Prep Your Legs for Tights Season

Prep Your Legs for Tights Season

It’s time to recognize that there is no good time of year to skimp on leg skin and hair care…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I take better care of the skin on my legs and I shave more often in the winter than I do in the summer. Possibly an unpopular practice, sure, but if there is one thing I cannot stand, it is two-day-old stubble trying to fight its way through my tights or pressed back into itself as a result of tight jeans. Amiright?

I may be in the minority here — it seems like everyone thinks you only need to take care of your legs when you’re wearing skirts, shorts and dresses because, well, more of your leg is exposed than when you’re rocking fleece-lined, heattech tights — but I’d argue that a little extra body hair when it’s hot out and no one is touching your legs is preferable to the aforementioned torture chamber combo of dry winter skin + prickly hair + pants. And in case you’re a skeptic, know the internet has my back. There are many subreddits dedicated to getting to the bottom of why leg hair hurts after wearing tight pants and hosiery, and Urban Dictionary even has a definition for what we in the know like to call “Skinny Jean-Leg Hair Syndrome”:

This is not a joke, people! It’s time get on team Winter Leg Care > Summer Leg Care with me. Or at the very least, it’s time to recognize that there is no good time of year to skimp on leg skin and hair care despite that whole “oh, this? I’m growing it out to keep my legs warm while I hibernate this winter” approach to self-care November through March.

Exfoliate like your life depends on it.

Not really, but exfoliating is key to keeping your legs happy and healthy this winter. You already know how skin works  — cells die, new cells generate, circle of life, etc. etc. — which means you know that dead skin need to be taken care of so that new, healthy cells underneath can breathe and see the light of day. If you don’t, dead cells build up on the skin’s surface and leave you looking like an alligator and feeling like sandpaper.

What’s more, the thing about dead, dry skin is that it’s incredibly uncomfortable. That itchy feeling you’re always fighting during cold months? It’s your skin trying to get your attention so it can tell you to moisturize. All of which is amplified when friction and static come into play, both of which are uber-present any time you slip into a pair of fitted pants. Trust me, those patterned tights aren’t as cute when you’re obsessively trying to scratch through them to get to the dry skin underneath.

SO! Exfoliate. Make sure that dead skin doesn’t have a chance to stick around. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, feel free to exfoliate as often as every day (every few days if your skin is reactive). My favorite approach is the good old dry brush pre-shower because it genuinely feels awesome, gets my blood flowing and is a formidable opponent to dead, dry skin. More of a scrub girl? Opt for a sugar-based one (salt may be too drying) that also contains hydrators like coconut or almond oil so it backs a two-for-one punch of exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. 

Hydrate like your life depends on it.

This one is for real. You should be moisturizing your legs in one way or another Every. Dang. Day. Do it in the morning before you get dressed. Do it again at night before bed. Do it after you shower. Do it while you shower. Do it during your lunch break. I don’t care when or how, but you’ve gotta be upping the hydration game come winter or your poor legs will die of thirst and then you will be a healthy skin murderer. Can you live with yourself after something like that?

Not only will proper moisture keep the skin on your legs not-murdered, but it’ll also go a long way when it comes to the health of the hair on your legs, should you choose to forgo shaving/waxing/removal of all kinds.

You see, a lot of the discomfort you feel during winter is due to the fact that when you put on tight pants, leggings, tall socks and tights, they’re actually pushing any existent leg hair in the opposite direction of its natural growth. This means that as long as you’re wearing those bottoms, your leg hair is forcibly being bent “against the grain.” It’s like when you wear your hair in a high, tight ponytail all day and when you finally take it out, it’s as if your hair hurts. Same thing is happening with your legs: after being stuck in an unnatural position, your nerves and skin sensors start to act up.

Unfortunately, this is kind of inevitable if your pants are tight enough and your hair is long enough to poke through the skin’s surface. But a really easy way to make it less painful is to keep your leg hair conditioned. Yup, I said it. Condition your leg hair. No, you don’t need to (nor should you) use the same stuff you’re putting on your head every few days to keep it soft and detangled. Instead, you want to make sure that whatever you’re using to hydrate your skin is also doing something for your hair and follicles to soften ‘em up and make that whole pushed-in-the-wrong-direction thing more bearable. (The softer the hair, the less painful.)

If you’ve found a body lotion or heavy-duty cream or balm you like, stick with it. Products like this work well, sink in quickly and leave skin moisturized. But if you want to really do work on your skin and hair, consider a body oil instead. Since oils are rich in essential fatty acids, they’re kind of like vitamins for the hair and skin of your legs. They’ll keep both moisturized, hydrated and soft, which will leave you free to wear all the hair-pushing tight pants you want.

Your life doesn’t depend on it, but hair removal is a nice finishing touch.

If that’s your thing, of course. If not, do you. But if you’re like me and can’t stand the feeling of stubble dragging against your tights every time you move or do not wish to suffer from Skinny Jean-Leg Hair Syndrome, remove the stuff. Not only will it mean not having to deal with the pain of hair follicles pressed in the wrong direction for hours, but the right razor will also help remove the top layer of dead skin (bonus exfoliant!) and prime your legs to receive moisturizer or oil.

And if nothing else, just think about how fun it’ll be to have secretly awesome-feeling legs in the dead of winter. Take a minute to look around come February and I’d bet good money you’ll be able to spot at least a few poor souls trying to bore holes throught their pants to get at that patch of dry skin. Just smile to yourself, thank the body oil gods you remembered to moisturize that morning, and rest assured that when you peel off those tights tonight, your leg hair will not scream in protest.

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When Acceptance Becomes Truth

When Acceptance Becomes Truth

While we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves, when does the pressure to be perfect become too much? 

This post comes from Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.
In our quest to follow a new diet, try a new skincare brand, adopt a new way of thinking, I wonder if we are ultimately distracted from what make us truly amazing… not acknowledging our beauty and strengths as we are constantly focused on what could make us better. When does enough become enough? When does the word acceptance become our truth?
Perhaps it’s due time that we check in with ourselves — to acknowledge where we can slow down, be KINDER to ourselves and just simply be. Here I’ve collected a few simple tips that have allowed me to slow down and appreciate myself, my body, my flaws and my weaknesses, and to be okay with them and nurture them. 
Consider what eating well means for YOU, not what a diet tells you is right.  
Exercise to balance your outer AND inner health. Change your focus from exercising solely to stay fit, to exercising to make you feel good. This alone could alter the effects of your next workout!
A nighttime ritual can offer relaxation and the opportunity to feel calm, and to feel my best. For me, this means lighting a beeswax candle, playing soft music, drinking a warm tonic (last night it was tea), washing my face, applying face cream and rubbing  body oil on my chest. (Taking care of your breasts daily is a must!) Some nights I might call a friend, watch a silly TV show or movie, or just fall right to sleep. 
Let’s face it — self-care can be a challenge. But I’ve realized that we are actually the best versions of ourselves when we learn to let go and find acceptance. We become more relaxed, more authentic, probably funnier because we are no longer worried about what other people think. We all possess the ability to be amazing. While it may be easier said than done, I encourage you to look at yourself, identify one thing about yourself that you may have been a little hard on, and let go and accept it!

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Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine, Pt.2

Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine, Pt.2

We’ve already explored six flowers you’re likely to find in self-care products (because they’re so dang effective), but since the world of flowers is one that just keeps giving, we’ve got five more your body will love.


What it does: Clogged pores? Dry skin? Reach for jasmine. The scent may be luscious, but jasmine is also an intensely nourishing flower for the skin — just ask centuries of Ayurvedic practice. Packed with antioxidants, topical use can help protect skin from environmental factors. This delicate flower also possesses antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties thanks to naturally occurring compounds, which makes it great for treating inflamed pores and other blemishes, while also being gentle enough for sensitive skin. And let’s be honest: the smell can’t be beat.

Where you can find it: Since jasmine helps treat inflammation, it makes sense that it would be one of the star ingredients in Mad Hippie’s Facial SPF. Just in case some rays sneak through the protective layer, jasmine oil is there to step in and quell any sun-based swelling.


What it does: Considered a sacred flower in many parts of the world, it’s no surprise that lotus is also revered for its self-care benefits. Not only does the scent have the power to soothe and calm a busy mind, but oil made from the root of the plant can work the same magic on skin. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin B, C, iron, fatty acids and proteins—all of which are crucial for healthy skin — lotus root cleanses, purifies and protects. Bonus: lotus also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, meaning it can help naturally and gently exfoliate skin.

Where you can find it: Calm, refreshed, brighter skin with a few mists of facial spray? Check. The Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic from Pai Skincare is a quick, effective way to infuse your face with calming benefits of echinacea (and makes it smell incredible).


What it does: You’re probably more familiar with the scent of an orchid than you are with its healing power (it’s a popular component of conventional fragrance), but the petals of an orchid are masterful skin protectors. Not only can orchid oil help to protect skin from and keep out environmental stressors like free radicals and pollution, it’s also incredibly hydrating. Thanks to the flower’s mucilages — the stuff that helps plants store water — a skincare product containing orchid oil will help your skin hold onto moisture, thereby restoring a thirsty face and plumping things up.

Where you can find it: Ready to get that orchid mucilage all up in your bod? Since orchid oil is so excellent at retaining moisture, it’ll help whatever surface it’s applied to to do the same. This ability makes it the perfect ingredient in products specifically for dry, damaged or curly hair as these are the thirstiest strands. To deeply repair and condition hair, the aloe, green tea, shea, sea buckthorn, tomato and echinacea in Tela Beauty Organics’ Healer Conditioner Treatment will do the trick. And for everyday use, they also make an excellent Frizz Buster spray that locks in moisture so follicles lay flat.


What it does: Though echinacea may be best-known as a cold remedy, it’s actually been used for centuries to treat skin ailments (Native Americans used it to treat wounds and other skin infections). So it makes sense that this pink beauty makes an excellent topical treatment for inflammatory skin conditions, like psoriasis and acne, since it has natural antibacterial properties. What’s more, the flower is rich in echinacin, a substance that helps collagen-creating cells work more efficiently. When your cells produce more collagen, your skin is smoother and more hydrated.

Where you can find it: Because your skin is a reflection of what’s going on internally, it’s never a bad idea to let echinacea help you from the inside out. With a combination of immune-enhancing ingredients like ACV, cayenne, garlic, ginger, turmeric and two kinds of echinacea, Anima Mundi’s Cold’s Cocktails will help your immune system function optimally. And because echinacea also helps topically, treat your skin to a daily session with the Wandering Dusk Hydrating Syrup from Mieux Derma. The echinacea and chamomile will calm angry skin while the cantella herb heals and repairs.


What it does: If you’ve only ever considered evening primrose as an internal treatment for hormonal issues, you’re not alone — it’s a popular natural remedy for balancing a wonky endocrine system. But when applied topically, this cute little yellow flower is a skin health powerhouse thanks to its linoleic and gamma linoleic acid, one of the essential fatty acids that’s crucial for healthy skin, hair and nails, that our body just doesn’t make on its own. These fatty acids also help reduce inflammation, so evening primrose is a good option for relieving symptoms of eczema.

Where you can find it: For allover skin health, look for a body oil that contains Oenothera biennis aka evening primrose oil. Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil with lavender and primrose from Apoterra may be lightweight, but it’s packed with essential fatty oils and acids that penetrate deep into the skin, upping elasticity. And with a blend of olive and sunflower oils as carriers, hydration is real. If you want to concentrate on your face, Sangre de Fruta’s Psyche Face Oil offers a gorgeous blend of lavender, carrot seed, rose geranium, blue chamomile, meadowfoam, rosehip, calendula and evening primrose to gently yet deeply moisturize finicky, combination skin while also combating inflammation.

+ Read more from Allie about pelting up your skincare here

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Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine with These Six Flowers

Petaling Up Your Skincare Routine with These Six Flowers

A quick guide to the flowers you’ll likely come across in self-care products and the good they can do for your whole body…

Few things in nature have the same hold over us mere mortals as flowers. (Well, except maybe baby animals, but that’s neither here nor there.) From their beautiful, alluring colors to the way they make an otherwise drab table pop to their beguiling scents, flowers are borderline magical. But despite their aesthetic and olfactory powers, flowers are more than just a pretty face and nice smell. In fact, flowers have been used in the healing arts for centuries as everything from infection fighters to stomach soothers to skin healers.

This ability should come as no surprise if you’ve ever used a beauty product…ever. True, some conventional brands will tout the inclusion of a flower when they’re really only offering a bastardized version of the scent, but there are products out there that truly harness the power of these beautiful little petals-full-of-skin-and-hair-and-body magic.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide to the flowers you’ll likely come across in self-care products and the good they can do for your whole bod.


What it does: Lightening, brightening, clarifying, inflammation- and puffiness-fighting, chamomile is a champion of skin rejuvenation. As a vasoconstrictor — something that constricts blood vessels, which increases blood flow (sadly not the name of a new dinosaur) — chamomile has the ability to strengthen capillaries and decrease redness in the skin. It’s also high in azulene, a naturally occurring chemical that fights inflammation and infection. Since inflammation is often the number one cause of many skin ailments and hair loss, chamomile is great for angry skin and a scalp in need of some help.

Where you can find it: Any product that claims to calm anything is likely to contain chamomile. From Pai’s Calming Day Cream — whose chamomile-and-rosehip combo are powerfully soothing for red and inflamed skin — to the scalp-friendly Nourish Conditioner from Josh Rosebrook to the perfect-for-sensitive-skin Organic Soothing Gel from Dr. Alkaitis, chamomile is easy to come by in green products, and for good reason.


What it does: As relaxing for your skin as it is your mind, lavender is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory powerhouse that will soothe irritated, inflamed skin (think dermatitis, eczema, etc.). It’s also fairly mild as far as essential oils go, so it’s great at helping to normalize skin (particularly the oily kind) by balancing sebum production. This little purple gem has also been shown to speed up the healing process when it comes to cuts and burns, so look for products that contain lavender if you’ve got abrasions — like if you just couldn’t help yourself and picked at your face.

Where you can find it: If you’re a nighttime shower-er, Lulu Organics’ Soap will help you unwind before bed and clarify skin with a lavender/oatmeal formula. For a more targeted approach to lavender, the Clear Skin Spot Treatment from Province Apothecary holistically heals blemishes and soothes scars by combining lavender with carrot seed oil.


What it does: With crazy-high levels of carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid  (powerful antioxidants, all), it’s no surprise calendula (aka marigold) can help with everything from chapped lips to aging skin. Those antioxidants? They work overtime to protect skin cells from free radicals, plump skin via hydration and improved circulation, help wounds heal faster and prevent unwanted inflammation aka it’s great as a spot treatment for zits.

Where you can find it: For the healthiest, most soothed skin of your life, opt for RMS’ Beauty Oil. The luxurious blend pairs calendula with a host of other gorgeous ingredients to promote healthy tissue growth. The Nutrient Moisturizer from Juice Beauty works similar magic in cream form, and the Bright Eye Serum from Root Science lets the extra-sensitive skin around your eyes in on the glory of calendula as well.


What it does: Used in Ayurvedic medicine in the quest for thicker, faster-growing hair, hibiscus is your scalp’s best friend. Thanks to its high concentration of mucilage polysaccharides — a thick, gooey substance naturally produced by plants to help with water and food storage and the thickening of cell membranes — hibiscus helps dry, damaged hair and stressed out skin retain much-needed moisture.

Where you can find it: Since hibiscus is also known to aid in preserving hair color, it’s no surprise that it features prominently in Rahua’s Color Full Shampoo, resulting in serious shine and strand health. You can also drink the flower via Anima Mundi’s Mangosteen Hibiscus Beauty Tonic or Nicole Granato’s Hibiscus Tea, both of which use the flower to boost hydrating for healthy skin and hair.


What it does: You may only be familiar with the excellent snack sunflower seeds make, but their oil is also a great topical treatment. With impressive amounts of vitamin E, sterols and squalene — all of which are vital for healthy skin and hair — sunflower oil is an inexpensive yet effective way to pack a seriously moisturizing punch. What’s more, the oil also acts as a barrier when applied topically, meaning it locks moisture in without keeping much-needed oxygen out.

Where you can find it: With sunflower oil as its base, the Detoxing Body Oil from Flora Remedia is a lightweight, super-hydrating formula that helps skin retain the water it needs to be healthy and happy. And RMS’ Lip & Skin Balm uses the same thinking to lock in moisture for parched, patched lips.


What it does: Sure, you probably only think about roses in mid-February, but don’t discount these prickly beauties when it comes to self-care. Scatter some petals into a soothing bath, spritz its water on your face or massage its oil into your skin — any way you use rose is a good way. Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, rose is uber-hydrating and conditioning. What’s more, rose is packed with vitamin C that’s often less harsh than the kind found in citrus, making it perfect for light exfoliation without residual redness.

Where you can find it: In its simplest form, rose water makes for a great mild astringent and toner, perfect for skin that’s on the dryer side. The Aloe & Rose Toner from Captain Blankenship combines rose water with another powerful hydrator to leave skin soothed and refreshed. If soaking is more your style, adding rose to a bath — like with Moon River Naturals’ Rose and Geranium Soak — offers whole-body hydration and exfoliation. And for a serious glow, rose oil like that found in the RoseGlow Serum from Living Libations plays nice with all skin types and leaves smooth, hydrated, luminous skin in its wake.

+ What is your flower of choice? 

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BE Biotin — Your New BFF

Putting the FUN back in fundamental hair, skin and nail care…

When Giulia Heiman looks back at the start of BE Biotin, she’s amazed — but not surprised — at how quickly the vitamin supplement was embraced by those in search of stronger hair and nails. Though biotin (otherwise known as vitamin B7) is found naturally in many foods, it’s a water-soluble vitamin, which means that the body rids itself of any excess intake. One must be sure to consume it daily for biotin levels to remain consistent in your system. Through a unique combination of ingredients including saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and pygeum, Giulia has created a supplement proven to naturally lower DHT (a testosterone related hormone that makes hair weaker and thinner) levels safely and effectively. With cool packaging, to boot, BE Biotin is here to help us sustain our glow.

How did BE Biotin come to be?
I’ve been working as a hairstylist for the past 15 years and nutritional health has always been a big part of my life. Clients were often asking me what supplements they should take to promote skin, hair and nail health, and I was over sending them down the street to the drugstore with a laundry list of vitamins. I didn’t send them to the drugstore for their shampoo, so why should they be buying their supplements in that environment? I wanted to create a product that was beautiful and that my clients looked forward to taking, and one that works!
Why biotin? 
BE Biotin differs from other biotin products on the market by including our herbal complex (pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and pygeum) which naturally lowers the hormone DHT that’s been directly linked to hair loss and thinning.
Top 5 ways that BE Biotin can best help you?
1. Promotes hair strength and integrity, cutting down your trips to the salon to fix split ends.
2. Stops hair shedding (no more hair all over your sink and pillow).
3. Skin clarity and elasticity increases giving you more radiant, beautiful skin.
4. Nails become long and strong. Broken, brittle nails be gone!
5. Makes hair fuller and thicker.
Your spirit animal…
Cher!  She counts as an animal, right? 🙂
Most useful beauty tip anyone’s imparted on you…
That all the beauty creams and potions in the world won’t make you more beautiful if you’re putting garbage into your body.  And, be happy. That always makes you more beautiful.
I have an amazing life — thank you for my life. (said to no one in particular)
What does free mean to you?
To me, being free is not letting fear control your life. I’ve taken a lot of risks when it’s come to jobs, business and picking up and moving around. The choices that have scared the crap out of me have always been the ones that have turned out to be the best decisions. I try to always remember that moving forward. Being free is silencing that voice in your head that tells you can’t do something.
+ Ready to give your hair, nails and skin some love? Shop BE Biotin today! 

The Best Jump Rope Exercise

Say hello to your new most favorite traveling workout buddy…

This post comes from our dear friend and Australian fitness instructor, Tanya Poppett.

Skipping is a fun and effective way to get a great workout without breaking the bank. Their light weight means that they can be packed and taken pretty much wherever you go… say hello to your new travel buddy. This workout is the perfect mix of strength and cardio to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. In each mini set we will be alternating between one cardio-based exercise and one strength-focused exercise.

Set One: Complete 4 rounds

Skipping (60 seconds) This set is all about getting that heart rate up, staying quick and light on your feet. Find a rhythm and gradually increase your speed.

Plank Walks (30 seconds) We’re working the upper body and core with this move. Pull up through the belly button and squeeze your glutes to lock your core on. Stay strong as you move your hands over the rope trying not to let your hips drop. Move fast but with control.

Set Two: Complete 4 rounds

High Knees Skipping (60 seconds) We’re bringing our knees up on this next set, elevating that heart rate and working that coordination. Again, stay light on your feet and work your way into a rhythm.

Russian Twists (30 seconds) This is another great move for the core and upper body. We are creating our own resistance with the skipping rope by keeping it pulled at full tension throughout the move. Pull up through your belly button to engage your abdominals and remember to breathe, exhaling as you twist.

Set Three: Complete 4 Rounds

Single Leg Skips (60 seconds — 30 seconds each side) You are going to feel a good burn in those calves and glutes with this move. Again, we need to stay light on those feet, trying to use quick bursts of power from our lower body. If you are having difficulties working into a rhythm, first try the move without the rope.

Squat Raise (30 seconds) These squats will help develop strength and mobility. We’re using the rope to create our own resistance, keeping our shoulders relaxed as we pull from either end. When performing squats, remember to keep the weight in the back of the heels, push out with your knees to engage your glutes and keep your chest lifted.

+For more fitness videos from Tanya, click here

Follow Tanya on Instagram and check out her website for a full dose of healthy inspiration!

FP Escapes: Just How To Best take care of YOU

That which you may anticipate on our Jan FP Escapes in Todos Santos, thanks to girls which make up Epidermis Food…

On our subsequent FP Escapes to Todos Santos, be certain to create period for Hayley Roy and Tara Curran, aka Epidermis Meals, as they customize diet and elegance routines based on every visitor’s wants. Additionally, Tara may modify the trip selection with large-diet, periodic, stomach-encouraging foods, to ensure that everybody may depart the Baja wearing a newfound shine. Nowadays, Tara & Hayley reveal a little of the home-treatment viewpoint along with a survey of things to anticipate…

Food Chat was made having an objective of power in your mind, for individuals to their systems for optimum home to melody -treatment. This doesn t on how to achieve this come easy nbsp;since there is an absence of comprehension&nbsp. Whether it’s just how to deal with hormonal changes, stomach health or ecological sparks, the information is extremely complicated and huge.

Whether you want to acknowledge it, we shall not have “ rdquo & ideal habits since there merely isn’t any point that is such. Actually on our evening that is greatest, there perfectly might be ldquo;unfinished&rdquo & anything . What exactly do we do? Food Chat want to challenge one recognize the advantages of personalized treatment and to make use of your personality. Here are a few methods for getting you began:

Approval. It’s not anybody’s problem for thinking we’re not “ideal”. We’re trained to consider nbsp issues&;like “ANTI AGING” are a chance that was genuine. The truth is, you’ll age. Take where you have to be correct within this second that you’re exactly. The body is definitely an ever changing boat that’s currently operating so difficult for you personally. Nothing is likely to be actually be everlasting, therefore simply permit you to ultimately be with what your location is within the second, ok. Drop labels, and take that you’re seeking to be your most healthy home, which your trip is likely to be particular for you.

Accept the defects. all of us ask them to and, evidently, not totally all defects are made similar. When you have an awesome scar, some contemplate that personality, but do perhaps a various physique or creases  signify a far more unfavorable meaning? Never. These traits that are determining are why is us distinctive,& nbsp rsquo & it;s very important to realize that each discrepancy ought to be handled on a person schedule aswell. Since you are created what might work with another person might not meet your needs. Accept it and learn how as-is to adore oneself.

Let you are guided by it. Tuning directly into the body’s correct character requires a large amount of exercise. We don’ &nbsp is frequently learnt by t;just how to study rsquo our anatomies&; conditions, therefore it could not be difficult to remove each section of ourselves in the place of convinced that of the components like a complete and connected device. As we develop the phrase it requires a town& rdquo posesses ton reality to it. Developing a wellness group, one which can there be to aid your enables one to modify an agenda,&nbsp and wants;is& nbsp.

There’s no easy answer since there is no easy you but that s. You’re a complicated and unique being that warrants your personal unique method for joy insurance and health.

Follow Skin Food Chat on Instagram to remain current with Hayley and Tara.

Awakenings: Wake with Food

This week, think about the energy of diet to form your entire day from its begin…

This is actually the minute in a-4-component series about awareness with elegance by Jolene Hart, wellness mentor and writer of the Consume Fairly guide collection.

The options while you begin every day are a few of the very impactful regarding&nbsp you create; wellness and your elegance. Your routine including ideas, home and motion, diet – mdash & treatment; sets the tone for the whole evening.

This week, think about nutrition’s energy to shape from its start. Does the selection of breakfast effect another choices you create around food for the day’s rest? Definitely. Pushing the body nicely by backing your blood sugar levels having a breakfast which includes wholesome fats and clear protein enables you to less inclined to reach during the day for candies, processed carbohydrates and coffee. And consuming that breakfast dinner of getting additionally within 90 mins ensures that you simply wear’ t encounter a power accident that is AM. Obviously, your breakfast additionally offers crucial blocks for the elegance. Without appropriate diet, the body may’t execute its decorating duties of protecting against radicals, cleansing, fixing harm, and keeping your shine. Therefore take advantage of one’s day to provide the body the elegance gas that is best possible. Attempt this skin-pleasant fall elegance breakfast tomorrow:


Spiced ‘Skin Shine’ Smoothie

This antioxidant-loaded shake provides wholesome fats and the protein essential to strengthen your blood sugar levels each morning, while targeting rsquo & the skin;s periodic requirement for recovery that is additional and fix with beta-carotene- special potato or loaded pumpkin.

Acts 1


1 glass unsweetened low-milk dairy (attempt avocado, almond or almond)

1/2 pot strained water

1/2 pot roasted pumpkin, nice potato or winter squash blend

1/2 blueberry

1 helping place-centered protein dust (1 to 2 scoops)

1/4 mug uncooked pecans

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 teaspoon nutmeg or pumpkin curry tart

1 teaspoon blackstrap molasses (optional)


Mix all elements in a higher-driven mixer and procedure until clean.


Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is just a Philly-centered wellness mentor and founding father of Elegance Is Wellness, an all natural elegance and wellness training exercise. Her training and Consume Fairly guide collection shows ladies to make use of diet and lifestyle options to appear and experience their finest in the inside-out.

Wording, pictures and dishes & copy Hart. All rights reserved.

4 Items That Might Be Preventing The Journey to Wellness

For all those annoying causes that may be influencing your wellbeing…

This article involves us from wellness specialist, Tara Curran

You’ve transformed your diet plan, you’re consuming more house-prepared foods… you’re basically producing period for self-treatment, however you’re nevertheless realizing annoying small encounter and body outbreaks, skin rashes and/or low-energy.

Listed here are 4 issues you might (or might not) not recognize may be influencing your general wellness:

Toothpaste. Several conventional toothpastes are created with elements for example fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate, which have now been associated with skin conditions and also the decrease of great germs within the mouth… Some reports additionally claim that these same elements might be related to melanoma. Your toothpaste must be the first togo should you& rsquo actually experienced outbreaks around your mouth. Search for an all natural toothpaste created using coconut-oil, cooking soda, great or additional organic oils.

Food Allergies. Contemplate that some might be causing a  negative response within you despite the fact that the food options may be wholesome. To recognize any allergies that are possible, start maintaining a food diary. Create & nbsp you experience once you eat it, in addition to notice of every-thing that you digest. Would you get an angry belly? Have you been swollen? Discover a rash or experience flushed that is additional and hot within the encounter? These all may be indicators that anything isn’t currently working out for you.

Water. not totally all water is done identical! Some might include additional contaminants that are nbsp;harming to the wellness, like chlorine which could and metals   can throw-off organic PH and subscribe to low-energy amounts. Look for a filtration that is correct for the drain as well as your shower-heads to greatly help eliminate these contaminants.

Article-gym sweating. Indeed, I’m responsible of operating right house in the gymnasium sans bath, which occasionally outcomes in undesirable body outbreaks. Perspiration is basically the launch of toxins from beneath the skin, therefore it is sensible that people must  home that is clear following nbsp & an exercise;. If you are able to’t perform a wash that is fast, maintain an all natural wash useful. Provide yourself a fast swipe of hands and the facial skin, neck before proceeding home to bath.


Awakenings: Wake with Mindfulness

Not just do your day ideas possess the capacity to affect your emotions, choices and relationships — additionally they influence your body’s hormonal stability.

This is actually the first in a-4-component series about awareness with elegance by Jolene Hart, wellness mentor and writer of the Consume Fairly guide collection.

The options while you begin every day you create are a few of the very impactful on& nbsp wellness. Your routine including ideas, home and motion, diet – mdash & treatment; sets the tone for the whole evening. Whenever you attempted to develop a lifestyle that facilitates wellness and elegance, purposely adjusting up your day program is among the best methods to boost outcomes, and inspire one to create more decorating options all-day-long. What exactly does a morning look that is beautifying like?  Over I, the next a month ’ll reveal for awareness with elegance every single day the absolute most effective techniques.

This week, think about the energy of one’s ideas your entire day to form, as soon as your eyes start. Actually observe that your ideas possess the capacity to change your truth? That you simply feel and look just as stunning while you think? Not just do your ideas that are day possess the capacity to affect choices, your emotions and relationships all-day-long, however your body&rsquo likewise affects . Awareness with tension (ideas of the job you’re fearing, function e-mails arriving through in your telephone, or damaging information about the tv or your products) enhances the physique’s manufacturing of the strain hormone cortisol which, when left uncontrolled, wreaks mayhem in your elegance in the inside-out. Cortisol is intended to increase each morning to greatly help us wake normally, but raised cortisol, every single day, is just a precursor to moods, early creases, blemishes and irritation.


Tomorrow morning, begin your day with a number of of those conscious steps to construct elegance into every day:

Believe great ideas. When you initially wake where does the mind proceed? Exercise creating your preliminary day ideas good types, in the place of allowing the mind float to concerns concerning the occasions of sensation or your day  overrun record to-do about your.

Set an objective. You are sprawled out before by the whole evening. Nowadays what would you like on your own? What’re your greatest wishes? Set for the ideas and steps nowadays, and utilize it to stay shifting toward your targets all-day-long.

Talk an acceptance. Phrases spoken aloud have power. Choose a good acceptance (an ‘I’m’ declaration like ‘I’m effective,’ or ‘I’m nicely,’) and state it loudly while you start your entire day.


Take daily motivation. What sets aside from others? Maintain an inspiring guide by your bedroom, whether a popular guide of composition, a religious devotional, or perhaps a guide of everyday parts for elegance like Consume Fairly Every Single Day. take it before you receive out-of mattress. What you study produce a second of motivation and consideration.

Select mindfulness first. You submit the mind to additional issues when you take your smartphone. Actually before information or e-mail, have a few occasions to inhale also you and reflect or heavy ll immediately boost your elegance, both literally and psychologically.

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is just a Philly-centered wellness mentor and founding father of Elegance Is Wellness, an all natural elegance and wellness training exercise. Her training and Consume Fairly guide collection shows ladies to make use of diet and lifestyle options to appear and experience their finest in the inside-out.