What You Need to Know About Natural Deodorant

What You Need to Know About Natural Deodorant

Welcome cleaner, greener ingredients for optimal pit health…

When making the switch to green products, deodorant seems like an easy place to start. It’s fairly inexpensive, doesn’t require a tutorial for use and, if you have a weird reaction, well, at least you can hide your armpits from public view. But natural deodorant can also be fear-inducing. Haven’t we all heard horror stories about the person who started smearing a crystal on her pits and left a trail of body odor in her wake? If I may implore you, don’t let these stories scare you away. Deodorant may be one of the easiest ways to dip a toe in the clean beauty pool, but it’s also one that can have the biggest impact.

If you’re ready to wade in, here’s what you need to know.

First, the “bad” news.

If you’re used to conventional deodorant or antiperspirant, know that a natural version is not going to produce the same results. Your body will likely take some time to adjust to the new stuff (which means it make need to detox from the old stuff, but more on that later), and the way your sweat smells may also change as it reacts to new ingredients. But humans are allowed to have an odor — everyone does.

Next, the “meh” news.

That floral powdery smell you’re used to? The one that masks the smell emanating from your pits? That’s gone, replaced by natural, plant-derived scents that don’t smell like they were concocted in a lab. If you’re into botanical smells, you’ll be a fan but it can take some getting used to after years of powder-fresh scents.  Oh, and you’ll likely need to reapply once or twice throughout the day, but that seems like a small price to pay for optimal pit health.

But there’s also good news!

As something we apply every single day, that sits on our skin for hours at a time, deodorant ranks super-high in terms of exposure. We also apply it on a part of our bodies that is very, very close to a highly sensitive, highly reactive, highly important group of glands called lymph nodes that carry fluid, nutrients and waste material between the body tissues and the bloodstream. So anything you apply to the skin (especially skin that’s been recently shaved and may have small nicks) has a pretty easy time making its way into the body via your lymph nodes.

When you use a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant, all the bad stuff in them is gifted with that easy time making its way into your body and blood stream. Among the bad stuff commonly found in conventional products? Aluminum (known to increase the risk of breast cancer and neurological diseases), fragrance (which often contains hormone-disrupting phthalates), triclosan (an antibacterial agent that forms carcinogenic chloroform when it comes into contact with water that contains even trace amounts of chlorine), and parabens (preservatives that mimic estrogen). All things you’d rather not have coursing through your veins.

So yes, natural deodorant may take some getting used to and you may not smell the way you used to, but as far as long-term health is concerned, this all seems pretty benign in the grand scheme of things, no?

So how does it work if it’s bad stuff-free?

The reason you smell a little ripe sometimes is a result of the fats and proteins in your sweat meeting bacteria on your skin. Sweat is a totally natural and normal part of being a person, as is bacteria. In fact, the bacteria that lives on our skin — all one million per square inch!—is really good for us. (Never heard of the human microbiome? Look it up! Fascinating stuff.)

Conventional deodorants work by killing or blocking that bacteria by making your armpit an inhospitable environment for the little guys. And antiperspirants work by literally plugging sweat glands with aluminum salts so nothing can get out. Neither sound particularly healthy, right?

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, produce the same results but in a gentler way by combining cleaner, green ingredients like alcohol, zinc oxide and hops extract to inhibit bacteria growth (without completely stopping it!), arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and cornstarch to absorb moisture, baking soda to neutralize odor, witch hazel to shrink pores and reduce sweating, and essential oils to act as antimicrobials and also to make you smell nice.

Many also contain “extras” like aloe, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E to help soothe skin — sometimes baking soda can be a bit harsh on raw, just-shaved skin — and act as antioxidants for your pits.

Any other tips?

Why yes! Glad you asked. Here are a few things to know about natural deodorants:

They work better over time: Your pits might need time to adjust to the natural stuff, and may even go through a “detox” of sorts to purge themselves of the chemicals in the conventional stuff you’ve been using for years. So stick with the process — your body will come around eventually. Lucky for you, Kaia Naturals makes a Takesumi Detox Deodorant that helps speed up this detox process through ingredients like charcoal, which attract bad stuff and pull it out of your body.

Follow the instructions: I know, deodorant doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that requires instructions but if you use too much, you run the risk of the oils staining your clothes. So only use the recommended amount and wait a couple of minutes after applying to let it sink in. This is especially true of cream deodorants that you apply with your fingers as they tend to be a bit thicker.

Don’t apply after shaving: Recently-shaved skin can be extra sensitive since the pores and follicles are open, and there may be tiny cuts on your skin thanks to your razor. If you just shaved your armpits, you may want to wait an hour or two before applying natural deodorant as some people find baking soda to be an irritant. And while baking soda is a popular ingredient in natural deodorants, there are many that don’t use it, or use it in small enough quantities that it won’t bother your skin (like Schmidt’s Charcoal and Magnesium Deodorant Stick). If you’re really sensitive, try applying a tiny bit of coconut oil to your skin before the deodorant.

+Ready to make the switch to natural? Check out our deodorants here

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Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials

Five ways to make the most out your beach day…

Crashing waves, white sand, shining rays…terrible sunburns, flaking lips, knotted hair, clogged skin. With the former almost always comes the latter, sadly. For as gorgeous and fun as a day at the beach can be, it’s often followed by a slew of bodily woes at the hands of the elements you were so enjoying just a few hours before.

A day by the ocean should be carefree and fun, but if you do a tiny bit of planning before you head out to the sand, you’ll be thankful. To help you out, here are some beach bag must-haves to keep your hair, skin and everything in between just this side of “sun-kissed.”


This is non-negotiable. And I really hope that at this point, my telling you how important SPF is, makes you roll your eyes and yell, “I KNOW!” But I’m going to include it here anyway because…duh.

SPF is crucial to not only enjoying a day at the beach but also for feeling like a human with healthy skin in the days after and the wellbeing of your skin for years to come. (Every sunburn you get increases your risk for melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Though melanoma is rare—only 1% of skin cancer cases—it’s not something to ignore, especially if you can help yourself with an SPF.)

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, you have a couple of options. Physical sunscreens are named as such because they sit on top of the skin, physically blocking UV rays. They contain active mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that deflect and scatter damaging UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Physical sunscreens also tend to cooperate more with sensitive skin since they don’t sink in and clog pores. That said, because they sit atop the skin, physical sunscreens can rub off easier, meaning you need to apply more frequently, and they can leave a white-ish, chalky film on the skin.

Then there are chemical sunscreens, which contain carbon-based compounds that turn UV rays into heat via chemical reaction, then release that heat from the skin. Science! Since these guys sink into skin, they’re thinner and easier to apply, but aren’t great for reactive skin as their combination of multiple ingredients can be irritating (especially as the SPF gets higher). They’re also more likely to clog pores.

So, it’s really up to you which SPF route you choose. If you’re great at evenly reapplying your sunscreen regularly, try a physical formula as they tend to be cleaner. If ease and stealth are your game, go with a chemical sunscreen. Either way, wear something, please. No one looks good with a sunburn.

If you plan to sit under a large umbrella in long sleeves all day, you can probably get away with just a facial SPF. Mad Hippie makes an excellent broad spectrum one packed with zinc oxide (a physical blocker), carrot seed, avocado and red raspberry seed oils to deliver a dose of antioxidants while also offering serious sun protection. If you want a bit of color coverage, Juice Beauty’s SPF Tinted Moisturizer serves up all natural, broad spectrum SPF 30 alongside vitamin-rich fruit acids and oils to bring out your skin’s natural glow. And for coverage under makeup, the Mineral Face Sunscreen from COOLA provides serious mineral-based sun protection and still allows for smooth makeup on top of it.

For your body, you want something that can stand up to the sun, sand, and water without leaving white smudges all over that cute bathing suit. For seriously-easy application, look for a sprayable formula like Soleil Toujours’s Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist or COOLA’s ECO-LUX Body Continuous Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen, both of which are organic, broad spectrum and sans-conventional sunscreen chemicals.

If you’re not into aerosols, Suntegrity makes a gorgeous, easy-to-rub-in mineral formula that doesn’t leave you greasy, is totally free of parabens, phthalates and mineral oils, and includes green tea and cucumber extracts for soothing, calming good measure. For a higher SPF, Let It Block’s Goth Block boasts a 50 SPF and is water-resistant up to 80 minutes, meaning you don’t to re-apply quite as often as with other mineral-based broad spectrum sunscreen.

Lip Care

You’re good on the body and face SPF, but don’t forget about your mouth! After all, lips are skin, too, so they need protecting just the same. For a barely-there tint, the SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers from Juice Beauty is a good everyday option. The SPF is fairly low so this won’t be your go-to for oceanside reapplication, but it’ll get you from your house to the beach with a beautiful pout. Another tinted option with more protective oomph is COOLA’s Mineral Liplux, which boasts SPF 30. The six shades mean there’s something for everyone and every mood, and the organic capuacu butter and mongongo oil mean it’s nourishing, conditioning and goes on smooth.

And don’t forget to treat your lips post-beach as well. Yes, you’ve done a great job protecting them throughout the day, but a little extra love never hurt. Made with uber-moisturizer jojoba oil, the Sculpted Lip Oil from Ogee is full of antioxidants and nutrients that will help combat inflammation and soothe a sunburn (just in case any rays snuck by).


Another potentially obvious item, but yes, deodorant at the beach is a thing. Though digital application can take some getting used to, the Cream Deodorant from Lulu Organics is worth it. Not only will the clean, invigorating lavender and clary sage scent perk you up during a hot day, it’s totally free of parabens, petroleum, gluten and aluminum. Plus, the coconut oil, kaolin clay, baking soda and essential oils will keep you dry and smelling like a field of fresh herbs all day long. It’s also pretty discreet in terms of application if you find yourself wanting to re-up at any point.

The Right Hair Products

For every woman who enters the ocean with hopes of emerging with mermaid-caliber beach waves, there is another who knows that this look isn’t so easily achieved with just a dunk in the sea. In fact, “beach waves” more often than not take the form of “drowned rat,” unless you’re equipped with the right tools. And while it may seem silly to use a salt spray at the beach where you are literally surrounded by salt water, trust me when I say it’s worth it.

Salt is incredibly dehydrating, which means it can leave your hair feeling crunchy and dead by the end of a beach day. To balance the drying effect, you need to counteract it with something hydrating. Both the Surf Sister Salt Spray from Plantfolk Apothecary for Free People and Captain Blankenship’s Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray offer just that. Each has a delicate balance of texture-friendly salt and nourishing oils to keep hair perfectly tousled and perfectly hydrated. For even more protection, feel free to work a few drops of hair oil—like this one from Little Barn Apothecary—through the lower half of your locks. It’ll condition, tame frizz and boost shine so you’re not a poofy-haired mermaid.


You didn’t think I’d forget skincare, did you? We’ve already covered SPF for your face, but a day at the beach doesn’t have to be a “set it and forget it” kind of skincare situation. To make sure your skin is primed for sunscreen application, I’d suggest a light oil cleanse in the AM. Yes, cleansing balms are typically reserved for nighttime routines to remove a day’s worth of gunk from your face, but it’ll serve you well here.

First and foremost, you want to make sure your skin is free of anything that might work its way into your pores and get trapped under the physical barrier of a mineral sunscreen. Secondly, there’s a chance some of the products you use on your skin at night contain photosensitive ingredients (ie — AHAs, retinols, essential oils), meaning skin that’s exposed to the sun while wearing ‘em is extra-sensitive. So before you head out to spend a day in the sun, you’ll want to make doubly sure to remove anything like that from your skin. A personal favorite? Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil because it smells amazing, will leave your skin soft and primed for SPF, and doesn’t include any ingredients that will interact poorly with the sun.

While you’re at the beach, it’s also not a terrible idea to keep cleansing cloths handy. There’s no grossed feeling than the mixture of dried sweat, old sunscreen and saltwater sitting on your skin, so avoid it all together with Kai Naturals’ Juice Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths. Individually packaged so they’re a cinch to toss in your beach bag, these babies get everything off with a couple of swipes and are alcohol-free, so they won’t pile onto the drying effects of the elements.

And then if you want to get really fancy, I wouldn’t say no to a luxurious, hydrating mist to replenish your skin’s moisture. Maya Water’s Facial Mist packs a serious moisturizing punch with just one spritz (plus it uses thermal water from the Norwegian mountains so you know it’s legit). And the Rosewater Mist from Miss Violet Lace smells amazing and is packed with aloe vera to help soothe your beachy skin.

+ Is there something in your beach bag that we left out? Let us know in the comments below!  

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Awakenings: Wake with Elegance

This week, think about the energy of these products inside your day elegance program to form your entire day from its begin…

This is actually the last payment in a-4-component series about awareness with elegance by Jolene Hart, wellness mentor and writer of the Consume Fairly guide collection.

The options while you begin every day you create are a few of the very impactful for wellness and your elegance. Mdash your program&;including ideas, diet, motion, and home- mdash & treatment;sets the tone for the whole evening.

This week, think about these products inside your day beauty’s energy program to shape from its start. Your program influences self-confidence and your attitude throughout long-term, in addition to the day &nbsp health, because their method is rapidly found by the elements within our beauty items into our anatomies.

Personally I think that a few of the elements that are most significant to prevent in personal-care items are individuals with hormone- disrupting effects phthalates present in artificial scents, such as for example preservatives, and also the sunscreen oxybenzone. Changing traditional items for organic and natural options can easily create a huge difference within the evening-today existence of particular substances within you, confirmed with a 2016 research completed in Florida.

I recommend visitors and my customers to think about the  re, big-picture: their elegance programs, when first considering changing items that are traditional for organic and natural options. Take into account the items that you simply utilize most abundant in regularity (don’t overlook something similar to toothpaste, that you utilize several occasions each day), within the best area of one’s physique (hello, body product and acrylic), as well as in places which are delicate (armpits, for instance). Don& rsquo overlook items that you simply actually ingest— glosses, lipsticks and lotions.

Listed here are the most effective six item groups I’d begin with, along with some of my leading organic and natural item selects at Free Individuals:

Face: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Acrylic

Body: Pangea Organics Body Gas

Lips: Liquid Beauty Lip Moisturizer; Vapour Alarm Lipstick

Deodorant: Schmidt’s Deodorant Stay

Sun-Protection: Suntegrity 5-in-1 Colored Face Sunscreen

Toothpaste: David’s Advanced Natural Toothpaste

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is just a Philly-centered wellness mentor and founding father of Elegance Is Wellness, an all natural elegance and wellness training exercise. Her training and Consume Fairly guide collection shows ladies to make use of diet and lifestyle options to appear and experience their finest in the inside out. 

Why You’ll Need: Natural Deodorants

So what can I-say? I really like hellip & my armpits; would you?

This article originates from our beloved buddy, Carlen Altman.

What’s your day routine’s most thrilling section? I’m certain “wearing deodorant” isn’t the very first thing that involves brain when it comes to that query. In I, fact & rsquo certain you may privately desire rsquo & you didn . But, the truth that we’ve developed to perspiration to be able to cool off our anatomies, in the place of needing to lay down in mud-like pigs, hippos, tigers along with other mammalian buddies, is clearly fairly amazing whenever you consider it. Envision needing to excuse oneself togo lay down in a mess of dirt and finding anxious before a gathering? It really seems rsquo & type of enjoyment but that;s besides hellip & the stage;.

As enchanting as our capability to perspiration is, what isn’t enchanting may be the occasionally-problem that you smell like warm rubbish and/or are sporting yellowing hole spots in your fresh bright peasant best (I’m not stating you’ve been there, I’m simply stating I’ve…). Coping with our armpits could often be… the sets as fantastic as perspiration could be. (There, I stated it.)

Fortunately, there’s deodorant’s current wonder . The truth is, it’s arrived at my interest — and yours possibly — that almost all of deodorants available available appear to include really dubious substances that aren’t always designed to be devoured by our armpits (or every other section of our anatomies for instance!)


Though there’s no “particular evidence” the elements generally in most storebought deodorants “absolutely trigger” medical issues for example melanoma, there has been several, many reports (in people, exactly like you and me) that recommend substances like parabens, talc, metal, and Triclosan are not the very best for all of US, to express minimal… What’s similarly smelly is the fact that most storebought deodorants will also be examined on creatures. (And let’s simply state this blatantly needless procedure doesn’t include a little mouse in a tophat with horrible body smell who’s overdue for an examination…)

But don’t work it, expensive Free People website audience/greatest exhausted buddy permanently (too early?)…

I’m pleased to record that a method is to stay-cool and never have leap in a heap of dirt or to be worried about either medical issues. Presenting Free People’s thrilling number of all natural, Cruelty Free deodorants, for all your wildest armpit desires and needs… Whether you appreciate an unscented roll on or need a lotion to use under your hands that has the aroma of tasty key-lime cake — with no utilization of artificial scent — FP has you dried and lined.

With right-from-the-Planet elements like cooking soda, shea butter, rose and thus a lot more, you might have reassurance understanding that you’re utilizing elements that are advantageous to you and create you smell excellent (or odor like nothing, if that’s everything you’re into…).

I never believed I’d be this worked up about deodorant but, because getting the chance to discover Free People’s fresh deodorant choice, I truthfully anticipate wearing the Schmidt’s Bergamot and Calcium Deodorant Container, and occasionally changing it-up using the Takesumi Cleansing in Succulent Bamboo. Schmidt’s manufacturer is nice since it has a small spatula to use (however, you may usually utilize your fingertips) — and Takesumi is very good since it is grey-colored but sheets on obvious! Miraculous!


Maybe you have thanked physique or your armpits before for that miracles of perspiration? Now s the full time! And take a look at our choice BELOW Let us understand what you believe!

Schumer Includes A Guru Elegance Crack to Avoid Chafing

This was originally posted on http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/05/amy-schumer-thigh-chafing-hack.html along with the image used.


We are able to usually rely on Amy Schumer to maintain it actual, particularly when it involves the main topic of her body. Yesterday, when metal hands were being strapped on by additional stars and wearing lighting- for that Satisfied Gala up robes, Schumer was prepping an infinitely more useful way and providing us the wonder crack all summer we are destined to become utilizing.

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The Called Organic Deodorant That Works Wonders

This was originally posted on http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/04/oyin-funk-butter-natural-deodorant.html along with the image used.


Simply Clear Strong. Fresh Roll-On. Funk Butter. In a global wherever deodorants’ titles are designed to provide such things as bubble baths and sea breezes in your thoughts, Oyin Handmadeis Rut Butter undoubtedly sticks out. Itis not beauty’s most sleek -item monikers, but itis perfectly immediate. And also the item itself is fairly awesomely mdash when you consider it’s not completely flat.

Having trouble with losing hair or thinning hair?  Our blog takes the best around from the internet about hair care and beauty.  Reverse female hair loss with us today!