Keeping it Clean with Eddie Mitsou, Part 3

Keeping it Clean with Eddie Mitsou, Part 3

 I felt slightly confused and my future was unsure…

This is the 3rd post in a series from model and friend, Eddie Mitsou Pettersson.

I was living in Istanbul when I turned 19. It was modeling that brought me there…not because the Turkish market is the best for a blonde Swede but, at that time I had few options. During Christmas holiday, most fashion capitals slow down for obvious reasons. My dream was to move to New York but I was so ready to get out of my hometown that I told my agency to send me anywhere, even as a pit stop. So Istanbul it was…

And what a magical city! The Turkish food culture quickly sucked me in — its bounty of fresh local produce inspired me to eat healthy and clean: tahini, dried figs, amazing hummus and grilled vegetables, so much better than I would have expected. It was the first time I had to take care of myself, i.e. making breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luckily, I really liked it — experimenting in the kitchen was new to me and quickly became a hobby. It was a good way to relax after a long day of meeting client after client after client…

My weekdays consisted of shooting editorials and hitting up endless castings. When the weekends rolled in, there were always big dinner parties and shredding at clubs. And so, there were many pre-game drinking competitions being held in our little model flat.

I enjoyed it at the time, but realized it wasn’t propelling me in a good direction. My destructive weekend behavior forced me to press the restart button every Sunday night. I was eating clean, going to the gym on my working days, but my free time was filled with liquor and chocolate bars and Turkish cheese pastries. Oh, the suffering of the morning afters. (Or let me say afternoon, because I rarely woke up before 1pm).

The hard work I was putting in at the gym was really for nothing. I missed out on much of Istanbul’s historical and cultural beauty, too, because most time off was spent in a rusty bunk bed, ice pack on my sweaty forehead. 

One sunny December day, as I was walking around Hagia Sophia, I made the decision. I was going to stay sober, be healthy and 100% vegan (no space for cheese pastries here!) until I made it to New York. What was it worth, to be so good 5 days a week and then ruining it on the last 2. Funnily enough, my walk was in the early morning because I had skipped a promoter’s dinner the night before. How good it felt to walk around in the sun with a clean head!

To be honest, I felt slightly confused — my thoughts were spinning and I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I felt that a sober, ultra-clean detox was what I needed. With Jim Morrison’s sexy smoky voice in my ears I sat down with a salted sesame tahini cookie and created a list. A list of what I needed to do in order to make it to NYC and what strategy would look like. His words echoed in my head:

 You’re lost little girl 

You’re lost little girl 

You’re lost 

Tell me who 

Are you? 

 I think that you know what to do 

Impossible? Yes, but it’s true 

I think that you know what to do, yeah 

I’m sure that you know what to do

I saw even more of the city then ever before. I moved out of the model apartment (the norm) and discovered the streets and bars and restaurants and people of Istanbul (the freedom) by myself. I wasn’t a lost little girl any more — I was a focused young woman, now with a goal in sight. My local fruit store salesman taught me more about the importance of a joyful life than any Russian model friend ever had. 


+ Check back next week for part four from Eddie, and be sure to read the start of her journey here!  

Photos by Jana Kirn.

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Keeping it Clean with Eddie Mitsou

Keeping it Clean with Eddie Mitsou

Maybe you’ve been considering it… Sobriety may not be for everyone, but it might be right for you?

Let me be the first to say… I love partying! Dancing, hanging out with friends, flirting, coming home at 3am exhausted with my lipstick half gone, LOLing at my Instagram story while peeing and brushing my teeth.

What may separate me from man others is what happens next — I wake up with my makeup perfectly removed, IG stories still intact, with no fear of finding that dreaded embarrassing video. I make myself a green smoothie and I’m on my way to a Pilates class before 9.30 am.

So, why is that?

Because I don’t drink.

The thought of it might scare you.

But…maybe this is something you’ve been considering yourself. Sober partying may not be for everyone – but it might be right for you?

I have many girlfriends who have gone out with me and follow suit – and most of them really like it, usually quite surprised at how easy it can be. AND! how much fun they can actually have without booze flowing through their bodies. Some, as a result, have decided to quit drinking – or at least consume very little – while some continue to go out and get wasted.

And I don’t blame them for that. Everything is a choice — you do what feels best or right in that moment.  However, there is also a fear of simply breaking the norm. You simply stick to what you know and how you’ve been raised to live, courtesy of family, culture (television, movies, magazines) and society.

Several years ago, the idea of sobriety seemed impossible. I struggled with it during my last semester in school. I had just started dating someone in the deep house underground party scene. The only thing my heart wanted was to be tequila-tipsy, kissing him in the darkness of a grungy garage, every night of the week.

But, I had to focus — good grades on my final exams and beyond. There was also the potential to do modeling in Milan,  and my agency asked me to be in perfect shape, which demanded both more hours at the gym and a healthy diet. Despite my new love, my mission had always been to move abroad as soon as I graduated.

But I couldn’t. I really couldn’t give up being boozy. It was so important to me. Drinking was the only way of partying in Stockholm, so maybe that rubbed off on me?  My point is that there wasn’t a time when I could picture a life without alcohol. I was young, but my mom nervously made jokes about me becoming an alcoholic. I had a great opportunity right in front of me, but I wasn’t ready to make the sacrifices to achieve it.

I’m a very strong believer in refraining from judgment or telling people how to live their lives. I would never tell anyone that it’s bad to drink, or that they shouldn’t. No, no, that’s not my vibe. It’s an individual — and personal — choice, and whatever you choose is hopefully right for you. What I do is right for me.

So all I intend by this post is to inspire you. To maybe introduce you to a new or scary path and know there are different ways to go. Follow your own gut, and try to push away the fear of being different.

I didn’t make it to Milan that summer, after all. It took me over eight months to finally leave Stockholm. I wasn’t ready to stop drinking and didn’t fight for my dreams. I ended up in Istanbul, but even there I realized that other paths existed…

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Book Club Miracle Bravery, by Gilbert

Post image for Book Club: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Courage

This week we’re discussing component among Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller, Large Miracle: Bravery

What’re you scared of?

Me? Well, lots of issues. Big, plantation-home arachnids (why are farm lions therefore significantly larger?), airplanes…lack of imagination…malfunction…frustration. Such as the listing of factors counted on the websites of the month’s book team pick, my cataloged worries might proceed on and on, and that I’m speculating your personal, equally logical and unreasonable, gentle and large, may also wend and breeze for a relatively good time. the very first portion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest guide, Large Miracle, goes into concern, the reason why for this, how it retains us back, and just why some fear will work for us.

Book Club Courage 4

I ll acknowledge, this book’s very first section left me feeling suspicious. I’m a large lover of Gilbert’s composing but, particularly after studying the more hypnotic and peaceful M-Train, Large Miracle abruptly experienced…also fast. ‘ Courage read a little checklist-like, a fast explanation of what existence is like for people who find imagination and all creatives and just how we can be held by concern back. It wasn’ till I created my method more in to the guide that I started initially to comprehend Gilbert&rsquo t;s for lounging issues out the way in which she’s reasons. ‘ rsquo & Courage; is just a of the & mdash nbsp; ridiculous obstacles and objectives we enforce on ourselves, a primer. Out-of seeking a task due to a perception that it could not result in something just how many occasions perhaps you have spoke oneself? Just how many occasions have we didn’t actually start a quest due to the fact we were of what may occur scared? Thought that rsquo an attention wasn&; worth discovering due to the fact we believed we weren&rsquo t;t proficient at anything?

On the daily schedule, I experienced this sort of innovative concern like a former consultant to get a fine-arts university. As the pupils themselves had the bravery to assume themselves placing their love for artwork to rehearse for that relaxation of the lifestyles, parents and academics of those gifted pupils who have been fast to indicate that “oh, I – can’t attract a straight-line” or “I’m not innovative like my kid“. As this book’s subject truly isn’t restricted to artwork, this instance is one I nevertheless encounter after having quit the fine arts-admissions sport. So long as we inform ourselves to reside in concern, so long as we persuade rsquo & ourselves we;re not gifted in another or one single way, we never will soon be. For this reason I liked rsquo & Gilbert;s instance of her buddy who chose to get ice-skating after decades of low-exercise. She used, but she attempted, although this lady wasn t seeking popularity, she joined into this routine understanding she’d never be an Olympian. She pressed through her concern, recognizing that it simply did the darn thing, and might nevertheless remain. She discovered the point that created her experience not dead.

Book Club Courage 3

Why is you experience living?

It may be artwork.

It may be iceskating.

It may be base-jumping.

So long as you reside underneath the anxiety about disappointment or frustration or every other factor that retains you in “the world of innovative phrase”, you might never find the factor that provides you lifestyle.

Dialogue queries:

& ndash has worry impacted your existence that is innovative?

– you transformed a When was the final period? That which was the end result?

– enthusiasm or will there be a pursuit that you used-to adore — mdash & like ice-skating; rsquo & that you simply; ve?

& ndash your notice to concern seem like?

Book Club Courage 2

Book Club Courage 5

+ follow-along around once we examine a brand new section of Large Miracle every week!

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