Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Meet the Green Beauty Brand that Started A Revolution

Oh hey, Juice Beauty…

To call the green beauty movement a revolution is not an understatement. In the last five years, a sophisticated fleet of botanical brands has emerged, made with clean ingredients, sustainable methods and recycled packaging. But Juice Beauty was one of the first companies to lead the way toward greener pastures and practices. Founded by Cali wellness guru Karen Behnke, the San Francisco-based company launched in 2005 — more than a decade ago, long before parabens were on everyone’s radar and going organic was as basic as breathing. Karen firmly believed in the natural, beauty-enhancing power of plants and other farm-fresh essentials, which she extracted into a potent juice that fueled her passion and original skin collection.

Now the cult-classic brand is a go-to for earth-loving notables, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a shareholder and creative director. Juice Beauty is also still on the forefront of new green technologies, as proven by its pretty stellar lineup of innovative skincare and SPF. Here, we take a quick look at what makes this antioxidant-infused brand so iconic, and why you’ll want all their creations:


At age 22, Karen Behnke started her wellness career by launching “Get Fit Aerobics,” a fitness class that she taught to members of the army and military near San Francisco.


Karen became pregnant with her first child; motivated to find healthy, safe beauty products, she began scrutinizing ingredient labels for the first time.


Karen purchased the rights to use the “Juice Beauty” name from a small brand based in Mill Valley, California, with a handful of conventional (not-so-natural) products. Alongside her husband, Karen began researching how they could create a new line using organic, botanical juices (aloe, grape) as a base, instead of water or petroleum glycol fillers.


Karen contacted many laboratories to find a partner. Almost all of them turned her down — no one wanted to formulate with organic juices at the time. Finally, she tracked own one laboratory that was on board with the company’s innovative mission and concept.


Juice Beauty officially launched! The Juice Beauty Daily Essential Collection made its debut — containing the Cleansing Milk, Green Apple Peel Full Strength, Hydrating Mist and Nutrient Moisturizer. The line was first carried in Whole Foods and Pharmaca among other boutiques. went live!


Kate Hudson casually mentions that Juice Beauty is one of her favorite beauty lines in a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, which instantly puts the up-and-coming green brand on the map.


The Blemish Clearing collection launches, becoming one of the first acne skincare ranges with benzoyl peroxide and a revolutionary new method to clear skin with organic fruit acids, salicylic acid, willow bark, CoQ10 and vitamin C.



A U.S. Patent is awarded to the Green Apple Peel for its unique ability to brighten and even out skin.


Juice Beauty enhanced all formulations under a new product development team. It’s a turning point for the brand, as an outside clinical lab confirms that the products outperform typical conventional chemical brands.


Growth spurt! The rapidly-expanding brand opened a new distribution center to get its botanical goods into the hands of more fans. Juice Beauty’s products get the stamp of approval from PETA and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.


Juice Beauty turned on the lights at their new sustainable headquarters in San Rafael, California, utilizing all recycled and reused materials and furniture.


Gwyneth Paltrow joined Juice Beauty as a shareholder, business partner and creative director, praising the brand for being at the forefront of “making organic beauty products that work.”


Juice Beauty launched in Free People, spreading the feel-good message that healthy is beautiful!

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Meet with up with the Creators: Sam Stewart of Angry Hippie

Become familiar with the innovative minds behind the natural splendor point, Angry Hippie, within an uplifting and honest interview. 

“ Laugh. Love seriously. Escape within the woodlands everyday. Show up & lighting at heart.” These would be the phrases of Mike Stewart, among the cofounders of the most popular elegance favorite, Angry Hippie. We requested his suggestions about just how to foster internal beauty and his solution was thus beautifully merely that it ceased me in my own monitors. I read five times over to it. It s humorous what sort of small indication from an urgent location could possibly be nbsp & the second .

Angry Hippie, started  his partner Dana and by Mike, operates on these phrases that are uplifting. The portland-based skincare organization is all about ease: all natural, cruelty free, GMO free, and vegetarian (except the usage of a little quantity of beeswax in SPF.) As viewers and ongoing energetic adventurists, both formerly battled to locate effective and safe skincare to suit their requirements. What exactly did they are doing? They created nbsp & their own.;“We introduced dermatologists and pharmacologists’ knowledge to produce a secure, efficient point which has all the good stuff, and none of the bad, & rdquo; states Mike. Today, the organization provides a complete point which range from usually all- agents and serums to sunscreens. Not just are they enthusiastic concerning the things that they set to their elegance dishes, they’re honest& nbsp. “ that ’ s we’re usually trying to further decrease our carbon impact and effect on the surroundings and We consider our obligation towards the world significantly. From lately changing with a of the only real BPA Free, completely recyclable airless pumps available on the market, to publishing exclusively with soy inks and operating our whole service off alternative-energy, Angry Hippie is focused on the maintenance of the environment.” continue reading for more information about that uplifting organization and also the mixture that fuels it.

& nbsp did you land about the concept for Angry Hippie? Why must all we be speeding to include Angry Hippie to the elegance programs?

I was raised in Maine, while Dana (my spouse and company companion) was raised in Austin. We invested a long time employed in America and abroad browsing – . Of trying to find the best, best ingredients open to recover and safeguard the skin we have after decades, we unearthed that it had been challenging to locate a skin treatment point that used these ingredients all. Therefore we chose to produce the point we looked for. We introduced dermatologists and pharmacologists’ knowledge to produce a secure, efficient point which has the good stuff all, and none of the poor. Since some 90-95PERCENT of skin aging is clearly caused by sun-damage,we rapidly recognized our items weren’t simply advantageous to viewers and sun-worshippers, but ideal for anybody seeking to control skin discoloration, creases along with other indicators of aging.

Perhaps you have been a supporter of natural splendor items?

Organic happens to be standard for all of US. I recall being whenever we certainly couldn&rsquo in university; it is afforded by t, constantly trying to load our refrigerator with organic and natural products. We’d choose for food, but high quality, with this budget that is restricted.

I believe it’s usually the situation before recognizing that the things they placed on for their bodies is equally as the things they place in for their systems as essential that individuals create the proceed to organic meals. As more people begin hovering towards organic personal-care we’re today viewing the following influx of the organic motion.

I rather plumped for the white zinc and had been usually the man out within the search split that declined to make use of synthetic sunscreens. Dana utilized cosmetics that were normally targeted for so long as I will remember. Therefore, yes, I suppose you can state we’ve been normally targeted within our options for provided that I will remember.

Have you got any guidance for those who want to create the jump into natural splendor?

Occasionally is a misunderstanding that to help make the change to items that are organic, you’ve to compromise effectiveness. The typical misunderstanding that is other is the fact that you’ll also have to invest much more. Although natural splendor items don’t contain petrochemicals and the inexpensive additives that lots of conventional beauty items include, you’ll find top quality, efficient items to get a number of prices. And, more costly is worsen within the skincare globe. the inexpensive, dangerous elements several allegedly &ldquo frequently blow away us; high-end rdquo & manufacturers; choose to make use of within their items.

Reveal about your personal wellness that is everyday routine any preferred items/tips/ methods?

Angry Hippie it has recently relocated to OR and were only available in Austin. To express we’re a little modern, I believe is not unreasonable. We believe amp; brain & a sound body are crucial to wellness that is general. Training everyday, perhaps a walk-in the woodlands or whether it s-a visit to the gymnasium, is crucial. Eating properly, plenty of vegetables seafood, preventing tension, and getting time become current and for you to peaceful your brain are crucial. A program of everyday self-improvement, may it be studying a complicated guide, understanding guitar etc, a brand new vocabulary, is definitely an essential aspect of a healthier brain. Your ideas, also have a remarkable impact on all around health, and feelings and emotions effect the hormones our anatomies launch, in addition to the way in which by which we see the planet. Section of rsquo & anybody; s program should include actions to advertise amp a healthier brain &; perspective. So far as beauty items, nicely, we suggest Angry Hippie:)

How can the Angry Hippie variety easily fit in for your beauty regime? Have you got a popular item in the variety?

By combining a few falls of Vitamin-C Serum having a handful of falls of Cosmetic Acrylic rubbing into my exhausted day skin I begin every single day. Voila! Soft safety and skin from radical injury that is free. Only a little of our zinc- SPF provides safety from aging ultra violet rays and completes my day program. During the night I really like the Vitamin – A serum adopted a then and couple of minutes later from the experience cream eye lotion.

What’s next for Angry Hippie?

We’re focusing on a Moisturizing Vitamin Water that is really awesome that has a lot of effective antioxidants made equally to enhance photodamage in addition to hinder it. It’ll be for anyplace that’s frequently subjected to sunlight, hands, throat, torso and that encounter. I rsquo & m truly worked up about the product because it;s rsquo & anything I . Incredible energy is held by antioxidants in stopping and recovery sun-damage, and we’re placing some groundbreaking and fairly thrilling fresh elements within this item that you simply gained& rsquo.

& ndash will you foster your internal elegance is frequently thought of beauty like a floor quality by us?

Laugh. Love seriously. Escape within the woodlands everyday. Show up light in mind.

Thank Dana and you Mike! To reading more we look forward.

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No Further Luggage Under Your Eyes 3 Ways

Post image for No More Bags Under Your Eyes, Naturally: 3 Easy Ways

Remember these easy and organic guidelines to clear oneself of under-attention baggage. 

S closest friend, then I m unfortunately that under if puppy is guy&rsquo – black circles and eye-bags are mine. It s accurate as unlucky as it’s to acknowledge. They’re with evening in me and day trip, like two small crimson pointers that I’m my dad&rsquo . Insomnia, nose contamination problems, tension, diet and genetic guns are a few of the primary reasons for under- circles. Although searching through picture photos that were outdated, I realized that rsquo my father& entire aspect of the household is designated by these annoying under-eye-bags. Glowing large   nbsp & toothy;laughs, but eye-bags nevertheless. Similar to the organic colour of even the method or one’s hair the skin tans within the sunlight, therefore may be the genetic passings-on of the genetic under-vision luggage.

But, before tossing both hands up in surrender and accusing your parents for still another factor (why didn’t you train me violin? Both of you perform), here is another few easy and organic methods to reduce the appearance of under-eye groups. Here are nbsp;treatments which have worked for me personally & three super-simple; and also you possibly ask them to within your house currently.


Teabags. teabags include anti inflammatory qualities that offer respite from bloated eyes, and also the existence of coffee in dark teabags assist decrease arteries and reduce the below-vision skin. Teabags also include antioxidants that fight radicals, eliminate black circles and good traces.

Bathe two bags in a-cup of heated water, just like you were creating a mug of tea. After steeping for some moments, eliminate and put on plate. Spot the teabags in your eyelids once chilled and under-eye region for 10-20 units. Clean eyes with water that is great after.


Dairy. The lactic acid in dairy helps decrease puffiness and night, while additionally moisturizing and softening the region. Dairy also contains nutrients protein, proteins and antioxidants that reinforce& nbsp.

Location two balls drenched under your eyes in chilly, natural dairy for five moments. Wash your eyes after.


Uncooked potato pieces. Carrots include an astringent that helps you to take away the water from under your eyes. They certainly will really eliminate black groups because of their& nbsp lightening capabilities, and also remain cooler longer than cucumbers. Carrots additionally include starch that really help nurture the fragile skin and Vitamin-C.

Cut the potato and devote the fridge for 10-15 units or until awesome. Relaxation two slices. Wash eyes with water that is great.

Please discuss your under- tricks within the remarks!

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Saturday Spotlight: Good Elegance Laboratory

Post image for Sunday Spotlight: Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Become familiar with what we’re caring this week! 

Saturday Highlight is just a sequence where we select and examine our most favorited things. Perhaps it’s that fresh list product that simply struck the website, or another thing we simply may’t stay without. Below’s what’s within our highlight this week:

Maybe you have heard about Great Medication Elegance Laboratory? I hadn’t possibly, till a bundle postmarked by  my fingers were arrived in by them 2-3 weeks before. Inside? Real magic. Five ladies, impressed from the Southwestern leave and that inhabits it   all, produced a-line of amp & real; natural splendor items which have today turn into a choice in my own elegance program that was daily. Some are accustomed to clean, some to nurture, yet others simply to appreciate. Skin may be the individual fabric, protecting us. It liked and warrants to become revered, and rsquo & that;s what Great Medication seeks to complete, plus rsquo & they . Observe rsquo & the things they;re about under!


Honeybee, Ashes & Quality

Hello! Is it possible to tell that which you do at Great Medication Elegance Laboratory and us only a little about oneself?

Your elegance laboratory that is precious is just a leave prize. Five ladies that were incredible came together to produce anything genuinely unique, each adding their very own contact. We enhance mdash & one another thus nicely our wilderness that is crazy masterpieces. Your motivation Permanently Medication may be the Southwest leave. The leave is stunning location and this type of effective. The crops that prosper and develop below, developed by outdoors and daylight advise us that people, as ladies, are liberated to prosper anywhere. That s the wonder and also the miracle within our type of organic, leave- items that are created. They’re based on effective indigenous botanicals and we’re fortunate enough to truly have the opportunity to container up the leave and provide it to ladies all around the globe. We adore mixing essences and these incredible crops to produce incredibly wholesome items for the skin!

Did Great Medication become?
Good Medication is really a next-era family organization. Everything started using the 60s’ club motion. The very first era looked around the world to obtain the way that was easiest bottle them and to remove real botanicals in ways that permitted the consumer to take advantage of their energy. It was clearly at the same time when “ rdquo & inexperienced elegance; was however to be always a factor, and almost all skincare was oil, chemical- & nbsp; items that are soulless.

Today, the elegance motion that is inexperienced is nicely and living and we’re delighted to be always a section of it. We also have had the opportunity to move along amazing understanding and knowledge and have discovered significantly within the decades. Your laboratory completely removes these botanicals that are same the initial creators worked and analyzed with. We take satisfaction within the idea that of making wholesome, organic skincare for ladies their eyesight has turned into a truth that is flourishing. We think rsquo & that;s fairly excellent.


Free Organic Fragrance

What’s the slogan at Great Medication?
“world-peace, one cream in a time.” We laugh about that, but somehow it really resonates. Our threshold, assurance and fundamental pleasure becomes contagious whenever we experience stunning. That s effective.

Is it possible to tell a bit concerning the items to us which you men create? What’re they therefore unique?

We contemplate exactly what is essential to our clients and also to us. From impact, organics, durability, appearance, the skin’s physiology …anything. We think the surroundings by which our items are made is not equally unimportant. Why we’ve produced a unique location with amazing people that s. Everybody who functions listed here is in deep love with their work. Nonetheless, after more than a large number and 40 years of amounts, we nevertheless get thrilled whenever we observe that amazing shine that seems towards the finish of the mixing procedure that signs employment congratulations.


Sweet Dreams & Wild-Child

How can these products function?

The miracle of our products is the fact that they may be mixed& nbsp although every method is extremely efficient by itself. We’ve an entire portion of our site focused on “mixology.” for example, you can consider our Ashes and blend with this Honey-Bee item to produce an ideal acne and sunburn remedy. Mix Honey-Dew items and our Rainfall and also you possess rsquo & a fantastic, gentle lotion that;s ideal for coastal dwelling. And people are simply a few illustrations.

How will you develop the dishes? Are elements sourced by you from all around the globe?
As females of various ages and skin types, all of US have our personal requirements, wishes and wishes. Whenever we start to make, we require or usually begin with the problem and function our method backwards in creating the clear answer. We select locally whenever you can and select cautiously. We wildcraft every leave organic, that will be the foundation of our formulations, and move towards like minded providers. It s not extremely unimportant to us that each organization who provides a gives high-standard of quality and our integrity.

We also have discovered that oils are items of the towns they’re discovered and have been finding essential oils for more than 40 years within. We’re hardly unconscious help the bigger neighborhood and to purchase just these oils that are not just the best quality, but are lasting. Little households have been investigated by us in several nations who moving their understanding right down to the following decades and have been creating a solitary acrylic. We’ve had time’s blissful luxury for you to truly discover oils and the finest the planet provides.

What’s your item that is preferred?

Absolutely our Rainfall Replacing Oil Scrub. no-contest. We found another degree of health whenever we produced the product. Enhance and it functions on practically everybody to improve the appearance. It s our many item that is powerful. It s likewise a person favorite.


Starry Eyes

I’m enthusiastic about Eyes. I will& rsquo. How can you suggest by using this item?

We understand this a great deal! We believe it should be that comfortable, tingling feeling you receive from this that individuals love. That feeling is from mdash the wasabi &; that will be amazing for moving air and brightening the attention region by growing flow. To make use of it, place a little pat within one’s hand’s palm, utilize your fingertips to gently push it. Don& rsquo stroke, touch and simply gently pat it. It s likewise amazing raise and to fat collections that are good round the mouth and nose area. We like to utilize it up and between our eyes within the eyebrow.

What wouldn’t it be should you might choose one item from your own point to make use of for that relaxation of one’s existence?

That will need to be our Radiance Enlivening physique Lotion. Is there something worse than skin that is dried?   it can be used by You mind-to- safety in the components  in your encounter for super-soft skin and foot, particularly.


What do you consider is to sensation stunning in your skin, crucial?

Be true-to oneself. Produce an attractiveness that hails from within. Whenever we experience this elegance, we’re more resistant gentler and light. We’re in a position to fulfill rsquo & existence;s problems in a method that is graceful.


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