3 Things To Do Today, 7/16/17

3 Things To Do Today, 7/16/17

Because Sundays are for rejuvenation… 

To break my Sunday cycle, I started off by telling myself this: You are a beautiful, hard-working, selfless being, and you deserve this time. Treat yourself.

So I did. Three things, every Sunday, for myself. I’m sharing them to give y’all some ideas, and hopefully inspire you to take a day off — completely — and cater to your needs. Follow along with this series if you feel like your “you” time is missing.

Dress Up.

It feels good to bop out and about in something that makes you feel good. I snagged a pair of these gingham bow slip-ons at the beginning of the summer, and they have been my weekend go-to, making me feel both a little flirty and sassy. Wear something today that bumps up your confidence levels a bit, whether it be some fun sandals, a bright colorful headband or some quirky shades.

Take A Dip.

Those childhood memories of summer pool days began to slip away from me once I moved to the city. Recapture them. Find a local pool, grab a day pass, and spend an hour (or five) by it. Sit under the umbrella with a good read, or just splash around a bit. A little exploration led me to find that many city pools will let you join for a day pass. A little sunshine can do wonders.


While the honey sun is hitting golden hour, pack up a picnic and go for a long drive, car windows down. Crank up the summer playlist you have perfected, and drive until you find the right spot. For me, it’s an open field where the sun sets over some rolling hills. Let the dog run around, spread a blanket out, and enjoy dinner wherever your cruise led you.

I’m challenging you to clear your schedule today and do 3 things for yourself. You work your butt off, and deserve some time for yourself. If you try this out, let me know how it went, and if you feel rested and rejuvenated, let’s keep this up.

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Mommy Makeover: Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra

Mommy Makeover: Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra

A series highlighting the journeys of 3 mothers, united by and for one endless love — their children. Today, and every day, we’re honoring their strength and unnerving commitment…

This is Elizabeth and Lex De La Piedra’s story.
Greatest mom moment… 
Since Lex has started to talk more, he will crawl into bed with his father and me, give us cuddles and yell “Family!” If that’s not sweet enough, he’ll then look over at his 3-month-old little brother and yell ‘Baby! Ryder!” and I know that’s his way of including him. It kills me.
Best piece of advice you ever received from your mom…
“Relationships are like building a house.  On bad weather days, it’s hard to work on it but then the sun comes out. Brick by brick, day by day.”
How do you balance work and mothering?
It’s not easy. When I’m really tired, I remind myself that my babies are only little for a short time and that usually puts things into perspective. I also try to carve out some alone time for myself, even if that means folding laundry and listening to podcasts… That helps with my personal balance.
Tell us about your most recent photography projects…
I just hosted a second show for my documentary piece, ‘Rashida,’ and about to launch a collaboration project titled ‘ALPHABODIES’. Both projects are very close to my heart and were made with the intent to contribute to society in a positive way.
What hopes/dreams do you have for Lex? 
I want him to be happy and love himself.
What about Lex are you most proud of?
His fearless nature.
How has your beauty routine changed since having kids? 
It’s strictly necessities, due to time management and exhaustion.
Top 3 quick beauty tips for the working mom...
Sunscreen, mud masks and water.
Check out Elizabeth’s website.
+ Be sure to check out Elizabeth and Lex’s mommy makeover video on our Instagram today!
Photos by Jana Kirn.

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PCOS’s Truth

Be type to yourself, don’t blame yourself, pay attention to your center and also to the body because they are the very best indications when attempting to determine what the best choice is for you personally…

Nicole Granato is just a licensed Overall Health Mentor having an interest for assisting individuals improve their general standard of living.

For all those women who’ve been informed that  nbsp & their health;aren’t working precisely as ladies, I would like to simply declare you are heard by me. it just happened tome.

The very first feeling most people sense is& nbsp distress, followed closely by nbsp & an unnerving;have to comprehend, subsequently of what might never be fear having a household. Whether you would like kids, being refused event THE OPTION to complete may send nbsp;anyone right into a control. Possibly among the many distressing components about being identified as having a problem such as for example PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) is the fact that nearly all women aren’t given understanding about its roots or how to recover themselves. Do we actually want to be simply hiding a problem so excellent and near to our minds although there are lots of medicine possibilities?  This choice alone is definitely an one that is excessively psychological. Worries of not producing the best choice and decreasing your odds to restore wellness… that’s certainly difficult. 

But what I will let you know is that it will improve, since many issues do. When determining the easiest way to recover, and you know what you possibly can make an incorrect choice? That s not completely coarse & nbsp;& nbsp;—there’s another choice waiting about the different aspect for you.

Be type to yourself, don’ t because they are the very best indications when attempting to determine what the best choice is for you personally pay attention to your center and also to the body. Don’t follow others , since everyone differs. Don t allow anybody ron you of one’s wish. And many significantly, keep in mind must or that no-one can   without your knowledge it persuade you of something. Request an ultrasound if you should be identified as having cysts. Browse the results oneself in case your bloodwork exhibits discrepancy. Discover somebody who MAY aid if you should be not obtaining solutions for your concerns. Standing for the body and ranking your floor may carry you from an  nbsp & psychological; vulnerability spot to a concerns, and being a potent lady who needs handle of her physique something.

Quite simply, you re getting&nbsp when you provide it an attempt, you ll quickly observe that questioning for self-will come in additional facets of your life.&nbsp .



Ask Granato

Fielding several of those difficult-to-request concerns about PCOS, hormones and ladies’s-health…

Nicole Granato is just a licensed Overall Health Mentor having an interest for assisting individuals improve their general standard of living.

This week’s query originates from Emma…

Hello Nicole!

I’m 18 and, I then found out I’d two uteruses, after I was 13 yrs old. This really is hardly common and, when I hadn&rsquo obviously, I had been very concerned I found. In 16’s era endometriosis was created by me. Consequently, I skilled& nbsp; issues and several gynecological like a teenager. I will become& nbsp and undergo main mood shifts, cravings for food and severe negligence, while usually work-out every single day to be able to conquer my discomfort and medical problems and I play the role of as wholesome as you are able to. I wondered is you’ve programs or treatments that will help without busting my wholesome routines get me? Thanks!




Hello Emma,

Thanks much for experiencing comfy enough to talk about your tale with every lady and me scanning this. To begin with, by stating wow I do want to start! You’ve truly experienced a great deal. Where I’d prefer to maybe you have start is by taking a look at your circumstances and going for a stage back and thinking think about what I’m performing makes my physique sense excellent? Is it following a wor out? Can it be in your relaxation morning? Is it if we pay attention to our anatomies when consuming a particular food hellip whenever we have therefore much happening it’s difficult for us to sit down back and keep in mind that, it surely will help guide us.

I believe the stress you’re wearing oneself and also the very best strategy for you personally is always to simplify your program. Stay glued to wholefoods, plant-food, follow an Alkaline and PH Graph and low-dairy, limit caffine around feasible. Observe quarry below:

NGranato_PH Spectrum.png

The 2nd recommendation I’d have for you personally would be to ensure that, whenever you exercise, routines that are wholesome for the body in the place of making& nbsp tension are being done by you. For instance, &nbsp could be included by a very demanding workout;rotating 4 instances a week long distance operating, and performing all this around highly & ndash; demanding times a week. Try integrating workouts like climbing/ or yoga, strolling, gentle cardio walking on an incline. These are wholesome options that will assist calm and recover the body, particularly your reproductive program, and aid negotiate your nervousness!

In the event that you want to notice more about my Ladies’S – Health and Hormone-Balancing plan I’m also readily available for services within the telephone or personally.

Wanting you much joy and love! You’re performing incredible.


Possess a query for Nicole? Please send it along to asknicolegranato@freepeople.com

Request: Nicole Granato

Fielding several of those difficult-to-request concerns about PCOS, hormones and ladies’s-health…

Nicole Granato is just a licensed Overall Health Mentor having an interest for assisting individuals improve their general standard of living.

Your first query comes by means of Brigette…

Hello Nicole!!

I’ve 1000000 concerns to request, but mainly I believe I’m simply searching for some direction. 

Traditional physicians appear to believe not, although I’m so certain I’ve hormone problems. I’ve continuous pelvic pain (finding worse), extra hair on your face, acne (particularly on lower encounter and jawline), intestinal problems, and simply common inner distress. Like, if that doesn& rsquo shout hormone issues t understand what does. But my levels are “ rdquo & regular .

I consume mainly natural, meals that are actual. No-sugar, no grain, no milk. I ve consider the products that I’m I require and completed my study.

I ve observed several alternate physicians. I’ve completed acupuncture, ayurveda, utilized kinesiology. 

However rsquo & I; m in everyday distress that is such that I am frequently brought by it to holes.

What. The. F*ck.

For individuals who have completely changed their whole lifestyles for that greater, who proceed to test 1000000 various things observe any outcomes&hellip and have attempted; what’s the phase that is next? Where do we change from below?

Thank for discussing your tale using the FP market you much. You re assisting so-so a lot of individuals who require it.


Hello Brigette,

Thanks much for hitting out and answering this article. like you need to do certainly possess a hormonal imbalance it seems. Mdash my own suggestion &;& nbsp;simplify all you are performing. Occasionally whenever we attempt a lot of issues at& nbsp our anatomies may become much more agitated from the imbalances. It might  appear to be nothing is functioning when it may have just been lack or the change of period &nbsp was permitted by us; that change is adjusted to by the body. Contemplating your hormonal graph came your pelvis as well as back optimistic appears great, I’d state that you might have a hormonal imbalance set off by a tenderness towards the various techniques you’re integrating.

There might be an opportunity you’re struggling with a yeast overgrowth. I’d suggest beginning a yeast clean along side a wood Cleansing for 2 months. This mix, particularly, has assisted numerous ladies who’re experiencing exactly the same problems you’re experiencing, some identified with PCOS Unbalanced and never.

This can be a good way to start refocusing your strategy and cleaning the body. You are able to plan any period to a totally free discussion with me to examine  nbsp & the;applications that I take advantage of to greatly help the& nbsp means of their recovery is identified by ladies.






Lifehack: Clear The Mind — in the Office

With work, we may litter through the haze of existence’s issues and find out issues for the things they are — stunning.

Tomorrow. Monday. Week the beginning of a new work. Ugh.

An average weekend declaration,& nbsp all people. But why nbsp & apply;that power that is damaging? It doesn& rsquo. Begin your projects week on the notice that is great. Concentrate on doing all of your job mdash; while striving&nbsp & the very best you are able to;to clear the mind. Below’s a workweek’s value (state that 3 times), of easy things you can do that may maintain you experiencing healthy and pleased.

Day-One: Clean Scheme. What’s your workspace like? The problems? The mind might be heading only a little stir-crazy. Whether operating in a& nbsp work, at that adorable cafe nearby, etc., begin every week having a cleanslate. Wipe the poor out, pick a little up and feel rejuvenated.

Time Two: Switch Your Hype Up. Attempt new issues —  usually an enjoyable method to maintain an open-mind. For instance, if you should be a hardcore coffee-drinker, contemplate a power- nbsp & invoking;option. I really like comfortable green tea extract within the days, but have noticed that kombucha can definitely get you mixing. Consider nowadays to create a change inside your program that is daily, and find out the way you experience.


Three: Gogreen. How are your crops searching? Any inside your environments? Water them nowadays should you choose, and make certain they’re flourishing and all pleased. Take a moment during the next lunch-break should you wear’t and head-over towards the nearby botany store. Get a tasty and provide some nutrition to it. Dealing with a brand new,  it is certain and notably jovial responsibility requires a few of the stress down & nbsp.

Day Four Feelings. You’re nearly through the week  — congrats!! Nowadays, clean up a gem or along with some important oils. Provide them to function, and provide a house to them. Seriously inhaling the odor of rose or eucalyptus relaxes my nerves and the great feelings heading are kept by maintaining a gem in my own back-pocket.

Time Five: Launch. think about the work-week. Note that which was great, what required  write down, and enhancement three optimistic reasons for having your work. This workout is a great way to move in to the weekend on the notice that is content.


What can help you maintain a brain that is clear through the work-week?Have something to increase our checklist? Let’s understand within the remarks!

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Records in the Seat: Showcase Your Summertime Pout

Deanna Hagan stocks 3 tips about steps to make that pucker place from your summery epidermis…

It s about lips. And Deanna is here now to inform you steps to make them — and you — experience their boldest and greatest.


1. Lipbalm

Lipbalm, like Adore + Sage’s, creates an ideal top preparation just before implementing colour.


2. Lipstain

R-MS’ Lipshine doesn’t hide your lips, but boosts that which you’ve been already endowed with. Makes existence slightly bit wealthier…


3. Daring colour

Contemplate Axiology’s Flat Lipstick… to get a vibrant but velvety matte finish. The additional colour may pop-off of one’s bod that is tanned.


XOXO… til next time!


Lifehack: Clear The Mind — Find Beauty

Elegance is all around us. Don t and it move by.

As our Lifehack sequence suggests, cleaning your brain on the daily schedule can make to get a better you. And, with work, I and you can litter through the haze of existence& rsquo difficulties and observe things.

This week, I request you to start every day with this specific purpose: find elegance. It’s throughout you. IT MAY& nbsp. Start your eyes and inhale the planet around you.

It s simple to become consumed by  mdash & exactly the same program; nbsp & the route to function, viewing the issues that are same, not preventing to nbsp & actually . I created an attempt to clear my mind by seeking elegance every evening a week ago. It surely created me grateful and experience nevertheless. Listed here are some of my personal favorite occasions.seek1Day-One. I had been delayed to work. I had been pressured, sour and starving. On my journey, I observed an  showing, old-school coach  blows of colour over nbsp & actually;inch using the term &ldquo, of itself; rdquo & serenity; printed about the back. Usually I’d, and I went to be overdue & nbsp nbsp;go by with no second-thought. However it captured mdash; to get a cause & my attention? Was nbsp & it;designed to be viewed? And so I stopped. a fast pit-stop from my travel. I went as much as the coach, analyzed its tale, the red corrosion about the fender, and also the turquoise- chairs that were stitched. I m pleased I got an opportunity to observe that.

Day Two. Sunflowers are the best. My puppy walked, and observed some beautiful bouquets within the yard of the community house. A fast image clicked, since their orange-yness created me content. I strolled more to locate sunflowers that were large smiling on me. The house’s owner was garden, and in the place of  rsquo timid ol&; me strolling away, she was congratulated by me. . I needed to understand more — what were her methods, just how long achieved in order for them to develop it consider, and he or she stuffed me in. it had been an attractive discussion really worth the full time. I ll be developing sunflowers near.

Three. I woke up early hoping of pursuing your day’s first lighting. It had been comfortable, like honey rained in a-cup of green tea extract that is passionate. The colour was beautiful, also it flickered all night across the wood floors. I loved this trance. Our evening started out within the calmest of methods.

It’s simple to simply walk-on by… to determine issues, although not truly observe them. To pass these stunning small occasions up. All of us understand agendas and function and obligations are essential. But are you going to actually visit a butterfly that colour of red that is electrical again? May these bushes, flooding with flowers, be in your area next year? You never understand. Therefore consider every opportunity you are able to to seek elegance out, in most its types. Producing nbsp & that additional work;has permitted my brain to available nbsp more&;every day. It ought to be valued. It turned around, and ought to be discovered. It ought to be centered on, and you’ll discover an internal joy that you simply didn& rsquo.seek2What methods would you find elegance every day? Let’s understand within the remarks!

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I am put by way too many choices . It shouldn’t.

Choice. You re& nbsp. Coffee?

Are these pants too-short? Perhaps sweetheart jeans would not be worsen.

Will a great deal be strolling nowadays? Thoughts stating yes, Eh, therefore Converse. But delay, these blocks are adorable.

Cap or no cap.

Take. Traffic is supported. Must I proceed correct or left?

I have to get a fast personal gift before I notice my buddy. Tasty or bouquets? Or gift certificate? No& hellip records rsquo & aren;t enough that is individual. Are they? Must I contact and provide her a heads up I& rsquo gonna be overdue? No.

Do I’d like Indian for Asian or lunch? I it is made by ll promptly. Can I? Emphasis, breathe you’re what I love to contact a clutter that is indecisive. Indian looks great.

Nbsp & this;was a showt, me yesterday. Time for you to nbsp & jump; begin and off the practice producing choices that are tangible. S start being definitive if you should be steppin in the same defeat as me, join allow&rsquo.

Recently I invested the whole day writing items that have now been creating needless tension in my own existence down.

Our hits have to be cut before a car attack me – underwear point appears to continually be displaying, perhaps that cactus ought to simply transfer before it stabs me again.

After these issues that were foolish, I determined the majority of my daily nervousness comes from being not decisive. Insufficient assurance clearly performs a vital part when creating easy choices, but additionally… possibly it’s that I posses the nature pet of the Golden-Retriever pup who may’t quit pursuing it’s goshdarn butt. THEREFORE. How is this solved by us?

Cleanslate Experienced Hat, Carmel Straw-Hat

Don& rsquo Overthink. Some choices just aren’t that challenging. Simply freakin get it done. Follow your original intuition, and observe how it plays.

Strategy. if you should be an overthinker, and also you have to create an arrange for every day, do it now. On hectic times, choose transport paths, and your breakfast, lunchtime the night time before. You’ll have softer sailing from there.

Do rsquo & What; s Significant. in case your brain is rushing, filtration as to the is most demanding. You are able to& rsquo. Choose a couple of items that are not most unimportant, achieve them, move ahead and be pleased. You are able to usually return to issues.

Quit Lamenting. Occasionally silly choices are created. It s okay. You discover and live. You ll create an option that is greater the next time.

Follow Your Center. you may make as numerous professionals/cons listings for large choices while you like. But deep-down inside your center, guess what happens the clear answer is. Abide by it.

Levi’s 501 CT Jean, Logan High-Rise Stop

+ What guidance have you got for that indecisive? How can we form through decision making? I would like to understand within the remarks!

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You Don’t Need To Do Everything

Post image for You Don’t Have To Do It All

Going for a stage back doesn’t imply you’ll crash… this means you’re providing only a little space to genuinely live to oneself.

This article originates from our website intern, Natalie.

Just how many occasions is just ldquo a pleasant &;how have you been ? taken care of immediately having solution and a sigh of   flooded, hectic or exhausted. Just how many occasions perhaps you have replied this way? Easily am truthful, too many.

I love to not become idle. It is craved by me, actually. I love producing my mile-long to do checklist and completely checking each product off when I set myself to function. However at what stage does it become a lot of? I’ve been considering a great deal recently concerning the actuality that people just have one existence to reside. We’ve the capability to art and form it under our personal conditions, by any means we like. Therefore, is that this truly how I do want to invest it?

And so I want to expose a concept you to all. You don’t need to do everything. Going for a stage back doesn’t imply you’ll crash, this means you’re providing only a little space to genuinely live to oneself. In my opinion you may be a chance- without compromising your sanity getter. Period is valuable, why not reside it towards the highest, in the place of being entertained with a continuous state-of company and tension.

How will you regard your general wellness achieve success, but still? I have requested myself exactly the same query, I’ve been actively seeking as well as for the previous year, however it s& nbsp. Believe me, below, although I’ve an extended way togo are some guidelines I’ve acquired on the way.


Change achievement — I believe this really is among the most significant facets of operating towards a wholesome connection together with your work. The idea of achievement is not wholly unambiguous, why not allow it to be possible? Determine achievement in ways that enables you to experience wins frequently, and makes sense for you personally. At this time, achievement for me personally is stability. Personally I think achievement after I believe I’m spending so much time, however permitting as much time for you to invest doing things solely for enjoyment’s purpose.

Put aside period for home treatment — this might appear apparent, nevertheless when you are feeling as if you have a lot of in your dish, this could be the very first thing to-go. If everyday to do listings are your BFF usually abandon a-line for something which can make you are feeling great. Whether it’s a morning walk-on the seaside, a rub or supper out with buddies, do whichever seems correct to you. The component that is very best? You obtain examining anything off your list’s satisfying sensation!

Differentiate — is the bunch of duties for that evening just starting to seem like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Perhaps rsquo & it;s time appear in the big-picture and for you to move back. Determine what needs that evening to have completed, so what can be let, and so what can get pressed to some later time go of totally. From contributing to the two choices challenge yourself to create these listings as equivalent as you can , and never afraid away.  

Discover when to express “no” — There’s nothing wrong with stating “indeed”, once the job is possible. I ve gotten myself in one single way too many predicaments to containing with my reactions from being. Actually, to get a very long time I never actually regarded a reaction of “no.” recently, while operating towards a general stability, I’ve unearthed that understanding how to stating number to issues is definitely an important area of the procedure. Permit yourself to not become unreflective together with your responses in the place of jumping right to a “ rdquo & indeed; solution. Begin little by applying this attitude with smaller duties and demands if you discover this challenging. With time, it’ll become less flat.

Use affirmations -_ Frequently a wish to be continuously active can be used like a mean of fighting mental poison and worries. Particular positive I statements to oneself, or affirmations, could not be unhelpful for dealing with the main of the issue. They’re a method to have a believed which may be evaluating& nbsp reframing it in ways that produces its harmful and along hold. Whether your state them loudly or create them along in a diary, consider what claims you’ll need notice on the daily schedule. In the beginning it might experience uncomfortable or peculiar but, with time, affimations have demonstrated to possess an effect that was amazing.  

Close it off — I wear’t learn about you, but neither e-mails or Instagram have ever endured an optimistic effect on decreasing my tension ranges. Attempt merely closing notebook or your telephone down, if perhaps to get a short while, and concentrate on the time that is present. This can help you to get the absolute most from the period spent simply being, not performing.   


+ Have any ideas and the checklist to add together?I’d like to notice them within the remarks! 

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