FP x Moon Juice: Green Shake Blender Recipe

FP x Moon Juice: Green Shake Blender Recipe

Looking for an energy boost to help you through the day? This drink just might do the trick…

Courtesy of our friends at Moon Juice, this recipe offers you a great — and healthy — way to energize throughout the day. Get a lift from green juice, beautifying and brain power from the avocado, and adaptogenic energy and libido boost from maca…


10 oz your favorite green juice (with no apple, preferably… or head here for Moon Juice’s Gracious Greens juice recipe)

½ avocado, pitted, peeled and frozen for at least 4 hours

1 tbsp Tocos

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tsp your favorite Dust – we like Power or Sex for a morning energy hit

2 drops stevia or other sweetener of choice (if you omit Dust)


It can’t be any easier than this — take all ingredients, put in blender/food processor, and blend til smooth. Pour, drink up and enjoy. <3

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Film and photo by Michael Persico.

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Tocotrienols

Skin-nourishing, brain-power-boosting, nerve-rejuvenating powder…

As much as I love an exotic ingredient every now and then, in my opinion, the best beneficial ingredients and superfoods are the ones that seamlessly sync with your daily routine. A pat of hyaluronic acid in the morning followed up by some nourishing rosehip seed oil, a scoop of chia seeds… a mango tossed into your work bag as a mid-afternoon treat, when wellness is easy and approachable, we reap the rewards that much faster. And when an ingredient can double as an ice cream topping and smoothie-booster all at once? Bring it on. Today I’m sharing just such an ingredient. A powerful powder that easily blends into smoothies and oatmeal and does double-time as a slightly sweet dessert topper: tocotrienols. Part of FP fave Moon Juice’s arsenal of wellness essentials, Tocotrienols are not only easy to use, but delicious, too, and will have your skin feeling gorgeous in no time flat.

Read on to learn about this skin-nourishing, brain-power-boosting, nerve-rejuvenating powder, then scroll on for a super simple — and super delicious — recipe.

What are tocotrienols? Derived from grains such as barley, rice, wheat and oats, tocotrienols are a super concentrated source of vitamin E, D, B vitamins and antioxidants. Found in Moon Juice’s Tocotrienols, which are derived from organic California rice, tocotrienols are a powerful nourishing superfood that benefits body and mind.

What are the benefits? The power of tocotrienols mainly lies in the bioavailability of vitamin E levels. Essentially the benefits of tocotrienols are the same as taking a vitamin E supplement — your body just knows how to put tocotrienols to use more efficiently. While most traditional sources of vitamin E (also known d alpha tocopherol) have difficulty interacting with cell membranes, tocotrienols are ready and able to be absorbed into tissues and put to work by your body and are therefore more efficient in neutralizing free radicals — great news for your skin! Because they’re easily absorbed into cell membranes, tocotrienols are great for skin, hair, tissue regeneration, and overall anti-aging. They’ve also been found to be effective in boosting immunity, improving muscle function, and decreasing inflammation. Tocotrienols also play a role in protecting nerves and nerve function, important since our nerves deteriorate as we age and when we’re exposed to higher levels of toxins and pollutants. When added to your wellness routine, this wonder dust will have you looking good and feeling fine for years to come.

How do you use tocotrienols? Like I said, the best superfoods are the ones that are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine and lucky for us all, tocotrienols are as easy as they come. Slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla (tasting somewhat like cereal), Moon Juice’s Tocotrienols blend seamlessly into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, chia pudding and raw desserts. The creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor also makes tocotrienols a great alternative to coffee creamer and adds a luxurious element to potions hot or cold. Of course, if you’re really feeling it, just sprinkle tocotrienols on any and everything. Need a little inspiration? Try the super easy recipe below, which pairs tocotrienols with beets and cacao to create a skin nourishing treat for body and mind.

Skin-Nourishing Beet-Banana Nice Cream

Serves 2.


1 ½ bananas, sliced and frozen

⅓ cup beet juice

1 tbsp almond butter

1 heaping tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp Moon Juice Tocotrienols

Toppings: blueberries, granola, unsweetened coconut flakes


Place frozen banana slices, beet juice, almond butter, cacao powder, and tocotrienols in a food processor and pulse until smooth (it should be the consistency of soft-serve).

Place food processor container in the freezer for approximately 10-15 minutes, or until mixture is solidified.

When ready to serve: Scoop nice cream into two small bowls and top with blueberries, granola and coconut. Mmmmmm… Enjoy!

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This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or issue. 
Please seek your doctor’s advice for any questions regarding a specific condition and before beginning any exercise, diet or health-related regimen.

Cheers to Love: Blender Recipes with Moon Juice

Making love a little sweeter this Valentine’s Day…and every day.

Why not try sharing a little extra love today, with some help from Moon Juice? Get “sex dusted” as they say, and and heighten your creative abilities and energy?

Their recipe is quick and easy — the results? Well, that’s up to you. đŸ˜‰


1 tsp Sex Dust

10 oz warm milk

1 tbsp Toco’s

1 tsp coconut oil / ghee


Gently warm the milk (it should be warm, not hot) in a small saucepan and carefully pour into a blender. Add Sex Dust, oil, tocotrienols, and blend on high for 20 seconds or until warm and frothy. Pour into a mug. You can even serve garnished with bee pollen. Drink up and enjoy. <3

Film and photo by Michael Persico.

Times From First Elegance Occasion

Elegance and wellness combine meant for LA’s first wellness occasion…

Sept 30th designated an initial ever second for mdash & SoCal People followers; rsquo & LA;s wellness occasion and beauty. As well as in work was our elegance customer, Jess, who informed guests concerning the advantages of each item and just how to reasonably (and easily) curate and stick to a regime utilizing them. Wellness conspiracy preferred Moon Liquid located place-centered food presentations and talked with clients concerning the wellness qualities of the drinks, dusts, and uncooked treats and, after dark all natural and natural Antique Catering, Naha of The Home of Instinct kept gem parts for questioning visitors. Search to capture a peek in to the occasion below.







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Screening, Testing Mushrooms

A normal dosage of the comfortable, soothing mushroom elixir noticed me through wintertime without so much like a sniffle

This article involves us from Natalie Shukur.

I discovered medical weeds after I lived in Bay. I happened to reside next door in one of (in my own humble view) the very best and many modern cafés on the planet. The Roadhouse is run with a couple of changed-on youthful misfits who trained themselves in permaculture, organics, fermentation, natural tinctures, super-foods, bone broth, lasting fish and periodic produce, and therefore are discussing it using the neighborhood via their vibrant community place that meals out three dishes each day (along with a drinks during the night, since: control). It’s in The Roadhouse that I became familiar with reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s hair plus some of the 17 reduced-recognized medical weeds with which they increase their warm cocoa-centered Magic Mushroom beverage.

A normal dosage (alternated using their gold dairy) of the comfortable, soothing elixir noticed me through wintertime without so much like a sniffle, and that I turned in love with the resistant-improving, power-providing forces of weeds.

Weeds are plants, indicating that they move that same tough quality onto the ones that imbibe them, can endure severe problems and, consequently. If you’re-new to mushroom ingredients, begin with reishi; referred to as the “king healer”, it will help to alleviate tension, reinforce the immune protection system, assistance durability and enhance psychological quality — a perfect pick-me-on those times when you’re-feeling run-down. Another great entrance mushroom, Cordyceps, is just a tonic that raises running performance, enhances power and improves air ranges. Expose them gradually, you start with a couple of times per week, operating as much as five. Have of how the body seems a notice. Medical weeds (particularly when mixed with cocoa) really are an intelligent method to wear off espresso, also.


Prior to drop, I filled my cabinet having a number of mushroom sprays to obtain my program armed for the months. I place Moon Liquid’s Motion Dirt in my own day shake and Nature Dirt in my own morning warm cocoa beverage. To get a focused mushroom chance, I’ll proceed directly for Sunlight Concoction’s Reishi and Cordyceps sprays. I’ve actually gotten into implementing fungi topically, with Doctor Alkaitis’ Natural Decorating Hide, which includes a “enchanting woodland mushroom complicated”, comprising snow tuckahoe, hedgehog and immortality weeds.

Below, The Roadhouse gives their Miraculous Mushroom elixir formula to maintain all being hummed by you through winter.


The Roadhouse Magic Mushroom Beverage

1 tbsp 100% natural cocoa

1 teaspoon mesquite

1 teaspoon vanilla tincture (or real extract)

1 teaspoon medical mushroom tincture (attempt Moon Liquid’s Motion Dirt, Nature Dirt or 1/2 teaspoon all of Sunlight Concoction’s Reishi and Cordyceps)

Jelly bush (or additional uncooked baby) to flavor

Splash of pepper

1 cup coconut milk

Splash of chocolate powder to complete

Combination sprays and tinctures in a dash of water or hot milk to mix. Include steamed sweetie and warm milk to flavor. Complete having a splash of chocolate. Alternately, you may make this or having a stir to get a more creamy end.

Greenblender x w Liquid

In relationship with shake shipping support, Greenblender, we’re getting you two Easy To-create dishes, easy since the only point you’ll need is…nicely, a blender. 

Among the greatest methods to enhance your skin would be to get it done in the inside-out, with that in your mind, we’re including a splash of Moon Liquid Beauty Dirt within this vitamin c packed shake. This natural complement (that you will find on Free People’s fresh wellness shop) contains Rehmannia, a flowering place that’s been utilized in Oriental medication to carefully cleanse your body for hundreds of years, and schisandra, a fruit indigenous to northeast China that helps preserve healthy tissues. Enhance collagen generation with Vitamin-C from blueberry, yam and lemon, and obtain a healthier dosage of omega-3 s from flaxseed, among the best superfoods available.



Crimson Beauty Dirt Pleasure

4-oz crimson sweet potato, scrubbed

4-oz blueberry

1 lemon, peeled

1 tbsp flaxseed

1 teaspoon Moon Liquid Beauty Dirt

1 cup almond milk

1 cup snow



Include everything to voila, and mixer!

Obtain a free $20 Greenblender gift-card whenever you buy anything in the Free People Elegance & Wellness or FP Motion shops.  One gift-card per purchase, online buys only. Provide good through 10/31/16, while materials last. 

Screening,Screening: Goodnight Dirt

How can our fave amp Elegance &; Wellness items truly compare?

I really like studying an evaluation that is good. Made it happen not smell as bad as they declare it will? Did your own hair really appear curly? Did the jacket really easily fit in that & ldquo; slouchy although adorable way? Was it scratchy or gentle? Has the vegetarian leather organized? Did your lips dry up? Just how many occasions each day did you utilize?

You receive the concept.

Within I, this sequence m likely to function as the pig, journaling &nbsp and my ideas;dropping the beans on nbsp & these;I adore. In the end, existence is all about learning from mistakes.

Satisfy: Goodnight Dirt

Size: 2.2 oz (15.5 portions per container)

Preliminary response: I. Love. This. Presentation.


What’s Up? I’ve difficulty sleeping. Like. Very hard. I go to sleep tremendous early (I’M – 24 happening 84, granny panties incorporated), and awaken really, very early. Within the in between hrs, I’michael battling. big style. I’ve my brain continuously operating, difficulty dropping asleep. When I m I change and throw, awaken about five times and I understand, rsquo & it;s time my evening for you to start. I melatonin tried, rsquo that didn&;t function. Me worried down. And so I experienced truthfully a little impossible, and caught. Whenever we released our Elegance & Wellness variety, I randomly came across Goodnight Dirt. I had been exhausted, disappointed and prepared to attempt anything fresh. Therefore, I pushed below and purchase ’s what I acquired.


Accessibility 1: While my purchase came, I had been thrilled by its presentation —  clear, stunning artwork, relaxing colour, all-in a glass container (that will be usually an optimistic). Listed here are the items I was fast to adore before my initial use:

The merchandise is just a Licensed Vegetarian Ingestible.


Just five elements!

Accessibility 2: yesterday I combined 8 oz. Cold pure water of Dirt; with  nbsp & 1 teaspoon. The taste is extremely natural. It transpired easily. Our belly didn’t hurt afterward, and that I didn’t experience, nicely, drunk, (as some sleeping products may do). I did some reading, and crawled into sleep. Within about half an hour, I began feeling calm. I wasn t my typical, nervous home that is nervous but, alternatively, experienced relaxed and soothed. I woke up at my typical physique-clocktime of 6am, and recognized rsquo & I wasn; t down and up the whole evening. I didn’t exhausted, or experience slow. Most of all, in my experience, I didn’t have that , sleepy sensation that is large. To date, so great.

Accessibility 3: I’m on my next nights utilizing I, and Goodnight Dirt &rsquo . Today I’m combining milk, that we heated up about the range and it. The cold-water is fast and okay, however the crazy and heat taste is incorporating a well-obtained element that is comfortable.

Accessibility 4: I rested nicely yesterday, but believe I have to greater time-my dosage. I acquired up once to make use of the bathroom, and that I believe it’s because of drinking 8 ounce of anything before sleep. An excessive amount of info? That s what rsquo & I;m below for!

Accessibility 5: I’m per week out to date, and I – can certainly state I’m within the moon (have it), about that material. General, I fall under a further rest with out these two am wake ups. Nbsp & our almond milk mixture;is delicious t feel about needing to make use of a sleep-aid responsible. That s been the part about my prior trip to locate great rest what I ingest & nbsp;was not even close to perfect. This time around, I m pleased about my tranquil rest and both elements.

This sequence is about seeking new issues all. I nbsp & deb;like to notice your suggestions about things to attempt mdash & following; to lipbalm from overalls. I would like to understand within the remarks!


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Beauty Wellness By Means Of Nashville

Commemorate our Elegance + Wellness start in Songs City USA…

It might have now been the warm Nashville atmosphere, or even the boozy mezcal drinks but, regardless of the cause, the group at Urban Cowboy W&W was excellent for the current Elegance + Wellness start party. Imposing, overdue-summer sunflowers and flickering lamps covered the patio at City Cowboy Nashville, the austere, vintage-stuffed East Nashville W&W that located the fete, denver-located by nearby writer Ruthie Lindsey. You deb since all collected within the title of beauty wellness possess a difficult time building a far more glowing team, particularly suitable. And, possibly attempting to remain on their elegance a game, these girls looked.




Between created-to order cooked cheeses from nearby food-truck the Cooked Cheeserie and simply-selected kale and beet soups, visitors swiped, swatched and tried their approach via a cautiously-curated assortment of natural splendor items, slipping for brand new necessities like r-MS’ Beauty Top 2 Cheek containers, small, jewel-like pots of attention smoke from Rituel de Fille, and eyebrow-supercharging determining polish from Ecobrow. Consume Fairly writer Jolene Hart offered up appearance-improving shakes, tonics, and elixirs utilizing FP’s fresh elegance + wellness ingestible selection, leading visitors to delicious beauty boosters from manufacturers like Moon Liquid, Sunlight Concoction and The Wonder Cook. Your decision of the night time? Whether to collect Intercourse Dirt or Moon Liquid Beauty Dirt & mdash.



Outside about the garden, FP women lounged out blankets seeming irritated from the blistering heat – on sprawled. The group appeared just like comfy covered-up in large- heeled shoes and waisted trousers because they were in cropped surfaces and windy maxi gowns, shoes. Whilst the sunset, the lamps decreased and also the audio was resulted in, allowing the group change the wonderful B W right into a loud spot before going to look at cafes and rings throughout Music Area.




+ take a look at our Manchester elegance and wellness occasion below 

Within The Home: Day Chia Pudding

Kick-up your AM program by having an energizing shake dish offering Moon Liquid’s Motion Dirt…

By having an historic method to aid balanced restoration, endurance, and durability, Moon Liquid’s Motion Dirt may be the ideal supplement to some Post Workout recovery shake or your day breakfast. Coupled with chia avocado and matcha powder, this simple pudding is taken by Motion Dirt .


1 teaspoon Motion Dirt

1 teaspoon matcha powder

½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ cup coconut milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ grape

2 tbsp chia seeds

Uncooked darling, to flavor

Berry, for layering:






Avocado lotion


Place-all elements, aside from sweetie and seeds and mix on large till mixed. Flavor, if preferred and include sweetie. Take in seeds. Put right into a container and devote the refrigerator overnight, or for atleast four hours.

Location pudding with any preferred toppings and berry in a dish or glass to function. Enjoy!


Pictures and movie by Mike Persico.

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FP Rituals Sleep

Presenting FP Rituals a movie sequence to show you in nbsp & creating; nbsp & your fave;beauty program.

Riddled in  nbsp & your;pursuit of an AM shine? Or simply seeking to experience your absolute best before moving down to (elegance) rest? Allow r-MS, Pai, Contemporary OrganicDr. Alkaitis, Moon Liquid and Variety from the Hundreds be your manual. View the movie under, and best goals!

DP: Ethan Palmer, AC/Digital Tech: Rebecca Rajadnya, Hair: Ayumi Yamamto, Makeup: Matthew Sky, Gaffer: Geoff Taylor

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