Wellness Encyclopedia: Chlorella + Spring Green Chlorella Smoothie

Wellness Encyclopedia: Chlorella + Spring Green Chlorella Smoothie

Embodying just about everything spring and green represent — renewal, harmony, positivity…

Spring is the season of green. Of leaves and buds bursting forth, and of fresh spring greens filling our plates. After months of hibernation, of fortifying root vegetables and squashes, it’s hard not to cheer when yet another farmers’ market opens for the season, to hold ourselves back from jumping for joy at the first sighting of spring asparagus or a bunch of technicolor tulips waiting to sit fat and happy in a vase. And CSAs! How could I have forgotten CSAs? Delivering goodness right to our doors. Of course, though we might pile our plates with fresh fruits and veggies, it can be hard to get all the green we need from day to day. But that’s when superfoods step in to the rescue, working with our bodies to heal, nourish, balance and protect. Chlorella is one of these foods. Embodying just about everything spring and green represent — renewal, harmony, positivity — chlorella gets to work spring cleaning the system of heavy metals and toxins while delivering an impressive dose of nutrients, it’s the perfect way to boost your intake of greens. If you’re new to the blue-green gorgeousness of chlorella, read on to learn all about this interesting algae from Japan and to find a nourishing spring smoothie recipe.

What is it? “Chlorella” actually refers to a genus of emerald green single cell freshwater algae native to Japan and Taiwan. One of the oldest-known species on the planet, chlorella is integral to the health of freshwater food chains and has been studied for decades for its use as a potential food source due to its impressive nutritional profile (Fun, if potentially distressing, fact: it was heavily studied in the 1940s when it was believed a boom in population would cause global food shortages). Now used primarily as a supplement, chlorella cells feature a naturally hard outer cell wall that make it indigestible to humans, which is why most chlorella supplements note a “cracked cell wall”, a process that makes it absorbable by the body.

What are the benefits? If you have trouble eating your greens, chlorella can help! Chlorella gets its gorgeous emerald green hue from its high concentration of chlorophyll, which has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, detox the system, protect cells from oxidative damage, and more. While it can’t replace your greens completely, 3 tablespoons of chlorophyll-rich chlorella contains 16g of protein, 202% recommended daily allowance of iron, and a massive 287% recommended daily allowance of vitamin A (along with magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B2 and B3). Of course, a typical serving of chlorella is about a teaspoon, which is why you’ll still need to load up your salad with all the good stuff, but when taken in tandem with a healthy diet chlorella can boost the nutrient content of your foods considerably. Along with adding essential vitamins and minerals to your diet, chlorella detoxifies the body by binding to heavy metals present in the system. This is key for those undergoing chemotherapy or who have been exposed to lead, and could even be beneficial for the heavily tattooed, as tattoo ink contains trace amounts of heavy metals. Chlorella has also been shown to increase the good bacteria in the gut, leading to a healthy immune system and better digestion.

How do I use it? Beautiful chlorella mixes easily with water, making it super simple to add to your routine, however there’s one major drawback to this… it tastes like chlorella (if you love the taste, more power to ya… please tell me your secrets). The flavor of chlorella is easily masked when blended into green smoothies, especially those with a tropical twist like the one below. It also mixes well with miso, salad dressings, and fresh-pressed juice. Have a no-fail chlorella recipe? Please share!

Spring Green Chlorella Smoothie

Serves 1


1 tsp Sun Potion Chlorella powder

8 oz coconut water

2 large kale leaves, rinsed and de-veined

½ cup fresh or frozen mango chunks

½ cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks

¼ cup fresh or frozen blueberries

½ tsp powdered ginger

Optional: Protein powder of choice or scoop of hemp hearts


Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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Screening, Screening: Normal Chlorella

How can our fave amp Elegance &; Wellness items truly compare?

Within this sequence, I’m likely to function as the guinea pig, journaling my ideas and dropping the beans on these I adore. In the end, existence is all about learning from mistakes.

Fulfill: Natural Chlorella By Sunlight Concoction

Dimension: 3.9 oz (55 portions per container)

Preliminary Response: This material is super-duper GREEN.


What’s Up? I had been buying total food supplement to function earnestly into my daily program. Like a veggie, it may occasionally not be tender to obtain& nbsp; meats and the best quantity supplements that I. And so my research was begun by me. I needed anything exceeding in efficiency, and easy to create. Although studying about superfoods, I came across chlorella and, holymoly, this material is loaded with treats. Let you are introduced by me.

Natural Chlorella. This single celled, water developed micro-algae complement is saturated in vitamin density. Comprising all b-vitamins, Vitamin-C, E Vitamin, beta-carotene, proteins, magnesium, metal, nutrients, along with a greater quantity of protein (over 50PERCENT) per grams of fat than beef, this superfood helps cleanse your body and facilitates digestion.



After a little bit of study, I had been offered. Have I been residing without this material? Purchase. Growth. I needed this in my own life.

Accessibility 1: Our enchanting container of chlorella came today that is late. I m likely to begin it very first thing each morning. I ve study that& nbsp usage is best on a clear belly, in order to provide the body the chance to nbsp & greatest;digest the nutrients all.

Accessibility 2: Well, that sampled balanced. I simply combined 1 teaspoon of chlorella. It wasn& rsquo. I really like acutely inexperienced drinks, full of kale, and that was only a little greener not than this. If which makes sense it felt real. Nutritious, uncooked, and full of flavor that is natural. In a way that is great.

Accessibility 3: rsquo & I;m on evening five of chlorella. Today I included  my day shake and it. It s formally worked into my program and I’m excellent after each beverage, comprehending rsquo & that I; my body being helped by m.

Accessibility 4: & nbsp thirteen of chlorella was designated by today, nearly fourteen days out. I will truthfully state rsquo & that my physique;s digestive tract is currently changing for that great. I don’t wish to get into way too many information on that, but allow& rsquo issues are getting easily. TMI.

Accessibility 5: rsquo & I;m happy. I’m superior my wellness, about myself, and my power is even not a tad secondary. After I lacked some crucial supplements and protein throughout my evening, I experienced a little slow. I m thrilled of obtaining these nutrients from the ease. Actually throughout a frantic& nbsp  a teaspoon of dust in my own can be effortlessly tossed by me to go mug.

I m providing this material a-5-star ranking. It s today essential- have. I would recommend combining it right into a shake if you should be delicate to “ green preferences. But understand mdash & this; this superfood it is this kind of easy method to assist the body remain healthy, and is extremely simple to digest.


This sequence is about seeking new issues all.I by what to test next from bell-bottoms to lipbalm deb like to notice your suggestions. I would like to understand within the remarks!

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