Polaroids from the Edge: Radiant Human Visits FP

Polaroids from the Edge: Radiant Human Visits FP

In need of an aura-l fixation? Radiant Human to the rescue, with their spirit-filled Polaroid portraits…

This week, we were humbled to host the ladies that make up Radiant Human, as part of our ongoing Home Office: How We series. If you have an opportunity to meet them and, better yet, walk away with a forever imprint of your spirit, I highly advise it. Besides, you’ll have a very cool new profile pic to show for it.

Read below for a little Q&A with these lovelies…

For those folks not familiar with Radiant Human, can you share a little about your foray into this cosmic world?

Radiant Human is a traveling project that provides a platform for people to explore the energy they radiate and then take a photograph of it. Good vibes, bad vibes, weird vibes, we’ve all been able to conceptualise this through pop culture and this is the ability to take a picture of it!! I think it’s incredibly fascinating how we can use color as a communication tool and reconceptualize what a selfie can be. This is such an amazing time to be alive!! So many people are ready to explore the energy they put into the world; self exploration, self realization, self actualisation is a big component to this project and it’s so validating to see and hear about everyone’s experiences with this project. I always announce when I go to a new city on my Instagram (@radianthuman_) so if you are at all curious come see me!!

The colors…what, generally, do they mean? Does their placement in the picture have anything to do with it?

Each photo has three sections; everything from the ears up represents conscious thought (and typically these colors change faster than the other areas), whereas the lower left represents your internal dynamic or self, and the lower right represents what you project outward or your persona.

When you get into what the colors mean, that’s where it gets really interesting — a subject very rarely produces just one color, let alone just one hue, so a large part of what I find so interesting is how these colors/hues interact with each other and how this illustrates the complexities of being a human being.

Describe your process.

This project works in several layers. There is the traveling aspect propelled by social media, the dome as an installation and photo studio/space ship, the interactive element of subject to artist and then lastly, the tangible result of all three; a very lovely one of a kind peel away photograph of you and your aura.

After visiting Free People, what would you say about our general aura/spirit?

OMG! I love this question! You know i just started interacting with more corporate environments and it’s really interesting to see what comes out of this. There is so much information here. I mean this is the opportunity to see the individual as well as the group dynamic which is such a fun and endless conversation, especially with people at work!! With the group that I photographed I can see that there was a majority of purple present indicating a lot of inspiration and individual perspective. The second coloration that I saw was a lot of orange, which is very expressive, creative and collaborative. Not a surprise for FP headquarters!!

Your spirit animal is…

When I was 8 years old I found myself swimming alone with a wild manatee and her two calves. I eventually straddled the mother and cruised around with her before my dad called me in for dinner (if there ever was a dad buzz kill that was it). It was a very special interaction and I still can’t believe it happened.

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Mommy Makeover: Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra

Mommy Makeover: Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra

A series highlighting the journeys of 3 mothers, united by and for one endless love — their children. Today, and every day, we’re honoring their strength and unnerving commitment…

This is Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra’s story.
Greatest mom moment… 
Since Lex has started to talk more, he will crawl into bed with his father and me, give us cuddles and yell “Family!” If that’s not sweet enough, he’ll then look over at his 3-month-old little brother and yell ‘Baby! Ryder!” and I know that’s his way of including him. It kills me.
Best piece of advice you ever received from your mom…
“Relationships are like building a house.  On bad weather days, it’s hard to work on it but then the sun comes out. Brick by brick, day by day.”
How do you balance work and mothering?
It’s not easy. When I’m really tired, I remind myself that my babies are only little for a short time and that usually puts things into perspective. I also try to carve out some alone time for myself, even if that means folding laundry and listening to podcasts… That helps with my personal balance.
Tell us about your most recent photography projects…
I just hosted a second show for my documentary piece, ‘Rashida,’ and about to launch a collaboration project titled ‘ALPHABODIES’. Both projects are very close to my heart and were made with the intent to contribute to society in a positive way.
What hopes/dreams do you have for Lex? 
I want him to be happy and love himself.
What about Lex are you most proud of?
His fearless nature.
How has your beauty routine changed since having kids? 
It’s strictly necessities, due to time management and exhaustion.
Top 3 quick beauty tips for the working mom...
Sunscreen, mud masks and water.
Check out Elizabeth’s website.
+ Be sure to check out Elizabeth and Lex’s mommy makeover video on our Instagram today!
Photos by Jana Kirn.

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Meet: Find Your California

The LA-born artist/photographer behind ever-popular @findyourcalifornia

@findyourcalifornia is a feeling. It’s that wind in your hair, an endless drive down sunkissed open roads, beers on the beach with a side of sand in your toes. Nico Guilis serves up 100% pure Cali, and she can do it with  just one photograph. Her Instagram account blossomed from just a small idea into an all-out creative brand. We recently met up with Nico and surfer babe Karina Petroni to dip below the glass surface and capture an endless underwater summer, stirring up our want of warm air and spur-of-the-moment getaways. Get to know more about Nico as she helps us find our own California below.

How did photography come into your life, and what’s made you stick with it?

Photo came into my life when I was really young — my dad gave me a Pentax Film camera when I was 7. Think he saw something within me at a young age. Two years later I was in private painting school 3 nights a week. I’ve only ever been an artist, literally since age 7. It’s just what I knew I was put on this earth to do — never questioned that. 

With so much content being uploaded to social channels daily, how do you stay true to your aesthetic?

I don’t look at other people’s socials, really. Mostly I watch old films, 70s experimental films, skate stuff, constantly buying rad books, looking for vintage items to reference. I stay in my own head space, which keeps me present in my own work.

You work with a lot of amazing and talented women. Are they friends first, or do you build the bond while collaborating? How do you find your subjects? 

Either I am introduced to people or I work with friends who, after finishing a project, become better friends. There’s just a vibe I can spotand intuitively know if we can make epic work. It’s really not about followers — it’s about an experience and these moments I wish I could bottle forever. 

Many of your clients are surfers. After shooting , do you head out to catch a wave yourself?

From time to time. I’m usually traveling with girls who surf 6-15 ft faces in places that are kinda gnarly. Croozy and fun is more my speed. Most of the time I fly in, get a day to settle and start location scouting, shoot, wrap and then I’m out. 

What makes FindYourCalifornia unique ?

I think FYC is unique because of my approach and ability maintain a feminine energy through all my work, even in the skateboarding realm. Every bit of me is present in everything I shoot, and I’ve been selective about my work. I like to build out a story over 5 days of shooting. That’s rare, to get so much time with girls on location. I feel very appreciative.

Is there a side to photography that you want to learn or conquer?

I’ve been toying around with night shooting more, which can be really hard (and epic) if you don’t use synthetic lights. I’ve been working with a rad online company called Lumoid who rents out camera bases, lenses and other tools at a really affordable cost, great especially if you want to try out different bodies before investing in your own. I’ve been frothing to try (Leica xu and Leica Q) and it’s like having a new test car to drive. I love it.

What’s been your favorite project/shoot to date? 

I don’t have a favorite project because they all are so representative of where I am in that moment. I think the one project where I felt a shift in my work and progression is my Thaddeus O’Neil film starring Brook Power. I really fought for my vision and full creative control, down to the casting of the girl. And as challenging as it was to stay strong and not budge, it showed me that my instincts are my compass and what you picture in your head can come to life — don’t compromise. It was featured on Italian Vogue and premiered at Silencio in Paris (David Lynch’s theater). That was a really proud moment for me. 


Any advice for aspiring photographers out there? 

I would tell aspiring photographers to try different cameras and lens. Vintage lens are super cool. I am constantly pushing myself. I work around the clock and don’t lose sight of what it is I am doing. I think you have to let passion lead in a time when there is an overload of everything these days. I like to slow it down and take my time. I don’t post daily, I let things breathe. I do the opposite of everyone else and that’s ok. Be you and be stoked on yourself. 

What does being “free” mean to you?

The amount of times I’ve been told I can’t do something or “that will never work,” “how will you make that happen ” and I ignore it all and think “Ye f**k you. Watch me.” That’s freedom , just not giving a f**k what people think. I always say,  “Why would you walk down a path and throw a bunch of road blocks in the way to trip on?”  In other words , don’t choose to do something and allow all the negativity and haters to trip you on your choices… crooz and make it real.

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FP Me Polaroid Me Imagination Peak

Covering and taking the wonder that’s unplugging, charging and obtaining the innovative juices moving…

There’s-a elegance in peaceful locations, one which compels you to clear the mind, relax and begin anew.  The difficult component (particularly residing in the town) is producing the full time to really discover this type of place. Obviously, after I obtained a request to go to the FPMe x Polaroid Imagination Peak, the chance to disconnect, to refresh and obtain my imaginative juices moving was many welcome.
A two-hr coach trip moved me upstate in to the Catskill Foothills, one of the organization of competition champions from all around the nation, in addition to several common encounters to get an evening of imagination, cooperation, and enjoyment. It’s secure to express, whenever we reached Foxfire Mountain Home, we were all-in instant amazement of the home and its own atmosphere. All, out and inside, experienced as if we were moved into our very own small globe, which designed for informal and simple introductions & nbsp discussion.
A peak spotlight? Our rdquo superstar&;& nbsp;cell, without a doubt. Tales were shared by a few the masterminds behind People about preferred tasks, problems, benefits and their large pauses. It had been therefore empowering to listen to from individuals employed in mdash & the area; just how they’re continuously changing like a creative, and the things they need. After which we were provided an nbsp, and a Camera to collaborate, artistically seize among four ideas and believe like art-directors. Although we didn’t all understand one other or one another’s firing and design capabilities, the knowledge to combine and discover new skills, while fine tuning our skills, was amazing.
Directly after we finished the 8 problems, we talked with one another while enjoying drinks and treats and relaxed to get a tad. We went within the problems and mentioned and fulfilled the imagination which was contained in our pictures. To determine visitors get together to picture and collaborate ideas they all jointly decided on was the component that is very best.
I had been unfortunate to depart, but moreso thrilled to obtain along my suggestions written down and work with people who I usually wouldn’ t had the chance to. Being within the middle of this type of peaceful and stunning room quit &nbsp to me;elevated. I will’t delay to come back to Foxfire with my buddies and family members and produce fresh recollections with my unprecedented guidelines and methods.
After I ll reveal to you my elegance and wellness programs make sure to check back in a few days.






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Upload GAIN for an unique request to the Me Polaroid occasion that is approaching!

This competition could be for you personally if you’re: innovative, and styling design Polaroid&hellip. Enter to get an area at our approaching Imagination Peak, a one day occasion — 9/8 — at Foxfire Mountain Home in Ny’s Catskill Mountains. Discuss your nature, and add a photograph to FP Me or Instagram (before July 31st) for accessibility and label @freepeople, @Polaroid, #FPMeGetTheShot! View details below.

Dining room 1



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Come Out: Behindthescenes

Seriously collection for the newest party take… 

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie

Have a look behindthescenes of our newest FP party blast, Come Out, offering the spectacular Luma Grothe. And make sure to party like no body is viewing…

IMG_0424 copy

_MG_0541 copy

_MG_0571b copy

_MG_0567 copy

_MG_0583 copy

_MG_0636 copy


IMG_0680 copy


+ Which party search have you been caring? 

FP Me for You: Adding Tara Michie

Match Tara, aka @ladyslider — reader, shooter, stylist, all around girl — in a sequence featuring a number of our fave FP Me women.

Elevated and created on a little area bunch in the Ocean’s middle, I will’t aid but possess nbsp a fairly distinctive viewpoint&;on the planet. I had been the newest of four women and resided the majority of my entire life outside or within the sea (from the chance of having pummelled.) Our childhood was nbsp;nicely- nbsp & recorded;— Father got quickly she turned&nbsp and my mother a Cannon film-camera . My father bred& nbsp;so my close friends were usually puppies,& nbsp Shepherds. (He nevertheless informs people who “Tara was elevated from the dogs.”) After I was 12, I obtained my own, personal surfboard from a skill instructor who had been tossing out his aged 7”6” Blue Hawaii. It had been these things all that  led to who I’m distinctive perspective and today a lady having a& nbsp feeling of design.


Laharia One-Piece


Increasing up such a remote location has (perhaps) remarkably provided me several distinctive possibilities. All I actually desired to do was escape after I was newer. The desire go faraway locations and to determine the remainder of the planet was so powerful. Since I’m older (and aware of having browsing several locations), I’ve developed to understand and comprehend my origins as part of your; today, I couldn’t observe myself residing elsewhere on the planet because it’s given me the unusual opportunity to create a well rounded viewpoint of daily pictures.


Washed Denim General, Morning Hours Phone Bodysuit

I usually understood I needed to work-in an innovative business, but never thought that I possibly could endure like stylist and a shooter. Nowadays, I’m enclosed with a group of acutely innovative, aesthetically exciting people, issues and locations, every single day. It s a genuine benefit to work well with them to produce symbolism that is stunning.

Hawai i is exclusive for factors that are numerous but, possibly most of all, it’s surfing’s homeland. Indigenous Hawaiians possess a birthright to search, once we are therefore carefully attached to the property (and water). Tyler , our fianc, and that I reside an appropriate small existence about the North Coast of rsquo & E;ahu, which is he that has been the building blocks our creative endeavors of all. He’s the main one behind the camera, strengthening me to be always a greater specialized shooter and taking occasions over time.


Display Me Down One-Piece, Kekaha Strong Swimsuit Top

Most significantly, an easy type of existence lives that people appreciate. We enjoy ruining Annie, our 3- legged Collie, surfing athome creating tasty foods and spending evenings. I couldn& rsquo!


+ View for more of Tara within the arriving weeks!
Photos: Tyler Stone.

Behindthescenes: The July List

Path Erin Wasson’s route through Peru within this unique search behindthescenes of our latest list…

This article originates from Kamaryn Potter and Alistair Casillas.

Miraculous. If rsquo & you;re you, not really a believer re truly missing . Should you re among the types that are fortunate, you have it. Out of every single-piece of historic stone, dust, and individual walking the property Peru consists of miracle. The nation radiates &nbsp and real kindness; appreciation, joy and regard. Everything includes a spirit, and it can be felt by you.

Your area search required us through the town of Cuszo, the Maras Areas, organic sodium pools (Salinas de Maras) and regional weaving courses. Throughout everything, we were awestruck from the limitless colour-wealthy structures, historic damages, inconceivably wonderful hills and valleys, and sunsets you didn’t believe really endured without filters, all cradling a tradition that’s indescribably spectacular. Fortunately, I got my aged film-camera before venturing out to record my very own personal occasions (shout-out to my mother who purchased the camera when she was in senior school!)… Hi donkeys and llamas! The camera makes an extremely significant cameo within the list, as Erin launches several pictures from her viewpoint — unedited and uncooked which & nbsp the real miracle of the property and power.

There is something nbsp; ideal about getting along this camera for that trip, taking Peru’s charming historic background by having an knowledge of storytelling having past and a center of its.








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You Need To Be Using One Picture Daily

Post image for Why You Should Be Taking One Photo Everyday

Envision getting daily, a minumum of one picture, for 365days. What can you seize?& nbsp?

Whether you’re an expert photographer librarian, and sometimes even simply working out existence because it comes, you’ve a watch. Living is seen by you . The roads stroll for your own defeat, prepare your pancakes, and begin to see the sunrises from predicament an unique method than other people. You need to seize everything.

On day-this year, I invested your day sorting that her household and my mother had absorbed the decades. It had been fairly enchanting, to determine the planet from their viewpoint. Due to my work outline, and my compulsive have to seize existence on I, a daily schedule ’m down to some great start. You’ll usually discover everything taking, from your day towards the most important’s many minor second. I believe you need to begin, also.

The thing you need:

Any type of camera. I m talkin iPhone DSLR anything you have not is picture imperfect.

Therefore, you’ve your camera. Begin firing. Look for a minute from the & ldquo BUT I SO TIRED AND M HUMAN ALIVE day and click an image. It may be of the English muffin you consumed about the part of one’s stop for breakfast. Simply take it. that second since you are just guaranteed that evening. You wouldn& rsquo can you?

Going for daily to an image has assisted me maintain a visible journal of every single day and every. It s pressured me to become innovative, to obtain hello, it&rsquo, and the stunning small issues in existence;s assisted my Instagram search somewhat sweet, also. At first, it might be anything you’ve to advise you to ultimately do, but fundamentally it’ll simply not become as compound as breathing. You& rsquo start viewing things and truly starting your eyes. While it completed and ’ s stated, you’ll possess a couple of pictures that signify your times, in ways. After I examine quarry, which you will find thousands and thousands, I truly observe my entire life just like a thing of beauty, saturated in small enchanting occasions I chose to hold on to.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Why do you consider rsquo & it;s very important to have an image every single day? Perhaps you have completed it? Did you remain impressed?

I would like to understand within the remarks!

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Meet with up with the Fresh FPMe!

Post image for Meet the New FPMe!

Me is again& much better than actually; and hellip!

Should you haven’t familiarized yourself with FP Me, today’s nearly as good a period as any to participate in. Having A full lot of fresh functions and greater bonuses, it’s an incredible method to observe what your girlfriend team is sporting and the things they adore. Continue reading to learn hellip & more; hopefully to determine you quickly. <3