Behind the Scenes: Sets & Pets

Behind the Scenes: Sets & Pets

A behind-the-scenes look into our newest Movement collection… 

We teamed up with two of our favorite office pups to bring you the newest addition to our Movement line — sets! Here’s to kicking off running season in style from top to bottom, and to not only feeling good but looking good. Scroll through to shop the newest looks.



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Photos by Jana Kirn.

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Behind the Scenes: Island Life

Behind the Scenes: Island Life

Diving into our latest lookbook, featuring the lovely Maya Strepper…

Paradise can be defined many different ways. Right now, though, we think it’s safe to say it looks like the Bahamas, with model Maya Strepper. Soak in the sun-drenched hues, vacation-approved silhouettes and breezy shapes that echo the spirit of summer, while you get to know the girl behind the face…

How many islands in the Bahamas have you been to?

Only once — on this trip to Eleuthera!

Favorite island in the world?

That’s a tough one, as there are so many places on my list that I haven’t yet seen. But, from the islands I have visited, it has to be Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. It’s magical!

Sunrise or sunset?


Wake up early or sleep in?

Definitely sleep in! I actually like the sun to wake me up. 🙂

First thing you pack in your suitcase?

This really depends on the destination. But usually it’s my favorite bikini.

Favorite tropical drink?

I am not really a fan of sweet drinks, so I’ll go with a Moscow Mule or a Gin Basil…

Best memory from this trip?

My amazing team and all the fun moments we had together — little dance-off’s in between shoots!

Top 3 travel essentials?

Coconut oil to keep my skin and hair smooth, a good book, sunglasses.

What do you post more of on vacay — Boomerangs or photos?

I am obsessed with Boomerangs at the moment! They just catch the vibe better!

Next planned vacation?

I’ve been dying to go to the Maldives, but haven’t made the time yet.

Do you prefer an active or lazy vacation?

I always plan a lazy vacation but end up being super active. I just don’t know how to chill. I always feel the urge to explore as much as I can.

Best island workout?

Surf and swim!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to bring one person with you, who would you bring?

My boyfriend, so we can play Adam and Eve… though hopefully with a better ending! 😉

What is on repeat on your playlist right now?

“Rewind” by Kelela, “It’s a Vibe” by 2 Chainz.

Words to live by?

Be true to yourself!

Most recently used emoji?


Suitcase or backpack?

Backpack, because I love to travel light!

+ Be sure to start your summer off right by shopping the full lookbook here

Huge thank-you to our studio team for the images!


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Behind Your Dec Catalog’s Scenes

Action behind the contact of shooter Graham Dunn for several sneak peeks of our Dec list… 

Every month I wait the appearance of my fresh Free People list. Nbsp & they;have an method of whisking absent one to some faraway dream property of elegance and style. 2016 introduced us with a spectacular edges of the stunning edges of Sydney & mdash the vibrant& nbsp and also our planet, to mention several.

Dec& rsquo guide provides the world touring home. Actually. We shot the list about the People university within our BLDG 25. It centers around simplicity’s ability and rsquo & one can impact; s feeling and enables rsquo & one;s positivity. Chance from the gifted shooter, Graham Dunn (who likewise shot our May guide in Hawaii), the list includes a selection of versions — five actually — covering five various people and power. With every switch of the site, search a brand new character and perspective exists.

I had been ready to present a couple of questions to Graham, in addition to FP Mature Stylist Coryn concerning the blast. Take a look below.




How can you explain the feeling of the list that is brand new?

Coryn: The Dec List idea was about the pleasure of attire, how altering your ensemble can alter your feeling, provide assurance or emphasize another aspect of one’s character. We decided on a selection of mdash & versions; pairing sensuous and gentle, edgy and difficult. I really like how vibrant this guide is hellip; each site includes a diverse sensation — pleased and vibrant, light and sensuous, marked and awesome.

Graham: Minimalist, immediate, tranquil.

What was your preferred second of the shoot?

Graham: I truly loved capturing a dark & bright face of Crista Cober… occasionally you may experience that all of the numerous aspects of a blast have aimed while you’re-shooting which’s when it’s probably the most enjoyment.

Coryn: As usually, I liked dealing with we — therefore much motivation and fun. My personal favorite second was our night time mdash & change periods; building making and chooses the format. This blast was a genuine work of love.

You will find five beautiful versions within this list! How can you explain every model’s different people?

Coryn: these were all-so stunning in various methods. It had been enjoyable the job with rsquo & each design;s find and character the best ensemble to intensify her. Occasionally exactly the same search on numerous women would attempt to obtain the match that is correct.

Why is you most thrilled about that list being released?

Coryn: I really like how clear this guide is — it’s truly about the ensemble and also the mindset.

Graham: I love absolutely the ease of the list, it’s very awesome to pare everything right down to simply the fundamentals. It s thrilling to put on a tough copy of the list inside your fingers and find out the finale of rsquo & a lot of individuals !

What’s the most funny thing that occurred on-set?

Graham: Possibly Crista obtaining folded round the business in a huge recycling container. Additionally Maker, Devin, required us out to determine Philadelphia during the night… we consumed at two competing cheesesteak restaurants which are next door from one another and we noticed the absolute most terrible karaoke of our lifestyles at Lewis’s Content Birthday Club.

Coryn: We constructed a collection and colored it various shades through the blast — first white, subsequently rose, and lastly seafoam. Our fave second saw our Production Adam, in his artist ensemble , located on the greatest actions painting once we were capturing below.





Hair by Henry Chamberlain and Alberto Guzman. Make-up by Samuel John and Jennifer Nam.

+ that which was your preferred list of 2016? Abandon your ideas within the remarks.

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Behindthescenes with Frackowiak

With hair that appears excellent, no real matter what the current weather…

Using the beginning of cooler climate , why don’t you accept the opportunity to& nbsp;decorate with unforeseen levels and beanies that are big? During our Vacation ’16 list blast, hairstylist Blake Erik discussed a fast suggestion to producing hair look excellent under any winter limit, on the one and only the unique Magdalena Frackowiak:

“ utilize sodium spray outrageous and stops of one’s hair whenever your hair is fairly near to dry. Allow your own hair dried using the top lengths hidden behind your ears to obtain a minor flex within the entrance to shape that person. This produces an all natural influx that continues all day.”





Behindthescenes: Yoga and Annie McGinty

Behindthescenes of our current yoga photo-shoot + an unique meeting with design and yogi McGinty.

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie

Cali girl Annie McGinty lately graced us together with her existence within Philadelphia. Never a far more laid back, spirit that was real exists. We required a couple of minutes off-set to request her to talk about  hellip & several fave wellness guidelines; notice below!

IMG_1518 copy


What’s your preferred method to transfer?
I’deb need to state skateboarding! You will get actually exhausted while since it requires a large amount of function carrying it out. I m aching the following morning easily skate all day long. It surely helps abs and your thighs! It’s ideal for your primary, and it’s so much enjoyment.

IMG_1510 copy

What would you consume Post Workout?
Often I create a shake with pea protein dust (that will be the key component in all my shakes), plus a large amount of great things like blueberries, blueberry, cocoa, maca, — so-delicious, also it keeps me complete!

IMG_1585 copy

What’s your go to yoga transfer?
my personal favorite yoga transfer? Absolutely a back that is good flex. The wheel! It starts your shoulders up so much since&nbsp that will be ideal for me .

Outside, normal or warm yoga?
I really like sweaty yoga. Certainly not in a space that is warm, but one which enables you to move much that a perspiration breaks.



What section of yoga is the favorite that is complete?

That sensation you get whenever rsquo & you;re-done. It s thus calming and helps you to launch pressure and all tension in the evening. Really healing.

How will you get every single day yourself shifting?
I ensure that you obtain a great exercise in most single-day. I-live alongside a river that produces& nbsp easily may’t obtain a course in, rsquo I&;ll get a work to& nbsp;get going. It s so good and free to obtain outside. I visit yoga if it rains!


IMG_1532 copy

+ Store Free People’s yoga selection below 

Office-Style Ebony

Presenting& nbsp,& nbsp;Ebony People ’ in as well as s Associate Website Art Manager – house hellip & design specialist; we guess you’ll once we are be affected together with her.

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie


Bombay Container, Slouchy Available Blazer, Around City Flames

Explain your placement at People.
I’m the Helper Website Art Manager and my work would be to idea and orchestrate the net sets every single day. I make use of electronic technology, a shooter, and stylist to carry each selection out everyday. I m accountable for supplying make-up and hair path in addition to the entire feel and feeling. I aid the stylist to ensure the selection appears manufacturer suitable, natural pushing the manufacturer forward.

Like a young girl, what did whenever you was raised you wish to be?
I usually desired to be considered a dancer! I had been an expert ballroom ballerina for 18 years research style and I chose to provide it-up. Our mother was a little like “where did this originate from?!& rdquo. Like a child I had been usually into dance, behaving, and performing. I suppose I’m nevertheless notably of display issues in a visible method and the artist since I have provide. But dancing was usually my desire!


What’s your preferred element about your work?
my personal favorite element is participating with a wide variety of groups. It s excellent to work well with such various kinds of individuals with the objective that is same. I work everybody, with the artwork group, selling, customers, statistical people! Like an individual that is imaginative I really like dealing with such thoughts that are various. The best thing about Free People is the fact that everybody touches the merchandise no real matter what division you’re in.

What’s the toughest component?
my personal favorite part can also be the toughest element! It’s occasionally challenging attempt to make certain most people are on a single site and to work well with a wide variety of individuals. Conversation is crucial although it may be difficult sometimes. We work-in this type of busy atmosphere but we’ve to maintain and drive on everything forward. We start countless items each week therefore its difficult to keep informed on which s present and drive the merchandise providing forward to interact our international FP customers all. The everybody, the conversation could be on a single site.


What’re some myths about your work?
That it’s usually really attractive! It’s not! You will find a large amount of function behind everything along with extended hours. Whenever we display selection or a lookbook, it usually appears thus aesthetically great. Occasionally you will find last second items, occasionally draw it back or you’ve to drive forward a note, once the item comes or anything you actually concepted is completely distinct. Individuals frequently believe we simply place apparel on versions and make sure they are appear fairly but a company is really to safeguard and designs to uphold. At the day’s end we’re therefore it s truly not only about prettiness, there s much that adopts it to create it function a company that offers item.

How can you explain your individual design?
I’d prefer to state it’s very refined. I often stay glued to a general natural scheme, bright, and dark. I m in a Birmingham attitude therefore rsquo & I;m usually carrying dark. I don t summer that is grasp perfectly since rsquo & I;m not used a genuine summertime to having! I simply use my top and my trousers . Drop is rsquo;m thrilled for this to obtain a tad cooler & my personal favorite season without a doubt I. Expense items that function no real matter what are liked by me. I often purchase points I simply adore no real matter what although clearly all of US purchase into developments. I make certain it suits since it&rsquo into my wardrobe !


Where perhaps you have resided and just how have your individual design impacted?
Just Before being in Philly I had been in Birmingham! I absolutely discovered just how to coating because the months aren t most evident in Birmingham. I usually bring an umbrella and use shoes and comfy boots. I likewise layer only incase there’s freakish climate (you are able to usually consider anything down or include anything on). There s excellent road design in Birmingham to help you&rsquo and all areas is wholly distinct . It creates you usually wish to store since I possibly could possess a curated clothing therefore visiting Philadelphia was good. Birmingham is this kind of fascinating location that you will get involved with celebrations and road tradition and events. You simply desire to all be involved with it.

I resided in 2005 in Ny. I had been really impressed by road design there also. I had been a great deal newer and simply getting started and so I was wanting to detect various developments…didn’t always possess the monetary support for all those type of issues haha…and so I could be innovative with thrift-store discovers! But I really like you re thrilled by what actual individuals are sporting and that each section of Ny is really various.

What’s the very first thing whenever you awaken you need to do each morning?
FaceTime my mother! Each and every morning without crash!

What item inside your wardrobe are you able to not reside without?
Our Acne leather jacket. When I transferred…its-kind of struggling today since I ve used it I purchased in Philadelphia. However rsquo & it;s absolutely my go to item.

What technique that is design must every woman understand?
Usually use the best undies for the garments! Additionally & ndash bring safety-pins and amini roller in case!


Come Out: Behindthescenes

Seriously collection for the newest party take… 

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie

Have a look behindthescenes of our newest FP party blast, Come Out, offering the spectacular Luma Grothe. And make sure to party like no body is viewing…

IMG_0424 copy

_MG_0541 copy

_MG_0571b copy

_MG_0567 copy

_MG_0583 copy

_MG_0636 copy


IMG_0680 copy


+ Which party search have you been caring? 

September Survey with Makeup Expert Deanna Hagan

Post image for July Preview with Makeup Guru Deanna Hagan

Actually wondered about  rsquo & a artist;s greatest -stored strategies? Properly, you nbsp;in fortune & re. Obtain expert guidelines and methods from Deanna Hagan, the wonder specialist behind our September Catalog. 

Hagan lipsticks her method and is definitely an artist eyeshadow, encounters her fabric. Although her miraculous contact and perfect masterpieces have adorned the addresses of Free People catalogues for a long time, we experienced it due time for you to keep in touch with her here. Enjoy her specialist beauty guidance via a revealing Q&An under.


What bit of makeup are you able to not reside without?

Oh goodness, one is hellip there may be since stunning skin a great lotion the just correct just starting to make-up! And second will be mdash & an eyebrow groomer; the facial skin is shaped by brows.

Declaration attention or top? 

A watch since you may say-so a lot more using the eyes (wink).

What’s a suggestion you’d suggest to create skin shine? 

Beverage lots of water, consume great clean produce (clearly) and exfoliate. A great encounter rub together with your fingers using water is fantastic, also should you wear’t have an scrub you prefer. Follow that the skin will follow.

How will you accomplish the eyebrow that is perfect?

Begin back-up occasionally in the reflection and sluggish. Load having a light eyebrow colour, clean the locks into position, after which utilizing a pen or dust as-needed. Eyebrow pomades are loved by me. Keep in mind that no two eyebrows are likewise, and rsquo & that;s than worrying over excellence interesting.

What makeup developments would you remain behind?

Minimalist. I believe selecting one function to spotlight is stunning and remembers the wonder in most people.

btsjuly_poloroids3 IMG_6558

+ watch out for that September list striking the website quickly! 

Pictures by Jana

On-Location For Off the Grid

Post image for On Location For Off the Grid

Interior decor motivation from our newest lookbook’s group, Off The Grid.

Located on the peaceful piece of beachside property in Malibu, The Home happily stands. Built-in 1970 Harry Gesner, by renowned builder, The Sandcastle features a few of the most – revolutionary and thinking styles available. The house is circular in ndash & shape; departing no abandoned space and made from materials and timber.  Gesner, a home-trained builder, enthusiastic reader, and (clearly) formidable, informed his partner Nan, when she decided to wed him, he’d design a home on her with this specific lot in Malibu. She thank heavens, and decided, since  it is filled with love, and among the many elaborate and innovative houses actually constructed nevertheless stands.

We shot at our current lookbook, Off the Grid, below. It s mouth- stunning and shedding. Austere and liked. It s nbsp & a house; wherever love and actual life has had origin and also the leftover power is palpable. Possess a peek under, and rsquo & don;t neglect to check the lookbook to get a deeper look out!





Alongside The Sandcastle, May Be The Cooper Influx Home, a different one of Gesner’s styles (described above). The Influx Home is round but has wave-like although like The Sandcastle designs cresting toward the sea. The Influx Residence is Gesner s many renowned home also it s recognized that it was created by him while resting on his surfboard within the sea, utilizing an oil pencil.







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Move of Saldanais Appeal Cover Blast Behind-the-Scenes

This was originally posted on along with the image used.

Zoe Saldana Cover Shoot BTS

About the group of her minute Appeal address blast, captured by Patrick Demarchelier in Nyc, Saldana excitedly turned through shelves of pink-tinted sportswear. “I really like crimson,” she explained. “It Is my personal favorite colour.”

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