#MovementMonday: TRX Arms with Michelle Vahey

#MovementMonday: TRX Arms with Michelle Vahey

TRX is back — this week, Michelle is tackling arms! We think you’ll want to follow suit…

This post comes to you from TRX instructor and co-founder of VIDA Performance Michelle Vahey, who will be introducing us to new workouts all month long! 

Note: For each exercise, aim to do 10-15 reps of each, 1- 3 rounds.

TRX Y DELTOID FLY; 10-15 reps

Stand with your feet together (harder) or apart (easier), arms pulled back to a Y position, tension on the TRX, palms forward. Lower body, keep arms straight, return to start position by slowly extending arms. Try not to bend the arms and keep your body on a plank position.

TRX ROW; 10-15 reps

Start by pulling your shoulders down and back, bend elbows, palms facing each other, hands besides chest. Walk your feet towards the anchor point until there is a squeeze on the back. Lower your body down by extending your arms but don’t protract your shoulder blades. Maintain plank position. Return, pull body toward anchor point by driving elbows beside body.


TRX BICEP CURL; 10-15 reps

Start by bending your elbows higher than your shoulders with pinkies aligned to temples. Walk your feet towards anchor point until you feel a squeeze in the biceps. Lower body down until arms are fully extended, maintain plank. Pull body toward anchor point by bringing pinkies to temples. Elbows remain high, eyes on anchor point.

TRX SWIMMER PULL; 10-15 reps

Start with hands besides hips, palms back, tension on the TRX. Offset your feet. Lower body down, keep arms extended, maintain plank. Pull on handles, drive palms back, maintain plank.

TRX TRICEP PRESS; 10-15 reps

Stand facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, palms down. Choose appropriate foot stance, keeping in mind that the closer your feet are to the anchor point, the harder this may be. Keep elbows up and stationary, lower body down until thumbs are next to temples. Drive through palms to extend the arms while maintaining plank.

TRX CHEST PRESS; 10-15 reps

Start facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, and choose your foot stance. Maintain plank as you lower body down by bending elbows 90 degrees. Drive through the palms while squeezing the chest, maintain plank position at all times.

+ Check back next Monday for more from Michelle, and check out other #MovementMonday routines here! 

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#MovementMonday: TRX Abs with Michelle Vahey

#MovementMonday: TRX Abs with Michelle Vahey

New season, new you! Welcoming TRX into your fitness routine…

This post comes to you from TRX instructor and co-founder of VIDA Performance Michelle Vahey, who will be introducing us to new workout series all month long! 


Start by suspending your feet on to the straps. Make sure your feet are dorsi flexed (toes towards your shins) at all times, your legs and core are active and engaged. To start the rotation make sure your elbow is right under your shoulder and begin lifting your hips as you rotate your chest to face down parallel to the ground and your toes will face downwards to the ground, forming a V shape with your body. Return to the side plank and repeat.


Start with feet suspended and dorsi flexed (as if you where standing on the ground), elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Begin the saw by pulling feet back so shoulders move away from your elbows, important to keep squeezing your gluteus  AT ALL TIMES to protect your lower back. Make sure you don’t sag your hips. As the feet come back toward the starting point,  bring the knees in towards your chest and lift the hips to create a crunch. Extend legs back to initial plank and repeat.


Make sure that you dorsi flex your feet while suspended on your plank. Squeeze your gluteus and make sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. To begin the pike press the feet on the straps using your leg strength and begin to lift your hips up to the ceiling, creating a V shape with your body while your head naturally will end in between your biceps. Release back to your strong plank, repeat.


Start directly underneath the anchor point, facing away from it. Kneel sideways and then turn your torso so your shoulders are parallel to the ground. Start rolling forward, leading with your front hip. Make sure your arms stay straight and never allow biceps to roll out past your ears. Inhale on the roll out and exhale on the roll in. Keep core engaged at all times. Repeat.


Begin by extending your straps about 3 inches from the ground. Lay on your back with your head underneath the anchor point and your feet going away from the anchor point. Press your hands on the cradles with your arms straight by your hips. Press your hands on the cradles as you lift both legs up and lower slowly using your core.
+ Check back next Monday for more from Michelle and check out other #MovementMonday routines here! 


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#MovementMonday: Moving with Grace

#MovementMonday: Moving with Grace

Follow along for week 2 of Sky Ting’s yoga sequences; this week, opening and strengthening your body…

I always say that age should not be measured by a number, but by one’s ability to move freely and gracefully. It’s vital to do things and create practices that counterbalance the effects of today’s society — social media, constant phone use, computers, etc. When you can, make a trip to explore nature, spend time finding inspiration, hang out with friends that uplift you, meditate and move your body.

This is a standing pose sequence designed to open and strengthen the whole body in just a few poses. It is intended to be practiced in one continuous movement; each pose flows into the next like a dance. As you move let your breath lead and try to drop into a rhythmic flow that allows you to feel graceful. This sequence is perfect to practice in preparation for deep backbending, and is also effective for detoxing and flushing out the organs, which will keep the body feeling vital and beautiful.

Before you begin, take a comfortable seat and let your eyes close. Give yourself a moment to arrive inside your body. Feel your breath as it moves in and out, and connect to the rhythm it creates. Let your mind be still and open to grace.
Remember to perform the sequence using both sides of the body to keep it balanced.

High Lunge

Start in a Low Lunge to set up your foundation. Place your hands either side of your front foot. Make sure your knee is aligned over the center of your ankle in a 90-degree angle and your back foot toes are tucked. On an inhale reach your arms forward and up, rising up to a High Lunge. Once you arrive, use an inhale to lengthen the spine reaching up toward the ceiling with your arms, and an exhale to ground down through the pelvis and feet to create space throughout the body. Exhaling, lean back into the space behind you, finding a backbend. Staying in a backbend, take your arms out wide on on a horizontal line, and breathe fully into the opening of your lungs and heart, feel the expansion and contraction that the breath makes inside your body. On an exhale, bow forward towards your front leg, coming back to a Low Lunge.

Anjali Asana

From a Low Lunge, drop your back knee to the ground and untuck your back foot toes. Spread the top of your back foot onto the floor, grounding down clearly through the pinky toe side of the foot. On an inhale reach the arms forward and up, bringing the torso over the hips, and the arms alongside the ears. Take the time to square your hips by tacking the outer right hip back and pulling the left hip point forward. On an exhale begin to press the hips forward towards the front heel, letting the knee travel beyond your ankle as you lean the torso, neck and head back into space, finding a backbend. Again, staying in a backbend, take your arms out wide on a horizontal line, and breathe fully into the opening of your heart and lungs. Use an exhale to bow forward, coming back to a Low Lunge.

Twisted Lunge

In a Low Lunge lean onto your left hand and reach your right arm up toward the sky, coming into a twist. Once you arrive, reestablish the ground underneath you by pressing your feet down and lifting your hips up. Feel buoyant and strong in the lift of your back leg thigh. Use your inhale to create space throughout the body; from the back heel out through the crown of the head, and your exhale to lean back towards the left to twist open to the right, spinning around your center line. Lean back enough so there is space between the right low belly and the front of the right thigh. Turn the right palm to face the front of the room and stretch the arm over head alongside the ear. Turn to look out from underneath the arm and spin the heart and vision towards the sky. Keep tacking back through the right hip as you pull the right rib cage and arm towards the front room. Breathe into the growing length of the waistline,  and into the space between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the pelvis, and then twist  a little deeper. Use an exhale to release the right hand down to the ground, coming back to a Low Lunge.

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