Summer of Love: Stories from Photographer Baron Wolman

Summer of Love: Stories from Photographer Baron Wolman

A one-of-a-kind look behind the lens of the man who inspired our latest shoot — portrait photographer, Baron Wolman…

In the mid- to late-60s, Baron Wolman changed the face of portrait photography, capturing the spirit and soul of those people making moves in music through his work at Rolling Stone magazine. Elevating groupies to the same category of the performers they followed, the American-born Wolman documented his subjects with a fervor not seen before him. It is his honest eye and raw style that inspired our Summer of Love lookbook, and we are fortunate to share with you a few candid stories behind some of his iconic images that we’re selling here…

In the studio I photographed fashionista and funk singer, Betty Davis for our short-lived but very influential counterculture fashion magazine, RAGS. We called it “the Rolling Stone of fashion!” The late sixties changes in society that we could hear we published in Rolling Stone. The changes in style and dress that we could see, we published in Rags. From her globe-size afro to her free-form poses in the most exciting and compelling clothes, I made a series of absolutely compelling fashion photos. Betty was fiercely independent and extraordinarily creative, writing and playing music, becoming the muse to many. Vogue wrote that the former fashion model “introduced her husband Miles to her rumored flame, Jimi Hendrix, and her friend Sly Stone. Their relationship and work together helped catapult Mile’s sound into a freer, more experimental phrase, eventually spawning Davis’ now classic album, Bitches Brew.” A couple of years ago, Betty Davis’ albums were rereleased to significant acclaim, but for reasons known only to Betty herself, she has gone underground, difficult to contact and giving no interviews, in spite of a documentary in the works about her colorful, extraordinary life.

I met the Sanchez Twins – Lynn and Laura – in the late sixties, probably backstage at a Fillmore Auditorium concert in San Francisco. Their mother ran a popular breakfast-lunch type restaurant in the glorious North Beach district of San Francisco. It was, and still is, called “Mama’s On Washington Square.” In addition to their young and compelling beauty (they were 17 at the time), the twins got along well which made photographing them together a delight. And they were willing participants in our photographic adventures. Our shoots were always fun, be they in my studio or in the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. On their 18th birthday, when they became “alcohol legal,” I treated the three of us to dinner…with wine. I have only the fondest recollections of the Sanchez Twins, and lots of lovely photos to underscore the memories…

Just as it’s impossible for any parent to choose his or her favorite child, so it is for me to choose my favorite groupie. Miss Sparky (Linda Sue Parker), however, would certainly rank high on any list of groupies I loved. She was an intelligent and “sparkling” member of the GTO’s, always smiling and exuberant. I remember the day I and the GTO’s went into the borrowed photo studio of A&M Records in LA for our photo shoot for the Rolling Stone Groupie issue (#27) which was published on February 15, 1969. What a great afternoon! Each of the six GTO’s in attendance presented herself differently, from her unique make-up to her distinctive clothes. No two women were alike, nor would I have expected them to be. In the true sixties interpretation of fashion, each put herself together from her own personal idea of style, how she felt she looked best. And each did look fabulous!

I lived walking distance from Janis Joplin’s flat in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. More than once I visited her to make pictures of one of my most beloved female musicians of the sixties. At this particular session I noticed a wall of new “Janis” posters decorating her bedroom. “Hey, Baron, dig it. I’m the first hippie pin-up girl!” The posters were for sale in head shops around the country and they featured a charming semi-nude image of Janis made by my photographer friend, Bob Seidemann. Because I knew that Janis had both a light and a dark side to her, I usually urged the light side forward when I photographed her; after all, she was still a 24 year old young girl becoming a woman in 1967, experienced but still filled with the joy of the possibilities ahead. Anyhow, for this photo I decided to try and mirror her look in her pin-up poster, so I allowed her to be somewhat more serious and somber. Later on, Seidemann and I traded signed photo prints; I framed the one I took next to Bob’s original, respectfully sexy shot. I sure do miss Janis.


Joni Mitchell was 25 when I photographed her at home in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. Actually, I wasn’t there on assignment for Rolling Stone, rather I had been hired by a glossy upstart counterculture magazine called EYE and published by the Hearst group, one of the country’s largest magazine publishers. The Hearst people recognized that the counterculture represented a growing market and they wanted to speak (and sell) to it. They offered many Rolling Stone staffers well-paid freelance assignments (I was still working for free at Rolling Stone), and I was one of them. The Joni Mitchell shoot was unique in many ways. First, it was in color, and color was impossible to print in the pages of Rolling Stone back then so most of my work until then had been in black & white. Secondly, I brought along my medium format Hasselblad camera which produced razor sharp large negatives and color transparencies. One Eye’s dime, I also used the opportunity to shoot some 35mm black and white for Rolling Stone; I knew they would like having the pictures, and in fact, one of those shots subsequently became a Rolling Stone cover! After the shoot, Joni and I sat around, drank tea, and probably discussed everything from love to relationships to politics; I don’t really remember what we talked about, only that Joni and I had a wonderful afternoon together. If you haven’t guessed already, the location of the shoot was the subject of the song, “Our House,” written when Graham Nash and Joni were living together in that very home…

Here’s why I loved Grace Slick. She was smart, she was beautiful, she was talented, she was decidedly anti-establishment and she had a mouth on her. Have you read her autobiography? The colorful Girl Scout vest she wore the day we made this photos (again, for both EYE and Rolling Stone) was more of an in your face fashion statement than the proud wearing of her uniform. Looking at her and focusing through the portrait lens I was captivated by her “liquid lips,” as smitten me calls them. To my eyes, Grace, not yet 30 at the time, was the consummate rebel woman. I mean how could you not love somebody who came a hair’s breadth away from dosing the punch at a Nixon White House gathering. Her music career spanned four decades, and involved the Great Society, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship, and she provided vocals on several iconic songs including “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love.” After her retirement – “All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.” – she started painting, usually visual interpretations of her music industry colleagues and various iterations of “White Rabbit.” We should all be so gifted and clever. We should all think, dress and live so independently and creatively, forever marching to the beat of our own drum…

I came upon Woodstock twice. First in the endless line of cars on highway 17-B through Bethel and on to the festival grounds; I got stuck in that line. Worried that I’d miss the beginning of the festival, I pulled out my AAA map (no Google maps or GPS in those days) and found a “blue” road that paralleled 17-B. Fortunately, it was clear – didn’t everybody carry AAA maps in those days? Anyhow, I quickly traveled that road that took me almost directly to the stage area. I parked my car, grabbed my cameras and trotted in the direction of the music, climbed up onto the stage and looked out upon the hundreds of thousands of fans who were already in place waiting for the music to begin. Frankly, I was stunned. I had never, ever seen so many people in one place at one time, all facing the stage, all facing me and my camera. It was a scene I’ll never forget. This particular Woodstock photo has always puzzled me. The couple is dancing, joyously, I presume. But why aren’t the others dancing, too? Why aren’t they smiling? Where was the spirit of peace, love and music? I dunno; maybe it was the heat and humidity, maybe they were already exhausted. Anyhow, as I wrote on the back cover of my book called “Woodstock:” “Woodstock showed the world how things could have been, and for this reason it’s important that we never forget the experience, the place, the time, and the dream that came true, if only for three days…”


Sally Mann – the groupie, not the photographer – is a perfect example of why I was smitten by the groupies. She was lovely to look at, quick-witted, and super-intelligent with a knife-sharp sense of humor. In January, 1970, Sally married Spencer Dryden of the Jefferson Airplane, with whom they had a son, Jesse. I guess we can therefore call her a “successful” groupie? In her own words: “Immediate mutual attraction notwithstanding, the course of true love never did run smooth, at least in my case, and before I could seal the deal with Spencer, I faced the daunting challenge of sweeping up the sticky-sweet residue left behind in his heart by my predecessor, the formidable Grace Slick—an undertaking made appreciably easier by Grace’s waning interest in Spencer and growing interest in Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane’s kamikaze rhythm guitarist.” Super-groupie Pamela des Barres rose to fame on the back of her book, “I’m With The Band.” Sally’s own reminiscences will soon appear in book form with the determined title of “The Band Is With Me!”  She is so cool…


Each of the images featured here are currently available via our site, with each one signed by Baron himself, and limited to 150 prints per picture.

B&W prints are silver gelatin on fibre-based paper. Color prints are C-types printed on Lambda printers.

NOTE: Prints are not sold framed.

+ Be sure to check out the full Summer of Love Collection, and stay tuned this week for more! 

Big love and thank you to Baron and Iconic Images for partnering with us to curate this fine art gallery!

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#FPFreestyle: Meet Carly Foulkes

Artist, photographer and friend to FP…in the pants that make HER dance.

Last week we introduced you to Pamela, our East Coast muse to on all things Freestyle. This week we headed to the West Coast to talk with photographer Carly Foulkes. Read on and get to know Carly a little better…

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Genuine, love, strange.

What’s your favorite part about living in Los Angeles?

I love Los Angeles and what surrounds it. Being able to take a trip to Joshua tree, Ojai or Big Sur for a night or two, or three :p is such a treat. California has so much to offer!

What’s a typical day in the life of Carly look like?

It changes a lot but right now it consists of yoga in the morning, taking my dog for a walk and then heading to my studio to either shoot, collage, or work on new video projects. I’ve recently started directing and I love it. I’ve also become obsessed with roller skating! Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale is the bees’ knees!

What’s your go-to denim? 

I love me a white, high-waisted vintage denim!

What are three pant styles you can’t get enough of on

Essential Carpenter Crop

Wild Coast Pant

Hop To It Maxi Jumper

Do you have any secret beauty tricks or regimes you stick to?

Drink tons of water, get a lot of sleep and moisturize!! Sunscreen is so important!

What does being ‘free’ mean to you? 

Being able to speak my mind, create what I want to create and travel where I want to travel!

+ March is all about pants that make you dance — check out the video here and learn more about our VIP party here

To see more of Carly, check out her Instagram.

Photos by Melodi Meadows.

Picturing Wellness on the Road

Doing the best with what’s at your disposal, no matter the circumstances…

This post comes from humanitarian, animal welfare supporter and travel photographer, Freya Dowson.

A life on the road is a life of adventure. Every day is a new place. Every place brings with it new people and experiences – a different way of life with which to become familiar and to document. I’ve been working as a photographer for a while now, working overseas and shooting for some amazing charities around the world. When I first began chasing this career, I imagined it would be one hell of an adventure. And it has been. The places I’ve worked, the people, the nature, all of it has been beautiful. But what I never factored in was the exhaustion – this kind of travel is not glamorous or restful. It’s roadside hotels, long hours on beat-up roads, scorching heat and sometimes 20-hour working days. It’s room service and greasy food, pushing chairs up against a door with no bolt, and crossing your fingers after each and every long day that you’ll turn on the shower and hot water will come out.

But it’s my dream and photography is what I love most. For me, each uncomfortable or scary moment is worth it. I care about the people I photograph and the causes I’m working for and in the face of that, all the challenges fade into the background. My only priority is making sure that I can do the best with what I have to take care of myself, and ensure that each day I can get up and do my best no matter what the circumstances.

Wellness on the road is something I’ve had to learn as I go along – especially since switching to a vegetarian diet. When I started out I ate anything and everything, barring what I knew would put me at risk of getting sick. I would sleep a few hours at night and do nothing but eat, sleep and work for weeks on end. But the price of this was so heavy and after about a year or two I landed myself with exhaustion I just couldn’t shake, both mentally and physically. The idea of preparing to go on the road again after coming home filled me with anxiety and I was so conflicted because I love my job – but if I carried on the way I had been, I knew I would burn out and perhaps never make my way back.

I couldn’t stand the thought of giving up on my dream, so I made up my mind to make some changes. I felt so constricted all the time, internally and in my life – years of travel had taken its toll on my body of course, but years of living on a tight and unsteady schedule had also made me feel out of control. I decided that what I needed was SPACE. I started to give myself room to breathe wherever I was in the world — I needed space to think, to reflect on my mind and body and figure out what I needed in that moment.

First, I considered what I put in my body. Some countries make it easier than others to grab nutritious food on the go. I try to eat fresh wherever I can while minimizing my chances of getting sick. Fruit is a traveler’s best friend, especially if it comes in its own natural packaging like bananas, oranges, mangos – I’m in love with anything that can be peeled and eaten raw. Paying attention to what is seasonal and what is traditionally eaten at any given time of year is the best way to keep your body on track. In India, they eat cooling foods in the summer and warming foods in the winter, things like ginger and spices, foods that fill you up but don’t make you feel heavy. If I’m taking back-to-back excursions, I always try to sandwich in a week or a few days somewhere to refresh my spirit – Jaipur is a favorite escape for me, and it’s where I can go to fill up on my favorite nourishing foods and be taken care of by family friends.

Making space at the end of every day is equally as important as caring for my body, because it cares for my mind. A photographer’s work isn’t done when the camera is put away, as each evening is spent backing up, cleaning kit, post-processing and getting ready for the next day – as well as packing and unpacking in preparation for changing locations. It’s so easy to just walk in and start work immediately, but without a break I find I start to feel overwhelmed quickly. These days, I always make time to roll out my travel yoga mat and work through the stiffness from a day in the field. It’s such a valuable time for me and allows me to check in with myself, to see how I’m doing and what I need to take care of myself that evening.

And finally, my one luxury is my toiletries bag. I fill that up with samples of all my favorite shampoos, organic oils, lotions, vitamins, supplements – it’s like a little spa on the road. Part of it is just going through the process of cleaning myself off from the dust of the day, and going to bed smelling like I’ve just been at the spa is always wonderful, even if I’m as far from a spa-like setting as it’s possible to be. It’s the most luxurious form of self care and, more than smelling good, it’s the physical act of taking care of myself that fills my heart and refreshes my spirit.

+ How do you stay healthy while traveling? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Miller: A Self Portrait

Meet up with the stunning experience — behind the camera of our latest Intimates ebook; before and&nbsp.

She s-a  a design, an author and an activist. But you can include nbsp;& shooter for this Linda of deals’application. Alyssa Miller, created in Southern – California, today surviving in Austin, Tx, was the apparently ideal option to commemorate the-art of self-love in our fresh Intimates ebook. Yes, she’s a completed modeling profession,& nbsp an address for Style France, but what shines most importantly else is elegance and her internal elegance the great material, when I prefer to call it. Nowadays, Alyssa encourages us into her house as she launches the whole selection in self portraits, without counting on stage or the attention -of-watch of another shooter. Since I’m being my genuine home “ It s a lot more close. I usually wear& rsquo. Individuals need a for every blast and that part is stepped into by also you; for my-self-pictures, I wear’t have to do that at rdquo,& all .

Learn by what &nbsp is meant by love explore self’s problems -portraiture within the post that is honest below.



Where are you currently from? Has that shaped who you’re nowadays?

I m a location named Palmdale, from Florida. It had been a region that is pretty tough, lots is of medication and team exercise – nbsp & connected crime.;Our parents were battling to aid 4 children and youthful. We never had much. Me will be toughened up in nbsp & a;But being from rsquo the leave isn& . It is craved by me. The hills within the length&hellip, warm, dried summertime atmosphere, the dirt, the visibility; it’ll continually be my personal favorite scenery.

What type of child were you?

I had been absolutely a tomboy. It had been more to show anything than other things. I had been little, I was introverted and that I was great in mdash & college; none of these issues truly do me-any favors using the children that are different. And so the team was registered by me, and that I got adequate to achieve some regard. I possibly could outrun anybody, although I wasn& rsquo large.

Perhaps you have usually regarded oneself a?

Definitely not. It s still-hard to think about myself an artisan. While individuals ask me about my pictures or audio, it s hard to not feel just like an entire bogus. I’m basically self-trained, a newcomer in both these instances. I simply wasn’ where artwork was respected t elevated in a house. We simply tried to get by.

You’ve a completed and beautiful modeling profession — just why and what’s been your preferred blast so far?

Properly, thanks! I liked filming with Lindbergh. A reality was seen by him and a tale was constructed by him . He wasn’t attempting to create than what I had been me something other. He’s likewise simply the best guy that is absolute.



When did you begin getting self portraits?

I guess I truly began carrying it out in regards to a year-ago, after I desired to record everything;and put down on a visit solo&nbsp. I bought a shutter-release wire for a tripod along with my camera, and began getting pictures on the highway.

Would you discover self-portraiture more personal than firing having a photographer? Why?

It’s a lot more close since I’m being my genuine self. I usually wear& rsquo. Individuals need a for every blast and also you move for my-self pictures I wear&rsquo, into that part .

What type of problems perhaps you have needed to conquer with home-portraiture? Would you mind discussing a bit ?

It s restricting having a collection body. You’re a lot more liberated to transfer and discover fresh fascinating perspectives whenever you maintain a camera. Whenever you re-shooting at oneself,& nbsp t have that luxury.

The important thing for mdash & me personally; I tend around my personal favorite lighting to picture. I don’t do it to do it for that benefit. I ll get it done since rsquo & I;m impressed from the real life scenario.’s elegance  you are able to do it having a large amount of cameras. Lots of them are capable to take on set or a timer having a remote shutter-release. Simply take that infant on the tripod and shape it-up, leap in also you and there & rsquo – !



How would self-love be individually defined by you?

For me personally needs to do with approval properly, self-love. I’ve to simply accept everything of course if there’s something I will’t, it out changes.

What can you say with training self-love to somebody who might be struggling?

Truthfully, I ve spoke a great deal about that material with my beautiful cousin Chelsea. She was experiencing body-image before you create it and that I believed to her. That will be therefore motto but, should the interior discussion changes, you begin to alter the manner in which you experience oneself quickly. A lot of ladies speak therefore adversely about their health, I notice also rsquo & it;s therefore ineffective! We inform everybody who’ll listen we hate ourselves and ourselves. Don’t misunderstand me, there has been and you will be a lot more limbs wherever I experience nervous about my physique or my skin-not being ideal, and I’d take a look at myself within the reflection with-love and approval and inform myself I seemed excellent also it might can even make me feel better. I’d move with that-much more assurance, since nothing is empowering than taking what your location is and caring it onto collection.

What motivates one to adore?

I don’ t I simply love. Love is motivation is. You simply need to get from the own method from occurring of preventing that.

How is love best expressed by you?

I MA quality time individual. Have large team audio periods I love to prepare for individuals, consume massive levels of wine and chat and chuckle and party.

Preferred love music?

John Prine’s “Regardless Of Ourselves.”
Hear. It s platinum.

Exactly what does “being rdquo & free ?

Independence for me personally has been an entire individual by myself. About not counting on anybody for my joy it s, it, and about self-acceptance s about journey.

+ Store the brand new Personal’s Ebook selection below…

Thanks Alyssa! xoxo

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View: Lessons in the Crazy

For  nbsp & every lady;that may quickly, utilize the ability of assurance in himself, or has.

For the follow up section of #Lessons, meet up with the women of #ShePlaysWeWin, a photograph sequence tossing the highlight on small woman athletes. Manhattan Beach shooter Christin Rose has managed to get her existence mission to promote the self assurance and power in girls that a lot of of these uncover in structured activities. This project is her store.

Radiating their health can handle, and also you visit a self-confidence not just flourishing, although check out the eyes of her pictures.

A sequence about significantly more than simply its topics, rsquo & it;s about any after viewing the pictures of a lot of women like them, who’ve utilized this power and every small lady who may be relocated to motion.

For females with no assets and reassurance around them, #ShePlaysWeWin demonstrates when they notice within them a calling to examine within the dust, visit a panel, perspiration, smell, bleed – do something duplicitously branded “unladylike” by who-cares-who – subsequently it’s all theirs for that getting. Their press not writes by their sex, not by their culture, not that their lifestyles and never actually by destiny, but themselves . Starting an environment of options at an era of home, to women -description once it is needed by them .

Look and you will make a representation of Christin& rsquo out. Yard football today echoes within the frilly and the small girl who when couldn& rsquo choose between Barbie s -skirted skater s-a tomboy or girly girl. Arriving full-circle, as issues frequently do.

The Encounter

Post image for The Magdalena Experience

“I really believe everything can be done, like having a picnic about the moon within the next ten years…”

I believe nbsp & it& rsquo reasonable;to describe Wosinksa in  mdash & one-word; awesome. Or possibly two — REALLY cool. In cahoots with FP to roll-out our #DenimDaze strategy, we required a couple of minutes to talk to the renowned Magda about her artwork, her love of quick trips and taking fleeting moments over time.


Are you able to tell us the way you found choose…’ rsquo & I;m likely to consider naked self-portraits rdquo &;? It s no indisputable fact that crosses it’or atleast, way too many thoughts…s no indisputable fact that several people really perform. Or… rsquo & it;s no indisputable fact that several people perform in addition to you’ve.

Properly, I believe everything originated from my childhood. I grew pretty bad in hellip & Belgium;it had been& nbsp;so everything was really scarce,& nbsp;communist throughout that period. Choices were limited t actually possess a selection of  mdash & apparel; style wasn’t anything. I was nbsp;sporting the same. After I transferred towards the Claims after I was 9, I observed people cared by what they used, perhaps since it was available or possibly since I got older and compensated more focus on what individuals phone style. From the period I was 14 and began considering images, I was timid, and never really open (because English was my second-language), and didn’t understand how to request people easily might consider their picture. And so I shot on self portraits. It has truly stuck my life, although I acquired used-to being my very own topic til I acquired the heart to take others.

6 or about 5 years back I went with among my close friends on a visit to Iceland. We went over the crazy area, discovering Mars and hired an automobile – pursuing the vapor of warm springs like foothills, moving green hillsides and operating crazy with horses to some sunlight -loaded summer atmosphere. As I recorded this trip I desired to not merely display this location to others, but I desired to be engaged significantly more than simply getting the picture. And so I did what I had been not most strange with, and chance self portraits, unconsciously understanding this could  function as the starting of the sequence that is ongoing.
When it comes to nudity inside it all, I recall taking from the aspect of the street to take at a photograph of myself. I looked down at my torn trousers, my bamboo and leather coat, then looked over the gentle ideal field of bouquets, then back at myself, then your area, and stated, “this could appear definitely better naked!” The garments didn’t complement. They categorized me-too much, they confirmed what period, era it was and who I was I was, what type of audio I paid attention to. All I needed to stimulate was the timelessness of nbsp & as soon as yeah, this long-drawn-out clarification is nbsp;the sequence that is naked began!
You ve created publications that are many meant for your photography. Treatment to speak about this procedure to us? Was it/is it a desire become a reality?
After I was in my own early 20s I recognized (like a picture helper) that I had a need to established up ideas for my potential, and discovered I possibly could do this through objectives, one of these being to write a photograph guide from the period I had been 25. And that I did. The procedure was raw — nbsp & I;was hardly organized with might work back didn and then ’ myself is taken by t significantly like a shooter. Plenty of discovering pictures and extended evenings modifying till 5 am to meet up my deadlines for &nbsp and both publishing;guide starting. It was well worth it, although lots of effort. I might really display people who  I WAS a shooter when I’d that guide. Next, another book another was posted by me, also it turned a means to list my entire life for me personally. It s my image diary access.

What’re 5 items that you need you to be known about by the People neighborhood?

—  when I adore quick vehicles, I usually desired to be considered a race-car driver.

By driving bikes within the leave at sundown on the comfortable summer evening — the easiest way to limitless independence is.

— rsquo & I;m not much undomesticated than folks believe.
—& nbsp way to invest a Saturday is currently producing ceramics.
— I really believe everything can be done, like having a picnic about the moon within the next ten years…
Searching minds need to know & ndash will you maintain your own hair thus glossy?

I don t do anything. Occasionally a cut, whichever wash I’ve a large amount of enjoyment within the seaside and also the sunlight along with sleeping around.

You described that you simply were in hellip a group& memory from that encounter? Any plans join another?

Properly, there’s more epic subsequently shredding a 78 Burny on the noisy that is insane 68 Supergroup to some thousand people head banging towards the audio you published using the additional 4 revolutionary individuals sitting on that phase along with you. All of the exhibits that are great are the recollections that are very best. Particularly happening excursions and encountering& the lust, and also nbsp;an incredible companionship with other people in additional rings all of US discussed for audio. The group was named Timber and Inexperienced, somewhat like Sabbath, some stoner in with conventional disaster. If anybody wishes one I’ve some plastic files simply using a in my own storage. 🙂

Easily discovered the best people with and that I might WITHOUT A DOUBT start another group. Why don’t you try to be considered a rock-star in hellip & my 30s;??

Fighters or briefs? Or neither?

100% Briefs! Be bold!


Whose nature – dwelling or lifeless – would you many carefully incorporate?

Hmmmmmmmm rsquo & that;s a one that is difficult. I’ve one existing, however it’s a key:)

Tell a solution to us.

I will’t tell strategies or they’d not be considered a secret!


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New Eve: Remembering in Burma

Post image for New Year’s Eve: Celebrating in Burma

Share in an attractive Fresh Year’s journey to Burma with this fresh factor, Haiyin Lin.

Like a shooter residing in rsquo, I& Nyc;ve observed folks from all around the globe arriving below to commemorate the basketball fall on  rsquo & New Year; nbsp & s;Event. It may be a thrilling method to welcome the year that is brand new in Situations Sqaure, however, you might not  have to encounter it by ranking 5 to 6 hours in a cold breeze until night or need.

Travel to Burma to provide myself a comfortable begin to  the year and I chose to avoid in the The Big Apple while it found this end-of year.



The very first day-we found its way to   Mandalay’s city was an expertise that is amazing. The residents were  inviting exceptionally heartwarming and pleasant. Everybody was  a face picture snaps. The general public transport below was& nbsp;we required bikes to visit inside the town & nbsp;not so handy. But I came across it since we’re able to merely possess the driver visit any place that people desired to have a look a far more versatile and fascinating method to begin to see the town.

The hotel had no connections. This case survived for some times till &nbsp managed to move on;to some& nbsp region. &nbsp, at initial;I had been very worried that I relate solely to my buddies and possibly could not examine my e-mails. Nevertheless, after I acquired used-to it, I came across that having no web truly created it more straightforward to enjoy the country’s wonder without upgrading my social networking standing, or considering might work.


My personal favorite devote Mandalay was absolutely the U- the greatest bamboo bridge on the planet, Bridge. Although about the bridge, we noticed monks strolling, pupils likely to anglers angling college …it had been an excellent encounter to see how individuals reside their evening- today existence and this bridge connected.


In Burma, every child is needed& nbsp. On the road back again to our resort, we experienced a march that remembers the  rsquo & residents; delivering of the kids to forehead to become monks that were small within the year.


Lake was our end. Is encased by about 500 towns. Our resort was arranged by us within the upper town named nbsp & Nyaung Shwe.; contains the very best choice of resorts having a fantastic cost and It’s really a awesome region to discover. Hikers would certainly would rather remain in Nyaung Shwe.


The river introduced a feeling of tranquility to us. Residents are well-known for their method. Whilst the additional knee and supply are accustomed to drive and draw the oar rowers utilizes one-leg like a support within the vessel.


the most significant end of our journey and also the final was to fully capture the year dawn that is brand new. Bagan has pagodas and temples, ranking mightily for centuries. It’s a truly memorable second to determine sunlight progressively increasing on a large number of pagodas’ top!


Where we discovered a pleasant watch of the entire scenery we hiked to some pagoda. It had been once the daylight first open  the horizon burst and, 5:30am.

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Behind the Contact: Match Shooter Zoey Grossman

Post image for Behind the Lens: Meet Photographer Zoey Grossman

The absurdly talented photographer Zoey Grossman gets candid in an exclusive interview.

There are photographs that possess a magical power over me, images all-encompassing and I can’t not look. And explore. LA photographer Zoey Grossman creates such magic photographs. Sensual and feminine, with a balanced touch of edgy grit, Zoey’s photos capture such a beautiful sense of mood that it makes it impossible to turn away.

We caught up with Zoey at our “Eastern Star” shoot in the hidden hills of Los Angeles. She’s kind, witty  and smart. Truly collaborative and communicative, watching her work with her team was nothing short of an inspiration. Keep reading to learn more about this thoughtful and bright woman, and see all of her beautiful images here.


Where did you grow up? How has that shaped who you are today?

I was born in Manhattan, but grew up in LA. Growing up in LA has made me appreciate the fast-paced rhythm of a big city, but also more thoughtful, quiet moments in nature. I was able to have both of those growing up here. One particular thing that I am so grateful for is the open-minded people that I grew up around, and all of the exposure to the arts. I feel like LA is an incredibly artistic and inspiring city that supports creativity.

I completely agree. So, what kind of kid were you?

I was a very quiet, shy and thoughtful kid…-I remember being obsessed with decorating my bedroom and color-coordinating my clothing from like, the age of five. I think I had posters of Warrant and Poison that I would just stare at for hours, and I listened to “Cherry Pie” on repeat…no joke.


When did you first figure out you had a love for photography? What drew you in?

I have always loved looking at pictures. I dappled in photography throughout my life, but didn’t truly connect with it and learn the technical side of it until I was in college. Once I did, I was really hooked. I took a course in college called “visual diary” where we documented our lives — the good, the bad and the ugly. It was such a powerful class, and I got so into it.


Do you remember your very first photo shoot? How did it go?!

My first “professional” photoshoot went SO bad. I was soooo nervous. I wasn’t even getting paid, but I was shooting for a small clothing line I had found online. I rented lighting and had my best friend pretend to be my lighting assistant. When we got to the studio, I unpacked the lights and realized the rental place didn’t even give me the right ones! I was literally sweating, but I had to make it work. 🙂


Who are some of your favorite photographers?

So many. Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton, Camilla Akrans, Steven Klein, Meisel, David Sims, Nick Knight.

Do you have a favorite photo shoot of your own thus far?

That would probably be my senior thesis in college. It was when I was the most free and unjudgemental of my own work.

At our shoot last week, I noticed how well you and your team work together. How long have you been working together? Why do you think you vibe so well?

Thank you so much! I really love and value my team, and I couldn’t do what I do without them. It’s truly a team effort. I trust the people I work with and value their opinion and taste, so I like to talk about hair, makeup, lighting, angle, vibe, etc. with them. It’s so important to me to work with the people I love and trust, and who get me. I have been working with different people for different amounts of time. Luke (the amazing hairstylist I work with) and I have been working together for about three years, but it feels like 50. I totally trust his taste and know he has my back. We are always looking out for one another, so I think that is one of the reasons we vibe so well. Something that is really important to me when I’m working on set is to have good energy and good vibes. I like to include people in the creative process and have an open dialogue about what is working, and what’s not working.



Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration through so many things — everything, actually. I think nature is pretty spectacular and, if you pay attention closely, it will show you so many incredible things. I find a lot of inspiration from fellow artists, as well.

What is your ideal evening?

My ideal evening is one of no commitments 🙂

What would the soundtrack to your life be?

Hmmmm…it would be all over the place, so I’m not sure what that says about me, haha! It would consist of Fleetwood Mac, Drake, ELO, Empire of the Sun, Lil Wayne, Tame Impala, the XX, Journey.

Yes, great choices! What advice would you give to photographers just starting out?

Be patient and work hard. Don’t give up because someone says no or something doesn’t work out in your favor. Keep striving to improve your work and research art history.


Ok, here we go…rapid fire:

Where are you right now?
In bed.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?
My boyfriend.

Most embarrassing article of clothing in your closet?
Hooters tank top (I’ve never worn it but I want to).

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?
There is not anything else I would rather be!

If you could shoot any person, alive or dead, who would it be?
Too many to name. But within that list, only people who like the collaboration of having their picture taken — I don’t like photographing people who don’t want to be photographed.

What’s playing on your stereo right now?
Well, the sound that’s emanating from the TV is my guilty pleasure — “Real Housewives of Orange County”…sorry!

What does “being free” mean to you?
Not being judgmental and being filled with love. Coming from your heart.


Thank you Zoey! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and check out more of her incredible photography here.

Modeled by Joanna Halpin. Hair by Luke Chamberlain. Makeup by Erin Lee Smith.

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