How to Do Sydney Like a Local, According to Lano Founder Kirsten Carriol

How to Do Sydney Like a Local, According to Lano Founder Kirsten Carriol

What to see and where to swim, eat, and shop in the Australian city…

This post comes from our contributor, Katheryn Erickson.

Spend five minutes chatting with Lano founder Kirsten Carriol about life in Sydney, and you may find yourself plotting exactly how to move there. “Sydney is very relaxed — it’s all about getting outdoors, having healthy food, and going to the beach,” she says. “You’ve got this cool vibe-y city, but you can drive 20 minutes and be alone in a national park. That’s the magic of Sydney.” Here, the creator of the lanolin-based beauty line shares her picks for everything from the best place to pick up fresh jam to the most unforgettable swim you’ll ever take. Ready to book your ticket?

For a perfect Aussie beach day…

Sydney has a super wiggly coastline, which means that there are tiny beaches everywhere. But Bondi Beach is the closest of the big ones. It sounds cliché because it is such a famous spot, but it really is quintessential Sydney. We live nearby and there are people on it all year. Everyone from babies to 80-year-old surfers make their way to Bondi.

For the most iconic Sydney meal…

Brunch at Bondi Beach is absolutely huge, and Bills started the whole scene. They’re famous for their sweet corn fritters: smashed avocado, lemon juice, alfalfa sprouts, and corn fritters with chili jam. It’s killer. I’ve been having it for 20 years.

For an insanely gorgeous walk…

Exercise and eating healthfully is an absolute must in Australia. We have gyms, but most Sydneysiders stay active outside in the fresh air. There’s this amazing trail called the Bondi to Bronte Walk and it’s the most spectacular thing. It takes about 45 minutes and you walk along the cliff tops and the coastline — there’s just nothing better.

For taking a (shark free) dip — with a view…

Icebergs is a public, natural swimming pool where the water comes in from the ocean. It got its name because it is so cold! The pool has been there since the 50s, and when Bondi was still really quiet, all the locals would go there; 60-year-old surfers would do laps at 5am and then go and surf. If you’re a swimmer and you’re healthy, it’s exhilarating. The restaurant is another place everyone must go for dinner or lunch. The views are the pinnacle of Sydney magnificence, and the Parmesan & pea side dish is legendary.

For a facial that’ll cure even the worst jet lag…

Jocelyn Petroni does the most relaxing facial in Sydney; everyone falls asleep under her fingers. She’s also number one for manicures by a very long way. She does all the photo shoots and the most perfect, pared back nails.

For a farm-to-table experience…

The Grounds of Alexandria is a farm you can go to in the middle of Sydney. You can spend a whole day there: They’ve got homemade jams, the best coffee, and everything they serve is grown in their vegetable patch. There’s also a potting shed where you can pick your own veggies, herb gardens, a flower market, a pig called Kevin Bacon, and a rooster named Russell Crow(e). It’s very farm vibe-y, which I love because I’m a farm girl.

For shopping like a local…

Paddington Markets is where a lot of Australian designers, like Zimmerman, got their start (I remember them being there!). People set up stalls on Sunday and take them down at the end of the day, and it’s still a fertile ground for up-and-coming brands. There’s an outdoor market at Bondi too, which is cute and a bit more hippie with handmade candles, natural soaps, and essential oils. Sydney is also very big on growers’ markets at the moment, and Carriage Works has beer, local-made cider, and artisanal cheese. It’s very curated — total urban hipster heaven.

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Why Australia is the Original Frontier for Natural Beauty

Why Australia is the Original Frontier for Natural Beauty

These two skincare imports have your summer routine handled…

While South Korea might be a wellspring of beauty inspiration, Australia has long been an incubator for natural, plant-based remedies. They were among the first to spread the gospel of paw paw ointment and tap into the healing power of native botanicals that thrive in extreme conditions. With a culture built around appreciating the outdoors and giving back to the earth, you could say Aussies are the original holistic beauty tribunes. Here, we spotlight two must-try brands directly imported from down under that will illuminate your skin, revitalize your body and transform your self-care routine.

Soak Society 

Founder: Natalie Thorogood

Best Known For: “We make wellness bath soaks using only all natural ingredients such as salts and clays, and only use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance.”

Brand Philosophy: “#Hustlesoakrepeat is our tagline and mantra! It means go out there and work hard to create success in your life, but make sure you are scheduling in ‘me-time’ for rest and relaxation also. That is SO important. If we aren’t burnt out, we can’t produce our best work, or be present and giving in our relationships. So look after YOU first.”

Secret Ingredients: “When I created our first wellness soak three years ago I was very set on the core ingredient being epsom salt. That was actually the basis for forming Soak Society — I couldn’t find any other brands in Australia making bath salts without the use of synthetic ingredients that were based on epsom and clay, with essential oils. I haven’t swayed from this recipe for all of our wellness soaks — they all have epsom and a different kind of clay for detoxifying, different essential oils, and various salts like Celtic and pink Himalayan.”

Sustainability Mission: “I only use sulphate- and paraben-free skincare and body care, and only use natural or homemade products for cleaning the home. We buy organic or spray-free vegetables and fruit at the farmers’ markets and take our own baskets to avoid plastic bags. I’m definitely not perfect though… I try my best to make conscious choices every day, and I eat a vegetarian diet.”

Bestseller: “Lately it has been our Sleep Wellness Soak, which combines lavender and chamomile with calming white clay and oatmeal for a deep restful sleep.”

Newest Launch: “Our Noosa Wellness Soak — jasmine, lime and lemon myrtle scented. This soak is a fresh and zesty ode to our hometown in summer.”

Homegrown Beauty Remedy: “I’m not sure if this common in the US, but as a child when I was sick my mum would make me do a facial steam with eucalyptus oil (to clear the sinuses), and now I just love the smell of eucalyptus, I can’t get enough. It is such a versatile oil, too! And facial steams are so great for the skin, I try to do one once a week and sometimes add other flowers or essential oils like rose to calm the skin and open my pores. This ensures your expensive serums that you put on your face afterwards are absorbed well!”

What “Free” Means to You: “To me it means ‘free spirit’ — being true to yourself by doing what your heart and soul desire.”


Founder: Stefan Hair Fashions

Best Known For: “Luxurious, high-quality hair, skin and self-tanning products that are environmentally-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.”

Beauty Philosophy: “Our mantra is #wecoconutdaily by infusing coconut into our daily lifestyle. Whether it be through health, beauty or diet, we soak up the goodness of this superfood in its every form.”

Secret Ingredient: “We believe 100% certified organic coconut oil is the key ingredient to a healthy and functional hair and beauty regime, which is why this miracle ingredient is included in all EcoCoco formulations, like our Body Butter and self-tanners.”

Sustainability Mission: “The EcoCoco range is free from sulphates, parabens and PEGs. We are proud to be vegan and cruelty free, with renewable and recyclable packaging.”

Homegrown Beauty Remedy: “The Australian lifestyle is synonymous with being outdoors so investing in a natural beauty brand to ensure skin is looking and feeling healthy all year round is incredibly important to us Aussies! We love the sun and showing off a beautiful, natural glow. Our favorite tradition is heading to beach with friends and soaking up some vitamin D.”

What “Free” Means to You: “Free to us means being free in life; a free spirit. The EcoCoco girl is free-spirited, passionate and confident in her own skin, always seeking adventure and forever chasing the sun. She’s the one with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye.”

+ Check out more from our Aussie community here

Lead photo via Free People Australia / Madeline Joyrelph

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KIKI Health Streamlines Your Summer Supplements in One Sleek Sweep

KIKI Health Streamlines Your Summer Supplements in One Sleek Sweep

KIKI Health founder Cary Kikis explains what you need, why you need it, and how to use it…

At this point, we all know that the key to a balanced beauty routine is curating what goes into our bodies with the same attention that we give our skin care regimen — but navigating the waters of endless capsules, juices and cleanses can be a task so overwhelming it’s tempting to skip it altogether. What are the rules for stirring, swallowing and spraying our way to wellness? Rather than curling up into a ball when faced with a library of supplements, we turned to KIKI Health, the powerhouse brand that’s streamlining the superfood beauty game with simplified options wrapped in sleek, photo-worthy packaging.

Cary Kikis launched the brand almost two decades ago after falling ill and finding that incorporating a clean lifestyle and pure supplements into his diet helped cure the same ailments that doctors were unable to remedy. Inspired to share the benefits, he created the natural, cruelty-free line of best-sellers by incorporating pure ingredients that deliver a beauty-packed punch. From energizing Maca Powder to cleansing Aloe Pure gel, Cary guides us through the WHAT, WHY and HOW of the wellness essentials designed to take your summer beauty game to a deeper level:

MOOD & IMMUNE-BOOSTING: Body Biotics Capsules

WHAT: “This is the ultimate immune system wellbeing and vitality booster. Our probiotics are made from soil-based organisms that prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and provide the same health benefits we used to enjoy before the introduction of harsh chemicals into our farming world in the mid-50s.”

WHY: “A healthy gut can have phenomenal health and wellbeing benefits… Aside from digesting our food, our gut also has a role to play in hormone balance, detoxification, and elimination, energy and vitality, immunity and believe it or not, our mood! They help to replenish your natural friendly flora and restore a healthy balance between “friendly versus unfriendly” gut bacteria. This rebalancing supports better digestion, improves nutritional absorption, and enhances the immune system.”

HOW: “It’s best to take them on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal and not with anything hot. During Week One, take one capsule a day, 30 minutes before food with juice or pure water. During Week Two, take one capsule twice a day, and during Week Three, take one capsule three times a day. Maintain six capsules per day for six months (or longer), at which point you can reduce to two or three capsules daily.”


WHAT: “The yellow gel contained on the inside of the aloe leaf has been used for centuries as a natural, safe, non-addicting internal cleanse.”

WHY: “We all need to cleanse our bodies at some time, and what better way to do it than with pure aloe from the potent aloe ferox plant. The leaf contains active enzymes to help break down and dissolve foods.”

HOW: “Just one potent capsule will help relieve the body of toxic waste build-up which is essential in today’s environment. Take one capsule with an evening meal for two to four days, then use as needed.”


WHAT: “Maca is a robust vegetable root that grows in four different colour ranges — red, yellow, purple and black, each with their own unique properties. Ours is a blend of all, encompassing their benefits and offering you a unique nutritional profile.

WHY: “The vitamins and minerals in this powerful Peruvian root will help boost your immune system, stimulate energy, improve fertility, balance hormones, increase libido, and provide a nourishing boost.”

HOW: “Used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Andes as a warrior food, the Inca warriors used it in preparation for battles to increase strength and endurance. But it’s not just because I want to be a warrior that I love it! It also tastes great in smoothies, adding a delicious caramel and nutty flavour with an array of pure vitamins and minerals. Drop a teaspoon into your smoothie or use as a sweetener for healthy treats.

MULTI-USE MIRACLE: Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

WHAT: “We searched high and low for a really amazing coconut oil that was full in flavour, whilst pure and unaltered — this is cold-pressed, organic, virgin oil.

WHY: “When heating oils for cooking, they become oxidised and release dangerous toxic chemicals. Coconut oil is one of the safest oils available, with so many benefits that range from both internal and external.”

HOW: “I love to cook with it, add it to my smoothies, and use as a skin and hair oil! As a beauty aid, you can use it to moisturise skin, lips, remove eye makeup, and it’s even known to remove grey hair! Try mixing 1:1 with organic turmeric powder to form a paste and brush teeth for two minutes. Not only will this naturally whiten your teeth, but it is excellent for the health of your gums and protection against cavities.


REPAIRING & RELAXING: Magnesium Oil Spray

WHAT: Magnesium is a mineral that is often overlooked, even though it plays an essential role for over 300 enzymes in the human body.”

WHY: “This mineral helps to promote overall wellbeing and relaxation. If the body has the correct level of magnesium, skin will feel more supple, you’ll be less likely to feel tired, and your muscles will repair themselves more efficiently (especially after exercise). It helps to relax and de-stress, and therefore aids in a more restful sleep.”

HOW: “Our Magnesium Oil Spray is a lot more absorbable when sprayed directly on the skin as opposed to taking it orally, as it bypasses the digestive system where some nutrients are not absorbed. It can be used directly on problem areas, such as cramping and stiffness in muscles and joints. After showering, when the pores are more open, spray and massage well into the skin.”

BALANCING & STRENGTHENING: Alkaline Infusion Powder

WHAT: “Jam-packed with nine powerful ingredients that help establish balance and enhance immunity, this blend can help the body to rebalance pH levels and neutralize acid. Alkalizing minerals, calcium, potassium and magnesium balance pH while acerola cherry boosts essential collagen for skin elasticity and bamboo powder strengthens hair and nails.”

WHY: “In a fast-changing world, we can easily consume too much food and drink that make our bodies acidic. Balancing the acid/alkaline pH levels in the body is one of the most crucial metabolic functions required to sustain long-term health. An acidic body can be a haven for unwanted viruses and bacteria which can mutate into more serious illnesses and diseases.”

HOW: “I use it as my very own beauty elixir! It has a refreshingly citrus sherbet taste that is a sweet treat for fruity lovers alike. Stir 2 teaspoons into water and drink, or try mixing into green powdered smoothies and juices to sweeten and add an extra zing!”

+ Check out the full line of Kiki Health here

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FP Me To You: For the Love of Music

FP Me To You: For the Love of Music

The final post in our April music-themed series, featuring Azure

You could be standing in a sea of people and you can feel it. Sitting alone on a rainy day, peering through a window of water droplets, you can feel it. That spirited current flowing through your body, finding its way so effortlessly around your heart. You feel it.

I remember the first time I heard my own music. I was 5 years old and began singing away in the bathroom, mesmerized by the echo of this newfound voice bouncing around the room. My parents overheard me and led me into my Primary School’s Church choir. The first time I performed filled my entire little soul with this thrilling high, an overwhelming love that I had never before experienced. I promised myself I would never lose this feeling, that I would live it and music would be my forever passion, my forever dream.

Music is a beautiful, powerful frequency…

That has the ability to evoke a sense of connection in a somewhat disconnected world. This heartbeat is my home and the rhythm that flows through the streets is an invisible force holding us all together. Jazz to hip hop, classical to rock and roll, each song contains a poem, words fluently strung together that tell a story of life. It’s a place where, no matter who we are, we become relatable to one another. The way a luminous melody and a simple beat can affect the human experience is nothing short of magic, able to arouse a kaleidoscope of sensibility within us.

I want my music to bring bodies closer, show people love, show them vulnerability, show them strength, and show them my release, a place for self expression, a place for them to feel, everything, anything, something. I’ll invite you into my world to expose you to this raw high, awaken your fire, and enliven your heart with just you, me and the music.

Below is a recent cover I put together with a couple of my wonderfully talented friends in a beautiful old church that I have grown up singing in. I would love for you to have a listen, breathe, and enjoy, may it take you wherever your heart desires. Creating is so important in this world, so please… no matter if you sing, play, paint, write or just feel, open up your heart, let go, be free, express your story, I promise you, sparks will fly and you will feel it.

Love Forever, Azure x

+ Check Azure’s Bon Iver cover here and be sure to follow her on Instagram and FP Me!

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FP Me To You: An Earth Day Playlist

FP Me To You: An Earth Day Playlist

A road-trip playlist inspired by Mother Earth herself…

This post comes from the FP Me muse-ically gifted Azure

This past week I ventured via road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay for the 5 day Music Festival Bluesfest. As soon as we hit the highway, I knew the call of emerald green fields and gold delight with hit us soon enough. This week has floated by with mornings spent in a lucid breeze, gently awakened by the song birds and sun-kissed trees.

I know the US is currently celebrating Earth Day and the beauty of the National Parks, but please remember the importance of remaining grateful every day for this incredible land we have been blessed to walk upon. With that, please share my road trip playlist, inspired by Mother Earth herself. Now take it and go explore, smile, dance, sing, walk barefoot along the Earth. Feel the energy, run, leap, fly and LIVE!!

Thank you Mumma Nature. <3

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FP Me To You: Escape Within Your City

This week, Azure shares a few of Sydney’s hidden gems…

This post comes from the FP Me muse-ically gifted Azure

When people visit Sydney, Australia, they often leave only having scraped the surface of what this equally chilled-out/bustling city has to offer. I want to take you on a journey to my hidden gems, in my Sydney.

Orchard St Bondi/Paddington

The people and places you surround yourself with, the thoughts you create and the food that you put into your body all contribute to what you radiate outwards. Which leads me to an enchanting place of pure magic I stumbled upon a few years ago. Orchard St is a home of wellness, where nourishment is present in many ways, through the beautifully vibrant creations that fill your body, the friendly smiles that fill your heart and the positive vibes that fill your mind. The space is painted in passion and a gentle calmness that always leaves me with a feeling of content love. Sending love to yourself is just as important as offering love to others, learning to love ourselves from the inside out is an empowering message presented on a plate at Orchard St.

My usual order consists of two pieces of Toasted Life Force Loaf — one with turmeric macadamia butter and coconut nectar; the other, with tahini, avocado, sauerkraut and lemon. Topped off with a Magical Hot Elixir filled with salted caramel and purification herbs on almond/coconut mylk.

Such a dream… and makes for a very happy Azure and an even happier tummy, ehe. Also can’t forget to take away their Raw Blue Velvet Cake, best described as a creamy cloud of Blue Majik sandwiched between a rich cacao biscuit. <3

Lovett Bay 

When I first ventured over to Lovett Bay with my mum on the way to her work, I fell in love with it. Across the water lay a tranquil island only accessible by ferry — on gloomy days the boat dances with the rocky seas, and on sunny days the blue traveler glides freely upon the smooth waves, each day equally as thrilling, each adventure leading you to a fairy land of euphoria. When I reach the shore, a busy mind seems far away as I climb the wildwood trees, my inner child whispers in my ear, howling in the breeze. I like to come here and sit in silence kissed by the afternoon light, filling my body only with the pure scent of forest vines. There I remain, a steady heartbeat, and a sweet song  in the shelter of the trees.

Irrawong Waterfall 

Amongst the back streets of a suburban neighbourhood lies a secret rainforest hidden away in plain sight. Take a short walk winding around the sandy path, the vibrancy of evergreen leaves and the sound of falling waters will lead you out to a serene oasis. The air tastes of lingering rain, a calming rush beneath your feet and a pure breath to fill your lungs.

Wendy’s Secret Garden 

Disguised beneath the mask of Sydney City high-rises and concrete pavements rests an ode to a lost love, a visual romance reborn at the foot of artist Brett Whiteley’s home in Lavender Bay. After Brett’s passing in 1992, his widow Wendy carried the deep emotions of her loss and took the paintbrush in her own hands to create a magical escape, a secret garden open to the public, filled with fig trees that touch the sky, natives and herbs that trace the extraordinary gully below and, as kookaburras sing, the sun dances between the trees and blooming wildflowers.

Bungan Beach 

Growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a coastline of blissfully breathtaking beaches. Walking just a few steps, every day can be filled with crystal waters and oceans breeze to cleanse the mind, body and soul. Each morning I begin the day sat above the ocean’s edge, thanking God, the Universe and Mother Nature for everything and naming all that I am grateful for at that present moment. The stillness of my body and the vision of rolling waves bring me back to the centre of my heart. I find a particularly special place in Bungan Beach — accessible only via a steep driveway, this shoreline is hidden beside passing cars in a suburban neighbourhood and below whistling trees that lead you down to a secluded paradise. What I love most about it — there is rarely  another soul around when I reach the sand. It’s the perfect place to read to the sound of breaking tides, write your inner conversations down in your journal, or simply just close your eyes, breathe and be present.

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FP Me To You: Introducing Azure

All the way from Australia, this month’s spotlight is on the muse-ically gifted Azure… 
5 words to sum up your personality?

Passionately creative old soul with a heart on my sleeve and sparkles in my eyes. Not really 5, but… <3

Spirit animal is…

A Wolf.

What makes you happy?

Creating; loving; exploring; eating yummy, wholesome, plant-based food; smiling, eyes wide open to see the world… That makes me happy. But my ultimate, complete happiness lies deep within music. It’s this current that runs through my body and makes my heart fullest. To sing, for me, is to connect with others through my words, and invoke within them a feeling. That is a high I can’t live without.

What makes you sad?

Hurt present in the faces of people and animals surrounding me. I am someone that feels deeply, so when I see sadness in someone’s eyes, I want to help, I want to wash away the bad and replace it with love.

Fave city in the world/why?

I am lucky enough to live in such a beautiful country where there is so much to discover on the road through the vast land of rich kindness. If I were to pick a place in Australia… The Blue Mountains spark a little shimmer in my heart — a mystical wonderland. Once the haze clears, you can weave your body along the mountain tops, watching in awe as a pillowing sea of trees hug one another far beneath where you stand.

But America holds a special place in my heart. When I was over there a couple years ago I just felt this burning happiness, from the kaleidoscope of colourful streets of Santa Fe, to the Sacred Red mountains and star-filled skies of Monument Valley, from the rooftop lights of a Brooklyn loft, to the jazz-painted streets of New Orleans. There is this passion in the air that inspires my soul, a place for dreams.

There is so much yet to explore in the world, places I haven’t yet been, but places I have visited in my dreams, and I am sure along the journey I’ll find a little piece of luminous love in all of them.

Last dream you had…

One thing that I have always struggled with is remembering my dreams, once my eyes open to the morning rays of light. I feel so vividly and my imagination runs wild beyond closed eyes, so much that you’ll often find me in a daydream. But I want to recall the stories created in the silence of the night so I have started sleeping with a garnet crystal under my pillow that a friend gave me, and trying my best to write down whatever I remember when I wake up. Most recently I have been writing beautiful songs in my dreams, but true to my struggle, I awake and the songs disappear, but I know they are there sitting patiently in my subconscious for me to find, and that excites me.

What does free mean to you?

To be free, for me, is that moment when your body is moving in time with the waves, that moment of weightlessness, when you decide to let go of any fear holding you below the surface, holding you breathless, and you begin to radiate in love. Love is freedom, creating is freedom, self-expression is freedom, showing the world your truest heart and your sparkly eyes is freedom. That moment when you choose love over fear is when you are free.

Images by Esther Neyenhuys

 + Check back next Thursday to learn more about this FPMe muse…

Quickie Wellness: TONIK

“Personal experience has made me the biggest fan of natural elixirs, and I wanted to make it practical to indulge in them.”

This post comes to you from beauty contributor, Kari Molvar.

In her previous life, Pip Hardwood likes to joke that she was Cleopatra: a beauty junkie obsessed with bathing in natural elixirs. In reality, she was born in New Zealand, in the small town of Pukekohe, and raised among glass beakers and metal scales, with her dad being a chemist. That’s what sparked her interest in the healing benefits of natural tinctures and tonics. “I was lucky enough to work in his pharmacies and get to know the wellness industry through hands-on experience,” the 28 year-old says. In particular, she fell in love with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar—which she noticed cleared up everything from her digestion to her skin—and soon became staples of her diet.

Years later, Hardwood was busy working in the creative industry—as a graphic and web designer as well as a social media consultant and photographer—and realized it’s kinda hard to lug around glass bottles of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and thought: Wouldn’t it be easier to pop them in pill form? And, boom, the idea for Tonik was born. Since launching last November, the Australia-based supplement brand is shaking up the wellness scene, providing a super convenient gel-capsule solution for getting your daily fix of CO. and ACV without actually have to drink them. (And the graphic packaging is beyond chic—not what you expect from a supplement company, right?). Here, we caught up with Hardwood for a glimpse into her stylish, #dreamlife and what’s next for Tonik.

Where did the idea come from for Tonik?

Tonik is a concept that has been brewing for a while. It is a conglomerate of every aspect of who I am as a person. I spend the majority of my time on shoots in the South Pacific, and feel a kinship with islands. I have been taking both coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for years and have always treasured the concept of nourishment from the inside out. Personal experience has made me the biggest fan of natural elixirs, and I wanted to make it practical to indulge in them. Not everyone likes the morning chug of apple cider vinegar, so one day while sailing through Sulawesi with my best friend I thought, what if we could pack this powerful elixir into a digestible capsule? Traveling so much was really the ‘aha’ moment! No one likes traveling with breakable glass bottles of oil and foul smelling vinegar. Enter elixirs in capsule form, in a practical bottle.

Why focus on apple cider vinegar and coconut oil? What made these two ingredients stand out to you?

These two Toniks are my go-to’s. I have been taking both daily for years and, the more I spoke to people about it, the more I realized there was a demand for an easier way to consume these two ingredients. Both ingredients actually compliment the other perfectly, in terms of their respective benefits!

What kind of results can we expect to see?

The easier question would be what kind of results won’t you see. If you are in the business of looking like a glowing, radiant, perfectly balanced queen, then Tonik is the gear for you. Essentially it will nourish and balance you from the inside out. Your skin will clear up and begin to glow, your complexion will blend, your spots will disappear, your hair will grow, and that’s just the aesthetic benefits. Taking both elixirs regularly will aid digestion; fight infection, inflammation and bacteria; boost your energy; and improve your memory. The list really goes on and on and on.

Where you do source your ingredients?

Mother Earth. More specifically, they are both sustainably sourced from Sri Lanka! We are in the process of sourcing from the South Pacific as the goal of Tonik’s philanthropic journey is to give back and support local farms in the island nations. The South Pacific is so close to our hearts and we really want to support the growth and development of sustainable farming in these areas.

How should we incorporate these supplements into our lives? When do you take them? With or without food?

Take your Toniks with the rise and fall of the day. Pop 2 capsules of each with sunrise (or when you generally have breakfast) and sunset (or at dinner time). Depending on your individual constitution, Tonik should be taken with food.

What inspired the packaging design?

We at Tonik are huge fans of minimalist design. The bottles aim to be highly functional, but super on-trend and stylish. We noticed a huge gap in the market for beautiful products with branding that matched the benefits. The bottles are designed for travelers; they fit perfectly into the side pocket of your bag!

Tell us about the other parts of your wellness and beauty routine. Any favorite products, tips or tricks?

To be honest, using apple cider vinegar topically was a game changer and something I do consistently. It’s the best toner on the market! A splash of ACV on my face followed by Vintners Daughter has my skin glowing. It’s the same with using coconut oil topically. Tonik elixirs aren’t just beneficial in ingestible form; they pack a powerful punch on your skin as well. You can use coconut oil as a hair mask and for a rub down while you’re still wet after a hot shower—you’ll get smooth, supple skin in an instant.

Do you have a favorite DIY recipe or homemade beauty ritual you can share?

I love making homemade rosewater toner as well, which actually includes apple cider vinegar. When the roses in my vase are starting to wilt, I just boil them up for 20 minutes until the petals lose their color, then strain and cool the water. All it takes from there is a quick combination of witch hazel, apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential lavender oil. Perfect for a mid-flight spritz or a freshening up during the day.

What’s next for Tonik? Do you plan to launch more products?

We have a few secret elixirs in the mix, but right now we are focused on getting our first heroes to the masses. The beauty of the products we have is in their simplicity. They are products you would find in your mum’s pantry that you might have overlooked for the past decade. So who knows what will be next. Stay tuned!

+ What are your thoughts on Tonik? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more from Kari here!!

FP Me for You: Presenting Billie Edwards

Meet up with the ever-chill, ever-beautiful Billie…discussing the substance of FP Me along with you, through the month of Oct…

Five phrases to sum your character up?

Calm and mellow, however thrilled!

Nature pet is…



Why is you pleased?

Warmth from both climate and within people.

Finding the brand new, going right into a sea, understanding wellness, achievement’s sensation and  people around me’s fantastic number.

Why is you unfortunate?

If you find no method to avoid to become exterior, or no sunlight. Personally I think grey additionally once the globe appears gray.

Fave town on the planet/why?

Oh , difficult that is challenging query…I drop in deep love with towns that are fresh way too frequently. But (Asia) retains an extremely soft-spot in my heart. Why?  that I experienced the area with my favorite people, and since it is like on the planet. It requires a while but,   it s very an incredible place whenever you do.


Last desire you’d…

I m on recalling my desires presently working. I find it too difficult, sadly. However the last dream I lay in the mud at rsquo & my neighborhood;s seaside, taking a look at the superstars. The superstars started to twirl and transfer and control, developing a milky ice cream type of atmosphere.

Exactly what does free mean for you?

Free from bad and tension powers. The capability to be inconsistent, as crazy and impartial while you desire to be. The capability to illuminate the remainder, and also to concentrate on just the items that bring-you joy within existence. To become certainly oneself — on your own just, although not to be suffering from other s views.


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#MovementIsFree With Weinstein

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Find influenced to maneuver by amp & surfer; Lex Weinstein, skater!

This article involves us from Lex Weinstein.

I arrived without any objectives at the seaside. It had been a Mon and that I had simply flown from Sydney into LA, investing 14 hours of browsing my personal favorite spot Malibu thinking. There s no greater remedy for jet-lag than the usual dash within the ocean, rippling and slipping across the dunes in a natural party of cuts and mix actions ebbs and moves.

Nusa Halter-Top


That I got our first actions within the mud and as soon as my buddy Adam, our eyes widened with pleasure. Without examining the statement, we came across ideal, waste- my personal favorite problems, peelers for my record. Sunlight was comfortable and also the water quick, we exchanged off dunes with laughs spread and paddled in a craze.


“I understand a monster place for sundown,” tempted my nearby journey friend following a bounty of dunes under our devices, “with sleek cement if you like to truly have a skate.” I’d simply obtained a brand new Move from nearby skate enthusiasts Arbor Venice and was wanting to provide it a chance. A fast dried off along with push that is 10-minute and we cruised the residential roads of Large Dume along. Making sidewalk immediately echoed my amounts increased once more and the feeling of browsing. Using the breeze in sunlight and my hair on my encounter, it had been a smooth move in the watery influx party that I’d simply left.

Ehukai Rash Guard


Where we subsequently rose the high, exotic hillsides looking for a warm-toned skyline we rode towards the dunes. Actually the atmosphere was a painting combined with earth-tones and watercolor shades, a complete spectral range of rsquo & your day;s indulgences. Once we viewed the vibrant basketball of fireplace place in underneath the sea we exhaled a breathing of supreme fulfillment of the evening invested completely, by ocean and by property.

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Images by Adam Bartoshesky