What Models Snack On: Kalumi Beauty Food Bars

What Models Snack On: Kalumi Beauty Food Bars

Designed to give you a glow on the go….

“No girl wants clunky vitamins or busted powder packs gunking up their vintage Chanel bag.” This was the inspiration for models Chrissy Blair and Jayla Harnwell to launch Kalumi Beauty Food, a new line of protein bars with super tasty flavors, cool packaging and good-for-you ingredients that will keep you going on non-stop days.

Before dreaming up the brand, co-founders Blair and Harnwell dealt with their fair share of “inner and outer” ailments. They were tired of covering up beauty problems with makeup and hair extensions, and grabbing whatever sugar-y, low-nutrient snacks they could find in airports and random stores while rushing in between casting calls.

So the duo cooked up an alternative in their tiny New York City apartment: nutrient-rich bars packed with marine collagen peptides to build healthy hair, skin and nails — plus beauty superfoods like vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and coconut. In place of fake sugars, they rely on organic, fair-trade yacon syrup sourced from Peru. The result: a protein bar that actually tastes good (read: no weird aftertaste!) and balances your body so you can stay energized for hours, the natural way.

The three flavor options includes Sweetie Pie, with coconut, vanilla and cinnamon; Lemon Love with rosemary, zesty lemon and sea salt; and Cocoa Kiss with cocoa butter, cacao nibs and sweet potato. Everything is GMO-, gluten-, dairy- and soy-free. Consider these your much, much healthier version of a brownie — and one that you can eat every day for optimal beauty.

+ Click here to shop all of Kalumi Beauty Food!

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Drink Dope, Look Dope

Drink Dope, Look Dope

These new protein powders promise endless energy the natural way…

Sylwia Wiesenberg is one of those women who never stops moving. Her body — and mind — is constantly in an active state, whether she is doing planks or lunges as part of her underground Tonique Fitness classes in New York City or shooting workout videos at high altitudes around the world. The secret to her non-stop energy, besides incredible genes: a daily glass of beet juice, which the Polish-born beauty grew up drinking regularly in her native Warsaw. Realizing the concoction’s wellness superpowers inspired her to launch DOPE Naturally, a line of plant-based protein powders infused with beets and other star botanicals. Here, Wiesenberg stops — just for a second — to fill us in on her dope lifestyle.

Name: Sylwia Wiesenberg

Born in: Warsaw, Poland

Currently living in: West Village, New York

What inspired you to launch DOPE Naturally?

From a big picture perspective, it was inspired by my unconditional love for food and sharing it with others. For me, cooking for others is the ultimate way to show love for them, and to show gratitude that they are in my life. When I taught my underground Tonique classes in Manhattan, I brought juices, salads and raw chocolates for those who attended to be tortured for two hours or longer, to reward them with love.

I was asked one day after a workout, “What do you take to have so much energy?” I answered right away without even thinking: Oh, I dope…I mean, I dope naturally, meaning food is my natural drug for endless energy and ageless beauty. When I said that, I really meant I eat beets and other superfoods daily. I could not stop thinking about the way I said it, and the name of my brand was born. DOPE Naturally is based on principles that I believe in — that superfoods and outstanding quality ingredients are the natural way to dope, to enhance our beauty and performance; that your beauty counter starts in your kitchen.

How do you describe Tonique for those who haven’t tried your method?

I think I have been doing Tonique since I was born, as I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t work out. When I came to NYC, I was working for an investment bank. It was a great job that paid well, but it wasn’t my passion. I quit my job and started doing what I love to do daily — designing movement and cooking. I chose to continue developing the most unique, intense workout method based on the principle of never stop moving (literally you don’t take a break for two hours) to shape an ageless body, fight gravity, and help women become confident both physically and mentally.

I was teaching for free for few years to see how the method really worked. I had celebrities and many others who loved Tonique and the way I fed them with fresh and powerful superfoods. Afterward I decided to share Tonique with a wider audience, creating videos that you can take with you anywhere. The purpose of each workout is to positively torture you (hahaha) and give your body the tone that no other workout delivers, and to make the world a smaller and fitter place, by allowing people to travel with me daily on their fitness journey.

Tell us about your childhood in Poland. Was wellness even part of your lifestyle then?

I could write a book about this, but will try to be brief! Despite the fact that we had so little available when I was growing up in Communist Poland, from food to clothing (and forget about any luxury), I have really vivid and beautiful memories of my childhood. When I think of my childhood, I smile even more. Perhaps because when I was growing up, nobody had anything, and there was absolutely nothing on the shelves in stores, so you never thought that you were missing something. Springs and summers were the most fun as I spent time outdoors running, playing ball and swinging on “trzepak” it was literally a metal rack — to clean your carpet instead of vacuuming it — and when it was not occupied kids used to do acrobatic swings and hang upside down from it for hours. The best part of summers was going to orchards and collecting fruits. I still feel the sweet juice running down my chin; juice from mulberries, plums, and cherries.

Starting at three years old I was doing “rytimka” — rhythmic classes with a strict piano teacher playing classic melodies. It was all about posture, steps and rhythm — no laughing was allowed. Later I joined a gymnastics team that required 4 hours of training daily, and on top of it I was on my school running team and part of a program called Brave Like a Soldier — imagine all the skinny girls on this program climbing walls, trees, jumping obstacles. The best part was shooting at targets and throwing old grenades.

In my household, my mom was very strict about what I ate. An absolute must was a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning, followed by eight to twelve ounces unadulterated beet juice (not diluted and no added fruit to make it sweeter). We ate three meals a day with no snacking in between (we didn’t have anything to snack on anyway). The rule was to eat small meals, which were full of nutrition. I never developed a snacking habit or a love for soda or sugar, although I do love ice cream!

What makes beets so unique as wellness food?

Beets in Poland are like oranges in Florida — everywhere! Our grandmothers, mothers and coaches educated us on the superpowers of beets! I don’t remember ever not drinking beet juice. Later, when I moved to Australia, I used to “dope” on beet juice before morning speed training and athletics at university. I added a few tropical fruits to enhance the beets’ power and to make it taste better, but beets always dominated my daily diet. I strongly believe that beets are not just a great way to enhance your performance, but they also are a miracle vegetable that works to advance your skin tone, ageless beauty and glow. Beets are definitely my secret weapon.

What was the Polish recipe and technique for making beet juice?

My mother’s way is straight like whisky without rocks!

10-15 beets peeled and cleaned

1/2 lemon

Juice beets, add a touch of fresh lemon juice — the vitamin C in lemon allows faster absorption of the nitrates in beets and other nutrients.

Drink it immediately out of the juicer — my mom and coaches used to tell me to drink it fresh and fast before it oxidizes.

Today I dope with my powders since they give me exactly what I need. I also like blended beet, using the entire beet, not wasting the pulp:

– Put two to three whole peeled and cleaned beets into a blender (Vitamix).

– Add a touch of water or coconut water and blend it to perfection.

– Drink it in the morning or at night before/after a long hard day and workouts.

DOPE Naturally makes it easy — no peeling or cleaning is required. You also get the benefit of eating awesome superfoods from around the world like dragonfruit, mangosteen and baobab.

How long did it take you to formulate DOPE Naturally’s powders? What was the biggest challenge you faced?

When I started Dope Naturally, I knew what I wanted, but I had to find the right suppliers and develop the proper formulations. It takes time and I am very picky and particular when it comes to quality. Before DOPE Naturally was released, I tested and tested and tested until I got the blend right. The next challenge was to find the right suppliers; certified organic is a must! It is important to consume organic produce — superfoods that are not destroyed by non-organic farming and chemicals. I add absolutely no sugars, no fillers and no preservatives. There are so many factors that go into making the product and all of them have to be 100 percent right, otherwise it won’t work!

Tell us about Beet Force and Beet Bliss. What are their benefits?

Beet Force is designed to elevate your stamina and wellness and allow greater oxygen flow during workouts, and also has powerful anti-aging properties. Dragonfruit promotes skin health and helps with weight management. Mangosteen has strong cellular renewal properties helping skin appear more youthful, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent energy booster. Mulberries are a perfect blood tonic, acting as a cleanser to improve blood circulation, and promoting skin and hair glow.

Beet Bliss is beet blend with cacao, baobab and mangosteen. Cacao supports cell rejuvenation, and is rich in magnesium, vitamin C and omega 6 fatty acids — it’s perfect for a youthful complexion. Cacao also promotes blood flow to your skin and has been known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Baobab promotes collagen formation, protects cells from oxidative stress (free radicals), helps the absorption of iron, and is a vitamin C powerhouse.

What’s your favorite way to whip up these powders?

I love to blend Beet Force with watermelon chunks or add to cashew yogurt. Beet Bliss I often drink in the afternoon as an energy pick up…I like it with coconut meat and water and a frozen banana. In summer, peaches and Beet Bliss are a blissful way to wake up and feel fresh and not bloated at the beach.

Tell us about Melonaid — a powder that features watermelon seeds. What’s their benefit?

I love watermelons! I never understood when I moved from Poland why so many watermelons don’t have seeds in them. The seeds are actually the best part for beauty. They are full of nutrients, amino acids and rich in plant-based protein… my “babcia” was always telling me that if I eat them, I will grow a watermelon in my belly, but then she used to sprout them and eat them. She did the same with sunflower seeds, and told me about their powers.

For the past year, I have been eating mostly plant-based protein. But I also found that, after eating pea protein powders or hemp, I felt bloated and experienced a funny aftertaste that lingered for hours and made it difficult for me to work out without my belly feeling full. I started blending my own protein potions and most of them had watermelon seeds in them. I also learned more about the beauty benefits of the seeds, and how they support toned skin and muscles. They are perfect and almost flavor free, making it easy to digest and leaving no aftertaste.

Do you have any fun recipes for Melonaid?

I put it in my cashew yogurt, add it to cereals, salads, my favorite nut butters and even make pancakes with it! I love to blend it in smoothies. There are no limits to how you can enjoy it. I even add Melonaid to ice cream. It is delicious and it makes me feel less guilty!

Where do you source your ingredients from?

I work with only organic farms and farmers across the globe. Since many of the ingredients are impossible to find from local farms in US (besides beets), I work with farmers in South East Asia, South and Central America—Nicaragua, Guatamala, Mexico, and Peru—and Africa for baobab.

What other wellness habits do you swear by for staying fit?

Eat fresh (quality food).

Eat less (smaller portions, never feel like you cannot breathe)

Sleep more (I try).

Smile more (always and daily).

Sex (probably the best wellness fundamental!).

What’s next for you and the brand?

DOPE Naturally is my baby that I am going to grow organically. You will see us introduce a number of new products. For me, it is work that I love…I am workaholic and fitness-obsessed so, if I have them both, I am happy.

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The Cult French-Girl Beauty Brand You Need to Know About

The Cult French-Girl Beauty Brand You Need to Know About

French girl beauty is getting a little easier and greener: Meet Margaret Halfon, the founder of Studio 78, an under the radar brand that’s just started to reach our shores. All natural and oh-so-chic… 

A Parisian beauty secret is finally landing on our shores: Studio 78, a cool-girl French organic makeup brand that combines luxury pigments with 100 percent Ecocert certified ingredients. Its founder is Margareth Halfon, a super chic “working mama” who honed her beauty expertise at Guerlain, where she helped managed such mega-hits as Terracotta and Météorites. In 2008, Halfon moved to Los Angeles, and totally fell in love with the wellness lifestyle and organic food movement. So much so that when she had a baby a year later, she was realized “we are what we consume,” and no longer wanted chemicals in her body — or her makeup bag. Et violà: the inspiration for her eco-friendly brand was born.

Halfon moved back to Paris and got to work developing an all-natural range that wouldn’t “put aside the notion of pleasure women feel when they buy makeup, and the notion of glamour they also feel when they touch up.” Tapping into her cosmetic background, she wanted to create non-toxic formulas that would soothe the skin but also deliver high-performance pigments. No “compromises!”

Halfon definitely didn’t settle for anything less than amazing. The standouts include We Go Green Loose Powder Eyeshadow, next-level powders infused with organic oils to hydrate the sensitive eye area that come with an innovative sponge applicator so you can layer them on and blend to create a custom look. Très, très chic.

The Eye Pencil, meanwhile, is designed to glide on skin — not tug at it — with a moisturizing base of soft waxes and botanical oils. Also cool: you can trace around your eyes with the pencil or tap the tip along the lash line to create little dots that you then smudge together for a blurred look. So French!!!

The plant-based Mascara gives you beautifully dark lashes with a shot of nourishing jojoba oil and the Liquid Lipstick conditions lips with a creamy texture that lasts for days (and the sponge applicator is just fun).

Every item in the collection has a weightless feel—nothing feels too “done” or made-up. “Makeup should only help you to reveal your own beauty,” explains Halfon. “That’s why all the textures we develop at Studio 78 Paris, are always natural. They must magnify existing beauty and not transform you.” It all fits into Halfon’s beauty mantra: “To feel confident, you must start to love who you are and accept [yourself] as you are.” That, and one last thing, she adds: “Don’t forget to smile, because it is undoubtedly your finest beauty asset.”

+ Discover and shop all Studio 78 makeup here!



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TONIK’s Curcumin: The Under-the-Radar Nutrient You Need to Know About

TONIK’s Curcumin: The Under-the-Radar Nutrient You Need to Know About

It contains a medicine chest’s worth of benefits…

As far as superstar nutrients go, curcumin might not be on your radar — but it should be. It’s the active ingredient in turmeric (aha, now THAT you’ve heard of!), which is loaded with health benefits. The Food Lover’s Companion (a classic culinary dictionary of sorts), gives a quick history on the root: First, it’s part of a tropical plant that’s related to ginger and often grows in India and the Caribbean. Another cool detail: in ancient times, turmeric was often to make perfume since it has a rich, earthy fragrance. Today, the spice is super popular in curry dishes, and also the primary ingredient used in mustard to give it that bright yellow color.

Think of curcumin as the hero of turmeric — it’s responsible for providing the bulk of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and holistic expert Dr. Andrew Weil estimates that two to six percent of the spice is made up of curcumin. So what’s the best way to get your fix, besides eating lots of curry and smearing mustard on everything? Tonik has a much easier solution: a 750 milligram supplement, which it now conveniently offers in a daily tablet form.

Pop one and here’s a quick overview of the wellness improvements you might notice…


Aids metabolism.

Is loaded with antioxidants.

Improves digestion.

Has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Soothes body aches.

Keeps skin strong.

Speeds wound healing.


Ready to step up your wellness game? Check out more from Kari here


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Your Favorite New Non-Toxic Perfume Has Arrived

Your Favorite New Non-Toxic Perfume Has Arrived

Change your scent, change your state of mind…introducing By Rosie Jane…

Now that fall has swept in, chillier air and all, it’s time to rethink a lot about your beauty routine. Light body lotions are swapped out for thicker balms, darker lip colors seem more appealing, and you can’t pile on enough hydrating face masks. Also on the agenda: finding a fresh scent for your skin. There’s just something about starting off the season with a new fragrance — somehow breathing in those magical assortment of olfactory extracts and notes shifts your energy and puts you in a different headspace. It’s like, “today, I can do anything.”

To capture that feeling — and make it last — we’re obsessed with By Rosie Jane’s botanical perfume oils, which are crafted with essential oils and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Each scent is inspired by a different time of the year or seasonal moment.

James, for example, blends fig, amber and gardenia together for an earthy fragrance that’s totally fit for fall.

Or consider Rosie, which evokes winter vibes with Moroccan rose, nude musk and a bit of cozy vanilla.

If you’re still holding onto summer, however, go for Tilly — a fruity concoction with grapefruit, pineapple and tropical gardenia.

Or Leila Lou, spiked with pear, jasmine and “fresh cut grass” that transports you to a spring meadow. And yes, it’s 100 percent okay to wear lighter scents in colder months (#norules).

The perfume expert behind all these creations is Rosie Jane Johnston, an Australian-born, Los Angeles-based makeup artist who discovered she had a talent for whipping up her own apothecary goods in 2012. She launched her line with lip and cheek pots — beautiful glosses tinted with natural pigments — and then expanded into fragrances, bottling the small-batch scents she would mix up for herself, and naming the first for her daughter, Leila Lou.

Now Johnston works out of a studio in Silverlake, a location that sees more bright sun than biting, cold breezes. Still, if fall has you in that California state of mind, a swipe of Tilly will take you there…

+ Click here to discover all By Rosie Jane products!

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3 Ways Fig & Yarrow Can Help You Stay Cool and Fresh

3 Ways Fig & Yarrow Can Help You Stay Cool and Fresh

Toothpaste, deodorant and mouth wash like you’ve never seen ‘em before…

How you start your morning inevitably sets the pace for the rest of your day. If you’re like us, you prefer to begin the a.m. with a bright, healthy, clean outlook — which means reaching for nontoxic beauty basics. And the most “basic” of these items is often your toothpaste, deodorant and mouth wash, which form the essential cornerstone of your getting-ready-for-the-day routine. But until recently, it was pretty hard to find alternative, chemical-free options.

That’s what makes Fig + Yarrow’s new Health + Hygiene collection so relevant and necessary right now. Specifically, we’re obsessed with three items that deserve a spot on your bathroom counter this second:

First, the Tooth Powder.

Yes, that’s right tooth powder. What is this? Exactly as the name implies, it’s a powder — not a paste — that scrubs and cleans your teeth. Composed of a “delightfully vigorous” blend of white clay, sea salt, baking soda and other botanicals, the fine dust comes in a small glass bottle that you shake out on your dampened toothbrush. Then rub over your teeth, spit and repeat. It definitely has a salty clay taste and slightly gritty texture that takes some getting used to, but afterward your teeth feel remarkably polished and fresh (#win).

Next up, the Oral Hygiene Rinse.

Think of this as a healthier version of your mainstream mouthwash. The clear liquid is spiked with aloe to support oral microflora, plaque-fighting and breath-freshening green tea extract, antiseptic witch hazel, antimicrobial essential oils and xylitol — a sweet-tasting ingredient from birch trees that reduces plaque build-up. The rinse has a pleasantly cool flavor (i.e. it won’t make your eyes burn). Just swish for 60 seconds before brushing, after meals and any time you need to freshen up.

Lastly, the Underarm Lotion.

This is the botanical brand’s answer to how to stay cool and dry during these sweltering times (yes, girl). Infused with sage and witch hazel to temper perspiration and odor, along with antibacterial aloe, detoxifying zinc, and sodium bicarbonate to balance your pH and nix bacteria, this silky lotion glides on your skin and stays put. You have to be OK with rubbing on your deodorant in liquid — as opposed to stick — form with your fingers but once it’s on, it does the job (this product is already super beloved by Fig + Yarrow fans). Like any natural deo, you’ll need to reapply it after an intense sweat session or on really hot, active days. But that’s a minor inconvenience to deal with in order to get a healthy, safely formulated product in our opinion.

+ Now tell us: how else do you stay cool and dry on super hot days?

Photo by Jana Kirn.

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The Comeback of Kale

The Comeback of Kale

Why this superfood is still number ONE for your beauty routine…

Kale. A few years ago, this cruciferous vegetable was just a humble leafy green, tucked away at the farmer’s market, unnoticed in the produce section. Then Gwyneth Paltrow started making kale chips, Beyonce went public with her love for the green in the form a kale sweatshirt, fast food chains tossed it into salads, juice bars stocked it in bulk and the veggie shot to fame, becoming a true superfood.

And for good reason — the botanical is packed with nutrients (vitamin C, fiber, iron, folate, magnesium). But too much of any one thing can be overwhelming — and you can burn out on it. Perhaps that explains why any of us took a break from our kale salads, and turned to other plant obsessions (ramps, anyone?).

But lately there’s been a quiet kale resurgence as wellness purveyors realize its enduring benefits. Case in point: Youth to the People, the small-batch skincare brand from California that’s never strayed from kale and kept it as the star ingredient in their vegan range since their inception in 2015. Here, we talked to co-founder Joe Cloyes about the green’s unique and potent powers — and why kale deserves a permanent spot in your beauty routine.

Ok first, why kale? What inspired you to create kale skincare products?

When we had the initial spark of idea for a line that united superfoods with science, it was at the beginning of the cold pressed juice revolution. We loved the idea of green superfoods being juiced. And we started to think, could we gather those same benefits from green superfoods — the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — but apply them topically for your skin’s health and youthful appearance?

What are kale’s skincare benefits?

Kale carries an arsenal of health benefits. With one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants, it goes miles in keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful. Loaded with vitamins A, C, E and K, kale fights free radicals, repairs sun damage, boasts high levels of phytonutrients that rebuild skin cells, and helps preserve your youth.

So how exactly do you extract the benefits from the plant?

Cold pressing is a big part of our process at Youth to the People. It preservers the protein and antioxidant integrity of the plant extract, so it can be more readily absorbed and utilized by your cells. We approach our superfoods scientifically, figuring out ways to get more of the good stuff to your skin. Our products are designed, made and filled in small batches in California.

Do you think kale experienced a moment of cultural saturation?

We’ll never stop paying homage to the wonders of kale, or other green, leafy superfoods. We don’t view the superfood as only a trend — any more than we think people valuing clean eating and clean beauty is just a trend. This isn’t a new cultural shift but one underway for decades. We believe valuing nutrition, youthfulness and being your best self has longevity.

What other key nutrients do you rely on in your range?

While our line includes kale, it’s not one built solely on kale. Kale is one ingredient among many. We’re also big believers in the benefits of spinach, green tea, and alfalfa. Our products include age-defying Tripeptide 37 (found in the Firm & Brighten Serum), collagen-boosting Tripeptide 5, and uber-hydrating and smoothing Hyaluronic Acid (found in our Moisture Cream and Gel Cleanser).

Do you plan to introduce any other ingredients in the upcoming year?

Our brand mythos is superfoods plus science, meaning we have a myriad of ingredients found to be effective in age prevention science. In the upcoming year, we’ll have a lot of exciting developments, as our line continues to evolve with the addition of more superfoods and science. Stay tuned!

Photos by Jillian Guyette.

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Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Oh hey, Juice Beauty…

To call the green beauty movement a revolution is not an understatement. In the last five years, a sophisticated fleet of botanical brands has emerged, made with clean ingredients, sustainable methods and recycled packaging. But Juice Beauty was one of the first companies to lead the way toward greener pastures and practices. Founded by Cali wellness guru Karen Behnke, the San Francisco-based company launched in 2005 — more than a decade ago, long before parabens were on everyone’s radar and going organic was as basic as breathing. Karen firmly believed in the natural, beauty-enhancing power of plants and other farm-fresh essentials, which she extracted into a potent juice that fueled her passion and original skin collection.

Now the cult-classic brand is a go-to for earth-loving notables, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a shareholder and creative director. Juice Beauty is also still on the forefront of new green technologies, as proven by its pretty stellar lineup of innovative skincare and SPF. Here, we take a quick look at what makes this antioxidant-infused brand so iconic, and why you’ll want all their creations:


At age 22, Karen Behnke started her wellness career by launching “Get Fit Aerobics,” a fitness class that she taught to members of the army and military near San Francisco.


Karen became pregnant with her first child; motivated to find healthy, safe beauty products, she began scrutinizing ingredient labels for the first time.


Karen purchased the rights to use the “Juice Beauty” name from a small brand based in Mill Valley, California, with a handful of conventional (not-so-natural) products. Alongside her husband, Karen began researching how they could create a new line using organic, botanical juices (aloe, grape) as a base, instead of water or petroleum glycol fillers.


Karen contacted many laboratories to find a partner. Almost all of them turned her down — no one wanted to formulate with organic juices at the time. Finally, she tracked own one laboratory that was on board with the company’s innovative mission and concept.


Juice Beauty officially launched! The Juice Beauty Daily Essential Collection made its debut — containing the Cleansing Milk, Green Apple Peel Full Strength, Hydrating Mist and Nutrient Moisturizer. The line was first carried in Whole Foods and Pharmaca among other boutiques.


JuiceBeauty.com went live!


Kate Hudson casually mentions that Juice Beauty is one of her favorite beauty lines in a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, which instantly puts the up-and-coming green brand on the map.


The Blemish Clearing collection launches, becoming one of the first acne skincare ranges with benzoyl peroxide and a revolutionary new method to clear skin with organic fruit acids, salicylic acid, willow bark, CoQ10 and vitamin C.



A U.S. Patent is awarded to the Green Apple Peel for its unique ability to brighten and even out skin.


Juice Beauty enhanced all formulations under a new product development team. It’s a turning point for the brand, as an outside clinical lab confirms that the products outperform typical conventional chemical brands.


Growth spurt! The rapidly-expanding brand opened a new distribution center to get its botanical goods into the hands of more fans. Juice Beauty’s products get the stamp of approval from PETA and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.


Juice Beauty turned on the lights at their new sustainable headquarters in San Rafael, California, utilizing all recycled and reused materials and furniture.


Gwyneth Paltrow joined Juice Beauty as a shareholder, business partner and creative director, praising the brand for being at the forefront of “making organic beauty products that work.”


Juice Beauty launched in Free People, spreading the feel-good message that healthy is beautiful!

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Wellness Wednesday: A New Way to Exfoliate

Wellness Wednesday: A New Way to Exfoliate

This kinder, gentler solution really works…

Exfoliating your skin usually comes with a downside — a lot of dryness and an unmistakable tight-pore feeling. Almost every product I’ve used has made my face feel so uncomfortable that I decided I’d rather deal with some dead skin and rough patches than suffer through the side effects of exfoliating. That’s why I was skeptical about trying The Beauty Chef’s Probiotic Skin Refiner. It claimed to exfoliate AND hydrate AND boost collagen production. Hmm, really, really? I pictured my skin turning red and flaky, with an intense burning sensation washing over me. But, after a summer of sweat and sunscreen, my pores were crying out for some help. I needed a good cleaning session.

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you that the Skin Refiner is pretty amazing. It’s rich in lactic acid — a unique alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down dead skin cells and ups your skin’s natural moisturizing factors. What this means: when you put it on, it doesn’t dry out your face! Like many of The Beauty Chef’s products, it taps into the benefits of bio-fermented foods and probiotics to balance your complexion’s healthy flora levels, fight dark spots and boost your skin’s immunity and collagen growth (basically this elixir has all your needs handled).

Another bonus: Unlike other exfoliators that can only be used at night, this one can be dabbed on twice a day, so you can get the smoother, brighter results faster. Just soak a cotton pad and swipe on after cleansing. I applied a moisturizer afterward but if your skin is oily you could skip that step. It’s so gentle you can make the refiner part of your everyday routine — your pores will thank you.

Quick Recap: The Benefits

Triple threat: Exfoliates, hydrates and firms skin all in one!

Rich in probiotics to balance skin.

Contains bio-fermented extracts.

Plumps skin.

Lightens dark spots.

No tingling or burning!

Dab on morning and night.

+ Be sure to stay up to date with all things movement and wellness — follow FP Movement on Instagram!! 

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Beauty Vacation Packing: What a Yoga Master Brings to the Mountains

Beauty Vacation Packing: What a Yoga Master Brings to the Mountains

Reach a higher elevation with an antioxidant-charged serum, natural bug spray, crystal-infused water and more…

In anticipation of doing yoga among the mountains — surrounded by epic peaks and crisp, fresh air — we’re counting down the days to our upcoming Glacier National Park retreat in Montana. The 5-night excursion will be led by yoga master and health coach Maria Margolies, who combines her understanding of Ayurveda, macrobiotics and mediation, among other studies, into her grounding practice. Here, we asked the wellness guru to teach us about her beauty routine and what she’s packing in her suitcase to keep her skin, hair and spirit in harmony with the mountain setting.

Photo by Enrique Aviles.

Raw Coconut Oil

I don’t go anywhere without it! It’s great for inner and outer beauty. I use the raw kind externally on my skin and hair to moisturize and cleanse. And I combine it with essential oils, such as lavender or frankincense as bug repellent, deodorant or just for pure relaxation. Internally, I put a bit of the oil in my coffee or smoothies for extra fats and to slow down the absorption of sugar. It’s also wonderful for oral health in toothpaste or for oil pulling, which is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil on an empty stomach for 20 minutes to draw out toxins.

DIY Superherb Blend.

I combine powerful adaptogenic superherbs to help boost my immune system, balance hormones and mood, combat the effects of stress and fuel me. I go for a mix of medicinal mushrooms, maca, ashwagandha, he shou wu, cacao and cinnamon. I add this to coffee, hot water, teas, smoothies, milks or juice.

Bug Spray

It’s important to me to find something that’s natural, great for the outdoors, moisturizing and smells divine.

Electrolyte Supplement.

This helps keep me hydrated after yoga, teaching, hiking, surfing or when ever I am very active. A supplement improves hydration, muscle recovery and performance and helps me burn energy efficiently.

Beauty Chef Dream Repair Serum

I love this oil. I usually make my own beauty products, but this one feels so incredibly rejuvenating after a long day outdoors in the sun.

Palo Santo and Cinnamon.

I always travel with some sticks for smudging and clearing space. Our ancestors used spices and common herbs found in gardens to clear space, cleanse, protection and increase vibration. Palo Santo is also used to repel mosquitos in Ecuador!

Water Bottle.

It’s a must! I carry one in my bag wherever I go, always. This way I make sure I keep hydrated at all times. Often when we feel tired, and in need of a pick-me-up, we are mostly dehydrated so instead of reaching for a coffee next time, drink a big glass of water! I’m obsessed with this crystal water bottle. The water feels so charged, energizing and purifying from the raw crystal that lives inside.

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