Drink Dope, Look Dope

Drink Dope, Look Dope

These new protein powders promise endless energy the natural way…

Sylwia Wiesenberg is one of those women who never stops moving. Her body — and mind — is constantly in an active state, whether she is doing planks or lunges as part of her underground Tonique Fitness classes in New York City or shooting workout videos at high altitudes around the world. The secret to her non-stop energy, besides incredible genes: a daily glass of beet juice, which the Polish-born beauty grew up drinking regularly in her native Warsaw. Realizing the concoction’s wellness superpowers inspired her to launch DOPE Naturally, a line of plant-based protein powders infused with beets and other star botanicals. Here, Wiesenberg stops — just for a second — to fill us in on her dope lifestyle.

Name: Sylwia Wiesenberg

Born in: Warsaw, Poland

Currently living in: West Village, New York

What inspired you to launch DOPE Naturally?

From a big picture perspective, it was inspired by my unconditional love for food and sharing it with others. For me, cooking for others is the ultimate way to show love for them, and to show gratitude that they are in my life. When I taught my underground Tonique classes in Manhattan, I brought juices, salads and raw chocolates for those who attended to be tortured for two hours or longer, to reward them with love.

I was asked one day after a workout, “What do you take to have so much energy?” I answered right away without even thinking: Oh, I dope…I mean, I dope naturally, meaning food is my natural drug for endless energy and ageless beauty. When I said that, I really meant I eat beets and other superfoods daily. I could not stop thinking about the way I said it, and the name of my brand was born. DOPE Naturally is based on principles that I believe in — that superfoods and outstanding quality ingredients are the natural way to dope, to enhance our beauty and performance; that your beauty counter starts in your kitchen.

How do you describe Tonique for those who haven’t tried your method?

I think I have been doing Tonique since I was born, as I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t work out. When I came to NYC, I was working for an investment bank. It was a great job that paid well, but it wasn’t my passion. I quit my job and started doing what I love to do daily — designing movement and cooking. I chose to continue developing the most unique, intense workout method based on the principle of never stop moving (literally you don’t take a break for two hours) to shape an ageless body, fight gravity, and help women become confident both physically and mentally.

I was teaching for free for few years to see how the method really worked. I had celebrities and many others who loved Tonique and the way I fed them with fresh and powerful superfoods. Afterward I decided to share Tonique with a wider audience, creating videos that you can take with you anywhere. The purpose of each workout is to positively torture you (hahaha) and give your body the tone that no other workout delivers, and to make the world a smaller and fitter place, by allowing people to travel with me daily on their fitness journey.

Tell us about your childhood in Poland. Was wellness even part of your lifestyle then?

I could write a book about this, but will try to be brief! Despite the fact that we had so little available when I was growing up in Communist Poland, from food to clothing (and forget about any luxury), I have really vivid and beautiful memories of my childhood. When I think of my childhood, I smile even more. Perhaps because when I was growing up, nobody had anything, and there was absolutely nothing on the shelves in stores, so you never thought that you were missing something. Springs and summers were the most fun as I spent time outdoors running, playing ball and swinging on “trzepak” it was literally a metal rack — to clean your carpet instead of vacuuming it — and when it was not occupied kids used to do acrobatic swings and hang upside down from it for hours. The best part of summers was going to orchards and collecting fruits. I still feel the sweet juice running down my chin; juice from mulberries, plums, and cherries.

Starting at three years old I was doing “rytimka” — rhythmic classes with a strict piano teacher playing classic melodies. It was all about posture, steps and rhythm — no laughing was allowed. Later I joined a gymnastics team that required 4 hours of training daily, and on top of it I was on my school running team and part of a program called Brave Like a Soldier — imagine all the skinny girls on this program climbing walls, trees, jumping obstacles. The best part was shooting at targets and throwing old grenades.

In my household, my mom was very strict about what I ate. An absolute must was a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning, followed by eight to twelve ounces unadulterated beet juice (not diluted and no added fruit to make it sweeter). We ate three meals a day with no snacking in between (we didn’t have anything to snack on anyway). The rule was to eat small meals, which were full of nutrition. I never developed a snacking habit or a love for soda or sugar, although I do love ice cream!

What makes beets so unique as wellness food?

Beets in Poland are like oranges in Florida — everywhere! Our grandmothers, mothers and coaches educated us on the superpowers of beets! I don’t remember ever not drinking beet juice. Later, when I moved to Australia, I used to “dope” on beet juice before morning speed training and athletics at university. I added a few tropical fruits to enhance the beets’ power and to make it taste better, but beets always dominated my daily diet. I strongly believe that beets are not just a great way to enhance your performance, but they also are a miracle vegetable that works to advance your skin tone, ageless beauty and glow. Beets are definitely my secret weapon.

What was the Polish recipe and technique for making beet juice?

My mother’s way is straight like whisky without rocks!

10-15 beets peeled and cleaned

1/2 lemon

Juice beets, add a touch of fresh lemon juice — the vitamin C in lemon allows faster absorption of the nitrates in beets and other nutrients.

Drink it immediately out of the juicer — my mom and coaches used to tell me to drink it fresh and fast before it oxidizes.

Today I dope with my powders since they give me exactly what I need. I also like blended beet, using the entire beet, not wasting the pulp:

– Put two to three whole peeled and cleaned beets into a blender (Vitamix).

– Add a touch of water or coconut water and blend it to perfection.

– Drink it in the morning or at night before/after a long hard day and workouts.

DOPE Naturally makes it easy — no peeling or cleaning is required. You also get the benefit of eating awesome superfoods from around the world like dragonfruit, mangosteen and baobab.

How long did it take you to formulate DOPE Naturally’s powders? What was the biggest challenge you faced?

When I started Dope Naturally, I knew what I wanted, but I had to find the right suppliers and develop the proper formulations. It takes time and I am very picky and particular when it comes to quality. Before DOPE Naturally was released, I tested and tested and tested until I got the blend right. The next challenge was to find the right suppliers; certified organic is a must! It is important to consume organic produce — superfoods that are not destroyed by non-organic farming and chemicals. I add absolutely no sugars, no fillers and no preservatives. There are so many factors that go into making the product and all of them have to be 100 percent right, otherwise it won’t work!

Tell us about Beet Force and Beet Bliss. What are their benefits?

Beet Force is designed to elevate your stamina and wellness and allow greater oxygen flow during workouts, and also has powerful anti-aging properties. Dragonfruit promotes skin health and helps with weight management. Mangosteen has strong cellular renewal properties helping skin appear more youthful, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent energy booster. Mulberries are a perfect blood tonic, acting as a cleanser to improve blood circulation, and promoting skin and hair glow.

Beet Bliss is beet blend with cacao, baobab and mangosteen. Cacao supports cell rejuvenation, and is rich in magnesium, vitamin C and omega 6 fatty acids — it’s perfect for a youthful complexion. Cacao also promotes blood flow to your skin and has been known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Baobab promotes collagen formation, protects cells from oxidative stress (free radicals), helps the absorption of iron, and is a vitamin C powerhouse.

What’s your favorite way to whip up these powders?

I love to blend Beet Force with watermelon chunks or add to cashew yogurt. Beet Bliss I often drink in the afternoon as an energy pick up…I like it with coconut meat and water and a frozen banana. In summer, peaches and Beet Bliss are a blissful way to wake up and feel fresh and not bloated at the beach.

Tell us about Melonaid — a powder that features watermelon seeds. What’s their benefit?

I love watermelons! I never understood when I moved from Poland why so many watermelons don’t have seeds in them. The seeds are actually the best part for beauty. They are full of nutrients, amino acids and rich in plant-based protein… my “babcia” was always telling me that if I eat them, I will grow a watermelon in my belly, but then she used to sprout them and eat them. She did the same with sunflower seeds, and told me about their powers.

For the past year, I have been eating mostly plant-based protein. But I also found that, after eating pea protein powders or hemp, I felt bloated and experienced a funny aftertaste that lingered for hours and made it difficult for me to work out without my belly feeling full. I started blending my own protein potions and most of them had watermelon seeds in them. I also learned more about the beauty benefits of the seeds, and how they support toned skin and muscles. They are perfect and almost flavor free, making it easy to digest and leaving no aftertaste.

Do you have any fun recipes for Melonaid?

I put it in my cashew yogurt, add it to cereals, salads, my favorite nut butters and even make pancakes with it! I love to blend it in smoothies. There are no limits to how you can enjoy it. I even add Melonaid to ice cream. It is delicious and it makes me feel less guilty!

Where do you source your ingredients from?

I work with only organic farms and farmers across the globe. Since many of the ingredients are impossible to find from local farms in US (besides beets), I work with farmers in South East Asia, South and Central America—Nicaragua, Guatamala, Mexico, and Peru—and Africa for baobab.

What other wellness habits do you swear by for staying fit?

Eat fresh (quality food).

Eat less (smaller portions, never feel like you cannot breathe)

Sleep more (I try).

Smile more (always and daily).

Sex (probably the best wellness fundamental!).

What’s next for you and the brand?

DOPE Naturally is my baby that I am going to grow organically. You will see us introduce a number of new products. For me, it is work that I love…I am workaholic and fitness-obsessed so, if I have them both, I am happy.

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Matcha for Inner AND Outer Beauty

Matcha for Inner AND Outer Beauty

What’s green, caffeinated and more ubiquitous than that one speedo-clad guy who shows up at everyone’s yoga class? Matcha!

That’s right, the finely ground green tea leaves that have been part of Japanese and Chinese culture for centuries is fully in the mainstream (you can’t walk around New York without passing a dedicated matcha bar or shop every few blocks), and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is the stuff delicious, the preparation is incredibly soothing if you choose to make your own — it’s a great alternative to yet another cup of coffee and it is loaded with antioxidants, making it one of the most health-supportive things you can sip.

Still not sold on the wonders that is this gorgeously green powder? Here’s a quick overview and a short history lesson: Matcha is finely ground powder made from green tea leaves that have been grown in the shade, conditions which produce more theanine (a relaxing amino acid) and caffeine than typical green tea. This combination of chemicals is what accounts for the “calm energy” effect people get from drinking the stuff as opposed to the shakes you can get from too much coffee. In the twelfth century, matcha came to Japan care of the Chinese, where an elaborate tea ceremony around its preparation was (and still is) practiced. Zen Buddhists were even believed to drink matcha for meditative focus.

Calm energy aside, matcha also boasts an impressive roster of health benefits. It’s particularly high in antioxidants like polyphenols and EGCG that have been linked to everything from slowing the growth of cancer cells, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, anti-aging, fighting inflammation, regulating blood sugar and boosting metabolism. And since you’re actually drinking the ground leaves (instead of steeping them in hot water like other teas), you ingest more of the nutrients.

Not too shabby for something you can pour over ice and sip through a curly straw!

By all means, continue to sip out of that curly straw, but there’s no need to let your tastebuds have all the fun. Yes, drinking and eating your vitamins and minerals is almost always the preferred method of getting them where they need to go — into your body — but your skin can also drink up matcha’s goodness. (See what I did there?)

Here are a few matcha-infused beauty products to let the tea leaves work their magic on your face. Throw in a little matcha-fuelfed meditation every once in awhile and you’ll positively glow.

Pangea Organics Facial Mask

When it comes to antioxidants, you’d be hard-pressed to find three more potent purveyors than matcha, acai and goji berries. Lucky for you, all of ‘em can be found in this mask from always-reliable Pangea Organics. Not only does the mask deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin thanks to the inclusion of white clay, it also leaves tired, dull skin rejuvenated thanks to a hefty dose of moisture. The matcha, goji and acai work together to pack skin cells with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins to restore and brighten the skin on your face. And the 10-20 minutes you wear it present a pretty perfect time to practice your matcha whisking skills if the mood strikes.

Flora Remedia Matcha Green Tea Skin Treatment Scrub

Matcha is a whiz when it comes to reducing inflammation in your organs thanks to its status as being chock full of antioxidants. So let it work that same magic on your tired, inflamed skin with a matcha-infused body scrub. Flora Remedia’s version combines matcha powder with raw sugar and sea salt to treat redness, inflammation and body acne, while the eucalyptus oil offers not only moisture but also a gorgeous scent to help you de-stress, refresh and revitalize your shower routine. 

Cocokind MYMATCHA All-Over Moisture Stick

What do you get when you blend organic matcha, organic virgin coconut oil and organic beeswax together? If you answered lip balm, under eye balm, dark circle corrector and spot treatment, get yourself a prize. This stick from Captain Blankenship may be tiny in stature, but it more than makes up for its small size by being a veritable Swiss Army Knife of skincare benefits — and all with only three ingredients. The antioxidants in the matcha help fight off baddies that have taken up residence in the skin and de-puff while the coconut oil offers up deep moisture and nourishment. Then beeswax swoops in the seal the deal, locking hydrating in and protecting the skin from the elements.

Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha

If you want to keep things simple, you can always whip up a good old fashioned DIY face mask with a spoonful of matcha powder and some manuka honey. You’ll look like a swamp creature for a few minutes, but the combination of soothing, anti-inflammatory matcha and acne-and-bacteria-fighting honey can’t be beat, especially if you’re dealing with a pimple situation. What’s more, this type of mask is super gentle while also being incredibly effective, so you should be ok to use it every couple of days if the mood strikes.

One thing to note: This Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha is high grade and of excellent quality, so if you want to save if for sipping, no hard feelings.

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Encyclopedia: Turmeric

The small spruce that may… from combatting serious irritation to improving storage to battling melancholy and beyond…

A week ago I recognized the introduction of what I carefully make reference to as warm beverage period having a hot mug of 1 of my favorites, the gold cappuccino. (Part notice, you men I really discovered a restaurant in Brooklyn that acts gold lattes! Farewell salary.) My brain was abruptly bombarded with ideas when I consumed. Ideas such as for example “guy, this really is great,” and “summer? What’s summer?”and, especially, “I forgot how amazing turmeric is! … How may I have overlooked how amazing turmeric is?!” I recognized that that which was once a choice of my program choose to go criminal recently. Honestly, my globe hasbeen one rollercoaster that was insane recently, as well as in it all’s whirlwind, I forgot just how to look after myself. The wellness methods, wholesome eating and home-treatment which are usually section of my program were abruptly second-fiddle to early days, late evenings, and also the craze that accompany shifting (never enjoyment). But I acquired a brand new bit of turmeric and created a beeline towards the closest supermarket having a year comes after downing that cappuccino quicker than I possibly must have and, fresh promises. For you really to do exactly the same which may be the ideal season!

An all natural inclusion to any fall wellness, turmeric that is restart may be the small spruce that may. From persistent irritation to improving storage to battling melancholy and beyond, this rhizomatic origin (state that 10 times quickly) does everything, all while sampling wonderful. Continue reading become certain to browse along for an day formula that’ll enable you to get moving forward these darkening fall times, and to understand why turmeric warrants a location in what you eat.


What’s it? you might have noticed new turmeric before in the marketplace and never actually recognized it. Much like cinnamon for the reason that it’s likewise a rhizome (an undercover stalk frequently comprising many nodes) having a dried, scaly skin, the new turmeric obtainable in shops frequently appears like a yellow small cinnamon origin or a particularly big caterpillar (fun!). Additionally, it may be discovered dry within the spice section. Indigenous to southern Japan, turmeric is just a choice in Indian food and popular in Ayurvedic methods to deal with several, many different conditions and digestion, attacks, colds, injuries. Regarded as sacred in Asia, turmeric can also be popular in religious methods.

What’re the advantages? A definitely better query could be, what doesn’t turmeric advantage? This Really Is one spruce we ought to all be eating more of. The primary advantageous substance in turmeric is curcumin. This small question not just supplies a wild dosage of antioxidants all-on its, but really makes the antioxidants currently contained in the body work harder. It s-like a PEP-rally for the tissues. Curcumin can also be an all natural anti inflammatory (it’s actually been when compared with some overthecounter medicines), helping relieve persistent irritation of your body in the molecular level. The curcumin in turmeric is triggered, which makes it bioavailable for the body to digest while combined with black-pepper, which includes piperine. Along with its super-recovery forces, even assist with melancholy, stave off Alzheimer s, and the curcumin in turmeric hasbeen proven to increase brain exercise.


How is it used by me? Don’t allow the cost per-pound of new turmeric trick you — the item you observe below was no more than 20 pennies, along with a small moves an extremely long way. Clean turmeric gives itself nicely to shakes, drinks and sauces, as the powdered turmeric you’ll discover within the spice section may mix beautifully into soups, tasty meals, turmeric stick, and many different programs.

This spruce is powerful and most appropriate when coupled with black-pepper, which triggers the curcumin within the turmeric, which makes it bioavailable for the body to digest once we mentioned above. Whenever feasible, make sure to put in a touch of black-pepper to any formula concerning turmeric (you’ll be amazed by how great black-pepper preferences in turmeric tea and shakes).

Among my personal favorite methods to utilize turmeric within the drop is developing an insert from it to make use of in turmeric lattes (take a look at my formula below). Turmeric mixes effortlessly into exotic shakes (check it out having a small cinnamon, blueberry and apple — yum!), tasty meals, sauces and sauces, and beauty remedies (like this bathtub). An even more flexible spruce than you may anticipate, turmeric may be worth tinkering with. you need to be guaranteed to safeguard your apparel and any porous areas since turmeric also makes a beautiful marigold-colored coloring.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Turmeric Cinnamon Day Elixir Focus


1 little bit fresh turmeric (about an inch and-a-half), cleaned with external skin crawled down

1 moderate bit fresh cinnamon (about two inches), cleaned with external skin crawled down

2 lemons, peeled with vegetables eliminated

Touch of black pepper

Operate the turmeric, cinnamon and lemons during your juicer (for the reason that purchase) and capture liquid in a calculating glass. Put in a touch of black-pepper towards the glass. This fluid might be saved within an airtight box for approximately two times, or decanted into an ice-cube holder and freezing for prolonged use (proposed, only a little moves quite a distance).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

To Make Use Of: each morning, location a tbsp of elixir focus or 1 freezing dice in a glass and fill up with heated water. Permit / and to soften or blend and beverage. Enjoy!

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