Spotlight On: Tela for Curly Hair

Spotlight On: Tela for Curly Hair

It is a truth well known — a woman with straight hair must be in want of curly hair, and vice-versa. Tela just might change that way of thinking…

Or at least that is how I have lived my life amongst the curly-headed sirens that seem to surround me wherever I turn, taunting me with their spiraled, bouncing strands.

You see, my hair is straight-ish. If I do things exactly right, I can tease a little wave out of it that barely lasts until lunch and it’s only with the combined firepower of a curling iron, styling paste and salt spray. And so it was that I found myself bemoaning my plight over dinner with a friend whose hair was so curly, so gorgeously lush with coils that I could not help myself and reached out to lightly touch the springs. (It wasn’t weird, I promise. We’re really close.)

She leaned her curl-strewn head back and laughed heartily, regaining her composure only to tell me how easy I had it. How difficult it is to tame and take care of curly hair without drying it out or creating a large ball of frizz or frying it to death with heat tools. “I love my hair,” she sighed,
“but it is a blessing as much as a curse. Sometimes I wish I could have your hair. My life would be much easier.”

Shocked to hear that her serpentine hair caused her such ire, I begged her to continue. “What else of this hard hair life do you speak of?”

As it turns out, having curly hair is not as fun as I assumed it was, nor was it easy to tame and care for. It required just the right haircut, the willpower to not constantly touch post-wash, quite a bit of finessing, a lifelong search for the right combination of products, and a ton of moisture but not so much that it weighed the curls down.

Which is why — despite having nary a natural curl on my head — I imagine the full line of Tela products is such a revelation for those of winding hair. You see, curl-specific hair care is nothing new; it’s been done before and done often. But from what I’ve heard (and based on the aforementioned lifelong search for the right products), it’s never as good as you want it to be. The conditioner is too heavy or the control spray doesn’t actually keep frizz at bay. The shampoo strips too much moisture or the masque is incredibly high maintenance. It’s a real Goldilocks conundrum, one Tela is here to solve with a full line of curly hair care that’s, dare I say, just right.

Curly Shampoo + Curly Conditioner

The major complaint I hear from curly-headed ladies is that their hair is constantly dehydrated so they need to cut back on the shampooing and up the conditioning. But after a few days of conditioning, residue and gunk is bound to build up and weigh down curls (not to mention clog the pores on your scalp and trap dead skin cells up there) which sort of means you have to shampoo. It’s a vicious cycle, really. And if they want to shampoo and condition organically? Forget it.

But with Tela’s Curly Shampoo and Conditioner, you can wash and hydrate those curls to your heart’s content. The combo leaves hair shiny and clean with no residue, and the shampoo isn’t drying so, if you want to wash every day, go for it. (But maybe stick to every other day to be safe?)

Thanks to a blend of Solomon’s Seal (an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its moistening properties), plantain, marshmallow root and reishi mushroom, the duo works to soothe and strengthen curly hair while also revitalizing and restoring shine. And in case that wasn’t enough, Tela has gone ahead and replaced water in the formula with oolong, green and white teas for an antioxidant boost.

Healer Conditioning Treatment

If your curls still need more of a moisturizing kick, or you want to add a layer of protection against heat styling, a conditioning treatment is where it’s at. And true to its name, Tela’s Healer will do just that. It’s multipurpose, too, so you can use it as a heavy-duty masque, a daily detangler, a heat protectant or all of them at once.

With an ingredient deck that reads like the most nutritious salad you’ve ever eaten, it should come as no surprise that the highly concentrated (so it’ll last a while) Healer Conditioning Treatment features antioxidant-rich components that are all meant to strengthen hair while adding texture and shine.

For collagen synthesis and a healthy scalp, there’s pomegranate. Then we’ve got apricot to help the hair shaft maintain moisture and act as a detangler. Burdock root helps tame hard-to-handle-hair while carrot strengthens strands with its large amounts of vitamins A, C and E. Rounding out the hair salad are celery water, which adds weightless moisture to the hair, and tomato, which is packed with strengthening minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Basically, everything you’re supposed to be feeding your body every day via food can be found in this conditioning treatment. It’s a shame you can’t find it in digestible capsule form.

Curl of My Dreams + Frizz Buster

Not just a complaint of curly-haired folks, but certainly one they’re prone to what with the directionality of their hair and the constant need for moisture, frizz is no joke. Since frizz is a result of a protein/water imbalance, a surefire way to beat it is to add protein to the mix in the form of nutrient-rich oils and ceramides, both of which happen to be in Tela’s Frizz Buster spray. Quinoa, boabaob, sunflower and lavender seed oils lock in moisture and nutrients without weighing hair down, keeping frizz at bay even in the least hair-friendly conditions.

And if a few spritzes of Frizz Buster still aren’t doing the trick, consider the holy grail of curl products: Curl of My Dreams. Toss the conventional hair gel that you’ve resigned yourself to using for its taming properties even though it leaves your curls crunchy and hard and sort of wet-looking. This Tela elixir enhances natural texture, reduces frizz and results in effortless-yet-long-lasting, shiny curls thanks to the inclusion of quinoa protein, which restores shine and adds bounce back to previously gel-coated locks.

So now that I know the less universally acknowledged truth about what it takes to maintain a gorgeous head of curly hair, am I still so keen on the idea of swapping my wash-and-go wavy mane for something more high maintenance and also more luxurious and bouncy? Abso-curl-utely.

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What’s Your (Hair) Type?

Treating your tresses — whether long, curly or color-rich — with cruelty-free care…


Though many of us long for long locks, it can be a challenge to keep them looking fresh and healthy. If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, consider Gloss Moderne’s deeply nourishing and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. They’ve also got a super glossy masque which reduces frizzy and flyaway hair.


If a little bounce is what you’re after, look no further than Tela. Specializing in products for the curly-fortunate among us (complete with clever names), they’ve mastered the ability to restore your hair’s confidence. Check out their replenishing serum for added strength and shine.


For those of us who boast a more colorful mane, the folks over at Rahua have just shared their Color Full Shampoo and conditioner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Perfect for adding much-needed moisture and control.

+ Check out all of our hair products here!

Thank you Pamela, Sabina & Charlotte. Photos by Jana Kirn.

Listed here is Just How to Obtain These Wonderful Beachy Dunes

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It is shock and Ohio Swimming Week! Dunes that are Beachy continue to be anything. Surprising, I understand. But Frankieis Bikinis, at-one display, the consistency was especially on-point&mdash . The moment the appearance was seen by me I needed to understand just how to obtain myself it, and so I did some digging. Hairstylist Laswell was backstage on responsibility for Tresemm&eacute because it works out ;.

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Of Protecting Your Curl the 10 Rules

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Taking care of and frizzy hair that is design could be an attempting problem, particularly when it is vulnerable to frizzing or collapsing using the smallest heat change. However it does not have to become this way. Having treatment and a small love, you could have an excellent group of twirls that continues for times. Follow these 10 guidelines for circles, beautiful waves and spirals.

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Just How To Airdry Hair – and Hassle-Free Information

Post image for How To Air Dry Hair: A Frizz- and Fuss-Free Guide

Mdash; our manual to lsquo & an easy summertime;do. No-heat needed.

This article originates from our website intern, Natalie.

It s about this time around of year when  weeks of warm resources, reckless cleaning and restricted hair’s result starts to exhibit. Summertime’s sufficient sunlight and carefree times by (as well as in) the swimming indicates additional contact with ultra violet rays and chlorine, which could regrettably increase hair harm. My hair has absolutely experienced the results, with frizz and split-ends pressing me to draw my hair or cut it down, atleast. I m not a tad too detached to my locks to participate in either of these options after nbsp & my final;cut, I created a vow. The most apparent and very first factor to get rid of was my overuse of straighteners, blow-dryers and straightening irons. Quite simply, it had been moment my organic dunes were possessed by me, and hair dried.  

Working by having an variety of hair kinds, supplied me having a prosperity of info on the very best methods to accomplish stunning hair, in an office saturated in fashionable ladies, sans warmth. Follow manual about the best methods to air-dry your own hair, I’ve pulled-together a simple-to- after some individual learning from mistakes, along with a large amount of useful guidelines from others. Whether you’ve wavy, ugly nbsp; locks, allow this accept your hair s genuine elegance and function as the summertime you provide your warm resources a rest.


Ugly – the primary objective when air-drying frizzy hair would be to handle frizz and determine waves. Fortunately, those both are completely possible with just a couple steps that are easy!

  • When you’re fresh-out of the bath, lightly pat along your own hair having a gentle towel such that it is moist although not leaking. The very best technique would be to switch around your face and, using the towel. This helps you to preserve and create the waves more obvious and produces organic quantity.
  • Coconut-oil is the key tool for removing frizz and improving shine. After towel-drying, stroke 1 / 4-measured quantity between your fingertips and gently utilize it during your hair. The avocado fat may enter your locks obtain gone all of the flyaways and to keep humidity.
  • Allow rsquo & nature;s awesome wind function its miracles, exposing your dried waves that are completely air. Should you bathe at night, attempt obtaining a cotton pillowcase to fight any frizz that may be made from a nights throwing and switching although I would recommend carrying this out each morning.


Curly – Curly hair could be challenging to  air-dry — you never understand just how it’ll come out. Oneday it dries mounting that person, as the subsequent it s a warm clutter of kinks and arbitrary dunes that’ll perhaps you have achieving for that straightener. Therefore to find an ideal (heatless) program, I had been searching for something — regularity. Fortunately, I came across it within the subsequent several actions:

  • Following nbsp & a;bath, by squeezing the& nbsp water having a gentle towel which means that your hair is moist begin. Make use of a broad-toothcomb to sleek and detangle your strands. 
  • The most crucial action is by using a texturizing spray, because it assists your own hair keep up with the influx after it dries. I really like employing one throughout the summertime for an additional beachy search with sea-salt.
  • Divided your own hair into four areas that were equivalent and produce braids that were free starting about almost your face down. Occasionally I produce fishtail braids in the place of braids that are normal to provide my hair a bit more of the texture that is distinctive.
  • Permit your own hair dried nearly fully but, when it’s nevertheless somewhat moist, take the braids out and permit it to dry. Avoid pressing it a lot of during the day — this can produce needless frizz! 


Directly – Although right hair is very predicable in the manner it’ll dry, your primary hurdle is making organic quantity that’ll maintain during the day.

  • Start by lightly towel-drying newly cleaned hair to ensure that is moist towards the contact. Comb through troubles or any knots having a wide-toothed brush or comb specified for moist hair. This can make sure that no-breakage happens, when it’s moist as your own hair is delicate.
  • You might consider reducing the items you utilize to prevent lengths getting oily or weighed-down. If quantity is that which you are searching, get one of these volumizing tea-tree gas spray while your own hair continues to be moist. If you should be attempting to minimize frizz and add nbsp & some;sparkle, stroke a pea-measured quantity of coconut-oil between your fingertips and lightly utilize it towards one’s hair’s external coating, preventing the origins.
  • Once your own hair is wholly dried, comb your hand through it, making physique and motion.

+ have you got any guidelines that weren& rsquo?Please discuss within the remarks!

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Lively Stations Her Witch Bigsister for This’ Appear that is 80s

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This week, during her push visit for that marine thriller The Shallows, Blake Exciting jumped right into a DeLorean salon seat and required us back again to the ’80s with large, free, corkscrew curls. As somebody who is enthusiastic about ’80s films—equally traditional (Sixteen Candles) and unknown (One Of the People)—I instantly believed that Vibrant resembled among my youth woman crushes: her half sister, Robyn Exciting, of Teen Witch popularity.

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Appeal Editors’ Actual Preferred Hair Methods

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There is about mounting info in a suggestion checklist which makes it appear unarguably reputable, even if it, nicely, is not anything. “51 Methods To Utilize Your Day Program Vegetable Reducing to Accelerate “? We don’t believe so. Similarly, regardless of just how many listings it is on, rinsing your own hair with cold-water won’t shut the cuticle. That does not imply there are not additionally some truly excellent, completely efficient guidelines available . Because we Appeal publishers have ostensibly managed to get our objective in existence to fine them, it just appears reasonable that people reveal our greatest and preferred hair methods—which in fact function.

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Uhh, We Discovered Just How to Obtain Ellis Rossis Waves

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You realize how whenever you take a look at really a beautiful superstar with amazing hair/epidermis/abs, you occasionally ease oneself by stating, “yes, ok, but I possibly could possibly appear this way also easily had a team of experts on-call 24/7”? That s virtually how I’m 104% of times I take a look at rsquo & Ellis Ross . Normally, her search could never be recreated by me, since I’ve waves that were sad slim, however for your remainder supertextured queens, wish isn’t misplaced. Since I tracked Ellis, Amos s hairstylist and full time begged him to provide me the tips for her large design, and curl whisperer.

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Here’s What Prefer To Get Extensions

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Like warm wheels and cuts extensions have often appeared like issues best quit towards the right-hair membership. And rsquo & I;ve been not completely warm with that. Diffuser and our lengthy levels are not completely unhappy together. But occasionally after I scrunch my waves, I’d like a bit more mass to nonsense. I am just got by volumizing dust to date. Our trip introduced me to Eva Scrivo Salon in Nyc, where I started the procedure to obtain extensions, for frizzy hair, that matched my reddish tone, and trimmed in.

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Jon Has Impressed The Person-Perm Pattern

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Plus, what goes on whenever you just utilize coconut-oil beauty items to get a week, just how to maintain down weight reduction, and Rockis fresh bleach blonde haircolor, forward.

Having trouble with losing hair or thinning hair?  Our blog takes the best around from the internet about hair care and beauty.  Reverse female hair loss with us today!