Flow Like A Pro: Our Guide to the 7 Best Yoga Studios in LA

Flow Like A Pro: Our Guide to the 7 Best Yoga Studios in LA

There’s certainly no shortage of amazing yoga studios in L.A. — the capital of wellness nation — but finding “the one” (like, the one you want to visit daily and spend the rest of your life with) is a mission that calls for some expert guidance. Local yogi and superfood goddess, Sophie Jaffe, is giving us a tour of her favorites around town. Discover some of the best yoga studios in LA below…

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While I often zen out at home with a yoga flow, I absolutely love taking my practice to the studio, where I can always count on the community, the oh-so-inspiring teachers and the powerful energy everyone brings to the space.

Here are my 7 favorite places for cultivating time to bliss-out and celebrate movement, mind and breath.

Love Yoga, Venice 

It only takes one visit to Love Yoga to fall in love with their vibrant, mood-boosting turquoise walls and incredible practices steeped in perspective-shifting dialogue. You’ll be musing over the teacher’s pearls of wisdom long after class is over. This beautiful studio offers a packed schedule of strong teachers (I love Miki Ash’s and Jana Romer’s classes!), as well as awesome workshops and gatherings that help you further dive into the deep connection between your physiology and psychology. Join me on the mat there –- I’ll be teaching in September and October on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.! (And Love Yoga is coming soon to Silverlake!)

Hot 8 Yoga, Beverly Hills + Santa Monica 

Hot 8 is my go-to workout for maximum efficiency. When I only have an hour and want an intensely hard workout, this is my spot! The heat helps you move into the poses quickly and safely without as long of a warm-up, while also stimulating the lymphatic system, which helps your body flush out toxins. My fave class is their Hot Yoga Barre, a fusion of yoga, barre, body sculpting and non-impact cardio that always leaves me feeling super toned.

Yoga Collective, Venice 

As a down-to-earth, funky, friendly studio, the Yoga Collective epitomizes those wonderful Venice vibes. The Collective features sweaty, strengthening classes with amazing tunes, plus they’re right next to Cafe Gratitude and only a few blocks from the beach. Their teachers guide yummy flows rooted in Ashtanga and Iyengar; my faves are Rachelle Tratt and Jackie Smyth. In a typical class, you’ll be mat to mat with the people next to you in a very hot room, so come with an open heart and a big bottle of water. After class, I recommend heading down to the ocean to meditate amongst sand and salt air!

Power Yoga, Santa Monica 

This is the very first place I practiced yoga when I moved to LA fourteen years ago! Bryan Kest, who’s been practicing yoga since he was fourteen years old, started this beautiful, spacious studio so his students could explore freedom and discovery –- the essence of Power Yoga. His studio has a wide array of incredible teachers; a few of my favorites are Dan Ward, Bryan Kest, Anaswara and Travis Elliott. Thanks to the supportive dialogue from the instructors, you’ll come away from all of the classes feeling empowered and stronger in spirit.

Yoga Salt, Culver City 

Yoga Salt was founded by my favorite yoga instructor, Tamal Dodge. I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Tamal. He’s literally the sweetest human you’ll meet -– if you listen to his Salty Thoughts podcast, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Each episode, he shares inspiring conversations with wellness leaders on everything from yoga to conscious business to meditation. If you love a sweaty, vinyasa flow, paired with acoustic guitar and a voice of angels, go to Tamal’s class.

Wanderlust, Hollywood

Wanderlust is a three-story mecca for yogi lovers in LA. They’re the people behind the amazing transformational festivals and believe that a “well seasoned yogi is a well rounded person.” This philosophy is definitely reflected in their incredible events, meetups and yoga classes led by fantastic teachers like Marybeth LaRue, Aarona Lea and Caley Alyssa. They even have a full restaurant with a high-vibrational menu for all meals of the day -– their yellow shakshuka paired with a pressed juice is simply dreamy. They also have kombucha on tap, matcha lattes and superfood smoothies!

Soulplay Yoga, Culver City

This fun, playful studio offers the most amazing children’s yoga classes that both of my kids take weekly. We love these classes for little yogis so much! While I visit the farmers’ market, the kids get to nurture their self confidence, increase their focus, build physical and mental awareness and have a blast on the mat. They also offer pre- and post-natal classes for new mamas!

+ Got the yoga buzz? Check out our pop-up with both Love Yoga and Sophie Jaffe here!

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Why Collecting Stickers Is Officially The Healthiest Addiction of 2017

Why Collecting Stickers Is Officially The Healthiest Addiction of 2017

Lisa Frank has nothing on Body Vibes

All of the buzz around energetic medicine may sound fantastical (oh, how they laugh!) when packaged with hippie bundles of sage atop a pile of crystals, but whether you’re ready to believe it or not, it’s happening. Science is now backing infrared light, magnets, and yes, frequency stickers as experimental forms of energy healing that could eventually shift the go-to methods for treating certain sleep, pain, and mood disorders away from pill-popping. And for that, we’re willing to listen…

If this all sounds verrryyyy L.A., it’ll come as no surprise that the City of Angels is, in fact, the birthplace of the concept behind Body Vibes — the colorful frequency stickers that It-Girls like Caroline Vreeland and musicians like Lizzo can’t stop reapplying. The brand was founded by Leslie Kritzer and Madison De Clercq after Leslie witnessed the positive effects of some energy patches her husband’s naturopathic doctor gave him for a painful arthritis flair-up that, up until that point, nothing had helped. “Immediately I needed to know everything about this technology,” says Leslie, who began using a one for anxiety and one for focusing (she still wears the brand’s new versions of each during our interview). “I have ADD, and to be honest it’s hard to even get through this sentence,” Leslie laughs. She was so impressed with her personal results that she teamed up with Madison and “stalked” down biological engineer Richard Eaton to help develop the stickers into a lifestyle brand.


Your body may be slightly out of tune in a way that you can’t visibly see, yet you feel consistently “off” in different ways — exhausted, achy, anxious, etc. “It’s theorized that when a system becomes weakened, it may lose the ability to produce the full array of essential vibratory energies,” Leslie explains. “The smart stickers deliver essential vibratory frequencies and patterns that may be missing or deficient in our body.”


Known as bio-energy synthesis technology (B.E.S.T), layers of mylar that make up the Body Vibes stickers are programmed with specific frequencies by an accelerated frequency generator machine. “The technology was developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers who had previously worked on ultrasonic weaponry and began investigating the possibility of using the frequencies to heal the body rather than harm it,” Madison explains of the heartwarming twist of fate. “They succeeded in their mission and discovered a way to help restore deficiencies and rebalance the human body to function more optimally.” After Madison and Leslie stylized the stickers with colorful artwork and narrowed the categories into essentials like Anti-Anxiety, Focus, and Self-Love, Body Vibes was born.


The process is simple enough — pick your intention (like Focus, for example, which this writer tried and immediately became a believer in…), peel the sticker off and apply to clean skin ideally near your heart on the left side of your body, though sensitive types can try other areas like the wrist or back on their right side. “We highly recommend ‘cocktailing’ Body Vibes to achieve synergistic effects,” says Madison of applying two or more stickers at the same time. “Some of our favorite combinations include Beauty and At The Beach, Self Love and Energy, and Anti-Anxiety and Mental Focus.” Remove the stickers after three days, then reapply as needed.


The urge to stretch the life of a sticker is natural once they start to kick in, but there’s logic behind the system. “We recommend three days for use because the skin under the sticker needs to breath,” says Leslie. “After 72 hours of no oxygen to the skin, the skin can become itchy and red.” To avoid any irritation, the team suggests switching out the sticker and applying a fresh one at least 1 inch away from the previous location. The adhesive is FDA approved, which makes allergic reactions unlikely, but if you see any signs of irritation, simply remove it.


THE RELEASE: Anti-Anxiety (Frequency 396hz.)

Currently the brand’s best-seller, it’s meant to liberate guilt and fear and has been said to release feelings of anxiety or nervous tension. “The Anti-Anxiety sticker is a god send for me, it quiets the mind from being so reactive,” Leslie enthuses. “It feels like it creates some space inside your head — so you are not overwhelmed. It’s subtle and it’s not sedating. In fact, it may be someone else who points out to you that you seem less on edge and more relaxed.”

THE POWERHOUSE: Energy (Frequency 417hz.)

Meant to facilitate change, this frequency is believed to assist with endurance and empowerment. “The Energy sticker is designed to prompt the body to feel a boost in mood and endurance,” says Madison, whose mom is “obsessed” with its stimulating kick.

THE MIRACLE WORKER: Self-Love (Frequency 528 hz.)

Second only to Anti-Anxiety in popularity, this is meant to assist with transformation and miracles. The “love” frequency is believed to spread love, peace and self-compassion. “The self-love sticker is designed to energetically prompt the brain to respond to feelings of grieving, heartache, or low self-esteem with more optimistic feelings of self-compassion and positivity,” Madison says of the shimmering golden heart patch. “It’s a real conversation starter!”

THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: At The Beach (Frequency 639 hz.)

Meant to harmonize relationships, this frequency is said to heal conflict and to connect us to others. “At The Beach is exactly what is sounds like… It’s a soothing and cleansing experience that allows you to feel refreshed and therefore more able to show up for others without resentment,” Leslie explains. “It’s very restorative and balancing. I find that it inspires a deeper connection with the self and others.”

THE WORKHORSE: Focus (Frequency 741 hz)

Like drinking the most impressive iced coffee of your life, this is meant to increase productivity with a frequency thought to enhance creativity, communication, and mental acuity. “Focus is truly amazing, it makes me feel like a rock star and like I can get anything done!” gushes Leslie. “Our customers have coined it as the healthy ‘energy’ equivalent of Adderall. I kept a voice message from a client singing its praises on how she was able to get so much work accomplished that had been piling up for weeks. She was terrified when she thought about what was ahead of her, so I gave her a focus to try. Needless to say she has been hooked ever since.”

THE SKIN FIX: Beauty (Frequency 852hz.)

Beloved by adoring fans for its skin-friendly results, this is meant to restore spiritual order and said to bring inner peace, strength, and to reflect light and beauty. Designed to prompt the body to heal itself through energy, particularly the cell rejuvenation process, Madison and Leslie both swear its complexion-enhancing abilities. “I personally struggle with rosacea and I notice a huge difference in my skin when wearing the unicorn sticker,” Madison shares. “Needless to say, I wear it daily!” Leslie backs the experience, noting that even to her, its powers are still a bit of a mystery. “Beauty blows my mind. I still don’t fully understand how it works…but it stops me from breaking out and keeps my skin looking fresh — it also makes me feel pretty on the inside.”

+Ready to get your vibes on? Shop the full collection of Body Vibes here

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#FPFreestyle: Meet Carly Foulkes

Artist, photographer and friend to FP…in the pants that make HER dance.

Last week we introduced you to Pamela, our East Coast muse to on all things Freestyle. This week we headed to the West Coast to talk with photographer Carly Foulkes. Read on and get to know Carly a little better…

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Genuine, love, strange.

What’s your favorite part about living in Los Angeles?

I love Los Angeles and what surrounds it. Being able to take a trip to Joshua tree, Ojai or Big Sur for a night or two, or three :p is such a treat. California has so much to offer!

What’s a typical day in the life of Carly look like?

It changes a lot but right now it consists of yoga in the morning, taking my dog for a walk and then heading to my studio to either shoot, collage, or work on new video projects. I’ve recently started directing and I love it. I’ve also become obsessed with roller skating! Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale is the bees’ knees!

What’s your go-to denim? 

I love me a white, high-waisted vintage denim!

What are three pant styles you can’t get enough of on Fp.com

Essential Carpenter Crop

Wild Coast Pant

Hop To It Maxi Jumper

Do you have any secret beauty tricks or regimes you stick to?

Drink tons of water, get a lot of sleep and moisturize!! Sunscreen is so important!

What does being ‘free’ mean to you? 

Being able to speak my mind, create what I want to create and travel where I want to travel!

+ March is all about pants that make you dance — check out the video here and learn more about our VIP party here

To see more of Carly, check out her Instagram.

Photos by Melodi Meadows.

5×5: La

All the best hangouts, in all the best cities, from the locals who know… 

First stop on next week’s FP Lets Move tour — Los Angeles! After a day full of meditation and potion sampling, consider treating yourself the way the locals do. We reached out to five Free People employees from the LA area to give you in the in’s and out’s of all their favorite spots.

Erica Contreras: Los Angeles District Visual Manager


The Broad –  221 S. Grand Ave. Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90012 

The newest LA home to Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger and, currently, Jean-Michel Basquiat. The standout perhaps being Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, a space completely covered with mirrors and dozens of LED lights hanging from the ceiling. With only 45 seconds per room visit, you get the opportunity to experience “the sense of infinity” and take a quick selfie for your Instagram feed. Make sure to reserve your free timed slot in advance, as wait time is usually a minimum of 2 hours!  

The Butcher’s Daughter – 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 0291

Located in one of Los Angeles’ coolest neighborhoods, Venice’s Abbot Kinney, The Butcher’s Daughter is known for treating fruits and vegetables as “a butcher would meat”. I love a good pressed juice and this place is one of the best. They gather fresh fruits and veggies from the local Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and “filet and carve” them into delicious and beautiful juices. The menu changes daily but you are always guaranteed a wonderful vegetarian (or vegan!) breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

Commissary: The Line Hotel  –  3515 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010

The Commissary is a beautiful greenhouse set on the 2nd floor of the Line Hotel in LA’s Koreatown. A comfortable, modern rooftop garden with cascading plants, mixed matched plates, napkins and utensils and drinks served in vintage glassware. A fun place to brunch or just grab a cocktail with friends.

The Strand Bicycle Beach Path – Pacific Coast Hwy & Temescal Canyon Rd. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 

A 22-mile bike ride (44 round trip) along the pacific from Santa Monica to Torrance State Beach. Hop on to your beach cruiser and start at the popular Santa Monica Pier. Ride through Venice Beach and all of its wonderful people watching. Make your way through Dockweiler to Manhattan Beach to catch surfers and professional volleyball players in action. After that, ride to Hermosa Beach for some great food and live music. You are in for a full day of beautiful beach views and adventure.

Cinespia: Hollywood Forever Cemetery – 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038

Pack a blanket, a basket full of snacks, and catch a cult classic at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. With movies like Purple Rain, Death Becomes Her and 2001: A Space Odyssey, along with coordinating photo booths, you’re in for an unforgettable movie experience.

Crystal Reign: Valencia Visual Manager


The Griffith Observatory  2800 E. Observatory Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90027

Constructed in June of 1933, this Art Deco building offers breathtaking and iconic views of Los Angeles such as The Hollywood Sign, Downtown LA, Griffith Park, and even the Pacific Ocean. The Observatory has an extensive array of space and science displays open six days a week, and always offers free admission and parking. Hours typically run from sunrise to 10pm, and is closed on holidays. The Observatory houses all sorts of different sized telescopes to offer a closer look into LA while, inside, the Samuel Oschin Planetarium hosts daily space programs and special monthly star parties open to all ages, with tickets running between $5-$10. The Observatory is not only sought out by “out-of-towners”, but remains a cherished local spot, too. Offering copious amounts of hiking and biking trails, picnic spots, and simply a convenient way to enjoy nature, the land that surrounds the Griffith Observatory will always be high on people’s must-see lists. 

Alcove Café & Bakery & Big Bar – 929 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027

Nestled right in Los Feliz, this little restaurant and bar is a sure treasure of East Hollywood. Offering speciality cocktails, beers and wines to perfectly pair with a variety of baked goods, soups and salads, sandwiches and wraps, filling entrees, lights snacks and desserts. Their menu offers vegan and gluten free options as well as kid friendly selections so everyone can enjoy. I recommend their vegan veggie wrap with a side of fries or lentil soup…yum!

Point Mugu State Park – 9000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Point Mugu, which sits right below the the Santa Monica Mountains, offers some of the best sunsets in LA. (I recommend parking along the highway if you want to save a few bucks)! It offers clean beaches, fire pits, state park camping, swimming, and hiking. And the off-season is even more special because it has less campers and visitors on site. Just bring some blankets and your favorite drinks and snacks and sit back and watch as the 5pm fall/winter sky fills with vibrant oranges and pinks. Open daily from 8am – 10pm.

Counterpoint Records & Books – 5911 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

With a deep assortment of records, books, cd’s, and tapes, you’re sure to find a hidden gem in here. Everything is organized by genre, newness, and price points. I especially like the more unique baroque and classical guitar music. Even if you just want something to do on your day off, a good record store will never cease to amaze and entertain you. 

Magpies Soft Serve – 2660 Griffith Park Blvd. Silver Lake, CA 90039

After a day of exploring, there may be nothing better than indulging in some scratch recipe soft serve ice cream. Opened by Rose and Warren, a husband-and-wife duo, Magpies offers flavors like dairy free Horchata and Yuzu Honey, a Korean tea. All of the toppings are made in house and fresh daily. How does Chocolate Covered Honeycomb, Candied Pecans, Hazelnut Wafers, Non Dairy Fudge Sauce, and Toasted Maple Coconut Chips grab you?

Niree Nazarian: Los Angeles District Sales Driver / Studio City Store Manager


Mantee – 10962 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604

Very well known in the Armenian community, Mantee serves some of the best authentic Armenian food around… Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and many others like to frequent this little haven, which mimics a little cottage lined in string lights outside all year round. 

Sweet Butter – 13824 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks 91423

Sweet Butter is a family-owned coffee/dessert shop who take great pride in using all-natural ingredients. It’s so cute, with pots of flowers all throughout the garden-like patio area. Located on the end of a residential street, this makes the décor feel extra homey.

The Edison– 108 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Once a boiler room, this basement-ish bar/lounge now has Persian carpets lining the entire floor, with a few of the boilers left for ambiance. The crowd is awesome, too. You can go in and strike up a conversation with anyone.

Midici – 14612 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Midici does something wonderful — they mix music with pizza, beer, wine, cheese and Nutella. Their head chef Jesse always gifts people a free Nutella dessert which is about the size of my head. Midici’s entire right side boasts the quote “People are the best thing that can happen to anyone.” Once I read that, I knew I would love it.

Bookstar  – 12136 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 

Growing up, I loved going to the bookstore. That unmatched smell of thousands of books is an amazing thing that I wish more folks knew how to appreciate. The following is a clip about Bookstar I found in a 1990 newspaper: “The 50-year-old landmark may be saved from the wrecking ball and restored to its original grandeur. The landlord, a family that has owned the Ventura Boulevard property for generations and leased it out to Mann Theaters, reportedly has no interest in redeveloping the site and hopes to sign a lease with a Texas-based book chain that has turned two other old theaters into stores.”

Tara Meagher: Topanga Visual Manager


Good Times at Davey Wayne’s – 1611 N El Centro Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

Good Times is my favorite place to bring people from out of town. Situated right in the heart of Hollywood, you soon realize as you walk in through the vintage refrigerator, past the “garage sale,” that this is not your typical tourist trap. A soundtrack almost exclusively from the 60’s and 70’s will transport you back to your parents’ era. Grab an adult snow cone from the RV in the backyard and you’ll wish you could just move in!

The Huntington Library – 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108

The Huntington is somewhere you can get lost for hours. Hidden in Pasadena, it has a massive library, art collections, and 16 botanical gardens. The Chinese Garden is my favorite. I love wandering through its landscape and admiring the architecture across the little bridges. Perfect for grabbing a fortune cookie and a hot cup of tea!

Ace Hotel – 929 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015

From the rooftop at the Ace downtown, you can see all of the variety that LA has to offer! Just as stunning is the theater downstairs. The ornate interior makes for one of the coolest backdrops I’ve found yet, making it my fave music venue in the city.

Clifton’s Cafeteria – 48 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014

If you’re on the hunt for a zoo’s worth of taxidermy, the largest public cafeteria in the US, a grand ballroom, a giant redwood tree (with a fireplace in it!!), 4 bars including one with a meteorite, the oldest working neon light around, and an indoor waterfall? come to downtown Los Angeles! Clifton’s cafeteria is not just a place to eat, it’s an experience and THE go-to place for dinner and ballroom dancing.

Highland Park Bowl – 5621 N Figueroa st Los Angeles, CA 90042

Many of my favorite places are historic venues that have been brought back to their former glory, and the Highland Park Bowl takes that to another level. It has been beautifully restored to its ’20’s heyday, and the repurposed pieces of machinery from the bowling alley (check out the pinsetter light fixtures!) are seriously incredible. And on top of that, they have some of the best pizza in California.

The Last Bookstore – 453 S Spring St Ground Floor Los Angeles, CA 90013

If you need some creative inspiration, or are just in the market for a new read, The Last Bookstore is THE place to go. California’s largest new/used book and record store, it also includes artist galleries, display installations, and a labyrinth on the second level. Don’t miss the science fiction novels housed in the former vault of what used to be the building’s bank.

Maeve Showalter: Hollywood Store Manager


Amoeba Music6400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028

Amoeba Music Records holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first record stores my brothers ever took me to, and showcased some my favorite artists, like Paul McCartney and Band Of Horses. It houses two stories’ worth of music, movies and books, yet manages to offer an intimate sense of community with an incredibly helpful and knowledgable staff. I love their staff picks, updated weekly… I always end up leaving with a new artist to fall in love with.

Aroma Cafe Coffee and Tea Company – 4360 Tujunga Ave, Studio City CA 91604

Whether I am coming get my favorite Vanilla Almond Latte fix or for date night, Aroma Cafe delivers. During the spring and summer months the patio is a beautiful place to sip on ice coffee, shaded by trees and colorful umbrellas, and during the winter you can cozy up by the indoor fireplace, akin to a rustic French cafe. This is my home away from home —  to read, write, work, and hang out.

The Record Parlour – 6408 Selma Ave, Los Angeles CA 90028

By far my favorite record store in LA. The Record Parlour keeps over 15,000 records in stock, along with vintage gear, jukeboxes and record players — a proverbial candy shop for vinyl collectors. Only blocks away from Amoeba Records, it holds its own by providing rareties, test presses, and originals by some of my favorite bands. I have bought some of my favorite records in their original form here. It’s easy to lose hours of time at one of their listening stations, taking in all the cracks and pops of their raw recordings. Thanks to this little gem, my record collection now tops 1000.

California Science Center – 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles CA 90037

I am a total nerd for anything science and, living in LA, i’m so lucky to have The California Science Center at my fingertips. Their permanent exhibits are free to the public so its always fun to be able to stop by and see an old favorite like the World of Life or the space shuttle Endeavour. Each visit yields a new learning, and with it, a better understanding and appreciation of the world we live in,

Mama Shelter – 6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles CA 90028 

Mama Shelter is one of my newest favorite bars/hotel. It offers a warm and welcoming vibe,  with neon signs, chalkboards with drawings on the ceilings, foozball tables and candy machines. During the summer months, the rooftop bar is must-visit with my girlfriends and co-workers, as we sip on sangria and watch the sun set over Hollywood. 

+Have some Los Angeles favorites yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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La Vacation with Qualley

Discover a hotter aspect of drop with singer/celebrity Rainey Qualley

Drop in LA is just than what we Easterners are accustomed to a little different. Attempt 70 levels and sunlit, (lighting) jacket climate at its finest. in case your moves take you northwest this year, it’s-a great concept to consider some design guidance from the nearby before beginning that trip. Singer/actress Rainey Qualley reveals us just how to do drop the westcoast method. Continue reading and obtain to understand more about that girl increasing…


Exactly what a tease Jacket Collection

Where did you-grow up, and did you create the right path ?

I had been created in Ny, resided in Montana after I was youthful, subsequently Vermont, Ny again, New Orleans to get a moment, LA, Nashville, and today — lastly — back to LA where I intend to remain for some time!


Blend Dot Chiffon Maxi

How did audio and performing discover their method into your lifetime? 

I began after I was 24 months old dance. Dance may be sound’s actual embodiment. Plus, I was uncovered by it to ostensibly every style, and created  me. After I was a youngster our parents place me in violin, and my father coached me to perform guitar like a teen. And that I usually executed nbsp;college choirs and plays. Therefore,ostensibly, I usually understood I needed to create work and audio. It simply got me awhile to determine steps to make that the reality. 


Everybody Loves This Runner, Create Our Infant Remain Bodysuit, Advantage To Advantage Coat

What are the fascinating tasks you’ve within the functions? 

I’ve launched two tunes to date (underneath the performer name Rainsford, my complete first-name), that we am extremely thrilled about. And that I have an EP within the works. Plus, I was nbsp;forged in a strange/awesome indie-film named rsquo & Adolescence that I;m stoked to begin.


Coco Flounce Tunic

How can you explain your individual design? 

Sluggish and fresh (that we understand looks contrary). Sluggish, since  put them on in large and I often fall with a couple of things turn at the same time for weeks. And fresh, because I prefer to use& nbsp issues since  nbsp & I;believe& nbsp is enjoyable. For instance, I recently bought several classic ice-skating outfits online (among that we used to supper with my father while he was around).


Event Maxi-Dress, All Quarry Jacket, Heavyweight Fabric Hi-Top

What’s-a common evening within the existence of Rainey seem like? 

Our times are extremely& nbsp. Occasionally they’re jam packed with& publishing periods; nbsp, saving, auditions and journey. After which I ll have 3 times in AROW to  work-out and simply chill with my cats.  


Geneva Cardi

Three proceed-tos in LA? 

The Perspiration Place is my personal favorite dance business. It s enjoyable. I love Park hellip walks /the Observatory& /room declaration to hit the mind. Liberate Center in Los Feliz is just a metaphysical store that is truly awesome. Plus, they provide incredible tarot-card parts and alternative recovery (both which I’ve skilled — and they were truly altering).    


Coco Flounce Tunic

Vacation vacation ideas? 

My loved ones uses many Christmases in Montana. It’s-a enchanting spot to invest the holiday season — there’s so much snowfall and solitude. 


Geneva Cardi, Trouser Perspiration, Gardenparty Tee, Best Stripe Knee Sock, Riva Lace-Up Shoe

+ Notice more of Rainey’s audio below and follow her on Instagram

Store more drop appears below.

Pictures by Jana Kirn 

The Method with TheGirlHabit

Presenting design/celebrity Leore Hayon… ensure that you create notice of her fave LA go to’s…

We recently fulfilled LA-created and bred Leore Hayon (aka @TheGirlHabit) on the blast about summertime to drop… Um, fall in Florida? Properly, nbsp & it;does occur, simply not as significantly& nbsp nbsp & we;east- . Between& nbsp -and-offs of declaration coats and big sweaters, Leore captured up us to speed on& nbsp calls, onset film miracle, and her preferred places that were LA. Here are a handful of her greatest-stored town strategies.

Above: Kira Lace-Up One-Piece, Embellishedmilitaryshirtjacket


Sid Stripe Tunic, Crazy Present Sunnies

Beverage — Beverly Hills Liquid
It’s this small pit-in-the-wall liquid place that’s existed since 1975. They pushed drinks and have the absolute most tasty uncooked. I love to obtain the Blueberry Mana move using chance and the Natural Genie liquid of E3 Reside.

Hear — Resort Restaurant
This is among my personal favorite locations to determine a display… the entry is via an alleyway, draining you right into a really dim inside room that seems a little old-Hollywood. I’ve observed some large artists come through — it’s usually awesome to determine a group before they “whack up.”

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

Miranda Midi Gown


That’s A Cover Linen Buttondown, Tyler One-Piece

Discover — Griffith Observatory
Walking is just a life-style in LA, possibly since it’s usually an attractive evening to get a backpack… and Griffith Park provides therefore several off-the-overwhelmed-route paths. Some guide completely as much as the Griffith Observatory, which is really a wonderful incentive for an extended backpack, particularly during the night ignoring all LA or more towards the superstars.

Eat — Yard Containers and Orange Container (nearby to one another)
After my day yoga, this is just a preferred place to savor a hot cappuccino and an acai dish. Everybody walks their puppies regional , and so I like saying hi to all the pups as well.


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Visit — The Hollywood Forever Graveyard for Cinespia
something I certainly adore about LA. You-go with friends. Possess a picnic. Pay attention to audio and, when the sunlight falls, view a legendary movie underneath the celebrities enclosed from the plots of Hollywood stories.

Store — Squaresville
I had been simply there recently… this classic shop in Los Feliz is just a jewel. I’ve discovered a number of my personal favorite items below and, the very best component is the fact that the costs gained’t abandon you shattered (if you don’t purchase the entire shop, which may be attractive).

View — The Vista
the absolute most stunning theatre to go to to visit a film. It s existed so rsquo & that;s not fairly warm .


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Pictures and phrases by Jana Kirn.

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Finding Harmony: LA Takes

Natural eating places are proliferous within this town though wholesome. Because they are presently covering a lot more than simply food I ve invested a few times in L A operating and came across a  few locations worth a note.

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The Springs in downtown LA features an incredible selection including kombucha on-tap, homemade sprouted seeded breads and homemade avocado yogurt and nut milks. To not be surpassed, additionally they provide therapy services including massages, colonics, facials counseling , infrared spa open to utilize after cure or yoga course.

Saunas are a very good way to “work it ” because they weight reduction and enhance blood flow, detox, rest, decreased blood-pressure. By emitting light swells, these bathhouses produce warmth in the torso, which produces a parasympathetic recovery impact (which decreases tension ranges) — another incredible home-treatment practice to increase the regular program.

Their deposits are organized beautifully — explanations incorporated — with a few in glass cupboards yet others about the available platforms… I had been attracted to the ‘adventurite‘ crystal, obviously (for that journey-caring-Sagittarian over here!). Everything around us offers a dynamic shake, and crystals have now been demonstrated to shake in a high regularity, precisely why it’s advantageous to maintain them on or about us! Like having a bit of Our Planet within our wallets it s actually.

A enchanting location with amazing food along with an awesome, cold-out feel, The Springs offers free acrylic courses, utilizing the well-famous and real oils by ‘DoTerra’. (one-drop of peppermint, for instance, is the same as 28 peppermint teabags!) Their oils help virtually every health condition (as well as psychological problem) possible. Something to notice about DoTerra — they consider total treatment of the producers from whom they supply their elements, guaranteeing their facilities as well as houses are looked after so they might proceed to create oils in the best quality.

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If you discover oneself between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, don’t skip Yard Containers, another incredible LA articulation which focuses on acai shakes and wholesome, feed containers. I ‘ve become notably of the normal, as I’ve had several acai containers in my own period and discover their ‘Coco-cado’ dish to become the very best I’ve ever endured — heavy and steamy and never also acai-b. 😉  Our buddy tried their savoury dish, comprised of crushed roast sweet potato, beluga lentils, seedlings, brown-rice and tasty tahini dressing. Nothing lacking tasty.

Be sure to strike these fantastic institutions whenever you’re-hanging nbsp;about the West-Coast up!

Love, lighting and LA feelings the right path, CJ


Pursuing Our Center: A Trip Back Again To the Coast

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Hello, it’s been some time – actually over annually has flown by since I have last found myself within this same second…

This article originates from our website intern, Natalie.

Walking with increased baggage in pull than I deb prefer to acknowledge, from the international airport, I’m struck having a warm gust of breeze, heavy with moisture. This sensation, when I drink it in with brief quick breaths of atmosphere that I will experience large on my language, is ingrained in my own storage. It links ndash and me; Philly. I couldn, and m again t be more happy . I sit to my condo in the backseat of the vehicle on my method, viewing the structures pass in a cloud by me. When I identify each region we move – the road I used-to operate on within the nights of summer, a stylish cafe I remember getting pictures before our brain buzzes with exhilaration. I&rsquo has transformed;deb prefer to think. May be not the town same or could it be me? I simply experienced my life’s quickest year. I transferred to La and absorbed myself in to the thrilling and completely fresh atmosphere of university. I increased with techniques I didn’t believe were feasible, fulfilled more incredible people than I will rely on my fingertips, but in the end of this I had been quit thinking of 1 location plus one incredible encounter – being back below, over two-thousand kilometers at home, operating at Free People.


Today I stay amidst Building 25’s brick surfaces, prepared to accept the activities that undoubtedly can come consequently of another summertime within this stunning town of love. This season’s-cross state migration seems diverse, the experience’s uniqueness has significantly passed however there surfaced has since an entire fresh exhilaration. In the place of being full of a challenging and baffling mixture of objectives and feelings, this season’s transfer was expected using the expected excitement of viewing old buddies and colleagues in addition to dealing with plunge back to the job and innovative environment that I really like to my primary. Yes, I left out the the Westcoast& rsquo sea sunsets and all of the amazing people summertime is here, although I invested the cooler weeks of the year with and there’s nowhere else I’d instead be investing it than within Philly.

building collage


+ What’re your summertime ideas?

Discovering La: The Very Best of Beach

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Where you can proceed, individuals, and store view in Beach.

Oh, renowned Venice Beach recognized for creative residents shops, and its boardwalk. It s a location saturated in existential suggestions, impartial people, and innovative shops. One seems an overall total feeling of independence in Venice. You can buy a brand new vegetarian dinner and pushed on &nbsp juice on &ndash and Kinney Blvd; ndash & five moments later; find a buck to really get your title created on the bit of rice being paid by yourself. Search rules Beach attracts. The waterways, notably concealed among humble communities, and peaceful walking roads overgrown with green bougainvillea put in a relaxed and organic component one of the chaos. Venice Beach is just a globe all-on its, of course if you’re not cautious, you’ll end up totally submerged inside it.

Venice was started like a beach resort-town in 1905 but wasn’t combined& nbsp;two decades & nbsp;using the town of La for another. The seaside area was initially started by cigarette billionaire, Abbot Kinney (yes, the notorious Venice road title) like a holiday city. Nevertheless, from the 1950s, the Venice of America turned the “Slum from the city because of neglect from the city of LA. Once the region had more easily available assets, the town was handed a flat cart method (today Pacific Ave.) which went poets, designers, immigrants, and youthful countertop-social individuals to the region. Today, article-Dogtown Z Boys as well as their skateboarding motion that transformed the planet, Venice hosts an eclectic mixture of ndash & individuals; aged, young, skilled, creative, residents, the affluent. Therefore the next time you’re there, permit us to assist you understand. Check some of the most popular issues in Beach out.




Greatest spot to get espresso: Abbot’s Routine. found on a hectic part on Abbot Kinney, Abbot’s Routine however radiates the “Venice vibe” of the 1960s. Inexpensive espresso, people that are excellent, and great feeds – rsquo & it; s.

Greatest spot to get your motion on: Love Yoga. Recently exposed in Venice, this east-coast initial is a superb spot to get audio bathtub , your yoga and relaxation on.

Greatest record-store: Time Warp Records. This Really Is among my personal favorite file shops in LA. Timewarp isn’t about being fancy – they’re about supplying audio followers using their preferred classic photos while additionally providing them with anything new-to discover.

Where you can people-watch: Venice Beach Boardwalk, obviously.




Greatest classic: Animal House. Women and this men s classic store contains the ongoing lovers to show it and has endured the check of period. The store is situated on Windward and it has fresh deliveries every Wednesday (hint, hint.)

Greatest fresh child around: The Butcher’s Child. Unlike the name rsquo The Butcher&;s Child features a few of the most healthy feeds around. Home-stating, “In The Butcher’s Child, we handle vegetables and fruit like a butcher might beef: we cut, fillet and define new produce into wholesome vegetarian meals and push them into fairly juices.”

Greatest balanced feeds: Gjelina. To my newest luxury a couple weeks again I’d my first chunk at Gjelina years as soon as, Gjelina has to fail. Clean elements, offered in elegance, and prepared to-perfection: it’s essential. Should you wear’t have time for you to take a seat at Gjelina, take a look at their bakery/deli/restaurant-to go named Gjusta.

Greatest handmade: Nick Fouquet Caps. You might understand Nick from his functions on our website or from the current list, but that which you might not know is the fact that Nick is just a gifted developer who’s getting back the wonder of handmade products and sluggish style. Their one-of-a-kind caps are designed with lasting components and created in ways that will create the very first era of cap manufacturers happy.

Where you can find a very good drink: Okay, ok, who are able to choose only one? For that low key beach-goers, visit Hinano Cafe. Obtain an alcohol along with a burger. to Get A first-date, check out The Otheroom.  for all those declining to bath and experience out that salty seaside hair and exotic toes, visit the most effective terrace at The Whaler (proven 1944!). as well as for the cleaned-up team, take a look at The Flavorful Home.




+What can you increase this checklist?

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Post image for Roadtrippin’

From Ny to lots of attention&hellip and La on zero main freeways; continue reading for many guidelines!

This article involves us from Gillian Zisner.

There s nothing much better than journey. Enabling go of the convenience, balance and security in rsquo & one single;s program. Selecting unfamiliar and the crazy, unpleasant within the simple and anticipated. Not being scared to be shattered to get a minute. Or misplaced. Or needing to begin once again. To create it important to purchase encounter, comprehending that you can be just only made by adventuring beyond your personal small bubble there is a better at whichever your entire day to-day, or wealthier innovative function. It doesn’t work with me performing something and simply resting however. There s a great deal to observe. Experience. Discover. I go keep myself awake. To maintain interested. To understand civilizations, about people, to higher comprehend the encounter that is individual, in to the problem and to take-me out-of my pride. All of us require a store beyond nbsp & our normal program; to re-adjust, retain and encourage us achieving. Thats what journey is for me personally.


My man, this July and that I chose to generate to LA from Ny, preventing freeways and main towns. We fulfilled numerous stunning strangers, entered 14 states, went 4904 miles, noticed 1000000 incredible issues and required 16 times.

Take the Superstars Ankle Start
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Below’s several shows and tips from our moves:

Memphis, MS
-Malco Summer Quartet Drivein // super-cool old school drivein cinema
-Earnestine & Brown’s // Aged haunted brothel-switched-dive bar

Clarksdale, MS
-Ground-Zero Blues Membership // Greatest place for incredible nearby blues rings, southern feeds and liquor
-Delta Cotton Co. Flats // Beautiful areas you are able to lease right above the Floor Zero Blues Membership
-Google Move // Greatest (and just) wholesome food for kilometers


Sedona, Arizona
-Boynton Canyon, West Hand and Llama Path // Incredible walks
-Briar Patch Motel // An enchanting sleep & breakfast with 8 creekside cottages and rooms
-Az Outdoor Activities // Lease ATV’s to get a guided off road journey
-Red-Rock Balloons // Panoramic heat balloon trip over Sedona
-City of Jerome // Aged haunted rubbish city switched crazy musician neighborhood

White Sands, NM
-White Sands National Park // No terms to explain. Simply move. Remain for sundown
-Remain at this awesome Airbnb regional in Lascruces

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Marfa, Texas
-Marfa Burrito // Greatest burrito within the world. Not really a laugh.
-El Cosmico // should you’re into remaining in teepee’s and RV’s this really is your jam.
-Chinati Foundation // Incredible contemporary-art gallery started by artisan Donald Judd. Subscribe to the dawn visit.
-Saint George Motel // New stunning resort within the middle of city having an excellent cafe connected.

Corduroy Very Sparkle

Joshua Tree + Yucca Valley, California
Greatest home in most of Joshua Tree. You re.
-Integratron // get an audio bathtub yoga.
-Organic Sisters Restaurant // Incredible juicer and healthfoods restaurant.
-The Finish // Excellent classic clothing shop.
-Hicksville Truck Structure Trailer Park Resort & Performer Escape // Enough said.
-Pappy and Harriet’s // Aged cowboy saloon using the greatest BBQ and live audio around
Answer Hill // an extremely awesome, uncommon, distinctive must see personally to genuinely enjoy this Dr. Seuss-b technicolor homage to 1 guy’s religion.