Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Oh hey, Juice Beauty…

To call the green beauty movement a revolution is not an understatement. In the last five years, a sophisticated fleet of botanical brands has emerged, made with clean ingredients, sustainable methods and recycled packaging. But Juice Beauty was one of the first companies to lead the way toward greener pastures and practices. Founded by Cali wellness guru Karen Behnke, the San Francisco-based company launched in 2005 — more than a decade ago, long before parabens were on everyone’s radar and going organic was as basic as breathing. Karen firmly believed in the natural, beauty-enhancing power of plants and other farm-fresh essentials, which she extracted into a potent juice that fueled her passion and original skin collection.

Now the cult-classic brand is a go-to for earth-loving notables, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a shareholder and creative director. Juice Beauty is also still on the forefront of new green technologies, as proven by its pretty stellar lineup of innovative skincare and SPF. Here, we take a quick look at what makes this antioxidant-infused brand so iconic, and why you’ll want all their creations:


At age 22, Karen Behnke started her wellness career by launching “Get Fit Aerobics,” a fitness class that she taught to members of the army and military near San Francisco.


Karen became pregnant with her first child; motivated to find healthy, safe beauty products, she began scrutinizing ingredient labels for the first time.


Karen purchased the rights to use the “Juice Beauty” name from a small brand based in Mill Valley, California, with a handful of conventional (not-so-natural) products. Alongside her husband, Karen began researching how they could create a new line using organic, botanical juices (aloe, grape) as a base, instead of water or petroleum glycol fillers.


Karen contacted many laboratories to find a partner. Almost all of them turned her down — no one wanted to formulate with organic juices at the time. Finally, she tracked own one laboratory that was on board with the company’s innovative mission and concept.


Juice Beauty officially launched! The Juice Beauty Daily Essential Collection made its debut — containing the Cleansing Milk, Green Apple Peel Full Strength, Hydrating Mist and Nutrient Moisturizer. The line was first carried in Whole Foods and Pharmaca among other boutiques. went live!


Kate Hudson casually mentions that Juice Beauty is one of her favorite beauty lines in a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, which instantly puts the up-and-coming green brand on the map.


The Blemish Clearing collection launches, becoming one of the first acne skincare ranges with benzoyl peroxide and a revolutionary new method to clear skin with organic fruit acids, salicylic acid, willow bark, CoQ10 and vitamin C.



A U.S. Patent is awarded to the Green Apple Peel for its unique ability to brighten and even out skin.


Juice Beauty enhanced all formulations under a new product development team. It’s a turning point for the brand, as an outside clinical lab confirms that the products outperform typical conventional chemical brands.


Growth spurt! The rapidly-expanding brand opened a new distribution center to get its botanical goods into the hands of more fans. Juice Beauty’s products get the stamp of approval from PETA and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.


Juice Beauty turned on the lights at their new sustainable headquarters in San Rafael, California, utilizing all recycled and reused materials and furniture.


Gwyneth Paltrow joined Juice Beauty as a shareholder, business partner and creative director, praising the brand for being at the forefront of “making organic beauty products that work.”


Juice Beauty launched in Free People, spreading the feel-good message that healthy is beautiful!

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Post image for Eat The Change You Wish To See In The World

Continue reading for that supreme method to consume using the world in tranquility.

This article involves us from Christina Culver at Culver City Soups and it is the 2nd of the three-component sequence!

Let s begin with the details that are natural. Increasing creatures for food creates more greenhouse chemicals than vans, all vehicles, airplanes along with other types of transportation mixed. Greenhouse emissions are reduced by a diet requires water and land. Eating vegetarian includes an environment impact 74PERCENT smaller and 31% smaller than the usual diet than an diet. As you will find people with this world&hellip at this time we’re outnumbered by livestock with around three occasions as numerous park creatures; the usage was elevated for by all. Every minute a bit of the jungle how big a football-field, of each and every evening has been ruined. The raising of livestock is seas, channels and harming our streams. It’s currently increasing the methane oxide levels. Obviously, rsquo & it;s carrying out a large amount of harm! Lowering your use of pet and creatures byproducts may be the most significant factor you are able to perhaps do for that atmosphere. Even though I haven t actually elevated my issues concerning the mistreatment of it, creatures ’s the quantity of variety planning extinct and also the lack of our rainfall forests that’s me ruined.


I’ve consumed a place-centered diet for that previous eight decades. Everything began when Leila, my closest friend, had simply eliminated vegetarian and understood full effectively when I had been more educated I’d create the change also! She began inundating me with videos and posts. In the beginning I had been resilient, but I acquired to the stage where I couldn&rsquo as she expected . For me personally, the dangers that are nutritional are what surprised me the absolute most! I browse the book rsquo & Thin Bitch; on the way before I&rsquo and to some household skiing journey;deb actually completed I, the guide ’deb made my brain&hellip up . I recall Leila first-mentioned in my experience when everybody with this world devoted to consuming place-centered actually simply three days-out of the week that all the atmosphere harm might change. I truly loved that’s audio!

Removed would be the times when veganism was earmarked for hippies that are severe. Should you haven’ t rsquo & it;s completely hellip & conventional; perhaps actually fashionable! However consume and it s a pattern that s currently changed into a developed method to reside with this world in tranquility. For just one it’s nbsp method&;more available. You ll discover that restaurants in the minimum may support every nutritional need, or are in possession of fascinating vegetarian choices about the selections, and supermarkets are filled with a lot of excellent plant-based options. And of course, vegetarian variations your favorite omnivore dishes of all really are an easy press away. rsquo & There;s truly nothing preventing you. What I needed to complete in the get go was to myths and really subtly change views of consuming a place -centered diet. I determined the simplest way to achieve that was by helping tasty food that I named & ldquo trickery&rdquo up;. I created of not informing people who is a place was without milk and pet meats. Lots of thoughts transformed and assisted a number of my family and friends move to some vegetarian diet.


Consuming place-centered isn’t about ndash depriving oneself &; just the opposite! In my own former omni existence I never consumed such tasty and wealthy food. Grape everything. Fan-based advances and cheeses. Avocado sauces and products. Unlike perception that is common, rsquo & it;s likewise a great deal easier. About ignoring your beef no fussing. No food that was fretting about getting created ailments. I care one provide them a try and to discover vegetarian dishes for the basics and preferred meals. I guarantee you gained’ that I guess you’ve fun as you, and t be dissatisfied.

Fundamentally, every tiny bit makes and matters an enormous ecological effect. Our wish is the fact that everybody could make some modifications that are little they feel well about. Perhaps which means leaping the & lsquo Monday group about, or trying another plant-centered formula each week, investing in plant and or possibly it s getting the dive -centered constantly. You will find no guidelines also it doesn’t have to be nothing or all. I understand lots of individuals although  consume place-centered all of the time-but may periodically consume an egg or some seafood. Do what works for you personally. Simply realize that by purposely lowering your beef and milk usage you carrying it out at your personal speed, and are somewhat lowering your carbon impact brings more serenity for the healthiness of the earth, physique and spirit in addition to your brain. Content Earth Time!


Place Lovin’ Inspo:

– Our bestie Lauren Toyota articles the absolute most incredible dishes – @hotforfood /
– Our buddy Erin Ireland likewise gives the absolute most heavenly pictures and dishes also – @erinireland /
– for the salad requirements and thus a lot more @culvercitysalads /

+Peace + Love + Soups

Pictures by FP Emily.

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Weekend Do Staghorn Fern

Post image for Weekend Do: Mount A Staghorn Fern

Require some green for the surfaces? Continue reading for and special and cheap answer.

While I am asked by individuals exactly what there is a my personal favorite place, rsquo & they;re usually a little amazed upon reading my not-thus- reaction that is regular. I would like to expose the fern and one.

Right, fairly adorable? Right. Therefore, if you require a little bit of green inside your spot to improve it-up this Planet Month, possess a gallery wall that’s lacking that ideal anything, going to a housewarming celebration this weekend, OR feel just like finding your way through mom’s evening a little early this season – subsequently this DIY is for you personally.

It s affordable easy, and saturated in that immediate satisfaction that I love. First points first, I would like to expose this cool small natural place and one. Ferns are. They adore developing along wall brackets, permitting air-to move them. Don t allow them get also dried, although lighting is their buddy, actually some sunlight sometimes! Humidity is important; take into account ndash & the tropics; damp, , luxe that is moist. That s the surroundings the staghorn reaches its most happy.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Installed Staghorn Fern DIY


1 staghorn fern. Examine your backyard shop that is local, when they wear’t have any in, rsquo & I;m certain they’d not be unhappy to purchase some for you personally!

1 mounting panel. Where you are able to be innovative this really is! I simply reduce on an easy block of plywood, but feel liberated to make use of any structure or a separate record having an area that is smooth.

1 carrier of natural linen moss. Available at many local garden shops. I really like this goodness that is fluffy natural.

Sort + fingernails.

Increasing catch. I merely place a within the back of my panel that is increasing, letting it suspend readily from the claw.

String. Angling cable works aswell, although I really like the appearance of neutral-colored string!

*Prep your panel that is mounting. Possibly screw produce a pit, or in hooks within the back.


Produce a principle. Track a group concerning the dimension you’re considering your fern may match, with a few space to develop along with a little bit of moss surrounding it. Get your fingernails after you have a circle and sort them in to the timber across the guideline. *Watch these fingertips, be careful*!

Prune. Welcome some existence back to your fern following its trip in the room. Operate some water over it. Lightly release the origins, allowing a little to open and adjust more straightforward to their soon-to be installed house. This can additionally permit them maintain moist, and to absorb water better!

Attach. Location your fern within the circle’s middle. Get some moss and put it round the plant’s whole foot. Get your string although keeping the moss combination towards the panel and commence covering it round place and the fingernails, developing a safe small framework that’ll stay-put.


Easy and fast, simply the way in which I love it. Two were created by me in about 20 units, on producing yet another to present in a few months and plan. Our business includes an adult staghorn, that you can easily see below, also it keeps getting larger and more happy daily.

3 Last Guidelines

Cover the panel once per week. I adhere quarry within the tub and let it soaks to get a couple moments, after which suspend it to trickle. Once dry it hangs back.
Get a spray container and water away! It enjoys the additional lift of humidity.
Adapt To it’s development. These infants are like crabs. Developing out-of one shell. Fundamentally you’ll need to increase it’s house to some larger increasing panel, therefore be sure you maintain your attention on its progress!

+ Enjoy! ensure that you I would like to understand should you produce one and just how it went. Additionally, for anybody with a few staghorn fern guidelines, let’s understand within the remarks!

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Beautiful Practice Life

Post image for Exquisite Practice: Lush Life

Herbs are one of wholesome and the simplest plants to develop — rsquo & below;s helpful information towards the necessities.

I’m contacting this month’s Beautiful Exercise concept Rich Life: planning, developing and making use of your backyard. Herbs are one of nicest crops and the simplest to develop, therefore rsquo & we;ll start to plant garden necessities with helpful information. In a few days rsquo I&; benefits of those energy and ll reveal some dishes -loaded lovelies but, for the time being, this is a manual to achievement that was developing.

Image 2(1)

The Program: There’s an array of innovative and unusual choices for developing herbs. Contact me a traditionalist (or sluggish) but I love a vintage ceramic container or dangling container rather than DIY program — believe overgrown, classic English backyard. That disclaimer from the method, listed here are some of my personal favorite plant developing choices:

Windowboxes & Clay Containers: intersperse your vibrant, naturally developing blossoms with herbs for example basil, sage or following peppermint (don’t set bouquets and herbs if you are using pesticides, obviously!) Even although you possess a big backyard, comprising herbs that are insatiable will help save space for additional crops.

Hanging Containers: dangling containers are exemplary for intense herbs for example oregano or thyme. It’ll permit them to stream while sustaining the truly amazing discharge they require uncontrolled. With climbing vines like morning-glory for that rich, overgrown search alternative.

Wallet Dwelling Wall Planters: When I described, I prevent DIY planters for example pallet landscapes, footwear hangers, plastic containers or tin containers – they simply wear’t use nicely through the rainfall and that I have issues concerning the substance information draining in to the dirt. Our one exclusion: something similar to Wooly Wallet’s straight garden program which is really a number of non toxic wallets that suspend from your own wall. If you mix plants like strawberries with overgrown herbs like you or oregano, thyme ll have oneself an attractive dwelling wall.

Image 3(1)

Preservation: Marketing a healthier plant garden is very simple.

Water: ensure that your crops have lots of lighting, and don’t overwater them. Bear in mind that many plant gardens suffer with an excessive amount of interest, in the place of insufficient.

Fertilize: use natural, secure fertilizers from your own regional room or backyard store, rather than big box store. Just like watering, less is not less: follow the directions and maintain a diary.

Crop: Delay until your crops are adult before growing them. Don& rsquo crop several-next of the place at the same time, and wait before growing again for it to develop back. Touch any bouquets off to maintain the place firing leaves. Study on the herbs that are particular you’ve to make sure rsquo & you; they being pruned by re properly. This can consider you quite a distance toward plant garden achievement!

Image 4(1)

Which Herbs to Develop? whenever you’re in the nursery enclosed by countless lovable plant beginners, it may be difficult to select just a couple. Under is just a listing of the simplest and also my personal favorite herbs to develop. Melody into in a few days’s Rich Life article for many outstanding plant garden dishes.

Thyme: Language Thyme and Lemon-Thyme would be the greatest. This fragrant plant is great on seafood or in eggs.

Parsley: I love German Flat-Leaf Parsley to be used in soups or like a garnish for almost any meal.

Rosemary: Typical Rosemarb is better, or attempt ‘Flat’ Rosemary to get a hanging effect. The place that is delicious is great in products that are baked, but additionally makes a drink garnish that is great.

Sage: Typical Backyard Sage is better. The , smoky taste that is heavy is fantastic with coconut oil on polenta or entree. Entertaining fact seeds are in the sage household!

Peppermint: choose Spearmint in the place of Peppermint. Peppermint completes any middle-eastern meal beautifully that is, from salads that are refreshing to roasting feed soups and veggies.

Lemon Cream: Additionally a kind of peppermint, Orange Cream is great with seafood and its own scent is intoxicating!

Basil: I love Sweet Basil. Thai Basil is really various, but worth an attempt in Oriental meals — be daring (and I would like to understand if you discover any excellent British Basil dishes!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.17.28 PM

+Be certain to look at another instructions within our Beautiful Exercise Sequence: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3



Create: Just How To Multiply Houseplants

Post image for Make: How to Propagate Houseplants

The most easy decoration update? Simply include natural…

Our first condo didn t certainly till I committed to a houseplant come to life. My thrift-store finds experienced sketchy and arbitrary before that small rush of greenery required its put on my windowsill. It wasn’t till I came across the pleasure of the jade place (and just how hard-they are to destroy) that I came across my internal design. Crops possess the amazing capability to not just create any type of room amazingly feel just like house, but additionally create that home a healthier spot to reside but blocking the atmosphere we inhale. Using the quantity of major materials present and substances in contemporary houses, in some instances our interior surroundings could be as much as five times more contaminated than outdoors; houseplants provide nbsp & a cost-effective;and eco friendly option to followers and costly air-purifiers. Additionally, wouldn t you instead look upon a fiddle fig than the usual large piece of plastic that is whirring? Considered so.

Although most are fast to create themselves off like a “dark usb”, there’s a place out there for everybody, and that I are actually a of (nearly) them all. The deep-green of the jade plant, the fireworks spray of the crawl plant dangling inside your home screen… a distinctive plant provides measurement and colour for your decoration, permitting the wonder of character to penetrate the surfaces, even when the watch outside your windows is of skyscrapers and traffic. I rapidly discovered that it s simple to create two crops in one after buying my jade place those years back. Then four plants. And… you obtain the gist. After you have one, having treatment and a small love and instinct it is simple to multiply the leaves make the most of the place possibilities laying inactive inside your refrigerator! Continue reading for my strategies for obtaining a small inexperienced inside, before springtime has actually sprung…


Jade: I’ve loving recollections of the enormous jade place that resided on my grandma’s sunporch. Virtually a shrub, its foundation was coated in moss and created an ideal environment for other small obsessions along with fairy homes. Normally, there was a jade the very first place I acquired after getting into my condo. Jades are usually incredibly flexible, and a little tougher than different succulents. Within the wet period (summertime) they like water about once per week and, within their inactive period (drop and winter), they may be watered everywhere out of every additional week to once-per weeks. The leaves enables you to understand: shiny and Gleaming? All great. Dusty? Period to get a beverage. Don&rsquo if your base breaks down;t toss it! Alternatively, put it in a glass of water, subsequently in an awesome dim location for some months. Inside a couple of days you need to begin to observe origins seem. When the origins really are a several inches long, container the place utilizing tasty- planting medium that is unique.



Avocado: Among the accessible houseplants concealing inside your fridge, which there are lots of (did you understand you may grow from pomegranate, to nice potato, to chickpeas, and also you’ll obtain a houseplant? Accurate tale!), the grape pip may be probably the most common. I a factor to see on the everyday degree ve been growing this pip at my table for that previous many months, and also the place itself creates quite a payback. The technique appears to rate issues along some pips may develop when thrown in a glass of water and left alone. Basically stay three toothpicks right into a clear grape pip (the riper the grape the greater, whilst the seed has already established time for you to mature) and location the pip broad aspect along atop a glass of water. Maintain following the water-filled and a couple weeks, you need to visit a root developing. It may be time for you to start over if no limbs seem following a monthapproximately. Not all pips may develop.


When the origins are suffering from and also the blast is approximately 12-ins high, repot the place in a container using – draining soil. You may also prune the most effective back to some marijuana to advertise development.



Little succulents: While simple to develop, smaller, more fragile succulents nevertheless need treatment and lots of daylight. Like jades, theire routine is going to do all of the meet your needs and mostly depends upon the growing season; nevertheless, they re extremely simple to multiply. Maintain a detailed attention on fallen leaves and originates — having a little bit of daylight and water rsquo;ll observe fresh development rising off result in a couple weeks – in the damaged. After you have several leaves wearing development that is fresh, load a container with tasty- dirt that is particular and location the leaves. Water when required watching them grow!




+ What’s your preferred type of place to maintain athome? Please share!

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