Office Style: Meet Ava

Office Style: Meet Ava

“You can find me wearing shredded denim with hot pink clogs, or velvet track pants and a lace body suit, or maybe even embroidered flares…”

Your position at Free People…

Assistant Buyer for Accessories  

How does your job influence your personal style?

It opens my eyes to the different ways you can show who you are and encourages me to explore what that means to me, without holding back, every single day.

 What is your personal style?

I change it up depending on my mood but I’m a sucker for statement pieces and unexpected pairings… you can find me wearing shredded denim with hot pink clogs, or velvet track pants and a lace body suit, or maybe embroidered flares and a Harley Davidson tee.  You’ll never catch me in makeup and my hair is never brushed… au natural on the beauty front!


Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

Opposites attract

 Favorite part about your job?

 Getting to buy for so many different customers! The variety in product and trend is so refreshing and exciting to work with.


Most challenging part of your job?

 Predicting sales on new trend items. It can be really tough to guess which styles will sell better than others- especially since fashion is so fast-paced!

What’s in your shopping cart?

 Ripped Patchwork Girlfriend Jeans

The Doub Dress

The Matterhorn Western Boot (in red!)

The Float on Pool Tube (in rainbow, duh)

 One thing in your closet that you could not live without?

 My favorite pair of vintage Levi’s.. I’ll never find jeans that fit as perfectly as these again! 


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Coming Back Down to ERTH

Coming Back Down to ERTH

Designer, model and all-around sweetheart Nicole Trunfio shares the heart and inspiration behind her new high-end jewelry line, ERTH

ERTH. Can you tell us a little bit about its evolution?

ERTH evolved after spending years in the jewelry studios and workshops in NYC. I was developing my Trunfio Universe line and wanted to make jewelry that was accessible to every woman and girl, wearable every day and also real. I don’t buy too much costume jewelry myself because I like to shower and swim and sleep in my jewelry (i.e. never take it off), so I wanted to give women that quality and a low price point.

Tell us a little about your newest assortment at FP.

The ERTH selection at Free People is amazing… my favorite of the season is the convertible hoops, made from 14k gold and diamonds. The earrings literally come apart so that you can rearrange them! Make them longer or shorter to suit your vibe that day. I love jewelry that can both transform but look timeless and elegant… It’s a great investment to have pieces that can adapt to any time or era.

What draws you to your signature materials – right now, they’re gold and diamonds?

Gold is so valuable and diamonds hold an energetic frequency that can also be quite uplifting and healing. I am very interested in the energetic properties of metals and stones and, as most people see gold and diamonds for their superficial value, the secret value lies in what they do for you when you wear them. I love classic pieces that never go out of style, I love simple and clean lines that don’t take away from the beauty and spirit of the woman wearing it.

Do you draw a lot of inspiration from your trips as a model? Where do you find the most?

I found the most while working in the fashion houses during the show circuit, working in Milan with Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, the Cavalli family, the Missonis, Karl Lagerfeld in Paris and Valentino. Working with those masters, seeing the dedication and the creative process, allowed me to dream this dream that has evolved and manifested. It’s an experience I could have never imagined, the most valuable school for my career as a designer and business owner.

How has your Aussie background shaped who you are and what you love to do?

Being Australian, I think we like to take risks, but growing up I think I might have taken too many with fashion. So I am pulling it back and making it universally timeless and simple, with a little unique edge that makes it truly ERTH. I am really excited about the collections to come!

I find that different occasions call for different adornments and, after traveling the world most of my life in different envirmoments and climates, I find it a really nice touch to have jewelry that can accommodate your mood.

If you were gold, would you be yellow, rose or white?

Definitely yellow, and sometimes rose…. on special occasions.

What does your creation process look like?

I love to have raw materials in hand, some tools and a mood board, and then I just go…. I’m very visual so I don’t draw much. I like to create it in life, with my hands, and see the piece evolve, then and there as I am creating!

Spirit animal is…

A unicorn.

What does free mean to you?

Free means to know yourself and love yourself so that you are open and your heart is open to experience life at its fullest, as well as the universe and all of its offerings.

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Producing the “Case” for Wildflower — Fulfill Devon

The sibling tag team provides us behindthescenes of the LA-centered telephone circumstance manufacturing…. 

Two sisters: trendy and equally stunning. Equally wise, type and easy going. Both interpersonal babes   LA &rsquo, it-girls; should you may. But why is them-so not the same as the following fashionable woman in classic Levis, you request? Devon are cofounders of their very own company. Plus they aren’t actually 23. “I finished senior school about 1 1/2 decades previously and, in the place of following a university path, I leaped into creating my very own company,” claims Sydney. Together with her lengthy jet-black hair highlighting the new downtown sunlight, she provides , despite the fact that I m only 19 I’m like rsquo & I . I’m operating every single day, while making out time for you to possess a 19-year old existence… along with managing a company, my very own profession, social networking, getting impartial but still attempting to be considered a role-model to others on the way. I ve been the kind that is timid, introverted. Therefore despite the fact that I might not be noisy on the exterior, my brain is continually currently operating with ideas. I’m not-too certain how my entire life got below, but I’m so pleased it did!”

If Sydney claims she’s the timid one, then it may be secure to express that her older sibling Devon got the extroverted genes. Upon achieving her, I had been welcomed having a mega watt grin along with a handshake that was wholesome. Her child blues were& nbsp as her grin that is lively. “I REALLY LIKE fashion. Classic searching and buying for items that are distinctive is my personal favorite move to make. Beyond Wildflower, try restaurants, I really like to hang with my puppy and keep in touch with people. I really like random discussions with visitors!”

Become familiar with both of these siblings, their organization, and just how Miley Cyrus assisted start Wildflower Instances, available these days all around the globe.

Is it possible to reveal how Wildflower began? When was as soon as you recognized you desired to create mobile phone instances?

Devon: My mom happens to be the craftiest mother about the stop. She’d create men about the additional , my sister me& nbsp pants &mdash ; material on a single aspect. Then she got the concept to create us corresponding telephone circumstances with material and men since it was extremely difficult to locate adorable telephone circumstances for the Iphone-4’s (4 years back).

We freaked-out while she amazed us together with her& nbsp instances. We created a lot more styles, immediately. They certainly were like rsquo & I;deb actually noticed before. Next point I understood, all of the women at our college needed our instances. Our mother began maintaining them in her handbag just in case somebody and producing accessories desired to get them from her!

One night my loved ones went to my sibling and supper and that I got up-to visit the toilet. Miley Cyrus strolled from the toilet stall although waiting in-line. Cyrus was (but still is) among my idols. I thought like I’d to request a photograph, and so I did. Although my telephone situation, freaked-out was instantly observed by getting the picture Miley and requested wherever I acquired it. I informed her mom managed to get for me personally and he or she requested to meet up my mother. She strolled as much as our desk and informed my mother, “these instances are INCREDIBLE and also you require begin an organization since these telephone circumstances would be the sweetest issues actually!”

Subsequently, Miley labeled me and tweeted a photograph of our instances. I acquired swarmed with reactions requesting where you can purchase the instances! The organization Wildflower was called by our mother like Miley who’re free-spirited, impartial and pushed to achieve existence after girls. Fortunately my father is just a visual custom, therefore he remained up through the night — ’til 5am — and created an internet site. Each morning I began responding with “ to everybody on Facebook;. We instantly began obtaining purchases and that I imagine the remainder is background. In my opinion Miley was there to inspire my mother to begin e-commerce around. It was designed to be and Miley is loved by us permanently for this.

Sydney: We liked them (the instances) thus much! Although not simply us, everybody around us. Nobody had noticed something such as this before also it surely got to the stage where we requested where we got our instances and would get ceased within the mall.

Devon had been the largest Miley enthusiast, actually because the Montana times, so she’d to request a photograph. The picture was taken by me with my telephone, which had the situation my mother created onto it. Miley freaked-out and noticed it ! We’d a business overnight simply by 1 tweet’s ability. It certainly was wouldn and destiny t have desired it any method that is other. We adore for encouraging my mother to begin a business Miley.


I study that social networking is a large achievement for mdash & Wildflower; are you able to reveal what social networking method for your advertising strategies?

S: Wildflower has truly exposed my eyes towards the globe of social networking. I am talking about, I understood till I had been about the business-end it had been large but didn’t recognize, how large it truly is. Manufacturers today change for advertising to YouTubers and social networking influencers. Since it functions! Fortunately for all of US, these folks truly and we adore and enjoy our instances and them, respectively for this! I ve also have produced a lot of fresh incredible relationships throughout this-world due to social networking and fulfilled. It surely may gain your manufacturer if you are using it the proper way!

DEB: Wildflower was virtually produced on social networking, day-one. It just made sense to produce an Twitter Tumblr etc. for Wildflower because my sister were 14 yrs old at that time. I hardly ever really looked over social networking as “promotion rdquo & /promoting; till about 24 months before. We’d simply post adorable pictures of our clothes along with individuals and the instances appeared to enjoy it.

Today social networking is just a prerequisite available world. I ll often appear them on Instagram before searching for their site when I first notice of the organization. I believe the important thing to attaining achievement on social networking is developing a feel and remaining true-to your manufacturer as well as oneself. It’s very important to be actual and genuine.

Exactly what does an average day seem like for you personally?

S: the point that makes employed by Wildflower therefore enjoyable for me personally may be the work that each evening is anything fresh. Often throughout rsquo & the I;m picking out fresh suggestions and methods to create our manufacturer the very best, studying and creating it may be. And of course I m-learning thus significantly along hellip & the way; rsquo & it;s-like university in life haha that is real.

DEB: I work at home! I awaken each morning between 8am/9am, create espresso and begin responding to e-mails and focus on manufacturer advertising for some hours. I get some lunchtime and often consider my puppy on the stroll. Then I’ll return house and research the web for Wildflower inspo and style instances, arrange for forthcoming activities, strategies, etc.


How can Wildflower stick out in an ocean of rivals?

DEB: We got started about the style iPhone situation pattern in the correct period, and we’ve constructed the very best faithful clients on our social networking. Also, our cases all are limited-edition, therefore we shall just do restricted runs of  It enables them to become specific, distinctive and occasionally difficult to find simply because they sell-out so quickly.

S: Wildflower links with our clients and followers on more of the private level. We attempt to create everything as though we& rsquo and adore speaking and responding to people! That s-a large section of I believe we are able to link therefore nicely with mdash & this market;  we’re all over the same-age and we like to assist out one another. It s only one Wildflower household that is large.

What’s been your achievement that is greatest up to this time? Problem?

DEB: Your greatest achievement is beginning e-commerce from two handmade instances my mother created and, 4 decades afterwards, we’re-sold world wide in shops and online. From Dubai to NY to Asia, in little and large shops. As we understood we’d anything unique promoting Wildflower instances in People was our objective. We ve often experienced Wildflower were this type of match that is great.

S: It’s insane in my experience there are women around the globe that use our instances. I created an incident that someone desires? I m grateful for nbsp & that.;the process is discovering time that is the full to complete everything. It appears as though with function, profession, buddies I ’m not so idle t contain it any method that is other. I m thankful for what every single day I reach do.

DEB: the process is making the following pattern. Not and I like to take odds with this styles remain developments or the normal program that different manufacturers do. It s-a strategy that is harder but that s why is Wildflower therefore distinctive. Having said that, it’s-a correct benefit that I (my loved ones) reach awaken and do what I actually do every single day. It is loved by me.


You girls are social networking influencers that are large. What do you consider makes an “it girl?”

DEB: I believe you simply need to be oneself and start to become assured. Don& rsquo be worried about what you are thought about by others. That s not your work. Simply focus wishes, on your desires and discover happiness.

S: within this era, everybody (particularly younger individuals our ages) have therefore much chance right before them. In my experience, an “ it-girl rdquo &; is the fact that encourage others to complete exactly the same and individual who is inspired, really wants to achieve success. It creates me so pleased after I observe I being told by individuals I inspire and encourage them, it’s reassurance to work-even harder! I believe rsquo & it;s not therefore unimportant to continually be a job design, have objectives and large thoughts, however encourage others on the way.

Who’re a number of your style symbols?

DEB: Our style symbols are my buddies and my sweetheart. All of them have excellent flavor that is such. I’m likewise enthusiastic about 90s models, Brigittebardot, Jane Birkin and Rihanna (duh).

S: Early-2000S Paris Hilton is legendary, and that I adore 90s Megan Fox. I simply enjoy 90s design design generally. Every single day our design changes.

What would you adore about employed in a household company many?

DEB: Dealing With spend some time with my loved ones. A lot of my buddies don’t reach observe their parents around I actually do. I’m not truly unlucky.

S: Dealing With my loved ones indicates I’m continuously surrounded by individuals who adore and help everything I actually do. They therefore are therefore stimulating of any fresh concept and usually need the very best for me personally or interest I would have. Surrounding oneself with that type of power that is good is not really unimportant, particularly inside your work place!

What’s next for Wildflower?

S: Therefore. Several. Issues!!! I’m beyond thrilled for all these new ideas and projects we have coming. The options are certainly limitless, this really is rsquo simply the start, I&;m suggesting!

DEB: We’re-planning on growing to fresh headquarters and employing more gifted individuals to enable develop Wildflower. You will find a lot of fresh collab instances with manufacturers and enjoyable individuals being released that that I and my loved ones are thrilled about. We re-focused on altering the situation sport , a great deal up! We therefore are therefore thrilled concerning the potential and have some large shocks available.


Wildflower Instances
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Devon Carlson
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Sydney Carlson
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Versions Offduty

What our muses are sporting around office at home this (well, last) week…

This article originates from our Jr Art Director, Stephanie…

Place that is natural appears to sum &nbsp up; rsquo & this week;s off duty vibe hellip; you are able to correct using the fundamentals. And Bridget, Asya and Sheila have perfected of dressing simple-yet wise the-art.








People Versions Offduty

Your regular dosage of Versions Off-Duty!

With drop fast-approaching, therefore comes an chance to put in nbsp & a few pieces for your clothing. This week s versions have me lusting after one item in mdash particular &; sneakers. From rsquo & Victoria;s everyday shoes to Frances patterned monster selection to usher in the brand new period   pumps, be impressed to produce your personal.


She’S – A Cent Collection, Mystic Necklaces Heeled Shoe




We The Free Kelly Tee, Cyndi High-Rise Thin, Cecile Foot Start




That’S – A Cover Linen Buttondown, Levi’s 501 CT Fixed, Sk8 Hi Top Shoe


+ your preferred set?  Let’s understand below!

Seaside Needs

Post image for Beach Essentials

Must haves for the seaside evening that is next!

This article originates from our website intern, Emily.

Hooray! Seaside times are ultimately a choice that is practical. What your location is did summertime simply struck? Within Philadelphia, warm sunlight and the damp atmosphere found its way to what appears like an immediate. I ve been excitedly expecting greater conditions and the 80-degree climate, and today, below they’re. Which means I m headed towards below and the seaside ASAP & rsquo;s rsquo a couple of I &;m getting along.

That is your beach tote that is ideal. It’s large, bears it all and increases like a towel. Vacant your items, voila, and unzip it!

Convertible Towel Carrier

Always remember sunscreen, water, your sunnies, plus some lipbalm. Headphones for perhaps a podcast as you relax or many songs usually are available in useful!

, BROUGHT Illuminate Headphones, Hamsa Klean Kanteen


Sundown Bali Girl Sunnies, Two-Tone Abbey Street Shades, Unlimited Summer Pilots, Superior Clubmaster Sunnies

Madrid Sparkle Birkenstocks, Vegetarian Chance At Nighttime Sandad, Borabora Wear Shoe

Guide picture: Peyton Swimsuit Best, Olivia Strong Base, Sancho Packable Straw Cap

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Sunday Spotlight Match

Post image for Sunday Spotlight: FP Fit

Become familiar with rsquo caring this week & the items we!

Saturday Highlight is just a sequence where we select and examine our most favorited things. Perhaps it’s that fresh list product on our website, or another thing we simply may’t stay without. This week, we’re about FP Match. take a look at what’s within our highlight! 

I’d to be on-set during our newest FP Healthy blast the enjoyment. Should you havn’t had a launch towards the selection, permit me: from core-conditioning, biking, kickboxing, cardiovascular, etc, FP Match is our latest Motion type of large-effect activewear. Chevron published models, cropped tops and tanks, cozy runners and tights, the FP Healthy point may satisfy your exercise requirements, headphones and shoes incorporated. I really like nbsp;of the items could be used outside the gymnasium, also & that many. Hi transitional attire!

Your woman Astrid labored our equipment nicely and confirmed us just how to transfer. Proceed behindthescenes around under!


IMG_9873 copy

Activity Type Selection CoachCourtroom Coach


Find Bodily Brief, San Jose Hoodie



Johnson Container




Johnson Container, Within The Band Brief


Complete Zen Top


Fifi Knit Quick


Get Me If You’re Able To Legging, Courtroom Coach


Fifi Knit Small, Tiered Trapeze Sweatshirt, Fundamental Audition Bralette, Linea Vegetarian Headphones



+How do transfer? Let’s understand within the remarks below to you!

Store Motion.

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Spotlight: Produced In The ‘Shades’

Post image for Sunday Spotlight: Made In The ‘Shades’

Check what we& rsquo caring this week out!

Sunglasses, sunnies, tones, sunlight stunners, specks, blinders, haterblockerz… anything you contact them, sunglasses are the item. Just as much a chance-to when  rsquo & we;re went out the doorway as our secrets. Perhaps you’re the kind of woman (or man) who actually wears them inside, or during the night easily might be so daring. No conclusions, you would you. But what rsquo & I;m obtaining at, is the fact that shades are crucial. Guarding in the sunlight, or just completing a search. With respect to the design, a can be immediately transformed by some to “google!&rdquo from blah;. Without actually attempting they put in a&nbsp ; awesome& rsquo. What’s it that means an ideal set with a lot of& nbsp dimensions and shades to select from? Permit us to assist you choose once we display the most popular, of-the-second, best-in-show shades below!

Above: Nudie Membership ShadesCrazy Present SunniesStone Situation Sunglass


Supernova Shades


Crazy Present Sunnies


Evening Enterprise Sunnies


Stone Situation Sunglass


Envision Shades

Store more shades below

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Sunday Spotlight components

Post image for Sunday Spotlight: ALL ACCESSories

Become familiar with the issues rsquo & we loving this week!

Saturday Highlight is just a sequence where we select and examine our most favorited things. Perhaps it’s that fresh list product that simply struck the website, or another thing we simply may’t stay without. We re discussing our& nbsp components this week. Take a look at what’s within our highlight! 

Katerina — National Desire Band


American Desire Bandana Band

With bandanas today getting michael , I an important excited to combine the pattern up and allow it to be my very own. This band is just an enjoyable perspective towards the pattern and that I adore placing it on my upper-arm combined having a container that is awesome. It s the easy that is perfect add on to any ensemble and that I will soon be wearing it during celebrations; particularly through the hotter months &ndash!

Kait — FP Published Headphones


FP Published Headphones

And so I’m operating my first 10k in May with my sweetheart + his mother, and also the levels ARE EXTREMELY large. Today some backstory: I’m not the easiest way I will explain my bf and also really a athlete ’ mom that is s is aggressive. Ostensibly, I have to defeat they&rsquo or his mother; I am never accepted by ll probably in to the household. Which means this means that I’ve been Carrying Out of operating previously 3 months to ensure that, on April 16th, 2016, I complete this competition before my sweetheart&rsquo A large amount . Nevertheless, if you’re at-all acquainted with the current weather about the east coastline throughout the weeks of Nov – March, you’ll realize that nearly all this operating — using the exclusion of the several off-days (s/e globalwarming!) Has had place inside. On the treadmill. Today I wear’t learn about you men, but I will’t think about something more routine subsequently operating in position looking at an awkwardly positioned, faraway Television display that’s 85% of times enjoying the news headlines in a quantity that no body can notice. It s the toughest. Therefore the only factor that’s held me rational (and on the right track) over these last 4 weeks that are really unpleasant is my headphones. These men easily fit in the hearing properly, don’t drop out whenever you perspiration (gross, I understand, however it’s accurate) and appear really adorable. Additionally, for an earbud, the audio is clearly fairly incredible! So you the same as to operate —or if you re-training to operate a competition against your boyfriend s mom… the statement will be certainly match by these.

Jana — Cosmic Surprise Fluid Telephone Situation


Cosmic Surprise Fluid Telephone Situation

Our telephone is in a condition right that is very susceptible now. It s getting an identity crisis. The lifeproof jacket it measured on for everything shattered in regards to a month before. Indeed& hellip SHATTERED! May you think it? Its opera back is saturated in scrapes, and also the attributes are somewhat cracked. Before all heck breaks free (aka the display breaks), I have to have it some safety. As late, it s been experiencing great about female designs of. The red cascading sparkle within the Cosmic Surprise Fluid Telephone Situation is ideal, don’t you believe? Only a little psychedelic, retains the phone mdash if it dies, and truly enjoyable. I’michael in.

Jules — Outlaw Seed Bead Cuff 


Outlaw Seed Bead Cuff 

With the sunshine coming (perhaps? Perhaps?), I’m getting excited about losing the large levels and knits of winter in support of light materials and smaller sleeves. With my arms ultimately bared towards the globe, the Bead cuff may be the declaration- rsquo producer I&; ve. Vibrant, light and simple to toss on with perhaps a simple tee or gowns, this band that is very is just a one-and- done nbsp; finish any search off. I every colour is taken by ll, please.

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