Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

As hemlines rise with the temperatures, it’s time to focus on your two best summer accessories…

This post comes to you from contributor Arden Andrews.

As spring finally gives way to summer this month, it’s officially time to consider your two most important warm weather accessories — that set of stems you’ve been wrapping in denim and lycra for the majority of 2017. Swapping ankle-grazing hemlines for leg-baring looks is all about preparation, which is why we’ve put together your DIY guide to buffing, hydrating, and protecting your gams for a season in the sun. Below, the necessary steps to letting your legs live their best life this summer:

Step 1: Polish to Perfection

Dryer times leave your legs dull and ravaged of moisture, making circulation-boosting exfoliation the key to bringing the life back to your lower half. Buff away dead skin cells with a nourishing salt scrub, or pair your favorite body wash with a sisal bath brush to slough off dull spots while encouraging blood flow—a must for maintaining youthful skin long term.

Step 2: Elevate Your Routine

Toss your plastic pool toy of a razor for this glam upgrade that’s designed specifically to minimize irritation and ingrown hairs. The nourishing neroli oil acts as an equally modern alternative to notoriously drying shave foam, replenishing skin with vitamins and fatty acids as it allows the blades to safely glide across the surface.

Step 3: Build Up to It

There’s a reason chic French visionaries like Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker popularized the suntan—a bronze glow has the uncanny ability to hide imperfections and sculpt limbs, especially when it doesn’t come at the cost of aging UV rays. With a paraben-free gradual tanning lotion or organic tan extender, you can build that flattering shade of color at a believable rate — no pretend trip to Bali required.

Step 4: Protect Your Assets

It may feel as though you don’t need to block up your legs because they seem to burn at a slower rate than your face and neck, but get serious — the most common place for melanoma on women is their legs. And if that doesn’t scare you straight, the photodamage from extended bouts of unprotected sun should — no one’s trying to rush into crepe-y knees and sunspots faster than they’re fated. This organic, water-resistant SPF formula sprays on consistently sheer, so you won’t have to waste a minute rubbing it in.

Step 5: Let It Gleam

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a turn on the dancefloor, a little luster never hurts. Shimmer products not only dazzle our senses, they also camouflage (or shall we say, enhance?) problem areas with the help of light-reflecting particles. And as if a superfine dusting of rose gold wasn’t tempting enough, this formula adds the healing powers of bentonite clay into the equation, plus leaves behind the soft scent of lavender as you march confidently toward the next heat wave.

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The Sweet Part Five Heating Tub

Post image for The Sweet Life, Part Five: Winter Warming Bath

Soften the wintertime blues away with this specific purifying bath…

This article originates from our buddy Abbye Churchill — performer, herbalist and co author of A Wilder Existence, due out Jan 28th. It’s likewise the final of our 5-component sequence centered on residing The Sweet Existence.

As rsquo Jan&; relaxing climate and s gray heavens get store, hiking right into a sizzling warm bathtub may appear to be an ideal fix for the wintertime blues. This formula provides glowing warmth and lively colour back again to your body utilizing herbs often present in Ayurvedic and Western traditions. German grey sea-salt, full of trace nutrients, helps parched skin and irritated. Your skin invigorates, improves blood flow and seriously warms your body. Cinnamon assists body pains aching muscles, as well as symptoms and seriously detoxifies your body. But, this bath’s actual celebrity is turmeric. Recognized because of its anti inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, herbalists have now been using turmeric to cleanse your body and recover several skin problems curcumin, because of its active component. These herbs are coupled with grounding necessary oils of Tx and sandalwood   as your body seriously stimulates Cedarwood to greatly help middle your brain.


Heating Winter Bathtub

(Makes tub. To create in mass, merely dual or double the formula.)

Supplies (per bath):

⅓ mug German grey sea-salt

1 tbsp Floor ceylon cinnamon

2 tbsp Ground cinnamon

3 tbsp Ground turmeric

Florida Cedarwood acrylic

Sandalwood acrylic

Cypress acrylic

Glass or ceramic dish


Air tight pot



1. Calculate out your sodium and herbs.

2. Mix herbs and the sodium in bowl or a glass and take together.

3. Include your oils that are vital towards the sodium spice combination. Start for your ideal mixture and allow your nose show you with 10 falls of every acrylic. Take ingredients.

4. Move elements to an air tight pot to shop your bathtub for later.

Instructions for Bathtub:

To organize the bathtub, first ensure that you eliminate all whilst the herbs might spot lightly-colored apparel and towels in the region. Attract the bathtub, ensuring it’s not regularly cold and include your sodium tart mixture. Bathe for atleast 20 units and rinse-off with heated water. You ought to be warm and good whenever you get free from the bathtub. Cover yourself in relaxation and a quilt. Because as the body proceeds to eliminate contaminants and warm you in the inside-out of the ginger you might sweat after your bathtub.