Love Mother Nature: Cleaning Up Your Bathroom Routine

Love Mother Nature: Cleaning Up Your Bathroom Routine

With just a few simple lifestyle adjustments, you and I and everyone in our community can work to make our environmental footprint smaller… 

If I were to ask you: is Mother Nature out of sorts lately? Would you agree with me? Hurricanes, earthquakes, maddening temperatures, droughts and floods. It’s during times like this that I find myself taking a step back and assessing my daily life. And I wonder if my lifestyle is either helping or hurting her?

And I realize: I will not cure all of our Earth’s faults by myself.

But, I can make a conscious effort to be kinder to our planet, simply by changing up some of my day-to-day routines. Each week,  I’ll be sharing a few simple swaps that I hope all make my carbon footprint smaller. Take a step back and ask yourself what you can do. Will you join me?

First, let’s look at our bathroom routine.

50% of my morning is spent in the bathroom getting ready, so I thought that may be a good place to start.


I’m quite quick in the shower, so this was easy for me. Test yourself one day this week — time how long your shower is. Try cutting your time in half — this will save on at least a couple of gallons daily. Also, turn the water off while brushing your teeth.


Look at haircare brands. What are they doing for our planet? After doing a little research, I recently tossed out my shampoo and swapped it for vegan AND organic Yarok. They donate 3% of their profits to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Try buying in bulk.

Reuse bottles!

Skip the blow dryer. Air drying helps save energy as well as hair damage. 



Wash with a bar of soap instead of liquid. Save a plastic tree. I’ve been loving this Pumpkin + Wild Carrot soap for fall.

And those plastic razors we ALL have been using since mum finally said it was cool to shave? Yeah, they will be in landfills for the next 100+ years. Try swapping to a safety razor and simply learn how to change out your blades.


Give bamboo toothbrushes a try. They can decompose into soil in just one day.

I love setting goals that are achievable, and after completing this list, I’m excited to tweak other areas of my day-to-day. Each of the swaps were super simple, and have become a new normal for me. What are your tips? I’d love to hear them?

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How to Layer Skincare for Optimal Results: Morning Routine

How to Layer Skincare for Optimal Results: Morning Routine

It’s time to focus on sun-in-the-sky skincare…

Back in my uninformed youth, before I started to take skincare seriously (so like, three years ago?), I assumed there was no difference between what I put on my face in the morning and what I put on my face at night. Skincare was skincare…it didn’t matter what I applied when or in what order, right?

But then I learned that your skin does the bulk of its healing at night while you sleep, and so then I assumed my nighttime routine was more important than my morning one. I dutifully spent upwards of 20 minutes over the sink every night, double cleansing and facial massaging and serum pressing and eye cream dabbing. It was quite a bit of work (and quite a few products), but I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately and so have kept at it all this time, much to chagrin of my very patient, very sleepy S.O.

I was spending so much time focused on my evening skin that I failed to recognize the importance of what I was using in the morning. And while I wouldn’t say my skin suffered for it — those 20 minutes really did work wonders — when I finally did start paying attention, things on and around my face got way better than I ever could have dreamed.

I’ve already walked you through how to layer your nighttime products for optimal results, so now it’s time to focus on sun-in-the-sky skincare. Without further ado, this is how to approach your AM routine:

Step 1: Cleanser

Truth be told, a morning cleanse is totally your call. Since all you’ve done since the last time you washed your face was apply restorative, soothing products and sleep, there’s no need to wash your face in the morning. It’s a personal preference, one you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

Personally, I like to cleanse in the morning as I feel like it starts my day off right and offers a clean slate for what I apply to my face next. But if you have dry skin and can’t risk the extra cleanse, by all means skip it.

If you do choose to cleanse, pick a product that’s gentle and non-foaming. You don’t need something with suds at this point in the day (like I said, you don’t really have anything on your skin that needs washing off), so opt for a cleansing milk or gel that will be soft on the skin. You can also use an oil cleanser here if you’re really intent on removing all traces of the previous night’s products, but be sure to remove all traces of the cleanser thoroughly or any makeup you apply later will slide right off your face.

Step 2: Exfoliate-ish

Proceed with caution here. Again, if you’re prone to irritation or dryness, skip the AM exfoliation and stick to doing it a few nights a week to keep dead skin cells at bay. If not, consider incorporating some very gentle exfoliation with a warm, damp cotton washcloth into your morning routine. Starting at your nose and working out toward your temples, forehead and chin in small circles will help slough away dead skin and massage the skin, stimulating blood flow and reducing facial swelling and post-sleep puffiness. When you’re done, splash some cold water over your face.

Step 3: Toner/Essence

No matter your skin type, this is a step you don’t want to skip. Not only does a facial mist deposit much-needed moisture into your skin, it also helps keep skin balanced throughout the day so you don’t have to deal with the dreaded 3 pm oil slick so many of us are familiar with.

If you are oily, opt for a pH-balancing toner. All other skin types would benefit from either a hydrating toner or facial mist to soothe skin and get skin nice and hydrated for what’s next. Be sure to spray liberally all over your face, neck and chest — this is one thing that you can really never use too much of.

Step 4: Serum

If you’re not using a daytime serum, it may be time to consider adding one to your routine. Since they’re packed with such powerful, skin-changing ingredients, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want them sinking in throughout the day as well. Just be careful about what you choose to apply during the day vs. the nighttime: certain ingredients like vitamin C and retinoids can increase your skin’s photosensitivity, so wearing them during the day can leave your skin more vulnerable than usual to the sun’s rays.

Save photosensitive serums for your nighttime routine and instead look for ingredients that play nice with the elements, like rose, vitamin E and caffeine. That mist you helpfully spritzed in the last step is crucial for serum absorption: the serum will latch onto the water molecules of the mist and ride them deep into your skin.

Step 5: Moisturizer

Unless you have very dry skin, you shouldn’t need more than a light, daily moisturizer in the morning. That said, pay attention to the formula you pick as it 1) needs to last all day 2) stand up to what your face faces all day long and 3) get along well with your skin type. Prone to irritation? Choose a product with calming ingredients chamomile and rosehip. Oily? You’ll definitely want an oil-free moisturizer. Spend a lot of time outside? Double up with SPF moisturizer. Not big on makeup but want a little coverage? Tinted moisturizer for the win!

Applying moisturizer is another great excuse to massage your face in case there’s any residual puffiness lingering.

Step 6: SPF

As if I have to tell you again, but if you insist: WEAR SPF EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’m not kidding. Serums and toners aside, this is the single most important thing you can do for the health of your skin in both the short and long term. Since your face tends to get more play in the sun on a regular day and it’s also thinner skin, you’ll definitely want an everyday SPF that’s formulated specifically for your face. It’ll be less likely to clog pores and more likely to rub in without a trace. If you don’t want to add another product to your arsenal, find a daytime moisturizer that contains SPF.

Regardless of what formula you use, though, make sure it’s the last thing you apply before makeup. SPF forms a film on top of the skin to shield it and putting anything other than makeup on top of it can disrupt that coverage, opening it up to let the sun through.

+ Now that you got your morning routine, check out how to layer your nighttime routine

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Awakenings: Wake with Mindfulness

Not just do your day ideas possess the capacity to affect your emotions, choices and relationships — additionally they influence your body’s hormonal stability.

This is actually the first in a-4-component series about awareness with elegance by Jolene Hart, wellness mentor and writer of the Consume Fairly guide collection.

The options while you begin every day you create are a few of the very impactful on& nbsp wellness. Your routine including ideas, home and motion, diet – mdash & treatment; sets the tone for the whole evening. Whenever you attempted to develop a lifestyle that facilitates wellness and elegance, purposely adjusting up your day program is among the best methods to boost outcomes, and inspire one to create more decorating options all-day-long. What exactly does a morning look that is beautifying like?  Over I, the next a month ’ll reveal for awareness with elegance every single day the absolute most effective techniques.

This week, think about the energy of one’s ideas your entire day to form, as soon as your eyes start. Actually observe that your ideas possess the capacity to change your truth? That you simply feel and look just as stunning while you think? Not just do your ideas that are day possess the capacity to affect choices, your emotions and relationships all-day-long, however your body&rsquo likewise affects . Awareness with tension (ideas of the job you’re fearing, function e-mails arriving through in your telephone, or damaging information about the tv or your products) enhances the physique’s manufacturing of the strain hormone cortisol which, when left uncontrolled, wreaks mayhem in your elegance in the inside-out. Cortisol is intended to increase each morning to greatly help us wake normally, but raised cortisol, every single day, is just a precursor to moods, early creases, blemishes and irritation.


Tomorrow morning, begin your day with a number of of those conscious steps to construct elegance into every day:

Believe great ideas. When you initially wake where does the mind proceed? Exercise creating your preliminary day ideas good types, in the place of allowing the mind float to concerns concerning the occasions of sensation or your day  overrun record to-do about your.

Set an objective. You are sprawled out before by the whole evening. Nowadays what would you like on your own? What’re your greatest wishes? Set for the ideas and steps nowadays, and utilize it to stay shifting toward your targets all-day-long.

Talk an acceptance. Phrases spoken aloud have power. Choose a good acceptance (an ‘I’m’ declaration like ‘I’m effective,’ or ‘I’m nicely,’) and state it loudly while you start your entire day.


Take daily motivation. What sets aside from others? Maintain an inspiring guide by your bedroom, whether a popular guide of composition, a religious devotional, or perhaps a guide of everyday parts for elegance like Consume Fairly Every Single Day. take it before you receive out-of mattress. What you study produce a second of motivation and consideration.

Select mindfulness first. You submit the mind to additional issues when you take your smartphone. Actually before information or e-mail, have a few occasions to inhale also you and reflect or heavy ll immediately boost your elegance, both literally and psychologically.

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is just a Philly-centered wellness mentor and founding father of Elegance Is Wellness, an all natural elegance and wellness training exercise. Her training and Consume Fairly guide collection shows ladies to make use of diet and lifestyle options to appear and experience their finest in the inside-out.



Hide: Best Coats for Drop

An ideal method to outfit-replicate without outfit-reproducing…

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie

I’m not really a evening-before ensemble adviser… although I want I had been. Our day program includes reaching sleep once (or twice), cleaning my teeth, cleaning my encounter, using makeup. Subsequently, consume, I m usually left to sort nbsp;an ensemble and operate out the doorway. You nbsp;before my wardrobe for all those leftover 10 moments awaiting a rush of motivation that SELDOM comes up & ll probably discover me. A week ago, an epiphany offered itself in my experience: coats

Coats would be the ideal method to outfit-replicate without outfit that is officially -reproducing. You are able to use your preferred go to fundamentals and spice them having a next item that is various each time! (Since why awaken fifteen minutes earlier whenever you might simply choose another coat?) Like a present to whatever you other ensemble-organizing procrastinators, we ve nbsp; a manual to dressing-down coats and dressing. Wish these may cut a couple of minutes of one’s day program off!

Day + Casual:


Get the look: Suede Developed Coat, Van Sally Tee, Raise Runner, Double-Down Baseball Cap, Two Tone sk-8 Reissue High-Top

Evening + Flirty:


Get the Look: Scarlet Faux Fur Coat, Received Container, Oh Snap Vegetarian Mini, Joe Lace-Up Trunk

Stylish + Sequins: 


Get the look: She’s A Toad Bomber, Only A Dreamer Sequin Pant, All-Day-Long Jacket, Important Backpack

Which coat is the favorite?Let’s understand within the remarks! 

Tea Talk Tea

Post image for Tea Talk: Mayde Tea

Kate Dalton, creator of Mayde Tea, gives among her preferred rooibos chai gold mylk dishes…

Located in the subtropical idyll of Byron Bay on Australia’s east coastline (also house to 1 of our favorite brands, Cause), Kate Dalton is just a teamaker who moonlights like a model, that has to become among the greatest ‘model-cut-somethings’ we’ve run into. While she’s not learning naturopathy or mixing up natural loose leaf mixtures on her manufacturer Mayde Tea, the natural alchemist stays her times browsing, training yoga and maintaining her vegetable garden. Below she gives a day chai formula that is heating to assist you increase your defense this drop, in addition to for living the great lifestyle her strategies.


Rooibos Chai Gold Mylk

1 tbsp Mayde Tea rooibos turmeric chai
1 cup natural avocado or almond milk
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon natural baby (or walnut syrup to get a vegetarian choice)
1 teaspoon all of new grated cinnamon and turmeric
1 teaspoon grape fat (recommended)
Touch black pepper
Touch pepper

Simmer rooibos chai about the range having a half-cup of water for atleast three minutes.
Include additional elements and simmer for atleast 4 more moments.
Put in to a teapot having a strainer, or pressure directly into a cup.


Hello Kate! What started your curiosity about tea?
Hello beautiful Free People! I’ve always liked natural tea but, I became fascinated with the therapeutic energy of character and natural medication after I began learning naturopathy a long time previously. I began producing tea to greatly help with my very own medical issues and discovered it to become the absolute stunning and most mild method to motivate your body&rsquo . Become ready to greatly help others and I needed to talk about this.


Exactly why is tea-such a device that is important for wellness?
I believe it’s an excellent replacement for the less-healthy issues. With a lot of antioxidants, changing coffee nevertheless promotes power manufacturing, for instance and without pressure on the adrenals. Trading in the place of eliminating allows you to not feel whenever you banish issues from your own diet for almost any cause deprived. One more thing I really like is not being unable with something similar to a tea&mdash to trick your special urges; by helping the adrenals, a goody that gained’t really increase your blood sugar, however in reality helps you to secure power. Natural tea can also be a, sly method that is great to raise your water consumption, especially. I really like the rest and interpersonal facet of tea. Discussing a large container with a few family members may be the many stunning factor for the spirit.

Have you got any tea traditions that are individual?
I’ve a container of my natural chai every morning. I used-to consume lots of espresso, so I changed it when I went cold-turkey which routine simply caught. I consume if my belly is actually swollen or annoyed my digest mix, and that I usually consume my tranquility motivate a peaceful slumber and mix right before mattress to greatly help calm my system.


Would you search for experiences and fresh teas whenever you travel?
I haven’t had the opportunity to complete significantly worldwide journey since beginning Mayde Tea — company continues to be busier than I possibly could have thought! Nevertheless, the I supply are from all over the globe. Each plant includes environment and a specific elevation it requires to develop to its best. I deb like to go Southafrica and find out to Sri Lanka, and also rooibos is developed to determine the Camellia farms, that will be the /green tea extract place that is dark. I wear&rsquo since my tea is created utilizing an american natural medication history;t understand hellip much about Oriental teas&; rsquo & I;deb like to visit find out about them.

What’s your day program?
Chai, a fast seaside stroll after which yoga in The Plantation Byron Bay. I often meet up with a few buddies I place at yoga to get a tea date rsquo & it;s house to get a large wholesome breakfast of vegetables and eggs from the backyard. I reach work with your day.


What’re a number of your wellness methods that are favorite?
I mainly purchase my food in the producers’ marketplace; this way, I’m just in a position to purchase clean, natural, domestically-developed create to nurture my physique for that week. Easily do visit the store, I make use of a common guideline of only buying within the peripheries, therefore all I& rsquo getting is berry veggies, eggs. Among the efficient and simplest bits of guidance I share with my naturopathy customers is conscious seated to some dinner and biting eating and eating gradually. Your digestive tract has an incredible number of procedures happening, therefore consuming on the work isn’t of multitasking to complete the very best kind.
I do not be hardon myself about being completely wholesome. Easily wear& rsquo workout for it one evening s not the finish of the planet and, easily possess a glass of dark wine it. I believe experiencing it within the correct atmosphere and having a healthier mindset toward food is among the issues that are most significant.


How will you prefer to transfer the body?
I apply vinyasa style yoga and walk-up towards the Cape Byron lighthouse with my buddies or stroll along the seaside everyday. Pressing myself may be rsquo & the last-place you !

What’s your lifestyle?
Simply being near to character, including what I’m consuming and wherever I’m investing my times. “Character doesn’t rush, however anything is achieved”- Lao Tzo

+What s your preferred type of tea? Share within the remarks with us!

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