Tune Into Your Zodiac: Libra Playlist

Tune Into Your Zodiac: Libra Playlist

In your quest for balance, look no further for your best birthday soundtrack…

Libra, your season is upon us! You’re a harmonized spirit who loves to socialize and be one with nature. Treat yourself to a walk through your favorite park or garden and take in the season changes that you love to experience. Enjoy your birth month and this playlist to accompany you on your nature walks.

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Photo of Anna Gray by Jana Kirn. Curated by Katie Gariepy from our Midwest retail district.

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Tune In: Music For Travelers Playlist

Tune In: Music For Travelers Playlist

When your pick up and go is about to pick up and go…

For all of the wanderers out there…if you’re about ready to gas up the car, slug through customs, fill up the bike tires, get your pedal to the metal and get OUT…

Here’s a playlist to help carry you along. Weekend getaway, weeklong renewal, lifelong change, no matter. Enjoy. XO



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FP Me To You: An Earth Day Playlist

FP Me To You: An Earth Day Playlist

A road-trip playlist inspired by Mother Earth herself…

This post comes from the FP Me muse-ically gifted Azure

This past week I ventured via road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay for the 5 day Music Festival Bluesfest. As soon as we hit the highway, I knew the call of emerald green fields and gold delight with hit us soon enough. This week has floated by with mornings spent in a lucid breeze, gently awakened by the song birds and sun-kissed trees.

I know the US is currently celebrating Earth Day and the beauty of the National Parks, but please remember the importance of remaining grateful every day for this incredible land we have been blessed to walk upon. With that, please share my road trip playlist, inspired by Mother Earth herself. Now take it and go explore, smile, dance, sing, walk barefoot along the Earth. Feel the energy, run, leap, fly and LIVE!!

Thank you Mumma Nature. <3

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Think Free: Songs to Make You Move

A Spotify playlist for your mind, body and soul…

Monday saw the launch of our newest Movement campaign, Think Free and, with it, several interviews with its movers and shakers. We got a good glimpse into their everyday lives, including a list of their favorite songs to move to. To make it easy for you to start moving YOUR mind, body and soul, we’ve created a playlist of all their must-haves. So now all you need is a new outfit!

What are YOUR go-to movement favorite songs? Let us know in the comments below.

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