The Ear Makeup Trend You Have to Try this Festival Season

The Ear Makeup Trend You Have to Try this Festival Season

Follow this DIY tutorial to add some art to those earlobes…

This post comes to you from beauty contributor, Kari Molvar.

If you’ve already experimented with ear cuffs and tattoo jewelry, you’re ready for the next breakout beauty trend: Ear makeup.

You might be thinking: Whaat? But it’s actually pretty simple—it’s basically drawing makeup on your lobes to create an artistic effect. What’s cool is that the look can be as subtle or statement-making as you want, depending on the colors you use and how much skin you decorate with pigment. For a quick DIY tutorial, we asked celebrity makeup artist Niki M’nray for her tips.

For a half-dipped lobe:

1. First, outline the area of the lobe to create a space for you to fill in. To get a clean and precise design, use an eyeliner pencil or a liquid liner in your desired color.

2. Fill in with a metallic pigment using a medium-size eyeshadow brush. You can wet the brush lightly to get a good amount of pigment on it—this will give you a bright and rich effect, and the pigment will dry after it’s applied to the lobe so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes.

3. To remove, I would use a makeup wipe, which is much more convenient than soap and water and creates less mess!

For a glittery ear design:

1. Using any small eyeshadow brush, dip the tip into a pot of glitter gel, outlining the lobe and upper ear.

2. Clean up any goofs with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover.

3. To prevent smudging, use a strong-hold hairspray, which seals everything in place.

Bonus options:

Apply a fun, temporary tattoo on your lobe or use a small stencil and fill in the center with a metallic eyeshadow using the same technique explained above!

+ Now tell us! What do you think of the ear makeup trend?

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5 Minute Me: Glowing Skin with Leore

5 Minute Me: Glowing Skin with Leore

Dewy skin and an all-natural radiance featuring Leore Hayon

There’s a lot you can do in five minutes’ time. Four of our fave FP Me girls were kind enough to share with us what they do in that amount of time, while sharing a favorite quick and easy beauty technique. For a quick wakeup call, Leore uses RMS Magic Luminizer on her cheekbones and under the brows!

+ What can you do in 5 minutes? Check back tomorrow to learn more 5 minute beauty tricks! 

Make sure to keep up with Leore on FP Me and Instagram.

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Waterproofing Your Beauty Routine

You already know that you should switch up your skincare routine with the seasons, and your makeup is part of that equation….

April showers may bring flowers, but they also bring running mascara, frizzy hair and what I like to refer to as “clown mouth,” that thing where your lip color smudges onto the skin around your mouth when you get caught in the rain.

Luckily, waterproofing your beauty routine doesn’t have to be that complicated. No giant hats to protect against the rain or shellac spray to the face necessary to stay streak- and smudge-free.


You already know that you should switch up your skincare routine with the seasons, and your makeup is part of that equation. More moisture and heat in the air should mean less makeup, and formulas that are lighter and more breathable than the heavy stuff you used during winter. For a gentler take on full-face coverage, look for something that’s sheer and buildable so you can tailor the application on a daily basis. Alima Pure’s Liquid Silk Foundation is a spring skin staple as it’s basically like a souped-up moisturizer that also offers smooth, light coverage. Since it sinks so beautifully into skin, you won’t have to worry about it running all over the place when confronted with rain. But if you’re still concerned, a quick spritz of Seven Seven Cosmetics’ Natural Glow Finishing Mist will keep everything fresh and flawless.

And for blush, ditch the powder. Powder makeup is more prone to streaking when faced with moisture, so instead opt for a stain, gel or cream, like the Inner Glow Cream Blush from Rituel de Fille. (This also applies to face powder…stay away! Let your skin breathe this spring.)


Raccoons are cute. Raccoon eyes are not. The easiest way to avoid dripping, running lashes? Press pause on mascara for a while and instead let your eyelash curler and a tiny dab of balm on your eyelids do the trick. Easier said than done, I know, so if mascara and eyeliner are non-negotiables, look for products with staying power. First, line your lids with a smudge-free formula like the IPKN x Esther Loves You Twinkle Longwear Eyeliner Pen. Not only will it stand up to rain, but the thin, marker-like tip offers application precision (because we all know a perfect cat eye was never achieved on the first try). Then finish the look with an equally water-resistant mascara, like the line’s Twinkle Longwear Dual Mascara. Et voila! Racoon eyes no more.


Come springtime, nothing is cuter than a bright lip that matches the budding flowers. What’s not cute? The aforementioned clown mouth after a pesky spring shower. To keep your lip color in one place, a proper canvas is key. Start by lightly exfoliating your lips to slough away dead and flakey skin (Artifact’s Honey Marshmallow Lip Masque will do the trick), then apply a moisturizing balm to prime your pout (the Luxury Lip Balm V2 from Henné Organics is ultra hydrating).

In terms of color, you’ll want something with serious staying power that can hold its own against rain clouds. Typically, lip color is either highly pigmented but smears easily or stays put but is terribly drying. Luckily, IPKN has solved both problems in one adorable product with their Esther Loves You Twinkle Longwear Ink Tint. Thanks to a genius blend of kiwi, grapeseed and orange extracts, the tint is nutrient-rich and keeps your lips’ moisture levels high. What’s more, the formula isn’t sticky at all (no worrying about your hair getting caught on your lip color) and the rich pigment settles into your lips gorgeously for all-day color.

If a subtler look is more your style, opt for a sheer tint formula instead. The lip2cheek sections of rms beauty’s new Signature Set are perfect for a subtle wash of color that won’t wash away. What’s more, you can build the colors to create a more vibrant look if you want a bolder pop.


Rain + warmer temperatures = humidity, hair’s worst enemy. So beat that warm, damp air at its own game and prep your strands for what’s to come. Start with a shampoo that won’t suck much-need moisture from your hair, like the Nourishing Hair Wash from Sans [ceuticals], and then make sure you’re conditioning enough to keep things happy, like with their Balancing Hair Hydrant.

Once you’re cleansed and conditioned, work a small amount of frizz-fighting styling product through wet hair. I know it may sound weird to do this before hair is dry, but by working something like Yarok’s Feed Your Curls Defining Crème or AHNESTI Haircare’s UTILITI Intuitive Gel through wet hair, you let the product get to work and smooth the follicles throughout the drying process. Instead of letting your hair dry and then figuring out how to combat frizz, you’re nipping it in the bud post-shower.

And just in case, know that you can always rock a killer braid instead.

Just in case…

In the event that you get caught in the rain and don’t like it the same way you like pina coladas, all is definitely not lost. First things first: clean up any smudges or runny makeup with the Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe from rms beauty. They’re individually packaged so you only have to throw a couple in your bag at a time, and the coconut oil in the wipes means they’ll get everything off in one go. If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn lip color, try soaking a cotton ball or pad in Botanic Farm’s Grain Ferment Lip & Eye Remover and let the sake, fermented soybean and fermented rice bran gently get to work. You can also carry a lightweight concealer like the Illusionist Concealer from Vapour Organic Beauty to cover any minor smudges if you’re not down to clean your face in public.

And if rain-soaked hair has you feeling like a wet (albeit pretty cute) dog, spritz life back into your locks with a salt spray. Plantfolk Apothecary’s Surf Sister Salt Spray beautifully combines Hawaiian salt with coconut oil to make sure that your hair stays perfectly tousled and hydrated.

+ So go swim, surf or sweat — we got you covered! Have waterproofing tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments below! 

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rms: TLF

If you’re in NYC today, 4/8, Rose-Marie Swift will be hosting beauty consultations at our Soho pop-up wellness shop from 1-3pm! Feel free to stop by and say hi! xo

When writer Allie White spoke with rms’ founder, Rose-Marie Swift, in July last year, she made mention of something which stayed with me…

“When someone answers a question about ingredient quality with, ‘I’m not married, I have no kids, and I don’t do drugs anymore, so I spend my money on the best ingredients possible,’ she’s worth getting to know.”

That kind of sold me on rms. So how excited were we to learn that Rose-Marie and team were back with a set of products new to FP: a Signature Set – Pop Collection, Signature Set – Mod Collection, Magic Luminizer and Kabuki Polisher Brush.

We reached out to learn a little bit more about their inception and why you might want to add them into your daily repertoire…

What excites you most about this new set of products?

This is a wonderful opportunity for first time users to experience some of the best sellers of the rms beauty range without breaking their pocketbook.

Can anyone use these products?

These colors are extremely universal and they were curated with that in mind.  Is there a particular woman/personality/skin type that’s best suited for each?  There are no rules for rms beauty products.  They are created to work synergistically with all skin types including people with sensitive skin, oily skin or prone to breakouts. Each ingredients works its magic.

From where did you gather your most recent inspiration?

The inspiration came from the words “simplify and healthy.” No need to pack a huge makeup kit or figure out confusing makeup paint-by-number rules. Easy is the word here.

What colors/trends are you excited about for spring?

I don’t follow the trends. They work great on 16-year-old models with the best hair, makeup and photography but that doesn’t always translate into “wearable.”  I prefer beautiful skin-enhancing makeup that beautifies the woman, not advertising the new color trend on her face.

Your 2017 mantra?

“Less is more!”

Top 5 go-to products for an easy daily beauty routine…

Living Luminizer for the ultimate foolproof glow, eye lash curler to captivate those eyes, a pop of gorgeous lip color, and coconut cream makeup remover to take off all of the day’s fun.
+We <3 rms, check out the their full line of beauty products here

Must-Do: Our Soho Wellness Events Beginning Now!

No better time than the present to be kind to your self!

And in the blink of an eye, it’s April. How many of those New Year’s intentions have you embraced? I know I have…not…really embraced…very many. Chalk it up to conflicting priorities, laziness, allergies… Whatever the case may be, we’re offering, with the help of some very well-respected beauty/wellness ambassadors, the opportunity for you to connect with fellow seekers of self-improvement. What was once our Soho FP store (fear not — our store has moved just a few blocks away to West Broadway!) will now stand to serve you each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of April (and onward) with guidance on meditation, movement, beauty and nutrition.

Go to the links at the bottom of this page for a simple way to RSVP. Refer to the below calendar and opt in for the class best suited to you and what you’re craving. NOTE: Saturday beauty consultations are by walk-in only; no need to reserve a spot! Refreshments for all events provided by the Pressed Juicery.

If you’re curious about the instructors leading our workshops, check out their IG accounts below:

Desiree Pais, Benshen Yoga (hosting meditation workshops every Saturday)

Ruby Warrington, The Numinous

Hayley Wood and Tara Curran, Skin Food Talk

Jill Freeman Makeup

Beauty Chef (with special appearance by founder Carla Oates on 4/7!)

RMS (with special appearance by founder Rose-Marie Swift on 4/8 only!)

Elegance in a Tote

Observe what 3 of the most popular elegance/wellness specialists are maintaining within their bags this drop…

Get a shock test, along with a cosmetics tote from an unique cooperation with this buddies at Aloha! Your present of $ 200 including one elegance item with any purchase for you.




Provide great while supplies last! Discount applied immediately at checkout.

Begin buying


Records in the Seat: Showcase Your Summertime Pout

Deanna Hagan stocks 3 tips about steps to make that pucker place from your summery epidermis…

It s about lips. And Deanna is here now to inform you steps to make them — and you — experience their boldest and greatest.


1. Lipbalm

Lipbalm, like Adore + Sage’s, creates an ideal top preparation just before implementing colour.


2. Lipstain

R-MS’ Lipshine doesn’t hide your lips, but boosts that which you’ve been already endowed with. Makes existence slightly bit wealthier…


3. Daring colour

Contemplate Axiology’s Flat Lipstick… to get a vibrant but velvety matte finish. The additional colour may pop-off of one’s bod that is tanned.


XOXO… til next time!


Beauty Wellness By Means Of Nashville

Commemorate our Elegance + Wellness start in Songs City USA…

It might have now been the warm Nashville atmosphere, or even the boozy mezcal drinks but, regardless of the cause, the group at Urban Cowboy W&W was excellent for the current Elegance + Wellness start party. Imposing, overdue-summer sunflowers and flickering lamps covered the patio at City Cowboy Nashville, the austere, vintage-stuffed East Nashville W&W that located the fete, denver-located by nearby writer Ruthie Lindsey. You deb since all collected within the title of beauty wellness possess a difficult time building a far more glowing team, particularly suitable. And, possibly attempting to remain on their elegance a game, these girls looked.




Between created-to order cooked cheeses from nearby food-truck the Cooked Cheeserie and simply-selected kale and beet soups, visitors swiped, swatched and tried their approach via a cautiously-curated assortment of natural splendor items, slipping for brand new necessities like r-MS’ Beauty Top 2 Cheek containers, small, jewel-like pots of attention smoke from Rituel de Fille, and eyebrow-supercharging determining polish from Ecobrow. Consume Fairly writer Jolene Hart offered up appearance-improving shakes, tonics, and elixirs utilizing FP’s fresh elegance + wellness ingestible selection, leading visitors to delicious beauty boosters from manufacturers like Moon Liquid, Sunlight Concoction and The Wonder Cook. Your decision of the night time? Whether to collect Intercourse Dirt or Moon Liquid Beauty Dirt & mdash.



Outside about the garden, FP women lounged out blankets seeming irritated from the blistering heat – on sprawled. The group appeared just like comfy covered-up in large- heeled shoes and waisted trousers because they were in cropped surfaces and windy maxi gowns, shoes. Whilst the sunset, the lamps decreased and also the audio was resulted in, allowing the group change the wonderful B W right into a loud spot before going to look at cafes and rings throughout Music Area.




+ take a look at our Manchester elegance and wellness occasion below 

FP Traditions: Freshstart

Freshstart — the final in our initial sequence to attaining a greater feeling of internal and external beauty…

For actually the absolute most vibrant-eyed of early risers, there are always ways to consider upping your sport… browse the movie to improve your awakening home, and make it during your evening. Offering Sunlight Concoction, Lano, Liquid Beauty, Pangea Organics and rms.

DP: Ethan Palmer, AC/Digital Tech: Rebecca Rajadnya, Hair: Ayumi Yamamto, Makeup: Matthew Sky, Gaffer: Geoff Taylor