Soho Pop-In: Ruby Warrington’s Aries Full Moon Workshop

Soho Pop-In: Ruby Warrington’s Aries Full Moon Workshop

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about this month’s full moon and how to selfishly navigate it to your advantage…courtesy of The Numinous’ Ruby Warrington!

In my book Material Girl, Mystical World, I talk about learning to cultivate a sense of healthy “higher selfishness.” That is, knowing when to put your own needs first for the highest good of all involved in any given situation.

Maybe it means saying “no” to bottomless mimosas at brunch Sunday when you want to be on your A-game at work the next day. Even when it’s your BFFs b’day and you know she’ll be offended that you “prioritized” work over her. Perhaps it means asking your Mom for a plant-based option at Thanksgiving. Or skipping the annual family drama fest altogether this year, and booking yourself on a silent meditation retreat.

And well, this week’s Aries Full Moon is an invitation to get super (higher) selfish, and really tap into what it is YOU want. In your deepest of hearts, in an ideal world, and if other people’s needs and opinions really didn’t matter. (Hint: this week, they really don’t). 

This Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Libra, sign of balanced negotiations and rational decision making. The message? When it comes to making the most aligned choices, and finding yourself in the healthiest relationships, a solid sense of SELF is a basic requirement. Until you can finish the sentence “I am … ” with confidence, there’s no point even trying to be anything to anyone else.

The October 5 Full Moon also closes a cycle kicked off by the corresponding March 28 Aries New Moon. Look back at your diary and see what was swirling then, and reconnect to what you were cultivating on a personal level. Can you see echoes of these situations asking to be revisited this week? Feeling deeper into this process will help you close out this chapter with the focus on YOUR personal growth. And to move swiftly forward on YOUR unique path.

Thanks to shady Pluto throwing some weight around at this Full Moon, the skies are also aligned to help you transform something you thought was fundamental to your being this week. The way through this portal? (Which might feel just a little edgy btw!) Be fearless. Take action. Start something that matters to YOU.

That way, when we reach the October 19 Libra New Moon, you’ll be ready to say YES to an exciting new collaboration or relationship that presents itself, knowing precisely what you are bringing to the table.

For some extra inspiration, use the below areas for self-enquiry as journal prompts to kick-start your intuition process. Read for both your Sun and Rising sign to get the fullest picture.


I feel most powerful when I…

Always acting from this place feels…


The spiritual practice I feel most called to is…

When connected to a higher power I am able to…


The people who most inspire me are…

I feel most confident in group situations when I…


If I spoke up more at work I could…

I feel most like a boss when I…


I am ready to learn more about…

One day I would like to teach…


The step I am most afraid to take is…

Moving beyond this will free me to…


My most empowering partnership is…

What I bring to this relationship is…


The biggest challenge to my own wellbeing is…

Feeling healthy and strong means I can…


I feel most creative when I…

The thing I would like to be famous for is…


My deepest emotional needs are…

Feeling emotionally secure allows me to…


I communicate most clearly when I feel…

I am ready to start a discussion about…


My skill that is of most value in the world is …

I feel most confident in my abilities when I …

Ruby Warrington is founder of cosmic lifestyle site The Numinous, and author of Material Girl, Mystical World: TheNow Age Guide to a High Vibe Life.

+ Sign up for Ruby’s 10/4 class at our Soho wellness pop-up here.

Free People Blog

Office Style: Meet Luisa

Office Style: Meet Luisa

Revisiting the eyes (and closets) of our co-workers at Home Office…

Your position at Free People…

Associate Buyer of party dresses!

How does your job influence your personal style?

After working so closely with product, day in and day out for over 6 years, I have a very clear understanding of how clothes are made and I pick up on the little details. When I first started my career in buying, I was frivolous with my spending habits, but as time has gone on I try not to let the latest trends dictate what I buy but instead I try to think about the longevity of the garment and if I will wear it again in a years’ time… then I’m happy to invest!

What is your personal style?

I would say my style is relatively classic. I like clean and simple pieces and anything navy! I grew up living in London with my grandmother and during the summer we would travel to the South of France and we would sit and people watch for hours! There’s something so classic and classy about how the French women dress, it has always resonated with me.

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

At the moment, I am a fan of a large, statement earring to elevate even the simplest of outfits. Natural fabrications like linens or straw accessories I’m very drawn to also. And if in doubt, and running late, a good set is a great option!

Favorite part about your job?

Getting to work with such an array of talented and creative people from all different walks of life… I feel like I learn something new every day!

Most challenging part of your job?

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing and though at times it can be challenging to come up with new fresh ideas, it’s also really exciting when you see a positive response from the customer from something that was merely an idea come to fruition.

What’s in your shopping cart?

Amelia Set 

Moon Disc Earrings 

Rosehip Bio-regenerate Oil 

Love of Life Midi Dress

One thing in your closet that you could not live without?

A good staple pair of jeans!

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Free People Blog

Office Style: Meet Hailee

Office Style: Meet Hailee

With a mix of my favorite eras like the 60s and 70s, and my California roots…

Your position at Free People…

Sample Coordinator for accessories and shoes. I also coordinated all samples for our Festival Shop this year. 😊

How does your job influence your personal style?

I would say the amazing people I work with every day… Everyone here is so creative and really embrace their individual taste. Also, working in an environment where we are surrounded by the newest trends inspires me to experiment with them in my own way.

What is your personal style?

It’s a mix of my favorite eras like the 60s and 70s, and my California roots. Since moving to Philadelphia last year, I’ve definitely been inspired by the more polished, minimal East Coast vibes. Right now, I’m free-spirited, evolving, and always dressing for comfort.

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

I would say I don’t have any fashion “rules,” except… dress for you and wear what you feel the most confident in.

Favorite part about your job?

My position allows me to collaborate with multiple teams, which I really love. When working with buying, I get to see product before anybody else, sometimes even the development of a necklace or bag or sunnie (which is really cool since I went to school for design). I’m also really lucky to work with the studio/catalog team — that’s a whole other part of the business that really inspires me.

Most challenging part of your job?

I’m my toughest critic… While working on a project or preparing for a meeting I’m constantly going back and forth on making a decision or being satisfied with the end product.. I always think my work could be better and without a doubt there’s always something I wish I could go back and add or edit out.

What’s in your shopping cart?

Like a million things, but to just name a few..

Woodstock Tee

Dawn To Dusk Cropped Wide Leg

Waikiki Straw Tote

Monica Flatform Slide Sandal

10K Diamond Snake Threader

Good Vibes Corset Cami

Gwen Bralette bikini top and bottom

One thing in your closet you could not live with without? 

My Reach For The Stars Boots, probably one of my favorite purchases of all time ha!

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Free People Blog

Office Style: Meet Kellyn

Office Style: Meet Kellyn

Feminine and playful… say hello to graphic designer, Kellyn…

Your position at Free People…

Graphic Designer.

How does your job influence your personal style?

We’re constantly looking at current trends in graphic design, art, fashion, web, even photography – it’s fun to see the crossover between these worlds and whether it’s a specific color, pattern, playful graphic, or overall vibe – aspects of my job definitely inspire my personal style. 

What is your personal style?

Feminine & vintage-inspired.

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

I love adding a scarf or a red lip as a classic touch to a simple outfit.

Favorite part about your job?

The freedom we have to create, and my inspiring teammates and co-workers!

Most challenging part of your job?

I love the challenge of reinventing our branding every month – it keeps us inspired, passionate about trends we’re standing behind, and on our toes! 🙂  

What’s in your shopping cart?

Stars in Your Eyes Mini Dress & Come Back Wrap Top!

One thing in your closet could you not live without?

Vintage Wranglers or Levis!

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Free People Blog

Office Style: Meet Bree

“Taking a more simplistic, black-and-white approach to my own personal style allows me to focus on the exploration of color in my work….” 

Your position at Free People:

Colorist – All Categories.

How does your job influence your personal style:

A big part of my job is envisioning which colors would look best for certain fabrics and silhouettes. A normal day at the office involves testing fabric swatches to picking the exact shade that fits an individual style, meeting with buyers and designers to pitch palettes, and researching new trends in color. I’ve found that dressing in neutrals gives creates a blank canvas in my mind and frees me up to be more creative with color at work. 

What is your personal style:

As a textile colorist, I am surrounded by color every day. Taking a more simplistic, black-and-white approach to my own personal style allows me to focus on the exploration of color in my work. 

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

If you wear something with confidence you can pull anything off.

Favorite part of your job:

Going to the store to see the clothes come to life. Watching a piece move from early design sketches, to the buying phase, to your best friend’s wardrobe is incredibly rewarding. It makes the hard work and endless e-mails worth it. 

The most challenging part of your job:

Naming colors. I’ll take suggestions 🙂 

What’s in your shopping cart?

Sophia One Piece 

On My Mind Pullover

Farrah Pullover

Lace Up Brami 

Lexi Leather Flat 

One thing in your closet could you not live without?

A basic white tee I bought on a whim from the craft store. 

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Reveal the Love Inc.

3 businesses will be benefited by 100% of arises from our& nbsp Store within their initiatives to safeguard creatures in need the surroundings, and women everywhere.

Women Inc. — motivates all-girls to become wise powerful, and daring, supplying existence to over 140,000 women over the -changing methods and encounters to the problems women encounter that is initial. Girls Experience includes a breeding ground people, and programming that enable women to achieve success. Volunteers and educated team develop sustained, mentoring interactions in women-only areas which are actually and psychologically secure and wherever girls look for a sisterhood of assistance with shared regard distributed push, and targets. Hands on, study-centered applications supply women using understanding and the abilities to create objectives, conquer hurdles, and enhance educational performance.  Advised by their households as well as girls, Girls works together with policymakers to advocate for projects and regulation that boost possibilities for females. At Ladies Inc., wholesome, informed, and impartial grows up.

Nowadays, meant for Women Inc.’s objective, we’re talking with Violet Gaynor, co founder and content representative of The Shine, a website focused on showcasing the power, push and love of doit-oneself ladies as well as their kids.

You are described by 5 phrases that best.
Innovative, type, self deprecating, caring, exhausted, wine.

Your remarkable second like a mom.
You will find fresh occasions every single day that I consider psychological notice of and tell myself, “Okay, this really is my new favorite second ever.” but when I need to choose one, it’s to become your day my child was created. In these 15 hours of planet-shattering, work that was unmedicated, I had been reborn like the planet was joined by a mom in the very second Plum.

What 3 issues would you like many for Plum?
I’d like comfy in her own skin to be felt by Plum. It has nothing related to sensation effective in her body and experience fairly or ideal, but instead possessing her inner-self. I wish to train her to appear out than her for those. In my opinion among our excellent reasons in existence is by using assets and our power to assist others. She s 3 years old today, and I’ll be&nbsp as she gets only a little older;integrating her.

The Shine. Inform our visitors only a little . How achieved it become? 
I invested the very first 15 decades of my profession residing out my desire like s publications and author at numerous women a style publisher: Form, Lucky InStyle. Although at InStyle, I produced conceptualized and released The Shine Kelly Stuart, with my Elle coworker and buddy. The Shine is just a location for connectedness and motivation for contemporary mothers. Through our in as well as personal -level editorials offering truthful, hardworking, mothers that are entrepreneurial, we’re in a position to expose motherhood’s uncooked however stunning aspect.

How is achievement defined by you?
I believe success’ definition has been in a position to relate solely to people on nbsp & a; degree that is significant. For That Shine, which means making information our market discovers excellent indicating in and they benefit within their daily lifestyles as ladies and mothers. What I’ve discovered in the last five decades since creating The Shine, and particularly in the last year of concentrating onto it full time because I quit my journal work, is the fact that achievement indicates continuously continue. There’s no relaxation. There’s no second wherever you state, “this is exactly what achievement means.” The essence of success is striving to complete better every day, while additionally recognizing how far you’ve come.

Greatest guidance you had been actually provided…
I ve been fortunate enough to possess incredible teachers in my own existence within my 15-year career’s span. Several bits of guidance which have caught with me which I frequently replicate to myself: Initial, I’ll remember my grandpa showing me, at age 25, “Never hesitate to create a large change inside your career.” He was a WWII heir, along with a guy who’d produced an effective silk screening company in the ground-up, therefore his phrases were like platinum to me. At that time, I’d been for nearly 5 decades at my work, and his phrases offered me the assurance have and to depart a new work in a start-up that was electronic. It had been a dangerous and daring transfer, but one which fundamentally provided the way in which like a digital publisher for my long term profession. Subsequently, rsquo I&;ll remember coach and my chef informing me that quite a distance is gone by good. Himself was performed by her with expert poise and kindness. Every collection I had been on together with her was a, enjoyable atmosphere that is positive, and her phrases trained me the significance of linking with each individual you come right into connection with inside your lifestyle that is professional. Those encounters each shape your potential associations in your selected business. She trained me handle every individual similarly and to interact with everybody. Even today, at how s-shaped my profession I consider this guidance, and am astonished. The style planet is little, and all of the distinction is made by making powerful bonds.

Nowadays your number 1 want women.
Our want women is the fact that they’re in a position to develop powerful internal power (partially through the assistance of the academics and teachers) that radiates out on the planet and enables them to-go after their desires regardless of their history. I’ve a perception that is deeply-held that women and ladies would be certainly will and the most effective creatures   accomplish something they set their thoughts to if given assistance and correct assistance.

Exactly what does the term free mean for you?
Among the many disorderly and thrilling occasions in my own existence was after I was 6 months pregnant — composing a book (The Shine: A Manual to Contemporary Parenthood), touring all over the world firing for that guide, operating full-time at InStyle, and remodeling my condo. It had been also among the many effective occasions in my own existence, and an ideal surprise of occasions. The knowledge created me understand that I perform best when balancing several balls within the atmosphere although I wouldn’t desire to undergo that madness again. Having said that, since I lately quit my fulltime job to concentrate About The Shine 100% of times, I’m gradually understanding how to handle my routine that is more flexible. Working at home is just a main problem along with a main luxury. I’m a listing-producer naturally, but I m recognizing that I have to differentiate the list. Which means selecting the most effective 2 products onto it that definitely should have completed on the given evening and taking a look at my limitless checklist. It has assisted get my evening results in my supreme objective of really examining issues off my listing, and began about the correct monitor. For me personally, being free means having the ability to do what I really like; operating every day to construct a brandname that I co-produced, that we certainly think talks to ladies and indicates anything unique within their evening-today lifestyles because they understand the roller coaster trip of parenthood.
+ Store the presents that provide back.

X Women Inc.

Building confidence, objectives and companionship… the wonder of Free People x Ladies Inc.

To express that   at individuals is humbled;from the ladies in our neighborhood is just an exaggeration that is fairly substantial. For all those of you who turn to us for development, power, confidence -building, we thanks. At the conclusion of your day; in the base of our hearts.&nbsp that concerns is you.

We recently forged an extremely unique connection with Ladies Inc., hoping of further distributing our like to these ladies/ladies in require of pursuit, in addition to creating and getting their desires. Ladies Inc. allows them to achieve success without restrictions, rsquo & and a week ago;s and 15 people of its Philly visit -centered internet plan demonstrated to create some of these women to achieving their objectives nearer.

The collaborative job pursuit course offered an chance to discover directly concerning the several profession pathways inside our business, located by 7 of office at home’s greatest, and spotlight what many people understand to become accurate: occasionally it’s the difficult streets that consider you towards the very location wherever you’re designed to be.



Carly: The girls’ feedback about our item really was informative, as well as their excitement truly refreshing!”

Sunny: “One of girls explained that she’d found out about the university I joined, and desired to proceed there, also, for style style. I informed her she is going for this! How incredible to work well with a lady toward attaining her long term goals.”

Amy: “There were 2 remarks created throughout the occasion that designated its achievement for me personally. One was from the woman who said throughout the visit that she was impressed to begin sewing. Another was from the woman who stated she didn’t understand she desired to follow style until today!”

Anne: I experienced really fortunate for getting been area of the women’ first encounter with this manufacturer and FP culture.”




Take a moment and obtain to understand Women Inc. and also the amazing work they are doing. XO



Classes From The Self-Confidence Advisor (Yes, That’s Employment)

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Together with 90, 300 fans and her big-hair, it is difficult to genuinely believe that home- confidence advisor Freddie Harrel that is announced did not usually, nicely, have assurance that is much. The 29- year-old Birmingham that was -centered writer, who elevated and had been created in Rome, experienced rounds of melancholy rising up. “used to donot comprehend myself at-all,” claims Harrel. “I didnot realize why I made the errors I made or I didnot experience unlimited like a few of the others I was.”

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The Thing You ShouldN’t Tell a Shapely Woman is Explained by design Barbie Ferreira

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Ferreira continues to be producing waves within the elegance business since Aerie utilized her to be always a section of its Photoshop- . There is who an underwear type not a dimension completely un and 0 -retouched? Yes, please. She might be labeled by some as plus- but we are saying she is actual.

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The Morning Notice to Our Kids of a Dad

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Our beloved women,

Whilst the portly cleansing individual who lives along with you you understand me now in your lifetime. But while you’ll discover, I type of possess a show that is classy.

I am living an attractive existence, a book-deserving period of decades, saturated in the absolute sections that are most attractive. And even though we are not rich, your father has created a lifetime career out-of informing people to purchase mdash & costly issues;items I “can’t-live without” and worldwide jaunts that will make Taylor squeal. Today Iam only a little concerned that Iam rubbing down you.

Having trouble with losing hair or thinning hair?  Our blog takes the best around from the internet about hair care and beauty.  Reverse female hair loss with us today!