Wellness Encyclopedia: The Benefits of Raw Honey

Wellness Encyclopedia: The Benefits of Raw Honey

The golden wonder that is raw honey can help keep you at the top of your game this season…

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s true: Cold and flu season is almost here. While I’m celebrating the arrival of fall like the best of them, it took one 30°F morning this week to remind me that along with picking pumpkins and brainstorming Halloween costumes, ensuring healthy immunity should be at the top of my to-do list. I love this time of year, so the last thing I want is to be sidetracked by a cough or sore throat. Luckily my first line of defense just happens to be delicious and all natural: Organic, locally-sourced raw honey. The cloudy variety that comes straight from happy bees tended to by a kind keeper. Why honey? The benefits are almost too numerous to list, but today I’ve tried. Read on to learn why raw honey could help keep you at the top of your game this season.

What’s the difference between raw honey and regular honey?  

Regular, commercial honey, the kind that typically comes in a bear-shaped container and runs clear and easy from the jar, is filtered and then pasteurized at a high temperature to kill off any yeast that may be present. Raw honey is unprocessed and unpasteurized to preserve the beneficial nutrients present. While commercial honey still tastes amazing and is an adequate substitute for liquid sweetener in recipes, it lacks the same incredible benefits of raw honey. To see whether or not the raw honey you’ve purchased is truly raw, take a spoonful and place it in a glass of water. If it settles to the bottom, it’s raw. However, if it dissolves easily and sticks the the edges of the glass, it could be processed and even counterfeit (yes, counterfeit honey is a thing).

Benefits of raw honey.

So, what are all these incredible nutrients available in raw, unprocessed honey? If you’re prone to seasonal allergies, local raw honey could help! Raw honey contains bee pollen, which could help your body adjust to the pollen in the air when consumed. By eating honey produced locally, you consume trace amounts of the same pollen that could be wreaking havoc via allergies, helping to regulate your body to the pollen in the air. By regularly eating raw honey, your body could build up antibodies and produce less histamine when allergy season rolls around.

Trouble sleeping? A little raw honey before bed could help you sleep by helping to promote the production of melatonin. Similar to sugar, raw honey generates a rise in insulin, which produces serotonin, which is eventually converted to melatonin. Try adding a small amount of honey to a mug of tea before bed to help you relax and ready your body for rest.

As cold and flu season fast approaches, raw honey should be at the forefront of your seasonal sickness arsenal. Soothe a sore throat and suppress a cough with a spoonful of raw honey, which not only soothes but contains antibacterial properties to shorten the lifespan of a cold. Raw honey has been found to be as effective as traditional cough syrup in treating a sore throat and reducing mucus production (gross, but true). Honey is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, meaning that not only will it not go bad (as long as it’s kept pure and free of contamination from water and other factors), but the same antibacterial and antifungal properties can benefit the body by supporting immunity and warding off minor colds and seasonal illnesses. These same antibacterial properties are incredibly beneficial for acne-prone skin and raw honey has long been used as an ingredient in masks and even as a cleanser.

How to use raw honey.

Raw honey is incredibly versatile, but in order to harness its full range of benefits, it’s best consumed straight from the jar (tough, I know). However, it makes a great substitute for processed sugar if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of its nutritional power. Sub honey for corn sugar in most recipes where it’s called for, or add a small amount to coffee or tea in place of white sugar. Tough workout ahead? Take a spoonful of raw honey beforehand to power through. Or, put some of our favorite tried and tested raw honey recipes to work:

DIY Honey Rose Lip Scrub

Apple Ginger Honey Spritzer

Honey Face Mask

Honey Ginger Throat Drops


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Create: Baby Facemask

Post image for Make: Honey Face Mask

Nice actually, although to taste when utilized on your skin nicer.

This article originates from our buddy Abbye Churchill — performer, herbalist and co author of A Wilder Existence.

Winter could be an animal on skin that is fragile. The raw one two strike of cold-weather exterior and dried warmth inside may depart your skin furious and dry, clamoring for humidity anywhere. Enter, sweetie.


Yes, sweetie. Nice to taste when utilized on your skin nicer, sweetie has healing qualities making it a strong cleansing that is unique. It’s necessary to utilize uncooked or unpasteurized baby &ndash ; not heat refined type you’d discover within the darling bear while utilized on your skin. Uncooked baby it is antibacterial indicating it excels at eliminating acne whilst not draining your skin of its normal water barrier and is full of probiotics.

Sweetie could be a fantastic skin cleansing while utilized on its. But, this formula increases along about the moisturizing and probiotic results by integrating probiotic- Traditional yogurt that is wealthy. The yogurt and sweetie combination behave as an automobile to seal in these excellent skin guns that are solution: a splash of super- mending oil and calming and some droplets of E Vitamin. Bye dried bye & ndash this instance, parting certainly is special sadness that is such.

That which you’ll requirement for one encounter pack:

1 ½ teaspoon excellent quality natural sweetie

1 teaspoon Traditional yogurt

3 falls E Vitamin

1/8 teaspoon calendula oil

mixing bowl


Mix the sweetie, yogurt, E Vitamin and calendula oil in a dish and take together. Utilize the humidity bunch to wash, dried skin. Delay 5-10 minutes. wash-off the humidity bunch and follow together with your preferred toner and lotion.

Photography by Dufour.


Create: the Wine of Fermented Drinks, Jun Tea

Jun, Jun Tea, Champagne of Fermented

Jun. &nbsp and the most recent .

This article involves us from Meredith Baird

2016 may be the entire year for Jun. I love to think about it whilst the Wine of fermented drinks, making Jan an ideal time for you to commemorate this excellent elixir if kombucha had the highlight in 2015.

While searching the web I discovered of Jun&nbsp. I had been surprised that I’d never heard about it t be seemingly described assets on fermentation in virtually any of my go-to. The secret held me fascinated. Exactly why is Jun and kombucha a secret that is complete!? Possibly since the elements are greater – quality? That s not impossible. Or possibly I actually found something which is fairly unfamiliar.

Jun is just a tea drink much like kombucha. Tart, carbonated that is quietly, having a minor sweetness about mdash & the backend; a little milder than kombucha having a tartness that is light, less. Unlike kombucha, that will be fermented with dark tea and stick sugar, Jun is created with tea and uncooked baby. Since the taste of Jun is normally more tasty, the quantity of glucose had a need to ensure it is taste great is not a lot more. I discover that aging with darling in the place of glucose produces a much solution-sampling item.

Jun provides your body with helpful germs , while also possessing some unique advantages and is a superb help towards the digestive tract.

Jun is believed to increase vision, increase metabolism, enhance allergies (because of the uncooked baby) and develop defenses against melanoma. Jun includes chemicals and lots and numerous live nutrients of power and b-vitamins necessary to wholesome.

Myth mdash surrounds the roots of Jun; no body truly understands of the culture nbsp & s;start. Tale has it that Jun originated from the Himalayas, made by spiritual nomads and monks. Some state that Jun is a fermented – drink that is loaded, but additionally an old elixir that is religious. It’s suggested that you simply burn sage & nbsp audio, talk and bless your Jun.

A mythological, enchanting, secret concoction as you are able to create in your house with great health advantages? Saged.


Jun is hardly difficult to create. I requested my scoby (beginner tradition) from Kombucha Kamp. Their products’ caliber is very good, and also the scoby includes instructions that are obvious. Which makes it was previously enough to determine how simple it’s. It isn t almost as picky as various other ferments or kombucha.

If you intimidate, Jun may be the ideal formula to test.

Steps to make Jun

For 1 small/method scoby use:

1-gallon of strained water

8 natural green teabags (or 8 teaspoons of loose-leaf green tea extract in a sachet)

1 cup uncooked baby

Provide water to some steam. High tea for atleast 5-10 units (I love a powerful produce on quarry).

Mix in uncooked baby to melt once water has chilled to somewhat above room-temperature. It’s extremely important NOT TO include honey once the water is piping-hot — heat may destroy the sweetie’s “existence” and also the tradition may have nothing on which to supply. Let cool. Eliminate scoby into tea produce. For atleast three days it may proceed considerably longer permit to ferment at room-temperature. The extended the ferment, the less sweet the end result. I ve quarry for approximately per week.

You are able to ferment in a pot that is securely covered. (this is exactly what I’ve completed since I’ve animals and need to maintain the surroundings clear) or you are able to ferment using the boat gently coated.

Once your preferred taste account has been already reached by jun, make sure to  refrigerate decant and chill.

Makes 1-gallon

** As my tradition is continuing to grow (it’s large today!), I’ve extended the formula with no problem. Our tradition has become roughly 4 occasions how big the initial, and so I’ve elevated the formula appropriately with no problem. 

Drink. Personally, I believe that thinking within Jun’s miracle causes it to be taste that definitely better.