Four DIY Detox Recipes for ARLO BLAK’s Activated Charcoal Powder

Four DIY Detox Recipes for ARLO BLAK’s Activated Charcoal Powder

This ultrafine powder is like a one-stop-shop for total detox…

Is a shot of pitch-black powder the newest way to supercharge your detox routine? At this point in the wellness game, we’re all pretty familiar with the general benefits of charcoal, the sooty, toxin-attracting particle that has the ability to sweep chemicals and bacteria off their feet — but thanks to a new no-nonsense, back-to-the-basics delivery system, you’re bound to become even more acquainted with the poison-trapping powerhouse.


Meet ARLO BLAK, the Australian-based brand that Alexandra Lawson dreamed up last year whilst looking for an alternative to the chemical-heavy products saturating the beauty market. “In an age of toxin overload, I wanted to create a product that was not only good for me, but also environmentally and vegan-friendly,” says Alexandra of the logic behind ARLO BLAK’s Activated Charcoal Powder, created from burning organic coconut shells in a process that creates the ultra-fine black powder with its famously porous, attractive surface. Fans of the brand like bombshell model Simone Holtznagel are already singing its cruelty-free, 100% natural praises.


Whether you’re mixing it into a face mask, polishing your teeth with it, or sipping it as a purifying elixir, the name of the game is DETOX. “Activated charcoal acts like a magnet drawing out dirt and oil from your pores, discoloration from your teeth, and toxins from your body,” Alexandra explains of the many uses the brand touts for its packet of unprocessed onyx dust. “Toxins from processed food and environmental pollution can wreak havoc on our bodies, destroying cells, affecting the functioning of our immune system, and contributing to early aging — ARLO BLAK binds toxins to help prevent damage, helping to relieve skin issues, allergies, and digestive problems like gas and bloating.”


The odorless, flavorless particles are meant to be mixed, so working them into a regular routine doesn’t require ousting your usual favorites completely, but instead sporadically adding a dose of detoxifying power. “I use it for a number of different health and beauty treatments,” Alexandra shares. “The benefits and uses are endless and I love when customers come up with new treatments.” Below, four of her top recipes for a purified future.




Your favorite toothbrush

ARLO BLAK Activated Charcoal Powder

ALEXANDRA’S HOW-TO TIPS: “ARLO BLAK helps to whiten teeth naturally, and get rid of stains by removing plaque and discoloration. Brush with the charcoal 2-3 times per week to kiss expensive chemical treatments goodbye and say hello to perfect pH balance and a big, bright smile!”

Try it in the shower to avoid any spotted mirror problems.

Dip your toothbrush in water and add a layer of ARLO BLAK’s powder.

Brush, brush, brush and rinse well with water.

Follow with your favorite toothpaste to get rid of any excess black residue (and leave a minty finish).




½ tsp bentonite clay powder

½ tsp ARLO BLAK Activated Charcoal Powder

ALEXANDRA’S HOW-TO TIPS: “My favorite masking ingredient to mix in is bentonite clay. Bentonite clay and activated charcoal are a power couple for removing dirt and impurities from your skin. When bentonite clay is mixed with water it tightens large pores, tones and firms the skin, reduces blemishes, controls oil and exfoliates. Coupling it with activated charcoal results in a super purifying and detoxifying face mask.

Start in the bath, because as your mask starts to dry, it will flake.

Mix half a teaspoon of bentonite clay with half a teaspoon of ARLO BLAK and a bit of water into a paste.

Apply evenly to skin, avoiding eye area.

Lie back and relax until the mixture feels dry to the touch.

Remove with a wet wash cloth and your favorite face cleanser or face wipe.



½ tsp coconut oil

½ tsp ARLO BLAK Activated Charcoal Powder

ALEXANDRA’S HOW-TO TIPS: “Take some time out and treat yourself to an acne-fighting, glowing-face-magic mask as often as 2-3 times per week. Remember, no matter how hard you try to remove your mask with only water, it won’t come off—after all, oil and water don’t mix.”

Mix a half a teaspoon of ARLO BLAK with half a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Apply to skin in a smooth layer, avoiding eyes.

Put your feet up and wait for the mixture to dry.

Remove with a wet wash cloth and your favorite face cleanser or face wipe.




½ organic lemon

1 tsp ARLO BLAK Activated Charcoal Powder

ALEXANDRA’S HOW-TO TIPS: “Get a spring back in your step by using ARLO BLAK as the ultimate detox elixir. Drink 2- 3 times per week to help to remove unwanted toxins from your body, leaving you feeling renewed and more vibrant.” (Don’t take at the same time as medication or other supplements, and if pregnant or nursing, suffer from irritable stomach issues, nutrient deficiencies or anemia, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. This is not intended as a treatment for accidental poisoning.)

Give yourself 3 hours before or after eating so as not to prevent nutrient absorption from your food.

Stir a teaspoon of ARLO BLAK into a glass of water.

Add a squeeze of lemon for extra detoxifying power and sip at your leisure.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day to stay properly hydrated.

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How Austin’s New Vetiver Line Balances Moisture — AND Emotions

How Austin’s New Vetiver Line Balances Moisture — AND Emotions

A moisturizer that reduces inflammation and anxiety? We’re listening…

A beauty editor for years, I’ve come across dozens of vetiver-scented products and never thought twice about what it really is. A grass, right? Smells kind of fresh, earthy, and clean all at once? It’s a question that Carrie Sexton, the Austin-based aesthetician who just launched a three-piece line based on the botanical, is all too familiar with at her holistic home base, Vetiver Skin Studio. According to Sexton, vetiver, also known as khus, is strong-rooted grass native to Haiti and India known for its stability and ability to prevent and treat against inflammation and hyperpigmentation, not to mention reduce anxiety and stabilize emotions. Who knew?

Sexton’s tightly edited line (appropriately named Vetiver) is fast-becoming a favorite of skin-obsessed It-Girls and models like Alyssa Miller who swoons over the facial and body oil, claiming that she “slathers” herself in each as a daily ritual. It’s the careful mixture of hyper-high-quality ingredients (for a price point that sits at about 1/3 the cost of most buzzy, insider-sanctioned oils) that keeps people coming back, and when I ask Sexton what the most popular product is at the moment, she has trouble choosing. “I’d have to say that the intoxicating scent of the body oil and the love that went into creating that specific blend is something I’m really proud of,” she divulges of the amber-bottled tincture that required “lots of testing, hours and hours of testing.”

All products are vegan, natural, and cruelty-free, part of Sexton’s philosophy, including her constant push to source the best ingredients, which she considers top priority. Using herself as a guinea pig for the power-ingredient’s formulations ended up uncovering the deeper emotional perks of her concoctions. “I found with research and self-experimentation of vetiver that its benefits for anxiety and settling the mind were profound,” says Sexton of the self-care bonus infused into each of her products. Below, her breakdown of each hand-blended creation:

The Vetiver Facial Oil

Founder Tip: “A few drops on the skin prior to your regular moisturizing routine gives the skin the most beautiful glow. I have always loved facial oils. Always. But with a little research, I’ve combined some of most concentrated, antioxidant packed oils around and blended with essential oils that actually benefit the skin. This is probably the product I’m most proud of — it accidentally became my most favorite facial moisturizer I’ve ever used!”

Star Ingredients:

Marula – reduces redness, heals, and promotes skin elasticity thanks to Omega 9 and 6, which also provide antioxidant protection.

Borage — restores the moisture barrier of chronically dry skin while repairing the tissue.

Sea Buckthorn — packed with antioxidants; vitamins A, E, and C which prevent free radical damage.

Frankincense — reduces acne blemishes, prevents fine lines, and helps to lift and firm.

Sandalwood — helps with inflammation, heals scar tissue, and helps with discoloration.

The Vetiver Body Scrub

Founder tip: “The Himalayan salt scrub is amazing for sore stiff muscles. Exfoliation is crucial for the health of your skin and the body gets left out sometimes with regards to our skin routine.”

Star Ingredients:

Vetiver — calms the soul and grounds the mind.

Rosewood — acts as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

Bergamot — serves as an uplifting mood-booster.

Black Spruce — cleanses as a natural antiseptic, and according to Sexton, “frankly ties these together for the perfect combination for natural fragrance for women and men alike.”

The Vetiver Body Oil

Founder Tip:I wanted to find something rich and nourishing (yet not greasy) that had the perfect scent. I don’t like to wear perfumes and this is just enough—I literally bathe in this. You can’t really use too much.”

Star Ingredients:

Vetiver — promotes regeneration of the skin, aids in scarring.

Rosewood — offers naturally antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Sweet Almond Oil & Fractionated Coconut Oil — deliver lighter-than-air moisture without a heavy feel. “The almond and Fractionated Coconut Oil are in perfect harmony,” says Sexton. “Rich in minerals and Vitamin E and A, Sweet Almond Oil also protects from oxidative stress. This helps heal rashes, is great for eczema, and also helps with acne due to its vitamin A content.”

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Good News to Make You Feel Good, Week of 9/4/17

Good News to Make You Feel Good, Week of 9/4/17

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

Throw on a celebratory second layer to honor the nip in the air as our newest round of carefree weekly updates arrives, delivering the opportuuunity to chill out and deeply breathe in that soon-to-be-Saturday scent of easy times that lie so very directly ahead.

Take the chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a marshmallow-meets-cashmere airy robe, and lounge with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories that have been selected to give you some clickable, likeable current events that are finally worth sharing with your favorites.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “awww,” lol a little, and enjoy the good news you might have missed:

Thanks to New York City’s transit system for bringing us the kind of romance MetroCards were made for: Back in 2003, Osvaldo Jimenez caught sight of Kara Mullins while they shared a late-night ride on an M14D bus. “Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to the heartbeat of the city and the things around us,” says Jimenez of couple’s chance encounter. “I liked her style, and the first thought that passed through my head was that if I ever get married, I want to get married to a girl like that.” Thirteen years later, the two tied the knot in the perfect venue — hosting an 80-person ceremony on the same public bus.

Those of us wondering what the Broad City babes are up to whilst searching for any trace of a new season to fuel those “this is so us” city life lols can rest assured that they’ve been keeping busy. Watch their visionary pitch for Rough Ruff, a cutting-edge reality show about three best friends that open a coffee shop. Jacobson builds suspense with the mind-bending teaser: “Imagine yourself… in a world… where DOGS run the show…”

If catching a wave of shimmering, glowing sea creatures is on your bucket list of life adventures, you may be living your fantasy even sooner than you think, according to recent research. “People think bioluminescence is some kind of exotic characteristic, even oceanographers don’t realize that it’s common,” says Séverine Martini, a marine biologist whose study on beaming sea creatures was published this year. Among ocean-dwellers that you can see with the naked eye, those that glow actually outnumber the unlit, with a stunning 76% behaving as ethereal underwater night lights.

Paying homage to the guardians of our outer garments, Vogue teams up with actress and writer Hailey Benton Gates for the short film “What Happens In Coat Check Stays In Coat Check.” Its candid cassette tape interviews of New York’s real-life coat check girls reveal close encounters with eccentric patrons and super-tipping celebs, the latter of which one seasoned vet alludes to mysteriously as: “I won’t say who, but he may have directed a movie that rhymes with gulp diction…”

This futuristic yarn is the next powermove in voltaic breakthroughs, with its battery-free ability to create its own electricity by harvesting mechanical energy. Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas found that when sewn into a t-shirt, just the act of breathing produces a charge as it twists and stretches. Made even more powerful by a dash of salt, the tiny wonder brings new promise to using the ocean’s natural waves for clean energy.

For Twin Peaks fanatics, the Roadhouse-staged performances during The Return’s closing scenes provided a welcome dose of moody, oft synth-infused melodies. Once you’ve repeated Lynch’s finale episodes to the point of memorization, take a spin through this guide to all of the bands from the season, from electro-pop dreamers like Chromatics to the aviator and leather-clad icons of Nine Inch Nails.

The old-school stick-to-your-trade phrase “no one likes a moonlighter” may finally have been proven untrue. New research shows that people who spend time on hobbies and passion projects not only benefit by generating new ideas more fluidly, but are happier, harder working, and more productive than those who don’t have a creative outlet. The forever-cool skill that provided the most far-reaching benefits? Learning to play an instrument.

East coast/west coast memories unite with the work of legendary hip-hop photographer Chi Modu, who snapped everyone from Tupac, Wu-Tang, NWA, Mobb Deep and Nas over the years. Modu steps into the studio to recount his untold stories of the scene, including a 90’s encounter with a sleep-deprived Biggie taking a nap.

Like a scene from the produce section of your dreams, 84-year-old Mary Grams was reunited with her lost engagement ring after more than a decade when her daughter-in-law took the liberty to weed the garden on her family farm. Upon taking a closer look at a misshapen carrot, she noticed that the lucky root had grown through the center of the buried treasure — fully begging for anyyyyy number of 24-Carrot puns.

Coming to the rescue in Texas, “flying cowboy” Ryan Ashcraft has made it his mission to herd cattle stranded by Harvey’s floods with the help of a helicopter and his “strong little booger” friend John Fitzgerald. Facing everything from fire ants to a pair of alligators on their quest, the duo has been flying from dawn to dusk attempting to save trapped animals and respond to the stream of requests for help from neighbors and local ranchers. Over 80 makeshift shelters have been set up across the state to house thousands of displaced horses, cattle, sheep, and domestic pets in parking lots and fairgrounds offering free hay, fresh water, and provisions for the four-legged refugees.


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Why Collecting Stickers Is Officially The Healthiest Addiction of 2017

Why Collecting Stickers Is Officially The Healthiest Addiction of 2017

Lisa Frank has nothing on Body Vibes

All of the buzz around energetic medicine may sound fantastical (oh, how they laugh!) when packaged with hippie bundles of sage atop a pile of crystals, but whether you’re ready to believe it or not, it’s happening. Science is now backing infrared light, magnets, and yes, frequency stickers as experimental forms of energy healing that could eventually shift the go-to methods for treating certain sleep, pain, and mood disorders away from pill-popping. And for that, we’re willing to listen…

If this all sounds verrryyyy L.A., it’ll come as no surprise that the City of Angels is, in fact, the birthplace of the concept behind Body Vibes — the colorful frequency stickers that It-Girls like Caroline Vreeland and musicians like Lizzo can’t stop reapplying. The brand was founded by Leslie Kritzer and Madison De Clercq after Leslie witnessed the positive effects of some energy patches her husband’s naturopathic doctor gave him for a painful arthritis flair-up that, up until that point, nothing had helped. “Immediately I needed to know everything about this technology,” says Leslie, who began using a one for anxiety and one for focusing (she still wears the brand’s new versions of each during our interview). “I have ADD, and to be honest it’s hard to even get through this sentence,” Leslie laughs. She was so impressed with her personal results that she teamed up with Madison and “stalked” down biological engineer Richard Eaton to help develop the stickers into a lifestyle brand.


Your body may be slightly out of tune in a way that you can’t visibly see, yet you feel consistently “off” in different ways — exhausted, achy, anxious, etc. “It’s theorized that when a system becomes weakened, it may lose the ability to produce the full array of essential vibratory energies,” Leslie explains. “The smart stickers deliver essential vibratory frequencies and patterns that may be missing or deficient in our body.”


Known as bio-energy synthesis technology (B.E.S.T), layers of mylar that make up the Body Vibes stickers are programmed with specific frequencies by an accelerated frequency generator machine. “The technology was developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers who had previously worked on ultrasonic weaponry and began investigating the possibility of using the frequencies to heal the body rather than harm it,” Madison explains of the heartwarming twist of fate. “They succeeded in their mission and discovered a way to help restore deficiencies and rebalance the human body to function more optimally.” After Madison and Leslie stylized the stickers with colorful artwork and narrowed the categories into essentials like Anti-Anxiety, Focus, and Self-Love, Body Vibes was born.


The process is simple enough — pick your intention (like Focus, for example, which this writer tried and immediately became a believer in…), peel the sticker off and apply to clean skin ideally near your heart on the left side of your body, though sensitive types can try other areas like the wrist or back on their right side. “We highly recommend ‘cocktailing’ Body Vibes to achieve synergistic effects,” says Madison of applying two or more stickers at the same time. “Some of our favorite combinations include Beauty and At The Beach, Self Love and Energy, and Anti-Anxiety and Mental Focus.” Remove the stickers after three days, then reapply as needed.


The urge to stretch the life of a sticker is natural once they start to kick in, but there’s logic behind the system. “We recommend three days for use because the skin under the sticker needs to breath,” says Leslie. “After 72 hours of no oxygen to the skin, the skin can become itchy and red.” To avoid any irritation, the team suggests switching out the sticker and applying a fresh one at least 1 inch away from the previous location. The adhesive is FDA approved, which makes allergic reactions unlikely, but if you see any signs of irritation, simply remove it.


THE RELEASE: Anti-Anxiety (Frequency 396hz.)

Currently the brand’s best-seller, it’s meant to liberate guilt and fear and has been said to release feelings of anxiety or nervous tension. “The Anti-Anxiety sticker is a god send for me, it quiets the mind from being so reactive,” Leslie enthuses. “It feels like it creates some space inside your head — so you are not overwhelmed. It’s subtle and it’s not sedating. In fact, it may be someone else who points out to you that you seem less on edge and more relaxed.”

THE POWERHOUSE: Energy (Frequency 417hz.)

Meant to facilitate change, this frequency is believed to assist with endurance and empowerment. “The Energy sticker is designed to prompt the body to feel a boost in mood and endurance,” says Madison, whose mom is “obsessed” with its stimulating kick.

THE MIRACLE WORKER: Self-Love (Frequency 528 hz.)

Second only to Anti-Anxiety in popularity, this is meant to assist with transformation and miracles. The “love” frequency is believed to spread love, peace and self-compassion. “The self-love sticker is designed to energetically prompt the brain to respond to feelings of grieving, heartache, or low self-esteem with more optimistic feelings of self-compassion and positivity,” Madison says of the shimmering golden heart patch. “It’s a real conversation starter!”

THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: At The Beach (Frequency 639 hz.)

Meant to harmonize relationships, this frequency is said to heal conflict and to connect us to others. “At The Beach is exactly what is sounds like… It’s a soothing and cleansing experience that allows you to feel refreshed and therefore more able to show up for others without resentment,” Leslie explains. “It’s very restorative and balancing. I find that it inspires a deeper connection with the self and others.”

THE WORKHORSE: Focus (Frequency 741 hz)

Like drinking the most impressive iced coffee of your life, this is meant to increase productivity with a frequency thought to enhance creativity, communication, and mental acuity. “Focus is truly amazing, it makes me feel like a rock star and like I can get anything done!” gushes Leslie. “Our customers have coined it as the healthy ‘energy’ equivalent of Adderall. I kept a voice message from a client singing its praises on how she was able to get so much work accomplished that had been piling up for weeks. She was terrified when she thought about what was ahead of her, so I gave her a focus to try. Needless to say she has been hooked ever since.”

THE SKIN FIX: Beauty (Frequency 852hz.)

Beloved by adoring fans for its skin-friendly results, this is meant to restore spiritual order and said to bring inner peace, strength, and to reflect light and beauty. Designed to prompt the body to heal itself through energy, particularly the cell rejuvenation process, Madison and Leslie both swear its complexion-enhancing abilities. “I personally struggle with rosacea and I notice a huge difference in my skin when wearing the unicorn sticker,” Madison shares. “Needless to say, I wear it daily!” Leslie backs the experience, noting that even to her, its powers are still a bit of a mystery. “Beauty blows my mind. I still don’t fully understand how it works…but it stops me from breaking out and keeps my skin looking fresh — it also makes me feel pretty on the inside.”

+Ready to get your vibes on? Shop the full collection of Body Vibes here

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Good News to Make You Feel Good

Good News to Make You Feel Good

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

This post comes to you from our very talented friend, Arden Andrews.

Our third round of carefree weekly updates has arrived, giving you the opportuuunity to take some time to deeply breathe in the scent of this coming Saturday and those no-rules good times that lie so very directly ahead.

Consider this is your summer reading, relaxed- a chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a cloud-fluffy robe, and lounge worry-free with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories that have been selected to give you some clickable, likeable news that’s finally worth sharing with your favorites.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “awww,” lol a little and enjoy the ride:

Read your grammatical horoscope with’s new feature, Time Traveler, which lets users see the words that were introduced during their birthyear (or any year, for that matter). There’s something incredibly satisfying about finding out that “alternative pop,” “French tips,” and “tankini” could all be part of some personal, star-written poem.

As a beautiful, unexpected flourish to this Monday’s solar eclipse buzz, Bonnie Tyler will perform her 1983 firepower jam “Total Eclipse of The Heart” aboard Royal Caribbean’s vessel Oasis of The Seas during the actual eclipse. When asked if she was worried about getting motion sickness onboard or thrown off by the natural phenomenon, she fearlessly quipped, “I have a ship of my own — I go with the flow, darling. I’m not worried about things like that.”

Snuggled into Paris’s low-key apartments, this technicolor basketball court is a sparkling hombre dream. Take a spin through French youth culture via photographer Lotte Van Raalte’s snaps of neighborhood kids hooping it up.

Your new favorite reason to exercise has, at long last, surfaced. Better than a prescription pill, and arriving in the form of lithe limbs and lower cortisol levels, these yoga stretches are designed to enhance your favorite activity—sweet-dreaming sleep.

A 98-year-old message in a bottle was found off Scotland’s coast by Fisherman Andrew Leaper, winning the world record for oldest ever recovered. Andrew beat the previous record holder by five years — who, now known for being a bit of a brag, also happens to be his best friend.

This chill Brazilian dad is sharing a favorite pastime with his daughter’s cat, Paçoca. Making room to lounge for two, he strung up a tiny hot pink hammock next to his own for them to relax and take naps in tandem.

Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner takes us for a stroll through the experiences that paved the way for her newest album Soft Sounds From Another Planet. Finally slated to play live with husband Peter Bradley on guitar, she doesn’t worry about getting lonely on the road anymore. “I think that both of us seem to believe our imprint in the world is by making things,” Zauner says of the duo. “Now that he’s coming, I feel like I could just tour forever.”

Once it was leaked that Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton had used Ikea’s sheepskin rugs to craft the fur capes worn by the likes of Jon Snow, the Swedish powerhouse embraced the good news. Behold Ikea’s comic pictogram of how to make your own iconic woolly cloak in three simple steps.

Just a quick behind-the-scenes look at producing the most ambitious baby panda photo of all time.

To the delight of all Prince fans, The Pantone Color Institute announced this week that their newest shade “Love Symbol #2” has been added to their collection in honor of the icon. The understated shade of eggplant was inspired not only by the artist’s body of work, but also by his custom-made Yamaha purple piano.

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Good News to Make You Feel Good

Good News to Make You Feel Good

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

Another round of carefree current events is in order, another fresh opportuuuunity to catch up on the grin-worthy updates meant to chill you out (rather than rile you up).

Consider this is your summer reading, relaxed — a chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a petal-soft robe, and lounge worry-free with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories that have been selected to give you some clickable, likeable news that’s finally worth sharing with friends.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “aww,” lol a little, and enjoy the ride:

Thank you, precious buttercup Canadians!

When a newborn otter pup was seen swimming alone in open water off of Vancouver’s coast this summer, the city’s Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre took him in for protective 24-hour care. Now, he’s swimming pretty and made-in-the-shade, posing through all of the luxuriously tiny baths he can take and naps he can sleep.

There is such a thing as a “Rainbow Star,” and its name is Sirius.

When its twinkling spectrum of light was caught in soft focus, amateur astrophotographer Steve Brown managed to encapsulate every color in one kaleidoscopic image.

Philly’s ever-revered LOVE skate park is captured by Jonathan Rentschler in this three-year saga of gritty street photos.

Honoring the (FP) neighborhood haven, Rentschler reflects on its larger purpose: “The park itself had an aura about it, which attracted eccentric personalities… this diversity promoted creativity and led to the appreciation of different ideas, cultures, and ways of life.”

This twelve-year-old’s submission to Lego’s “Kid Creations” display is an adorable reminder that there’s no need to overcomplicate a good thing.

Open your eyes to the simple genius of this pre-teen’s why-not? attitude.

Like the romantic dream held in your ocean heart since hearing the first notes of Titanic’s soundtrack, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet are finally ready for one hot date with a superfan.

The pair is auctioning themselves off as the season’s most desirable NYC dinner guests, at long last laying out the opportunity to hear Leo’s supersoaker secrets.

Finally, the proof you’ve been waiting for that habitually ordering Seamless, calling out your laundry, and (for the truly lucky) hiring a maid is actually good for you.

Saving time in your day by skipping the chores you don’t enjoy can help bliss you out (when your budget allows).

Any excuse to look at old school snaps of Jane Birkin is the right one—

like boarding a virtual sailboat to an island you can only attempt to pronounce. This tiny breakdown of classic French babe styling confirms that a touch of insouciance and the perfect pair of jeans will never be the cliché to regret.

Spend time in nature! Sleep more! Don’t feel the need to rush!

Call your best friend and don’t talk about yourself at all! This list of life secrets is gleaned from the truly successful party of people that consider themselves “happy.”

Many thanks to the ever-innovative Petra Collins for opening up a conversation about fashion’s need to include new talent in coveted cover shoots and editorial campaigns.

And this list of 16 up-and-coming photographers to follow is just the kind of fresh perspective worth working into your daily feed. Take a spin through former American Apparel model Ysa Pérez’s candidly cool images, then wrap it all in a bow with Olivia Locher’s signature marshmallow pants.

No spoilers for this gem other than:

Quite possibly the best Taylor Swift tweet of all time.

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Good News to Make You Feel Good

Good News to Make You Feel Good

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

Wouldn’t it be nice to read a current event that didn’t make you loudly wonder WHEN WILL IT END?! We think so, too, because we get it (pat pat pat)… it’s been a rough ride trying to navigate the news without getting caught in a loop of negative feedback these past dozen months or so. It’s time to take back ME TIME.

Consider this is your summer reading, relaxed- a chance to lean back, grab a soft robe, and lounge around with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories that have been selected to give you something to read that’s finally worth sharing with friends.

Stretch out, click away, grin, ponder, audibly “aww,” and enjoy the ride:

The first full solar eclipse visible from the US since 1979 will arrive in less than a month on Monday, August 21st.

Here’s a list of the best places to post up for a viewing in the country, with remote locations like Casper, Wyoming and Carbondale, Illinois topping the charts. Since the entire phenomenon is expected to happen in under 3 minutes, just try to stay away from big clouds.

Everyone’s favorite new style star is no stranger to the spotlight.

Celine Dion has made a well-deserved leap into fashion’s elite with her couture-friendly figure and I-Do-What-I-Want sartorial attitude. This slideshow of her earlier wardrobe hits, from princess-sleeved mohair pastels to regal bolos, is an inspirational collection of the icon’s ageless cool.

If you think “forest bathing” requires a tub in the trees, you’re not alone- but it’s even easier.

This Montana wellness escape is practicing the art of digital detox in the form of stargazing, open-air yoga, and mind-clearing mountain hikes. Arguably the best part? Ending (and beginning) every day in a dreamy safari tent with a view that actually taps the Rockies.

Tired of recycling the same content for every moody moment?

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers a culture-rich solution to your digital demands in their new project “Send Me SFMOMA,”. Simply texting their hotline with a “send me ___” request (and filling in the blank with a word or emoji of choice) will get a response with a matching art piece from their archives. Hearts, rainbows, and robots are all fair game for inspirational images meant to deliver “a sublime, semi-random search of the collection.”

Notorious for her surprising (and often hilariously biting) social media responses, Rihanna recently proved that she’s as much of a buttercup as the rest of us.

She responded to a fan’s direct message on Instagram with personal, empowering relationship advice — and according to the recipient, this isn’t the first time that RiRi’s thoughtfully doled out her wisdom. Who can argue with brilliantly forgiving post-heartbreak logic like: “Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever!”

Texas hospitality took a once-in-a-lifetime approach when a man in Corpus Christi accidentally locked himself inside of the ATM he was fixing.

His escape plan? Slipping “HELP ME” notes through the receipt slot to customers who approached the machine, finally leading to his safe rescue. (

The chance to step inside of a giant origami pineapple (in millennial pink, no less) is finally a reality thanks to one artistic duo’s project called Look! Look! Look!

Built within Berrington Hall’s historic walled garden, Heather and Ivan Morison spent six months constructing a surreal jigsaw-like pavilion to attract visitors for summer yoga, music, and performance events.

Warning: happy tears are on the table for this next must-love-dogs update:

Messy, a golden-retriever and Thailand native, barked warmly to neighbor Audi, a husky who would cry out from his backyard, lonely for his owners. When Audi’s gate was left open by accident, he snuck over to Messy to give his best friend an over-the-fence, undeniably adorable hug.

Your coffee fix is, once again, doctor approved.

Thanks to recent studies, it turns out that drinkers live slightly longer than their espresso-free counterparts. Though the difference in vitality may only technically be a tiny 2%, it still may be your best excuse for a decent summer buzz.

Four-legged lovers rejoice!

The “World’s Happiest Animal,” the quokka, once nearly extinct, is thriving in developed areas of Rottnest, Australia. Thanks to the abundant food and adoring fans found in the city’s tourist attractions, including a local golf course, the ever-smiling, teddy-bear-sized marsupials are eating their fill and making their mark, with a new awareness spread by countless travelers’ selfies to thank.

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Shiny Summer Skin: A Pro’s Guide to Mastering Oils, Glosses & Balms

Shiny Summer Skin: A Pro’s Guide to Mastering Oils, Glosses & Balms

Capturing the light-catching trend that’s good for your skin…

The beauty tides have visibly shifted from matte, heavy handed makeup looks to the kind of dewy, touched-by-an-angel skin that seems to glow without a light source — making mastering that ethereal, gleaming complexion more enticing than ever. For a lesson in luster, I tapped one of my favorite makeup artists, Erin Green, for her take on the hypermodern trend. The Brooklyn-based pro has nailed down that enviable sheen equation for editorial shoots and celebrity red carpets alike, and her affinity for natural skin care makes it all the easier to get behind. “I love to shoot beauty, and I especially love to shoot shiny skin beauty,” says Erin as she chats on her way to a shoot in London. Below, she takes us through the products and techniques that will keep you on the right side of the ultrafine line between gleaming and greasy:

Create A Clean Sweep:

“For shiny summer skin, the most important part is the base,” says Erin, who likes to start by cleansing using a mild exfoliator to remove any dead skin.

Erin’s DIY Recipe: “You can make your own using raw sugar and coconut oil. I like to add a bit of rosewater and activated charcoal to really get into my pores.”

Calm and Hydrate:

After exfoliating, Erin recommends applying a calming and hydrating serum like Pai’s Instant Calm Sea Aster & Wild Oat Redness Serum “Allow a few minutes for it to fully absorb, then grab some rosehip seed oil. Warm it up between your hands and press it into the skin concentrating on dryer areas (non-t-zone), down your neck and décolletage.”

Blur Imperfections:

Apply a bit of your favorite tinted moisturizer for sheer coverage, and spot check any redness or blemishes. “Cover any imperfections with concealer using your finger, and then maybe even going the extra mile and blending the remaining out with a fluffy brush so you really don’t see it.”

Kiss The Sun:

“If your summer tan isn’t kicking yet, I suggest using RMS Buriti Bronzer along your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and just above the high points of your eyebrows,” Erin explains. “I like to use as little as possible in the summer,” she admits, offering up a multitasker like RMS Lip2Cheek for adding sheer color to the apples of cheeks.

Erin’s Tried-and-True Bronzer Cue: “Use a larger fluffy brush so the product is diluted, and always test a stroke on the back of your hand before you put it on your face. It’s much easier to put it on than it is to take it off.”

Hit The High Notes:

“I sometimes use lip balm as a highlighter to finish if I’m feeling lazy,” Erin divulges, who dabs it onto eyelids, high points of cheekbones, and across lips for a hydrated (rather than glittering) glow. A paraben-free option like Lano’s Multipurpose  Superbalm won’t spark breakouts, and will help cure any chapped, sun-scorched skin.

Turn Up The Lights:

 For an evening look that doesn’t scream “made up,” Erin turns to an old-school favorite that’s made a noticeable comeback as of late: “An easy way to transition from day to night but still keep the ‘no makeup’ look is every girl’s new (old) best friend: Lipgloss. Putting a gloss on the lips is an easy and subtle way to bring attention to the shape, as the texture will attract the eyes attention,” says Erin. For the final step in the gleaming game, she suggests applying a swipe of gloss to eyelids for a light-catching, ultra-modern alternative to traditional powdered shadow.

+Ready for your summer glow? Shop all beauty and wellness here

Photo by Jana Kirn

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Party Time Anytime: Day-to-Night Makeup Hacks

Party Time Anytime: Day-to-Night Makeup Hacks

The pro tricks to making it to that summer soiree without missing a beat…

The summer social hour is in full swing, which means no more hibernating at home after a long day — these warm weeks are primed for out-of-office action. Whether you’re headed straight to a sunset cocktail hour or a sultry dancefloor sweat session, getting in the party mood doesn’t have to require a glam squad — a few clever tricks from the pros will have you camera-ready in less time than your Lyft ride.


“With early mornings turning into late nights, the last thing you want to wonder is, ‘is this going to break me out?’’

Prepping an after-hours makeup moment starts with a healthy canvas—especially now that skin-care-conscious beauty looks require showing off your immaculate complexion more than ever.


“I always encourage people to carry a little bottle of rose water spray in their bag,” says facialist and natural beauty trailblazer Joanna Vargas, sought after by celebs like Emma Roberts and Naomi Watts for her complexion-perfecting techniques. “Rose is awesome for hydrating skin when mixed with water, and feels incredible when you are getting sticky from walking around outside,” explains Joanna. If you’re looking for a remedy for sun-scorched summer skin, Joanna suggests a more calming formula: “This aloe soothing mist is a great way to combat pollution and stressed out skin throughout the day!”


Everything depends on a healthy canvas of smooth, moisturized skin. “If you develop dry patches during the day, I recommend my own Rejuvenating Serum,” says Joanna, whose eponymous product line is known for its futuristic use of plant-based ingredients. Dab a bit over any dull bits to prep your face for foundation or tinted moisturizer. “It’s great for dry patchy skin because it contains good fats like olive oil that both soothe the skin and hydrate the skin from the inside.”



“I always keep a nude lip in my purse”

“Rushing out of the office straight to an event is something we all have to do,” says makeup artist Elena Miglino, who’s perfected on-the-go beauty looks for clients like pop music prodigy Daya and actress Jackie Cruz. “Skin is so important,” Elena emphasizes, touting the importance of natural cosmetics in the summer layering game. “With early mornings turning into late nights, the last thing you want to wonder is, ‘is this going to break me out?’ Using products that don’t contain harmful ingredients allows you to add on, worry-free.”


To even out your complexion without adding weight, Elena loves Alima Pure’s Liquid Silk Foundation. “It’s light and buildable with a flawless finish,” she explains, noting that applying with a beauty blending sponge  is the real “game changer” for last-minute touch-ups. “Start by wetting a sponge, dabbing it into your foundation, and gently pressing it into the skin. This will help add a little more coverage and even out the tone.”


To quickly define features in lower lighting, a sheer (and subtly shimmering) contouring tool is key. “I would throw a product like Lilah B.’s Bronzed Beauty Bronzer in Sunkissed into your makeup bag,” says Elena, who recommends its luminous formula, not to mention near-unbreakable packaging. Sweep it along the highs of your cheekbones and temples for a flattering faux glow.


“I usually have about 15 minutes to run to the bathroom and get myself ready before walking a red carpet or sitting in an audience with one of my celeb clients, so having a go-to look is so important.” says Elena, who has mastered the art of a quick-change beauty moment. Her favorite trick revolves around a portable shadow palette and a plan:


“I would begin the day with Smith & Cult’s Book of Eyes Quad in Soft Shock by applying the khaki color all over the lid with a fluffy brush, then applying the darkest color with a tiny brush close to the top lash line,” Elena explains in detail, approving a coat or two of a flexible mascara like Smith & Cult’s Lash Dance (since you’ll be adding more later). “This leaves you with fresh, bright-eyed daytime look.”


To amp up the volume on your way to the party, pull out your same palette and bump up the color. “Start by taking that darkest shadow and adding it onto the corners of the eye, making a sideways V (>) starting at the lash line and into the crease,” says Elena. “Use your same fluffy brush to blend it out, then press the shimmery silver shade gently into the middle of the eye, right on top of the khaki color, sweeping it under the bottom lash line for extra sparkle.” Want to amp up the sooty impact? “Add eye kohl all over!” Elena enthuses. “I like Alima Pure’s Natural Defintion Eye Pencil in Ink. It’s gentle on the eyes and long lasting. Apply that to your top and bottom water lines, then add a few more coats of mascara.”


“I always keep a nude lip in my purse,” says Elena, who approves of red lipstick for night as well, but leans toward the ease of a buff hue. Try a soft mauve cream formula like Vapour’s Siren Lipstick in Chere or glossy finish like Smith & Cult’s The Shining Lip Lacquer in Now Kith as your final touch before you step out of your ride. “It’s a lip that you can put on in the car — no mirror necessary!”

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Summer Refresh: Decluttering with Lilah B’s Minimal Beauty Pebbles

Summer Refresh: Decluttering with Lilah B’s Minimal Beauty Pebbles

These cruelty-free river rock compacts from Lilah B are performing natural wonders…

It’s time for a summer vanity refresh. In the beauty-obsessed realm of 2017, where every lipstick collab or buzzy launch adds the weight of yet another product to your tote, the craving for a simply, chicly wrapped staple has set in. This concept of cosmetic decluttering wasn’t lost on Cheryl Yannotti Foland, founder of the cruelty-free makeup and skin care brand Lilah B. After ten years of working in a beauty industry riddled with excess, Cheryl envisioned a simplified beauty line that wouldn’t skimp on skin-kind ingredients — or style.

“The packaging was a pretty big focus of mine,” shares Cheryl as we discuss the brand’s signature polished river stone-esque compacts. “As an avid beauty consumer for years, I had grown tired of high end products either breaking or looking ‘less than fabulous’ after bumbling around in a makeup bag for a few weeks.” With her sights set on creating a line that looked, behaved, and even felt (in your hand) like “luxury,” Cheryl referenced former Italian model-turned-jewelry-designer Elsa Peretti for aesthetic direction. “I was inspired by the organic shapes of Elsa Peretti’s designs from a young teen, and kept her in mind as we customized our stone compacts.” And even with game-changing packaging, it’s the formulations inside of the strangely irresistible marble casings that have editors’ and makeup artists’ attention. “My objective was to launch the healthiest collection without compromising performance,” says Cheryl of the hydrating aloe and agar (a gelatin derived from marine algae) and moisturizing botanicals incorporated throughout the entire line. “Offering the ease of a simplified beauty routine means that it shouldn’t have to be reapplied multiple times throughout your day.” And with each product encompassing the duties of several, the opportunity to pare down a bloated beauty routine is, in this case, irresistible:

Blush + Lipstick + Cream Eyeshadow = The Divine Duo Lip & Cheek

The hero product for the brand, featuring a sheer, buildable formula, has makeup icons singing its praises. “The pebble shape of this lip and cheek tint makes me so happy,” says industry pro Pati Dubroff. “The sheer pretty tint is my go-to for adding a bit of color to my face.” Hung Vanngo , fellow makeup artist who’s worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Selena Gomez, backs its clutter-free vision. “This is an excellent product for a no-fuss makeup routine,” emphasizes Hung. “With many versatile shades, they can be worn on the lips, cheeks and some could even be used as a soft cream eyeshadow.”

Highlighter + Bronzer + Contour Palette = Bronzed Beauty Bronzer

Adding a bit of universally flattering warmth to all skin tones, this golden-bronze-meets-champagne-shimmer combination delivers a natural glow when paired up on key points of the face. “I personally LOVE to look ‘kissed by the sun’ all year long,” explains Cheryl of the inspiration behind the duo. “The darkest shade contours, and the lightest shade highlights cheek and brow bones. Combine the two to sweep across your nose, cheeks, and forehead for a natural hint of sun.

Treatment Salve + Multipurpose Gloss = Tinted Lip Balm

The newest launch for summer, each sheer balm is infused with lavender oil and mint for a sensory refresh with every swipe. “This balm is not only a treatment product – offering moisturization and hydration–but gives you just the perfect tint of pigment for the season of lighter, easier beauty looks,” says Cheryl, who’s been sporting the b.cheeky shade every day since its launch. “It is so easy on the go and can be layered on top of our Divine Duo for added shine.”

Liner + Shadow + Brow Powder + Luminizer = Palette Perfection Eye Quad

With flexible formulas that can be applied wet and dry (or sheer and subtle for day, smoky and impactful for night), the quad has become one of the brand’s most versatile pieces — not to mention a blogger obsession. “This was, by far, one of my favorite products to develop,” Cheryl admits. “Having powders that work as brow powders and even liners provides an all-in-one palette — and as a bonus, each quad has a highlighter shade which can be used practically anywhere from the lid to the cheekbones, bridge of nose, or even cupid’s bow.” Also formulated with aloe and agar, the hydrating nature of these key ingredients prevents creasing for lasting wear.

Moisturizing Essence + Makeup Setting Spray + Hydrosol = Aglow Face Mist

Don’t let the portable size fool you, this recipe is packed with power players like firming knot grass, soothing fig extract, and detoxifying dandelion root for a radiance-boosting shot of skin care. “Aglow was designed to set, refresh and hydrate, whether prepping the skin before makeup application, setting your look after, or just using as a moisturizing mist throughout your day,” says Cheryl of the lavender-scented elixir. For one final multitasking mission, take a tip from the brand’s in-house artists, who spritz powder eyeshadows for a dewy look that takes the guesswork out of gleaming lids.

+ Check our Lilah B’s full beauty collection here

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