Reverse Female Hair Loss Diet

Hair loss can be a debilitating condition for many people. Often, sufferers may feel insecure as they imagine everyone is judging them, or just downright aged beyond their years, as hair loss can make even the youngest of sufferers appear older than they actually are.

Hair loss affects both women and men of all backgrounds, ages and races and can occur for a number of different reasons, with hormones being the #1 reason.

Hair Loss Affects Both Men and Women

Nearly 40 percent of all hair loss sufferers are women. Hair loss can be especially devastating to women, however, men are often just as sensitive about their hair loss issues, so be extra sensitive to male sufferers, as well.

Hair loss can result in sleep loss, anxiety and even auto immune response, which can ultimately affect the overall health.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are endless hair treatments on the market that promise help with hair loss from natural home remedies to Ayurveda oil treatments. However, they do not work for everyone.

Then there are vasodilator treatments such as Minoxodil, that provides some relief, but it is often so expensive that patients may find it hard to keep up. And once the treatments cease, patients hair loss will continue again.

Some Underlying Causes of Hair Loss

Diseases and Hair Loss

It has been proven that many health issues such as diabetes, obesity, acne and heart disease are often underlying cause of hair loss. The systems in the human body are inter-related, which means, when the entire physical system is functioning properly, healthy hair and bodily functions are generally a result.

Hormones and Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss can often be linked to hormones. An increase in cortisol or high glycemic foods like high sugary sweets can cause the body to produce the male hormone androgen, which can cause the hair to thin or fall out.

Auto Immune Disease and Hair Loss

Sometimes auto immune disease can be the culprit behind hair loss. Gluten sensitivity, which is caused by a negative reaction to grains and whole wheat, has been shown to cause alopecia. In fact, some individuals diagnosed with alopecia areata and alopecia totalis have reported an increase in hair growth after removing wheat gluten.

DNA and Hair Loss

And lastly, DNA can play a role in hair loss. Genes play an important role in our physical make up, so when they are out of whack, it can often lead to issues such as hair loss. However, it is believed that proper nutrition can help repair DNA.

Weight Loss and Hair Loss

Most hair loss cases can be contributed to poor dietary habits. In fact, it is believed that the right hair loss diet can put off, halt and totally reverse hair loss naturally.

Our Hair Loss Solution

A nutritional diet rich in vitamin B and Choline has been shown to reverse graying and balding, even after 30 years of hair loss.

Our Hair loss Diet Quick List Guide shows individuals a simple, budget friendly way to incorporate vitamin B and Choline rich foods into their diet. It even includes a section on how to eliminate stress, which can also be a major factor of hair loss. This strict new way of eating not only improves your overall health but can help many individuals achieve a full head of hair.

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