Hanifa Presents Pink Label Congo Collection On Instagram Live

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This pandemic has left the fashion industry distressed. Powerhouses like J.Crew and Neiman Marcus are filing bankruptcy and summer menswear and couture shows have been “postponed.” Over the last few months, think pieces and extrinsic deep dives have been discharged along with the question, “Where is the fashion industry going?” Well, DMV designer Anifa Mvuemba answered that question yesterday. It’s going Black.

Mvuemba is founder of the luxury label Hanifa. Her clothes have been worn by Kelly Rowland, Ciara, and Vanessa Simmons to name a few. Since Covid-19, the designer has premiered 3D Models in replacement of real models to correlate with the time period we’re in. Due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing, this came as an innovative and safe way to showcase her pieces.

To take it up notch, Mvuemba presented her Pink Label Congo collection on Instagram live Friday evening through a digital experience. After a few technical difficulties, the show kicked off on the @hanifabridal channel. “We create for women without limitations, I found that the 3D world gave me a place to innovate,” Mvuemba tells ESSENCE. “It’s important to believe in yourself, love what you do, and let the passion inspire you.”


— Nkiruka (@nkirurka) May 23, 2020

The show started with the designers speaking about her journey from Hanifa’s official launch in 2012. Mvuemba exclaimed how the brand has given her validation. “Growing up I always felt like an outcast. I always felt like I wanted to be “in” or be apart of something and I find that I actually have a voice in Hanifa. That’s what fueled the passion” she says. The designer goes on to explain how Africa stood as an influence for her latest project. “This is the right time to do a collection inspired by Congo. I’ve heard so many stories about the coltan and the mining issues.” Mvuemba expands on the controversy around the mining practices and how 60 -70% of the world’s source comes from this country. “I wanted this collection to support the families that were affected and the organizations that are doing the ground work,” she concludes.

Considering African fashion is eclectic, Mvuemba took those traditions and incorporated century long nuances within the continent like bold prints and bright colors into her collection. Sending pieces down the runway like the Kinshasa Backless Mini Dress that features the colors of the Congo flag or the Mái maxi dress and mini skirt that resembles the Congo skyline. “Every single color palette we used in this collection has meaning to it,” said Mvuemba. The collection also features the Pink Label Congo Colette T-Shirt in partnership with the Responsible Sourcing Network. 20% of this classic summer tee will support Congolese families against illegal Colton mining in the DRC.

Anifa Mvuembahas continued the conversation that black women can weather though any storm. While prominent designers have been scrambling to figure out ways in which to present their collection post Covid-19, Hanifa just set the bar. From the beginning of the pandemic the designer has been testing digital activations to coincide with our new normal. While many brands may follow suit, it’s important to note that a black woman did it first.

The Pink Label Congo Collection is available for purchase here.

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