Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

Keep It Short: Prep Your Legs for Their Best Summer Yet

As hemlines rise with the temperatures, it’s time to focus on your two best summer accessories…

This post comes to you from contributor Arden Andrews.

As spring finally gives way to summer this month, it’s officially time to consider your two most important warm weather accessories — that set of stems you’ve been wrapping in denim and lycra for the majority of 2017. Swapping ankle-grazing hemlines for leg-baring looks is all about preparation, which is why we’ve put together your DIY guide to buffing, hydrating, and protecting your gams for a season in the sun. Below, the necessary steps to letting your legs live their best life this summer:

Step 1: Polish to Perfection

Dryer times leave your legs dull and ravaged of moisture, making circulation-boosting exfoliation the key to bringing the life back to your lower half. Buff away dead skin cells with a nourishing salt scrub, or pair your favorite body wash with a sisal bath brush to slough off dull spots while encouraging blood flow—a must for maintaining youthful skin long term.

Step 2: Elevate Your Routine

Toss your plastic pool toy of a razor for this glam upgrade that’s designed specifically to minimize irritation and ingrown hairs. The nourishing neroli oil acts as an equally modern alternative to notoriously drying shave foam, replenishing skin with vitamins and fatty acids as it allows the blades to safely glide across the surface.

Step 3: Build Up to It

There’s a reason chic French visionaries like Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker popularized the suntan—a bronze glow has the uncanny ability to hide imperfections and sculpt limbs, especially when it doesn’t come at the cost of aging UV rays. With a paraben-free gradual tanning lotion or organic tan extender, you can build that flattering shade of color at a believable rate — no pretend trip to Bali required.

Step 4: Protect Your Assets

It may feel as though you don’t need to block up your legs because they seem to burn at a slower rate than your face and neck, but get serious — the most common place for melanoma on women is their legs. And if that doesn’t scare you straight, the photodamage from extended bouts of unprotected sun should — no one’s trying to rush into crepe-y knees and sunspots faster than they’re fated. This organic, water-resistant SPF formula sprays on consistently sheer, so you won’t have to waste a minute rubbing it in.

Step 5: Let It Gleam

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a turn on the dancefloor, a little luster never hurts. Shimmer products not only dazzle our senses, they also camouflage (or shall we say, enhance?) problem areas with the help of light-reflecting particles. And as if a superfine dusting of rose gold wasn’t tempting enough, this formula adds the healing powers of bentonite clay into the equation, plus leaves behind the soft scent of lavender as you march confidently toward the next heat wave.

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How to Spritz Your Vitamins: A Lesson from Linné

How to Spritz Your Vitamins: A Lesson from Linné

More than your average mist, Linné’s new formula is changing the skincare delivery game…

What do you get when you combine the ingredients of a multivitamin, the energy of a crystal garden, and the ease of a hydrosol? The answer is Linné’s clever skincare hybrid, Refresh Facial Mist, which is fast becoming a favorite of fashion’s elite, with style stars like Kate Foley, Michelle Violy Harper, and the Hadid sisters (Alana gifted it to Gigi and Bella this past Christmas) amongst its earliest adopters. And in a time where it’s hard to decipher which products are truly beloved and which are funded celebrity advertisements, Linné cuts out the guesswork by doing zero paid influencer marketing—meaning their fans are as organically grown as the ingredients in the bottle.

Jenna Levine, Founder & CEO, launched the brand just last year after decades of making her own skincare products from natural and edible ingredients, and over a year studying native plant botany and herbal medicine. In an effort to manage her own psoriasis and the cystic acne her sister struggled with at the time, Jenna explored a new delivery system for the ingredients she studied. “I love hydrosols and regularly distill my own, but I wanted to formulate something less familiar and address some sort of need,” she explains. “I learned that most Americans are deficient in magnesium, an element better absorbed transdermally (through skin) than via digestion. I saw this as an opportunity to create an easy-to-apply dermal multivitamin that combined a synergy of minerals to support cellular health.” With her careful blend of organic botanicals and raw minerals, Jenna’s recipe boasts the ability to remedy a slew of complications in the body and the spirit. “I think people are taking better care of their skin than ever before,” says Jenna of her logic. “Mists provide an affordable and easy delivery system that can be administered any time of day, making self-care super simple.” Below, the mastermind breaks down a few ingredients from her powerful list, and what they bring to the table:

Organic Sulfur: “softens the skin and improves permeability to clear the pores and allow products to absorb more readily. Additionally, it is known to prevent acne by controlling the rate of keratin production and improving the strength and elasticity of the skin.”     

Aloe Vera: “has 18 amino acids that work in association with other compounds of the human body to deliver numerous health benefits. The pure inner gel extracted from the aloe leaf is one of the best natural remedies for sunburns, skin abrasions, wounds, rashes acne and psoriasis.”

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid: “for mists to actually hydrate, they have to contain molecules like hyaluronic acid that attract and bind to water molecules. Some hyaluronic acid comes from rooster comb, ours comes from the fermentation of yeast. It is vegan, gmo-free and like all of our products 100% cruelty free.”

Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium: “inhibit free radical damage caused by the sun making them a welcome beach trio. Our copper is sourced from malachite, our magnesium from olivine, and our zinc from smithsonite. Beyond increasing cellular energy, oxygen, and promoting elasticity and firmness, these gems have metaphysical properties:”

Malachite: “is known to clear and activate all chakras, and is often called the ‘stone of transformation.’”

Olivine: “is celebrated for its anti-fatigue properties and for stabilizing emotions. It is also known to reduce anxiety and strengthen the immune system and metabolism.”

Smithsonite: “can relieve stress and boost the immune system, and moreover represents charm, kindness, positive happenings and auspicious new beginnings.”

+ Spritz away, and shop this game-changing dose of vitamins today

Lead photo by Jana Kirn.

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