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Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, about 8,000 feet above sea level, there lives a most perfect little mountain town. When the second homeowners and the international visitors jet out, only about 7,000 are left to call this beauty their home. Offering places like Independence Pass, Maroon Bells and the Roaring Fork River, it’s no wonder many who pass through never leave. To get to know more about this backcountry escape we turned to those who’d know best — five locals, from Free People employees to entrepreneurs.

Sammy Steen: Alaskan Commercial Fisherman/Creative Director at ROAM

@sammycam + @thisiswhereiroam

Silver Queen Gondola – 520 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO 81611 

The Silver Queen comes straight out of downtown Aspen to 11,212 ft. with panoramic views of the Elk Mountains and White River National Forest. Enjoy your coffee and breakfast burrito from the confines of a cozy box, “our favorite floating living room.” Nothing beats T to B (top to bottom) laps on Ajax during a storm. Warm up, dry off, hang with friends and answer your e-mails, all while getting whisked to the top of one of the most magical mountains in the world.

Roaring Fork River – Jaffee Park, Woody Creek, CO 81656

My favorite stretch of the Roaring Fork, 6 miles downstream from Aspen. There is amazing fishing up and down the Roaring Fork Valle but Jaffee Park, with its unique topography and easy access, makes it my go-to for an afternoon on the river. A free stone river (dams are non-existent) and a catch-and-release policy make this stretch of water tough to beat.

The BLK MKT – 534 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

Artist collective, concept store and gallery. A very unique retail experience and much needed cultural hub in the community. These guys gave Aspen a breath of fresh air with the opening of the shop last winter and are back again with a reiteration in one of the best locations in town (the old Boogie’s location). Not to be missed if you’re looking for something special and a break from the couture, brand-name shops that have eaten up all of the storefronts here. Unique authenticity in a place that can often times feel anything but…

Maroon Bells Maroon Creek Road, Aspen, CO 81611 

This view speaks for itself. The first place I like to take friends who are visiting, to acquaint them with the awe-inspiring nature of Aspen.

Creperie Du Village – 400 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

An amazing atmosphere and affordable-ish (it’s still Aspen…) menu make this mine and my girlfriend’s favorite date-night place. The ambiance is tough to beat… A cozy downstairs space, revolving around a “community” table and lots of rustic wood decor, is very reminiscent of a European alpine restaurant which is surprisingly difficult to find here. More Aspen than LA, and we like that.

Aspen Art Museum –  637 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO 81611 

One of the main draws of Aspen — the metropolitan vibe within the confines of a quaint mountain town. These two paradoxes meet at the Aspen Art Museum. Free entry, world-renowned artists, amazing programming and regular transformations make this a huge asset to the community, not to mention the upstairs cafe which has amazing views of Ajax, wonderful food and a nice, quiet environment for freelancers and young professionals to get their work done. My home away from home.

Mia Sadowsky: Co-Founder of Heir Vintage


Bonnie’s – Aspen Mountain  

Bonnie’s breakfast. The perfect hangover cure. Maybe you had a late night and accidentally took three too many tequila shots right before the bars closed. It’s ok, it happens, and Bonnie’s breakfast is there to help you through the morning struggle. Bonnies is a little family-owned restaurant in the Middle of Ajax Mountain, a ski-in, ski-out joint. If you are able to get there before 10am, what a treat. Take the Gondola up, ski half a run, and indulge on blueberry pancakes, maplewood smoked bacon, hash browns, and everything in between. Bonnie’s interior is small and simple and the views of the mountain are stunning. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment just getting there before breakfast ends. From Bonnie’s you can either ski all day or cruise down Spar Gultch and still tell people you got on the hill.

Avalanche Ranch – Hwy 133, Redstone, CO 81623

Nestled in a little canyon off Highway 133, outside of Carbondale, lies Avalanche Ranch. The perfect afternoon or early morning natural hot springs hangout. Avalanche Ranch is made up of a few cabins that are available for rent and four soaking pools of different temperatures. Day use is $15$and well worth it. Besides the cabins, which are equipped with all the amenities you would expect in a rental house, there are 4 or 5 cabooses that are available for rent and they are SO. DAMN. CUTE. They are tiny. No bathroom, no kitchen — just a bed and space heater to keep you warm in the winter. If you are on a budget, this is the way to go ($80 a night).

North Star Nature Preserve – Colorado Hwy-82, Aspen, CO 81611

North Star Nature Preserve — a magical place. In the summer it’s gained popularity as the Lazy River, a stretch of water you can float, canoe, or paddle board down on a hot day. The Roaring Fork River slows from its headwaters up Independence Pass and meanders though an unbelievably beautiful part of the valley. Depending on the flow of the river it takes about 1 1/2 hr from start to finish. Because it is a preserve, natures flourishes. Great blue herons nest along the banks in the very top of the tallest cottonwood trees, aspen groves line the left side of the river, and fish — so many fish — scatter as you float by on the crystal clear water. You can experience the stretch of river with a party barge of friends or seek solitude by paddling upstream for an early morning workout.

Cliff House on a Full Moon Buttermilk Mountain

Since I was old enough to carry my own skis or drag a sled behind me, my parents have escorted me to the base of West Buttermilk every full moon during the winter months. Back in the day, small groups of happy mountain people would hike up Buttermilk under the moon’s bright light. We would meet friends in a little warming hut at the top of the mountain that ski patrollers use by day. The door was always unlocked on a full moon. My parents would bring cheese, snacks, caviar and champagne to pop at the top. The venture has now become so popular that the Aspen Skiing Company has opened up the Cliff House,a small restaurant at the mountain top for all the happy mountain people to enjoy a hot meal after a cold hike. It usually turns into one hell of a party, but you’ve got to work for it, which makes it all the more special. It’s a 45-minute to an hour hike up Tiehack, and a 45-minute hike up West Buttermilk (which is much easier). Ski Co doesn’t open the Cliff House every full moon, so be sure to check online for specific dates.

Living Room at the Jerome – 330 E Main St, Aspen, CO 81611

The Living Room at the Jerome is a classy joint. It’s a hot date night kind of spot. Whether you’re looking to cozy up by the fire with a mountain man drinking manhattans, or sitting around a high top with your girlfriends, in your sassy kitten heels and drinking martinis, this is the place. The Jerome is one of the oldest buildings in Aspen, so it’s worth checking out for the interior alone. The decor is alpine chic meets country western, a mix of cowhide-upholstered side tables and deep velvet green tufted chaise lounge chairs. It sounds gaudy but, believe me, looks very eloquent and charming in person. There is a certain warmth and sense of belonging there. The history of the Jerome runs deep and you can feel it the second you walk in.

Hannah Schanfarber: Free People Aspen Stylist/Visuals


Sunset Park – Aspen, CO 81611

This small park has always been a favorite of mine. — just a short drive up the hill from downtown Aspen, and offers great views of the town. It is quiet and relaxing and, in summer, it is my absolute favorite place to picnic. Grab some friends, lay down a blanket at sunset, and you are suddenly filled with a sense of nostalgia for your childhood — where the fruit couldn’t be sweeter, the grass couldn’t be greener, the sun couldn’t be any brighter, and you couldn’t remember ever being happier.

Highlands Bowl199 Prospector Rd, Aspen, CO 81611

Or really, any spot to ski on Highlands or Ajax. Highlands Bowl is a magical place. Located at the top of Highlands Mountain, you have to “earn your turns” by hiking up to a gorgeous snow bowl. When you arrive at the top, you realize you can’t breathe, and you’re not sure if it’s because of the hike or the views around you. Everywhere you turn and look is another snowcapped mountain peak, with clouds majestically swirling around them. The earth feels alive and you suddenly feel connected to it. Often times, you will find a small group of locals up there, enjoying a few beers or just the view.

Red Onion420 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

Aspen’s oldest restaurant established in 1892, the Red Onion is a local’s favorite. With an affordable menu and an environment that is more than welcoming, this is usually our first stop before hitting a night out on the town!

 Tabor Lake/ Independence Pass – Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Independence Pass is the “shortcut” route to Denver in the summer. However, for locals, it is the best place to explore, with never-ending hiking, biking, fishing, skiing and swimming spots. In the summer, I love to drive and randomly stop along the road to explore. I don’t have a destination — I just keep walking one step at a time; it doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to see what’s around me. My favorite hike is a less-traveled one called Tabor Lake. The trail winds through pine tree forests and then opens up to beautiful meadows with a creek running through it. The trail eventually ends and you then have to bushwhack up the side of a mountain, pushing through brush and trees. But don’t worry, the journey is worth it. At the top, you will discover the most beautiful mountain lake perched in between two peaks. The waters settle into the truest hues of blues, ranging from the ice blues of the Arctic to cerulean and sapphire. Magic.

Ashcroft Ghost Town – 35241-, 36221 CO-82, Aspen, CO 81611

Ashcroft is an old, deserted mining town just outside of Aspen. This is one of my favorite places to camp, as the sites are secluded and quite high in elevation. The road provides access to many 14ers in the area as well as great fishing and biking. In the fall, the aspen trees lining the road glow as they change to vivid shades of crimson orange and yellow, as if somebody took a paintbrush to their leaves.

Melissa Wisenbaker: Public Relations Specialist at Promo Communications

@NeverSacrificeStyle + @AspenCO // Images shot by @redmountainproductions 

Backside of Aspen Mountain– Aspen, CO 81611 

Every summer my boyfriend and I love driving up the front of Aspen Mountain aka Ajax in our Jeep and heading down its backside. Nestled in nature, this area is filled with fields of gorgeous wildflowers and surrounded by hundreds of acres of National Forest service land. I was lucky enough to come up to the backside last summer to enjoy stargazing with an astronomy guide, complete with the finest cheeses, charcuterie and champagne. If you’re looking for some sweet out-of-bounds winter riding, find a friend with a sled or take a powder tour with Aspen Snowmass and experience some of the best secret stashes in the valley!

Woody Creek Distillers– 60 Sunset Drive, Basalt, CO 81621 

In the summer, you can easily bike down to Woody Creek Distillers (WCD) from Aspen via the Rio Grande Trail. The trail is mostly paved and generally downhill. When you first walk into the distillery, you are immediately greeted by the impressive custom carl copper stills. Woody Creek Distillers produces delicious potato vodka (gluten free!), gin and a rye whiskey. All of their spirits are handcrafted, and the entire team is completely hands on. One trend that I think has been touched on but not explored thoroughly is seed–to-bottle, which is the natural successor to the ubiquitous farm-to-table. It’s natural that people will start thinking about their booze as much as they think about the food that they put in their mouth. Woody Creek Distillers personally grows and harvests ingredients for their spirits. WCD does not purchase neutral grain spirits to make any of their spirits and never will. Their potatoes are hand-harvested, trucked in small batches to the Basalt distillery, and processed on-site within days for unparalleled freshness and purity. All of their drinks are delicious, but my favorite currently is the Descent, made with potato vodka, organic pear juice, vanilla syrup, and a hint of coconut infused vodka.   Hint: get a friend to pick you up after, or take the bus!

Castle Creek Road–  Castle Creek Rd, Aspen, CO 81611

This is my favorite road to explore, any time of the year. There are so many hidden gems to pull off and enjoy along the way. In my opinion, it’s one of the best for taking in the fall foliage. In the winter, the road is completely blanketed with snow, which makes you feel as though you’ve been left in a different world. I could spend hours exploring all of its nooks and crannies, and of course taking pictures!

 Cloud NineAspen Highlands, Top of the Cloud Nine Lift, Ski-in ski-out only

Two words: champagne showers. There’s a reason they call it Cloud Nine…Cloud Nine is a cute bistro located on mid mountain on Aspen Highlands. The restaurant is open for lunch with two seating times, at noon and 2pm (you want the book the 2pm)! Once you’re settled in and noshing on fondue and raclette with friends, the restaurant suddenly turns up the music (around 3pm) and everyone immediately jumps on top of the tables and starts blasting champagne.

John Denver Sanctuary– 470 Rio Grande Pl, Aspen, CO 81611

Located just a few blocks from Main Street, the John Denver Sanctuary is a serene park where visitors will not wonder for long where soon learn where “Rocky Mountain High” came from, with Denver’s songs etched into large rocks, snuggled in between the Roaring Fork River and gorgeous wildflowers on end in the summer. There are also many benches hidden within the park, as well as spots where you can bring your four-legged friends to splash around in the water. Luckily the sanctuary is located across the street from my office. My co-workers and I visit often in both summer and fall to find inspiration during team meetings.

April Morlock: Free People Blogger


Belly Up Aspen– 450 S Galena St, Aspen, CO 81611

The only official music venue in Aspen, the Belly Up is a MUST when visiting. From local bands to artists who sell out Madison Square Garden, there is always someone playing. I love the venue for many reasons: first, because of its intimate setting. The Belly Up only holds 325 guests with a full open seating floor plan, so it allows you to get up close and personal with any artist passing through. A few of my favorite and wicked memory-inducing shows include Matisyahu, Zella Day, Zion I and the Grouch and Chromeo. Second, this venue is actually where I met my now fiancé almost six years ago, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Don’t forget to stick around after a show — many times you can snag the set list and have the artist sign it for you!!

Conundrum Hot Springs – Castle Creek Road, Aspen, CO 81611

By far one of my favorite hikes in Aspen. With a distance of almost 17 miles round trip, this is one not to miss while in the Rocky Mountains. A moderate to difficult hike due to the distance, most hike with backpacks geared with tents and sleeping bags for an overnight stay. After hiking through fields of wildflowers, hopping across creeks and climbing vertically for what seems like forever, you are rewarded with natural hot spring pools and a breathtaking backdrop. My fiancé and I usually do this as an early morning day trip, waking up with the sun to beat the crowds. We trail run most of it with light packs filled with water and lunch to enjoy at the top. If a 17-mile trail run isn’t for you, look into staying the night with a group of friends for a full conundrum experience!

Ute Trail– Ute Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

This is a great post-work trail, accessible by foot from downtown Aspen. The trailhead starts at the base of Ajax. Take note — this hike is not for the faint of heart. This steep, heavily worn trail ascends 700 feet in just .9 miles. Yet, worth it for views at the point that overlook all of Aspen… If you’re looking for a little more of a workout you can head all the way up, continuing another 2,300 feet to hit the summit of Aspen Mountain. Reward yourself with drinks at the Sundeck and enjoy the backcountry views of the Rocky Mountains. If you’re not looking to head back down on foot, snag a free ride on the Gondola to take you back to town. You can catch many Aspen locals hiking up the Ute daily for a true Aspen workout!

Big Wrap– 520 E Durant Ave #101, Aspen, CO 81611

Talk about burrito heaven!!!! Quite literally a weekly, if not daily lunch spot for all Aspen locals. Big Wrap is more of a grab-and-go kind of vibe with less then ten seats in the whole joint. With burritos named Mr. Potato Head, Wrapzilla and Babs-e-que there is nowhere to go wrong when ordering. This place is cash only, so make sure you stop by an ATM before heading over. Also, if you’re thinking of ordering between 11:30-1pm, expect to wait in line for at least an hour. Calling ahead is always a good idea!! Make sure to say hello to Babs, the owner of this burrito heaven — you can find her there making burritos on the daily, rain or shine.

Leadville – Leadville, Colorado 80461

The ghostly but very much alive neighbor to Aspen. Only accessible from our side of the mountain during summer months, this is the day trip of all day trips. Home to my favorite antique shop, Western Hardware and to some of the best Colorado’s 14’ers, our summers are never complete without at least a dozen trips to Leadville. Leadville will take you back to OG mining days, with blocks of historical architecture. There is always something going on, so make sure you check out the events before heading that way. Even if there isn’t a 100 mile bike race or marathon to catch, the endless trail running and mountain exploring is enough to head over the pass!!

Well, there you have it — all the best spots to hit in Aspen, Colorado. The amazing thing about this mountain town is there are hundreds more locations to explore. From summer to winter, Aspen falls nothing short of one beautiful adventure!

+ Been to Aspen yourself? What are some of your favorite local spots? Share below!! 

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Your Fresh Writer, fulfill May!

Deliver a comfortable hello to the latest FP writer (although definitely not a new comer to FP)… with no stranger to a lot of of you about the IG… welcome, May. <3

I was raised within the woodlands an extremely tired neighborhood surrounded by  surrounding hills, of Alaska. Elevated in really taken off the remainder of the nation , an Athabaskan residence, I invested my youth times angling at our cottage, finding misplaced within the woodlands and hiking glaciers on the road to my grandparents. Being among eight kids, there is never a boring second within our home… journey, fun and inquisitiveness were usually inspired, and that I couldn’t think about a much better method to develop…

Two decades fast-forward and that I discovered myself in residing and love in Co, once more developed& nbsp. I fulfilled with my today fianc one-night while browsing a buddy from college and not quit…my two- vacation converted into five decades and that I am not therefore ungrateful for each moment. Aspen is just a correct hill city full of inexplicable miracle that certainly will continually be my&nbsp and took my center;forever house.

We are taken by that . I’m residing by a week ago in Philly, now 000 kilometers from wherever my& nbsp started, beginning a brand new trip with People whilst the latest website associate. As Philadelphia is extremely distinctive from something I’ve skilled, I m THEREFORE thrilled to reveal to you all existence from my perspective and also to create a brand new speech towards the website!! I guarantee you it’s-a great one…






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Direct picture chance by Beck Rocchi.

Picture 2 & 5 shot by Nate Wilson.

The Open Road: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Post image for The Open Road: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Nature in many forms, loneliness, and signs from the universe… all part of the open road.

When I first began dreaming about this trip – about finishing grad school and hitting the open road – I thought about Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. I hadn’t heard much about this place but the idea of sinking my legs into warm, knee deep sand at the base of some snowy mountains sounded like a fairy tale and for some reason became my symbolic idea of freedom.

From my last stop, snowboarding with a friend in Vail, Colorado, I drove five hours south through the valleys and snowy pastures of the Rocky Mountains towards Great Sand Dunes National Park.

I pulled off on a dirt road ~20 miles north of the dunes to camp for the night at a place called Valley View Hot Springs. After soaking in the springs and meeting some friendly nudists, I cozied up in the back of my car to read and watch the sunset which was followed by a heart-dropping crescent moonset.

Road to the lovely Valley View Hot Springs



I woke up the next day, did some yoga in the morning sun, made coffee and breakfast and went to town to pick up groceries for the next few days. There’s only one campground open in the winter that’s close to the park called Zapata Falls Campground. Getting there involves driving ~20 minutes up a bumpy dirt road to the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. After the morning errands and the longer than expected drive, sunset was fast approaching so I decided to post up there for the evening. The dunes could wait one more day.

Zapata Falls ended up being a magical place. The elevation of the campground provided spectacular views of the sand dunes and a short hike gave access to the base of the frozen Zapata Waterfall. I had never seen anything like it. The falls and stream were frozen at the surface but liquid water still flowed between the ice and rock beneath. The sound of this movement was a beautiful, hollow cacophony I’d never heard in nature before.

Great Sand Dunes NP from Zapata Falls

The Frozen Falls

After waking up to frost inside my car I was ecstatic to finally be able to sink my feet into the warm sunbaked sand of the dunes. The park is ~30 sq. miles and is completely open for roaming, playing and exploring. I decided to hike to the “High Dune” which is about an hour from the parking lot and 750 feet high. To approach and tramp around these monstrous, transient monuments you have to first walk through the braided, cool, ankle-deep Medano Creek.

Medano Creek and High Dune, upper left.

Despite being winter and believing that I was in relatively good shape the hike was hot and strenuous. For every 2 steps up you sunk 1 step down and the sandy slopes exposed to the sun burned your feet if you didn’t move quickly enough. But every now and then a cool patch of snow hidden beneath wet sand would provide your feet with sweet sweet relief.


Snow beneath the sand

The juice was worth the squeeze and the journey to the top was sprinkled with tired footprints and beautiful patterns of wind blown sand.

Top of the “High Dune”


Some people rented boards or sleds to slide down the slopes which looked incredibly fun but involved a mega sand blast to the face which was hilarious to watch. An equally rewarding way to get down was to run. Each step forward propelled you 10 feet down the dune making the descent an easy, fun 10 seconds compared to the sweaty 10 minute travel up.

Sand blasted sled ride


Great Sand Dunes National Park had been wonderful. It contained nature in so many forms – mountains, snow, forest, sand, stream, desert. I felt grateful for my time there, for my dream come true. But it was also a time on my trip that I began to feel lonely. I missed my family and friends and had been camping near the dunes for 2 nights alone after having recently spent a week by myself around Arches National Park. I also had a week ahead of me that was unplanned which, though I had left open on purpose, felt somewhat daunting. I really just wanted someone to talk to, hang out with, and keep me company even if that someone was a stranger.

And then, on my last night camping near the dunes, I met someone incredible.

A girl walked past my camp site and I asked her for change for the campground fee. She kindly gave it to me in exchange for a beer. We realized we were both solo female campers, shared a celebratory high five, and ended up hanging out all night. The things we had in common were astonishing. We’re both 25-year-old female geologists. We both had spent time in New Zealand – me for research, her studying abroad. She had worked in Seattle, I just finished grad school in Seattle. We are both rock climbers. She had spent a lot of time in Nepal – a place I planned on going this summer and wanted to know more about. She is Zen Buddhist – I had just finished reading Siddhartha, and was interested in Buddhism and meditation. We laughed and shared life stories of struggle and stoke. She felt like a long lost friend. Before she left we exchanged information and I hoped I’d see her again someday.

It was truly amazing. I felt like I had sent a message out to the universe and it had been answered back to me in full force. Again and again good things kept happening to me on this trip that I couldn’t explain. I felt incredible. The next day I asked my friend Dan (from the Red Rocks post) if he’d join me for a week of rock climbing in Indian Creek. He was game and so I headed back to Utah for a week of fun, hard climbing with a partner in crime.

Let’s Transfer, Colorado!

Post image for Denver, Let’s Move!

Match Claire and Kathryn, two uplifting girls of CorePower Yoga, Colorado…house to our next #FPLETSMOVE event!


I came across my yoga pad 5 years back, trying to find a much better feeling of home and further link with my body and brain. I started to peel-away the levels using the extremely actual workout and walked right into a Yoga course. Yoga and myself aswell to these& nbsp related me further.

Yoga has created me a much better companion in ndash existence &; a far more empathetic buddy and co worker, spouse that was more individual and & nbsp Yoga links individuals, systems and thoughts.

FPyoga (1 of 26)  FPyoga (7 of 26)Yoga-trioFPyoga (17 of 26)

Kathryn fulfilled in the CorePower Yoga business on rsquo & Colorado;s& nbsp Road. I had been a yoga instructor that is reasonably fresh, knowledge of the exercise and buying coach to develop my training. Kathryn immediately bonded. An unwavering relationship has been together generated by the numerous hours we ve invested within the yoga space.

Today, included in rsquo & Yoga;s advertising group, I reach reveal yoga’s nature in methods with Kathryn. Through occasions, co- pressing one another to complete our greatest and continuously training courses, we’re accurate companions in discussing the effective psychological and bodily advantages of yoga using the Colorado neighborhood.

— Claire Ewing

FPyoga (22 of 26)  FPyoga (16 of 26)


I came across CorePower Yoga in 2005, amidst a difficult university expertise regarding self image disturbances. Yoga was my medication. Not just made it happen assist me clean my brain&rsquo away;s fabrications, it increased spirit my physique and capability to communicate with the globe and also myself. the capability permanently transformed me to stability nbsp equally&; nbsp & a powerful; psychological and exercise .

The CPY group was registered by me in 2013 whilst the business supervisor of the business in Colorado, plus one was the stunning and vibrant Claire. Yoga pupils were linked as by us first. Through reassurance and sincere feedback, we’ve had the chance to reinforce each other not just people in existence, but although as experts within the organization.

FPyoga (26 of 26)

Relationship in yoga may appear interesting because the exercise and also the pad promotes therefore significantly on a person degree. Partnership in yoga means: assistance responsibility, neighborhood and also the capability to identify a ‘ rsquo & me also; attitude. We encounter existence and its own good and the bad together although conditions might be various.

The #FPLetsMove strategy is just an ideal relationship for Yoga. Not just does the significance to maneuver motivate, however the neighborhood-pushed cooperation and link ignites. This is exactly what rsquo & yoga;s unique design to unify.

Images by Lenny Gottlieb

+ thanks Kathryn Smith and Claire Ewing! Visit them on Jan 27th at Blanc Colorado to get a romantic yoga class. Proceed below for the deets and also to learn about our additional #FPLetsMove occasions happening in Vancouver, Puerto Rico, London and New York!


Subsequently and Today

Post image for Then and Now

 become familiar with our website intern that is fresh, Emily!

I thought just like a kid center and my eyes available. Heading house to reconnect using some months of rest;hills, my loved ones and buddies, and the&nbsp. Precisely what I had a need to begin the Brand New Year off correct — vacations in Ouray, a little Co hill city of just one,000 people and a height of 7,200 ft. House within the accustomed hills that I maintain really expensive to my center, also it couldn’t have now been greater.   the wilderness without limitations, attractive and stylish was snow covered and chilly. It had been anything for to help make the vacations come to life I wished.


Whilst The New Year forms in, I’m in Philly to remain for some time! I ve exactly what a stunning trip it’s been to date and formerly interning within the Picture Business.

Like a fan of Free Individuals, the BLDG 25 website is just a location where a great deal of my extra moments are invested, which means this is just an awesome second for me personally. I m below having an outstanding chance to study from some women I’m ALSO stoked to become the brand new Website Intern and that I truly appreciate!

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Post image for Elevated

A photograph journal of the snow covered Co…

Chilly is just a term. It s a heat, room, colour, a disposition …a sense. Maybe you have been so chilly where, for the reason that second,  almost anything appears like it’d experience better? It had been raining after I arrived on Holiday in Co and 20 levels. The airplane boarded in Sarasota sporting hellip ripped trousers&;error #1. Used to do really a an undesirable work this holiday, although I understand I m a packer. I had been chilly because of its length. At-one stage, I looked along and also hair that body my face’s small lengths were freezing. The atmosphere is really slim at nbsp & this type of high-elevation;that , sometimes, it had been difficult to inhale. We required up a drive the flat-irons in Boulder about the last evening and pulled nbsp;to backpack a little around. We stomped through snow-covered floor and rose over stones. I wore gloves, but my fingertips still burnt in the chill, and. I had been to the stage&nbsp, in discomfort;that I had been going to reverse for that vehicle. However I noticed where I had been and searched up. Our 360 watch was not black – mountains, pushing  from the blue-sky beyond. Sights like this, you wear’t notice daily to them.

As well as in that second, there is no type of chilly to occur.









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CorePower Yoga — Linking to Home

Post image for CorePower Yoga — Connecting to Self

“CorePower Yoga origins an extremely actual exercise within the mindfulness of yoga, assisting pupils to alter their health in addition to their lives.”

This article originates from Kathryn Smith, Region Guide Yoga Teacher for CorePower Yoga in Colorado, CO.

“When I think about the move of months, as temps change along the mercury and existence pushes in an increased vacation speed,  I’m much more thankful for my CorePower Yoga exercise, when I am again advised of both truly effective outcomes of permitting my practice to be always a required section of my evening: more power + more self awareness.

KathrynCorePower (31 of 43)

“Power is like our muscles — the energy the more we acquire. Frequently, once the temps get cooler and our cultural calendars fill, we conserve any down-time catch on domestics in which to stay or be nevertheless. Ndash Yoga &; the exercise of mindfulness &mdash, but additionally not just its bodily positions; is just an effective gas for the lifestyles. By moving our power and moving and walking on our pads, we create significantly more than had anything been not completed by us at all. Your power is broadened, and our link with home is increased. We are given by this, within providing, self-awareness awareness’ period.

KathrynCorePower (17 of 43)

“self awareness may be the capability to recognize our relationships using the globe, our individual existence, our households, what’s greatest for almost any scenario: our professions and our relationships with ourselves. Today, significantly more than any moment, this is needed by us. Our devote this-world and the way in which we see ourselves produces mdash & a strong connection . Whether it’s the move right into a specific yoga position, or even the appearance at-one that people have now been trying months, for days, and sometimes even decades, connection strengthens to home.  That power uses us off the pad and assists us manage existence’s changes within the process.”

KathrynCorePower (26 of 43)

CorePower Yoga is likely to be starting their first business in Philly, Pennsylvania on Dec 4 — straight across in the Free People shop on Walnut Road! They’ll even carry an array of FP Motion item, from Feb!

KathrynCorePower (42 of 43)

If you re-in the region, please visit and state rsquo you&;re a buddy of rsquo & People;s! Or even better, subscribe to a-class, and create that link with home! It may be among the greatest presents you provide this vacation to yourself.

Pictures thanks to Lenny Gottlieb.

Me Requires Colorado

Post image for FP Me Takes Denver

Colorado is a lively town along with home to not just beautiful hills, but& nbsp of our incredible FP Me customers!

We were registered by eleven of these FP Me customers to get an evening of Colorado-centered breakthrough and pursuit. The day started whilst the ladies collected at our recently-renovated and extended Free People shop in the Cherry Creek Mall, prepared to design the day’s clothes for that first-stop at Crimson Rocks. Only A brief travel in the busy town, it had been an ideal spot to avoid and discover the sunlit, cold hills. Pursuing their attractive backpack, the FP Me women fulfilled Colorado nearby and shooter Lenny Gottlieb with the help of Nicole Marcelli and Tempe Ellie for a romantic FP Me photo-shoot.

The group subsequently relocated onto a warm yoga course at nearby beloved Corepower Yoga. Within their recently talented FPMovement items, the girls loved a personal course with two teachers, Kathryn Smith and Claire Ewing, leading them into new poses and methods prior to making their method to Accurate Food Home to get a supper of edamame dumplings, vegetable teriyaki containers and cooked pasta squash. What’s much better than excellent food, great organization, and each day saturated in thrilling actions? Notice under to get a peek into so just how unique it had been.

:FPMe_Denver (10 of 68)FPme (38 of 86)

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A large because of Corepower Yoga and Accurate Food Home for having us!

Photography by Lenny Gottlieb and Tempe Ellie

This article originates from our website intern, Monica

+How can you invest your ideal evening?

Behind The Contact: Match Shooter Henry Gottlieb

Post image for Behind The Lens: Meet Photographer Luke Gottlieb

Meet up with the guy accountable for shooting a number of the most popular FP Me girls! 

With camera at hand, Lenny, AKA VictorOfValencia, journeys round the northwest, taking spectacular times over time. In the landscape of Co to pictures that are beautiful, the pictures  cause you to is produced certainly by him experience anything. I deb change them out& nbsp and effortlessly consider all of his scenery pictures. Our interest was captured by him after he shaped innovative associations with a few of our Colorado-centered FP Me women, and he& rsquo.

In party of our current Colorado shop growth (it’s doubled in dimensions and today shares motion, intimates and sneakers by last Fri!), we’re hosting a unique FP Me blast in the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. you are able to speculate who the person behind the contact is…

Become familiar with more about Lenny under, and stay tuned in to determine more of today’s take about the website!

FPInterviewPhotos (4 of 25)

Reveal about oneself. Where are you from/wherever are at this point you, what would you do, and just how did you can what your location is? 

I elevated and had been created within Carbondale, Colorado’s hill city. Certainly a few short occasions are after I have existed outofstate, but I’ve created Co my everlasting home. Presently, I reside in Colorado, that will be this type of excellent place for me personally. Our university years were invested in Durango where I obtained a diploma in Environmental Reports but, soon after I transferred to Colorado buying freshstart, I went “all-in” when it comes to my innovative pathways, that are photography and audio. Which both has a thriving industry here in Colorado.

FPInterviewPhotos (21 of 25)

When did your trip with photography start?

I’ve her film-camera after I was small and vibrant recollections of my mother. I suppose I had been elevated to check out the brilliance of the areas in addition to the small issues in existence, the facts within the tree-bark around me. I’d usually obtained& rsquo;t till I had been 24 after I found my heavy love for this & nbsp;a preference to photography wasn. It appeared to have taken my creativity significantly more than something. After I started initially to place the contact at people along with areas that’s.

FPInterviewPhotos (7 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (24 of 25)

VictorofValencia…what’s the tale behind your Instagram manage? 

Interesting that is asked by you. Many people within the “ rdquo social networking&; globe contact me Victor, which usually breaks me-up. I am known by our buddies . Victor is clearly my middle title, called after my grandpa. Near to wherever my grandma resided Valencia was a place beyond L A. I place two and it simply appeared right at that time. Valencia retains some kind of meaning in my experience, addressing sort of “ rdquo & vacation; area. There go to go to let a location. Perhaps I ought to visit Italy?

FPInterviewPhotos (18 of 25)

You photograph lots of our FP Me women that are favorite out west. Did these associations that are innovative type?

Our Free People associations started when my group, “Bud Bronson & The Great Timers” continued our first Westcoast visit. We’d another band accompany us for that first-leg of this visit and also the bassplayer of this group, Nate Wilson, was committed to Emerald Wilson, today an excellent buddy and also the Free People Superhero badass you-all have become to understand and adore. Colorado is also lived within by her. We started establishing limbs around the town and struck it down artistically.

FPInterviewPhotos (15 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (16 of 25)

How can you explain your photography design?

That’s usually a difficult issue to solution. It grows frequently, in addition to this content, but I’ve usually leaned toward a far more organic aesthetic — clear, emotive and minimum. In my own face function I really like to share the wonder IN  try and an individual to & nbsp the story by aesthetically recognizing the scenery or atmosphere where the topic prevails. Occasionally I run from a specific design. I believe rsquo & that it;s very important to discover of taking a look at issues fresh ways. It s not simply unreal. It s essential for me.

FPInterviewPhotos (9 of 25)

Co is nbsp;for all factors, & among my personal favorite locations. What’re the most effective three locations you’d suggest to go to within the condition?

The Fantastic Sand Dunes are undoubtedly among the many magical places you can visit. They’re other worldly and, because of this, they’re appealing. Stage people toward several of those hill cities although from the hills, I will& rsquo aid like Aspen, Carbondale, Ouray. They maintain some incredible places of the own. Because it may be the starting indicate the leave nation, a location that retains 1 / 2 of my spirit the mountain is fairly amazing, also. The additional distance is made by do . It really is definitely an oasis.

FPInterviewPhotos (17 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (1 of 25)

Exactly what does an average evening within Luke’s existence seem like?

Lenny days are times that are excellent, I should state. It frequently starts having a mug an individual hearing celebration of a number of my personal favorite photos, of dark espresso and me editing focusing on all kinds of tasks. Next I jump in my own vehicle and push towards a number of strange metropolitan places for limbs or even to the hills. Weirder the greater. Upon my return focus on fresh tunes, approaching visit models and I aircraft in to the business to banter with my group buddies and examine& nbsp.

Should you were to eliminate out your camera carrier, what might the items seem like? 

Our camera bag isn’t a tote that is conventional. It s more of the reliable orange backpack with all of your necessities. Inside it: camera batteries that are additional an National banner, snack cookies that are fish, beanie headlamp journal and headphones. I would have the ability to endure an apocalypse.

That said, in the event that you needed to take on a single camera and just one contact for that relaxation of one’s existence, what wouldn’t it be? 

One camera along with a contact to tip all of them? I’d possibly opt for my complete- the 35mm artwork and also body Nikon 1.4. It’s anything of elegance.

FPInterviewPhotos (25 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (20 of 25)

Who’re a number of your preferred photographers?

There’s therefore much expertise available. So me encourage. Recently, I’ve been amazed from the functions of Bryan Castillo , Dylan Furst and face grasp Rob Isy.

FPInterviewPhotos (2 of 25)

Wherever wouldn’t it be should you might choose any area on the planet to take?

Without doubt, the main one location I do want to proceed at this time is Norway. I believe about this every single day. Every single day.

FPInterviewPhotos (23 of 25)

Do you’ve to whenever you re-in need of motivation any individual favorite photography sites you change?

I often take a look at a lot of my personal favorite photographers on Tumblr and Instagram for motivation. I discovered to play guitar by subsequent& nbsp guitarists’ voicings and riffs. From there I had been in a position to create my very own speech that is audio. I believe exactly the same applies. I usually take a look at rsquo & others; my very own inspires and develop.

FPInterviewPhotos (14 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (13 of 25)

Should you might provide any ambitious photographer one-piece of guidance, what wouldn’t it be?

I’d state that the only factor that is most significant would be to have a possibility. Genuinely believe you’ll stay on course and that that which you are performing is correct.   Step the corner off in to the unfamiliar, whether it’s attempting anything fresh in the grander plan of seeking photography in general or within an image.

FPInterviewPhotos (12 of 25)

FPInterviewPhotos (19 of 25)

What’s the tale behind your preferred picture you’ve actually obtained? 

There’s this winter picture I got a few decades back of the cottage alongside a water in Vail, Co (see below). It had been throughout a snowstorm and that I remember because it seated silently across the hillside sensation tranquilized within the second. Winter is extremely classic for me personally. I guess where I originated from and it tells me of youth. There wasn’t something aesthetically exceptional concerning the picture but, in my experience, it stays among my favorites for that feeling it established me in.


Make sure to follow Lenny on Instagram, and take a look at more of his function below