#MovementMonday: TRX Arms with Michelle Vahey

#MovementMonday: TRX Arms with Michelle Vahey

TRX is back — this week, Michelle is tackling arms! We think you’ll want to follow suit…

This post comes to you from TRX instructor and co-founder of VIDA Performance Michelle Vahey, who will be introducing us to new workouts all month long! 

Note: For each exercise, aim to do 10-15 reps of each, 1- 3 rounds.

TRX Y DELTOID FLY; 10-15 reps

Stand with your feet together (harder) or apart (easier), arms pulled back to a Y position, tension on the TRX, palms forward. Lower body, keep arms straight, return to start position by slowly extending arms. Try not to bend the arms and keep your body on a plank position.

TRX ROW; 10-15 reps

Start by pulling your shoulders down and back, bend elbows, palms facing each other, hands besides chest. Walk your feet towards the anchor point until there is a squeeze on the back. Lower your body down by extending your arms but don’t protract your shoulder blades. Maintain plank position. Return, pull body toward anchor point by driving elbows beside body.


TRX BICEP CURL; 10-15 reps

Start by bending your elbows higher than your shoulders with pinkies aligned to temples. Walk your feet towards anchor point until you feel a squeeze in the biceps. Lower body down until arms are fully extended, maintain plank. Pull body toward anchor point by bringing pinkies to temples. Elbows remain high, eyes on anchor point.

TRX SWIMMER PULL; 10-15 reps

Start with hands besides hips, palms back, tension on the TRX. Offset your feet. Lower body down, keep arms extended, maintain plank. Pull on handles, drive palms back, maintain plank.

TRX TRICEP PRESS; 10-15 reps

Stand facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, palms down. Choose appropriate foot stance, keeping in mind that the closer your feet are to the anchor point, the harder this may be. Keep elbows up and stationary, lower body down until thumbs are next to temples. Drive through palms to extend the arms while maintaining plank.

TRX CHEST PRESS; 10-15 reps

Start facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, and choose your foot stance. Maintain plank as you lower body down by bending elbows 90 degrees. Drive through the palms while squeezing the chest, maintain plank position at all times.

+ Check back next Monday for more from Michelle, and check out other #MovementMonday routines here! 

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September FP x PAWS 2017 Calendar Download

September FP x PAWS 2017 Calendar Download

Welcoming the change of season with our favorite furry friends…

Throughout 2017, we’ll be featuring the beautiful dogs from this year’s FP x PAWS calendar, created in partnership with award-winning photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand!

All proceeds from the sale of our print calendars benefitted PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter, which serves pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable basic veterinary care.

Right-click to download!


+ Check out our full collection for your pets here

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Fall Cleaning

Fall Cleaning

What better time to tackle that bathroom cabinet…

Spring cleaning gets all the glory, but if you ask me, fall is the best season for a purge. You finally got to open your windows during spring and set foot outside without a parka and layers of wool to keep warm. Then you basked in the long, lazy days of summer. I’d bet cleaning your home and tossing things you don’t want or need was the literal last thing on your mind from April to August.

But there’s something about the first notes of fall that make me want to shut those windows halfway, dust off the cute mid-weight jackets that haven’t seen the light of day for half a year and get to cleaning. The trees are shedding their leaves so why can’t you shed some of the stuff that’s been piling up for months?

After you’re done moving bathing suits and cutoffs to the back of your closet and chunky knits and booties to the front, it’s time to tackle that bathroom cabinet. I guarantee there’s something lurking in there you definitely don’t use regularly/you definitely don’t remember owning. Rather than let it languish in the depths of your bathroom for another year, get rid of it. Seriously, nothing feels better than taking a few hours to clean and organize. After all, the more you toss, the more space you have for fun, new stuff.

First thing’s first — clean your dang brushes!

Take a look at your makeup brushes. Are they caked with layers of makeup from months of use or are they clean and shiny? If you remember to clean your brushes and tools regularly, kudos. If not, you’re like the majority of us who only remember when someone tells you to. So this is me telling you to clean those little bacteria farms.

All you need is a gentle foaming cleanser, water and your hand: Mix a few drops of the cleanser in your palm with a bit of water, then swish one brush at a time around in the mixture until it starts to foam. You’ll see the foam start to take on the color of makeup hiding in the bristles — that means it’s working. Repeat this process as many times as is necessary for that foam to stay clear or white, which means you’ve removed all the makeup. Then gently rinse the brush in warm water, swirl around a little on a clean towel to remove excess moisture, and then lay flat to dry.

And if you just can’t be bothered, invest in a new set. The bristles are breeding grounds for bacteria that can’t wait to take up residence in your pores. While you’re out it, get a new konjac sponge and loofah, and please, for the love of all that is holy, change your pillowcase.

Check expiration dates.

Now that you’re well-versed in the language of when things go bad (cough cough READ THIS cough), you know how to interpret packaging, symbols and language as far as expiration and use-by dates are concerned. If anything is past its prime, toss it.

The same thing goes for stuff you only use during the summer that won’t make it to see another solstice. If there’s a heavy-duty sunscreen you only wear at the beach and you know you won’t be headed back to the sand and waves until winter break at the earliest, get rid of it. Even though it may still be good for another month or two, you won’t actually use it before it goes bad and it’ll sit in your bathroom, forgotten. Then, months down the road when you do need a heavy duty sunscreen again, you’ll likely just grab last summer’s because it’s there — even though its active ingredients aren’t effective anymore. Save yourself the trouble of zinc oxide that won’t rub in and a killer sunburn by just throwing it out. Then you’ll know you need to replace it when the time comes and you’ll be able to pick up a fresh batch that will last you well into next summer.

When in doubt, get rid of anything you’ve had for more than a year.

Unless it’s shampoo, conditioner, or a dry product (like a clay mask you add water to), you’re better off safe than sorry. That goes for the glittery eyeshadow you bought for a theme party last fall, the deodorant you’ve had since college, the mascara you don’t remember buying that you just found under your couch and the sample of face oil you got with a purchase you made years ago. Not only will this help you free up space and declutter, but it’ll help put into perspective what you actually use regularly.

Admit you have a thing for season-specific makeup.

Far be it from me to dictate what type of makeup you wear when, but if something really screams summer (like that coverup that only matches your skin after a tropical vacation or the bronzer that makes you look crazy when you’re dead-of-winter-pale), I’d advise getting rid of it. As you know, natural and organic products have a limited shelf life and like I mentioned above, that seasonal makeup will likely go bad before you get the chance to wear it again.

Rather than be stubborn and insist on wearing a shade of makeup that doesn’t work on your skin post-summer, invest in a few products that will last you through the whole year. Find a coverup that makes sense for your skin when it’s at its least sun-kissed, then mix it with a complimentary bronzer as the seasons change. Or learn to mix a powdered bronzer with face oil for a subtle glow when you need it. More ideas here!

Embrace seasonal scents.

No, I’m not talking about that sickly-sweet pumpkin pie candle your great aunt insists on burning as soon as Labor Day rolls around. What I am talking about is the stuff that lends itself to cooler temperatures and cozier vibes. If you’ve been rocking a light floral or bright citrus scent all summer, think about switching it up with notes of musk, chai and other earthy smells. Fall is the time for cozying up and allowing smells to linger a bit longer, so you need something with more oomph.

Whether it’s a musky body oil you slather on post-shower, a rich aromatherapy oil you dab on your pulse points for a pick-me-up as the days get shorter or a smoky cinnamon-based perfume for nights out embrace the smells of the season — don’t fight the gorgeous, spicy, crispness in the air.

+ Let’s get Fall ready… Check out more articles from Allie here

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5 Methods To Welcome Spring Into Your House

Post image for 5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Commemorate the coming period by brightening up your house with one of these easy guidelines

In just like a lion, out March is just a month of revival and move. Method is given by winter to snowfall, snow and springtime ebb to green limbs and sprouts. The times develop brighter and longer and our minds are likely to check out suit. The very first evening of springtime, on 20th, I ve established my places having a fresh month just a couple of of times absent. In a variety of ways, this winter in Philly was a simple one, gentle snowfall (save for winter surprise Jonas), temps that — fortunately — didn’t frequently drop below 25F, but that doesn’t create my expectation for hotter climate any less extreme. I m prepared to drop my winter levels in support of spring’s lightness. My house has started the periodic move till I will confidently move outside sans jacket and large knits although it might be a couple weeks. Better shades, hellip & cleaner aromas; rsquo & nowadays I;m for getting springtime inside, even if the snowfall continues to be traveling beyond our windowpanes discussing my strategies.


Buy some flowers. this past year I devoted to buying myself a little arrangement of bouquets every Friday, to savor within the weekend and brighten my bedroom desk and home countertop through the week in the future. It s a , cheap that is little routine, but one which may proceed kilometers well-being and for the feeling. Now’s an ideal period should you haven’t participated in an arrangement in awhile. My preferred that is personal, when rsquo aren &; accessible that are t, would be the 5 that is little -base groups offered by Wholefoods flower. At around $5 to $7, they’re inexpensive, and also the flowers are available in a broad number of shades. The daisy bundles offered by Joes are also loved by me. Pleasant attitude and their vibrant shades meets me in the beginning of every evening, telling me that there descend may ultimately a year.

Sunflowers, flowers, and daisies are exemplary non toxic options for all those people with interested animals (make sure to maintain extremely poisonous periodic bouquets like tulips, lilies and daffodils for that workplace) Or go to the ASPCA site to get a complete listing of secure and hazardous bouquets and houseplants.


Lighten your scents. Whilst The times develop longer and we start to desire light cost in the areas of our lifestyles, now’s an ideal time for you to pack absent wintery candles and aromas that phone in your thoughts nutmeg, nutmeg and pumpkin. Choose rather for anything gentle and gingery, like our Free People Candle. An ideal mixture of wintery vibrant and wood, eucalyptus that is springy, rsquo & it;s the perfect fragrance for that move that is periodic.


Spring-clean. Invest a weekend day cooking up a of homemade cleansing items, subsequently pull out the cobwebs, defeat the drapes, and provide everything a great once over. You’ll be astonished in the distinction cleaning your windows (inside and out) and washing the drapes makes. Crannies and these spaces that’ll have invested recent weeks exterior muck and accumulating dirt. Move here for many simple dishes to whip-up that will assist you clear all of your house, normally.


Provide some lifestyle inside. Besides bouquets, potted crops include existence and elegance to some house unlike other things. Struck up the local greenhouse to get a recharge on faves for example cacti, succulents, lizard crops and additional air-purifiers that’ll not just put in a pleasant rush of green, but assist you to together with your spring-cleaning, also.


Trade-in your materials. Industry out the dim woolens and large knit covers of winter for brighter and better materials inside your bedroom and family room. When the atmosphere in your house continues to be also frosty, contemplate producing some easy instances to protect your toss cushions with, or choosing up a white classic bedspread to hang over your deeper covers. A comfortable and sharp bright room, gentle-hued family room is much like an request for rest and imagination.


+ What’re your strategies for springtime that is inviting?Please share!

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