7 Winter Activities for Girlfriendships

Focus on your girlfriends in 2017. Start by trying these activities to coax each other out of hibernation this winter…

And just like that, the holidays are over. Now all we want is to cuddle up inside, watch Netflix, and wait for the first signs of spring weather to appear. Listen, we understand. It’s so tempting to hibernate this time of year in our pockets of free time. But now, more than ever, it’s important to spend quality time with girlfriends. When we do get motivated to go out and socialize, we tend to just grab a quick drink after work. And then we fall back on the familiar: talking about things we have already done, or gossiping about the little things. So in keeping with our mission to make this year all about our girlfriends, let’s coax each other out of hibernation and focus on making real memories together. Here are some of the ways we plan on using this time to build relationships that inspire us.

1. Initiate a book club.

This is a perfect way to retain your solo time, while still being motivated to go out once a week, or every other week. For this to work, pick a theme and every member picks a book. Then you can get together and share your thoughts and feelings about it. It will most likely remind you of your favorite parts of school — bonding with friends while learning new things together.

2. Host a clothing swap.

You know there are certain things in your wardrobe you never quite got to work the way you thought you might. Why let them collect dust when you know your friend, even your friend’s friend, would look great in it? Tell everyone to bring their pieces that missed the mark, hang some temporary curtains, and try on new outfits. The added bonus is that anything left over can be donated.

3. Start a “yes new friends” potluck circle.

This will get a group of great girls together who may never have known each other otherwise. The idea is to invite one friend crush you’d like to know better, who invites someone else, who invites someone else. Cap it at however many people you have room for. Start with a group text planning everyone’s dishes (so it’s not awkward at first sight). Be the first one to host, and see what happens. Take turns hosting, or encourage them to branch off and start their own, bringing even more girl groups together.

4. Pick up a new hobby together.

The perfect class exists for every group of friends. Try pottery, gardening, photography, or even beekeeping. There’s nothing like making yourselves vulnerable and taking on new challenges together. And it is even more perfect for a one-on-one re-connection. Especially if you’re both at the same skill level to begin with.

5.Tackle that oft-procrastinated task.

Chores get a bad rap because we feel like we are the only one doing them. So whether it’s a guest bathroom update you’ve been putting off, or a trip to the social security office to finally get around to changing your name, doing it together will make it something you actually look forward to. Agree to both take the day off, grab your coffees and get a marathon of chores done together. Then when the weather is finer, you will have more time to enjoy it, guilt-free.

6. Cook the meal together.

We love a perfectly staged table as much as anyone. But we also know the work that goes into it is the most satisfying part! Instead of inviting your friends around to a perfect dinner party, get messy and make it all happen together. Play up each of your kitchen strengths or tackle something notoriously difficult for a laugh. Even if that souffle falls, you still have the number for take out.

7. Plan a vacation.

Birthday and bachelorette getaways are always fun, but when’s the last time you took a trip with your girlfriends simply to reconnect? Maybe it’s a day trip across the state or even a once-in-a-lifetime trek around the world. Anything to chase that feeling of being carefree and connected to new surroundings. For an already-planned getaway, leave the shared spreadsheets to us and join an upcoming yoga retreat.

+We get so inspired hearing about your girlfriendships. Let us know if you try out these activities, or how else you and your girls are getting together this winter! 

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