Natural Cures to Ease Your Headache

Natural Cures to Ease Your Headache

It can be a tense world out there. Here’s some relief when your head feels like it’s ready to burst.  

One comforting aspect of suffering from headaches is that you’re not alone: It’s estimated that more than half of the adult population worldwide experiences them, with tension headaches being the most common. That’s not surprising given the year we’ve just gone through — the list of things to be stressed over is not short. No wonder our heads are throbbing.

While doctor-administered medications and therapies can help, especially with severe migraines, there are easy-to-adopt lifestyle strategies that can bring relief to those milder but still painful moments when your scull is in a vice. Here, some of the most common, science-backed hacks to ease your temples, forehead and everything else.


Get Smarter about Screen Time.

Digital eye strain is on the rise, a function of spending more time on screens, between working from home, Zoom calls, and virtual socializing. Ultra-bright LED monitors up your exposure to artificial blue light, which requires more work for your eyes to process, and can trigger sensitives that led to headaches. You might also be unconsciously squinting more, too, reading content on a palm-size phone or tablet. Beyond switching your phone to nighttime mode (which emits a rosier hue of light that’s easier on the eyes), try wearing a pair of glasses specifically designed to diffuse the blue light.     

Inhale Some Relief.

Research shows that certain essential oils can effectively tone down a headache. A 2012 clinical study found that inhaling lavender can help manage migraines, and a 2015 review of published studies confirms that applying peppermint oil to the temples and forehead can provide relief from tension headaches. To get the benefits: You can literally open the cap of a lavender essential oil and breath it in or rub a few drops of peppermint-spiked body oil between your fingertips and massage your head.

Exercise Better, Not Harder.

When you’re prone to killer headaches, running and other jumping-related activity could be a trigger. But yoga and pilates poses, and other types of low-impact stretching movements, can help ease muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. This can reduce the intensity of headaches and prevent them from striking. If you’re not a yogi or need some pose inspiration, try this handy deck of cards.

Find Stress Relievers that Work for You.

Stress, lack of sleep and poor posture can have direct or indirect effect on nerves in the brain, which can prompt headaches. Relaxation techniques, such as meditation and biofeedback (which involves sensors and visualization exercises done with a therapist) can help improve the body’s ability to fight these triggers. Simple self-care can also be remarkably soothing. For example, try a bedtime ritual, whether it’s taking baths, journaling or drinking tea to mentally signal to your body that it’s time to rest. Take frequent breaks when working on your computer to avoid hunching and an app like Headspace can guide you through chilling exercises to release tension.

Massage Away the Pain.

To undo tight muscles that contribute to headaches, try this easy eye massage: Close your eyes, press your index and middle fingers under your eyebrows, starting at the inside corner of each eye socket. Press and inch your fingers along your browbones, applying firm pressure. When you reach the temples, do small circular motions with your fingers for a minute. Repeat three to four times. To maximize the benefits, you can also do this massage with the ball prongs of a face roller in place of your fingers. 

Improve Your Gut Health.

Surprisingly, some experts believe the gut-brain axis is related to headaches. To keep your system in balance, go for more plant-based foods with prebiotics (fiber) and probiotics (healthy bacteria). Or consider a supplement that has both, as an easy way to cover your bases. 


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Welcome, 2021 — And Your January Horoscope

Welcome, 2021 — And Your January Horoscope

With Mars serving as the pick-me-up planet we all need right now…

I hope that the New Year is already affording you some much-needed peace and strength.

In case you missed it onsite, here’s the link to our January 2021 horoscope, with thanks to our resident astrologer, Tracy Allen.

The stars will never steer you wrong…

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The Best Face Oils to Treat Dry Skin this Winter

The Best Face Oils to Treat Dry Skin this Winter

These potent formulas restore your glow, minus any greasy residue.

Dryness, flakes, redness, itching: Ah, winter must be here, judging by the skin conditions spiking right now. The best antidote: super nourishing face oils, which, thanks to their high lipid content, heal parched patches and repair your moisture barrier to prevent water loss. These elixirs have proven so effective that there are now hundreds to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming. Also applying oils isn’t as intuitive as slathering on moisturizer. Every formula has a different feel, and most are highly versatile, meaning you can pat them on in different ways. Consider this a guide to frequently asked questions — what’s the best time to apply? how much to use? what to pair oils with—so you can survive winter with a healthy, dewy glow.

Apply As the Last Step, But Experiment, Too

Most experts agree that face oils should be applied as the last step in your skincare routine, before sunscreen and makeup. The reason being that most botanicals oils have a large molecular structure, which means they mostly reside on the upper levels of your skin. Products with smaller molecules, such as essences and serums, and water-based moisturizers, penetrate deeper, and should therefore, go underneath your oil. But, there’s no harm in experimenting to see what works best for you. Those with super dry skin sometimes apply an oil first, let it absorb fully, and then proceed with the rest of their routine. Others dab oil over makeup, too, for a little extra shine.

Pat, Don’t Rub, On Oils

Unlike creams and serums, oils don’t need to applied all over your face, from your chin to hairline. Instead, if you only have a few dry patches, spot treat where needed—such as on your cheeks and other high points of the face. A little goes a long way: Put a few drops on your fingertips, spread together and then press and pat onto your face. If you think oils make you feel greasy it’s likely because you’re applying too much.

Mix Into Other Products

Oils can be combined with other beauty products for an extra shot of moisture. Try putting a drop in your moisturizer or even your foundation and blending on the back of your hand to bring more hydration into your routine.

Get the Benefits Without the Shine by Applying at Night

If you like a minimal, matte look during the day, apply your oil before bed, as overnight treatment. Give it a few minutes to absorb before you hit the pillow to avoid any rub-off.

Pick the Right Oil for Your Skin Needs

Most formulas contain multiple oils that work together in harmony to deliver a spectrum of benefits. Here are some of our favorite overall blends.


To lift and refine:

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Rosehip is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants to stimulate cell regeneration—and has long been used in folk medicine as a remedy for treating wounds, scars and fine lines. Sensitive-skin fans particularly love it for calming redness without causing breakouts. To maximize the benefits, this cult favorite British clean-beauty brand uses supercritical CO2 extraction (a non-toxic process involving low temperatures and pressure) to capture the plant’s superpowers.

To brighten and protect:

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate Oil

Think of this as a daily vitamin for reviving dull skin. Maqui, a fruit hailed for its uniquely high levels of nutrients, such as vitamin C, is combined with antioxidant-loaded berries, plus jojoba and sunflower—oils that are lightweight and easily absorbed. The formula gets top marks for being hydrating but not greasy, especially on combination skin.

To clear and tone:

Sunday Riley Luna Overnight Oil

Retinol is the gold standard for firming skin, improving pores and evening out skin, but it can often be drying. This clever elixir combines retinol with healing plant oils—anti-inflammatory German chamomile, calming blue tansy—for a clear, bright complexion. Use it at night since retinol can make you sun sensitive (and don’t worry the oil’s blue tint won’t transfer to your skin). 

To heal from head to toe:

Noto Botanics Agender Oil

It’s one of the best multitasking oils, formulated with hydrating organic hemp, soothing vetiver and comforting lavender. The result is a versatile tincture that can be dabbed on your face, arms, legs, and even hair to de-frizz ends (or massage it through your roots as an intense treatment for a dry, flaky scalp). 


+ Got more face oils questions? Send them to us in the comments! 

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Designed To Be Good for You AND Mother Earth

Designed To Be Good for You AND Mother Earth

Meet the We The Free boot collection: versatile, beautiful, and conscientiously made.

The Wesley ankle boot, the Canyon lace-up, the Cooper lace-up, the Montage tall boot, and the Reya harness boots. 


When designing a new boot collection for the fall season, I wanted it to be timeless, compromised of four styles that could be worn all year round, in the highest quality materials that could only get better looking and more comfortable with each wear. And, most importantly, I wanted us to use the most environmentally friendly processes to create it.

I immediately turned to one of our longtime partners, a small family-owned factory located right outside the stunning coastline city of Porto, in Portugal, who has been helping us create gorgeous styles for Free People since 2013. Having visited the factory multiple times for the past few years has allowed me and my team to build a strong relationship with the father and son who run it. We know their expertise and passion for their craft, and we could trust that they would put love and care into every detail of our designs. But, most importantly, that they could offer us great ways to be earth conscious.

My favorite part of producing these five styles is the method used to tan the leather. Most of it is dyed through a natural, vegetable tanning process. Centuries old, it involves using natural pigments like tree bark to tan the leather. For the few styles that are dyed without vegetable tans, the process takes place in a closed loop facility with an onsite water treatment plant, to ensure the water is returned to its original state at the end of the tanning process.

No detail was spared starting with the sole of each boot which has a unique design with our signature 3 stud detail representing “We The Free”, as well as a metal tip, and an extended rand detail for an exaggerated square toe.

The side pull tabs of each style are also branded with our signature 3 stitch detail, and – because these boots are made for walkin’! – the soft leather linings are padded with cushioning from heel to toe.

The theme of 3s continues in the back details of each style with 3 studs on the heel counter, an FP branded loop with 3 stitch detail as well as 3 stitches on the zip puller.

The Wesley Ankle Boot in Washed Black. 

And finally, since even the packaging is important, each shoe box is made from 96% recycled materials and can be recycled!

With multiple styles to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. I love to pair my tall Montage boots with a breezy summer dress for that western vibe, but for the cooler upcoming season, I will style the Wesley ankle boots with a sweater and my favorite distressed jeans.

How will you style yours? They are selling fast! Shop the collection here and stay tuned as we work to create more colors and new styles!

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The FP Family’s Deliver Joy Campaign

The FP Family’s Deliver Joy Campaign

Sharing and caring — together — for those who need help this holiday season…

On any given year, mid-December would see FP’s Home Office abuzz in holiday mode — with the usual brainstorming, of course, now surrounded by  holiday decorations and donation boxes for food and toys.

2020 has been a little different. as you so very well know. That buzz sounds more like a gentle hum (though the boxes are again there). We’ve faced many challenges this year, as a community and as individuals. But that’s the thing about challenges. No matter how hard things become, there’s always opportunity to find the light in the darkness, and recognize that, if you’re doing okay, you can make time and effort to help someone who may not be as fortunate.

It was in that spirt that our Deliver Joy campaign was born. For one month — 11/9 to 12/9 — our FP community took part in three unique donation drives with some of our favorite US and UK partners. With safety at top of mind, colleagues could opt to provide virtual donations and/or perform in-person drop-offs of food, clothing and toys. Want to see the results?


FOOD: 175 lb of food and $3,210 in virtual donations

CLOTHING: Over 4,500+ pieces of gently used clothing

TOYS: 4 large boxes of toys to brighten the holiday season for 75 children


And, in an effort deliver even more joy, our Graphic Design team created pre-stamped postcards for both Home Office and our retail staff to share uplifting messages, and address them to nursing homes, children’s hospitals…any place that could benefit from a smile.

We are proud of the impact our community made, in spite of the setbacks that will characterize 2020. We look forward to partnering with you to keep delivering joy and hope well into 2021, and beyond.


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The Best Skincare Tools to Give and Get This Winter

The Best Skincare Tools to Give and Get This Winter

Because dewy, healthy skin is just a click away.

With spas closed or out of reach for many of us, skincare gadgets have emerged as a convenient, and extremely popular way, to boost one’s complexion at home. A quick Google search brings up a staggering 60 million hits on the topic, detailing various tools and techniques for buffing, smoothing and lifting your face. Sorting out the spinning discs from the vibrating wands can be confusing to say the least, especially when you can’t demo these devices in person. Here, an easy guide to the most effective tools trusted by pros to gift to others or get for yourself. Glowy skin awaits!    


To Calm Puffiness and Wake Up Your Skin

The Pick: Revive Ice Roller ($20)

Consider this a fast way to get the benefits of cryotherapy — i.e. exposing the body to cold temperatures to slow blood flow and reduce inflammation and redness. Just put the handheld roller in the freezer to chill it (for about 4 hours), and then move it over your face with light pressure and outward strokes. Work in zones: from your chin to your nose, under your eyes to your temples and hairline. When done, wipe the head with alcohol to keep it clean. Tip: Store the roller, along with other skincare products, in this sleek Beauty Fridge for easy access. The temperature-controlled environment helps preserve the lifespan of everything from creams to essences and the cold sensation instantly wakes up tired, sluggish skin in the morning.


To Soften Rough Patches And Remove Dull, Dead Skin

The Pick: PMD Personal Microderm Pro ($199)

This is the go-to tool for microdermabrasion — a process that lightly “sands” the surface of your skin with a spinning disc embedded with aluminum oxide crystals. When done regularly (typically, about once a week), experts say this process can improve dark spots and dullness (and from personal experience, it does leave your face noticeably smoother). There’s also a suction function that cleans out pores and debris, a multi-tasking detail that earns the device top marks among facialists. It’s best to use on clean, dry skin, and start with the white disc — the one for sensitive skin, and then gradually work your way up to more abrasive discs (also helpful: do a patch test on your arm first). To maneuver the tool, hold your skin taut with your free hand and glide the tip over your face with outward motions (don’t go over the same patch of skin more than twice). Afterward, finish with a calming, hydrating moisturizer.  


To Lift and Firm Your Face

The Pick: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller ($69)

This is a next-level rose quartz face roller boosted with 6,000 vibrations per minute to ease muscle stiffness, stimulate circulation and contour your face. After you wash and dry your face, use light to firm pressure to roll the device over areas where wrinkles typically develop or skin often sags: Between your eyebrows, up the sides of your neck, along your jawline and under your cheekbones. With repeated “workouts,” you can tighten and tone your complexion. Enthusiasts often pat on a serum or facial oil first to give the rose quartz stone more slip and help ingredients, such as skin-brightening antioxidants or plumping hyaluronic acids, penetrate deeper into the complexion.  


To Massage Your Scalp

The Pick: Groove Scalp Massager 2 ($20)

This is not for your face, but your scalp is part of your overall skincare routine as well. Facialists advise regular scalp massages to help increase circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles, which promotes growth and thickness, and keeps your scalp balanced. (Plus, if you haven’t been to the salon in ages, this nifty tool mimics the heavenly experience of the shampoo massage at the sink). Designed with rubber nubs that vibrate, the device can be used on wet or dry hair: In the shower, apply your go-to shampoo, conditioner or hair oil and then buff your scalp using as little or as much pressure as you like (just don’t pull the nubs through the length of hair to avoid tangles). On dry hair, start at the front of your hairline and move back toward the nape, spending extra time on any spot where you have tension. Ahhh.


For all your beauty + wellness needs, visit us here.

Illustrations by Alessandra Olanow.


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Adoption Stories: Meet Alex, Juno & Owen

Adoption Stories: Meet Alex, Juno & Owen

Our Merchandiser shares the heartwarming story of how she adopted not one, but two furry best friends!

What are your pups’ names and how old are they?

Juno Marie is 6. Owen is 2 years old.

Tell us about meeting them. Was it love at first sight? What brought  you together?

While browsing rescue puppies in my area, I saw Juno’s photo before even seeing the name of the rescue (Wags Rescue). It ended up being one of those rescues that link up with a place in the south and drive puppies up in big vans; which was all new to me at the time. Juno was living with foster parents in North Carolina who called her Mummer – a fitting name for a dog who would shortly be moving to Philly. I think the van ride was traumatizing for her, she’s driven to the office with me pretty much every day of her life since but she still hates the car. I’m convinced it’s PTSD. 

We had no business getting Owen- no need for another dog, especially a big one in a small townhouse. My husband had just met up for drinks with friends, he was in a great mood, and on his way home, he rounded the corner and saw Owen in the widow of Doggie Style. He was so handsome, we had to have him. We brought him home the next day. A very selfish, wonderful, mistake. He’s a handful and got a lot bigger than we expected, but we’re so in love with him!

Any idea of the breeds?

Juno is a lab mix- I’ve always loved my Dad’s black lab mix so I decided I needed my own.

Strangers stop us all the time with guesses about Owen. We think he may be a mix between Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer. 

Their favorite toy?

Each other and whatever the other one is playing with at the time.

Funniest quirks?

Juno still can’t sit without her back legs splaying out like a puppy.

Owen won’t let anyone carry his frisbee to the park, he has to carry it himself.

Favorite activities to do together?

Rolling Hill Park woods romp. It’s their favorite place on earth so far!


For more Adoption Stories click here

Need gift ideas for your furry BFF? Head to our site to check out all our pet accessories here

This post is in support of our long-time partner Best Friends Animal Society

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Adoption Stories: Meet Nicole and Emerson

Adoption Stories: Meet Nicole and Emerson

And learn how Nicole, our Global Senior Buyer, met (and adopted!) her handsome fur baby. 

Why did you choose Home at Last Dog Rescue and how long had you been thinking about adopting?

I was introduced to “Home at Last Dog Rescue” through my aunt and uncle. They had just adopted a puppy through them and had a great experience. I loved that each of the dogs are placed with foster parents, and not left caged in a shelter. The animals are then monitored for at least two weeks before they can meet any potential parents.

What’s your pup’s name? How old is he?

Emerson is between 4 and 5 years old. He is named after Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tell us about meeting him. Was it love at first sight? What brought the two of you together?

I was constantly checking adoption agencies for chow mix’s or chow chow’s and one day Emerson’s face popped up on Home At Last’s “adoptable dog page”. I reached out to the foster parent immediately and filled out an application. I then went to the foster mom’s home and Emerson and I played ball in the backyard. He immediately opened up to me, dropping the ball at my feet, running after it, and bringing it back to continue playing. He had a crazy haircut, but you could tell he was a very special dog. My Mom and I left the meet and greet, and she turned to me and said, “If you want that dog, you better act quickly. He seems pretty perfect”. Following that I had a few intense days at work, culminating in a successful buy meeting. I was so excited the meeting went well, I called the Foster Mom and said, I would adopt Emerson and to please begin the paperwork. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Any idea of the breed?

I had his DNA done! He is 65% Chow Chow, 15% German Shepherd, and 20% Breed Groups (whatever that means?!)

His favorite toy?

A rubber ‘Chuck-It’ ball. He has all the colors, even a glow-in-the-dark one.

Funniest quirks?

So many — he is quite the Muppet. He HATES closed doors. He will head-butt them to push them open. He also has the loudest, whiniest yawns. He also huffs and puffs until he gets his way, audibly.

Favorite activities to do together?

Grab coffee at our favorite spot and head down to the beach for a morning of fetch and reading.

For more Adoption Stories click here

Need gift ideas for your furry BFF? Head to our site to check out all our pet accessories here

This post is in support of our long-time partner Best Friends Animal Society

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It’s The LAST Horoscope Of 2020!!!

It’s The LAST Horoscope Of 2020!!!

It’s a must-read…with a sneak peek at what’s in store for the new year!

To be honest, there were several moments this year — after mid-March, specifically — when I wondered if I’d make it to see a horoscope marked “2021.”

I don’t mean that to sound dramatic. But it’s probably safe to say that many of us juggled and struggled in 2020. It’s interesting to recall that our resident, astrologer Tracy Allen, alluded to 2020 as the year of foresight. It wasn’t so far off the mark?

In any case, it turns out that Aquarius is destined to perhaps play her biggest role yet — as the bearer of altruism, steadfastness and change in the new year. Ready to learn more? Just click here for your December/early 2021 horoscope! XO


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Adoption Stories: Meet Koa & Tegan

Adoption Stories: Meet Koa & Tegan

A recurring series about the magic of finding furever love (and giving a sweet baby a safe place to call home!)

Head on over to our IG account (after you read this post, of course), where today marks the start of a special holiday campaign featuring author and actress, Lili Reinhart. Throughout the holiday season, we’ll be spread the love for pet adoption while raising funds for longtime partner Best Friends Animal Society, America’s largest no-kill shelter.

In tandem with this campaign, we’ll also be rolling out a new series here, called “Adoption Stories,” where we’ll be highlighting stories from our home office colleagues who’ve found their BFF’s through shelters. First up is Koa — our Associate Manager of Experiential Marketing — who has been with Free People for over 3 years.

Why did you choose Best Friends Animal Society, and how long had you been thinking about adopting?

I chose BFAS because they are a no-kill adoption non-profit who commits to their animals for life. This means that if someone adopts from them and 8 years down the line can no longer care for the animal BFAS will always take the animal back — no questions asked — and re-home it. This felt really good from a values perspective to me. They also focus on ensuring accessibility is not a barrier in allowing animals to be adopted so they keep their adoption prices affordable compared to other organizations.

Tell us about meeting your pup. Was it love at first sight? What brought the two of you together?

I found Tegan at a Valentine’s Day Super Adoption event called “Find the One.” BFAS was trying to home unhoused cats and dogs for the winter and all adoptions were $14 in honor of Valentines Day. I was waiting until I graduated college to adopt and I remember there was a blizzard the day I met her. She was sooo shy, they had just rescued her from the NYC city shelter and she had just been fixed. When they let her into the playpen area to meet me and her soon-to-be-brother Duke, the first thing she did was shred a paper towel roll and want to play. We knew instantly she was the one.

What’s your pup’s name? How old is he/she?

When we adopted her they had just named her Zoe, but she is most definitely a Tegan! We got her at 7 months and she is now 6 and thriving!

Any idea of the breed?

She is a Labrador, Rhodesian, Pit mix. 100% princess.

His/her favorite toy?

She loves squeaky toys, kale stems, and buffalo horns.

Funniest quirks?

Tegan is VERY vocal. She has a ton of different sounds she makes depending on what she wants, sometimes it sounds like she’s trying to sing. She also will pick up her bowl and make a sound if it’s empty and she wants food or water. She always pokes her head in the shower while I’m in there. I like to think she’s checking on me. And she can’t walk past a flower without smelling it.

Favorite activities to do together?

We like to hike down to the river and play in the water on the warm days. These days we are doing a lot of snuggling and she’s my sous chef when I make bone broth.

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society click here

For more info about our campaign, visit us on Instagram


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