Tips for the Plant-Eating Traveler

Tips for the Plant-Eating Traveler

Traveling while maintaining a plant-based diet requires a little organisation, a touch of research, and a desire to be a bit adventurous…with the best local produce always serving as your reward.

Without fail, my parents frequent their local farmers’ market every week. Rain or shine, Saturday mornings are spent in the town square, inspecting seasonal produce from organic local farmers who they know on a first-name basis. Jean, for example, sells olives he’s carefully selected from France and parts of Spain. His ‘secret mix’ is one of almonds, green olives and whole cloves of garlic, as well as a mysterious blend of spices. He enjoys a good laugh and will make you sample the contents of his entire stall upon each visit.

Their love and pursuit of whole foods was easily passed onto me, who has embraced an omnivorous diet for years. And after over a year of practicing vegetarianism, I decided to take it a step further and go vegan. There is a certain art to applying this diet to an on-the-go lifestyle…but I believe I’ve become quite good at acquiring great produce no matter where I find myself.

Prior to my trip, I always conduct a little research to find out where the local markets are, on what days they’re open, where the local health food shops are, and what supermarkets are in the area. That way, when I arrive, I can pick up a few essentials straight away.

Markets are a wonderful way to meet the locals, experience the region, and buy fresh (and sometimes unique) seasonal fruits and vegetables. My trick is to walk once around the market to eye up the best deals and best-looking produce, then decide from which stalls to buy. This saves considerable disappointment when you discover that two stalls down the old man with his beret is selling the ripest juiciest peaches for half the price you just bought yours (I learned the hard way!)

With a basket filled with golden apricots, a couple of warm baguettes, lettuces, fresh basil (for pesto!), the ripest tomatoes you’ll ever find, and a whole tray of nectarines, I declared myself happy and sat down in the dappled light under a big leafy tree for a well-earned espresso at the local café, watching the locals go by with their own overflowing baskets.

When in France, always pick up a bunch of purple garlic, and ask around for the best bakery in town. Bread is a religion around here — never settle for a baguette that makes you feel less than the happiest person in the world. Also, a little trick I’ve learned this year — if you ask for a ‘croissant patissier’ or a ‘croissant ordinaire‘ you’ll be served a vegan croissant made with margarine instead of butter! You’re more than welcome.

* Research before you leave. Locate markets, health food shops, supermarkets and restaurants with vegan options (the HappyCow app is a great tool!)

* Pack an easy-to-transport meal and snacks for your travel day. Remember — no liquids if you’re flying! Hummus and carrots, granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, grain salads or simple sandwiches are my go-to picks. Nothing worse than being hangry and stuck on a plane.

* Be adventurous. Go out of your way to find new places to eat, wake up early to go to the market, chat to locals, try new ingredients. You will experience your destination in a whole new way, I promise!


Photos and words by Tania Gault.

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I am put by way too many choices . It shouldn’t.

Choice. You re& nbsp. Coffee?

Are these pants too-short? Perhaps sweetheart jeans would not be worsen.

Will a great deal be strolling nowadays? Thoughts stating yes, Eh, therefore Converse. But delay, these blocks are adorable.

Cap or no cap.

Take. Traffic is supported. Must I proceed correct or left?

I have to get a fast personal gift before I notice my buddy. Tasty or bouquets? Or gift certificate? No& hellip records rsquo & aren;t enough that is individual. Are they? Must I contact and provide her a heads up I& rsquo gonna be overdue? No.

Do I’d like Indian for Asian or lunch? I it is made by ll promptly. Can I? Emphasis, breathe you’re what I love to contact a clutter that is indecisive. Indian looks great.

Nbsp & this;was a showt, me yesterday. Time for you to nbsp & jump; begin and off the practice producing choices that are tangible. S start being definitive if you should be steppin in the same defeat as me, join allow&rsquo.

Recently I invested the whole day writing items that have now been creating needless tension in my own existence down.

Our hits have to be cut before a car attack me – underwear point appears to continually be displaying, perhaps that cactus ought to simply transfer before it stabs me again.

After these issues that were foolish, I determined the majority of my daily nervousness comes from being not decisive. Insufficient assurance clearly performs a vital part when creating easy choices, but additionally… possibly it’s that I posses the nature pet of the Golden-Retriever pup who may’t quit pursuing it’s goshdarn butt. THEREFORE. How is this solved by us?

Cleanslate Experienced Hat, Carmel Straw-Hat

Don& rsquo Overthink. Some choices just aren’t that challenging. Simply freakin get it done. Follow your original intuition, and observe how it plays.

Strategy. if you should be an overthinker, and also you have to create an arrange for every day, do it now. On hectic times, choose transport paths, and your breakfast, lunchtime the night time before. You’ll have softer sailing from there.

Do rsquo & What; s Significant. in case your brain is rushing, filtration as to the is most demanding. You are able to& rsquo. Choose a couple of items that are not most unimportant, achieve them, move ahead and be pleased. You are able to usually return to issues.

Quit Lamenting. Occasionally silly choices are created. It s okay. You discover and live. You ll create an option that is greater the next time.

Follow Your Center. you may make as numerous professionals/cons listings for large choices while you like. But deep-down inside your center, guess what happens the clear answer is. Abide by it.

Levi’s 501 CT Jean, Logan High-Rise Stop

+ What guidance have you got for that indecisive? How can we form through decision making? I would like to understand within the remarks!

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6 Things You Can Do Before 2016

Post image for 6 Things To Do Before 2016

We’ve the option to begin clean with every fresh evening, but issues are taken by a new year up a level.

There is just a year a clear record. A chance to clean aside all that pessimism and begin clean, while getting& nbsp classes and the joy rsquo & we;ve acquired on the way. Truly, there’s possible every single day to begin clean but, in the beginning of a year, the club is elevated. Slightly…

Whilst nbsp & the year;attracts to a finish, load with wonder and I love to replicate — with gratitude around the 12 weeks simply handed. Listed here are nbsp 6&;issues we are able to do before night hits about the 31st, to wrap 2015 up having a stunning bend and make to start the present that’s 2016. Please reveal within the remarks when you have any suggestions to include!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Create anything. Looking back about the year, any year, it’s frequently incredible to understand just how much we’ve completed. Over an interval of time, the outcomes are anything to become really happy with;but although efficiency frequently happens a little in a time&nbsp. This week, create your final masterpiece of ndash & 2015 if that masterpiece is just a tasty order of snacks. I am pleased to have that stay as you of my ultimate works of the entire year, and decorated among my surfaces with dry bouquets. Nowadays producing anything may depart you buzzing to produce more and experiencing impressed.

Think about anything. It usually appears that solutions appear as we choose to request. This week, think about a query about. It may be about a particular occasion happened previously, or around what s ahead later on a query. You might not understand the clear answer immediately but, when you place out the query in to the world, you might find an solution earlier than you believed not impossible. Perhaps the clear answer has already been within you.


Anything that is alter. a brand new year is emblematic of fresh options, and also the method these arrived at fruition is by performing. Obtain A head-start by creating a change nowadays – whether it’s no more than ordering your furniture or reducing your own hair, or as large as altering your perspective in your own existence. Creating a good change today sets the tone for many fantastic freshness within the year forward.

Present anything to yourself. It’s therefore very important to handle oneself (from time to time). Create a small listing of rsquo & that which you; of achieving in 2015 re many proud ! Consider out oneself to supper, obtain a rub, purchase that rsquo tote you&;ve all-year been seeking, provide a hug to yourself. You created nbsp key advances&;this season, and also you deserve something for that.


Launch anything. Whether psychological or bodily, allowing go of what no further acts us is an excellent method to reduce your fill, producing space for anything fresh and stunning. Determine something which you provide oneself authorization to let it; and no longer need a to some prior connection &ndash, – a classic item, an unlucky occasion go. For entering your lifetime appreciate it, and allow it to realize that its objective has been offered by it. Say goodbye.

Prepare anything. When there’s anything a-brewing as time goes on, &nbsp lives;in a continuing hype of power that is good. &nbsp to be initiated by one method; by really preparing anything enjoyable this exhilaration is! An event for no cause, a visit, a gathering. You don’t need to place the program into ndash motion immediately &; simply concentrating on a concept is sufficient to create an additional coating of exhilaration in to the year forward.


I really hope rsquo & you;ve all had an excellent, strange, thrilling, informative 2015, which you are brought more serenity, pleasure simplicity and enjoyment than you’ ve by 2016. New Year!

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