Meet The Founder: Lorri Weisen of AHNESTI Haircare

“Helping others to be proactive about their own health and wellness has become a priority for me.”  

When she’s not running her company, AHNESTI Haircare, Lorri Weisen devotes all of her time to wellness. She is an avid yogi, loves to walk along her hometown waterways (in Minneapolis) and enjoys cooking. “I’m passionate about health and wellness and, after recently losing my husband to cancer, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program to dive deeper into holistic health and nutrition. Helping others to be proactive about their own health and wellness has become even more of a priority for me, and I hope to incorporate what I’m learning into the AHNESTI Lifestyle.”

AHNESTI Haircare believes that the ingredients in beauty products should support health and wellbeing, not conflict with it. In keeping with this belief, all AHNESTI Haircare products are American-made with organic and natural ingredients, and are non-GMO, vegan, silicone free, cruelty-free and toxin-free.

Lorri adds, “Many salon brands claim to be ‘green’ but aren’t, and many natural brands claim to perform, yet don’t. I wanted to bridge that gap and create salon-quality hair care that was toxin-free and non-exclusive. Everyone should be able to have healthy beautiful hair and still uphold their values.”

How did you land on the idea for AHNESTI? Why should we all be rushing to add AHNESTI to our beauty routines?

It was during my husband’s second battle with cancer, and while I was a salon owner, that I learned about chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. I wondered if we were somehow contributing to our unwanted health issues by what we were applying to our bodies, and if we started using more organic, natural and toxin-free ingredients, maybe our health situations would improve. I walked into my salon and stared at the rows of haircare products lining my shelves — full of chemicals that I no longer wanted on my body — and I knew I had a moral obligation to change things. Everyone should have access to healthy beauty.

Can you tell us about life before that airport a-ha moment? Have you always been a proponent of natural beauty products?

I wasn’t a big proponent, no. And more than likely, against them. In the salon world it’s “better living through chemistry” and I never questioned it. It’s what we were taught. Natural products had a bad reputation of poor performance (in addition to short shelf life, separation, odor) and I agreed with that. But just like so many others, it was my husband’s health crisis 10 years ago that woke me up. I really didn’t have a clue before that.

Do you have any advice for people who are trying to make the leap into natural beauty?

Start slow and replace one by one! Wait until each of your current products are empty before replacing with toxin-free formulas or it will break your wallet. Do your research ahead of time and learn about the company you’re purchasing from. It’s really up to each of us to question the integrity of the ingredients we’re applying to our bodies and not blindly trust. The websites where we can do our research, unfortunately, have lots of data gaps and there is also a lot of misinformation out there — so be your own detective and listen to your own intuition. If you question it, put it back on the shelf.

Tell us about your own daily wellness routine — any favorite products/tips/tricks?

My daily wellness routine always consists of a 15-minute morning meditation, a little yoga stretching and a cup of coffee. For my body, I just started dry-brushing so I’ll have to report back on that!

How does the AHNESTI range fit in to your beauty regimen? Do you have a favorite product from the assortment?

They’re all my favorites, of course! I shampoo every three days and use the Puriti Shampoo and Conditioner, the Utiliti Styling Gel for shine and a light hold, and the Whipped Paste for smoothing and control before and after I flat iron. Sometimes I’ll scrunch in the Eterniti Hair & Scalp Refresher for some extra texture if I air-dry.

What’s next for AHNESTI?

We’re listening to our customers and hope to create a silicone-free hair serum and toxin-free hairspray in the future. Stay tuned!

We often think of beauty as a surface quality – how do you nurture your inner beauty?

Inner beauty, to me, is self-love and mindfulness. I think the two perfectly compliment each other. I try to nurture this with my meditation practice. Keeping my “center” when chaos surrounds me helps me to be the best version of myself and I feel it reflects in all I do. If I’m centered, then I can truly be present with whatever I am doing or whomever I’m with — even if it’s just me. If I’m good to myself and love myself, I’m not looking outwardly to have something, or someone, feather my nest.

Beautifully said. Thank you Lorri. <3

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A-5-Morning Reset Manual: Day-One

Consider this chance to provide the body and brain the love they deserve…

This article involves us from nutritionist Kristin Dahl

Welcome! Make Use of The next 5 times to concentrate on recovery through wholesome, alternative foods, integrative exercise, and greater thought designs, linking seriously for your instinct therefore obvious options could be designed to function and help your present and long term wellness.

Our immune protection system makes us prone to illness and remains powerful whenever we concentrate on clear nutrition and& nbsp treatment. This results in just how nicely it reacts to both bodily and psychological tension and a huge development within the resiliency of your body. Allow melody into your internal assistance program, this 5 day manual function as motivation to decelerate, and transfer mindfully through every day.


Your capability to produce accurate change and sustained, good change is significantly affected from the options we create every single day and just how rapidly we decide to provide ourselves when we log off monitor. Adding wellness methods that are everyday into your lifetime may have long term advantages that’ll depart you feeling restored strengthened and rejuvenated.

The following 5 times may contain eating clear meals, integrating frequent exercise and home treatment programs, and going for a small down-time to reset. we shall phase-out the most effective five foods teams which are recognized to trigger discrepancy in the torso: glucose, booze, coffee, gluten and milk. Concentrating on correct moisture, clocking rsquo zzzz&;s, and nourishing &nbsp and the body;brain with meals and wholesome ideas may intensify elegance and our normal radiance.


Produce a strategy It’s extremely useful to create your arrange for the week, including routines, home treatment programs and downtime. Discussing your strategy with others may set up you !

Decrease/remove coffee. if you should be a coffee-drinker, start to switch-over to green tea extract, matcha or yerba mate. Decrease coffee by cutting your consumption every single day down before you have ceased entirely. (I guarantee it becomes easier!!) This can reduce the launch of cortisol (the strain hormone) in to the body. It’ll also help balance your blood sugar levels and certainly will assist your re-control itself. Include natural tea traditions into your everyday program.

Include healing methods that are alternate for your regular regular program that is /. Include the next for that internal to external shine: oil-pulling, facial steams, rub or self-massage, infrared sauna, steam-room, warm yoga, neti pot cleaning, facials, dried skin cleaning, mind–to-foot body uniforms or perhaps a trip to the club. All these support lymphatic drainage and & nbsp; move stagnant energy out of the body.

Create the majority of meals athome (in advance) of course if you have to consume out, create the best option feasible.

Generate your “low-negotiables” – could it be rub, acupuncture, club times, breathwork, yoga, cooking, reading, exercise, or yoga courses? Possibly your low- negotiables are spending some time with family members and buddies, breaks absent, or simply doing very little. Create a listing of your low-negotiables and discover a method to perform them into regular program or your regular.

Develop a neighborhood. Begin A regular or regular wellness membership. Ask friends to reveal wholesome discussion food and link. Your tones flourish on significant conversation and actual link.

Split from engineering. Permit yourself one hour to help ease in to the evening and floor oneself before providing all your power for your telephone. So you have significantly more of you to ultimately present towards the globe provide your lifetime room from engineering. Obtain outside!!


Enabling go of issues within our everyday program that diminish our power is definitely an extremely effective exercise. This provides the quality to us to ensure that we are able to decide to reintroduce just those activities that certainly assist us that people require. It enables room for beneficial programs methods, and behaviors to completely combine into our lifestyles. Take a moment to replicate on which certainly facilitates your wellness and obtain obvious.

Nowadays: Cleanup Your Ideas. You are able to eat-all the kale on the planet, but the body is likely to be if your ideas are poisonous, also. Your ideas possess a serious impact on &nbsp and the manner in which you experience . Whenever we believe caring ideas, our immune reaction influences and produces Mind Body tranquility. Demanding, thoughts that are negative might have the impact that is alternative, reduce our defense, creating inflammation and increasing our levels. Select ideas that sense &nbsp and lighting;extensive and function your good that is greatest.

Produce a wholesome house or work place by stuffing and cleaning the area with crops, non toxic candles, deposits along with a sodium light. As it could suffocate your time remove litter. Utilize mild illumination, burn incense and pay attention to calming audio whenever your spirit wants calming.

+For a customized plan distinctive for your requirements or wellness chance, please get in touch with put up a Alternative Nutrition Discussion.

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Meet up with the Creators: Moon Liquid

The very first within an content sequence that is ongoing, featuring viewpoint, the real history and magic of some our buddies that are latest on the planet of& wellness and nbsp;elegance.

This article originates from our beloved buddy, Carlen Altman.

Nearly precisely this past year, Free People had the opportunity to talk to Amanda Bacon, the founding father of Moon Liquid, the Venice-centered (absolutely bacon-free) natural juice-store/apothecary that has received a passionate Florida customer-base because of its exterior-the-container, alternative (and evidently existence-changing) drinks and items.

We’d an opportunity to meet up with Amanda this week concerning the exhilaration crystallizing within the last year for Moon Liquid, including a relationship with Free People’s thrilling fresh elegance start (shock!!), about which we’re “within the moon” (have it? Ok good, I’ll quit the puns and obtain towards the meeting…).


For the visitors who might not understand you (however!), would you please re introduce oneself as well as your organization?

Hello! I’m boss and the Creator of Moon Liquid. In 2011 the doorways exposed towards the Moon Liquid shop – old infant child secured to my torso week. It had been a curated room where the city discover, might consume, beverage and reveal within the many remarkable alternative choices. Moon Liquid contains three places in LA &nbsp nowadays;we additionally provide an energetic worldwide Moon Household with this meals, products and lifestyle resources.

What exactly precisely has Moon Liquid been as much as since we talked in 2015 for you?

I will’t actually remember, it’s all-one large gorgeous cloud… we’ve worldwide relationships, another shop starting on Melrose Area this July, plus one to check out in Malibu; the Moon group has exploded to incorporate some truly amazing people that are enthusiastic about distributing our concept everywhere. Your Moon Dirt selection has acquired substantial impetus, and thus we’re creating that globe to incorporate simple methods to include adaptogenic mixes into yours all day out.

Exactly why is the organization called Moon Liquid?

I initially had another title for that manufacturer that I had been not completely divine by. I had been in California one day, sitting on the seaside, when a classic-school-bus arrived rolling through the haze. It’d this mural of the moon colored privately. Moon Liquid came for the reason that second to me.

Are your emotions suffering from the moon and what would you do?

I discover that the moons that are entire abandon me feeling nearly drunk. I m less happy, giggly, cerebral, or occasionally only a little teary eyed. I don& rsquo fight it, but instead appreciate and love the regular imbalances and, if that seems hard I attempt to simply breathe it believe.

I keep reading about these adaptogens you of and observed they re a primary component in certain of your Dusts speak. What certainly will anybody consider them and are they?

Herbs would be the most significant herbs to consume the era that is currently. They ve been cherished for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic and Oriental medication and applied to enhance strength and power. Adaptogens not just improve opposition towards the adverse effects of long term tension, but may relax you and while additionally being tonic, meaning they’re resistant stimulate you in the same period -rousing and raise your feeling of internal serenity. Adaptogens particularly help your adrenals, the glands that handle your hormonal reaction to tension and assist you to deal with exhaustion and nervousness. Adaptogens’ appeal is the fact that they assist your needs particularly, changing their purpose for rsquo & your physique;s requirements, and accomplish many of these brave acts lightly, without piling or nerves, and therefore are secure for long term use.

Many of these sound that is dusts like I want them all. Where must I start? May I consider them? Using what?

Incorporating these herbs to shakes, tea and espresso transformed my entire life almost instantly. I’ve created only a little Moon Dirt cooklet with dishes for lattes, blood ice-cream, pancakes and candy.

Excellent. I m thinking about first attempting Rest Dirt and the Intercourse Dirt (possibly in the same period! Only joking! Or am I?)! To beginning Moon Liquid any particular health mission problems led?

I battled with adrenals and hormonal program issues & nbsp, since my adolescent years. It s the point that basically pressured me to appear in to the healing globe that is alternate. Wherever&nbsp also it was below;I discovered to allow them to function harmoniously the nitty-gritty of helping your body s methods. Adaptogens, natural medical meals, natural drinks and supplementation have totally transformed my entire life.


Have you got any strategies for residing and eating healthfully on the budget?

Yes! It’s about the mass containers (almonds, vegetables, quinoa, beans, sprouted granola, seaweeds), the producers’ marketplace or CSA for several in-period vegetables, herbs and fruits and, for additional-unique adjustments like adaptogens and meats, have a great take a look at your allowance. Focus on that which you opting for to get in. If you dissatisfied that products feel just like a reach and find oneself purchasing four sets of trousers, it might be time for you to update your goals. I usually state that choosing elegance programs and your wellbeing is more enjoyable than needing to invest time and cash on physicians, during sex using the flu in an emergency or melancholy, or just blah.

& ndash will you foster your internal elegance is frequently thought of beauty like a floor quality by us?

Internal beauty originates from a revived mind chemistry and relaxed power. A clear diet, yoga exercise, and an exercise of incorporating adaptogenic mixes into your entire day all have been crucial.

Exactly what does your day elegance program seem like? (internal and external beauty program, that’s…)

Language scraping, fast yoga (even when this implies in a left vehicle), potion-making with Moon Dirt and avocado milk, carrot-seed gas and rose-water on my experience.

Exactly why is utilizing organic, normal elements and preventing GMOs (Genetically Modified Bacteria) therefore very important to you?

Moon Liquid is just a task that is totally natural. This really is anything I selected not just the body, however although for the systems. I decide to vote natural with my very own bucks, and I recognize the opportunity of possessing a business where I will up nbsp & that;election. Living a natural existence is something which’s very important to recommend for within this present period of commercial agricultural methods and big-business.

I have allergies, I wear&rsquo because causeing the dedication; my restoration situations are smaller and t get ill almost as frequently. I’m in a feeling that is better, my skin differs . Given, to consuming natural this dedication is one part of a larger lifestyle, however it is definitely an integrated aspect of my everyday wellness.

(produce while on the budget? Press below to locate the local producers’ marketplace…)

Have you got any recommendations for People visitors ambitious to begin a company that is lasting?

Shut your eyes and stay together with your purpose. In case your heart flutters and also you experience powered naturally, then that s an indication that is certain you’ll be supplying anything required nowadays. Subsequently rsquo & it;s time for you to crunch at those figures and develop a good strategy.

What’s your concept of achievement?

My concept of achievement doesn’t include a finish-line to mix, but instead searching in my own existence and viewing basically am in as well as give support of what’s being requested of me.

Thanks for the phrases Amanda, of knowledge. I will’t delay to test all you are providing, and certainly will maintain you and our Free People visitors published within the remarks area below how the Intercourse Dirt and Rest Dirt work-out for me personally… (Desire me luck!).


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