Face Mapping

Face Mapping

Your complexion tells the story of what’s happening inside your body…

That old saying about beauty coming from within? It’s true. Seriously, Mom and Grandma had it right all along…but maybe not in the way they intended.

You know by now that what’s going on inside your body usually makes itself known on your skin  one way or another. But what you might not know is that where, exactly, that issue makes itself known on your face could be a big clue as to what’s going on internally.

You see, the ancient art of face mapping — yes, it’s a very, very old Chinese diagnostic technique known as mien shiang, aka “face reading” — is based on the idea that each part of of your face is connected to an internal zone of your body. It’s like a treasure map: wherever that breakout/dullness/irritation is, think of that as the “X” that marks the spot, and each “spot” is then connected to a certain part of your organ system where something funky may be going on. Your complexion tells the story of what’s happening inside your body.

To get more poetic, your skin is a window into the soul of your organs.

So why does this matter? The health of your skin mirrors the health of your whole body. If something weird is going on up on the surface, it’s likely something weird is going on internally where you can’t see (or possibly feel) it. When an illness or imbalance starts, your body’s way of letting you know is to send a warning to your skin so when you look in the mirror, you’re alerted that things are not all peachy keen, that you can make the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle to make it go away. That annoying pimple on your forehead is your body’s version of Philippides, the Greek messenger who ran 26.2 miles from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to let deliver news to his people before the troops made it home. (See, I told you it was ancient.)

Curious how you can read your own face? Here’s what (and where) your skin can tell you about your health:


As the largest flat expanse of skin on your face, it makes sense that your forehead is the canvas where your digestive system would make itself known, especially since digestion controls so much of what’s going on throughout your body. If you find that your forehead is breaking out, extra dry, extra oily, or looks and feels “off,” you may have hard time breaking down certain foods like sugar and dairy, which backs everything else up. Try loading up on whole foods for a while, seriously upping your water intake to help flush out those unwanted toxins, and investing in a daily probiotic to kick your digestive enzymes into gear.

Forehead skin issues are also often connected to stress and sleep, so make sure you’re building time into your day to meditate or do yoga — anything that helps clear your mind and mellow you out. And please, nix the pre-bed phone scrolling. You want a solid night’s sleep, if for nothing else than the sake of your forehead.


The skin around your eyes is said to be connected to your kidneys, so if you’re looking a little raccoon-y, it might mean something is up with those bean-shaped organs that filter your blood and waste. Again, up your water intake to help flush your kidneys — you might just be dehydrated. If the problem is between your brows, it’s likely a stomach or liver thing aka you ate or drank something your body isn’t down with, so focus on eating more fruits, vegetables and other foods that are high in fiber. If this doesn’t help, a food allergy may be the culprit. 


Unsurprisingly, your nose is linked to your heart and lungs. If the skin on and near your nose is acting up, it could mean anything from high blood pressure to poor circulation to too much salt. Pay very close attention to your diet — cut back on spicy foods, meat and salt while loading up on produce and good fats like omega-3 and -6. If tweaking what you eat doesn’t seem to be helping, visit your doctor to have your blood pressure checked.


Another large canvas for your organs to make themselves heard, the cheeks are all about your liver and lungs. Since Chinese medicine is big into the idea of left and right, it’s important to note what side of your face the cheek in question resides. If you’re experiencing on the right, it’s likely related to respiration and can be a sign that you’re breathing polluted air or not getting enough aerobic exercise. (Makes sense when you think about how flushed your cheeks get due to increased blood flow and oxygen during a workout!) Left cheek? Look to the liver once again and opt for cooling, hydrating foods like water, cucumber, aloe, etc., while avoiding spicy foods and alcohol.


If there’s one part of your face that breaks out like clockwork, chances are it’s your chin. That’s because the chin is most closely associated with your ovaries and a change in hormones aka your period. Regulating your hormones on your own is tricky and potentially unsafe without the help of a doctor, but you can help your chin out by paying attention to your diet (nix the dairy, sugar and oil for a bit; stock up on fruits and vegetables) to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Certain foods are even believed to help regulate your natural hormone cycle, like salmon, almonds and avocados — all packed with healthy fats and omega-3s.

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This information is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or issue. 
Please seek your doctor’s advice for any questions regarding a specific condition and before beginning any exercise, diet or health-related regimen.

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Encyclopedia: Cocoa

Think about this your solution tool for battling the periodic change…

Drop is just a period that is picky. The heat dropped to 40 after which shot upwards, hanging just beneath what may be regarded regular& hellip July simply earlier this week. From my other individuals I noticed grumbles of resistant programs that were annoyed, ill-chosen allergies and sweaters and exhilaration over one mingled day that was last to use set or a popular gown of shoes. Flirtatious as usually, summertime appeared as if it had been below to remain permanently, teasing people with also- frosty evenings and comfortable times. However on Wednesday, I walked the doorway to become welcomed using what was perhaps the perfect fall evening& hellip actually out. A surprisingly orange, obvious sunlit atmosphere, a small wind within the remarkably sharp atmosphere, along with the odor of decreased leaves increasing in the planet. It’d appeared. November. I’ve always liked this month, an entrance towards the vacations and also to the chilly period forward. While vegetation nevertheless sticks paints, although towards the bushes the windows. Nevertheless, rsquo & there;s rsquo something I&;m not expecting: slipping back again to Sunshine Standard Period.

Observe, rsquo that ideal drop evening hadn&; t began so completely. Our alert seemed all-too early, without any day lighting to penetrate my drapes — and, using the period change approaching, these early days are just likely to experience earlier. Painful to whichever desire I’d been shaken from to come back, alternatively I ripped out my key tool for battling the periodic change: cocoa and fumbled towards the home. This dust that is tasty packages a significant strike within the feeling- power, raising -improving division, for combatting affective disorder ideal and also the reduced energy than may come with frosty climate and days. Chocolate, cacao’s natural guardian features almost incredible degrees of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Continue reading just how to create it a tasty supplement for your drop program and to understand about cocoa.


What’s it? Hailing from Main and South Usa, cocoa originates from the Theobroma Cocoa shrub, where the cocoa beans are concealed absent in big pods. Although they originate from exactly the same location and audio comparable, cocoa and chocolate are often baffled — as well as for valid reason. I am talking about, rsquo & aren;t they the same? The distinction is based on the facts as the two possess the same source. Chocolate is warmed and refined to calm the taste, dropping approximately 60PERCENT and 90PERCENT of its nutrients, and cocoa is quit in its finest type, sustaining a greater degree of minerals, supplements and micronutrients. Cocoa are available in a number of types, the absolute most broadly accessible being cocoa nibs, that are cocoa powder, and the smashed covers of the beans themselves.


What’re the advantages? We’ve all been informed that chocolates has its health advantages, but are you aware that cocoa has much more? Due to the minimum running, more diet is retained by cocoa than conventional candy. Offering more than 40 occasions the anti-oxidants of blueberries (cacao’S – ORAC rating is approximately 98,000 per 100g) and also the capacity to increase feeling and psychological quality, cacao’s-health advantages shouldn’t be taken aside. With magnesium to show up that- mind that is essential purpose and maintain your heart-pumping, metal to aid wholesome improvement, and fiber for stomach health, cocoa additionally helps with one crucial region: joy. Since it offers the feeling-improving compounds dopamine, anandamide and serotonin, cocoa hasbeen proven to increase emotions of wellness, that will be great information for all those people fearing switching our lamps back this weekend.


How is it used by me? Cocoa may be used much like cocoa dust, although the flavor is notably diverse and could consider some finding used-to, particularly if you’re more familiar with conventional candy. Think about chocolate dust as dairy candy and cocoa as chocolates — diverse although comparable. When you’ve created a flavor for this, cocoa gives itself to from nice sweets to tasty sauces (believe mole sauce). Include it to shakes and warm beverages (I really like it stirred into my day espresso), chia pudding, yogurt or oats. It s likewise an excellent supplement to uncooked sweets and baked products.

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Energizing Warm Cocoa Milk


2 tbsp natural cocoa powder

1 teaspoon coconut fat

1 teaspoon Motion Dirt

8 ounce enthusiast milk (I employed avocado-almond milk)

Walnut syrup or sweetener of preference, to flavor

Touch of sea-salt (recommended)

Place-all elements in a little pot and warmth on reduced, whisking frequently until creamy and warm. Put in to a cup that is big. Enjoy!

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Encyclopedia: Pomegranate

Many recognized due to their effective degrees of illness-fighting antioxidants, pomegranates have a sponsor of additional supplements and micronutrients…

A week ago strolling in to the marketplace, I had been welcomed having a pleasant, if somewhat surprising view: a heap of ruby-hued pomegranates piled just-so, entrance and middle within the produce area. “Pomegranate period, currently?” I considered to myself. Obviously I’ve been a tad too hectic for my very own great, permitting my personal favorite period to slide by undetected, its fruits and vegetation unappreciated, prematurely diminishing in to the expectation of the holidays (did I simply state … vacations?! No, no, no… not yet!). However it’s accurate, these beautiful fruits come right into period in Florida in late Oct, just-in-time to give their succulent vegetables and lively tang to Halloween drinks, Christmas attributes and, afterwards, holiday treats. Even though we possibly may ignore their omnipresence rsquo pomegranates weren&;t usually thus broadly accessible. I recall when this superfruit rush onto the picture, an apparently completely new offering recognized for that effective antioxidants harbored within (in the same period the nation was questioning “exactly what the heck are pomegranates?”, and antioxidants were additionally a reasonably fresh idea… how far we’ve are available in 25 years!).

Although this beautiful geode of the fruit (entertaining reality: officially it’s-a fruit) is rather new-to the American palette, pomegranates have now been grown for a large number of decades, beginning in the location that’s today modern day Iran. Like every historic berry worth its fat in antioxidants, pomegranates include their very own diverse mythology: In Portugal, they were referred to as the ‘berry of the lifeless,’ considered to have now been carried in the bloodstream of Adonis; in Egypt, pomegranates were emblematic of wealth (those ruby-tinted vegetables!). Today today, pomegranates came to represent a turning-point within the American diet, wellness when a lot of US started initially to spend closer focus on the particular advantages of the vegetables and fruit we were informed to consume five portions of daily. Not only dish additives, but wellness, actual – miracles that are providing. Today rsquo fishing in to pomegranates’ benefits. Find out more about this stunning fruit below scroll along for a tasty and easy formula for pomegranate- green tea extract that is implanted.


What’s it? Thought To have first been grown in what’s today Iran, the very first recognized using pomegranates could be tracked back again to 3000 B.C. Despite today being developed in a variety of areas of the planet as well as their broad-size variety in the Centre Africa, East and Central Asia, recognition was just lately acquired by pomegranates within the American diet and therefore are today developed in Az and Florida. Officially a fruit, this garnet- fruit develops while the skin is sour, and on the little shrub with spiny divisions, rsquo & it;s the nice, succulent vegetables that grab the display.


What’re the advantages? Many recognized due to their effective degrees of illness-fighting antioxidants, pomegranates have a sponsor of additional supplements and micronutrients, including defense-improving Vitamin-C and potassium, which will keep kidneys balanced, in addition to Vitamink and folate. Pomegranates include large degrees of fiber, which increases stomach health and will keep you experiencing fuller. Probably the many distinctive facet of pomegranates are their capability to force away plaque. The contained in juice have an impact on microbes that are dental, maintaining the mouth balanced and decreasing plaque.


How is it used by me? very first thing’s initial — learn to deseed a pomegranateEliminating the vegetables is a wind when you do, and you will save your self some difficult- by missing the pre acquired money – . Pomegranate seeds’ nice, somewhat tangy flavor gives itself nicely from sweet to everything goodies to tasty sauces. By throwing them straight into the mouth area the simplest way to enjoy seeds is! They’re delicious like a sugar for yogurt, oats or shake containers, put into drinks, thrown into tasty winter sauces (they’re exemplary combined with squash) or combined into soups. Seeds can also be juiced, and certainly a number are of pomegranate drinks offered at the marketplace. You need to be sure should you choose buy a juice that is easily created, you examine for no additional elements in the tag.

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Pomegranate Green Tea Extract with Uncooked Baby


8 oz. boiling water

1 tote natural green tea extract

2 tbsp pomegranate seeds (or even more)

Uncooked darling, to flavor


Location tea-bag in a sizable cup and seeds. Boil and cautiously put in to the cup, within tea-bag and the vegetables. Permit to high 4-5 units. Remove and include the sweetie. Elective: make use of the seeds to lightly grind and launch the liquid. Enjoy!


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Wellness Encyclopedia Squash

A dietary, frequently rough giant we ought to all be contributing to our diets…

It never stops to impress me our anatomies react to seasons’ change. You believe that early that is unexpected -summertime yearning for everything and good fresh fruit that proceed ‘ rsquo & crisis; is just a chance? Or even the display of desire to have heating, delicious meals the moment the heat falls is merely an answer to an excessive amount of pumpkin-spice advertising? Although I ll palm it towards the forces that be that handle the planet of what, pumpkin-spice ’s truly at the office is our biology. We possibly may possess a variety of out-of-season vegetables and fruit open to us aroundtheclock (plums… in Jan?), if we take some time to hear, our anatomies are most likely sobbing out for what’s in period. As well as for valid reason. With respect to the environment you reside in, the body has various dietary requirements with respect to year’s time, and character is willing to supply. Cooling veggies and succulent fruits maintain us moist and awesome once the summertime sunlight is raging, whether year round or seasonally, so when the atmosphere becomes crisp and wintertime’s dim times are banging in the doorway with risks of chilly and influenza (so when perhaps you’re only a little tired of consuming salad constantly), defining tubers, origins, and black leafy vegetables simply are actually in variety.

Earlier this weekend my physique delivered the very first weak communications to me that I would be decreasing with anything. Not enough relaxation along with an abrupt change in heat and an excessive amount of function intended my immune protection system was susceptible, prepared and waiting to choose up anything. Anything completely unwanted. After downing some turmeric elixir I reserved it towards the marketplace, where I had been fulfilled with among the best periodic places: a large ol’ heap of squash resting within the produce area (… things that get me thrilled nowadays…). In the place of opting for my favorites (acorn and butternut), I chose to attempt different things and achieved alternatively to get a somewhat uneven, rough natural selection I’ve never attempted, the kabocha squash. Physique, it was among the greatest choices I possibly could have designed for my chilly-confronted. Kabocha may be the dietary question rsquo & that;s also frequently banished to designing our doorsteps, but is chock full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Continue reading this squash warrants a location in your desk to understand.


What’s it? regarded as indigenous to Mesoamerica and delivered to Japan from the Portuguese within the 1500’s, kabocha squash is well-known in nations for example Asia and Korea, and attaining recognition elsewhere because of its comfortable consistency and nice taste much like that of the somewhat citrusy sweet potato. With sage green, and occasionally orange-skin periodically damaged with a bundle or group, along with a vibrant lemon inside, kabocha squash are usually smaller in dimensions (much like acorn squash), producing them well suited for smaller or solitary-portions and give themselves nicely to almost any formula that requires pumpkin or squash of any sort.


What’re the advantages? some of those instead unattractive squashes you most likely believed was only for design, kabocha squash is just a dietary, frequently rough giant we ought to all be contributing to our diets. Squash features large degrees of beta-carotene, which improves the immune protection system and which our anatomies transform to Vitamin – A, encourages mucous membranes and healthful epidermis, and strengthens the eyes. Kabocha squash also includes large levels of antioxidants, for example Vitamin-C (more great information for the defense), and heart healthy fiber, which will keep blood sugar levels controlled and retains food cravings away.


How is it used by me? Kabocha squash might be roasting or steamed and utilized in host to additional squashes in many dishes. It s tasty As is, or coupled with herbs, thrown into soups and sauces, crushed, and sometimes even added whilst the celebrity component, possibly to sweets or for an additional increase of fiber and supplements.

In two cut it to steam squash and deal the vegetables out. Inch of water cuts -part along in a heavy cooking dish -. Devote an oven F for around an hour or so, or till soft. Permit to cool before gathering the skin out, although the skin is delicious.

Kabocha squash may be used yet in your program; even in a number of methods &ndash. To get a face-mask that was reviving, frac14 mix &; mug of steamed, chilled 1 teaspoon natural baby, and squash with 1 oatmeal. Check in your internal supply to make sure no sensitivities before deciding on encounter for fifteen minutes. Wash and moisturize.

Like the majority of squashes squash can also be roasting that is wonderful. Continue reading to get a formula that is easy, then test! This therapeutic squash that is periodic is super-versatile.

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Pan roasted Kabocha Squash


1 little kabocha squash

1 tbsp avocado fat (provide or consider)

½ teaspoon nutmeg

Touch or two obviously sea-salt


Pre-heat point a cooking page with parchment document and your oven.

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Cautiously separate the squash in two having a pointed blade and deal out the seeds (suggestion: make use of this formula to create roasted kabocha squash vegetables), subsequently separate the halves in two (your squash must currently be quartered).

Put the skin -along about the cooking page and utilize both hands to distribute the coconut-oil about every piece’s open red weed. Spread with sea and nutmeg salt. Devote make and the stove for around one hour or till soft. Permit before helping to cool somewhat.

Make use of this formula like a jumping-off stage! From below, you can scoop the squash and mix and almonds and it, or toast it with additional veggies utilizing various spices. Abandon the nutmeg and make use of the squash that is roasting or use in dishes in host to pumpkin.

+ rsquo & What;s your preferred method of squash that is cooking?

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