Spotlight On: Tela for Curly Hair

Spotlight On: Tela for Curly Hair

It is a truth well known — a woman with straight hair must be in want of curly hair, and vice-versa. Tela just might change that way of thinking…

Or at least that is how I have lived my life amongst the curly-headed sirens that seem to surround me wherever I turn, taunting me with their spiraled, bouncing strands.

You see, my hair is straight-ish. If I do things exactly right, I can tease a little wave out of it that barely lasts until lunch and it’s only with the combined firepower of a curling iron, styling paste and salt spray. And so it was that I found myself bemoaning my plight over dinner with a friend whose hair was so curly, so gorgeously lush with coils that I could not help myself and reached out to lightly touch the springs. (It wasn’t weird, I promise. We’re really close.)

She leaned her curl-strewn head back and laughed heartily, regaining her composure only to tell me how easy I had it. How difficult it is to tame and take care of curly hair without drying it out or creating a large ball of frizz or frying it to death with heat tools. “I love my hair,” she sighed,
“but it is a blessing as much as a curse. Sometimes I wish I could have your hair. My life would be much easier.”

Shocked to hear that her serpentine hair caused her such ire, I begged her to continue. “What else of this hard hair life do you speak of?”

As it turns out, having curly hair is not as fun as I assumed it was, nor was it easy to tame and care for. It required just the right haircut, the willpower to not constantly touch post-wash, quite a bit of finessing, a lifelong search for the right combination of products, and a ton of moisture but not so much that it weighed the curls down.

Which is why — despite having nary a natural curl on my head — I imagine the full line of Tela products is such a revelation for those of winding hair. You see, curl-specific hair care is nothing new; it’s been done before and done often. But from what I’ve heard (and based on the aforementioned lifelong search for the right products), it’s never as good as you want it to be. The conditioner is too heavy or the control spray doesn’t actually keep frizz at bay. The shampoo strips too much moisture or the masque is incredibly high maintenance. It’s a real Goldilocks conundrum, one Tela is here to solve with a full line of curly hair care that’s, dare I say, just right.

Curly Shampoo + Curly Conditioner

The major complaint I hear from curly-headed ladies is that their hair is constantly dehydrated so they need to cut back on the shampooing and up the conditioning. But after a few days of conditioning, residue and gunk is bound to build up and weigh down curls (not to mention clog the pores on your scalp and trap dead skin cells up there) which sort of means you have to shampoo. It’s a vicious cycle, really. And if they want to shampoo and condition organically? Forget it.

But with Tela’s Curly Shampoo and Conditioner, you can wash and hydrate those curls to your heart’s content. The combo leaves hair shiny and clean with no residue, and the shampoo isn’t drying so, if you want to wash every day, go for it. (But maybe stick to every other day to be safe?)

Thanks to a blend of Solomon’s Seal (an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its moistening properties), plantain, marshmallow root and reishi mushroom, the duo works to soothe and strengthen curly hair while also revitalizing and restoring shine. And in case that wasn’t enough, Tela has gone ahead and replaced water in the formula with oolong, green and white teas for an antioxidant boost.

Healer Conditioning Treatment

If your curls still need more of a moisturizing kick, or you want to add a layer of protection against heat styling, a conditioning treatment is where it’s at. And true to its name, Tela’s Healer will do just that. It’s multipurpose, too, so you can use it as a heavy-duty masque, a daily detangler, a heat protectant or all of them at once.

With an ingredient deck that reads like the most nutritious salad you’ve ever eaten, it should come as no surprise that the highly concentrated (so it’ll last a while) Healer Conditioning Treatment features antioxidant-rich components that are all meant to strengthen hair while adding texture and shine.

For collagen synthesis and a healthy scalp, there’s pomegranate. Then we’ve got apricot to help the hair shaft maintain moisture and act as a detangler. Burdock root helps tame hard-to-handle-hair while carrot strengthens strands with its large amounts of vitamins A, C and E. Rounding out the hair salad are celery water, which adds weightless moisture to the hair, and tomato, which is packed with strengthening minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Basically, everything you’re supposed to be feeding your body every day via food can be found in this conditioning treatment. It’s a shame you can’t find it in digestible capsule form.

Curl of My Dreams + Frizz Buster

Not just a complaint of curly-haired folks, but certainly one they’re prone to what with the directionality of their hair and the constant need for moisture, frizz is no joke. Since frizz is a result of a protein/water imbalance, a surefire way to beat it is to add protein to the mix in the form of nutrient-rich oils and ceramides, both of which happen to be in Tela’s Frizz Buster spray. Quinoa, boabaob, sunflower and lavender seed oils lock in moisture and nutrients without weighing hair down, keeping frizz at bay even in the least hair-friendly conditions.

And if a few spritzes of Frizz Buster still aren’t doing the trick, consider the holy grail of curl products: Curl of My Dreams. Toss the conventional hair gel that you’ve resigned yourself to using for its taming properties even though it leaves your curls crunchy and hard and sort of wet-looking. This Tela elixir enhances natural texture, reduces frizz and results in effortless-yet-long-lasting, shiny curls thanks to the inclusion of quinoa protein, which restores shine and adds bounce back to previously gel-coated locks.

So now that I know the less universally acknowledged truth about what it takes to maintain a gorgeous head of curly hair, am I still so keen on the idea of swapping my wash-and-go wavy mane for something more high maintenance and also more luxurious and bouncy? Abso-curl-utely.

+Loving Tela? Shop the full collection here

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How to Make the Most of Your AQUIS

How to Make the Most of Your AQUIS

A quick how-to for getting that perfect ‘Wash and Wear’ hair…

AQUIS founder Britt Cox recently gave us the inside scoop on what inspired her creation of the perfect hair accessory. Hair needs tender care, just like your hands and your heart. In fact, hair is at its most delicate and vulnerable when wet! So, for the shiniest and healthiest locks, we decided it only befitting to break it down for you, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your AQUIS towel or turban. After all, your drying technique is key to maintaining your hair’s integrity.

Towel vs. Turban

The general steps between the towel and turban are basically the same: be sure to pat hair, do not rub. To make sure you are gathering all of your hair, lean forward so your hair falls in front of your face. If using the towel, wrap and twist the towel gently around your hair, then tuck the end into the back or side so it does not fall off. If using the turban, place the button fastener at the base of your skull. Twist the turban gently until desired fit is achieved, then fasten the loop around the button. Now turn up those tunes, pour yourself some coffee and let AQUIS take care of the rest!

All About the Timing 

The amount of time your want to leave on your AQUIS towel or turban varies based on the hair type. People with curly hair generally don’t have to wear it as long as those with straight hair. Rule of thumb: Remove the towel or turban when hair feels damp. Be sure to keep on until the heavy drippy water is out of the hair, and the strands open up!

+ Ready for some amazing hair that takes half the time to dry? Check out AQUIS’s full line of products here

Photos by Jana Kirn.

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Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials

Five ways to make the most out your beach day…

Crashing waves, white sand, shining rays…terrible sunburns, flaking lips, knotted hair, clogged skin. With the former almost always comes the latter, sadly. For as gorgeous and fun as a day at the beach can be, it’s often followed by a slew of bodily woes at the hands of the elements you were so enjoying just a few hours before.

A day by the ocean should be carefree and fun, but if you do a tiny bit of planning before you head out to the sand, you’ll be thankful. To help you out, here are some beach bag must-haves to keep your hair, skin and everything in between just this side of “sun-kissed.”


This is non-negotiable. And I really hope that at this point, my telling you how important SPF is, makes you roll your eyes and yell, “I KNOW!” But I’m going to include it here anyway because…duh.

SPF is crucial to not only enjoying a day at the beach but also for feeling like a human with healthy skin in the days after and the wellbeing of your skin for years to come. (Every sunburn you get increases your risk for melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Though melanoma is rare—only 1% of skin cancer cases—it’s not something to ignore, especially if you can help yourself with an SPF.)

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, you have a couple of options. Physical sunscreens are named as such because they sit on top of the skin, physically blocking UV rays. They contain active mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that deflect and scatter damaging UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Physical sunscreens also tend to cooperate more with sensitive skin since they don’t sink in and clog pores. That said, because they sit atop the skin, physical sunscreens can rub off easier, meaning you need to apply more frequently, and they can leave a white-ish, chalky film on the skin.

Then there are chemical sunscreens, which contain carbon-based compounds that turn UV rays into heat via chemical reaction, then release that heat from the skin. Science! Since these guys sink into skin, they’re thinner and easier to apply, but aren’t great for reactive skin as their combination of multiple ingredients can be irritating (especially as the SPF gets higher). They’re also more likely to clog pores.

So, it’s really up to you which SPF route you choose. If you’re great at evenly reapplying your sunscreen regularly, try a physical formula as they tend to be cleaner. If ease and stealth are your game, go with a chemical sunscreen. Either way, wear something, please. No one looks good with a sunburn.

If you plan to sit under a large umbrella in long sleeves all day, you can probably get away with just a facial SPF. Mad Hippie makes an excellent broad spectrum one packed with zinc oxide (a physical blocker), carrot seed, avocado and red raspberry seed oils to deliver a dose of antioxidants while also offering serious sun protection. If you want a bit of color coverage, Juice Beauty’s SPF Tinted Moisturizer serves up all natural, broad spectrum SPF 30 alongside vitamin-rich fruit acids and oils to bring out your skin’s natural glow. And for coverage under makeup, the Mineral Face Sunscreen from COOLA provides serious mineral-based sun protection and still allows for smooth makeup on top of it.

For your body, you want something that can stand up to the sun, sand, and water without leaving white smudges all over that cute bathing suit. For seriously-easy application, look for a sprayable formula like Soleil Toujours’s Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist or COOLA’s ECO-LUX Body Continuous Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen, both of which are organic, broad spectrum and sans-conventional sunscreen chemicals.

If you’re not into aerosols, Suntegrity makes a gorgeous, easy-to-rub-in mineral formula that doesn’t leave you greasy, is totally free of parabens, phthalates and mineral oils, and includes green tea and cucumber extracts for soothing, calming good measure. For a higher SPF, Let It Block’s Goth Block boasts a 50 SPF and is water-resistant up to 80 minutes, meaning you don’t to re-apply quite as often as with other mineral-based broad spectrum sunscreen.

Lip Care

You’re good on the body and face SPF, but don’t forget about your mouth! After all, lips are skin, too, so they need protecting just the same. For a barely-there tint, the SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers from Juice Beauty is a good everyday option. The SPF is fairly low so this won’t be your go-to for oceanside reapplication, but it’ll get you from your house to the beach with a beautiful pout. Another tinted option with more protective oomph is COOLA’s Mineral Liplux, which boasts SPF 30. The six shades mean there’s something for everyone and every mood, and the organic capuacu butter and mongongo oil mean it’s nourishing, conditioning and goes on smooth.

And don’t forget to treat your lips post-beach as well. Yes, you’ve done a great job protecting them throughout the day, but a little extra love never hurt. Made with uber-moisturizer jojoba oil, the Sculpted Lip Oil from Ogee is full of antioxidants and nutrients that will help combat inflammation and soothe a sunburn (just in case any rays snuck by).


Another potentially obvious item, but yes, deodorant at the beach is a thing. Though digital application can take some getting used to, the Cream Deodorant from Lulu Organics is worth it. Not only will the clean, invigorating lavender and clary sage scent perk you up during a hot day, it’s totally free of parabens, petroleum, gluten and aluminum. Plus, the coconut oil, kaolin clay, baking soda and essential oils will keep you dry and smelling like a field of fresh herbs all day long. It’s also pretty discreet in terms of application if you find yourself wanting to re-up at any point.

The Right Hair Products

For every woman who enters the ocean with hopes of emerging with mermaid-caliber beach waves, there is another who knows that this look isn’t so easily achieved with just a dunk in the sea. In fact, “beach waves” more often than not take the form of “drowned rat,” unless you’re equipped with the right tools. And while it may seem silly to use a salt spray at the beach where you are literally surrounded by salt water, trust me when I say it’s worth it.

Salt is incredibly dehydrating, which means it can leave your hair feeling crunchy and dead by the end of a beach day. To balance the drying effect, you need to counteract it with something hydrating. Both the Surf Sister Salt Spray from Plantfolk Apothecary for Free People and Captain Blankenship’s Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray offer just that. Each has a delicate balance of texture-friendly salt and nourishing oils to keep hair perfectly tousled and perfectly hydrated. For even more protection, feel free to work a few drops of hair oil—like this one from Little Barn Apothecary—through the lower half of your locks. It’ll condition, tame frizz and boost shine so you’re not a poofy-haired mermaid.


You didn’t think I’d forget skincare, did you? We’ve already covered SPF for your face, but a day at the beach doesn’t have to be a “set it and forget it” kind of skincare situation. To make sure your skin is primed for sunscreen application, I’d suggest a light oil cleanse in the AM. Yes, cleansing balms are typically reserved for nighttime routines to remove a day’s worth of gunk from your face, but it’ll serve you well here.

First and foremost, you want to make sure your skin is free of anything that might work its way into your pores and get trapped under the physical barrier of a mineral sunscreen. Secondly, there’s a chance some of the products you use on your skin at night contain photosensitive ingredients (ie — AHAs, retinols, essential oils), meaning skin that’s exposed to the sun while wearing ‘em is extra-sensitive. So before you head out to spend a day in the sun, you’ll want to make doubly sure to remove anything like that from your skin. A personal favorite? Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil because it smells amazing, will leave your skin soft and primed for SPF, and doesn’t include any ingredients that will interact poorly with the sun.

While you’re at the beach, it’s also not a terrible idea to keep cleansing cloths handy. There’s no grossed feeling than the mixture of dried sweat, old sunscreen and saltwater sitting on your skin, so avoid it all together with Kai Naturals’ Juice Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths. Individually packaged so they’re a cinch to toss in your beach bag, these babies get everything off with a couple of swipes and are alcohol-free, so they won’t pile onto the drying effects of the elements.

And then if you want to get really fancy, I wouldn’t say no to a luxurious, hydrating mist to replenish your skin’s moisture. Maya Water’s Facial Mist packs a serious moisturizing punch with just one spritz (plus it uses thermal water from the Norwegian mountains so you know it’s legit). And the Rosewater Mist from Miss Violet Lace smells amazing and is packed with aloe vera to help soothe your beachy skin.

+ Is there something in your beach bag that we left out? Let us know in the comments below!  

Check out other articles by Allie White here!

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Why You’ll Need: Josh Rosebrook

Hand crafted in little amounts with all natural, normal, top quality elements…

This article originates Allie White, from elegance factor.

You re on holiday. Your baggage arrived through in the flight’s additional end. There is no-line to get a taxi. You had been welcomed having a free glass of anything you need within the reception. You ve rsquo;ve been Instagram- they improved you plus harassment for weeks. Your space is fairly wonderful: on to be jumped by large comfortable mattress, porch by having an incredible watch, a bathtub large enough to move laps, gentle gown, 1000000 Television stations.

You wish to clean that icky journey feeling your bod prior to you heading out to discover the brand new town you simply arrived in. So you move in to the bath also it feels as though rsquo & you standing under a fountain that is dang. There s your hasn as well as sufficient water stress ’t taken all of the heated water. Ostensibly, this bath is the fresh spot that is content.

Then the resort is realized by you – wash that is provided is…not as much as level. It SS 2-in-1, the colour is strange, and also the odor isn& rsquo whatever you identify. It s your option that is only, although, which means you reach lathering. Your hair doesn t don&rsquo, and believe excellent anymore;t actually get me began on attempting to clean it post-bath without conditioner. Design is just a clutter, there’s hair. Your hair includes a brain of its, completely reluctant and one strangely much like that of the preteen to work.

Underneath the covers to sacrifice anybody viewing the view of one’s hair spent the remainder of one’s journey concealing. You ponder shaving everything down. You plead the assistant to deliver a cap that is sizable for your space. Ostensibly, your journey that is whole is destroyed also rsquo & it; s because of a little container of wash that is bad. You re never touring again.

Hyperbolic? Certain. Preventable? Completely. All it requires a nice small assortment of journey-measured hair items that you may trust and know. Items you like and your own hair is loved by that straight back. Items like these from Josh Rosebrook.

Hand crafted in little amounts with all-natural, normal, high-quality that is elements, rsquo & Josh Rosebrook;s-line of hair-care because it is real is really as efficient. Simply consider the listing of elements on the items: bet you may articulate each and every factor on the website (and also you’ve possibly consumed 1 / 2 of them).

Whenever you consider it, that declaration is crazy, particularly when it involves wash, an item that’s designed to clean your own hair. Indeed, that’s correct: a mix of crops, oils along with other material you are able to toss in to a shake provides you with the best hair of one’s lifestyle. Wonder worker, Rosebrook.

If you’ve got pretty regular, reduced-preservation hair, the Nurture Wash + Conditioner are for you. The wash includes a foundation of coconut-oil and Black Detergent, equally which lightly clean and cleanse the hair and scalp without draining away your oils. (You’ll understand it’s operating from the insufficient foaming…believe me.) Then rsquo & we;ve got a mixture of oils: sage peppermint and rose, which are full of supplements and antioxidants, and function to promote hair development. And since no body has actually stated no to hair that is polished, grape-seed oil and camelina moisturize and safeguard your mane therefore rsquo it&;s uber-gleaming.

Subsequently it’s time for you to sleek, alleviate and moisturize using the Conditioner, which includes a motley team of hair-caring figures: meadowfoam (saturated in essential fatty acids to include humidity without producing hair oily), burdock, rosemary and horsetail (promote follicle cell regeneration), rose, peppermint, sage, thyme and oregano (which have a phytochemical phone Thymol which will keep hair developing powerful and heavy), and almond seed gas (detangles as if you wouldn’t think).


For all those people with “mixture hair,” there’s the Stability Wash + Conditioner. Whilst the title indicates, while also managing gas this mixture functions to lightly clean. The Shampoo s sparkle softens and include while advocating development and quantity. (This material is actually the hair equivalent of the first-grade instructor who instills a love of reading, except this time around it’s wholesome, delicious locks.) And also the Conditioner moisturizes without evaluating your own hair along, because of celebrity elements supplements A, ELIZABETH and W or incorporating oiliness. The butter rsquo cheap, possibly.

Since your own hair is trained and clear, rsquo & it;s time for you to design. In your mythical holiday, you’ve got two options: Josh Rosebrook’s Company Hold Hairspray or even the Design Lotion. For the Hairspray ’re searching for more store, opt should you. It ll maintain lsquo & your;do in check with while permitting organic motion, because of a mix of a complete number of sparkle, brown-rice extract along with yucca origin – and nutrition -improving oils. For not producing your own hair reward factors experience tacky like store sprays that are traditional.


Then rsquo & there;s our light- the Design, store buddy Lotion. Whether your own hair is directly, lengthy, curly, ugly or brief, this lotion may do anything for you personally. Full of plant ingredients and energetic crops, it provides description, consistency and store, all you gained&rsquo while being thus gentle; it is actually felt by t. The mixture of marula oil, aloe vera liquid, butter, jojoba oil oil calendula and cinnamon interact to concurrently maintain your own hair in position and recover it.

And because you’re on holiday, whynot handle oneself (as well as your hair) using the point’s Improve Hide. Your hair is just a dwelling, inhaling section of the body, also, therefore handle it-like such, although certain, goggles are usually regarded as skin resources. This extremely- enhance and mask is intended to alleviate hair that was broken having a powerful mixture of fat acid-loaded place oils like apricot-kernel and African baobab, almond, sea-buckthorn. These infants function to displace hair’s normal sparkle, glow and flexibility, and certainly will depart you with hair you are able to’t aid but operate your fingertips through (like in a dreadful wash industrial in the early-2000s, however in actual life).


Today get free from that accommodation and discover. You’re on vacation!


Of Protecting Your Curl the 10 Rules

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Taking care of and frizzy hair that is design could be an attempting problem, particularly when it is vulnerable to frizzing or collapsing using the smallest heat change. However it does not have to become this way. Having treatment and a small love, you could have an excellent group of twirls that continues for times. Follow these 10 guidelines for circles, beautiful waves and spirals.

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How to Prevent (and Repair) These Next of September Elegance Sins

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About a minute youare drinking eacute & ros; with no treatment on the planet, and also the next moment youare getting out of bed with wild hair, fluffy eyes, insect attacks, and skin. We’ve all been there. Listed here is how to prevent (and crisis-repair) these typical Next of September elegance fails.

Having trouble with losing hair or thinning hair?  Our blog takes the best around from the internet about hair care and beauty.  Reverse female hair loss with us today!

Madam Walker Starts New Strategy to Commemorate Impressive Women

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Remaining true-to its history of badass, groundbreaking ladies, Madam C.J. Walker Elegance Tradition is starting a brand new strategy to commemorate the girls who encourage us.

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These Scientists Created An Ideal Wash Container??

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Also you understand we do — and should you truly adore your beauty items — you wish to utilize every fall of it. But who in our midst hasn’t been affected by age- aged issue of unable to get these last several droplets of serum concoction from the container?

Having trouble with losing hair or thinning hair?  Our blog takes the best around from the internet about hair care and beauty.  Reverse female hair loss with us today!

Beautiful Exercise, Hair Facts: Week 3

Post image for Exquisite Practice, Hair Revelations: Week 3

A fast (life saving) natural dried wash formula – for gents and ladies!

Allow’ s chat wash that is dried, lets? Our buddy and that I recently continued a shoestring journey through Florida and had I not introduced my homemade dried wash, nicely, it’d have now been disastrous us for both. For a long time, my impact of dried wash was hence: consider some baby-powder, make an effort to spread it into your own hair equally (I’m unsure how) and kind of comb and swoosh till it doesn’t seem like you’ve grayed overnight–and crash. I ultimately did only a little study as well as for recent weeks I’ve been producing and utilizing a homemade dried wash that’s wonderful for 2 factors: it has just natural home cabinet elements and vital oils, also it could be designed for lighting or dim hair (no 17th-century powdered wig search!) Underneath I’ve documented my formula in addition to the right way of utilizing it (you’ll be astonished), appreciate!

Image 2(9)

Image 3(9)

DIY Dry Wash


¼ glass arrowroot flour (substitute 2 tbsp of the flour with 2 tbsp chocolate dust when you yourself have dim hair)

6 drops acrylic (I love a combination of geranium and peppermint to get a flowered and woody fragrance)

A clear glass pot or press container

A makeup wash

Image 5(9)


Blend together inside your pot.

Certainly a several methods are to make use of this wash that is dried. You are able to possibly make use of a press container to liberally spread it during your hair brush out it within the drain; the oils will be absorbed by the flours after which clean aside. Alternatively, you should use a classic makeup wash to gently utilize at your origins and depart the wash in most evening (this can additionally produce a small body.)

Image 6(4)Image 7(1)

For a long time I handed up dried shampoo to get a constant, every other-evening wash that was complete along of my hair which mild the wash, removed the oils, creating my hair to subsequently over produce these oils. This really is a harmful method to handle your own hair because it works out! What I didn’t recognize is the fact that the additional oils are absorbed by dried wash without tossing off the entire fragile balance. You gained’t therefore are much more costly compared to homemade material and be amazed to listen to that I favor homemade to commercially-produced dried shampoos that are often created using a laundry-list of dubious elements.

+As usually, remedy any concerns you’ve and I deb like to notice about your encounters. I can be reached by you within the remarks below.

Thanks to Bobby for allowing me reveal our pictures – take a look at his group Traveling Hair (I understand, ideal right?!) Cheers and to Jessica Hans and Charlie Ellis to take all of the stunning pictures! In a few days like to you-all, observe you!

Just how to Take Care Of Loc Extensions

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meagan-good-extensions.jpgTraditional dreadlocks can take years to grow, but this breezy style (depending on your hair type and personal length preference) can take just a couple of hours to achieve. Zendaya famously wore them at last year’s Oscars, Ciara showed hers off on Instagram, and Meagan Good recently did the same this year. While it’s a pretty easy style to maintain, we chatted with a few top hairstylists to get tips on how to keep your locs looking fresh.

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