Three Mantras to Support Your Emotional Intelligence

Three Mantras to Support Your Emotional Intelligence

Insight and everlasting love from our friend, yogi Nina Endrst… take these mantras with you everywhere you go!

Most of us are taught, from a young age through adulthood, that studying/working hard and/or being beautiful equal success and will take us far in life. There is an unbelievable amount of importance placed on financial status and outward appearance — unfortunately, we seem to be a bit behind on encouraging each other to instead dive into self-study and overall emotional wellness.

Deep, emotional exploration is not commonplace, and some even believe investing in mental and spiritual health is a luxury. It is not. Everyone, regardless of lifestyle or circumstance, deserves to feel emotionally well. We may live very differently in terms of culture or socioeconomic backgrounds, but at our core — we are all the same.

This work of getting to know ourselves and “waking up” is beautiful and sometimes, painful – but we NEED to heal the whole. To look beyond the surface and constantly remind ourselves to inquire within. Imagine if we all became a little more aware of our deepest emotions. What they are rooted in, how we express them, what we long for, what scares us and why.

I hope these mantras and mindfulness practices encourage you to live consciously and compassionately toward yourself and others.

A Mantra of Love.

Mantra: (Repeat internally or out loud when you feel some anxiety bubbling up inside of you — specifically within a relationship, romantic or not.)

I am worthy of beautiful, mutually respectful, supportive, love.

Practice: Every day for a week – write a list of at least 5 things you love about yourself and read it aloud. Don’t just write about the positive things, write about your “flaws”! We all have stuff we want to work on and allowing ourselves the space to be imperfect is the first step. Watch what happens when you commit to really, truly loving yourself.

A Mantra of Guilt.

Mantra: (Repeat whenever you catch yourself with a pit in your stomach and feelings of guilt or shoulda coulda woulda.)

I release the need to be perfect. I am learning.

Practice: Lie on your back, legs extended on the ground. One hand on your heart one on your belly. Take a few minutes (5-10) to breathe and rest. Inhaling for 3, exhaling for 3. When you finish, write down a list of things you feel guilty about. Sit with it and reflect. It is one thing to learn from our mistakes, it is another to carry around an unnecessary burden. Free yourself from guilt.

A Mantra to Overcome Fear.

Mantra: (Repeat when you feel fearful or anxious about something not truly dangerous.)

I am safe and supported. In this moment, there is nothing to fear.

Practice: You know the places that scare you… go there! Commit to doing something however big or small that you normally avoid out of fear. Of course, I am not suggesting you put yourself in real danger. I am talking about the fear that holds us back from living fully. For example; make that uncomfortable phone call to a friend or relative and speak your truth, or start a creative project that intimidates you. Get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself.

Photos by Bex Griffin.

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When Acceptance Becomes Truth

When Acceptance Becomes Truth

While we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves, when does the pressure to be perfect become too much? 

This post comes from Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.
In our quest to follow a new diet, try a new skincare brand, adopt a new way of thinking, I wonder if we are ultimately distracted from what make us truly amazing… not acknowledging our beauty and strengths as we are constantly focused on what could make us better. When does enough become enough? When does the word acceptance become our truth?
Perhaps it’s due time that we check in with ourselves — to acknowledge where we can slow down, be KINDER to ourselves and just simply be. Here I’ve collected a few simple tips that have allowed me to slow down and appreciate myself, my body, my flaws and my weaknesses, and to be okay with them and nurture them. 
Consider what eating well means for YOU, not what a diet tells you is right.  
Exercise to balance your outer AND inner health. Change your focus from exercising solely to stay fit, to exercising to make you feel good. This alone could alter the effects of your next workout!
A nighttime ritual can offer relaxation and the opportunity to feel calm, and to feel my best. For me, this means lighting a beeswax candle, playing soft music, drinking a warm tonic (last night it was tea), washing my face, applying face cream and rubbing  body oil on my chest. (Taking care of your breasts daily is a must!) Some nights I might call a friend, watch a silly TV show or movie, or just fall right to sleep. 
Let’s face it — self-care can be a challenge. But I’ve realized that we are actually the best versions of ourselves when we learn to let go and find acceptance. We become more relaxed, more authentic, probably funnier because we are no longer worried about what other people think. We all possess the ability to be amazing. While it may be easier said than done, I encourage you to look at yourself, identify one thing about yourself that you may have been a little hard on, and let go and accept it!

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The As Yet Uncharted Territory of My Heart

The As Yet Uncharted Territory of My Heart

Bethany Toews‘ exquisite take on navigating through our parks, and how such treks mirror the unfolding roads of our relationships…

13 days. 3,977 miles. 8 states. Enough miles and minutes to see deeper, truer. Perspective gained. High highs and low lows. Elation and frustration. Elevation change. Voices raised and then lowered as the scenery morphs. Camp sights and smelly motels. Nice hotels. Lots and lots of Dairy Queen Blizzards melting in the summer sun.
Long. Awkward. Silence. . . Laughter. Communicating logistics and obstacles, hopes and fears, and the need for a bathroom break. Winding up and breaking down. Being witness to all the emotion that only motion can draw out.
Travel shows us who we are, what we value, and what we long for. Traveling with others can strip away the excess, the niceties, the added padding we put on so many of our proclamations. The open road and confined spaces have a special way of exposing still-tender wounds and forgotten scars. Old memories are remembered as new ones are being made. No adventure comes without its fair share of heartache. No journey is complete without surrendering what was for what is becoming.
When I set out on this epic adventure, I knew I was heading into unknown territory. Not geographically speaking. I had been to pretty much every place we had mapped out for our grand loop through the Western United States. I knew I was about to head into an as yet uncharted territory of my heart. I was going to venture into the mysterious terrain of shared space with a 39-year-old man and his 8-year-old son. I knew I would not return to my home the same. I knew we would all come back with lessons and opinions and feelings that would remain long after the car was parked back where it began. For better or worse…
The last 15 minutes of our long journey ended with us all in laughter, delighting in a shared joke. This is important. There was plenty of time on this trip when I thought I couldn’t go another mile drowning in the annoyance, or the isolation, or the silence. There were days when I looked at them and thought how strange it was to find myself an intruder in their well-established belonging to each other. And then there was the night on Orcas Island, when the 3 of us curled into our sleeping bags in our shared tent, giggling and breathing together, still learning each other, but silently aware that we were slipping into something familiar, something familial. A new kind of family. Something that is complicated but powerful in its realness. Something that takes a lot of time, patience, creativity, surrender, forgiveness, flexibility, humor, and ultimately love to grow. Something that will require newer and truer parts of you to come forth. Hopefully the bigger and better parts, but most likely something in between.
When you realize what you want, you might be surprised to find it looks nothing like what you thought it would. I never thought I would fall for a man with a child that wasn’t my own. I never thought I’d need to learn the tricky territory of loving and leaving space with someone that you know will never see you as their mother, and yet, will hopefully over time see you as an important source of love and support in his/her life. I never thought I’d be sitting in the passenger seat reading the I Survived series out loud to an enthusiastic boy in the backseat. At first rolling my eyes at the juvenile language and then being moved to tears. The simple language of the stories of sinking ships and shark attacks drawing out how complicated love can feel. How hard it is to stay open and soft when we’re all scared of being hurt. I never thought I’d feel the tender and complex love for a mother who was navigating her own feelings as she had to accept her child was growing to feel comfortable with another woman.
It’s scary. I don’t want to overstep any boundaries. I don’t want to do more than is wanted or welcome. I don’t want to threaten anyone, or take away. But I do want to honor the truth of who I am. I want to be allowed to love more each day. To impart wisdom or guidance where it is needed. When possible, to make life a little lighter, more beautiful, more secure. To honor the wishes of my partner, who is a wonderful father, while also believing that I have something to offer. Some new ways of seeing, of being. Some new ways of being good to and for each other.
On the road, we were stuck with each other, quite literally. Perhaps that is what raises the stakes. This movie trailer for what is your unfolding life. The road that stretches ahead becoming a metaphor for the bigger commitment you are making to each other. The ways you are forced to depend and negotiate and compromise. The way you have to stay in the tent in the middle of the night in Montana, no matter how much part of you may want to run away. The way you fall asleep hurt and wake to feeling another’s breath on your face. The way it softens your desire to leave and imparts in you a primal need to stay.
I couldn’t have known how 2 weeks on the road would make me feel. That’s why I was nervous the morning we set out. That’s why I stayed nervous, when we went to Portland to stay with his his ex-girlfriend, his first love, his now dear friend. But she was lovely, and the more I challenged myself to keep my heart open, the better it felt. And then visiting my family in North Idaho. Worrying how it would go. Melting into a puddle when it went so much better than I could have hoped. Feeling almost confused at how immediately comfortable it felt. How everyone settled into each other. How in the midst of my history, I could see a future unfolding, and how right that felt.
We have the measure of days and miles that we traveled, but there is no way to quantify what was gained. What was surrendered. What memories etched their way into our minds and how differently those memories will be remembered in future moments of our lives, together or apart. For now I am trying to keep it simple. For now I am trying to gratefully and graciously take my time. Offer what I have and who I am. Try not to ask for more than is gratefully and graciously given. And to trust that we come into each other’s lives for a reason. And if we meet with open hearts and open minds, wherever the road may take us, we will discover more truth and love and beauty along the way. And if that’s not the point to all of this, then I don’t really know what is.
Photos by James Adolphus. Follow Bethany on Instagram.

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Mommy Makeover: Amanda And Micah Booth

Mommy Makeover: Amanda And Micah Booth

A series highlighting the journeys of 3 mothers, united by and for one endless love — their children. Today, and every day, we’re honoring their strength and unnerving commitment…

This is Amanda and Micah Booth’s story. 

Greatest mom moment…

My greatest mom moment(s)? Any time Micah calls out for me. He doesn’t have the ability to make many words yet, so I know it’s a bit hard for him to try. He usually only does so when he really needs something, or is very upset. It’s pretty incredible to know, and in those moments be reminded that I can fix them.

How do you balance work and mothering? 

Oh, I don’t think I do really, or at least I don’t expect to feel balanced. I just keep trying… I work because we need money and. quite frankly, I love my job. Then, in every spare second between, I am a mom. It would all be impossible without some really good help!! I think that’s honestly the key. They say it takes a village, and it’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard! My mom cares for Micah when I work — I’m so thankful for her!

Micah was born with Down Syndrome. What have you experienced as challenges/rewards?

The challenges at first — I wasn’t sure what to expect. I spent a lifetime thinking about what having a child would be like, and what mothering would look like. That whole picture was based on a typical child, naturally. To a certain degree, everyone feels uncertainty as to what it will be like, or how to take care of a baby… but, when you have a baby that’s different, it feels even more uncertain. I realized that I’d need to find as many families that were like mine to better understand what I would need to do, and what life might be like for us. Once I found my community, it felt like the rest of life just carried on. The biggest reward, for sure, is the heart that my child has. He is unlike any other three-year-old I know. He’s sweet and sensitive. He’s hilarious, he makes the funniest faces. He connects with your soul, and it feels so incredibly rewarding giving him hugs.

How do you contribute to growing public awareness?

I definitely turn to social media to spread awareness on what living with Down Syndrome is like today. I’ve been so fortunate that other people and outlets have found their way to  us using Instagram and Facebook, the beauty being that something positive can spread like wildfire. I think we’ve been lucky in catching that fire!

Advice for mothers who also have children with Down Syndrome…

I think it’s important to not compare your child to another. This goes for all parents, of course…but I did find myself becoming upset sometimes, looking at other kiddos his age doing “things” that he wasn’t doing yet. Once I realized it didn’t really matter, I was able to move on and see the things he WAS doing. Life is going to be different, but different can be really freaking breathtaking… You just may have to work on your patience a bit more. đŸ™‚

How has your beauty routine changed since having kids? 

Time. I’m lucky that I’ve been a “less is more” kind of gal my whole life… but it’s certainly hard to even give any bit of efforts these days. Dark circles are prominent, and gray hairs keep popping up! I don’t care so much about looking pretty anymore, as much as “fresh” or “awake.” Haha!

Top 3 quick beauty tips for the working mom…

Learn how to rock a messy bun, pronto. Oil! Cleans with oil, moisturize with oil, highlight with oil!!! Hydration is key to looking fresh (I think). And water, to counteract all the caffeine you’ll need! LOL

What does free mean to you? 

Free means weightless to me. Allowing yourself to unburden, relax, and go with the flow. Being free used to be really easy for me. I seek to find this freedom and weightlessness again, so desperately.

+ Be sure to check out Amanda and Micah’s mommy makeover video on our Instagram today!

Photos by Jana Kirn.


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Love in the Time of Cellphones

Is being wired all the time helping or hurting your relationship?

This post comes to us from contributor Kari Molvar.

I’m married to someone who works in tech, which is both a blessing and curse. A blessing because he can book an Uber, order dinner and queue up a really good Spotify playlist in five minutes on his phone. A curse because that damn phone is always in his hand! (Insert upside-down smiley face.) Over the course of our 10-year relationship, as technology has evolved from flip phones to wireless trackers, we’ve found new ways to communicate—and keep our relationship as strong as our home WiFi connection. Because let’s face it–we live in a hyper-fast, wired world, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Still, there are ways to keep the love alive and stoke the fire of your desire with the glow of a screen in the background. I’m far from an expert but here’s my take on staying connected—and romantically content—in the digital era.

How Your Phone Can Do You Good:

1. Memes bring you closer. Cute, thoughtful memes and gifs can make you laugh and remind you why you guys totally get each other. My husband might not be great at expressing emotion in person (hey, I’m no Shakespeare either) but give him an avatar and he can’t resist sending cheesy, sentimental thoughts during the day (“I Luv You!”). Plus, a funny avatar or gif can diffuse the tension after a fight and make it easier to make up. How can you hold a grudge when you see your partner floating on a cloud that spells out “I’m sorry! My bad!”

2. Texting is a form of bonding. Like most couples in the early stages of dating, my significant other and I had all sorts of inside jokes and sayings (saying them here would make no sense, but trust me, they’re really funny!). Texting has actually made it easier to swap these little asides and develop our own relationship codes, IMO. And while I’m all for talking in person, sometimes that’s logistically hard when one of us is traveling or stuck in the office working long hours. Those little love texts are the digital equivalent of notes left in your locker, with emojis being the doodles you’d draw on.

3. Instagram brings out the best in you guys. We all need a little nudge to be romantic and not take our partner for granted when we hang out with them day in and day out. Posting a ‘gram makes you pause, reflect for a moment, and share a sentiment with others. When I posted a shot of the amazing cake my husband made for my birthday, I gave a #grateful shout-out on my feed. And a big kiss IRL.

How Your Phone Can Sabotage Your Love:

1. Not unplugging on dates. You’re out at a restaurant, the lights are dim and there’s just a candle flickering between you…oh wait, that’s your partner’s cell phone and he or she is checking their email and only half-listening to what you’re saying. Sound familiar? A cell phone has become the annoying third wheel on dates, and it’s a really hard habit to break. My husband and I have tried to put our phones face down on the table or concealed in pockets but somehow they always resurface (one of you goes to the restroom during dinner, and all bets are off). My advice: physically put your phone out or arm’s reach (like leave it home or in the car)—otherwise, the temptation is just too great.

2. Ghosting on text. No one likes to feel blown off, and thanks to read receipts, it’s now blatantly obvious when someone has received your message but is leaving you hanging for a response. Whether you’ve been together forever or are newly coupled up, remember this common courtesy: Write back in a few hours or if you’re super busy, send a quick text saying you’ll respond more later.

3. Capturing the moment, not living it. After a recent night out on vacation, I realized I hadn’t seen much of my partner’s face. Why? It was stuck behind his phone camera, filming all the fun stuff we were doing. That’s ok (and I totally savored his epic Instagram story) but at some point, you gotta put down your device and look at who’s in front of you–the person you love. #Nofilter needed to enjoy that!

Read more from Kari here.

+ What are your thoughts on cellphones and relationships? Let us know in the comments below! 


Lead photo by Richard.

Girl to Girl: Best Friends

A Q&A between co-workers and best friends, Alyssa and Danielle…

To honor the spirit that is Valentine’s Day, “Girl to Girl” is a 3-part series celebrating the loves of some of our favorite Home Office women. Today, we’re sharing the love between BFF’s, merchandiser Alyssa and designer Danielle.

“Our friendship makes us smile because it feels like magic every day.” — Alyssa

Don’t forget to follow Alyssa and Dani on Instagram.

+ What does love mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Photos by Jana Kirn

Girl to Girl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

A Q&A with our Senior Fashion Director and her two beautiful daughters…

To honor of the spirit that is Valentine’s Day, “Girl to Girl” is a 3-part series celebrating the loves of some of our favorite Home Office women. Today, we’re sharing the love between Kristal and her girls, Olympia and Adele.

“My love for my daughters makes me smile because they are real, raw, guided by intuition, hilariously witty, supremely creative, combative, opinionated, compassionate…and they love hard.”


+ What is your definition of love? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Stay tuned for more Girl to Girl stories coming this weekend…

Photos by Jana Kirn.

Cool to Be Kind

Take a moment, wrap your arms around yourself and say, “I love you. You are enough just as you are.”

This post comes to us from the lovely Bethany Toews.
Once upon a time I was paid to disappear. For years actually, I was a background actor in commercials. A job I certainly never dreamed of having; nonetheless, there I was, having pretend conversations with no one in fake cafes, going up and down escalators in empty malls at midnight, being told to keep backing up until I was literally in a bush in a park for a shampoo commercial while the lead actress frolicked her locks in the sunlight. She was getting paid to shine, I was getting paid to hide. It wasn’t the worst job. I made good money, which meant I didn’t have to work full-time, which meant I had time to do the things I truly cared about. But there is only so much disappearing one can do until you start to wonder where you went.
We do this a lot, in work, in relationships, in life. We make ourselves small when we long to be ok the size we are. We all ache to be seen, to be acknowledged and appreciated. I believe we all have an internal fire burning to get out. A fire that scorches us when kept trapped inside, a fire that adds warmth and light to the world when let out. I believe this is something we all share, no matter how buried or forgotten, the dream of being loved for who we are, for what we have to offer—not who we could be or are trying to become—but who and where we are in this moment.
It hurts to feel like we are not enough, and yet the world around us tells us we lack. We are sold better bodies, better cars, better toothpaste, better smiles. We are constantly told we need more. But I am here to tell you that you are enough. There is not something outside of you, something you are missing that would make you adequate — you are already there. Now tell yourself that. I’m serious, tell yourself that right now. Take a moment, wrap your arms around yourself and say, “I love you. You are enough just as you are.” I don’t care if it feels silly or stupid, it most likely will. Do it anyway. It’s not silly or stupid, it’s a wise and a wonderful way to start each day. I do it, every morning.
Now that you have given yourself a hug, I’d like you to continue this journey of self-love. Draw attention to how you speak to yourself, hear the words you choose to speak in your own head. Are they loving? Are they gentle? I’m going to guess that if you’re anything like me, you might be shocked to realize how cruel and unforgiving of yourself you can be. The simple step of bringing awareness to the voice you choose to speak inside can be hugely transformative to how you feel, and in turn, how you treat others. Try to be patient. Don’t rush to judge or criticize your sweet and curious inner child. They are simply trying to let you know how they feel, what they need. Give them the attention they deserve, the attention you deserve. Imagine 9-year-old you, that you is still living inside, speaking to you, sharing their hopes and fears and dreams and insecurities—reminding you of you. You are old enough now to listen and to comfort them as you do. Close your eyes, bring to mind an image of that younger, more innocent you. See her badly permed hair, her giant splattered paint glasses, her crooked teeth too big for her head. See her sweet and inquisitive eyes, looking up at you, wondering. How would you like to speak to her? What do you want to tell her? What do you wish someone would have told her back then? Say it now.
As you fill yourself up with love and self-acceptance, you become a wellspring of kindness. You may find yourself smiling at strangers, holding open doors, having more patience to really listen to the words others long to speak. Full of appreciation for all that is within, you start to appreciate all that is without. Start to feel the joy sharing a compliment can bring. Tell someone you like their smile, you dig their pants, you enjoy the way their laughter fills the room like starlight. They will feel good hearing it, you will feel good sharing it. That’s two people feeling good for free. What a wonder! The world is full of 9-year-olds, no matter the external age. Treat them as such. In the words of George Sand: “Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.”
We have become so withholding when giving is what feels good. We have become silent when speaking truth brings us more fully into our lives. Share the goodness that you hold inside. That is what the world is needing, that is what the world is aching for. Kindness, oh kindness, the magic potion of life. When did it become uncool to be kind? When did we stop hugging each other and start folding our arms? Open up, share some warmth. Times have been hard, we need to soften. The messages on the screens are full of fear and hatred, we need to be courageous in love. There is so much violence and pain. People need tenderness, be that tenderness. Start with yourself and become overflowing.

FP Escapes: Just How To Best take care of YOU

That which you may anticipate on our Jan FP Escapes in Todos Santos, thanks to girls which make up Epidermis Food…

On our subsequent FP Escapes to Todos Santos, be certain to create period for Hayley Roy and Tara Curran, aka Epidermis Meals, as they customize diet and elegance routines based on every visitor’s wants. Additionally, Tara may modify the trip selection with large-diet, periodic, stomach-encouraging foods, to ensure that everybody may depart the Baja wearing a newfound shine. Nowadays, Tara & Hayley reveal a little of the home-treatment viewpoint along with a survey of things to anticipate…

Food Chat was made having an objective of power in your mind, for individuals to their systems for optimum home to melody -treatment. This doesn t on how to achieve this come easy nbsp;since there is an absence of comprehension&nbsp. Whether it’s just how to deal with hormonal changes, stomach health or ecological sparks, the information is extremely complicated and huge.

Whether you want to acknowledge it, we shall not have “ rdquo & ideal habits since there merely isn’t any point that is such. Actually on our evening that is greatest, there perfectly might be ldquo;unfinished&rdquo & anything . What exactly do we do? Food Chat want to challenge one recognize the advantages of personalized treatment and to make use of your personality. Here are a few methods for getting you began:

Approval. It’s not anybody’s problem for thinking we’re not “ideal”. We’re trained to consider nbsp issues&;like “ANTI AGING” are a chance that was genuine. The truth is, you’ll age. Take where you have to be correct within this second that you’re exactly. The body is definitely an ever changing boat that’s currently operating so difficult for you personally. Nothing is likely to be actually be everlasting, therefore simply permit you to ultimately be with what your location is within the second, ok. Drop labels, and take that you’re seeking to be your most healthy home, which your trip is likely to be particular for you.

Accept the defects. all of us ask them to and, evidently, not totally all defects are made similar. When you have an awesome scar, some contemplate that personality, but do perhaps a various physique or creases  signify a far more unfavorable meaning? Never. These traits that are determining are why is us distinctive,& nbsp rsquo & it;s very important to realize that each discrepancy ought to be handled on a person schedule aswell. Since you are created what might work with another person might not meet your needs. Accept it and learn how as-is to adore oneself.

Let you are guided by it. Tuning directly into the body’s correct character requires a large amount of exercise. We don’ &nbsp is frequently learnt by t;just how to study rsquo our anatomies&; conditions, therefore it could not be difficult to remove each section of ourselves in the place of convinced that of the components like a complete and connected device. As we develop the phrase it requires a town& rdquo posesses ton reality to it. Developing a wellness group, one which can there be to aid your enables one to modify an agenda,&nbsp and wants;is& nbsp.

There’s no easy answer since there is no easy you but that s. You’re a complicated and unique being that warrants your personal unique method for joy insurance and health.

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A Vacation Guide: For FP Woman that is YOUR

De stressing your vacation buying, one present manual at the same time…

In respect to our current vacation movie, we curated three presents instructions to greatly help expel any second guessing as it pertains to determining who-gets-what. From mixes to metallic hi-tops, we got the most significant ladies in your lifetime & mdash and you.

Your Child:

  1. FP Escapes
  2. Cable Phrases
  3. Stevie’s Adorned Plaid Buttondown
  4. Lux Vegetarian Total Brush Collection 
  5. Metallic Hi-Top Chucks

Your Mom:

  1. Tanned Produce Cup 
  2. Shower Produce
  3. Tea Mix
  4. Geneva Cardi
  5. Kolby Covered Fringe Scarf

Your Partner:

  1. Shine Minidress
  2. Fragrance Pod
  3. Alpine Fake Fur Earmuffs
  4. Jewelry Package
  5. Top Trio Selection

Stunning people, content buying!!

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