In Sisterhood and Solidarity with Helios + Solene

In Sisterhood and Solidarity with Helios + Solene

“When I first heard these words I had a sense of deep pride stir within my belly….”

A Native American elder once told me that “Women are created spiritually different than men,” that “the womb inside each woman is connected to the womb at the center of the Earth.” As liaisons between two worlds we hold within us the power of creation, the glowing vibrations of Gaia consciousness within us that enable us to bring new life into this world. It is this reason that many believe that the path to world peace is through the Divine Feminine. It is thought that because we as a sex have the ancestral wisdom and power to create life we have a stronger spiritual connection to the Creator, to Earth, and to the Universal Consciousness.

When I first heard these words coming from his mouth I had a sense of deep pride stir within my belly. Like a whirlpool of energy it rose up to my chest, filled my heart with fire and came out of my mouth dressed as a sigh of relief. A sense of ancient remembering came over me, as if recalling an old tale I was once told long ago that had been washed down the river of my thoughts over the years. Something about these words carried a vibration of wisdom that deeply resonated with my soul. I needed to know more.

I was raised by a family of women, a wolf pack of nine tias, one abuela, and over a dozen female primas. The dynamic of my family was communal, each sister helping one another raise her children, selflessly stepping into the role of the Mother when needed because there was no sense of ownership over one another. There were no men, only a few male cousins. Each woman had to play both roles of the feminine and masculine and I learned firsthand how we can carry these dual energies within ourselves. We all respected each other’s spiritual journey and showed up as an undying support system because we knew that we came into this life as a soul family, to learn and unlearn the lessons needed for our collective evolution. Each woman showed up in love, with open arms and a sense of responsibility to nurture this small yet vibrant community.

In the golden days (pre-mobile devices and internet), when we sought advice, we went to an elder. We approached our families, neighbors, friends; we weren’t afraid to ask for help and allowed ourselves to be held. We showed up with open hearts, masks shed, and vulnerable. There was honesty in the simplicity and beauty in the action of it all. Through these significant interactions deep relationships were cultivated, trust was earned, love was magnified, and community expanded. Now when we seek wisdom it is so easy to type it into a search bar and forget to reach out to our support systems. We can be quick to forget the power of sisterhood and community and in turn unlearn how to give and receive.

I decided I wouldn’t be the link in the chain that would let these traditions break. I dove into the wisdom of my womb and I studied her. I acknowledged the deep truths she held in regards to my lineage, the energy of my mother, my mother’s mother, and their mothers before that. You see, when we heal ourselves, we heal all those that came before us and all those that will come after. So I dove deep, I blew the dust off of the wooden chests of ancestral wisdom nuzzled deep within me. I began to unlearn the teachings of “what a woman should be” and began to re-wild into my grandness. The more I embraced my own Divine Feminine wisdom the more women came to me seeking a shoulder to lean on. I realized then that I had not shown up for other women, including myself, for so many years. I had forgotten what sisterhood felt like and I vowed to never forget again.

Recently I went to a women’s gathering in Oregon. I came together with 600 sisters and we spent four days in the woods learning from each other’s journeys. We exchanged teachings each day and in return realized the more we gave the more opened ourselves to receive. Among some of the classes I took were plant medicine, weaving, sustainable life practices, ancestral birth ways, and shamanic journeying. Each morning was spent holding space for each other and each evening spent singing by the fire. I rest my head each night feeling grateful, filled with love and inspiration, and a deep knowing that this is what life should be like. I left the gathering with a new community of spirit seekers, vibrant warriors across the globe that understood the power of sisterhood. I knew that together, as a collective, in solidarity, the world was waking up again. So I sit here now, and I say to you… dear sister, wherever you are and however you stand, I see you, I hear you, your dreams matter to me, and I hold space for your infinite divine power. Welcome to the gathering of the goddesses.

In love and solidarity,

Emily Mikaelah

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 Emily Mikaelah is a Brooklyn-based energetic healer, teacher and spiritual empowerment coach. She carries the ancestral teachings of the curandera women of Venezuela that have been passed down to her from the generations of medicine women in her family. In 2016 she founded Helios + Solene to create safe and sacred spaces throughout her travels to bring the powerful healing medicine of Spirit into the lives of others. She holds monthly workshops sharing her practice with the community through group classes, women’s circles, and one-on-one private sessions. To learn more about her offerings, please visit her online portal.

Photos by Ash Lynn.

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Sacred Smudge Wand DIY with Helios + Solene

Sacred Smudge Wand DIY with Helios + Solene

Creating a sacred container for ceremony that provides a fresh palette for spiritual work to take place without the intermingling of outside energies…

This post comes to you from Emily Mikaelah, a Brooklyn-based energetic healer, teacher and spiritual development coach. She carries the ancestral teachings of the curandera women of Venezuela that have been passed down to her from the generations of medicine women in her family. In 2016 she founded Helios + Solene to create safe and sacred spaces throughout her travels to bring the powerful healing medicine of Spirit into the lives of others. She holds workshops sharing her practice with the community through group classes, women’s circles, and one-on-one private sessions. To learn more about her offerings, please visit her online portal.

Clearing the energy of a space has quickly become a common practice throughout many cultures. Traditionally this cleansing ritual was used before ceremony to raise the energetic vibrations of a space and release it of any evil spirits or negativity that may have been lingering.

Growing up I remember seeing my mother cleanse the house at least once a week with white sage, copal and palo santo. We would take sacred baths and smudge ourselves ceremonially. Every time we moved or refreshed a space, after any large gathering, every holiday and, of course, on Sunday mornings to the sounds of salsa music and live drumming.
The act of sacred smudging is a ritual that is easily attainable with just a few simple tools. Sacred herbs, often found in bundles, are typically placed into an abalone shell or a flame resistant vessel. White sage is the most commonly used — it helps to release any negative energy from a space, body or object when burned. You can also use palo santo if you want to cleanse and ground your space, as well as copal and cedar before and after Ceremony. I choose to burn my sage individually. Because it is so powerful, I like to honor each leaf (you can choose to bundle it as well). Traditional tools used in sacred smudging have been used for years to honor the four elements in the natural world: Earth, the sacred herb; Air, the smoke rising and the use of a feather wand; Fire, the lighting of the flame; and Water, the abalone shell.
Today I will teach you how to make a sacred smudging wand for your energy clearing rituals. These wands become close allies and support us in our rituals during their lifetime. It is important to note that, when making your wand, your energetic footprint goes into them… they become an essence of you. It is advised to keep your intentions during the creation process pure and the vibrations high.
Ethically sourced feathers
Floral tape
A scrap of surplus leather
Suede cording
Decorative materials of your choice

Step 1

After you have sourced your feathers, it’s time for a deep clean. Feathers can contain micro bacteria from their animal carrier, so it is important to cleanse them thoroughly before handling. (I use a blend of water, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.) Excess debris can be removed with dishwashing soap and water and allow them to soak in the hydrogen peroxide/ alcohol/ water mixture for at least 2 hours. Measurements vary based on the recipe, but I split it evenly three ways. After they have been cleaned, allow the feathers to dry in partial sunlight or near a cool fan. Don’t try to blow dry or apply heat as it may damage the feather and curl the ends. Once fully dried, hold them to your heart and say a prayer of intention. Smudge the feathers with some sage and making process can begin.

Step 2

Arrange the feathers in a way that appears visually pleasing to you. Explore color, height, texture. Once you find an arrangement with which you feel aligned, wrap the stems with floral tape to hold them in place. Floral tape has enough flexibility to hold the feathers in place while still allowing slight adjustment after taping. It is also a gentle adhesive that will not damage the feather if you decide to unwrap and start again.

Step 3

Cut a piece of surplus leather for your base. I source mine from fabric houses in NY’s garment district. Typically these are scraps about to be discarded, so projects like these allow new life to be breathed into them. You can also find wonders at your local thrift store. The height of the leather swatch should be as long as you want the handle, plus one inch. So if you want a 4″ handle, the height will be 5″. The length will vary depending on how thick you want your handle (we will be rolling the leather), but I would say at least 10″.
Align one edge of the leather against the stems, making sure to cover the tape and begin to tightly roll it like a cinnamon bun. It should be tight enough so that the stem won’t glide out and you don’t see air pockets between each layer. You can use rubber bands — or a friend — to hold in place!

Step 4

Cut a long piece of cording of your choice (at least 3 feet) and begin to tightly wrap around the leather base. Begin at the top nearest the feathers and wrap each end of the chord downward evenly until you reach the bottom of the base. Adjust tightness until it feels secure and tie off on the ends. If the end is uneven you can cut it straight. Add beads or bells as decor or leave the cording as is.

Enjoy your new smudge wand! Take care of her and use her often. Thank her and her animal carriers for their offering in this creation. Give gratitude and make an offering to them in a way that feels suitable to you. Your new smudge wand will assist you in clearing energetic debris from your body and surroundings, and will bring sacredness to all spaces in which you use her. Enjoy your new companion!
+What are your thoughts on smudging? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Four-Ways to Enjoy Yourself

Through all associations, remember your character: I’m Adore that is correct.

Ritualize oneself-treatment program with one of these guidelines from FP Escapes teacher Maggie Harrsen.

Self’s art – treatment is backed the shake of love and also by our reference to the organic planet within us. Through our connection using the elementals, through contact, through the crops, through prayer, we’re in a position remember our genuine character: I’m Adore and to enter deeply in to the primary of our being.

My own exercise of home-treatment deepened after I certainly recognized how taking care of myself straight affected the wellbeing of Earth. I really like these phrases by Zen Learn, Thich Nhat Hanh, which replicate our unity: “Expensive Mom, you’re contained in every mobile of my body. Our body that is bodily is the physique that is bodily, they’re additionally contained in me and just like Sunlight and Superstars can be found in you. I guarantee to maintain the consciousness living that you’re usually in me, and that I am usually in you.” 

Below are four traditions we used during our FP Escapes escape to Italy. Throughout The Home-Treatment Routine Course in the nearby Hammam, the team wanted — and discovered — tranquility within physique/spirit and Mother Earth.


Routine One: Garshana

Garshana may be the Ayurvedic exercise of dried skin cleaning towards the heart. Utilizing A gentle, natural-bristle comb, function the right path up your body with extended sweeping movements toward your center and start at the feet. Taking inhalations, permit you to ultimately release and launch stagnation while you transfer upward for connecting using the cosmic power of sunlight, the superstars and moon. This routine facilitates motion by stirring your lymph program and cleansing your skin, our biggest wood.


Routine Two: Bañe p Florecimiento

This routine facilitates the Andean exercise of the water that is hot soak with medical crops and clean blossom flowers. &nbsp, in the Andalusian scenery;we gathered flowering olive and jasmine leaf, which we and a bathtub as comfortable added together once we might remain. Bathe for 20 units — in whichever flowers/herbs you’ve accessible — and permit the shake of the component water to cleanse your delicate body and permit the power medication of the crops to recover you. Provide into awareness your desires and the desires you’d prefer to bloom. Strain the bathtub and gather the place issue to put outside upon Earth.


Routine Several: Abhyanga 

Abhyanga may be the grounding, comfortable acrylic home- massage’s Ayurvedic exercise. Through contact we’re in a position to prolong love’s power towards the relaxation of our being from our fingertips. Spot both of your hands and produce love’s shake. Utilize a large quantity of an natural, place-centered acrylic into both hands after which rub lightly into your head. Function the right path down your body completely towards one’s feet’s bottoms. Return into your center room and experience oneself attached and seated to Earth.


Routine Four: Providing to Pachamama

Expose the section of fireplace for your preferred incense or holy place, like palo santo. Permit the smoking to load the air and provide a prayer of appreciation for the existence and also the healing-you are getting our Mom, through Pachamama.

Pictures by Jillian Guyette

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Smudging & Spritzing: Traditions for the Home Spirit

To create convenience, centeredness along with a sensation of creating any room your personal…

This article involves us from Natalie Shukur.

I’ve been touring a great deal earlier this month — residing out-of a luggage and housesitting buddies& rsquo remaining in sublets, and performing my better to maintain some semblance of the regular program. Preparing my very own foods, utilizing my favorite beauty items and integrating grounding traditions for myspace, wherever which may be, all have demonstrated to be considered a great aid. Heading beyond packages of sage and the typical Champa joss sticks, I wanted some fresh resources out to increase my package. I ve utilized numerous mixtures of those, in the plane to my several landing places on the way. They’ve introduced me a sensation of creating any room my very own, centeredness along with convenience. These traditions is likely to escort me home assist established good motives and rest areas, and to clean might work.


1. Smudging

Palo Santo is among the best methods to obvious and deodorize an area. In case your location smells you, or a little cool these stays of bark & mdash gathered in the Palo tree may counteract it pronto. Lighting a stay and allow it burn for some occasions before looking the comfortable, woodsy smoking and snuffing it rsquo & wherever it . Provide fortune,  & lsquo wood in Spanish, or Santo, has its background in shamanic traditions across Main and South Usa, and it is believed to obvious pessimism, and chase spirits.


2. Glue

A journey-pleasant option to incense sticks having a greater focused fragrance is glue. Often constructed from emerald or wood, glue burns along with warm coals to assist you for connecting towards the planet and negotiate right into a room in a ceremonious way.


3. Spritzes

Sprays are physical cleaning help and an excellent room to possess available when rsquo & using isn;t a choice. I’ve been testing out a holy smear water, offering witchhazel, Douglas – Fir, red plank, wood, bright sage, juniper, leave sage and vetiver to cleanse the atmosphere and assist me rest. Mists will also be useful to make use of included in your yoga exercise to create the feeling, and therefore are ideal like a cushion water on lengthy routes.


A Ritual For Full-Moon

Post image for A Moon Ritual For Friday’s Full Moon

Nowadays we take a seat with FP Escapes manual Maggie Harrsen for more information about contemporary shamanic healing and just how we are able to more mindfully welcome the entire moon.

Maggie Harrsen is definitely an Power Medicine Specialist uplifting creatures to discover their correct character and helping them in a lifestyle of tranquility as well as in tempo with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Maggie began monitoring the healing disciplines in 2008 now her function combines a variety of patient methods including Andean Mysticism, Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Audio Recovery, Diet, Anthroposophy, Medical Radiesthesia and Blossom Healing. She presently lifestyles and works about the Eastend of Ny, providing service and personal healing periods for ladies, males and kids. She’ll be top our FP Escapes escape to Italy this Sept, leading visitors through service and traditions from all over the world. Nowadays, we learn to illuminate the shadows and cleanse utilizing the energy of the entire moon…

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Exactly what does it imply to be always a medication lady within the day globe that is modern?

in my opinion in mind, all medication ladies are excellent hunters of Reality. Whether they were created right into a group of healers or they obtained an initiation through the way in which of the spirit, personally I think they’ve all created their internal capabilities and therefore are in a position to certainly visit an individual because they are while keeping an area of love in order for them to wake the essential pressure that lives within. Within our present day globe people are supported by me in aiming using the organic planet for wellness through service and healing and healing themselves. Nowadays I’m brought to my child like values in miracle, in ndash & alchemy; taking a look at the planet like a baby grounded within the knowledge of the potent lineage of creatures who once strolled Our Planet and does. This route walks operating towards the wellness and spirit development of existing creatures, being a respect to my forebears and also to future decades.

May you inform our visitors nbsp; you ve analyzed & a little concerning the lineage?

Our route is grounded within the Andean Magical custom of the Q’ero lineage of the Peruvian Andes, the “kids of the Inka”. A lineage of creatures who’ve preserved a custom that is religious sketching their knowledge from ndash & the Planet; the female power our Mom, of Pachamama. Nu &ntilde started in to the Andean route me and that I am a provider of rsquo & the Q . Our official instruction respects the lineage of three Andean Grasp’s Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Melchor Desa and Don Andes Espinosa. The Karpays, lively initiations/attacks, I’ve obtained would be the vegetables that a person might create fresh methods for being. Our vegetables have become and notify me energetically when I am focused on growing them through life-style and my everyday methods. Our Mesa is just a medication pack comprising a handwoven fabric of posts that are organic which includes energy items from holy sites all over the world and medication rocks named Khuyas for shifting power operating of recovery employed. These rocks have now been critical in my own individual recovery and also have been endowed the medication gents and ladies and also by my academics of the Q.

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What’s an average healing program like?

Throughout A healing program I supply from the selection of patient methods including: Andean Mysticism, Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Audio Recovery, Anthroposophy, Medical Radiesthesia, and Blossom Recovery. A program is exclusive towards the individual, indicating rsquo & I;ve never had two therapeutic periods that unfolded within the manner that is same. Nevertheless once we permit the physique&rsquo my intention stays continuous, to put on room for that person . The program happens possibly in character or exterior in the room. The customer may place easily on Planet or the floor with cushions and covers and that I may stay by their part. I’ll start planning holy room, utilizing the smoking of other numerous traditions along with the plant-spirit Palo Santo. The customer will be carefully guided by me right into a calm host to visibility and stillness. They’ll stay laying – relaxing down and concentrating on their breathing for that length of the ceremony. Independently we shall set our purpose after which together get into an improved state-of awareness through the shake of audio. I take advantage of drumming, chanting tightening bells and chimes. Whilst the healer, I journey beyond room and period, performing like a link between your person and Nature to comprehend what’s creating their present state of disharmony. On the basis of the info that comes we undertake numerous processes to provide back the individual to stability. Once the program closes or encounters. At the moment I might recommend numerous methods including natural bathrooms, meditations traditions and vibrational treatments that’ll proceed to aid their therapeutic method. Healing is effective as medicine alongside additional recovery methods – such as for example Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda Traditional Medicine, to mention several.


You ll be top courses on our escape to Andalusia. Are you able to provide our visitors of what participants may anticipate from your own courses and training a concept?

During The-Art of Routine, we shall discover mysticism and indigenous methods to arrange ourselves using the organic earth. Together we shall develop our internal individual capabilities that may raise the veil which divides religious understanding and us. The Andean Cosmovision will be explored by us, Our Planet- focused religious history of the Q eros, and provide these methods for being about the historic property of Andalusia alive. We shall use the elementals Ether, Water Fireplace and Planet through service. You’ll find out about your delicate physiology and just how to care through person and team lively methods for it. You’ll immediately encounter shamanic drum trips where we relate solely to Nature for recovery and perception. Our intention for the period together is the fact that you’ll depart Italy understanding how to produce service for your neighborhood, family members as well as yourself, in addition to know about numerous traditions that may quickly be integrated into your everyday life.

Finally, exactly what does  nbsp & free;imply for you?

Residing In equilibrium with all existence – comprehending that everything which prevails is living and it has a nature.


Moon Service

whenever we check out the life-style of numerous native civilizations, such as the Q’eros within the large Andes of Peru, we discover that from delivery they begin a relationship using the creatures of character. We’re additionally in near connection using the several heavenly creatures who encompass us within the organic world just like we’ve a Birthmother and Dad within the actual world. These creatures would be superstars, the clouds rocks, bouquets, bushes and hills, who’re all section of a huge Cosmovision. More particularly, we all know the elementals and also these creatures as Father and our Mother – Moon, Sunlight, Ocean, Breeze and Planet. For that types that are native, residing with character; in & ldquo connection&rdquo is essential for sleeping and wellness, as eating. They comprehend these causes live creatures in order we sort a romantic relationship with this Birthmother we ought to additionally prolong this connection to incorporate our Cosmical Mom, Pachamama, perhaps you are questioning, “how do you start to sort these associations?” plus one reply is, through service. The very first service I discovered trained me just how to relate solely to Mom Moon’s female power, possibly about Full-Moon or the Fresh Moon. A Brand New Moon may be the lunar stage when she almost unseen in the Planet and is along with Sunlight. It provides a strong period for symptom and represents positioning with this internal reality. A Complete Moon may be the lunar stage occurring when she’s lit using the Sunlight as well as in resistance in the Planet. It represents lighting a period for refinement, of the darkness. Through your service you’ll learn how to increase your consciousness through routine, to recognize& nbsp and also to produce a holy room. Bear in mind actions may be usually modified by you in pursuing your instinct and excellent significance lies. This can be a stunning ceremony within the organization of family members or to produce by yourself.

Free Individuals Candle, Palo Santo Pack, Palas Incense, Smudge Sticks

-Palo santo, bright sage, sweetgrass or plank
-Individual holy items
-Cornmeal or dry blossom petals
-Bouquets of the growing season
-Three little pieces of document + a pen
-Audio or device, flute, shake, drum or bells
-Big covering, or stoneware dish

Corrine Cover, Ophelite World Band


1. Gather your components and any individual items which are holy for you personally – a local artifact from your own moves, rocks or deposits, something special from the precious, items that signify the Common components (Fireplace, Water, Atmosphere, Planet, Ether) and crops or blossom flowers of the growing season.

2. Select a devote your home, or in character where you are able to calm oneself and come right into a situation of stillness. Perform calming audio and organize the weather you gathered and lightly gentle the candle as you want.

3. Ignite place or the santo in the candle’ of preference s fire and utilize it to clean the& nbsp area of the room and also one’s physique you’ve selected. One individual may contain the burning place and cleanse another creatures using its smoking if you should be with others. You might appreciate utilizing a feather from the one. At the moment available holy room, with devices at hand you read a prayer or might perform a tune.

4. Stay or put upon floor, or Our Planet, to root oneself and relate solely to Mother Earth’s wholesome shake. Slow take the time to make use of this link and your breathing. Experience marriage with all existence for your heart-beating.

5. While you experience calm, write-in phrases your three motives about paper’s pieces. Using observe if it s a Complete Moon you’re dealing with the power of refinement and that if it s a Brand New Moon you’re dealing with the power of symptom.

6. Pick the purpose you’d prefer to start whenever you complete with. Keeping it direct and replicate the purpose 3 times with the 3rd duplication breathe your breathing out and in to nbsp & the paper.; Cautiously permit the fireplace component to burn it completely and maintain your document in to the fire. Then lightly spot the ash in to the stoneware or covering dish. Keep in mind its own energy and the component fireplace.

7. Replicate the procedure for several three bits of document. Type a group if you should be among a little number of people and permit each individual to independently undergo this method. During this period others may stay peaceful while& nbsp room for that one connecting. It’s good shake or to drum & nbsp.

8. Take the time to state your appreciation to the spirits, Mom Fireplace and also Mom Moon while everybody has finished. Relight a bit of santo like a final and put it in the group on the stone’s middle. Subsequently provide both hands together with both of your hands provide the therapeutic smoking into your middle.

9. At the moment close room that is holy by delivering the elementals and thanking the spirit-world. Finally, independently spot the ash our Earth, onto Pachamama Mother, indicating your appreciation on her recovery. By making her a supplying of cornmeal rose petals complete.

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