Weekend Do: Lone Pine

And I soaked in every second with my feet buried in the desert dust below me…

This post comes from our friend Maisy Weiss, the first from her solo road trip…keep an eye out for more of Maisy’s adventures next week! 

I had every intention of being in New York City at the beginning of December… plans for museum trips and lunch dates in the Village confirmed. But, as it had done before, the West came calling and I had no choice but to answer.

In a last-minute decision, I swapped out booties for hiking shoes and embarked on a solo road trip throughout California, aiming to see as much of the Eastern Sierras as one could possibly pack into a short week alone on the open road.

My first stop on this adventure was the sleepy little high desert town of Lone Pine. I arrived in the early morning and drove in pitch black through the sandy trails of the Alabama Hills to find anywhere to call home for the night. The Alabama Hills are a range of hills and rock formations that sprawl along the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and with over one hundred different primitive campsites managed by the BLM, it’s easy to spend hours getting lost in this bizarre little wonderland.

I’ve always joked that I’m in a passionate and perpetual love affair between the desert and the alpine. On windswept summits with numb fingers I miss sandy toes, and on sun-drenched desert days I miss the deep snow. Coming to Lone Pine felt like finally coming home. Rose hues of alpenglow cascaded across the snow-capped mountains at sunrise, and I soaked in every second from my home on the valley floor with my feet buried in the desert dust below me. What was supposed to only be a half-day stay turned into three, and I’m still convinced that I left a little piece of my heart and soul nestled away in the otherworldly formations native to the area.

Lone Pine, you’re surreal and wildly beautiful. I’ll be back again soon.

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FP Allows Transfer 2017

Join us within our mission to produce purpose to get a wealthier, wondrous, like minded neighborhood…

In relationship with this buddies at The Chalkboard Magazine, Free Individuals is thrilled to declare our next yearly global FP Allows Transfer occasion visit. FP Allows Transfer is likely to descend worldwide in Jan wherever, underneath the assistance of cooks and famous teachers, we ll be marrying the-art of movement and attaining internal elegance. Once we jointly desire to reset in the brand new yr, please join us in the mission to produce purpose to get a wealthier, wondrous, like minded neighborhood.

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LA, 1/10/17:

Offering yoga by Heather Prete/The BEDROOM Yoga, yoga by Nina Endrst, potion sample with Sunlight Concoction’s Nitsa Citrine, food by diet specialist Mikaela Reuben.

COLORADO, 1/12/17:

Offering yoga by Kate Mulheron, mini facials with Osmia Organics and palm rub by Pangea Organics.

HONOLULU, 1/14/17:

Featuring mat yoga along with a Haku Lei DIY…located by The Search Port.

PHILLY, 1/16/17:

Offering yoga by Karen Margolies, Mudra yoga using the Individual EVO Task, and meals & wellness services with Jolene Hart.


NY, 1/19/17:

Featuring meditation by MNDFL and feeling parts with Glowing Individual

OHIO, 1/21/17:

Offering pre-exercise warm ups with Danielle Acoff, seaside yoga by Nichole Patxot, and top printing & gem parts.

Hopefully to determine you there! XO

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#MovementIsFree With Weinstein

Post image for #MovementIsFree With Lex Weinstein

Find influenced to maneuver by amp & surfer; Lex Weinstein, skater!

This article involves us from Lex Weinstein.

I arrived without any objectives at the seaside. It had been a Mon and that I had simply flown from Sydney into LA, investing 14 hours of browsing my personal favorite spot Malibu thinking. There s no greater remedy for jet-lag than the usual dash within the ocean, rippling and slipping across the dunes in a natural party of cuts and mix actions ebbs and moves.

Nusa Halter-Top


That I got our first actions within the mud and as soon as my buddy Adam, our eyes widened with pleasure. Without examining the statement, we came across ideal, waste- my personal favorite problems, peelers for my record. Sunlight was comfortable and also the water quick, we exchanged off dunes with laughs spread and paddled in a craze.


“I understand a monster place for sundown,” tempted my nearby journey friend following a bounty of dunes under our devices, “with sleek cement if you like to truly have a skate.” I’d simply obtained a brand new Move from nearby skate enthusiasts Arbor Venice and was wanting to provide it a chance. A fast dried off along with push that is 10-minute and we cruised the residential roads of Large Dume along. Making sidewalk immediately echoed my amounts increased once more and the feeling of browsing. Using the breeze in sunlight and my hair on my encounter, it had been a smooth move in the watery influx party that I’d simply left.

Ehukai Rash Guard


Where we subsequently rose the high, exotic hillsides looking for a warm-toned skyline we rode towards the dunes. Actually the atmosphere was a painting combined with earth-tones and watercolor shades, a complete spectral range of rsquo & your day;s indulgences. Once we viewed the vibrant basketball of fireplace place in underneath the sea we exhaled a breathing of supreme fulfillment of the evening invested completely, by ocean and by property.

Levi’s Hi-Rise Wedgie Cutoff Pants


Images by Adam Bartoshesky






Wanderlust: Ghana

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Start your center, launch expectancy and encounter a place.

This article originates Emily, from our website intern!

I arrive about the full-moon in Africa. &nbsp walks;from the airplane towards the tarmac within Accra’s town. Nbsp & it;is& dark nbsp, and can’ nbsp & t; nbsp & understand;where I’m when  the airport is left by me.  great is felt by it . The atmosphere,  comfortable and damp, carries&nbsp . I achieve my s location night and the drapes to locate&nbsp available an attractive moon shining the vast town within. I understand  rsquo & it;s likely to be one journey that is unique.

The heavens are& nbsp various; rsquo & it;s a global I’m obliged to talk about. I will’ nbsp & t;set my camera down — there’s  nbsp & a silent;need to snap images of anything. But as my journey advances, become current enough to fully capture atleast a few minutes with my heart and I learn how to balance that.

It’s& nbsp music-playing constantly. Sensors buzzing often, vehicle horns that never finish — it’s the hustle bustle of Accra that ends into white-noise and becomes nearly calming with time. Traffic is unavoidable and also the thin streets load with vehicles and individuals. The nation is buzzing lively with  individuals who use shades that are incredible comprised of designs and elaborate styles.

There s outside that individuals select from throughout the day a tree. The morning’s very best part is of heaping levels of exotic fruit breakfast, which consists. A lady in orange velvet tights continues to be resting on the “shanti” (handmade African chair) over a tarp along with a fire-pot. I believe rsquo she&;s creating a a conventional nearby food &rdquo, fufu; produced from plantain and cassava origin. It& created through  very effort pounding and rsquo;s loved by everybody and mixing a hot-fire for an hour or so over isn’t simple. Herself is bathed by a guy having a pail of outside along with a cloth while another guy jokes as he draws weeds round the region and chats with him. The traditions of nbsp & the;neighborhood, comprised of  even more or 20 individuals residing behind stores about the street’s strip.

You will find so for granted many issues I take. I visit a group collected around a desk drawing having a child and talking. A mom retains his palm having a pen and wraps her hands around her child; she assists the dust is drawn in by him. It s heartwarming and tells rsquo & me that it;s the issues that are easy. Existence is brief and also locations the people and occasions are what matter many. I obtain a little frustrated after I think about the tradition I reside in mdash & occasionally; are we currently dropping that? Link, on the degree that is actual? It s not so dead below. It s humbling to look at Ghanaians exist.

Clean coconuts are my everyday routine that is nice.

Hens frolic, vehicles move by, the turbine roars, breeze kids laugh and hits, people chat. Individuals are mild enthusiastic and type. I’m seated. It’s been an attractive, actual and growing trip…

Nbsp & international vacation;could be therefore really  nbsp exhilarating &; rsquo & It;s challenging to bunch, we assume, ourselves fills with objectives. Perhaps we believe rsquo, we&; nervous and re prepared and completely organized for whichever& hellip. Each trip differs.

Before making for Ghana, a location I ve never been before as I examine points off my checklist, I capture myself doing it. I often make products, supplies, clothes but after I prepare to visit. I pack the necessities, but what I want most is to organize myself — michaelb mind, or even better, learn to clear my mind and so I may journey by having an available mind. I didn’t develop the typical pre-journey ideas. I allow these proceed and what I acquired in nbsp & return;was — independence. Irresistible independence, stunning.

In the event that you forget about your objectives and open to whichever might be&nbsp therefore, wherever you-go next, whether or not you’ve been there before — I guarantee your experience is likely to be nothing lacking memorable;. Bathe up it, infant, bathe it.

+Where have you been headed? Have you got any tips about& nbsp a location? Let’s understand within the remarks below!

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