempting to find the perfect facial routine for me.

Meet Kopari, my newest go-to. I first opted to first try a travel pack containing a variety of their coconut-based products. But after a couple weeks — and success — I ordered both their cleansing oil and toner.

So, what’s the deal on cleansing oil? Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like — oil that penetrates and cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Honestly, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would like its texture. I’m used to creating lather when I wash my face, which this doesn’t really do. But I decided to switch from my bubbly cleanser to oil when a friend recommended that she could actually see and feel a difference in her skin.


While the oil removes dirt from your skin, it also moisturizes. Foamy cleansers can sometimes strip everything, without replacing lost moisture. Oil cleansers ensure that your skin stays hydrated after the first layers of dirt are cleared away.

Includes skin-happy essential oils such as tea tree oil, which cleanses skin by disinfecting pores, combatting acne and bacteria-related ailments. It also contains anti-inflammatory characteristics. Coconut oil, which provides long-lasting moisture, promotes healthy skin cell growth.

Is quick and easy. I’m all for routines that don’t take up tons of time.

Protects natural skin oils and maintains healthy moisture levels.

My Routine.

Once in the morning, once at night. The cool thing about cleansing oil? It can go on either a dry or wet face. I like to wet my face a bit with warm water, grab a cotton pad and go to work. I use three pumps, and work around my face, in a circular motion, for about 30 seconds. I was blown away by how dirty our faces are, even after a night’s sleep! Simply rinse off with warm water, pat to dry. 3 spritzes of toner, and you’re good to go. I’ve found that my face felt super moisturized after those two steps alone, but if you have drier skin, the coconut face cream feels incredible.

Quick Tips.

I’ve been reading up on the best practices to keep your face clean, hydrated and happy. Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating a facial routine that works for you:

Skincare should be personalized. We are all created differently (but beautiful, of course). Our skin has its own personalized needs, so it takes time to figure out what those are. But, that being said, there is such a thing as basic skincare. Cleanse, Treat (If Needed), Toning, Moisturize — these are the 4 basic steps, no matter what your skin type.

Cleanse your face BEFORE getting into the shower. Yes, you heard me right. I know this is a pain, but the second you step into a hot steamy shower with a face full of makeup, your pores are quickly opening up and taking in all of that stuff.

Cleansing Oil can be a quick way to give your face a pick-me-up if you’re on the go. Pump cleansing oil + toner on a cotton pad. Wipe away. No water necessary.

Cleanse before and after a workout. Just like the shower, a workout creates the perfect environment for clogging pores.

My final advice? Try things out. What may work wonderfully for me may not for you. But, skin is so important, so be sure to show it some love, daily. Nothing is set in stone. You have the ability to create a skin routine that works perfectly for you. So do just that, and start by giving cleansing oil a try.

+ Have any sweet cleansing oil tips or facts that I missed? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear. <3

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Why You Need: Joanna Vargas Skincare

At-home skincare beloved by celebs and normals alike…

According to everything I’ve ever read about skincare genius Joanna Vargas, she is responsible for the glowing complexions of just about every celebrity whose skin you secretly wish could be yours (but not in a creepy way): Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Sofia Coppola, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Karlie Kloss—to namedrop a few.

These women get paid to look camera-ready so their gorgeous skin probably comes with a hefty price tag, and a lot of time on Vargas’ table—not likely an option for us normals, no matter how madly we covet their red carpet radiance.

But! There is hope. For in addition to her spa facilities, Vargas also has a line of at-home skincare beloved by celebs and normals alike. It’s true, you could be washing your face with the same bar of soap Julianne Moore uses to remove makeup after an awards show, indulging in the same eye mask Sofia Coppola uses after a long day behind the camera, exfoliating with the same stuff Channing Tatum loving massages onto Jenna Dewan Tatum’s skin once a week (this definitely happens, right?).

Though it’s not new, right now is the perfect time to start playing around with the Joanna Vargas lineup. If we know anything about our skin, it’s that it doesn’t always play nice with seasonal changes. And as we step into spring and anticipate summer, it’s important now more than ever to make sure we pack our skincare arsenal with the right stuff. The kinds of products that will keep our skin sane and happy as temperatures rise and humidity creeps in.

To ensure your skin is summer-ready and up for the hot, sticky season’s skin side effects, reach for the aptly named Miracle Bar. I know that bar soap isn’t necessarily the sexiest thing to display in your bathroom, but this is 100% worth it. Not only is it surprisingly chic as far as cleanser is concerned (look at that block lettering!), but it also has the ability to seriously deep clean your skin without drying the heck out of it.

Thanks to the mineral-rich charcoal in each bar which holds 1,000 times its weight in toxins, impurities are drawn out from the deepest layers of your skin while any grime sitting on top of your skin and clogging your pores is also taken care of. It’s the deepest of deep cleanses, but it also leaves your skin impossibly soft: infused with olive oil, bamboo powder, shea butter and coconut fatty acid, the Miracle Bar works to balance your skin’s pH and hydrate the crap out of it.

Once you’re all cleansed, do a final skin sweep with the Exfoliating Mask to (gently!) scrub your way to an even more brilliant complexion. In just 15 minutes, this stuff seriously does everything: the galactoarabinan brightens dark spots, lactic acid sloughs off dead skin, kaolin clay decongests pores, hyaluronic hydrates skin and promotes collagen, and fruit enzymes boost cell turnover. For all of this and more, it’s the perfect summer product to keep pores free and clear of sweat, excess sebum and sunscreen without being too harsh or drying like a lot of other exfoliating products.

And, let’s be real, warmer temperatures mean more willingness to stay out in the world instead of calling it a night and crawling under your covers early. Though undoubtedly fun, those summer nights (that sometimes turn into summer mornings) are likely to result in some gnarly dark circles and general eye puffiness. Worth it, I’m sure, but still unpleasant to wake up to, which is what makes the Bright Eye Hydrating Mask such a lifesaver.

These little babies are bamboo cloth pillows for your delicate eyes, packed with a concentration of brightening, soothing and revitalizing serum meant to tone and detox tired eyes. The star ingredient here is hydrolyzed silk protein, which holds up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Coupled with hyaluronic acid (another amazing humectant), the hydrolyzed silk protein is deeply hydrating and de-puffing. Relax with these a couple time a week and no one will be any the wiser to your late-night proclivities.

+ Ready for this celebrity-approved skincare routine? Check out Joanna Vargas’ skincare products here!

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How to Get Out of a Skincare Rut

Get it back to all its clear, glowing glory…

You spent months (maybe years) testing out different products to figure out what combination made the most sense with your skin. Now, you’ve whittled it down to your ride-or-die collection with a routine you could do in your sleep. Your medicine cabinet is an ode to your due diligence in the quest to get your best skin ever and you’ve got automatic reorders set up for everything. But then one day, you wake up and your skin just doesn’t look like it normally does. You attribute it to a bad night’s sleep and get on with your bathroom routine. But then it happens again the next day. And the next and the next. Pretty soon, you don’t even recognize your skin. And try as you might, you just can’t seem to get it back to all its clear, glowing glory.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re in a skincare rut. But fear not! You did a lot of work to come up with that original lineup and it’s not going to go to waste. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

Ok, so, your skin just doesn’t completely change overnight because it decides it’s up for something new. Which means there’s a reason (or reasons) those products aren’t doing their thing anymore. First step? Look at the calendar.

When your skin feels like it’s going crazy, the calendar is your best friend. Other than an obvious hormone-based reason for funky skin, I’d bet a lot of money that your skin is reacting to changes in the weather. In fact, this is such a common reason for skincare ruts that you might even consider tweaking your regimen every few months with the seasons. Try experimenting with a new product or two every season in place of something already in your routine and watch that glow creep back in. During colder winter months when your skin has to deal with whipping winds and moisture-sucking icy temperatures, you’ll want to go heavy on the hydration. Drink a ton of water, opt for a non-foaming cleanser, go heavy on the face mists and finish with a nourishing balm/oil/cream combination.

What to try:

A cream cleanser like the one from Mad Hippie means traditional suds won’t strip already-lacking moisture from your skin. Then spritz away with Juice Beauty’s vitamin- and essential oil-rich Hydrating Mist before layering on a nourishing, protective balm like the Supercritical Chia Waterless Wonder Balm from Maya Chia.

Spring is the time for detoxing, which means steaming is ideal for this transitional season. You can also start experimenting with lighter oils and moisturizers since your skin doesn’t need quite so much protection anymore.

What to try:

Get your DIY facial steam on with Apoterra Skincare’s Herbal Detoxifying Steam, whose flowers and cleansing herbs will help prime your skin for the rebalancing power of Pai Skincare’s Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream.

The heat and sun of summer can result in some seriously clogged pores, so exfoliation is key  to make sure you’re removing any dead skin that can trap gunk in your sensitive pores. Also make sure to lighten up your moisturizer—your skin doesn’t need as much oil when it’s hot and humid since the weather does a lot of that work for you. And of course, SPF.

What to try:

You’ll want to hydrate with an oil-free moisturizer during summer, which makes the Revitalizing Oil Free Moisture Gel from Modern Natural a great pick since it won’t clog pores. And when you’re ready to exfoliate, nothing beats the combination of a Sisal Bath Brush for your body and the natural enzyme exfoliating power of O.R.G. Skincare’s Mineral Peel Face.

And when fall rolls around, let your skincare reflect what’s going on in nature and reach for earthy botanicals that will hydrate and calm equally. Treat from the inside-out with warming teas, and from the outside-in with with mineral-rich products. You’ll also want to use products that include ingredients like hyaluronic acid since skin will likely start to dry out a bit and this stuff will attract and hold onto moisture.

What to try:

To get your mineral fix, reach for something from Shemana’s crystal-infused line, like their Face Serum, which is infused with pearl, peach calcite and iolite. Layer it with Youth to the People’s kale, spinach, green tea and hyaluronic acid-packed Moisture Cream for autumnal skin bliss.

And just in case the seasons have nothing to do with your rut, it might just be that your skin has plateaued. Since skin doesn’t build up immunity to the products you use, the fault may lie with your very own eyes. That’s right: after months of seeing steady improvement you’re hungry for more. But the thing is, your skin isn’t getting worse, it’s just not getting better the way you’ve come to expect. What you’re dealing with now is your skin’s new normal. This does NOT mean you’re in a rut. It means you’ve found what works for your skin type, you lucky dog.

Whatever is going on with your skin, it can be fixed. After all, your skin is alive and breathing, and it needs different things at different times. Just listen to what it’s asking for, and all will be well.

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Why You Need: Shemana

Infused with unique, holistic crystalline remedies…

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a chore. If you feel like it is, it’s time to rethink your routine. Remember: you could be putting the best products in the world onto your body, but if you’re not enjoying the process, that mind-body connection will flare up and you’ll find those fancy products aren’t working as well as they should.

Simply put, this means that it’s time to start approaching your self-care routine as a therapeutic practice. A chunk of time every single day you can think of as a ritual, where for those few minutes, the only thing in the world you need to be concerned with is yourself. These moment you devote to taking care of yourself—and only yourself—should feel good and nourishing, and something you don’t resent or take for granted.

Luckily, Shemana is in just that business. Each of their products is designed with the ritual of self-care at the forefront. Not only are their gorgeous ingredients good for you inside and out, but their products invite and encourage you to make their application a priority. All of which culminates in a beautiful harmony of your physical body and mental health.

By both honoring the past and embracing modernity, Shemana has brought ancient alchemy into the present. A “modern apothecary,” if you will. Yes, it’s a skincare line where every ingredient is chosen with an eye toward anti-aging, skin restoration and nourishment. But what separates Shemana from all the other skincare brands out there is that in addition to these skin-loving ingredients, each of their products is also infused with unique, holistic crystalline remedies.

That’s right, we’re talking crystal-infused skincare. Or, more precisely, crystal vibrational energies designed to help balance emotions, clarify the mind and align the spirit. You may be wondering, “but what does this mean?! Crystals in my skincare??” But it does make sense when you think about the way crystals work. Used in healing work for hundreds of years, crystals are believed to help bring in and move positive, healing energy within the body, while pushing the negative, toxic energy out. And since everything on earth has a unique energy field, the high vibration of crystals can help balance out and protect from other vibrations that may be clogging up your energy field.

Just like the rest of your body, when your energy isn’t flowing the way it should or there’s something toxic in the mix, things can go awry. If your skin is sensitive to dairy and you eat a pint of ice cream, chances are you’re going to wake up with some new friends on your face the next day. Same goes for messed up energy, which is why crystal-infused skincare packs such a skin-loving punch.

Let’s take this idea for a test drive, shall we? Say you’ve had a particularly stressful day. You get home, take your nightly shower, and reach for your Shemana Body Oil to not only moisturize your skin, but also to follow through on that daily self-care ritual we talked about. But why the Body Oil? Because in addition to the combination of sweet almond oil and vitamin E, it’s infused with emerald, otherwise known as “the master healer” for its ability to calm and stabilize the mind, and pull out that toxic, tumultuous energy, replacing it with patience, peace, and optimism.

Then you follow it up with a few spritzes of the Crystal Clear Mist around the crown of your head. Infused with malachite (a mineral known for it’s ability to create a clear path to healing and growth) and kyanite (the crystal of alignment and higher communication), the Mist will help immensely in clearing your mind of the day’s stress.

Finally, you massage a few drops of the Face Serum onto your gorgeous mug because not only are the watermelon seed oil and kakadu plum extract miracle workers when it comes to nourished, glowing skin, but also because it’s infused with peach calcite. This potent crystal is believed to bring harmony by letting the body release any emotional stagnation it might be holding onto (like whatever it is that caused your stressful day).

Don’t you feel better already?

Taking the time to apply any of Shemana’s products means you’re also taking the time to care for yourself. To pay attention to and honor your body, mind and soul. This small ritual can make a world of difference in the quality of life you’re creating, so make sure you’re paying attention to what your mind and body are asking for, and give them both what they need.

It’s important to note here that the benefits of crystals aren’t backed by science. But they certainly can’t hurt. And if you feel better with crystals on your side (and in your skin care), more power to ya.


+Need a refresher on crystals? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals.

Natural Treatments: Environmental and Periodic Modifications

Whether it’s adopting a change in period or around, only a little persistence and planning might be needed…

This article involves us from wellness specialist, Tara Curran

Along with touring frequently, I’ve usually existed in (and cherished) cooler environments. And thus, changing towards the change in nbsp & months;is something which my physique does effortlessly. To prevent& nbsp journey or periodic -caused ailments, I’ve become persistent nbsp; once the commoncold is running wild growing my supplement consumption. I’ve likewise become better at planning what I will provide to treat on while touring (short and understocked wholesome food choices are understatements). Furthermore, each period alter my skincare regime to safeguard my physique from toxins that are outside. The skin is definitely a wood and, like producing the change in vegetable usage (lastly brussel sprout period!) to adjust for cooler climate, we have to think about the identical for skincare. Before, and regrettably understanding these things all, after the transfer was created by me my skin went haywire. A scratchy, rough rash was created by me about my face’s attributes. Uncertain of what may be the offender, I returned towards the drawing-board to determine easily had created& nbsp;sensitivity & nbsp;a meals. Nothing appeared to assist. I quickly unearthed that ecological and periodic modifications (while LA doesn’t always have super-cold climate, the environment and also the months cause various substances) were enjoying an enormous component in each my epidermis  and inner wellness.

Wanting to remedy these problems and comprehend periodic and ecological modifications, I contacted with my own healers, assistants and Skin Food chat companion. Gradually, with understanding and additional assistance, I started to recover.

Listed here are my top strategies for beautifully adopting periodic modifications and surroundings:

Products. Products that help your liver and stomach might help the body battle substances and defend against environmental contaminants. a probiotic, along with liver assistance, for example thistle may do the secret. You may also look for an all natural antihistamine if you should be encountering watery eyes, scratchy, or skin.


Ready your food in the home. Cooking and planning the food as frequently as you are able to may maintain the body controlled normally, selecting actual, whole-foods you know the body enjoys best. Eating at restaurants or eating& nbsp products can result in extreme sugar or milk consumption, all which tend& nbsp allergies, irritation and decreased immune systems.


Include skincare items that are defensive. Incorporating in a serum, product or toner to greatly help safeguard and nurture your skin may do simply the secret for periodic and ecological changes. Vera solution might help calm your skin, and a sunscreen with coconut-oil or zinc can make a defensive buffer from pollutions and external substances. Put in a hydrating toner, to maintain your skin nurtured and prepared for assimilation of stated serum or product.


Adopting nbsp & these modifications;takes a small patience. However, you may relish it beautifully. Comprehending that our anatomies will most likely alter, rsquo & it;s very important to notice that searching for continuous assistance and training and leading your life might help one to discover optimal home insurance and health treatment.

Pictures by Jenna Kahn.

Meet with up with the Creators: Sam Stewart of Angry Hippie

Become familiar with the innovative minds behind the natural splendor point, Angry Hippie, within an uplifting and honest interview. 

“ Laugh. Love seriously. Escape within the woodlands everyday. Show up & lighting at heart.” These would be the phrases of Mike Stewart, among the cofounders of the most popular elegance favorite, Angry Hippie. We requested his suggestions about just how to foster internal beauty and his solution was thus beautifully merely that it ceased me in my own monitors. I read five times over to it. It s humorous what sort of small indication from an urgent location could possibly be nbsp & the second .

Angry Hippie, started  his partner Dana and by Mike, operates on these phrases that are uplifting. The portland-based skincare organization is all about ease: all natural, cruelty free, GMO free, and vegetarian (except the usage of a little quantity of beeswax in SPF.) As viewers and ongoing energetic adventurists, both formerly battled to locate effective and safe skincare to suit their requirements. What exactly did they are doing? They created nbsp & their own.;“We introduced dermatologists and pharmacologists’ knowledge to produce a secure, efficient point which has all the good stuff, and none of the bad, & rdquo; states Mike. Today, the organization provides a complete point which range from usually all- agents and serums to sunscreens. Not just are they enthusiastic concerning the things that they set to their elegance dishes, they’re honest& nbsp. “ that ’ s we’re usually trying to further decrease our carbon impact and effect on the surroundings and We consider our obligation towards the world significantly. From lately changing with a of the only real BPA Free, completely recyclable airless pumps available on the market, to publishing exclusively with soy inks and operating our whole service off alternative-energy, Angry Hippie is focused on the maintenance of the environment.” continue reading for more information about that uplifting organization and also the mixture that fuels it.

& nbsp did you land about the concept for Angry Hippie? Why must all we be speeding to include Angry Hippie to the elegance programs?

I was raised in Maine, while Dana (my spouse and company companion) was raised in Austin. We invested a long time employed in America and abroad browsing – . Of trying to find the best, best ingredients open to recover and safeguard the skin we have after decades, we unearthed that it had been challenging to locate a skin treatment point that used these ingredients all. Therefore we chose to produce the point we looked for. We introduced dermatologists and pharmacologists’ knowledge to produce a secure, efficient point which has the good stuff all, and none of the poor. Since some 90-95PERCENT of skin aging is clearly caused by sun-damage,we rapidly recognized our items weren’t simply advantageous to viewers and sun-worshippers, but ideal for anybody seeking to control skin discoloration, creases along with other indicators of aging.

Perhaps you have been a supporter of natural splendor items?

Organic happens to be standard for all of US. I recall being whenever we certainly couldn&rsquo in university; it is afforded by t, constantly trying to load our refrigerator with organic and natural products. We’d choose for food, but high quality, with this budget that is restricted.

I believe it’s usually the situation before recognizing that the things they placed on for their bodies is equally as the things they place in for their systems as essential that individuals create the proceed to organic meals. As more people begin hovering towards organic personal-care we’re today viewing the following influx of the organic motion.

I rather plumped for the white zinc and had been usually the man out within the search split that declined to make use of synthetic sunscreens. Dana utilized cosmetics that were normally targeted for so long as I will remember. Therefore, yes, I suppose you can state we’ve been normally targeted within our options for provided that I will remember.

Have you got any guidance for those who want to create the jump into natural splendor?

Occasionally is a misunderstanding that to help make the change to items that are organic, you’ve to compromise effectiveness. The typical misunderstanding that is other is the fact that you’ll also have to invest much more. Although natural splendor items don’t contain petrochemicals and the inexpensive additives that lots of conventional beauty items include, you’ll find top quality, efficient items to get a number of prices. And, more costly is worsen within the skincare globe. the inexpensive, dangerous elements several allegedly &ldquo frequently blow away us; high-end rdquo & manufacturers; choose to make use of within their items.

Reveal about your personal wellness that is everyday routine any preferred items/tips/ methods?

Angry Hippie it has recently relocated to OR and were only available in Austin. To express we’re a little modern, I believe is not unreasonable. We believe amp; brain & a sound body are crucial to wellness that is general. Training everyday, perhaps a walk-in the woodlands or whether it s-a visit to the gymnasium, is crucial. Eating properly, plenty of vegetables seafood, preventing tension, and getting time become current and for you to peaceful your brain are crucial. A program of everyday self-improvement, may it be studying a complicated guide, understanding guitar etc, a brand new vocabulary, is definitely an essential aspect of a healthier brain. Your ideas, also have a remarkable impact on all around health, and feelings and emotions effect the hormones our anatomies launch, in addition to the way in which by which we see the planet. Section of rsquo & anybody; s program should include actions to advertise amp a healthier brain &; perspective. So far as beauty items, nicely, we suggest Angry Hippie:)

How can the Angry Hippie variety easily fit in for your beauty regime? Have you got a popular item in the variety?

By combining a few falls of Vitamin-C Serum having a handful of falls of Cosmetic Acrylic rubbing into my exhausted day skin I begin every single day. Voila! Soft safety and skin from radical injury that is free. Only a little of our zinc- SPF provides safety from aging ultra violet rays and completes my day program. During the night I really like the Vitamin – A serum adopted a then and couple of minutes later from the experience cream eye lotion.

What’s next for Angry Hippie?

We’re focusing on a Moisturizing Vitamin Water that is really awesome that has a lot of effective antioxidants made equally to enhance photodamage in addition to hinder it. It’ll be for anyplace that’s frequently subjected to sunlight, hands, throat, torso and that encounter. I rsquo & m truly worked up about the product because it;s rsquo & anything I . Incredible energy is held by antioxidants in stopping and recovery sun-damage, and we’re placing some groundbreaking and fairly thrilling fresh elements within this item that you simply gained& rsquo.

& ndash will you foster your internal elegance is frequently thought of beauty like a floor quality by us?

Laugh. Love seriously. Escape within the woodlands everyday. Show up light in mind.

Thank Dana and you Mike! To reading more we look forward.

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Today’s Mantra Supply Myself With Love

Phrases of home-affection from Epidermis Food’s Tara Curran… who’ll be joining people on our Jan FP Escapes visit to Todos Santos, Mexico

It’s super easy to get rid of picture of yourself when you’re not happy. Skin Food arrived about as a means to speak about making use of your physique’s biggest wood to manual these looking for reclaiming internal/external wellness. Both that I and my companion experienced nbsp & bodily;and dietary difficulties that fundamentally injured our self esteem. Therefore, consequently, we produced everyday traditions that permitted us and, consequently, aimed more& nbsp options to gain our tones, systems and thoughts.

Your rule is “I supply myself This can not be useless in& nbsp facets of everyday life but among our favorites is for the& nbsp program. Envision a day without espresso, an evening without Netflix rsquo & That;s how we experience without cleaning&nbsp skincare it merely doesn& rsquo. For achievement, you have to ready your skin to ensure that your regime to function effortlessly.

Producing time for connecting with nbsp & home;can be very difficult. However rsquo & it;s vital to consider the chance when possible. Create your skincare program a effective and helpful device toward general home treatment. You deserve your skin you would like. Therefore spend some time and revel in the procedure. To supply oneself with-love will be less neutral and self loving.